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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael's Legal/Accounting Team - Let's Talk about Banks

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Michael's Legal/Accounting Team - Let's Talk about Banks

December 17, 2010 – Koppelman, Bandier, Branca and Mottola
Let’s Talk about the Media . . . Let’s Talk about BANKS

Tommy Mottola was our subject last night. Those scoffing at conspiracy theories want fans to believe that only a couple of people within Sony were responsible for all the trouble Michael had.  If that were the case, none of this would have been possible. They had to have some help.

What kind of help?

Would relationships with international banks and police departments throw up any flags?  We talked and touched briefly on Mottola’s use of his contacts within the Wall Street Journal (Johnny L. Roberts ring any bells?), We’ve talked about Roger Friedman, formerly of Fox News, we’ve got Oprah, who’s been quoted as saying she “didn’t want to end up like Michael”, partnered with Sony, we’ve covered the vast network of “journalists” (Aphrodite Jones, Geraldine Hughes, “Babyface” Thomson,  Rat-tabloidist Taraborrelli, Diane Dimond), several online tabloids which are nothing more than propaganda pieces, even down to the disguised groups on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and other networking sites.  The blogosphere has become the new “editorial” page of the internet.

Now for all these people to not only be in on, but support these few guys having all this power and money behind this catalog, it is hard to imagine.  Even for a multi-billion dollar publishing company, these guys are not going to be willing to split up the PIE into that many pieces.  So why would these other people be so willing  to help these guys cover their crime to enrich themselves?

Because it is not JUST about the catalog.  There are some benefits (I will borrow a Reagan term), like “trickle-down” economics.  You see it from the top echelons of this whole thing with the interest rates the banks earn all the way down to the books being sold with Michael’s face on them to Erin Jacob’s T-Shirts at the protests and the “Sunflowers” for Michael.  All blessed by the estate executors and SONY, yet the Jackson Family can’t even sell a lithograph without getting threatened . . . and this is THEIR SON.

Why is this?  Because they are playing ball.  But these little guys are just doing their thing to take care of the deception on the internet.  What of the bigger guys?
Forefront: Koppelman, Mark Geragos (on the phone), John Branca seated on left, Trudy Green seated on right, Al Malnik at the far end of the table.  I cannot make out the gentleman next to Malnik, could be McClain.  Meeting behind Michael's back.

Allen Grubman  - Allen Grubman is listed on this site and the first thing I noticed was that Michael Jackson was NOT listed as one of the many celebrities he represented.  Considering that he is credited in the press as having negotiated the unheard of $100 million contract with Sony for Michael in 1991, you would think he would be on there.  On this particular site, look at the other “prominent attorneys” in their field listed on the side.  You will recognize some names, like Gloria Allred, Mark Garagos, Shawn Chappman Holley (Dorian Holley’s wife), Robert Shapiro and Marsha Clark (O.J. Simpson).  Grubman’s wife is real estate power broker Deborah Grubman of the Corcoran Group.  Source

Interesting lunch pals: 

“12. Congratulations, Allen Grubman! You were the only person at lunch today to crack the “Vanity Fair 100,” the all-new, all-inclusive ranking of anyone-who’s-anyone in the media-fashion-cultural-policy firmament. Grubman barely cracks the list at #94, although we can probably move him up a spot since Tom Freston likely isn’t at #17 anymore. (It was probably a bad idea to rank him above both Les Moonves and Sumner Redstone.) Lunching with Allen was Alan Mnuchin, a former Lehman Bros. bigwig who these days in an investment banker-for-hire.”  Source

Grubman has also represented MTV Networks, so we can surmise just why it was MTV, whom Michael put on the map, offered no support for Michael.  Source  

Here is another site that neglects to mention Grubman representing the most popular pop star in the history of music.  They give that credit fleetingly to Mark Garagos, but not Grubman.  Source  Just what is Grubman hiding from?  He is credited for negotiating the big renewal contract between Michael Jackson and Sony.  If he did not represent Michael then who did he represent?  Sony.  Then who was looking out for Michael?  Branca.  Both lawyers knew what was in that contract.  Grubman has also represented Sony Music as has Branca. 

As we are keeping all the “Grub” within the family, this news item I unearthed from back in 2002 (about the time that Michael was battling with Sony and Mottola) was about lil’ Lizzie Grubman:

“According to witnesses at the Southampton club on July 7, 2001, Grubman became upset when a bouncer asked her to move her Mercedes SUV from a fire lane. The bouncer, Scott Conlon, claimed Grubman called him "white trash" before slamming her SUV into reverse and driving into the crowd.
With 16 people injured outside the Conscience Point Inn, Grubman was whisked away in another vehicle. Police later tracked her down.

Grubman, the daughter of entertainment attorney Allen Grubman, was one of Manhattan's highest-profile publicists, with clients that at times included singer Britney Spears, rappers Jay-Z and Wu-Tang Clan, and Sony Music Chairman Tommy Mottola.”  Source

Allen represents Sony, Lizzie, when she’s not backing into crowds of people she considers “white trash” with her vehicle, represents Sony/Mottola as a publicist.   Makes one wonder if Chasen didn’t make room for someone when she made the mistake of invoking a cyclist into road rage.  If this is indicative of their value of human life, I can see why it was so easy for them to do what they did to Michael Jackson.

Are we to assume that Grubman, with so many family members tied to the corporations and banks they represent, was looking out for Michael’s best interests in that refinancing deal in 2003? 

The news articles write about this and several of the articles above mention this, however they talk about it like it is okay just because it is done.  It is not okay.  It is a conflict of interest and they are being allowed to get away with it.  Why?

Judges/political figures and the justice system and perhaps, the police.

Tommy Mottola – Michael Jackson nemsis and one time CEO of Sony Music, Honorary Police Commissioner: The other players also have written fat checks: Bergamo's Federal Law Enforcement Foundation has raised millions for families of cops and FBI agents who have been injured or are in financial distress. Pop music impresario Tommy Mottola, also an honorary No. 1 cop, sits on Bergamo's board.”  source   Tommy Mottola and Branca are friends.  Tommy Mottola and Grubman are longtime friends.  Branca and Grubman are friendly rivals and good friends. 

Grubman and Branca worked together on the Goldman Sach’s deal to defraud Michael of not only his Beatles Catalog and the Sony/ATV, but of his own music in Mijac catalog as well.

Howard Weitzman – Howard Wietzman and John Branca are longtime friends.  Howard Weitzman represented  Michael during the 1993 allegations.  His list of clients include Courtney Love, O.J. Simpson and Magic Johnson.  He has little experience in estates, yet he was involved with Branca in the scandal involving Kurt Cobain’s looted estate (Courtney Love inexplicably withdrew her lawsuit and removed her incriminating twitters.  She later was awarded a record contract . . . they never learn do they?) Source  Now after representing Branca against Katherine Jackson’s challenge to the executors of the estate, the honorless Judge Melville appointed Weitzman as co-executor of the estate. 

This is where I found that Myspace Message Courtney Love wrote in a panick and yes, it mentions Howard Weitzman by name.  Source  - and just in case they get it removed, here is the Myspace message copied on that site before Courtney Love removed it.  (Please, please forgive me for the language, I did not write this).

why am i writing on MY SPACE? cos my fucking mac is soo corrupted i am never alone and have a VERY large shared community of assholes who tally every penny they spend of mine. . .nothing i send on aol or anything on this computer is going to go out due to brendan Melissa Mccourt and Barber that fucking disgutsing lizard are still all up in my shit and now i KNOW all the shit- ALL THE SHIT
aint no 72,000,000 embezzled!
its 380,000,000 embezzled and i can easily demonstrate it. . .
Kurt even "Bought" or rather me and Frances bought a now 9.8 million dollar home in Beverly Hills in 2001, he
"lives" in 153 houses wich hes purchased in the last 5 /8 yerars and i hjave every single property record and Comerica "Dissapeared" eg Banker Sonja Cochran just liek she
"Dissapeared" Kim Cobains home -eg by using the address "123 Reves apt d bev hills 90210" to put 330 ,000 dollars in Victoria Blakes Cancerous piehole, knowing fullwell that this would repossess that property within 18 months and my "Lawyer" being c eo of "Hole Incoroprated" FORMED in July 2006 when Perez, Steves got himself a 1.6 million dollar Loan from Cochran and then theres the matter of "Dissapearing" Frances 's 7.6 million dollars from Mestel, Weitzmans "Power of Attorney:" and the 198,000 dollar Franchise tax Board checks that were immediatly voided in "Dollhead incoproated" an Incoproation long sicne dissolved but noan account at Comerica amongst about i assume abnother 20 ms Coc hran doesnt feel the need to tell me due to the forged Powers Of Attorney , the obvious obstructions of justice,
she was supposed to have been removed from my account and has ANYONE EVER IN THIER FUCKING LIVES had a cde come to fruition and have thier BANKER pay down their Visa service for FRAUD charges? what fucking business is it of herss espaecillay as theres a very publically filed 2.4 million dollar police report.

bankers paying fraud charges on Visas?

Dollhead inc "owned" by a 109 year old Lester Knsipel ( hes really using the SSN system to all ya lalls advantage this creepy fuck is also a CPA in AZ the number one mortgage fraud state in the union and i SWEAR he put it there all by his lonesome and with Azoffs help in some obvious cases)

a 108 year old Irving Azoff who i barely even fucking KNOW

and my former counsel Howard Weitzman

what are these men doing together and why do they OWN HOLE INCOPRPORATED wich has no FEIN ( tax) number wich matches it?

why are there 129 email addresses on my fucking aol account? on my "shared" netwrok you creepy greedy old coots- you think that stealing from a CHILD a Widow and 3 dependents will not bite you in the ass?

they "Dissapeared" 1.8 million dollars in 72 hours in "wires" they"cant tell me" where the wires went and every email from Trudie Styler or Eric or Alan Mcgee ( this is how we know lizard barbers doing it too not only was an email of mine erased almost totally the other night by Mccourt or Brendan Vaughn but it was already printed out ANYWAY and you creeps in my file can eat me)

. . .i cant write you for a few more days til i get a real IT motherfucking hacker in here cos it wouldnt be fair to share your email address with these assholes.

. . .  i have zero way of communicating important shit with people with this many cucaraches crawling over my Computer” Source and  Source

Courtney files lawsuit.  Source - I wonder if the same attorneys, accountants and banks were involved in Michael’s financial problems?  In one of the links, Courtney sells 25% of Kurt Cobain’s music catalog in 2006, but was also looking to sell the remaining 75%.  Hmmmm . . . Source -  Then, after many articles promoting her drug use and rehabilitiation, Courtney is rumored to have dropped her lawsuit but according to Wikipedia it is still being investigated.  Source
John Branca – John Branca, current co-executor of Michael’s estate, sometime co-collaborator of contracts with Allen Grubman, friend of Tommy Mottola, friend of Charles Koppelman and Howard Weitzman.

“Word is that John Branca, the powerhouse Los Angeles attorney who was unceremoniously dumped two years ago by Michael Jackson, is working with the King of Pop again. This return unites Branca with his sometime adversary, New York legal dynamo Allan Grubman”  Source

I have read and people have tried to steer me off this course of including Branca in this pack of vipers, but unfortunately for them, Branca is the only besides Sony making the boatload of money from Michael’s estate, making all the deals with Sony and Sony still has the people in power that Michael had the problems with.  Michael’s family has been trashed by those supporting Branca because Michael’s family has questioned the legitimacy of a will that Branca waited until Miss Katherine filed “intestate” before he produced it.

While there may have been some rivalry between Branca and Grubman the fact of the matter is they are both attorneys, they both work in the entertainment industry and they both have participated heavily in the practice of representing the label and the artist at the same time.  This was not Al Malnik’s issue.  Al Malnik did not work for Sony, but Branca did.

Charles Koppelman – Koppelman is Chairman of Martha Stewart Living, formerly CEO of EMI Music with Martin Bandier.  Charles Koppelman was involved also in this refinancing deal in 2003 to try to take over Michael’s ATV and Mijac catalogs.  That infamous picture that Justice4none blogger posted on their website of “Michael’s Team” was not Michael’s team but Bandier’s team.  It included Koppelman, Geragos, John Branca, Trudy Green in a cozy little conference room that did NOT include Michael.   Koppelman was forced onto Michael as an advisor and “trusted confidente”?  According to this article:

"Everything's in good shape," says Charles Koppelman, a trusted Jackson confidant who was instrumental in renegotiating Jackson's debts. "He's in no financial straits as far as I'm concerned.”  - Then further down in the same article, this bozo has the nerve to say this about the suggestion of the sale of Michael’s  ATV catalog - "Buyers would be lining up around the block if it were ever put up for sale," Koppelman says. "And I'd be in the front of the line." Source   That was in April of 2004.

Just how was it that Michael was strong-armed into accepting these people as his “advisors”?
They backed him into a corner.  Charles was among that team. This was more or less a stipulation from the banks . . . Grubman and Mottola’s friends.  Charles Koppelman and Martin Bandier are very good friends with the likes of Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers executives.  For many years, they’vs sent clients back and forth to each other. Family has benefitted from the networking they’ve done here.  People like Michael, Billy Joel, and other A-list entertainers they fed off of. 

Michael was already pulling in about two million a month.  With the Goldman Sachs deal he would have gotten anywhere between 6-7 million trickling down to $1 million and then lose all control.  He would only have 3 seats on the board and still be beholden to Sony with both catalogs gone.  It was not even enough to pay off his loans.   He knew what they were doing, what they had been doing.  He was paying about 4.5 a month in interest already.  Why were they willing to deal with Malnik, a mob guy?  It was a plan to force him to sell.

During the 2003 – 2004 year, Michael also had another lawyer working on the investigations.  LeGrande, Tom Meserau and a lawyer little heard about until just this year . . . Peter Lopez.

We will continue this after Christmas.  I still have one surprise for you though, for Christmas.  We have to start the holiday on a positive note. :o)

God Bless you

Here, he still had ten-plus years of horror to go through . . . 


  1. Bonnie,

    Ted Riley believes Michael is alive
    Sony believes Michael is alive, also.

    But the interesting thing is that Ted went Public about his belief that Michael is alive and Sony has NOT!

    So wouldn't that put Ted's life in Danger?

    Because I thought Sony wanted everyone to believe that Michael was Dead.

    So does Ted go along with Sony on some things (like it being Michael's Voice on that album) and go against Sony on other things (like Michael is alive)?

    And why would Ted do this? Half with Sony and Half against Sony?

    I don't get it?

  2. Josie - I don't get it either. Nobody knows what Ted is up to but Ted.

    If I don't see or hear from you before Christmas Josie, Have a Merry Christmas♥♥♥

  3. Bonnie,

    What I don't understand is the last time you spoke about Riley, you were afraid for him.

    You thought his life might be in danger.

    Now you don't seem concerned about him, anymore.

    What happened?

    Did you change your mind about him?

  4. @Josie - I still am. That doesn't mean I am okay with his lying.

  5. Someone sent this to me. This should be on the front of the National Enquirer right next to "Bat Boy" and "Bigfoot Arm-wrestles Nessie".

  6. Hey Bonnie,

    Thank you and @June for your answers regarding Mrs. Jackson and Howard Mann. No, Bonnie, I don't know anything more; I just didn't get it.

    I am grateful that you are here with all this information on Branca and the rest of this lethal bunch. I've been sidelined by my computer eyes and can rarely search these days.

    I am thankful for having found you Bonnie. Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year.♥

  7. Bonnie,

    They are turning this Murder/Assassination into a Circus.

    The explaination the Police are giving is an Insult to my Intelligence!

    We are NOT Stupid, here!!

    As for that article someone sent to you; it's all redondent to me.

    We already KNOW the stories are Lies and Cover-Ups for a much bigger plot.

    As for June Gatlin....Tell me something I don't already know. Duh!

  8. Bonnie – you are right I have read on TMZ a warning letter written by the estate to Howard Mann to stop exploiting Michael’s image. But, they are allowing people not only here in USA but all over the world to use Michael’s image and name to sell anything.

    They are not stopping so far anyone not to use his name and image like you said but Michael’s family, and it’s very unfair. The sad thing is fans are very quick to judge the family and siding with the estate against selling the lithograph.

    Anyway, now fans are asking the estate executers to stop the Discovery Channel program about Michael’s autopsy. Will they do that? I have my doubt because the network is partner with Oprah and she is partner with Sony and Sony is partner with the estate. I guess we have to wait and see.

  9. @Bonnie, you said, “Grubman and Branca worked together on the Goldman Sach’s deal to defraud Michael of not only his Beatles Catalog and the Sony/ATV, but of his own music in Mijac catalog as well.” How Michael did save his assets from being grabbed by those thieves?

    Every lawyers, counselors, and business associates, with the exception of Mr. Tom M, was always doing something to defraud him. Was Michael his own counselor to get away from those sharks?

    I have not heard or read any one of them who worked for him truly standing for his best interest. If it wasn’t for God’s protection and guidance he received, they would have taken all that he earned with hard work and dedication in a second.

  10. Mimi said - "How Michael did save his assets from being grabbed by those thieves?"

    >>> Mimi, he told them no. He didn't want to sign. He turned down the deal. Fortress then stepped in. Colony saving the Neverland Mortgage and New Horizon saving the ATV. Mijac was the collateral for Neverland, ATV was the collateral for New Horizon Trust.

  11. Josie said - "They are turning this Murder/Assassination into a Circus.

    The explaination the Police are giving is an Insult to my Intelligence!

    We are NOT Stupid, here!!"

    >>> You posted this twice, did you know that?

    Yes, it almost seems like the police are making these dumb contradictions on purpose, doesn't it? They can't actually believe that everyone would just sit back and not notice what they are doing.

  12. This is off topic but I wanted to share these video's. They feature Jackie Jackson being interviewed about the "Michael" album cover and he shares some holiday memories about Michael in the second video. Interesting insights.

  13. Bonnie, what you write, I had two interviews with confirmation, made here in Italy, in 2009:
    Tarak Ben Ammar said the financial wealth of Michael had been mismanaged, he had sold 750 million records worldwide and had no money.
    But in reality, who was that managed the finances of Mihael?
    Laura Panunzio former collaborator and friend of Michael said: Michael was surrounded with unscrupulous people, Branca, Mottola and others, they take advantage of his good faith.
    Laura specifies everything that was negative about Michael.
    Bonnie I recently read the book written by Shmuley Boteach, and I realized that Michael was pure, unbelievable.He was very simple.

    Now I greet you and wish you a good evening.

  14. @Judith - In regard to what you said about Branca and "that lethal bunch" I have more info, but it will have to wait until after the holidays. June, this will be of interest to you too.


    @SandyK - You're right . . . interesting videos. Does anyone have any pictures of Michael in skis? I didn't know he liked the snow/cold. (I used to . . . for Christmas and big storms, but not to drive in). Album cover - I don't like the cover. Lots of symbolism and it is very creative but I don't like the cover. I can't put my finger on why and we will just have to wait and see.

    Daniela said - "Tarak Ben Ammar said the financial wealth of Michael had been mismanaged, he had sold 750 million records worldwide and had no money."

    Not only mismanaged, squandered, and not by him. We will get deeper into this as we move further along. I don't believe Michael was broke, but yes, they squandered millions of his money.

    And thank you for the greeting. ♥ I wish you a good evening too!

  15. Bonnie,

    Yes, I know I posted it twice. On Purpose, too!

    If you'll notice, I put a subtitle on the 2nd post with Ronni Chasen's name in it.

    I wanted to make sure you knew I was talking about HER and not Michael.

  16. Hi Bonnie,

    Yes, I'm not thrilled with the cover either. I like the painting as a whole but not as an album cover. By the way, as you know much of the painting reflects on Michael's career from the 90's and before, but there is one picture of him post 2000. Jackie talked primarily about the left hand side of the painting since he is part of that history. On the far right, in the middle, there is a samll painting of Micheal from March of 2009 when he announced TII. He's pictured in front of the TII sign with his fist in the air. To me that represented defiance and victory at the same time. Michael was on his way to getting control of his life back, and his songs!!! Everything is too much of a coincidence.

    I can't believe we're coming up on 18 months since June 2009. Still, nobody has been officially held responsible for that crime. Hopefully we'll see some results in 2011.

    Blessings to you!

  17. Couldn't find Michael skiing but I found this fun holiday related image.


  18. @Josie - Okay, I didn't see the difference, I just deleted the second post. Yes, I knew who you were talking about and thank you for clarifying that. ;o) Are you ready for Christmas young lady?

  19. Still not skiing, but there is snow!...:-) The last image shows Michael skate boarding. Hadn't seen that before...:-)





  20. Hi Bonnie,

    I am trying to keep up with the posts on your blog...lots of good information. You are very right in saying Michael was not broke. The media made him out to be, and we were led to believe that from other who thought they knew. But, I do think more will be revealed and you are doing a great job in helping get the truth out. Merry Christmas to you and all!

  21. SandyK said - "On the far right, in the middle, there is a samll painting of Micheal from March of 2009 when he announced TII. He's pictured in front of the TII sign with his fist in the air."

    Yes there was, wasn't there? Now if this painting was commissioned before Michael died, why was that added in there, but nothing between 1996 and 2009? Don't you find that odd?

    Not only that, but WHO paid to complete the painting/album cover? I know the answser, anyone, anyone, anyone???

    Why wouldn't Nordahl, who's done Michael's other paintings, be given this job? Instead it is some other guy who we've never heard of until . . . (drum roll) After Michael's death?

    I don't like either (the album cover or the mural), because Michael's personality is absent from this. If you were to couple the Stepford Wives with Michael, this painting comes to mind. Michael the terminator . . . no feelings, no emotion. Lifeless . . . pretty much like the entity that paid for it.

  22. @SandyK - Those pictures are adorable! Thank you for posting them. Do you know where they were taken? The mountain peaks look to close together to be in the Rockies.

    Favorite ones . . . the Jackson's dancing in the snow (Tito on guitar?) And Michael with his arms wide, smiling at the snow.

    I do not like skateboards. Horror story for some other time. Those are very, very cute and SandyK, that was a great Christmas present ♥ Thank you. :o)))

  23. @Liberian Girl hee-hee - That is a very cute I.D. name. The first time I heard the "Micheal-hee-hee" was in the "The Way You Make Me Feel" song. And I have to ask you about your dog, because he (she?) is adorable too. The shades are awesome.

    Thank you for the encouragement. It really keeps me going, there is so much out there. So many lies, twisted truth and opportunity-fueled deception. God has answered more of these questions than I have. I hold the shovel and dig into the dirt where he points. It's not always clear and it's not always easy. And I have all these people above that have been such a big help.♥♥♥

    Michael told us he wasn't broke. On the Jesse Jackson Radio interview. The rest came from the press. I'm sure they tried to break him though.

  24. H Bonnie,

    Thanks for this blog. The entertainment industry seems really incestuous. Same names popping up all of the time over 20 years. I have worked for lawyers who have small law practices and also for large law firms. Generally the large firms always favour the corporate dollar because they can get them on contract and it gives them a large continuous income. Law firms compete quite aggressively with each other to sign the corporate client up. The smaller practice will accept the average man in the street as a client usually but the large firms aren't really that interested.

    It's glaringly clear that Branca and Weizman and others were not only involved with Michael over many years but also with Sony. Obviously major conflicts of interest but the judge ignored this. I have no doubt that Michael would always have come second in priority to Sony. This was despite the fact that Michael was a wealthy man and asset rich. The fact is to a lawyer - Sony would have been the one they wanted to please. Michael was shafted by these sharks - not once but many times.

    Bonnie, I hope we hear from you before Christmas but if not, please have a safe and very happy Christmas. Thanks for all of your hard work and great information.

    By the way, I don't like the album cover. It looks like Michael 30 years ago. I would like to have seen a more contemporary version of him on the cover. Not that it matters much because the album doesn't appeal to me. I am happy with what Michael gave us when he was alive. It keeps me nourished. My daughter's boyfriend was playing "Don't Stop Til you Get Enough" the other day. This guys like about 26 years old and he's saying how much he loves Off the Wall. Michael gave us classics and I am thrilled that a young generation are discovering how great his music is. Can you believe it - over 30 years old and still being enjoyed by a whole new generation?

  25. Hi Karin - I can't imagine Michael coming in second in ANYTHING to ANYONE. Their loss. These people sold out their integrity and abused the trust of someone that could have showed them what he's shown me and that is a shame. They have no idea what they lost.

    Regardless of what Branca and that clan THINK they have gained, they will NEVER have any peace about it. Never.

    And they will never have the capacity to feel any of the love that man was willing to show them. Sometimes I think that the voraciousness in which they went after Michael was just a redirection of their own self-loathing.

    I will be back on here Wednesday with "The Christmas Present". It will be a break of sorts, from the uglies.

    I agree with you on the work Michael did when he was here. We didn't need the "TII" concerts or the movie, however, that whole deal was the catalyst that opened this whole can of worms for a lot of people.

    When the old becomes new. I remember the first time my boys heard "Bohemian Rhapsody" on the car radio. I was driving them to school (this was in early 2000's, maybe 2002). The beginning of it was rather slow and I remember them saying, "this song stinks" but then the crescendo builds and they were getting into it! At the end of the song, they were "Whoa! That was awesome, what group sings that song, we have to get it!"

    When I told them who sang it and how old it was, you should have seen their faces! LOL!!! It was like they just found out that they were no longer cool! It was hard to drive as hard as I was laughing through their "no-way's"

    Same with Michael's songs. Jon didn't remember them but Rich did (he's older and is the one that had wanted a letter from Michael back in 93 or 94 because he was getting picked on in school). Like me they knew nothing of Michael's post 1993 music. Now their favorite songs are . . . well forget that. Their favorite songs are all the short films he did. Ghosts, Earth Song, Rock my World, Smooth Criminal. They love "We've Had Enough" and all his spiritual songs (weren't they all?)

  26. Bonnie,
    A little Christmas gift for you all - the pictures of Michael in the snow were from 'Blame It On The Boogie'
    I do remember it when it was originally shown - I thnk around Christmas time '78/79. Michael is so adorable here, it is painful to watch knowing what was yet to come.
    Have a Happy Christmas everyone! and especially to Michael.

  27. Bonnie, my sentiments exactly. I'm having nothing of this new material, and didn't need TII, the film, at all. Just another corporate greed grab. I don't believe for one second that was a documentary film, more I won't say. Right now there is a very serious issue with this "simulated autopsy" and the Discovery Channel in UK. Branca and Weitzman have acknowledged that they are both aware but it doesn't look like they are doing anything to stop it. Too busy raising their champagne glasses at the debut of "Michael". They do nothing on name and likeness infringement issues unless it's to their monetary benefit.

    Have a safe Holiday Bonnie.

  28. @PrincessGlam - ROFL . . . did you see the look on that child's face at 1:37 when Michael is bent down singing to him? His face: "buddy . . . this is SNOW, get it? You PLAY in it, not SING on it . . ." that was so cute!!!

    I am going to miss snow down here when I live now, but I have enough of those nor'easter winters in my childhood and my children's childhoods. I'll have to find those sledding pictures and post them sometime. That was the best!!!

  29. June said - "Branca and Weitzman have acknowledged that they are both aware but it doesn't look like they are doing anything to stop it. Too busy raising their champagne glasses at the debut of "Michael". They do nothing on name and likeness infringement issues unless it's to their monetary benefit. "

    >>> No of course not. But they'll stop a fan video on Youtube that shows the results of a charity drive at a hospital JUST BECAUSE it was dedicated to Michael and had his music in the background!

    I was going to put a friend's video up on the blog as part of a Christmas present to Michael, but I can't embed because Sony blocked the video. These people are real scumbags you know that? It was Liz Johnson's video. Anyway I'm still going to post the other link she has to it, but amazing she had that video up there less than 10 hours and they block it that quickly but they can't block a fake autopsy reinactment. Probably because it's PRODUCED by SONY. Who else would be that sick?

  30. @ Bonnie & Everyone

    in harmony with your beloved ones.

    @ Bonnie - A special warm thanks to you for your great blogs all along. Reading them regularly has certainly been an enrichment to me aside my own concern & search of Justice for Michael & ... the battle goes on in 2011.

    @ June - I signed a letter some 12 days ago to Discovery Channel but still am skeptikal on the result. "Media" know. Take good care.

  31. @LineCH - Merry Christmas to you Line . . . and thank you for reading and contributing to this blog.

    Yes, the battle goes on in 2011, but this Christmas sure looks brighter than it did last year.

    What about you? Do you feel different than you did this time last year?

  32. Dear Bonnie,

    Merry christmas to you and your family and everyone else on this blog. God bless!

  33. @Bonnie said, “I was going to put a friend's video up on the blog as part of a Christmas present to Michael,....but amazing she had that video up there less than 10 hours and they block it that quickly but they can't block a fake autopsy reinactment. Probably because it's PRODUCED by SONY. Who else would be that sick?”

    Branca, Weitzman, McClain are sick too.

    That’s why I get really sick to my stomach knowing that there are bloggers supporting Branca saying how fantastic job he is doing for Michael and his children. Give me a break. These executers couldn’t even stop Discovery channel program. What amaze me the most is those fans supporting Branca bloggers forgetting the bloggers are for Branca pretending they are for Michael.

    If Branca and company could not stop this horrendous program, it should be a reminder for all fans that support Branca bloggers or comments on their blogs to stand once and for all in support of Michael and demand the bloggers to consider a change of action.

  34. Bonnie, I can safely say that this holiday season, I am feeling a bit more like celebrating, thanks to having met a wonderful friend like you! Your blog is a Godsend and I want to thank you for informing, inspiring, and helping us navigate our way through the maze of facts, and to raise questions that demand answers.

    The hope and optimism we feel stem from promoting an open dialogue and encouraging rational thought, not fantasy. And just as Michael's faith sustained him, and his belief that the truth will prevail, it shall be the same for us. There is no better example to follow than Michael's strength and resolve during his darkest hour. And I feel with all my heart that you have gained your strength from him to stay on this path. We are bonded with Michael for life.

    Christmas 2009 was one of the darkest periods of my life, after six months of discovering the beauty and purity of Michael's tender heart and soul, wishing I could have experienced him in real time over the course of his life - and not from a jolt of lightning to the heart. Michael carried a pain from childhood that was never exorcised, which I believe gave him a unique wisdom, yet kept him innocent about life in the most beautiful way. And whenever we fall short of trying to put into words the love we feel for Michael, one need only look into his eyes for the answer and the heart will speak poetry. Like a beautiful fragrant rose, Michael by any other name would still be just as sweet.

    Bonnie, thank you for saving me from my moments of despair, and there have been many. I feel so fortunate to know you and wish you and Ed the most beautiful blessings of the holiday season! I can't wait to see your surprise Christmas blog, and I'm sure Michael will love what you're planning!


    You are a self contained universe of galactic energy, beauty, passion and love, and as such you may wish to witness the first LUNAR ECLIPSE since the year 1638. It will happen at 2:00AM this morning (December 22, 2010). I just didn't want you to miss this milestone event. There must be a song in there somewhere, and no one else but you could write it! Michael, I love you very much.


  35. Bonnie : "Yes, the battle goes on in 2011, but this Christmas sure looks brighter than it did last year.

    What about you? Do you feel different than you did this time last year?"

    Yes, more worried than in 2009 on the economical situation & its impact on my daily life (like many anyway). But positive is that it obliges to be more creative to try & find solutions.

    As to Michael's Justice, well, I keep faith though, not so much in the Justice system but in the world fan basis & blogs like yours which help unroll the truth on Michael & thus may indirectly may make pressure on the "system". An example : the "Michael" Album. The sales are not so terrific as Sony expected. So yes, we must fight further at all levels for Michael.

    God Bless you & Family.

  36. That CD is a real thorn in my side and I want to share some of the comments I posted on FB. Sony is cannibalizing Michael's legacy to squeeze every last buck they can using his golden name. Michael's wishes are irrelevant. Sony never cared one wit for Michael's creative integrity. All they know is that his music sells. They could care less about Michael's dedication to perfection, laboring long hours, rehearsals, sleepless nights. If they found out tomorrow that chalk on a blackboard would sell a million CDs, they'd be off to the races! We're talking about vultures moving in for the feast here, not about artistic integrity. There isn't one creative bone in Sony's collective body. What you do have is an entity that knows how to bait and switch, squeeze talent dry, exploit their name, and skim off the top. It's called STEALING.

    THE TEST IS SIMPLE. If Michael were here today and had NOT given his approval to release this CD, would fans flip him the bird and buy it anyway? NO WAY! So why are they doing it now when Michael needs his fans to stand up for him more than ever? Didn't Michael create enough beauty and joy over the span of forty years that we don't have to settle for some "reconstituted" version - put out by the same forces that brought him such MISERY? This is no different than buying Michael Jackson T-shirts from Tom Sneddon knowing the torment he put Michael through, simply because you want the T-shirt! Fans need to think about that before putting another $30 in Sony's pocket when a needy child would benefit so much more during the holiday season. What do they think would make Michael's spirit happier? I could cry at having to even ask this question! When you believe in something as strongly as we believe in Michael, and can see the prostituting of his beautiful legacy, it begs to be exposed. The injustice against Michael continues, and the fight he bravely fought alone must continue...with us. Sony left Michael high and dry when they refused to promote his "Invincible" Album. And yet there are "fans" willing to diss him in favor of adding to Sony's bottom line? It's shameful.

    It's not hard to see why there are virtually no illustrations of Michael on the CD cover that follow Invincible, with the exception of TII. Other than the boxed set Michael was committed to do, Invincible represented the last body of work Michael created for Sony. This is NOT Michael's is SONY's, and the artwork is sending a very clear message. Why can't people see that?

  37. Dear Bonnie, I wish you a Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope that between Christmas and New Year you can connect with us (excuse the selfishness).
    God bless you and family.

  38. @Spotlight, your comments on the album cover; why nothing except TII since 2001, why such "old" pix of Michael, yes I agree, and I agree with everything else you so eloquently put on paper. Michael's legacy was established long ago, over a 40 year career, there's NOTHING Sony or anyone can do now to damage that. Today, I will again listen to Invincible and be grateful I have the true Michael Jackson. Yesterday I was at Walmart and "Michael" CD's were displayed in many places. I didn't see a lot of purchasers, although people were purchasing OTHER CD's for gifts. I find particularly distasteful the turncoat comments of Teddy Riley; he wept like a baby right after Michael's death. What happened to him? Money, that's what happened to Teddy. The execs doing nothing about the Discovery UK program is also disgusting. They absolutely could put pressure to bear on Discovery Communications, a US company, but, hey, there are no $ to be gleaned from any such endeavor.

    Bonnie, thanks for all your research and work this past year, have a very Happy Christmas.

  39. @Marvelousmary - Thank you Mary. God Bless you and Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Mimi said - "That’s why I get really sick to my stomach knowing that there are bloggers supporting Branca saying how fantastic job he is doing for Michael and his children. Give me a break. "

    >>> I know, Mimi and every once in a while I fail at resisting the urge to post in one of their "rah-rah" posts for the CD, just to put it on someone's facebook page. A string of four or five people all telling each other "Yep, it's REALLY Michael, yep, yep, yep!" Who are they trying to convince? Everyone on those comment threads is the owner of several facebook pages that post and answer themselves. Talk about plastic conversation! LOL! Try to look at the humor in it because that initself is funny. You know their not fans . . . at least, not for free!

  40. Spotlight said - "And just as Michael's faith sustained him, and his belief that the truth will prevail, it shall be the same for us. There is no better example to follow than Michael's strength and resolve during his darkest hour. "

    >>> This Spotlight, is going to be very important because this thing is far from over. Faith has to be there during the good and the bad. And what seems bad, try to remember is a means to an end (if I said that in the right order, hee!) Be strong. He's going to need it and so are we. And remember, we can't do this by ourselves. We're supposed to ask for help. It's as easy as putting your hands together and praying.

    LineCH - You are right about fighting for Michael on all levels, and if you look at the different blogs, we do have that. I'm not talking about the ones that are so busy defending Branca that Michael doesn't exist to them . . . I'm talking about the blogs that focus on media, some focus on talk shows, some focus on Michael's past and innocence and they fill in what I can't cover (cause I can't get to it all), I concentrate on the ones (I try to!) that were BEHIND all this. Their little minions, as insignificant as they may be to the bigger picture, are proof of just how extensive this is and still need to be exposed.

    Michael is heard on various taped calls and interviews talking about them wanting to kill him, talking about a huge conspiracy all around him, talking about being stalked . . . it's all there. Vast Majority of the world and even Michael's fan base still do not know just how evil this whole thing was and still is.

    There is some hope on the horizon though, and you can see it just in the desperate attempt to use Facebook groups to try to market interest in an album that is not Michael. The word is getting out (Thank you Randy Jackson!!! for your twitters!) We are getting help. Take time to read Randy's twitters. I don't post them all but I do read them. Very important.

    I'll save some of this for later. God Bless you CH and Spotlight

  41. Spotlight said -

    "THE TEST IS SIMPLE. If Michael were here today and had NOT given his approval to release this CD, would fans flip him the bird and buy it anyway? NO WAY!"

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Very well said!!!

    You'all listening?!!! Erin Jacobs? (points up) Yo!!! It's not about Sony and your stinking T-Shirts, it's about MICHAEL and what HE would have wanted.

    Branca is not Michael - Estate is not Michael. Sony is not Michael. And NEITHER IS JASON MALACHI!

  42. Thank you vm Bonnie, also for your next Wednesday blog which I also am anxious to read !

    You are right, on many blogs one can find all kinds of opinions, thinkings or even personal issues. I also read other blogs but am no Branca nor Sony supporter ever nor of anyone supporting them. Sofar I tightly follow & communicate with your Blog only even if alike others I may have slightly different opinions on other issues at times.

    Please NOW RELAX with Husband & Family in front of the fireplace (if any) with a good glass of punch & Xmas cookies !

    Peace & Harmony to Everyone here for Xmas time
    my Deepest Affection to Michael, MJ3 & Family.

  43. Miss Shae - I watched the video. I called this back in the summer except for one thing. Tohme. You'll see. Read Atlas Shrugged. There is more to it than that.


    It is THIS Wednesday LineCH . . . Tomorrow the blog will be up. It's rather long but it is peppered with videos that follow along. Warmed my heart doing it but made me cry putting it together. Today is the first day I was able to wear any makeup, LOL!

  44. Yes I am aware of that blog in July but I am thinking of it on another level yet it is a thread in the web.

  45. @MissShae - I so want to talk to you about this but I can't. I'm just going to have to pray that you see the bigger picture.

    Do you still think Tohme is a bad guy?


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