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Michael Jackson Justice: Presley, Branca, Grubman, Mottola - A Conspiracy is Born

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The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Presley, Branca, Grubman, Mottola - A Conspiracy is Born

December 14, 2010 – The Presley Estate, Branca, Mottola, Malnik
– A Conspiracy is Born

Message To Michael – You are Not Alone
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Unconditional Love Does Exist

Like swamp mud, the deeper you get down into this the harder it will be to get out.  You need a compass (a moral one is preferred) to keep from either getting taken down or taken along.  A sad few hold their ground without getting trampled and despite what happened to Michael, he was one of them.

The sheer intensity of the decades long stalking and attacks on Michael should tell any clear thinking person that there is more to the value of this catalog than what has been stated in the press.  They aren’t even happy with the ATV, they want Mijac as well and are of complete mind that they are entitled to the theft of someone elses work.  Why?

Because it has been going on since the beginning of the music recording industry.  Michael was supposed to be easy.  They tried to squash him like a bug, but every time they thought they heard the crunch, he came back bigger than before.

In discussing this with people who have done more study on this industry than I have, you realize that a few of the top players have been rotating, but always there.  This whole behavior pattern of the people trying to control the music industry really reveals who they are.

I was pointed to a good interview done by Rollo & Grady of Steve Knopper and one of the poignant paragraphs in the whole interview is when Knopper is asked about the players that keep popping to the surface throughout the changes in the industry.

“ . . . backroom-dealing attorneys like Allen Grubman and John Branca. They seem to pop up wherever the money is, too. So if you follow these guys, you can sort of smell where the money’s going in the record business.”  Source 

Well we can follow them to see where they are going, but more effective I think, is to follow the trail of breadcrumbs to see where they have really been.

Someone discussing this interview with me said:

“I hope people that read this really get part of the picture.  It is dirty and messy and there are layers to the evil. Just because something/someone isn't on paper doesn't mean that they are not influencing a situation . . . “  Which is very true.  This is why I touched on Grubman yesterday.  His name floats around in all this during the course of the last 15 years, in and out of negotiations representing one player or another, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t neck deep in this.

This also really draws attention to the fact that Michael Jackson is not the only victim in this.  All artists are, throughout the industry.  As an artist, you either shut up, sell out or get trampled.   This is what Michael was trying to call attention to.  It wasn’t just about what Sony was doing to him, it was about what the whole industry was doing to art and the artists.  Michael and Sony just happened to be up on the pedestal as an example, and look what it has turned into.  It’s like watching pit bulls unable to let go and they will tear into each other until they either both die or the victor gets the bone.  Graphic image, but that is what is going to end up happening.

However, even Michael fans have to be thankful for this battle because had Michael not brought attention to it, eyes would never have been opened.

Michael Deep in thought, Not Knowing Who to Trust

This is a human being that a few greedy and gluttonous Neanderthals tortured, persecuted and tried to destroy in the name of theft of work that did not ever belong to them.  This handful of people is trying to position themselves in control of the entire music, if not the whole entertainment industry, and little Michael Jackson gets in their way.

Allen Grubman by some sources, is credited with the actual negotiations for Michael’s renewal contract with Sony in 1991 for $65 million for eight albums and 15 years which should have been ended in 2006.  Grubman was good friends with Walter Yetnikoff until Yetnikoff's wild ways caused a falling out.  Source 

In this interview, page 2, Yetnikoff, who went through substance rehabilitation explains what his new faith did to his career.  You don’t hear or read this in the books and article about him, but it makes me wonder why Michael and Yetnikoff never hooked back up after Yetnikoff cleaned up. 

“Mr. Yetnikoff's own vices were ravaging his body. At the urging of his doctor he checked into rehab in 1989, sobered up and discovered spirituality. After a stint at Hazelden he returned to CBS. A clearheaded Mr. Yetnikoff was not good for business.

''I would go into meetings and ask people to hold hands and say the serenity prayer,'' he said laughing. ''It really freaked people out.'' Source 

Another on the close relationships between Yetnikoff, Mottola and Grubman was in another article about Tommy Mottola here:

“…Yetnikoff assured the trades. "He's hidden that from the world until recently." When Tommy allegedly warned a troublemaker, "You better @#%$ watch it or you're going to be sleeping with the fishes," Walter smiled. He smiled again when in the middle of Grubman's divorce from his longtime wife, who suffered from Multiple Sclerosis, he heard Tommy phone attorney Barry Slotnick, who has represented Vinnie "the Chin" Gigante and John Gotti. "You tell your friend Raoul Felder [a famed divorce attorney, representing Mrs.Grubman] to go easy on Allen." Tommy is said to have advised. "He's part of the mishphoca." A Yiddish term that, in Italian translates as la Famiglia. (Mottola denies both incidents.)” Source 

Same source as above, I read this:

“Tommy had been positioning himself to be their leader-in-title as well as in fact. Schulhof knew of his ambitions-"Tommy," he says, "has always been power-hungry"-and knew as well that a number of industry figures were assisting in furthering them. By far the most formidable was David Geffen, the billionaire record impresario and implacable Yetnikoff foe. More than once Geffen had urged Schulhof to get rid of Yetnikoff, and Geffen also urged Michael Jackson, Yetnikoff's most prized act to leave CBS. Jackson was unwilling to do that but did drop several key members of his entourage closely identified with Yetnikoff (Frank DiLeo was one of them). In their place, he installed figures tightly linked to Geffen. Notable among them was an attorney Tommy had recommended to David years before, Allen Grubman. Source ,  9th paragraph down.

Also: “Tommy meanwhile was doing some negotiating of his own. . . Then, with Grubman, he drew up a fresh contract for Michael Jackson.”  Same source as above, same paragraph.  This is the 1991, “$65 million”, 15 year contract with the tricky clauses that left Michael in a no-win situation for ever obtaining any sovereignty.  Tommy did not want him leaving, but he didn’t want to succeed either.  None of them did.  Their job was to obtain the catalog.  In 1993, they found a crack in Michael’s star-power . . . his love for children and his ability to play to the press, both which they found a way to turn on Michael.  I address their interference into Michael’s life using Evan Chandler here.  

Michael with new entourage, new contract and new lawyer
“What did I just agree to???”

From the frying pan into the fire, Michael’s public image takes a huge hit.  Just as Michael publicly defends himself from most vicious rumors on Oprah in 1993, then come the allegations and lawsuit.  Michael is attacked by both D.A. Sneddon and Evan Chandler, father of the boy accusing Michael of sexual misconduct with a child.  A very revealing phone call taped between Evan and the boy’s stepfather thwart any criminal charges but Michael’s advisors tell him to settle and move on against Michael’s wishes.  During this time a relationship with Lisa Marie overlaps this legal battle.  She is rumored to have also suggested to Michael  to settle and get past it.

Ironically in 1993, Michael’s advisors Grubman, Branca and Weitzman ( Weitzman represented Michael during the 1993 allegations) talk Michael into letting EMI manage his catalog, the first step in trying to wrest control of the catalog away from Michael.  How they get him to agree is a $70 million advance to help ease the sting of settling with Chandler for a reported $20+ million.  Lisa Marie accompanies him on Diane Sawyer to “help” him answer questions about this case.

Presley, Mottola and Branca

In 1995, while still married to Lisa Marie and pleading with her for children, she is rumored to have been key in persuading Michael to sell half his interest in the ATV catalog to Sony for $90+ million.   We will cover this in depth another time.  But consider this:

Lisa Marie had a recording contract with EMI in 1998, after divorcing Michael.  Bandier was head of EMI then.  However a completed album was not released until 2003.  It took Lisa Marie until 2000 to complete the first album and the new head of Capitol records made her do it over.

“Even after finally signing with EMI Records in 1998, she spent countless hours in the studio, writing songs and getting her sound down, before green-lighting the album, titled "To Whom It May Concern," that hits stores Tuesday . . . Schilling talked to Tommy Mottola, then head of Sony Music, and Sony's Epic division soon offered Presley a contract. But she backed out when she learned she was pregnant with her second child, Benjamin.” Source

Lisa Marie sold 85% of  Elvis Presley Enterprises in 2005 to Robert Sillerman, owner of CKX.  CKX has the rights to the Elvis name, image, likeness, and trademark, which are currently used in 100 or so merchandising and licensing deals. CKX also gets the publishing rights to 650 songs, but owns the more valuable royalty rights to only the few songs Elvis recorded after 1973. CKX also gets royalty rights to 24 Elvis movies.  Source   650 Song publishing rights included.  What songs?  Did Sony/ATV sell Elvis rights back to Lisa Marie? 

No.  Sony/ATV still owns the 50 Elvis songs, listed here:  Source

Since Lisa Marie’s divorce from Michael, the transfer of management of ATV to EMI in 1993, the relinquishing of 50% of the ATV to Sony in 1995 and the divorce from Michael in 1996, Lisa Marie has released two albums:  To Whom It May Concern released in 2003 with EMI and “Now What” in 2005 with Capitol Records, owned by EMI.  Source   

Lisa Marie’s Son Get’s Record Deal   He’s seventeen years old. 

“The 17-year-old grandson of Elvis Presley has been offered a $5million record deal to make up to five albums. 

Benjamin has already started recording his first album - but says it will be very different in style to his grandfather's music, who died 15 years before he was born.

Ben, the son of Michael Jackson's ex-wife Lisa Marie, has been offered the deal by Universal, the world's biggest record company.”  UMG CEO’s include Dave Morris and Interscope-Geffen-A&M.

Grubman and Branca ties stronger than Branca and Jackson

In searching some suggestions given to me by several people, I looked deeper into Grubman was also well know for double dealing the artist and record labels.  John Branca and Allen Grubman, who was also known for backroom dealings, were also very good friends with Howard Weitzman.

Steve:  Irving Azoff keeps popping up, and so are some of these interesting, legendary, behind-the-scenes, backroom-dealing attorneys like Allen Grubman and John Branca. They seem to pop up wherever the money is, too. So if you follow these guys, you can sort of smell where the money’s going in the record business.  To purchase a copy of “Appetite for Self Destruction: The Spectacular Crash of the Record Industry in the Digital Age”  Source

And this in the New Yorker write up on “Hit Men . . .” Source  Shows Branca and Grubman as wrestling for Jackson’s business in 1991, but working together on the Goldman Sach’s deal in 2003.  Source

Tomorrow we will discover, from Michael himself, some of the suspicions he had about his marriage to Lisa Marie.  Michael never, ever trashed her in interviews, but he had a few words to say nonetheless.

Also, late breaking, but an eyeball or two has informed me that Taaj Malik has been twittering to fans about a meeting of "the fans" on the Sony Lots.  I don’t know how true this is, or if this is another attention grab but I was also told that Karen Faye was involved in this.  It undoubtedly has to do with the “Michael” Album and the controversy surrounding it. 

I hope Teddy Riley is invited.  He has severely broken from the uncompromising position they have of “he’s dead”.  Some “re-education” is in order . . . he’s freaking them out.

Michael Says to Fans . . . “Don’t Let Go of My Hand…”


  1. Divorce can be messy and complex, especially when there are issues of custody and ownership involved. While it might seem impossible at times, staying friends during and after a divorce can help make your transition smoother and your life happier even post-divorce.

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  2. @Jenn - So that proves what? That her job wasn't finished? It's common knowledge she practically stalked him. Her interviews and how "sweet" she was to him was also common knowledge. She followed for a year after their divorce in 1996. I have found NOTHING on them together after 1999.

    Dan - This blog is not about divorce. My parents went through one, I went through one, Michael went through two. However, staying friends is even harder when you find out the there was a corporation behind it all, manipulating the relationship from the beginning.

  3. Bonnie,
    Shark-infested waters indeed. My only consolation is that, if Michael's assets went into trusts, outside the control of the Estate (run by Branca and McClain), the executors may have been faced with a bunch of debt and no assets to sell to pay them off! Consequently, they have had to work their little butts off in order to fulfil their executor duties, with possibly very little material to work with.
    Thos assets could be tantalisingly out of their reach :-D

  4. Hello, Bonnie. :)

    Love this blog entry. A little truth is like fresh air. I am seeing a lot of scrambling going on almost as if certain people are feeling the stings but don't know where the pricking is coming from. A lot of white-washing of certain folks is going on. I have noticed that every time you address a certain topic in your blog, a blog refuting, denigrating you goes up. I don't know; if what you talk about has no merit, why not ignore you.

    Regarding Teddy Riley and the "Michael" album. He must protect Michael because they have effectively attached MJ's name to it. To the general public, this project,"Michael" is Michael Jackson, no equivocation. I admire Teddy and his stance, but he too must be careful. These are ruthless, powerful people. I shall Pray for both Michael and Teddy. I pray for you also, Bonnie.

    The entertainment industry is imploding.

  5. PrincessGlam said - "the executors may have been faced with a bunch of debt and no assets to sell to pay them off! Consequently, they have had to work their little butts off in order to fulfil their executor duties, with possibly very little material to work with.
    Thos assets could be tantalisingly out of their reach :-D "

    >>> Well let's put it this way. The estate was in the hole - supposedly - when they took control of "Michael". Every bit of the money that is in there now, they earned with one exception . . . they used Michael's name and previous work to do it. And if God is just THAT will be THEIR only consolation.

    It is a lot harder cleaning up after oneself than it is to have to clean up after others.

  6. Hi Judith - missed you♥ You said - "I have noticed that every time you address a certain topic in your blog, a blog refuting, denigrating you goes up."

    I know, I have noticed that too. It's okay. People know. Funny thing is, much of this is right there in previous articles and books and interviews. Michael documented well. He left us with a way to defend him. Talk about a visionary with eyes in back of his head!

    Judith>>> I admire Teddy and his stance, but he too must be careful. These are ruthless, powerful people. I shall Pray for both Michael and Teddy. I pray for you also, Bonnie."

    Me>>> I am uncommitted to Teddy at this time. I know Rooney seemed pretty ticked at him. I pray for Teddy because I don't know what this means and when I saw his blog, I just backed off. Anyone getting caught in the middle like that needs some space, he's in a precarious position. I do know that Riley came on board with Michael in 1991, right around the time Michael signed that contract renewal with Sony. I have a hard time imagining anyone working musically with Michael and not falling in love with him. So we shall see what happens. Teddy did what he could with what he had, under orders of someone else. That's the way I look at it.

  7. Hi Bonnie,
    hope all is well in spite of these disturbing surprises (please take care).
    I just wanted to say - from what I gather (pics appearing on people's fb walls and such) the fans meeting outside the Sony palace was held yesterday or on Tuesday - Taaj Malik was there, yes, so was Samantha De Gosson and Karen Faye, with other women whose names I frankly don't know. They were holding a large banner calling out for Justice for Michael and they were also showing enlargements of Michael's pictures from the Killer Thriller speech in London, etc.


  8. Hey Simo - Interesting. And Sony let them protest there? (whatever they were doing . . . Banner). I had heard that Karen Faye did not support the "Michael Album" but holding a justice banner for Michael in front of Sony? Don't trust them. They support Thomson who supports the album. Just what are they playing at? Thanks for the info. Wish I could feel it was sincere, but I don't.

    Victoria - Thank you for posting. I don't make a habit of letting people post links to their blogs every since I had problems with one "troll", but I saw your epithet at the top of your blog, "The Best Mind Altering Drug is Truth" . . . I loved that! I may want to link your blog to tonight's topic if that is okay. You brought up some very good points in your blog.

  9. Victoria, in reading your blog, I noticed your stance on Michael's family and I will tell you I do not agree with it . . .at all. The press has trashed this family as much as they have Michael. Not perfect, but highly unfair to help the press determine the character of Michael's family.

    I also do not believe Karen Faye is Michael's friend. You'd have to see my past blog entries to see why. There is alot going on with this and I an not going to entertain this path again on this blog. I want to keep this blog focuses and this kind of info is why I have stopped letting people post their own blog links here. If you have any questions about anything I addressed please let me know. I am aware that not everyone has seen every piece of info I have covered on this blog.

  10. Super blog, Bonnie! Except for the artists themselves, as Michael said, without whom the music industry would be nothing more than hardware, the people who actually run the music business are a dangerous pack of wolves.

    With all I have read so far on this blog tonight, this one quote you posted from Mottola leaves no doubt in my mind that Michael had real cause to fear for his life. To be such a wonderful person and live with this kind of anguish for years is chilling...


    Nice. "Sleeping with the fishes" unless you follow Tommy's wishes? This lingo means only one thing in the mob world. Michael was threatened with being killed if he didn't tow the line according to Mottola. That one sentence sums up his qualifications for being a record executive. Would anyone like to venture a guess as to why Mottola could make a sinister threat to Michael Jackson and get away with it? Like-minded individuals in high places, all with their eyes on the prized asset, knowing the carrier of that asset is expendable. Michael always knew it...but no one was listening.

  11. @Spotlight - Of course Tommy Mottola "denies" this and a couple other quotes in that article. But behind closed doors? He probably brags about it.

    They want to control the music industry and they most CERTAINLY don't want the most popular artist in the world out there talking about God. Big no-no. Look what they did to Yetnikoff when he started praying in his office!

  12. Michael was adamant to take the Chandler’s case all the way to the court. But they convinced him to settle knowing settling it would further ruined him in the public eyes. Mr. Tom M. said settling the 1993 child allegation was the biggest error in Michael’s life. I said he fell for his lawyer’s advice maybe not knowing they were really after him for the long hole.

    Just knowing that Branca was working for Sony as the same time representing Michael and also not notifying him the hidden clause that prevented his freedom from Sony should anger anyone who is on Michael side. He completely sabotaged him from his ultimate dream, something should always be remembered.

  13. Victoria - I deleted your post. One of the rules on this blog is no Jackson family trashing. If I had a dime for every one I've run into in the last (almost) 18 months that told me they met Michael numerous times, I'd be rich (I'm not, by the way). You have a blog with a whole 4 or 5 entries on it. If you are so familiar with the Jackson's you should be writing books with Taraborrelli and Aphrodite Jones.

    Do they pay your people per comment or is it a flat rate?


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