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Michael Jackson Justice: Evil cannot exit in light

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Monday, January 10, 2011

Evil cannot exit in light

January 10, 2010 - Evil cannot exit in light
Michael Shining the Light on The Grab For Power

Isaiah 59:11 - We all growl like bears, And moan sadly like doves; We look for justice, but there is none; For salvation, but it is far from us. 

Until the Whole World Hears! 

The “rabbit hole”.

This phrase has popped in and out of my research over the course of this year.  The movie “The Matrix” comes to mind.

In “The Matrix”, it was the machines and the computers that sought to enslave and demean humanity to a feeding trough of energy.

In the world as we know it, the battle takes place among the few elite in the world throwing the switches on world economies, demeaning humanity into souless, existing drains on natural resources that those elite feel empowered by sheer ego to “manage” and control . . . right down to the taxation of the air you breathe.

What this research into Michael and what happened to him is opening my eyes to, is a pattern of very similar, global manipulation of press, media and accepted social norms.  The tools being used to do this of course, is your newspapers, your evening news, and the entertainment industry.

A friend and I were talking in length about the changes my husband and I have gone through in the last year.  It has been very unsettling and it has left my husband feeling very insecure.  My husband is a “newer” Christian and still struggles with the concept of “turning it over to God.”

I wanted to include this email I wrote back to my friend in part, because in writing this to them, we got into some interesting conversation.  It is beginning to make sense why Michael was so brutally attacked.

I will not include this person’s correspondence because I do not have their permission.  But I will post my answer to them here.  Leaving out the opening of this email to them, I will start with the paragraph after discussing my husband’s difficulties with dealing with the shutting down of the industry he used to work in.

In the beginning of the email, I talked to this person about the difficulties of having everything you know how to do being expunged or made unavailable to you, much like what they did to Michael . . . an effective method to shut down that which has become your identity.  It leaves you lost, angry and without hope.

This is how the remainder of that email to my friend went:

Finally this morning after breakfast, I told him, "Look, you see what is going on in the world as much as I do.  People like you and me are not supposed to have an easy time of it.  We are still alive and that means God has something for us to do and as long as he does, he is going to provide a way to do that job.  You know what we are going up against and it is going to one day come down to . . . we are going to have to make a decision between comfort and sacrifice.  Choosing sacrifice does not make you a failure.  Someone elses choices does not make you a failure either. If you are IN the world and not OF the world, you are going to get kicked to the side.  That is where God picks up his people. "

The Lost Children - Another Song
There are so many of them out there.  Was Michael only talking about age?
Or the Children within our hearts?  The lost souls?

I want to know what God sounds like, giggling.  Would he sound like Johnny Cash, chuckling?"  When I was a child, I didn't even really know God, only knew OF him.  I always thought that thunder was God bowling, lightning of course, was God turning on the lights (so he could see to bowl?)  I thought clouds were the whitecaps of waves and we were under the ocean of the atmosphere.  Birds singing were spirits of babies coming to earth when they were born, and stars were all the angels in Heaven.  I used to attribute everything to God even as a child and I didn't know where it came from because my mother only superficially ever mentioned God.  She told me that God made everything and God knew everything.  God I believe talks to children.  Some of the dreams he gave me I still remember from childhood.  There has to be a reason for that.

How else do you explain spirituality in a child that has never even been to church or whose parents were not faithful?  How else do you explain these incredible gifts that children like Michael exhibit without any professional training?  We can't.

I mentioned to my husband something that only someone standing back, outside the situation can see (someone like yourself) and the fact that yes, a lot of changes have taken place and we are being prepared for something.  My husband is stubborn.  He keeps slipping back into relying on self and not on God.  It is hard.  With me?  I have to come toward the center the other way and realize that God doesn't do it all . . . he works through people. I keep thinking maybe there is something I am NOT doing that he wants me to do, but I don't know what it is.  I know this incredibly strong pull to do this blog, the subject and the person it is about is so uncustomary to my behavior, even my husband has said to me, he has never seen me so committed and so driven to do something as long as he's known me.

Everything we have been through in the last year, because of Michael has changed both of us incredibly. 

My husband said to me a few weeks ago, when we were talking about Michael while reading the Bible together, that if Michael were ever able to come back out into the open, he would want to give him a hug.  Ed called him an honorable man.  He and I are both equally yoked as far as understanding how God has used Michael.  It is such a relief to be able to talk to my husband about this after the first year.

I am a lucky woman.  And if we are going through something like this, then one of us still has something to learn within the hardship.  I keep reminding my husband how important to God we are, that he is making us study so hard, LOL!

Frank DiLeo - I think much has changed around the time of the accusations through the trial with certain people around Michael.  You don't know and watch a man like Michael suffer without it changing you.  Not if you still have a soul.

I look at pictures of Branca and pictures of Michael and you could put them together as a poster ad for Good vs. Evil.  Does everyone in entertainment law have that look?  Just asking, LOL!  But you can see a definitive difference in the countenance of Michael vs. Branca.

I have started drawing pictures of Michael.  When I was a child, I used to draw all the time and it was people.  I would concentrate on the eyes and my mother always told me you could tell exactly who it was before I even did the rest of the face.  Michael's eyes intrigue me because they have not changed from the time he was a child.  Not one bit.  Same understanding, same quiet, calm strength, same "knowing innocence".  He has not changed one bit and that fascinates me.  So I am drawing the eyes first, then the rest of him.  I started a picture last night of him holding a child to his chest and he's looking up as in prayer but it's not perfect.  I want to finish it and I want to scan these in.  I feel this so much!

I am the same way as you.  The more I get to know  Michael the more I want to know him.  I feel closer to understanding what the relationship between God and man is supposed to look like because of Michael.  Michael is a human being and an imperfect creature striving to be perfect and pleasing to God.  That is an example we are supposed to follow.

The Mask?  Maybe Symbolic of the Silencing of the Message

You said - "THIS is why they didn't like him and tried so hard to fight him.  God and Evil battling this out.  This is why I believe what I believe...because God does not loose the battle...
God will win in the end..."
This is so truthful, do you even know how close you are?  Many many other artists have sung songs against "the system" and against "the establishment" and against governments, etc . . . NONE OF THEM have been put through the persecution that Michael has.  One has to ask why and that is and what has drawn so many people to get to know Michael.  This IS a battle between good and evil.  Michael wants help.  That song "Cry" is my pledge of allegiance to continue this blog and expose what is going on.  It's not just Michael, it is what he saw happening to all of mankind.

The last four or five songs in Invincible - This is why they did not want to promote it.  Michael knew it.  It wasn't about the catalog, the catalog is just a convenient cover.  It's part of the picture but not all of it.  Control of  the music industry, control of the entertainment industry is control of the minds of our youth.  That is why Michael was given such an incredibly strong empathy toward children and that is why God placed him in the music industry.

Michael's relationship with his father . . . he was realizing probably about 2001 - 2002 when he made those speeches (Oxford, Carnegie) that there was much more to his incredible empathy for children than his own upbringing. By this time, I believe he was becoming aware of what those in power in the entertainment industry were doing or aiming to do and that Michael's love for children was God-given for a specific purpose.  This is what moved Michael to do everything.

Also about this time is when he was battling with Mottola.  I don't think Michael's calling him "the Devil" was an accident or a child-like response.

(Geeze, this is all coming up out of me, you may just see this posted on the blog, so don't be offended if part of this letter to you ends up there.)

June 25, 2009 - Yes, E. Casanova was reportedly ill with a chronic disease.  He announced on his website in 2007 that his doctor told him he should not perform any more. The web site was very sparsely managed since then.   We do not know what it is that he contracted, but I could very much see Michael taking this man under his wing and making sure he was cared for before he died. 

Also when the memorial at the Gary home took place, the photo on the back of that engraved slab being installed in front of the home had the same photo of E.Casanova that he had on his web site, on the back of the memorial, in the center of the row of pics.  I even called the company that made the memorial to tell them!  I was the only one in the states that called them about it at that time, so I was told.  I don't know if anything was ever done about  it, but I thought that was VERY telling.

The discrepancy between Michael's height, Michael's weight (his mug shot says he is 5' 11", autopsy says 5' 9") and the deteriorated condition of the body compared to the two days in rehearsal before he "died".  No, it is not adding up.

I also believe with all my heart that Sony believed Michael would try to pull something, which is why the gang-stalkers, and the incredible attempts to infiltrate that family.

There is incredible resources and expense going toward this on both sides.  No, this is about more than just a catalog. ***

That was the end of that portion of the email.

I am seeing on certain facebook pages that we are not far from the truth.  Our eyes are about to be opened to things that were only previously discussed in hushed voices or through privately guarded message forums. Those that want to cover it up are spouting the same old bought-and-paid-for political propaganda that has been shoved down our throats since the beginning of the sixties. 

There was a report, and I’m sorry I do not have it, that when Michael presented the “Invincible Album” to Sony, they got up and walked out of the conference room, leaving Michael sitting there by himself. 

No, they had no intention of supporting that album.  It was not what they wanted to sell.  They tried every which way to convince Michael to “fall in”.  You want to know why so very few of his fellow artists came to his aide?

Fear, yes . . . but there was an ideology in Michael’s music that they did not want out there.  In their eyes, Michael wasn’t politically or socially influenced by the industry.  If he wasn’t going to spread “their message”, they had no use for him.

This is the beginning of some deeper digging.  It is time we begain looking into the real reason Michael was persecuted and WHY.

Interesting tidbit from a friend that I will leave you with tonight.  You think there is not a battle going on between good and evil?

Colony Capital purchased Miramax pictures last year. 

Look what Sony is up to now . . .

Sony and IMAX cont. by anon.

Tomorrow . . . some words from Michael.

If We Ever Needed You

Don't Walk Away - I Can't Do This By Myself


  1. Bonnie, I hadn't heard about E. Casanova's bad health issues, ever!

    Are you saying that maybe E. is the one who died on June 25, 2009 and took Michael's place?

    Are you saying that maybe this was planned in advance and E. was willing to allow Michael to use his death (Casanova's Death) as a way of escape for himself (Michael)?

    If this is what you are saying.....WOW! What a Sacrifice that was on Casanova's part. To impersonate Michael in life and then in death too!

    Is E. Casanova Dead? For Real? Do you know?

  2. Bonnie says: "God has used Michael"
    I agree with you, I have the same conviction. God guided Michael.
    Michael wanted to do good in this world.
    When touring the world singing, he saw the suffering of children. He helped everyone and at the end of his life 'was abandoned.
    This makes me very badly.
    Even Jesus'has been abandoned.
    God bless you, Michael!
    We are all with you.

  3. Bonnie, for the longest time, like many of us, I have been asking the same question why the persecution of Michael is so sever. We know there are many celebrities who are working hard and give their money to the cause of humanity. To name a few, Bono with HIV/AIDS in Africa, George Clooney with Darfur in Sudan, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and many more, but never been abused and vilified by the media at all like they did to Michael.

    I truly believe and it’s absolutely make sense to me now when you said, “Many many other artists have sung songs against "the system" and against "the establishment" and against governments, etc . . . NONE OF THEM have been put through the persecution that Michael has.” It wasn't about the catalog, ….Control of the music industry, control of the entertainment industry is control of the minds of our youth.”

    Michael was/is (his messages still affect) here to awaken the entertainers and the people (us) who follow them about the crime that has been waged to enslave us through their machines with his songs and lyrics and speeches. However, those famous people I mentioned above yes they work for the good cause to better humanity but they are not addressing the foundation of all the problems they are working on originated. That is a huge difference what Michael was trying to spread, to awaken humanity, and their effort to help others. I am not by any means undermining those I mentioned honorable work they do around the globe.

    Thank you Bonnie for answering my question that was itching me for long time. Now I know why they want to silence him by putting him through all difficult time, but he got up each time and show them his mission that God put him here on earth could not be squashed with whatever conspiracy they put out.

    Therefore, we should follow his example and continue bringing those who want to silence him by exposing them into the public eyes, as a result awaken the greater mass to be aware of the media machine that operates to undermine the truth.

  4. Bonnie - I was taken by surprise when you mention E. Casanova, MJ look alike, that I have heard was sick long time ago and might be the one in that house where Michael supposedly died. However, it was dismissed by many as a hoax theory. Well, where is E. Casanova now and why no one knows where he is right now?

    Everything what was witnessed happened in that house in the pre-trial testimonies by the paramedics by the security people do not make sense at all. They are portraying Michael to the contrary. Right now I don’t know what to make of all this. I suggest that we all should have an open mind so we can be able to see all directions to be able to see the truth eventually. Otherwise we will miss the truth and we will remain frustrated forever. What I mean is, let’s have an open mind for Michael sake, that’s all I am saying.

  5. @Josie - This was posted back in 2007. This is what it says:

    Posted: Tue Jul 31 2007 11:07 pm Post subject: PIC: Top Michael Jackson tribute artist E'CASANOVA is dying.

    For Those Who Care.

    Recently I've been diagnosed with a (non sexual) life threatening illness.

    My concerts on September 1&2 in Las Vegas and the others that take me to the end of the year will be last and final shows ever.

    At my doctors request, sadly I must retire.

    I do hope to meet some of you who have shown me so much support throughout my life as a Michael Jackson Tribute Artist. The ones that have seen me in person. I hope that I have inspired you and touched your lives in a positive way.

    All I ever wanted to do was to forever recreate the majic and protect the integrity of our international treasure.... "The Last Of The Great Song & Dance Men"... my friend , Michael Jackson I hope to see you in September!


    If you scroll down on some of the pictures you will be surprised.

  6. Daniela said - "Michael wanted to do good in this world.
    When touring the world singing, he saw the suffering of children. He helped everyone and at the end of his life 'was abandoned.
    This makes me very badly.
    Even Jesus'has been abandoned.
    God bless you, Michael!"

    >>> Michael saw and felt the suffering of children, but not just little children . . . big children too. Michael grew into his true purpose and it is evident in his lyrics. I have had trouble for the last couple of days trying to cope with the weight of what this man took onto his shoulders.

    When you think about Michael's battles, he was being torn at at all levels right down to the purposeful misinterpretations of his songs. When they couldn't misinterpret them, they gave them bad write ups in Billboard or other Music news. I saw an old write up in Billboard that called Michael's song "Cry" stupid . . . talk about your insightful interpretations.

    Michael spent $25 Million of HIS OWN MONEY to promote an album that SONY WAS UNDER CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION TO PROMOTE when they decided to shelve it. Michael wanted this message out there. You will have a surprise for you on this blog later on tonight.

    Mimi - "To name a few, Bono with HIV/AIDS in Africa, George Clooney with Darfur in Sudan, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and many more, but never been abused and vilified by the media at all like they did to Michael. "

    >>> Because THESE PEOPLE self promote their "good deeds". Michael gave credit to God for everything he had. Michael's message was there is hope in God. These people prefer to let us know that we should use one square of toilet paper so they can continue to consume without guilt.

    Angelina Jolie, I have mentioned before, is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations. This is a woman who used to cut herself and swap tongues with her brother during awards shows. Ask yourself what she has to offer that an organization that sets our country's foreign and domestic policy, would want her as a member. She's made a small handful of movies, only one of them considered a box office success. She spends much more a year then she takes in.

    The CFR, amongst other things, has an anti-God, anti-individual, pro-one world government, pro-oppression, pro-elitist agenda.

    Do a search on Tavistock, the Beatles and Ed Sullivan. By the time Michael and his brothers appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, Sullivan probably knew what they were up to. Michael talked about Sullivan telling Michael after that first show, pulling him aside and saying to him "You have a gift from God, never forget that."

    Michael never did.

  7. Bonnie, hee hee, you have my full attention.

    There are some photos of E Cassanova where it's so hard to differentiate between Michael and him. I found quite a few articles where others have questioned the timing of Cassanova's disappearance as suspect:

    About Ed's struggles - I can relate. I try my hardest to hand my problems over but that little seed of ego and control remains firmly rooted in my psyche. Life has a way sometimes of forcing us to think that we are the writer, producer, director and actor of our own movie. Of course this is not so and I have to keep reminding myself of that but I guess it's the ongoing struggle for survival and part of the cost of being human.

  8. Bonnie, have a read of E Cassanova's MySpage blog dated 10 September 2009 (Michael an International Treasure).

    The blog claims to be Cassanova:

    What do you think? Nothing after that from him.

  9. Mimi said - "Bonnie - I was taken by surprise when you mention E. Casanova, MJ look alike, that I have heard was sick long time ago and might be the one in that house where Michael supposedly died. However, it was dismissed by many as a hoax theory. Well, where is E. Casanova now and why no one knows where he is right now?"

    >>> Yes, I know. The word "hoax" has been made into as big and unpopular a controversy as "Jesus" or "church" or "conservative". I don't care. People come up with these undesirable "labels" on regular words and all it does is close doors on what THEY don't want you to find. The direct link doesn't work so the cached will have to do. This is on MJStar also posted back in 2007. MJStar is also the place where Charles Thomson first made his appearance. Oddly enough, they are now the ones claiming that E Casanova's "illness" was a rumor, LOL . . .that started on their site?

  10.!/pages/ECasanova-Fanpage/141678603110?v=info I can't copy the photo and englarge, but the cross section, second photo in from YOUR left is the Casanova publicity shot that was on his web site.

  11. @Karin - I saw that site you posted above while searching. The Myspace blog was supposedly updated by his assistant, emphatically denying that E Casanova had retired and was going to perform somewhere, but then no one ever hear anything else after that.

    I once had a copy of the back of that memorial but the above link is the biggest one I could find and you can barely see the picture.

    Back when I originally saw this, it was still 2009. I didn't keep the picture because I didn't believe Michael was alive then. Whatever happened, it is still crushing to know that someone would do that for Michael, and that Michael would care for him. I have several pictures of the two of them together and I will post them on the web site and link them here.

    If that is what happened, I want to know why beautiful, giving people have to be taken from us?

  12. Bonnie, below is a link to a video that shows E Casanova alive and well in Oct. 2009.

    He is performing in Hawaii and talks about the passing of MJ.

    His website was hacked and they sued the person who hacked it.

    Casanova was never sick and never dying and has no intention of Retiring.

    Oh how I wanted Michael to be alive!

    Not that I wanted Casanova to be dead but, you know what I mean.

  13. @Josie - Josie, I was going to wait until someone brought that up, but that guy in the Hawaii video is not E. Casanova, he is THIS GUY: the voice is different and the face shape and the eyes are different. You can't see this guy very well in the Hawaii video but look how heavy he is. The video above where it shows E Casanova and Michael standing together was taken back in 2001. Explain to me how E Cas got younger looking in 2009?

    The guy on the Hawaii interview and the guy in the video on this link here is the same guy and as heavy as he is, no way. E. Cas is a slight built guy. It also does not mean Michael is dead even if E. Cas is still out there. This is just a piece of the puzzle. It either fits or it doesn't. But that guy? Not E. Cas. He's too fat and his mouth and eyes are wrong.

  14. I like Mimi's posts. Very unbias, looking at things from all angles.

    Bonnie said: "there was an ideology in Michael’s music that they did not want out there... If he wasn’t going to spread “their message”, they had no use for him."

    What was the general ideology in Michael's music that you are referring?

    What was $ony's message that he apparently didn't want to spread?

  15. Its weird but I used to go the Media route and mock and ridicule him all the time. Michael was an odd ball when I saw his Martin Bashir interview video, claiming to be peter pan and never growing up WTF.

    But here is where it changed DISCLAMIER (I don't know Michael Jackson, I never met Michael Jackson and whatever I was said about him before is not playing a role in my opinion now - NO INFLUENCE WHAT SO EVER)

    The music industry in recent years but during the last 2-3 decades has been used as a means to influence people. Michael I feel knew this evil existed and to some extent really start to f**K him up.

    The guy was a cash cow to these freaks and they played him till he was all used up. Towards the final years of his life, he spoke of love, togetherness and compassion. His song TITLED "THEY DONT REALLY CARE ABOUT US" is a message to the people WAKE UP these guys only want to control and Mame everything.

    Towards then end the trial case and bad media coverage. May have driven him over the edge or he was taken out and this doctor is the guilty party of many.

    I never really liked Michael Jackson for his music, but as I have grown up I realised what he was trying to tell us. Some of us got it Michael, we'll spread the word and I'll see you on the other side BLESS YOU for doing that.

    1. Thank you for posting that Anonymous, :o) ♥


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