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Michael Jackson Justice: In the Eyes of Michael Jackson

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The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Monday, January 17, 2011

In the Eyes of Michael Jackson

January 19, 2011 – In the Eyes of Michael Jackson and other Top Artists on Michael Jackson

Among the things I did not know about Michael Jackson was that singing and dancing was not the only art in which Michael exercised his creative energy.  While pouring through video after video on Youtube and article after article by people who worked with him, I learned that Michael was also an accomplished writer and sketch artist.  When I first came upon this information my first thought was, “My word!”

I never knew he could draw and ironically, I never knew he could write!  I co-wrote one or two jingles my sister and I performed at the many Amway Conventions and meeting where we performed.  But we mostly performed songs sung by other artists at other venues.

I looked at Michael’s pictures and I was not only in awe, I felt closer to him.  He drew people too.  He drew children.  I looked at all those pictures I could find online that he created and I tried to find some of the ones I drew to compare.

Most of the pictures I drew were either of my cousins or child actors or models I would see in clothing catalogs.  When I got older I did portraits of Ronald Reagan (I drew this after my sister and I met him at the Charlotte Coliseum.  He was the surprise guest speaker at an Amway Convention right before he was elected.)  His portrait was the only one I ever gave to the subject.  Every other work I kept for myself.

Michael was good at drawing hair.  I concentrated on the eyes.  Michael drew the whole body, I always had a problem with the detail in hands so I stuck with portraits.

Michael sang, I sang (I did NOT dance).
Michael drew, I drew.
Michael wrote poems and prose and stories - I wrote stories.

The dream about taking the chains off my gifts happened the very night that I prayed and asked God why he didn’t protect Michael.  I woke up that morning with the words to “Child in the Wings” in my head.  Source

In the last couple of days, I have pondered the happenings of the last year.  I had never written poetry before the night of that dream, and I had pretty much left both the singing and the drawing behind when I had my children.

So what were my feelings when I came upon the discovery that Michael could also draw and was quite the eloquent writer?

One big smile across my face.  It made me think about the dream about the gifts.  I wanted to know when Michael started drawing (of course most of us do when we are children) and when he began writing his thoughts down on paper, to later turn into poems, songs or prose.

Until I had that dream, I thought I had already done what I was supposed to do with my gifts, and that was protect myself.  In hindsight, I realized that all I did was repeatedly tell God, “No” in sharing them.  I shared my singing not because I wanted to, but because my mother gave me no choice.   The writing and the drawing was something I did to express myself, but I didn’t share it with anyone.  It was the only time I would “let myself out” and I didn’t want anyone to see me before I ran back in and shut the door.

What is it that makes us fear to let people in?  What was it about Michael that drove him to show people himself?

While I muse over that one, I wanted to share with you some other art greats and what their thoughts on Michael were:

Stephen King about working with Michael on “Ghosts”–

Pencil Drawing Bonnie Cox (c) 2011

“The video contains some of the best, most inspired dancing of Jackson’s career. If you look at it, I think you’ll see why Fred Astaire called Jackson ‘a helluva mover.’ You’ll also see Jackson’s sadness and almost painful desire to please. Yes, I am strange, his eyes say, but I am doing the best I can, and I want to make you happy. Is that so bad? This is a sadness that’s all too common in people who possess talent in amounts so great it has become a burden instead of a blessing. Despite being extraordinarily beautiful (although he had probably already begun the elective surgeries that would ruin those amazing looks), Jackson was painfully shy, and difficult (sometimes impossible) to talk to, but watching that old video still makes me happy…and no, that’s not bad.

It’s worth noting that he was never convicted of anything in criminal court, and when I asked Mick—who hung out with Michael occasionally— he was emphatic in his belief that Michael Jackson was indeed innocent of the abuse allegations. In the court of public opinion, however, he was found guilty of Weirdness in the First Degree, and ended up secluded in one haunted castle after another. Finally, he died in one. Strange man. Lost man. And not unique in his passing. Like James Dean, Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger, and a dozen others we could name, he just left the building far too soon. Because, man oh man, that guy could dance.”

Michael In "Ghosts"

Brett Livingstone Strong On Michael Agreeing to sit for painting–

painted in 1990 by Brett-Livingstone Strong.

Mr. Jackson said he would sit for it if the buyer agreed to pay a world record — ultimately $2.1 million, then reported as the highest amount ever paid for a living person. “Sometime later he told me he would have made $5 million for it,” Mr. Strong said. The businessman later went bankrupt and gave the painting to Mr. Abrams.

Mr. Strong still has a number of drawings done by Mr. Jackson as part of the partnership. “These drawings are really interesting. Some of the are really fantastic. They have been in a drawer for 17 years.” He is hoping to hold an exhibit of the art.

A limited, autographed set of lithographs was created based on “The Book.” Around 375 of them were numbered and some have made their way onto eBay and Craigslist.

The owners have received calls from as far away as Dubai after Mr. Jackson’s death from people who knew they owned the painting. “Up to this point we’ve been very skittish,” Mr. Abrams said. They have reached out to Phillips De Pury auction house to get an assessment. “I am not an art expert. I don’t understand the art market,” he said. “We have no idea what it’s worth. Is it worth $1 million? Is it worth $10 million?”

David Nordahl on Michael’s Normalness and Looks

Bonnie Cox Sketch - Michael’s Eyes, 2011

“We had many talks about that (his looks).  He had that inner light and he always considered himself to be extremely ugly.    He said he's not a handsome man.  'That's why I don't do interviews and I don't go on talk shows.'  He said 'First of all, I don't lead an interesting life, I work all of the time' (and that's what he did, he worked all of the time).

He never did really understand that he had that inner light.

Sitting and talking to Michael I would look into his eyes and I could see for a thousand miles. He had these most incredible eyes. They come off good on film, but nothing like in person. When you're actually sitting across there looking at him.

Those eyes were unbelievable. There were times it would just stop me in my tracks and there were times I'd be around him where I'd kind of forget who he was and then it would dawn on me....'I'm sitting here next to Michael Jackson.' I never really got over that. There were times he would do these quick little step things and they were like lightening. It was just so quick, so precise and just amazing."  Source

Marcell Marceau on Michael’s ability to Move – 

"There was a mutual admiration between Michael Jackson and Marcel Marceau," Elena Serra, who worked with the king of mime for 20 years, told AFP.

"Marceau said of Michael Jackson that he was a born mime artist, which was also what he'd said of Charlie Chaplin, because of his easy physical movement, his ability to decompose movements, his understanding. I think Marceau was impressed by him."

Marceau, who died aged 84 in 2007 and was extremely popular with US audiences, "would often recount how Michael Jackson used to go see him perform when he was around 13 or 14. He told him once backstage that the inspiration behind the moonwalk was Marceau's Walking against the Wind."

Carlos Santana on recording with Michael Jackson – 

"I was very honored that he called on me to work with him, and I love the song," Santana said. "He gave me a call last week, and he was really happy with it."  And “To introduce all these lines of colors, shoes and music — it's all to create, like a spider, to create this web and not let people fall through the cracks. I'm not alone. Everybody I talk to — musicians, Michael Jackson, everybody — we all want the same thing: we want to heal this planet."   Carlos once called Michael an “Archangel”.  Source

Slash, From Guns N Roses on Michael’s Death Via Twitter –

“Really sad news about Michael, he was a talent from on high.” Source

Michael’s Artwork

Stevie Wonder on Michael Jackson –

"As you know this is a very emotional time for me. As you can imagine. Someone very, very special to the world, to his family and to his friends, we've lost. Michael Jackson. And, um, as you probably know I've been very quiet about all this because I've been, I don't say listening to, but watching television all over, watching people say this and say that, various spin doctors talk about this and talk about that. I just want to say to the fans and those of the world, please don't get confused with what's the most important thing. The most important thing is the music and the legacy he's left behind for us to celebrate the songs that we have sang and danced to. Celebrated, cried to and don't get hung up in the negativity of what's is being said by people who have nothing to do with understanding, whatever. At the end of the day none of those things that people will say can bring him back alive.” Source

But this should speak for itself –

Stevie Wonder Tribute  . . . Get a Kleenex
I Never Dreamed You’d Leave In Summer

And of Course, One of Michael’s Songs –

And with that I will let you go.  Rain has just begun to draw slashes on my window. I have balled up tissues all over my desk as I type through fading daylight, remembering that God is good.

I have added the prayer as a permanent link up on links bar on the right.

I wish.  I wish that days did not exist in which I felt the pain of wondering where God is.

I wish the day would come in which pain was no longer necessary to recognize a blessing.

I wish someone about to hurt another would stop in their tracks and feel the heart of those they are about to hurt before they complete their act.

I wish one journalist would stand in front of a T.V. camera and say, “I was wrong and this is what they told us to do.”

I wish the act of exclusion was no longer a deed practiced to raise the value of one human being over another.

I wish art wasn’t so easily stolen and manipulated for the agenda of others.

I wish children would be seen as hope and not as a tool.

I wish the word “family” had a meaning again.

I wish someone would remember truth is the only thing that untangles knots.

I wish the world would stop looking like these balled up tissues on my desk.

I wish I would stop crying.

I wish Michael were here.

Selfish?  Yeah . . . but at least I’m honest about it.

We Miss Your Light
It is in the quiet crucible of your personal, private sufferings that your noblest dreams are born, and God's greatest gifts are given in compensation for what you've been through.  -Whitley Phipps


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Stevie Wonder singing at Michael's memorial was the second most moving moment for me during that sad event, next to Paris. Stevie gave a message with the 2 songs he sang in no uncertain terms. He placed blame squarely on those around Michael that did not look out for his best interests. Gut wrenching...:-(

  2. I'm wishing with you Bonnie ... and I believe and can feel we are not the only ones. Michael's light is flickering all over the world.
    Thank you for sharing your drawings with us, you are such a inspiration.

  3. @SandyK - "Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer"? Where exactly did Stevie place blame with the songs he sang? Because I didn't hear it in the first one.

  4. @Cathy - Big Tearful hugs right back! I was feeling so low today and just as I was wiping the last tear and getting ready to turn on a light in my house, my husband calls as he is on his way home from work.

    I can't tell you what exactly it was, but a big prayer was answered that we absolutely did not expect. (God Bless you Dr. Bob!) Oh . . . and Thank you God!♥

  5. Sandy, I complied with your request and deleted the posts you said had too much information, whatever that means, but I will save them in case you ever want them reinstated.

  6. Bonnie, that second video of Stevie at the R&R HOF program; I think he wanted John Legend to sit with him because he knew he would lose it singing The Way You Make Me Feel, and wanted backup from Legend, but when Stevie became so emotional it didn't look like John Legend was there for him. I love Stevie Wonder, he's so genuine and I feel he was a true friend to Michael for many years. Stevie was on one of Larry King's final programs and made a very brief remark to Larry that he wasn't pleased with something Larry had said in the past about Michael; it seemed to go right over Larry's head, and the topic turned to something else, but Stevie was stern in his admonition, very loyal to Michael.

  7. June - I'm glad you remarked about John Legend because I noticed that too. Even the backup vocalists were looking over, concerned for Stevie, but they didn't miss a beat.

    Stevie Wonder is a wonderfully faithful person. His speech at the memorial (which was hard for me to watch knowing what was going to happen during that tribute) I know Michael, well, both of them admired and respected each other. They loved each other.

  8. Bonnie, your depiction of Michael's artwork, there's one of he and (looks like) Paul McCartney pulling at opposite ends of a female figure. Do you have any ideas what this is supposed to reflect? Might it be the "catalog" or am I reading too much into a simple drawing?

  9. Bonnie, you were right about the tissues...this blog was gut wrenching! I remember when Stevie broke down when I first saw the video, but to see it again was reliving the nightmare. When he stopped singing and put his hands to his face and cried, I could have died! Despite the passage of time, the more I think about Michael and try to accept that he may be gone, the more horrified I become! I can't explain it, but it's something my mind and body have been fighting with every ounce of resistance. I pray we find peace in all of this and that we can remain strong, because I know the road ahead will be tough, and the fight is not over! Michael's fight is not over!

    Your sketches are absolutely wonderful. Michael eyes! You captured the angel in those eyes! Can't wait to see more of your work. Michael's drawings are amazing, and I don't think people realize just how young he was when he could draw this well. He was in his teens when he did the Chaplin sketches. I will try to find the portrait Michael did of Cicely Tyson in the role of Rosa Parks. I was amazed when Michael showed the sketch on the Dinah Shore Show - he couldn't have been more than 16 years old. He filled out a fan questionnaire when he was about 14, and his dream at the time was to have his own art store. How precious is that? Our angel baby could do anything he set his mind to, and take it to the limit. Think what he must have been planning for film making (I pray that he will show us one day!).

    I am so happy for your prayer that was answered today. When things like that happen it renews your faith when you think there's none left. And you deserved some good news...way to go!

  10. Bonnie and Sandy, it does sound as if Stevie called out the people around Michael with the "second" part of Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer. That second part is actually another Stevie song, They Won't Go When I Go. I thought I heard some curious words/phrases so I did an internet search and if you listen carefully you'll hear the following words:

    No more lying friends
    Wanting tragic ends
    Though they do pretend
    They won't go when I go

    All those bleeding hearts
    With sorrows to impart
    Were right here from the start
    And they won't go when I go

    And I'll go where I've longed
    To go so long
    Away from tears

    Unclean minds mislead the pure
    The innocent will leave for sure
    For them there is a resting place
    People sinning just for fun
    They will never see the sun
    For they can never show their faces
    There ain't no room for
    the hopeless sinner
    Who will take more
    than he will give, he will give, he will give
    He ain't hardly gonna give, oh yeah

    The greed of man will be
    Far away from me
    And my soul will be free
    They won't go when I go

    Since my soul conceived
    All that I believe
    The kingdom I will see
    'Cause they won't go when I go

    When I go
    Where I'll go
    No one can keep me
    From my destiny.

    So yeah, it does sound a little like Stevie is standing up for Michael....yet again.

    Also wanted to say this was another touching article. I was in the end.

  11. Bonnie,
    rarely has a post ever struck so deep a chord within me, thank you, this was an absolutely precious experience.
    I wish...... oh, how and what I wish.
    The drawing of Michael and Paul, ehy, come on, it's from the Thriller inner jacket! It's an illustration of The Girl is Mine :), and there's also another of Michael's drawings in there, an illustration of Thriller. Should be quite easy to loo locate on the web, for those who don't possess a copy of Thriller.

    Stevie's rendition of They won't go when YOU go at the memorial stand as one of those moments in time when you know you are experiencing something so utterly unfiltered and sincere that it almost makes you feel ashamed. So powerful. So much love and compassion....
    Bye all, thanks again for the wonderful post...

  12. June said - "Do you have any ideas what this is supposed to reflect? Might it be the "catalog" or am I reading too much into a simple drawing? "

    >>> Simo is right, Michael and Paul worked together on the song for the Thriller Album and that was before the catalog even came into play. I remember thinking the same thing until I found out when the picture was created. It WAS depicting "The Girl is Mine".

    Spotlight said - "I will try to find the portrait Michael did of Cicely Tyson in the role of Rosa Parks. I was amazed when Michael showed the sketch on the Dinah Shore Show - he couldn't have been more than 16 years old. He filled out a fan questionnaire when he was about 14, and his dream at the time was to have his own art store. How precious is that?"

    >>> If you find that portrait of Cycely please send it and I will post it above on this blog entry. Art store. ♥

  13. @Spotlight - Thank you for the compliment on the eyes! I did some pics for one of my clients that likes Michael so I never got to keep them (That's hard to give those up!) but before this summer I had not done a portrait at all since probably about 15 or so years ago when my children were little. My mother did a painting of a drawing I did of my oldest son sleeping under the Christmas tree when he was about 2 years old. Footie-pajamas ooooooooh!

  14. @Deb - "Unclean minds mislead the pure
    The innocent will leave for sure
    For them there is a resting place
    People sinning just for fun
    They will never see the sun
    For they can never show their faces
    There ain't no room for
    the hopeless sinner
    Who will take more
    than he will give, he will give, he will give
    He ain't hardly gonna give, oh yeah"

    >>> Deb, this is one of those songs that could have more than one meaning and it sure does fit in here! Stevie is a man of faith and as Michael had testified to during the Geraldo interview that Stevie is a "musical prophet". The above is just further proof of that.

    Simo said - "Stevie's rendition of They won't go when YOU go at the memorial stand as one of those moments in time when you know you are experiencing something so utterly unfiltered and sincere that it almost makes you feel ashamed. So powerful. "

    >>> I plugged you on the identity of the Paul/Michael drawing and what it depicted :o) The words to that song seems like they were written for or by Michael. Stevie Wonder had to have already gone around the block a couple of times with the same type of people that sought to destroy Michael. How Stevie made it through that tribute song is testament to his professionalism. I would have been done.

  15. Oh dear, now you have me shedding tears Bonnie.

    What a beautiful tribute to Michael. I love your sketches, especially of his eyes.

    I myself am not a creative person but I WISH that I were. These things are gifts to be nutured.

    Thank you.

  16. There's this video of the 1986 Grammy Awards.... it's long, but please go to the very end of it, if you haven't seen it already (but even if you have, it's just so precious...). Look at the natural, caring way Michael turns back towards Stevie and holds his arm, then his hand... there's such gentleness and affection, it always makes me melt.......

  17. Karin said - "Oh dear, now you have me shedding tears Bonnie."

    >>>> I'm sorry! I have to stop doing that. If it makes you feel any better, I had the same problem putting this together. And drawing the pictures. It's really hard looking at those eyes and trying to draw them when all the while you feel like this little voice is in back of you going . . . "Now don't forget that little eyelash and there! The reflection in my eyes and don't give me too much shadow there, I want to look like I slept . . . and..."

    Karin everyone has creativity in them, just in different tasks and mediums. Just look at the creativity in the way some corporations do their accounting! (okay, bad example) or creating custom moulding and millwork, or figuring out how to lay out a store to draw people in. Just the thought processes one goes through to complete a task is creative and it comes from one place! Nurture those gifts God gave you. :o)

    @Simo - That's it, Simo . . . just give me another reason to hug two people I can't hug, errrrrrrrrrr!

  18. Michael knew how to do it all, he was a complete artist.
    After his death, on a blog: "Justice for Michael Jackson" I found his poems and drawings. Beautiful.
    A dancer "This is it, " she said: "When Michael came into the room you felt his light, his energy, made you a certain effect. "
    Ciao Bonnie and tanks.

  19. Bonnie – thank you for sharing your beautiful sketches of Michael. especially his eyes sketch you did is to die for. I really appreciate all that you do. keep expressing your talents to the fullest and remember that’s why you are giving those talents to do. The more you do that the more your vision and sharing will expand to the greatest good of all.

    Michael is the most beautiful human being not only inside but also outside. He is beautiful, his eyes and smiles are to die for, and everyone in this plant knows that without any questions. However, every time I hear about Michael thinks he is ugly and doesn’t know he is handsome and doesn’t even know he has this powerful love that emit from inside of him that affect everyone who gets close to him, make me wonder why. I ask this questions why Michael feels this way for the longest time I can remember. But yesterday, I think I found the answer if it is true, if not anyone of you feel free to let me know otherwise.

    I believe now his feelings that he is not attractive and don’t know the love that shines from inside of him happened by grand design from his creator. If he knows he is beautiful and so on in his mind, they might be hindrance to his greatest mission. So God said, it is not really important for you to know all that as long you do what you are here for and those you touch be affected by your beauty and love, and that’s what is the most important.

    What else could it be? I said this because at one point in our lives maybe all of us felt we don’t look good or not attractive and so on, and we don’t persist on those ideas when we get older. But Michael persist not acknowledging his beauty. Why?

  20. @Bonnie, I know, it's heartwrenching isn't it, but in such a sweet way. Those small gestures are so telling of one's true personality, and Michael's - well, just pure empathy and unconditional acceptance and love I guess.... have you read about Michael accused Stevie of cheating a long ago, at the begining of their friendship/collaborations, and they were playing some sort of game, don't remember which. And Michael told Stevie "hey, you're cheating!". It makes me giggle cause that's just the kind of thing that you only get to say to a *disabled* person when your heart is pure enough that you do not see the disability at all.
    Big big sigh.

  21. Bonnie and Simo - yes, you are certainly correct about the drawing of Paul and Michael being from the Thriller album; sorry for my thinking it had something to do with the catalog; I listened again to Stevie's song, all I could recall was Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer, but upon listening to the entire video and reading the lyrics, I can understand that Stevie was leaving a message.

  22. @Daniela - You're welcome♥

    MImi said - "What else could it be? I said this because at one point in our lives maybe all of us felt we don’t look good or not attractive and so on, and we don’t persist on those ideas when we get older. But Michael persist not acknowledging his beauty. Why? "

    >> Because he was a humble - off stage. He was also an artist who sought to be an artist off stage possibly to help him deal with what he had to deal with. Geeze! That's it! Nobody would let that man be offstage! So what does he do?

    Make the world his stage?

  23. Simo said - "And Michael told Stevie "hey, you're cheating!"."

    >>> You know what, he accused MacCauley of cheating too! Of course he always laughs when he does that! I'm not playing any games with him then, because I usually win those (cept Monopoly).

    Can anyone think of any games in which they may beat Michael? How about ones they'd know they'd lose?

    June said - "yes, you are certainly correct about the drawing of Paul and Michael being from the Thriller album; sorry for my thinking it had something to do with the catalog;"

    >>> That's okay, earlier in the game when I first copied that drawing to my hard drive, I thought it had to do with the catalog too.

  24. @Bonnie said, “Because he was a humble...” you know what I didn’t even think about that.

    I got to say this, I love the way you respond to comments. You are a remarkable woman. Michael is so lucky to have you. I don’t know what he would have done without you.

  25. @Mimi - Remarkable? That whole comment you made above I am really not worthy of, but I do thank you for the appreciation you show for this blog and it's contents.

    Michael has lots of "me's" out there. You're one of them :o)

  26. Goodness me that was heart-wrenching to see Stevie break down! What a wonderful friend.

    Nice drawings Bonnie, I especially like the Michael's Eyes one!

    I discovered some time ago that Michael was a VERY talented artist. How interesting to see Oprah with the MLK one, excellent drawing! There are some fans that also believe he was working on storyboards under an assumed name. Very interesting possibility...


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