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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Jackson's Message Shut Down By Sony

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The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Michael Jackson's Message Shut Down By Sony

Michael Jackson’s Invincible
The REAL Reason Sony Did Not Want to Promote it.

We have covered a few of the songs on Michael’s “Invincible” album such as  “Unbreakable”, “Hearbreaker”, “Invincible” and “Speechless”.  I have not covered “Break of Dawn” yet and I can’t because I don’t think my husband would like it.  I have previously described “Break of Dawn” as Michael’s “Song of Solomon” and I will leave it at that.  (Don’t laugh but there are certain songs of Michael’s that I can’t listen to without blushing. I KNOW who you are that are making fun of me, I HEAR you snickering).

Invincible, aside from being the last original album Michael recorded, was also in my opinion, his best artistically.  There is a lot more to this album than just the music and the lyrics.

Even though some of the songs on this album are older songs he had written and never released, if you look at the order in which these song are on the album, study the lyrics, you can almost piece together a story of what happened and what will happen.

Michael spent $25 million of his own money to promote this album when Sony dropped promotion of it.  That is how important the message on this album was for Michael to get out to his fans.  The production of this album and the timing of it also introduced us the beginning of the end . . . or the end of the beginning.  Michael’s “Bashir” documentary, discovery of the theft and self dealing of Michael’s lawyers and accountants, the firing of John Branca . . . Then finally the allegations and the charges that sent Michael out of the country.

What was the message within the “Invincible” Album that Michael wanted to get released?

Links to Invincible album songs:


Scroll down to Invincible:  Last eight songs on that album are:

2000 Watts
You Are My Life
Don't Walk Away
The Lost Children
Whatever Happens


Lyrics to 2000 Watts:  Some clues in this song, 3D is major emphasized, and the numbers.   2000 Watts . . . 8 ohms.  2008?  What does this mean?  I can read all kinds of things into the lyrics here.  Amazingly prophetic if you want to read it that way. 

The lines in the verses and chorus that stick out the most: “Be careful what you say don’t overload”, “you feel, I’m real”, “I’m everything you need so tell me what’s the deal”, “shorty really wanna be there for me”.  There is emphasis in the adlib on 3D.  Very cryptic song.  Given what we have discovered about Sony’s “mixing” of the new album, I would almost say that this song could be interpreted as a “making fun” of what they are capable of doing in the music industry.  2000 Watts is sung at a much lower range than what we are used to hearing Michael sing within.  What was he trying to tell us in this song?

Lyrics to You Are My Life:  
Not about his son Prince . . .about realizing that God was there all along for him.  Michael said he saw God in the face of children, so Prince being born may very well have brought things into perspective for him . . . renewed him.  The timing of the writing of this song is so critical. This is probably about the time that Michael came to the understanding of why he suffered the way he did.  Incredible song. 

Lyrics to Privacy -    Is the friend that had to die Princess Diana or Ronni Chasen?  Diana died in August, not a cold winter night.  He also could be talking about the winter his pride was snatched away when they strip searched him. This is definitely about Sony, not the press, even though paparazzi is mentioned, the lyrics in the first verse tell you he knew who was behind the motives of the press.  When you see the lyrics in these songs, knowing what was going on with him at the time he wrote these songs (or co-wrote them), you get a sense of why Sony did not want to promote the album.

Another fact to consider is that some of the people Michael co-wrote with were very much affiliated with Sony, which may have been how Sony got wind ahead of time of what Michael was writing about.  Michael’s then-lawyer, John Branca, was reportedly sitting with Michael in that conference room when Michael presented the album to the executives before they walked out on him.

Lyrics to Don't Walk Away -    This one many believe is about Lisa Marie . . . it isn't.  It is about his first love, Music and his fans, and that he will have to walk away. This is heartbreaking.  This whole song is asking us not to walk away even though he has to.  “How can I begin again, how am I to understand . . . All my dreams are broken, I don’t know where we’re goin’” sounds like he has hit a brick wall and has taken his music as far as they will let him go.  He has gone as far as he could in trying to get the message to us.  So very few really heard him.  This is the hardest song I have ever had to listen to outside of “Stranger in Moscow”.

Lyrics to Cry -    This should be self explanatory, but he is also talking about US being able to change the world, he can't do it by himself, also a tear jerker when you think about the level of burden this man took on.  We have to help him.  Faith is found in the winds . . . no WONDER Sony didn't want to promote this!

The Lost Children -    This one is about reaching the lost children . . . those that are not saved, that are lost spiritually.  This one is about reaching out to those that NEED it the most.  Read chorus 2 and 3 and you will see it.

Whatever Happens with Carlos Santana -     This one was hard, but if you look at the lyrics . . . I believe this is about his fans . . . again NOT about Lisa Marie.  He's asking his fans to understand what he has to do, and not to let go.  The lyrics speak of "her" (us) not understanding what he has to do and the struggle between knowing what is right and what is wrong.  Very, very telling.

Threatened -     This one is a taunt toward Sony and that group, and possibly personalized toward Tommy Mottola, but I believe it is a bit deeper than that.  The lyrics are rather sinister in that Michael is talking about turning into exactly what they tried to make him into, and it's going to come back and bite them in the butt.  This song expresses his comeback and the driving them nuts to the point that they are going to be incriminating themselves, getting sloppy while they try to find out where he is and what he is doing.  This song in ingenious.

Lyrics to "We've Had Enough" which was not included on the Invincible album but showed up on the Ultimate collection.  This song tells us that he knows exactly who is behind the wars, the social manipulation, the crooked politicians and the justice system WORLDWIDE . . . not just here.  I LOVE this song!  This song is about the fulfilling of prophesy.  He is crying for people to wake up.

I love this man like I cannot even explain.  No way will I abandon him and his pleas!


  1. Hi Bonnie: I read your blog all the time, but I never coment. I would like to tell you, that you do a really good job. But today I look at the photo of Michael in the car, and I have seen tha pepsi ad a lot of times, but never a still shot. And when I seen it I said, I have seen that somewhere, and then I cover his mouth, and Bonnie I can surely say that looks like the photo of MJ's supposly death pic in the ambulance. I maybe wrong but it surely looks like it to me. Again I really enjoy your blog....TY....

  2. Hi!
    I really enjoy reading your blog! You are doing a fantastic job!

  3. Bonnie thanks.

    I just love the Invincible album myself because it is so special. There's something about much of Michael's music that makes you love it the more you play it.

    I particularly do love Don't Walk Away. My daughter's favourite is Butterflies.

    I'm sitting at home here in Brisbane which is in Queensland, Australia and haven't been able to go to work today nor will tomorrow as we are surrounded by very nasty floods. We haven't had a fine weekend in about three months so the river has finally swept through the city and flooded. The rest of our state which is huge is also flooded. Hundreds of thousands of people are without power in our city but I am fortunate I still have it for now. So there is much to be grateful about.

    The river will peak tomorrow morning and finally the torrential downpours have ceased.

  4. Hi Bonnie,
    As usual,you are doing a good job.
    And Murray goes to trial. I hope he will be scared enough to finally speak and tell publicly who are the people behind the conspiration.
    Your explanations about the "Invincible" songs seem very apropriate to me and also the timing. I hope that Sony and Branca are scared now . I almost see their nervous cells going crazy...
    Your post on "Invincible" reminds me of Michael telling the fans at the interview at Virgin Store to hear the songs loudly.Another song that comes in my mind right now is "Is it scary". I think it is very apropriate.
    Bonnie ,(and all the others) forgive me for my english. I am not finding my

  5. Littlecj said - "I read your blog all the time, but I never coment."

    >>> Well shame on you! LOL! Yes, I have heard others make that same observation about the pepsi commercial and the ambulance shot. I think it is common knowledge now that the ambulance photo was something that was put together for drama.


    Hello MSJ. Thank you very much. I hope God feels the way you do :o) Sometimes I feel very unworthy of this task when I keep praying that I am still going in the right direction.


    Karin said - "I particularly do love Don't Walk Away. My daughter's favourite is Butterflies."

    It is so hard for me to pick a favorite. It's like asking me which of my children is my favorite and I can't do it. But I do have my "favorites of the moment". When I want to be in a certain mood, I'll listen to one of those songs that puts my in that mood.

    I like to sing to "Butterflies", but I don't like the background vocals in that song. "Heaven Can Wait" is the same way. I don't know why but the backing vocals in both songs distract from Michael's voice and they don't blend very well with each other, either. In "Break of Dawn", Michael performs these drops (from high) with his voice and I think that is the first song I heard of his where I distinctly noticed the breaking of his voice, which is a unique skill that yodelers develop.

    But "Don't Walk Away" (sigh!) breaks my heart because you can interpret it as him giving up and that, I simply cannot bear the thought of.

  6. Karin cont.... I'm sorry, I ran out of room with that post. I wanted to comment on the floods out there in Queensland and we are hearing about that here on OUR news! You have fires at one end of your country and the flooding on the other end! I used to have a client out there in Queensland back when I still had my business and I always wonder what he is up to. He was a pretty mobile guy though and we didn't stay in touch.

    We will keep you in our prayers here, and those out there suffering without power. We had the same issue here with the ice storm. Everyone around us was losing power, but ours stayed on. I spent yesterday though, shoveling ice-covered snow with a migraine, I thought I was going to die! But it had to be done. No way my husband was going to do that whole driveway by himself!

    God bless you and keep dry!

  7. Coxib said - "Your post on "Invincible" reminds me of Michael telling the fans at the interview at Virgin Store to hear the songs loudly.Another song that comes in my mind right now is "Is it scary". I think it is very apropriate."

    I am doing a post on Murray later today and not for a MINUTE will I relax on Branca/Sony. They are still under my microscope! Some interesting things have come up already in the testimony just in pre-trial alone. It's going to turn out to be a show, "the liars" vs "The truth". I don't think Branca is scared. I think he believes he will actually get away with what he has done.

    "hear the songs loudly" . . . He essentially promoted his own album and he apparently did a good job because he still outsold other artists even with Sony dropping support of it. Goes to show you how much he was loved. It also shows how important that message getting out was to Michael.

    I love "Is is Scary". You could pair that with "Threatened", it's the same basic "in your face" taunt and I very much admire his tenacity.

  8. I think Michael Jackson was worth more when he was alive, unfortunately he has not had time to carry out his plan, but he left a message and we can now only finish what he started.
    Bonnie thanks, with your help we are able to feel the soul of Michael in his songs. Thanks for all this, Michael will be 'happy.

  9. Bonnie- Thank you for refreshing our memory or awaken us to Michael’s powerful album “Invincible.”

    I was reading the entire lyrics of 2000 Watts and this particular verse “shorty really wanna be there for me” stands out for me, and I try to understand why he said it and couldn’t figure it what except he wanted to look out for his well being somehow. What do you think?

    Every time I hear, “don’t walk away” I want to burst in crying. I am definitely sure this is for his fans. Some of his fans who claim to love him but at the same time support Sony and Branca and those who make a quick buck in this name need to listen this particular songs over and over and over until it sinks into their consciousness and analyze their motives.

    Bonnie said, “I love this man like I cannot even explain. No way will I abandon him and his pleas!” Me too Bonnie and I am with you all the way for Michael who loved all of us unconditionally. Peace be to you Michael.

  10. Bonnie,

    I have posted this here instead of on your previous post because I wanted to be sure you'd see it.

    I'm sorry to have to say this because I really wanted Michael to be alive but, I came across this link and the video and E Casanova is alive and well. (not that I want anyone to die)

    They sued the people who hacked his website and posted the lies about him being sick and having to retire.

    Then he says (in the video) that he is performing in Hawaii on Oct. 28, 2009.

    Here is the link to that video.

  11. Bonnie, thanks for your wishes and especially for the prayers. There are still many people unaccounted for but search and rescue is now able to get underway because the weather has settled for the time being.

    I've been seeing all of the ice storms over in the US - very dangerous.

  12. @Josie - Josie, I was going to wait until someone brought that up, but that guy in the Hawaii video is not E. Casanova, he is THIS GUY: the voice is different and the face shape and the eyes are different. You can't see this guy very well in the Hawaii video but look how heavy he is. The video above where it shows E Casanova and Michael standing together was taken back in 2001. Explain to me how E Cas got younger looking in 2009?

    The guy on the Hawaii interview and the guy in the video on this link here is the same guy and as heavy as he is, no way. E. Cas is a slight built guy.

  13. Mimi said - "I was reading the entire lyrics of 2000 Watts and this particular verse “shorty really wanna be there for me” stands out for me, and I try to understand why he said it and couldn’t figure it what except he wanted to look out for his well being somehow. "

    >>> That verse got me too. You really want to know the first name that popped into my head when I saw that? Frank DiLeo!

  14. Daniela said - "Bonnie thanks, with your help we are able to feel the soul of Michael in his songs. Thanks for all this, Michael will be 'happy. "

    >>> Thank you Daniela. I'm just putting the lyrics and the music in one place. Michael's soul is already there. ♥


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