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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Jackson Not Up on New World Order?

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Michael Jackson Not Up on New World Order?

March 30, 2011 – Michael Jackson and Uri Geller
Schmuley Boteach and the other Watchmen

Yahoo - March 21, 2001
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, left, meets with singer Michael Jackson, second left, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, second right, and psychic Uri Geller Wednesday, March 21, 2001, in New York. Michael Jackson and Uri Geller maybe planning an upcoming visit to Israel to promote the message of peace. They are intending to meet Yasser Arafat the President of Palestinian, the King of Jordan, the King of Morocco, and hopefully President Mubarak of Egypt.

2 John 1:7 – [ Beware of Antichrist Deceivers ] For many deceivers have gone out into the world who do not confess Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.”

Before the final curtain call, before the chess board was taken over by the king, before relinquishing of his crown to the mighty one, before the children came to his rescue, there were the knights.  The queen ordered them, not the king of the board.  It was always the knights, who were just workers of another order.  Everyone on the king’s own team was against him, not to mention those on the other side of the board.

At times more than one knight was present, because the king kept escaping.  Sometimes the knights sent in their pawns and their bishops, but the knights were the awarded ones.  The king was smart and agile, like the children he sought to free . . . the pawns that had no idea that what they were doing was wrong.  The king tried to warn them but the knights were always there, trying to keep him surrounded, trying to keep him under control.

There was no nobility in these knights however, for they were rewarded their crests for doing evil.  It was this evil the king sought to awaken people from, to keep them from sleepwalking into their own doom.

Rumors of the king’s search for his own crest were entangled with the actual truth.  The king was interested in how that fit into the system, so he could navigate the game board.   The King knew he was surrounded, so he played the game . . .

Let’s meet some of these “knight” watchmen.

Uri Geller

Uri Geller was born in 1946 in Tel Aviv (back then it was British Mandate for Palistine).  According to Wikipedia, Geller is claimed to be a distant relative of Sigmund Freud.  This would also make him a relative of Ed Bernays, who was one of the developers of mass propaganda public relations in the U.S. from Tavistock

Geller is the son of Itzhaak Geller (Gellér Izsák), a retired army sergeant major, and Manzy Freud (Freud Manci). It is claimed that Geller is a distant relative of Sigmund Freud on his mother's side.” Source

Uri Geller was a paratrooper in the military, and was involved in some experiments with MK Ultra for the CIA many years ago, where they utilized his so-called paranormal abilities in their behavioral research. 

At the age of 18[4] he served as a paratrooper in the Israeli Army,[5] and was wounded in action during the 1967 Six-Day War.  By the 1970s, Geller had become known in the United States and Europe. He also received attention from the scientific community, whose members were interested in examining his reported psychic abilities.”  Source  

One of our commentators, Spotlight, sent me a lot of this information.  As Spotlight said when she showed me this, “That alone makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up!”

Another disturbing coincidence is “In July 2007 NBC signed Geller and Criss Angel for Phenomenon, to search for the next great mentalist; contestant Mike Super won the position.[16] In January 2008, Geller began hosting the TV show The Next Uri Geller, broadcast by Pro7 in Germany.

Criss Angel has been reported as being hired by Michael for “This is It”. We don’t ever see the Angel and Michael together, but hey, if Uri can get away with capitalizing on Michael’s name . . . why not Criss, right?

Geller also claimed on a BBC Radio 5 Live interview with Nicky Campbell on the morning after Michael Jackson's death (25 June 2009) that Jackson had agreed to let Geller hypnotise him to help him with a problem. Geller said that he did something "highly unethical" by asking him whether he had ever "touched a child in an inappropriate way." Geller says that Jackson immediately denied it under hypnosis.  Geller also negotiated the famous TV interview between Jackson with the journalist Martin Bashir: Living with Michael Jackson.

We are all aware of this, but how did Geller himself meet Michael? The only version I had heard was that Michael met him in New York in 2000 during a special screening of "The Matrix" with his son Prince.  However, Prince would have only been two to three years old at the time.  I can't picture Michael taking Prince to see "The Matrix" when he was two.

“Following the death of Michael Jackson, the British television station ITV announced plans to screen an interview with Geller regarding his relationship with Jackson, entitled My Friend Michael Jackson: Uri's Story.”  Uri never was Michael Jackson’s “friend”.

Further down it reveals a couple of familiar research institutes also working arms of Tavistock:

In 1975, two scientists the Stanford Research Institute) said they were convinced that Geller's demonstrations were genuine.  He claims he is paid goodly sums of money to use his special gift as a psychic geologist, dowsing for oil or whatever. In the 1970s, Geller was tested at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) by Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ. Randi refers to Puthoff and Targ as "the Laurel and Hardy of psi," which is an insult to Laurel and Hardy (Randi 1982a: 131).* Puthoff and Targ deemed Geller such a gifted psychic that they invented a term to describe his powers: the "Geller effect."  Source
Geller has also ventured into the lucrative New Age self-help/personal growth industry. For sale is his Mind-Power Kit for about $30.” 

The Mind power kit?  How about the Lie-power kit?  Aside from friendships, the only thing Uri can bend is the truth.

Also “A study by Stanford Research Institute (now known as SRI International) conducted by researchers Harold E. Puthoff and Russell Targ concluded [49] that he had performed successfully enough to warrant further serious study, and the "Geller-effect" was coined to refer to the particular type of abilities they felt had been demonstrated”  Source and Source  Includes a study done on Geller by the Naval Surface Weapons Center in Silver Springs, Maryland.  Isn’t that interesting?


So who said there was no conspiracy?  These people couldn’t be tied any closer together if they all shared the same DNA strand! As we pointed out in a past blog, Elvis's "spiritual adviser" (friend) Larry Geller is a cousin of Uri Geller.

A list of Stanford Research Center and other government experiments involving Uri Geller can be found here.  Source

What Uri couldn’t accomplish with Michael using his “mind” he came close to accomplishing with drugs.  This is the "drug addiction" everyone wants to accuse him of.  In Reality Michael was trying to get away from them!

"Relax ... This won't hurt you . .
Before I put it in . . . close your eyes
and count to ten, don't cry . . .

I won't convert you . . .
There's no need to dismay...Just close
your eyes and drift away . . ." - Michael Jackson, song Morphine

These are a collection of photos with Michael and Url (sometimes with Boteach) together.  Does Michael look a bit spaced and unhappy?  Why is it that all these “friends” have falling outs with Michael?  Why is it that they all seemed to be tied to the same criminal industries?

Michael with Uri and "sightless eyes"
Telling  you no lies...

Same dead-pan expression
Different day

Another Day, another outfit
Same expression - Trapped

Michael with security Matt Fiddes
The same Day Michael promotes
Boteach’s Book
Eyes say everything

Same Day Look at his Eyes

Same dead-pan expression
But this one is photoshopped
What is Uri trying to prove?

Geller and Boteach Tag-team

Both Geller and Boteach have gone on the record (a number of times) accusing Michael of being a drug addict.  What they didn’t tell you, was WHO WAS PUTTING HIM UNDER!

Boteach himself:  Yes, this black-capped bastion of integrity also has his own revenue-generating website (don’t all previously fired Michael Jackson “friends” have one of those?) 

This was Boteach’s explanation for the failure of “Heal the Kids” :

Jackson stopped working with the organization at the urging of friends and handlers who believed its activities were too “pedestrian” for the King of Pop, said Shmuley Boteach, the group’s former president.

“He was being told this initiative was going to devalue him as a superstar. ‘Overexpose’ him was the word constantly used,” said Boteach, a rabbi, author and columnist who helped Jackson start Heal the Kids.”  Source

Boteach was just one of many embezzlers working for Michael.  Michael's "Heal the Kids" was supposed to be Boteach's job.  But Boteach has no interest in children.  Much like Michael's lawyers and accountants, Boteach made sure he got paid and little else.  

According to one of many reports both Geller and Boteach were given their exit papers at around the same time.  Geller was easy . . . He is the one that introduced Michael to Martin Bashir.  Boteach?  He perhaps introduced Geller to Michael, but I found out these two knew each other BEFORE they knew Michael.

After Jackson’s sudden death in June, Geller admitted in several interviews that his relationship with the star had been severed in 2002 after Martin Bashir made a controversial documentary on Jackson. Jackson accused Geller of the whole state of affairs, as Geller had initially introducing the star to Bashir.”  Source

Boteach’s rewards after helping bring Michael down?

His recent books on the American family, Parenting With Fire and Ten Conversations You Need to Have With Your Children were both launched on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

In 2008, Rabbi Shmuley hosted a daily radio show focusing on marriage, parenting on the “Oprah and Friends” national radio network, joining a lineup that included Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Maya Angelou. In 2007, Rabbi Shmuley was labeled “a cultural phenomenon” and “the most famous rabbi in America” by Newsweek magazine, and in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 was named as one of the ten most influential rabbis in America.”  Source

One of Boteach’s quotes about Michael call him out as a liar in and of itself:

Boteach: Well, there was no one around to stop him. ... People ... are not going to interfere with what Michael was trying to do. And what he was trying to do was curb pain.

Michael always thought that he had ailments of the body. He always had a neck that hurt, a foot that was twisted. Really, he had an affliction of his soul. He was extremely lonely, he was extremely unhappy. He felt purposeless, he felt lethargic. And the way he dealt with that pain -- and he was especially afraid of evasion, of that perhaps his best years are behind him.”  Source

Boteach claims in these two paragraphs that there was no one around Michael to “stop” him.  Michael was constantly surrounded.  He claims Michael felt purposeless.  This is a blatant lie.  Michael knew what his purpose was, it was in MANY of his quotes, songs and speeches.  They just didn't gell with Boteach and Geller's "purpose".  The only affliction of his soul Michael had was believing that anyone wearing a yamaka is honest and doesn’t steal from children’s foundations.

Confessions of a Psychic and a Rabbi
Uri Geller & Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
Foreword by Deepak Chopra

I guess we can also stick Chopra on the “bad” list.

Also this on Uri Geller’s own website:  “Uri Geller with Vice President Al Gore, Yuli M. Vorontsov, First Deputy Foreign Minister of the Soviet Union
and Anthony Lake, then the National Security advisor, later the head of the CIA, Senator Claiborne Pell, Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee. 

These were pictures on the 4 May 1987 issue of US News & World Report and read the following on the 'Washington Whispers' page:

Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Claiborne Pell last week reserved a vault in the attic of the Capitol - a room often used to examine top-secret documents. Purpose: Assemble government officials to hear Israeli psychic Uri Geller reveal what he has divined of Soviet strategic intentions. Geller, who claims to be able to bend spoons with mental force, once briefed former President Jimmy Carter.
A spoon bender involved with our nations foreign policy???

What is Geller doing now?  Purchasing islands . . .

The former I’m a Celebrity contestant said it was one of three rocky islands in Scotland which mirror the layout of the Pyramids at Giza in Egypt.Source

In closing, Geller (I’ve found no other reputable source) claims he met Michael through Dodi Fayed’s father, who owned “Harrod’s”.  How Boteach got his claws into him is unclear but they both have been involved in Oxford University so they may have met there when Schmuley was brainwashing . . . I mean, delivering sermons to students there. 

Then I found this on another site:

But the guy who introduced me to Shmuley, lets call him RS. RS now has a hedge fund that has one goal only. He’s in all cash until the moment Israel launches missiles against Iran. Then he will pull the trigger and make “the trade”.
“How do you know Israel is going to eventually do that?” I asked him over lunch at the Core Club in mid-2010.

“Trust me, I know,” he said.

“How will you know exactly when Israel is going to do that?”
“Trust me, I’m going to know.”

“Whats the trade you’re going to make?”

“Well, that’s the secret, isn’t it?” he said.

But lets reel it back 10 years. RS had one more person he wanted me to meet. Uri Geller, the psychicSource

So Israel plans to bomb Iran.  That's nice to know.  We will dig more into that later as well.

Finally I hit pay dirt.  Geller and Boteach knew each other BEFORE they met Michael.  In a write up with Uri Geller in the May 2, 1999 edition of “The Sunday Review".

Boteach: “I got a call from the Jewish Chronicle asking me if I would share a platform with Uri Geller. I'd known about Uri since I was a child growing up in the States, Jews have no problem with what Uri does, we accept the power of the paranormal. I met him for the first time half an hour before the lecture.

Geller: “Shmuley believes we all have God within us. We're writing a book together, based on letters we've exchanged over the past six months about faith, family, the future of the planet. It's amazing what has come out in these letters.”  Source

The above threw up some alarms. This is the “new age religion" that some of our commenting “friends” have tried to convince me was Michael’s message.  However, if Michael had adhered to what these two apostates were trying to use him to sell, Michael probably would never have met with Martin Bashir and would still be here today.  Michael was throwing a wrench into their “conspiracy”.  

We have many of Michael's "friends" involved in this . . . Mottola, Geller and Boteach, Malnik, and some crosshairs with the Order of the British Empire such as Liz Taylor who is also  . . . a Judaism convert. 

Conspiracy????  Nahhhhhhhh.

This was written up in 1999, and by then they were already friends and had been writing letters to each other.

Geller and Boteach gang up/tag team Michael Jackson, as Michael dumps them after learning what they are about.  They are both dumped and added to a “list” of people out to get him right after the Bashir Documentary.  Dieter Wiesner and Konitzer move in, smooth as silk.  During the time Michael is still working on “Invincible” Chris Tucker (who also was not there to support Michael during his trial) introduces Michael to Bret Ratner, who lead Michael to Alvin Malnik.

We will delve into these characters later.  Tomorrow I want to show you another surprising connection closer to Michael’s present.


  1. Bonnie, Your right about this being "New Age."

    As I stated before, we are NOT to use our Physic

    Geller and Boteach and THAT BOOK they are writng together, is definetly New Age!

    New Age is nothing more than Ancient Babylon.

    I am a Christian and I will have nothing to do with New Age!

    I'm glad Michael got away from these people! These people are trying to bring in the New World Order.

    I agree with everything you said here.

    Keep Up The Good Work!

  2. Josie said - "New Age is nothing more than Ancient Babylon."

    >>>>>>>> I agree with you on this. The old becomes new again . . . progressive is in reality digressive.

    Then you said - "As I stated before, we are NOT to use our Physic Powers."

    >>>>>>> I guess I'm going to have to ask you what you mean by this, because if you are talking about the gifts that God gave us (the ones given to us when we receive His spirit), I need you to show me where in the Bible it says not to use the gifts God gave us.

    If you are talking about something else, like divination or sorcery/spells then yes, I agree with you.

    I'm just trying to clarify so people know what we are talking about.

  3. Yes Bonnie, I agree with you, Michael looked on the pics above not only defeated/sad but as if drugged or under hypnosis i.e. not himself, while the 2 blossoming bright-smiling guys were publicly enjoying publicity for themselves, sticking to a huge star. Manipulation with drugs, hypnotism, persuasive mind control: seems plausible. Geller "crying" on a Video that Michael should stop with drugs is pathetic. Reading U.Geller's past military experience is alarming. These 2 guys are FRAUDS.

    Even during the 2005 trial, Michael looked sad at times, praying or smiling at others but very normal & NEVER so lost as on the above pics.

    ...& THEY will continue at the Murray's trial to convince us that Michael was an addict & killed himself. Better stop & pray for Michael.

  4. Bonnie,
    I remember Uri from the 70's when he was selling himself as having special powers. He travelled around bending spoons and 'mending' watches just by holding them. He was all over the TV at the time. Other illusionists came forward to discredit him by demonstrating the same tricks, and categorically denying it was anything to do with psychic powers. In reality it was illusion, sleight of hand and showmanship. I never really trusted Uri after that, although he is a good showman. I can imagine he would fawn all over Michael, you can see some of that in the TV program you mention.
    When Michael was in the UK in 2001, his foot was in plaster and he was on crutches - you can see the crutch under his arm in some of the photos you posted. I would imagine he was medicating for the pain, hence the wide eyed blank look in his eyes.

  5. Princessglam said - "When Michael was in the UK in 2001, his foot was in plaster and he was on crutches - you can see the crutch under his arm in some of the photos you posted."

    >>>>> In that one outfit Michael had a crutch. Not in the other pictures and not in the one with Boteach by himself. They all had the same look. Uri is related to Larry Geller (Elvis's handler - Memphis Mafia), and his involvement in the experiments for our government is documented. If you look at the video where Michael is visiting Parlament with Uri he has the same look in his eyes, like he can't seem to raise his eyelids all the way. He is not in crutches there either.

  6. LineCH said - "Even during the 2005 trial, Michael looked sad at times, praying or smiling at others but very normal & NEVER so lost as on the above pics. "

    >>>>>>>> I agree with you. Michael was in obvious pain during his 2005 trial but he had LIFE in his face and you could see the pain. In the photos above, Michael just looked like he didn't care what they did to him. I think it is important to bring this to light because they will try to say that Michael was self-medicating when in truth he was BEING DRUGGED.

    "Relax ... This won't hurt you . .
    Before I put it in . . . close your eyes
    and count to ten, don't cry . . .

    I won't convert you . . .
    There's no need to dismay...Just close
    your eyes and drift away . . ."

  7. Bonnie said:"One of our commentators, Spotlight, sent me a lot of this information".
    I'm glad Spotlight helps you with information about Michael. Okay do anything to enrich the blog. Well.
    I've always wondered: Michael had no friends? Because he surrounded himself with people like: Malnik, Geller, Boteach and others? True friends where they were?
    Anyway, thanks for the news about Geller and Boteach, I always thought they were friends of Michael.
    Bonnie I embrace you strong.

  8. Bonnie,
    Michael was definitely on crutches at Uri's wedding on 7th March 2001, but you're right, he didn't visit the House of Commons until 14 June 2002, over a year later. Food for thought: those dates occur during the time the Arvizos were making their visits to Neverland....

  9. Skiper said - "Anyway, thanks for the news about Geller and Boteach, I always thought they were friends of Michael."

    >>>>>>> NOT friends of Michael, as you said in that same paragraph further up in your comment.

    Princessglam - "Food for thought: those dates occur during the time the Arvizos were making their visits to Neverland.... "

    >>>>>> Yes, everything was overlapping, you're right . . .

  10. Hi Bonnie The more I learn what these people did to Michael it makes me very angry, Michael knew that these people were not his friends. Michael was about 3hours late going to that Uri Geller wedding. looks like Michael did not want to be there at the wedding. Michael said he can count his friends on his one hand fingers. Michael knew
    what was going on I wish he had done something about these evil people that were surrounded him really bad evil people. Matt Fiddes was introduce to Michael by Uri Geller in 2001 when
    Michael was in London for 3 to 4days that is how long Matt Fiddes knew Michael Jackson. Matt Fiddes has made a video on YouTubu Claming Michael Son Blanket Jackson is his bio Son how
    crazy and evil are these people. I hope to God
    they all get whats coming to them. Grpsies, Liars, Tramps, and Thieves. Bonnie I hope you are feeling better take care. God Bless

  11. Ella said - "The more I learn what these people did to Michael it makes me very angry, Michael knew that these people were not his friends."

    >>>>> Ella, I know. It makes me feel better that Michael knew, but when I see someone like Geller crying on film, THAT is what makes me angry, and then sit there and false witness against him . . . EVERYONE that has makes me angry. What does Uri think he is going to get out of this? Maybe it's the weight of his own guilt that brings him to tears, who knows. Maybe he's just a good actor.

    Ella said - "Matt Fiddes was introduce to Michael by Uri Geller in 2001 when
    Michael was in London for 3 to 4days that is how long Matt Fiddes knew Michael Jackson. Matt Fiddes has made a video on YouTubu Claming Michael Son Blanket Jackson is his bio Son how
    crazy and evil are these people."

    >>>>>>> I remember that. Fiddes looks more like a clothes line prop then a security guard. If it weren't for his adams apple his head would probably fall off for lack of support. I remember Michael telling Bashir that he was only concerned about Blanket's "mom's" health and intellect, and the latter leaves out any possibility Fiddes would have been chosen if Michael needed to go to someone else to father his child. Looking at Blanket, he definitely has Michael's eyes and hands and judging from the GMA interview with Miss Katherine and the children, he has Michael's sense of humor too.

  12. If you like theatre....if you like music....if you like the arts...if you like Michael Jackson, you have to see this movie! BRILLIANT!


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