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Michael Jackson Justice: April 2011

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Friday, April 29, 2011

The King's Game - Melody of the Refugee

April 29, 2011 – Melody of the Refugee

A time plus time and half a time, she was told.  It indeed took every bit of that time.  It was an odd sensation, knowing that people were preparing for a war they knew was coming but few could see.  Some were in denial.  Others were in prayer.

With Police

Once a player on the game board, she now was a spectator, watching the moving of the pieces from a distance.  She could see some of the moves before they were  made, but she couldn’t warn any of the players she with which she once stood side by side.  She could only will them to know.  So She instead began writing in metaphors.  Perhaps God would take her thoughts to the intended party.

There were many frustrating parables being put forth.  Not sure who the intended recipients of those messages were, she recorded everything, just as John did for the angel in the last book of that ancient Word.  There were times she knew exactly what it was she was supposed to do.  Other times, the only thing she knew for sure was that she was supposed to be there.

During any other given game, the capture of the King determined the winner.  On this board, the King was nowhere to be seen.  Hidden, he seemed to be the one actually moving the pieces.  The objective of the enemy seemed to be to draw him out.  The objective of the King’s team was to bring the objective of the enemy into the light.

She watched, she recorded. She knew he was out there, but also knew it wasn’t yet time.

It was like waiting for a refugee to come home after years of not knowing for sure if he was alive or dead.  Like standing at the airport, waiting to see a familiar figure that may or may not look the same as the last time she saw him.   She only wanted to know that he was okay, and that there would be a good ending.


The game had gone beyond conquest for possessions, territory or wealth.  In the rubble of what was left of humanity the soul was the only thing left of value.  For this the battle had commenced at the beginning of time.  Trinkets only fed the slaves of the enemy, to keep them from rebelling.  The final struggle was about to begin.

Behind the Curtain

Everyone knew the man behind the curtain.  He who once stood before it.  But even the man behind the curtain was not alone.  Prayers had been made.  Promises wait in suspension.  The crown he had been given had been returned, for a crown from the enemy is no reward.

“Your cameras can’t control
The minds of those who know…”

Wars and rumors of wars were fought against lies within lies.  Underneath, pealing back layers until the truth.  It was an age where made possible was the ability to make the eyes lie to their bearers. 

Truth, like the King was also out of grasp of those who would not believe.  Not one bullet or blade was needed.  Truth was the weapon. Faith was the shield. Love was the reward.  Those who traded their souls for chattel would never know him.  They were among the lost.  Their vain attempts revealing the futility of their tasks.

She continued to look up when she asked her questions.  Burdens exchanged for purpose, the scales removed from her eyes she becomes reacquainted with her soul.  It is within that God deposits the clues she needs to seek the answers.

Out in the din of the battle against false truth, she can see the few small lights twinkling in the dark.  Those began to multiply times themselves in repeated pattern.  The creatures of deception scramble, finding few shadows left in which to hide.

Whispers without lips she heard.  She was sought for information they believed she had.  Entities wanted her attention.  She picked and chose who, for she wanted information too.  She felt like a guardian at times, at other times like a pawn.

New players arrived on the board, switching places with others, like relief players in a game that was running overtime.  Confusion lasts a second for it takes less and less time to reveal the pattern of the task. For those enslaved it never changes.

She could see them, through a tube.  Thinking the King’s children were safe because the King’s mother was with them.  As she watched, promises exchanged hands and everyone applauded.  But she was disappointed as she watched those promises reach the hands who knew, but betrayed the King. Those that sought the death of the King.

What was meant to be for healing became a wedge to again divide and conquer. She saw it from her distance but they did not. 

The false healers turned over belongings of the King to the enemy.  They throw stones at the enemy while shaking hands with them behind their backs.  The shell game of chance became thrown stones you had to dodge.  There were no rules to this game.  No score board, no telling who was winning or losing.  The only thing she knew for sure was that the King was in a safe place. 

She didn’t know what to do.  She had information that could tilt the game, but it wasn’t yet time.  She had to wait for the King’s team to have everything in place before she pulled the cord to the curtain.  All the players on the board wore different uniforms. There was no way to tell who was who until they bore their fruits which they eventually do and are plucked from the game.

Three players caught her attention.  One was the false healer, one the bearer of the King’s names and one who made eyes see lies.

The false healer she knew from the past.  The bearer of the King’s names and the one who made eyes see lies knew one another.  Both reached out to her.

Now she had to make a decision.  She had taken notes.  The middle of the second year was coming . . . The day she was told by the one who made eyes see lies, that the truth would be revealed.  Yet she knew it wasn’t the truth.

She knew their names. So did the King’s mother and children.

The games they play – The enemies of the King’s enemy congregate at both camps.

June 25th, 2011 – The Date

So let the Mother of the King know that the enemy of her enemy is indeed . . . her enemy.


Did you know?

There'd be a day I'd hear your call....

Did you Know?

It would take your pain for me to see it all

Did you know?

Every eye would see your fall
           every time you scaled those walls?

Did you know?

That you would fall, 
       So we could get back up again
              Brush the dust off of our souls

                     And see? 

Bonnie Cox ©2011 All Rights Reserved

I know of no other way to do this.  I trust NO ONE.

Those of you contacting me - you know who you are - You are asking me questions in which you SHOULD KNOW THE ANSWERS TO if you are REALLY working with the Jackson family and Miss Katherine.  They would have told you everything.

If you don't know the answers after working with her, I have to assume you are NOT working WITH HER.... Get me? I am tired of playing games.  

Unlike your other interviewees, I am not INTERESTED in FAME so stop jerking my chain!   I am doing this for Michael and the TRUTH.  EVERYTHING I am willing to talk about is on the blog.  You get NOTHING ELSE FROM ME.

I asked you a question.  If you cannot answer me I am publishing EVERYTHING about the phone call.  I am NOT kidding.  Names, dates and info!

Michael Jackson and The Enslavement of our Children

April 28, 2011 – The Enslavement of our Children
Michael’s Plea for Help

Today didn't start out as I planned.  Severe thunderstorms took out my mother's town or parts of it in an adjoining state and we lost power and some shingles and trees between 4:30am and 12 noon today.  My mother and her dog survived.  I got a late start because of the power loss but I got it done.

Please pray for the hundreds that lost family members in these storms from Maryland to Alabama.

Everyone one is gearing up for the BIG ROYAL WEDDING tomorrow and I must be one of the few that think this is a really, really bad time for this.  I have no desire to watch this whatsoever.  I pray Prince William has his mother's good sense and that Kate Middleton does too.

From Yesterday:

Blood On the Dance Floor Album Cover

This album cover also very symbolic of not only the Illuminati, but of the disappearance of the Twin Towers, the red outfit, the black and white tile floor which was also featured in the “Ghosts” film.  Pyramids are visible as mirages under the floor to the right of the dancing Michael.

Anyone not understanding the significance of the black and white tile floor, here is the picture of the inside of a Masonic Meeting room. 

Meeting Room for Masonic Temple
And DeMolay

Demolay I will explain another time as I have firsthand knowledge about that.  You will be thoroughly disgusted.

The New York skyline is corrupted by Michael’s red-leather legs in place of where the World Trade Center would be.  An ominous, telling dust cloud provides the background of the city, with the outer perimeter of the dust cloud in eerie columns resembling the shape of buildings no longer standing.

That was yesterday.  Today a more personal addition to the information above.  (My mother is not going to like this either . . .)

My mother’s father – the grandfather I lost back in February of 2010 and the brothers and wives and fathers and mothers on that side of the family were all Masons.  My great-grandfather was held a pretty high rank in the Masons and my great-grandmother was an “Eastern Star” as were several of my great-aunts. 

This is an old family from Britain (I’ll keep the name close to the vest) with nobility and as they were exiled from Britain when the house of Windsor took over, they became a pretty recognized name here in the states, namely in New England.  We actually lived with my great grandparents briefly before the separation and divorce of my parents.

My great-grandfather lived in Pittsburgh after taking a job with Westinghouse.  He married, lost his wife in childbirth, then remarried my Irish born great-grandmother who finally passed away in January of 1994 at the age of 101.  Westinghouse relocated many to the Philadelphia area and they lived in “Westinghouse Village”  south of the airport.  My great-grandmother had nine children.  Four boys and five girls.   Two of the boys died in childhood, one from head injury, the other of fever.  My grandfather and his brother survived and took jobs also at Westinghouse as did a couple of great-uncles who married great-aunts.

All of them were Masons.  My great-grandfather moved high up in the company, becoming the plant foreman.  His skills were enlisted to help with solving problems for both the Conowingo and Peach Bottom dams.  Sometime in late 1969 or early 1970, my great-grandfather got a call from some legal firm from Britain.  They were restoring lands and titles back to some of those taken by the House of Windsor when they took power from the Tudors.

To hear my mother tell this story, you’d think John Wayne possessed my great-grandfather.  He gave them the “big speech” about being “an American” now and wanted nothing to do with their land and titles.  However, in hindsight I believe it may have had more to do with the back taxes owed on the estate and grounds.

My great-grandfather also did post-retirement time as a college professor teaching machine shop at the local college and as a superintendent of schools.  I don’t remember either of them attending any Masonic meetings during the nine months we lived there in 1971-72.  They were in their early eighties then.  I do remember my mother talking about the Masons and the pride she seemed to have in the fact that it was some exclusive club for “important” people.  That is my childhood memory of the impression she gave me when talking about it.

Fast forward to 2008:  My husband and my stepson were approached by an old millwork customer of my husband’s with an invitation for my stepson to attend a “De Molay” activity.  You can get more information on them here:  Source

De-Molay is an organization started and funded by the Masons in 1919 who thought it would be a great idea to take disadvantaged boys under their wing.  Those who lost fathers or had not fatherly influence either through death or divorce could have a chance to become “leaders” and be “nurtured”.   At age 21 they are “grandfathered” into the Masons if they are in good standing.

Boys between 12 and 21 move up through the ranks by learning, performing then leading various rituals, charity and civic activities as well as other activities not widely publicized.

This sounds like a rather noble undertaking and it may have began that way in 1919.  However what we witnessed in 2008 left my stomach in knots.

The first outing we were invited to with my stepson took place in a very popular Mall south of Baltimore.  Basically it was a lunch and the planning of their Christmas Party for needy families in the area of their chapter.  The adult leaders were only there to guide and maintain order . . . the boys basically ran the meetings themselves.

That first outing we met everyone, my step son the rest of the boys, all ranging in age from about thirteen to about sixteen ran over to video games and the adults filled us in on what DeMolay was all about.  Several of the adults worked for the government (many in Maryland do and commute to D.C.) including one of the leaders who worked as a language translator – Arabic.  His job was to transfer all literature given to him from Arabic to English.  Interesting jobs.

Second outing took place at our friend’s house (not much more than an acquaintance really.  Single mom, constantly battling her drug selling husband for her son.  We were to learn more than we wanted to know about the dynamics of this.  Her son was the one that was going to “intiate” my step son into this chapter of DeMolay.  Very bright boy, age fourteen at the time, very good looking kid.  We were impressed with him.

We were to learn that “L” (our friend, “S’s” mom) was having her son manipulated not only by her ex (encouraging him to be gay – long story), but to also battle his mother. We at one point had our own pastor from our church come all the way out to her home to try and counsel both “L” and her son “S”.

I will not tell you what our Pastor said, but he did not want to go back.

Did you ever rub elbows with the devil?  This is what this was beginning to feel like.

At the initiation, parents attended (they were also nominating officers) and our stepson was becoming a member.  We knew it would be in the Masonic Lodge and I had never been in one.  It looked almost exactly like that picture on yesterday’s blog.  Same chairs, same checkered floor, same alter with a Bible on it that they “kissed”.  Seven candles on stands surrounded the alter with the Bible on it.

As we watched this ritual where everyone came in dressed in the robes (“S” wore a kilt because he was Scottish decent as did another boy) everything about it was unbiblical as they paid homage to a character named Jacques DeMolay.  Source

Perhaps we were too close to D.C.  But the chapter we were involved in was a lesson in “inclusion” we really did not want to learn. 

Both of us had misgivings about these ceremonies that they did.  It wasn’t even something I could put my finger on at the time, just that if felt wrong.  It was dark in the room, the boys were too serious, it was like watching a backward Catholic service but in the dark with only candles lit.  It made the hairs stand up on my arm.  If you knew what I experienced as a child with my mother and candles you would probably better understand my reaction. But I said nothing to my husband.  I found out after the ceremony how my husband felt.

The last straw was the weekend camping the boys were going to do, without parents, only with the DeMolay elders they called “Dad”.  (If you are a DeMolay adult leader, you are either “Dad John” or “Dad Joe” or “Mom Jane”.  Never Mr. or Mrs.

So Three adult “Dads”, and two regional leaders went on this camping trip (cabins) into Western Maryland.  My stepson also went.  We didn’t hear what happened from him though, we heard it from “L”.

According to her four of the boys were having sexual affairs with each other and one of the couples included her son.  The adult chaperones were told about it but responded to her with “it’s not up to us to discourage their exploration”

????!!  Really?  Our mouths just hung open.  “L” began to cry, because she was already battling her ex husband about this and also the school (which we did not know before) with “S”’s drama teacher who was gay and was giving books to “S” like “The Rainbow Boys”.

Let me reiterate that these are BOYS between the ages of 12 AND 16 YEARS OLD!

With “L” crying my husband decided to write a letter to the Newspaper.  Long story short, the “teacher” answered my husband in the editorial column, calling him “racist”, “homophobic”, “discriminatory” amongst other things. 

We talked to our stepson.  He did not want to talk about what he knew was going on that weekend, but he wanted out of DeMolay.  (Whew!!!)

There were other things that happened with this group which also figured into our completely blocking off access to us included the theft of a cell phone and running up a $400 bill, and some tapes and books we let them borrow, none of it ever paid back. We had to shut the phone off and close down the account.  Instead of getting help by the other parents they sided with the thief.

I seriously doubt that this type of behavior is this bad in all DeMolay chapters but I can tell you that as soon as my stepson and husband left, they replaced my husband with two gay men who did not even have sons in DeMolay, as adult leaders.

Here is another shocker . . . some early members of the DeMolay?  DeMolay alumni include Walt Disney, John Wayne, Walter Cronkite, Bill Clinton, football Hall-of-Famer Fran Tarkenton, legendary Nebraska football coach Tom Osborne, news anchor David Goodnow and many others.  Source

It is founded by Frank Land –

“Although only one out of every 1,000 young men in the United States, age 13 to 21, will join DeMolay, it is interesting to note that many of this nation's leaders in business, religion, and politics belonged to DeMolay in their teens. In fact, one out of every twelve State Governors is a Senior DeMolay and one out of every ten United States Senators is a Senior DeMolay.”  Source  Hall of Fame Source

I don’t know what DeMolay used to be, but leaderships skills was not the skill that was prevalent in the chapter we were associated with, sex was.

There are other youth groups that these “gang-minded” people have spread to, like a virus. 

If one DeMolay Chapter was run like this, imagine them in just about every sizable city across the country, teaching our children that leadership beings with satisfying yourself with anything on two legs.   Since one of the virtues of a DeMolay is Fidelity (Source), this particular chapter did not seem recognize this.

The Freemasons did not get such a great start in this country either.  Mired in mob like behavior, the Mason’s disappeared for a while after the murder of William Morgan.  Interesting read . . . source

This is also an interesting read of the Knights Templar and the Free Masons from Christ through the present.  Follow the bloodlines.  Source

Current events

What does the TII film, DeGosson’s pictures of Michael, Karen Faye and Obama’s birth certificate have in common?

Yesterday, Karen Faye went on a mini-rampage on Twitter, having to spill over into her “Twitlonger” (LOL, still love that name) calling Republican’s A-holes over the Obama Birth Certificate.

Karen Faye’s Twitters – It started with this:

On Wednesday 27th April 2011, @wingheart said:
Please, look beyond my work and friendship with Michael Jackson and try to see the individual, the woman, and the person that I am. I do not, or wish to be associated with the Jackson family, or others who were once a part of Michael's life or business. When Michael left this life...I have no reason to continue living ANY PART of the life he left behind. My HISTORY was with Michael, and he is gone.

wingheart Karen Faye
I think it's horrible that Obama was forced to show assholes his birth certificate.

wingheart Karen Faye

wingheart Karen Faye
I can get a lot dirtier than asshole. Those who don't know what an asshole is, better UNFOLLOW me! RT @lilSAMMYgg: @wingheart wow dirty mouth,i understand ur frustration but u have young women following u

wingheart Karen Faye @
@atdapool I think Obama needs to demand that Trump's hair stylist release a statement about his f'n comb over! LOL

wingheart Karen Faye
Most people have NO IDEA who I really am. LOL.
(Me: aint that the truth?)

wingheart Karen Faye
I refuse to accept stupidity. Why do most Republicans thrive on it?

wingheart Karen Faye
I wish Obama would just call them assholes. Tax the crap out of the greedy wealthy, & get out of the wars in middle east.

wingheart Karen Faye
I sent them all an email!!! I am livid! Scum asshole bastard.
(in reference to Andre Rau, who photo’d MJ for T.V. Guide)

wingheart Karen Faye
I am tired of people thinkin' they are cool if they lie and disrespect MJ. We gotta let them know we think they are #ASSHOLES

billmaher Bill Maher by wingheart
Hey Trump, what's the "biggest scam ever" NOW? I'd say its a guy with 3 bankruptcies telling America how to get its financial house in order”


Isn’t this nice?  This woman is almost sixty years old. She sounds like she is seventeen.  While I agree with her on Trump (don’t much care about the comb-over though, he can cover his head with whatever he wants), does she strike you as particularly Mike-like? 

She reveals that she is perfectly willing to divide and separate people into classes and ‘stereotypes’ (A’hole republicans vs . . . what?)  It’s okay for her to lie and protect those that lie, but curses out others that lie.  She says she refuses to accept stupidity . . . however she is perfectly fine with exhibiting that particular virtue herself.  I bet she even knows that the republicans and the democrats are working together, just like she knows that Erin Jacobs and Taaj Malik are working together.

What is funnier is that Karen’s little tirade and those defending Obama’s lies are following another similar pattern . . . Like Justiceforsome, David Edwards “Vindicate” blog and others protecting Branca who just got handed their butts back to them by the very people they were covering for.

Far be it from me to use Michael’s blog to express my feelings on this matter since I believe it is most people’s opinion that guy should not be in office because of his complete obliteration of the Constitution (yes I know, it began long before Obama but it doesn’t make it okay), but I found something very interesting about this whole thing that DOES kind of explain some very telling patterns.

Watch this!

Obama’s NEW-fake birth certificate.

Proof from Photoshop Experts that it is a fake.
@4:25 the photo shop expert begins taking it

You see the netting that lies entrap and enslave you with, include those that tell the lies.  Because even those they vigorously defend with their lies will eventually wheel around and bite them in the back.  Thank you Obama for revealing yet another example of  the “same pattern as in the past with these people, Jesse” – Michael Jackson, Jesse Jackson Radio Interview.

Doesn’t it strike you as EXTREMELY DISTURBING that the amateurs that photoshopped themselves with Michael to DECEIVE you have in a way revealed what YOUR GOVERNMENT IS DOING TO YOU with the same tools?

Jones is right.  This Photoshop job is so obvious and not “flattened”, you would think government lie experts and CIA who tried covering this lie for the last three years would have the wherewithal to do a better job faking this.

This was screwed up on purpose.  This is a distraction.  What is coming around the corner?

Attention Karen Faye:  Remove Mirror from in front of face before name calling.  Severe Damage to Integrity could result.

Now, here is where the relevancy to this blog and its topics that this all fits into:

Remember these?

Well, that gentleman in Alex Jones video above explains very well technically, where I couldn’t (because I’m not an expert) what my graphic artist friend at FedEx Office showed me back in August and September of last year.  The software TELLS YOU what has been altered because it is basically a layered map.  Just like a word document tells you what changes were made when you click the command, so will Adobe tell you what was added or spliced or layered into a picture and what tools were used to edit.

Which brings to mind (slightly off topic, but not by much – the lies, this time Sony and TINI)

Remember this?

Attention to neck area

One of our readers pointed out the neck where Michael’s head was ‘ADDED’ - photoshopped, where there was some mistake in using the “correction” tool.  Michael’s head was spliced into this picture on THIS GUY’S body.

Notice this guy’s build, his thinness
Shoulder width and neck structure

Kinda looks like THIS GUY’S build
Doesn’t it???
Pic #67
Notice sumthin funny about this?

And this
Pic # 68
Guy to left is fuzzy, background added later?
Michael's neck in both pics not Mike's...Body not either...

This “Michael” in the red Jacket has the same shoulder width and small neck of the guy in the metal jacket above.  Also in picture #67, you can see where the “head” was added to the “neck”.  The one below is more obvious:

I originally thought this was a woman’s body.  Now that I found “Stanley” above I believe this is his body with Michael’s head.

Jawline.  Please feel free to
Download these pictures and enlarge them
For your own viewing.  Michael never had
Brushable hair hanging from his jawline.
Bad attempt to “correct” the evidence.
Pic # 55
Head Michael's...Body not

Now look at this – Lawrence “Tavistock” O’Donnell practices TINI bullying tactics to shut down Orly Taitz who has court documents but he won't let her show them, because she won’t “shut up” and let him bully her into saying she is a “liar”. 

The Travesty of our Media

These are the psychotics that are trying to convince you the lies are real.  (“Nothing’s real but all is possible, if God is on my side…” – Michael Jackson, Speechless).  Personally, I think both of them are hired distractions.

This gentleman needs a few lessons on subtle persuasion (O’Donnell, not Michael) because he revealed his agenda front and center, black and white, in your face!  This is what they do!  This is what they did to MICHAEL JACKSON.


And we’re supposed to believe that these people want peace and love?  No!

What they want is COMPLIANCE and APATHY.  Unless of course you want to jump the fence and sell your soul to the devil too.  Then you are allowed an opinion and a voice . . . as long as it is THEIRS!

Now I agree with Beck on his show when he covered this yesterday, that this is NOT the most important issue out there.  However, it IS important to know that if your PUPPET IN CHIEF has to LIE and spend MILLIONS of YOUR DOLLARS to cover up the fact that he was NOT BORN HERE . . . well, then what OTHER CONSPIRACIES are they covering up?

If it is a lie, it needs to be revealed. Glen Beck so far, has seemingly wanted to cover this issue up as much as the side he SEEMS to be warning us about.  He has gone as far as the Federal Reserve, but he REFUSES to breach that ceiling and he REFUSES to acknowledge 9-11 and he REFUSES to admit that Obama is a liar and NOT ELIGIBLE FOR OFFICE!!!

This is NOT A BLACK OR WHITE THING.  I would have voted for Alex Keyes!  I would have voted for Martin Luther King!!!  I would vote for BILL COSBY and I would VOTE FOR MICHAEL JACKSON!  They were born Americans - citizens and the TRUTH is important to them!  These people have integrity!  Obama?  No.  One of his advisors is a terrorist who KILLED POLICE OFFICERS as the leader of the WEATHER UNDERGROUND Urban terrorist group.  Source.



Now do Michael’s military style clothing and costumes make sense?  Do his album covers make sense?  Do his videos of DANCING WITH AN ARMY OR RUNNING WITH THE POLICE make sense???  His lyrics?  His poems?  His speeches?  His PLEAS!!!

Wake up!!!

Now all this may be okay for someone with Karen Faye’s scruples, but remember if “THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE”, THEN “LIES WILL ENSLAVE”.

I could just Cry . . . .
“Faces filled with madness (O’Donnell? Obama? Faye? Gang Stalkers?)
Miracles unheard of . . . hold on
Faith is found in the winds….
All you have to do

“And when that flag blows…
They’ll be no more wars….


You can change the world (I can't do it by myself)
You can touch the sky (Gonna take somebody's help)
You're the chosen one (I'm gonna need some kind of sign)
If we all cry at the same time tonight
Take your love on me
Why you put it on me
Put it all on me
Put it all on the line”)

Karen, you used to be his friend.  Just what are you doing?  You are helping THOSE he fought against destroy his message!  Ten years past menopause is not an excuse.  Just what do you think you are going to accomplish?  A Makeup empire?

You are a PUPPET to them.  He was trying to SET YOU FREE!!!  Now you want nothing to do with his family and you want to leave him in the dust.  You’re a banner human being, Karen.  You said you PRAYED WITH HIM on your knees on the floor in his house!  Did you LEARN anything from that or is that just another lie?  Just like that lying documentary you took part in!

Williams!  Lowe!  Johnson!  I am not done!

Just keep persecuting him!  Because that is the ONLY reward you are going to get. What a bragging point, huh?