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Michael Jackson Justice: May 2011

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hide Every Trace of Gladness - Michael's Fans Understand

Marc Schaffel and Debbie Rowe
Christians and Muslims . . . and more

 Revelation 2: 8-10  "8 “And to the angel of the church in Smyrna write, ‘These things says the First and the Last, who was dead, and came to life: 9 “I know your works, tribulation, and poverty (but you are rich); and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews  and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. 10 Do not fear any of those things which you are about to suffer. Indeed, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and you will have tribulation ten days. Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life. "

Hide Every Trace of Gladness
Jermaine has a remarkable voice :o)

This gets tossed around on the internet a lot and I’m sure most of you reading already know how I feel about Debbie Rowe – LOYAL – To Michael, not a liar, not an opportunist has she has been betrayed and did one of the most UNSELFISH things that any of Michael’s friends have ever done.  Of course we know the ones bashing her are really not Michael’s friends or defenders.

Someone sent me this video today and I have use it before in reference to posting depositions (with the 2007 “drug” deposition as it has now been referred to) and his 1996 Brett Barnes deposition.

This deposition took place, according to the news item, in 2006 while Michael was still living in Bahrain.  Bahrain is one of the countries being BULLIED right now by the elite’s TROLLS posing as protesting citizens.

Any how, I noticed something very similar going on here in reference to suggestions being made about Marc Shaffel being a porn producer.  Let’s watch:

Michael in 2006

@1:30 minutes on the video the announcer makes it a issue to point out that Marc Schaffel is “dining” with Michael’s “ex-wife” Debbie Rowe.

@1:45  minutes, the announcer says that “jaws dropped” when it was discovered that Schaffel was a producer of gay porn.

So let ‘s stop there for a minute.  Because prior to the trial, Marc Schaffel was remembered for THIS:

In an exclusive interview, Schaffel talks about the situation and the future of "What More Can I Give."

Says Marc Schaffel, "Sony Music are punishing many innocent people who would have been the much needed beneficiaries of the proceeds [of this project]. This the most blatant disgusting act of Corporate greed. Sony should be ashamed of themselves and the public should not let them get away with this, without a stink."

Asked about what the public could do to push Sony Music to release "What More Can I Give," Marc Schaffel answered: "Publicly bringing this [subject] to the attention of the world is the best thing to do. I know that hitting Sony in the pocket book, and bad PR, is another great way of ensuring this gets released and is done properly. The last thing we want is for this to be just 'dumped' out for the sake of the pressure being taken off and minimal funds being raised. All eyes need to be on the company that puts this out to make sure proper attention is given. I know the Sony shareholders are meeting soon. Maybe the last effort should be made to focus on them. If they understand how this issue could potentially hurt Sony both in PR and sales, they will demand the release or replace the people who are hindering this and have made this such a public spectacle for Sony. We need as much support now as ever.

Every fan base from all the artist involved should be making the same demands. Charities that can show they give directly to the needy victims should be getting involved by publicly calling upon Sony to release this or let someone release this. They need to let Sony know not to 'Throw this away', you cannot just 'throw' people's lives away because it is not convenient for you at this time. The charities and all people alike need to join in by publicly showing the world how "stupid" this game is that the record company is playing, and get the victims to write, picket, demonstrate, contact the media, etc. Sony only hopes time will pass and this issue will go away, they do not want to face the public in a bad light. It would be so easy for them to put a little elbow grease behind this and do it properly. Raising a lot of funds would sure help close this wound and give the public a different view. One journalist told me that Sony's nonchalant response was that they already donated 13 million dollars in the past for charitable purposes, and they do not need to do this to prove anything to anyone. They refuse to be 'strong armed' into any fundraising effort. Maybe Sony needs to stop for a second and listen to the lyrics 'what more can I give' and then ask themselves that same question."  Source

@1:50 the announcer cuts to Michael just as he says, “I was shown a video tape by the lawyer and I was shocked, what I saw.  (cut, then ) he was directing two guys they were completely naked from head to toe…” (cut to announcer again).

This is why I do not believe that Schaffel ever directed porn.  No more than I believe Jason Pfeiffer ever said he and Michael were lovers.  He never said it.

When Schaffel was asked in an interview after Michael’s passing about his “porn directing” career, he didn’t even address it.  He didn’t deny it and he didn’t verify it.  He simply said it wasn’t something relevant to what was now going on.

Debbie Rowe would not align herself with anyone that hurt Michael.  But I did want to point out to you, as another example of what these people do to establish fantasy as truth.  You cut from the subject, inject your own comment (speaking for the person interviewed), power of suggestion of a statement THEY NEVER MADE.

Has anyone ever seen a porn film with Schaffel’s name on it?  (I only ask because I don’t watch them, PLEASE do not post a link to one here.)

Someone emailed me with portions of Leonard Rowe’s book AFTER trying to establish with me they believed Prince Al Waleed never broke his relationship with Michael.  While I would love to get back to this relationship, the disappointment soon followed that the object of the three EXTREMELY LONG emails was again the implication that Leonard Rowe was telling the truth about Randy Phillips and AEG in his book, with the slant of “empowerment for black entertainers”.

Now, We know what the connections are between the Prince, Colony Capital and Philip Anschutz.  Did that change?   No.

Leonard Rowe is still a liar regardless of what color he is, regardless of what he could not get accomplished in the concert promotion industry.  I don’t know how to explain what this person was trying to do without posting her correspondence, but I don’t want to waste your time.  I’ve wasted enough of my own reading it.

Michael was NOT anti-white people.  If Leonard Rowe is, that is his problem, not Michael’s.  There is no evidence Michael even hired this guy other than a questionable press release.  There IS however, a letter stating that Leonard Rowe is NOT handling Michael’s affairs.

Leonard Rowe is just another person proving that attempts to infiltrate the Jackson Family and splinter their solidarity are still going strong.  They infiltrate to extract information to be used later for their purposes JUST as they are currently doing to me and those who post to this blog and anyone else that is telling the truth they don’t want others to know.

I will not be posting her comments, but I know who she is.

For anyone else that wants to know . . . Yes, I STILL believe AEG is not the bad guy.  There is NO EVIDENCE they did anything wrong. 

This CONTRACT that is nothing more than a letter of AGREEMENT of discussed terms of an upcoming contract, is TYPICAL of what SONY and other record labels offer talent they are investing their money into.  Rowe says in his book that a contract didn’t exist or he wasn’t given a copy of one, so these people need to MAKE UP THEIR MINDS on WHAT they are going to LIE about.  Either it’s a contract or one doesn’t exist.  Do you even KNOW what a contract IS?

Secondly, Randy Jackson did give an interview to CNN shortly after Michael’s passing.  In that interview Randy talks about the people surrounding Michael and the “coincidences” leading right up to his death.  He does NOT NAME COMPANIES OR PEOPLE.

This information is important because what these people are doing to you and your thinking is the VERY SAME THING the press and media does to YOU and YOUR WAY OF THINKING with regard to anything else you hear on the news.

IT IS NOT NEWS.  It is FANTASY.  It is typical, Tavistock, Psychological gaming with your head, with fancy, cut-out-and-insert, suggestive truthing of information that does not exist as they are presenting it.  It's garbage.  It's gossip written in the same template for delivery.

Who would have thought that our eyes would be opened to such deception?  Michael said in one of his Bible Study notes, “Trust God’s words, not man’s”

For his reason many of Michael’s true friends have been silent for the most part, while the ones responsible for this debacle they call reality are the ones running around and scrambling to do damage control.

Seriously . . . aren’t you guys tired?  Out of breath?  I would be! Here's a free tip . . . TELLING THE TRUTH IS A LOT LESS WORK!  Try it sometime!

Why don’t you guys just sit down . . . take a break and let the truth cover you over because it is going to sooner or later, like it or not.  And everyone you are trying to deceive is going to see it. There is nothing you can do about it and you know it.  You are fighting such a losing battle.


Somebody with a heart and a love for people, despite the cruddy treatment he received from most, knew SOMETHING had to be done to wake people up.


There is a prophecy that some do not want to come to fruition.


The timing had to be impeccable


God had someone’s back.

That song Jermaine sang above – there is truth in it.  Listen to it.

The interviews Michael gave to Jesse Jackson and Geraldo during the trial – There is truth in it . . . listen to them.

Michael’s songs – TRUTH  Go look at the lyrics. Then listen to him SING while following along with the lyrics.  Then if there are films MICHAEL MADE for those songs, watch those with the lyrics in hand.  Pay attention to detail.  He did!  And he put that detail in FOR A YOU.

Michael’s relatives twitter – again there is truth in it.  Don’t just take them at face value.  You will be surprised what you learn when you take a little Twittered phrase, copy it with a “+ Michael Jackson” in the search and see what you come up with.  Makes for interesting reading.

Same thing with the news.  Don’t just accept what they are telling you, do your own homework and research. 

The news is not your friend.  They do not love you, nor does any of those men who have occupied the White House in as long as most can remember.  They don’t care about you.  They do however, NEED you!  There is no purpose in obtaining power without having subjects in which to have power over.

Discrimination is alive and well in New Jersey

Update in Xanadu and Colony Capital – I haven’t talked about these guys in a while.  I was sent an email from someone ELSE today (think it was Spotlight), who did a little checkup for me.

If you remember from back last year, Colony Capital had taken over the project in Bergen County, New Jersey in 2009.  Finally after diddling around with the mob-controlled  building code administrators, environmental credits, labor unions, and stonewall after stonewall, Colony Capital reportedly threw up  their hands and said to the bank, “You deal with them” and left the project.

Now lookie!  Some company steps in with the “eh-hem” RIGHT agenda, lineage and allegiance to the false Jews (hereto known as THE ESTABLISHMENT) and all of a sudden, things get approved. 

They now announce that they plan to open the first phase in September of 2013 and the second phase in 2014.   So I did some background on the NEW collaborators:

Owner of the Xanadu-renamed-American Dream (Nightmare) is the sports authority of NJ.

Developer is Triple 5 Group:  

Triple Five Group is a shopping mall owner and operator, hotel operator and real estate company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They are well known for their ownership of the Mall of America and West Edmonton Mall.[1] The company is also developing American Dream Meadowlands in New Jersey in association with a local developer.

The company is closely held, owned and operated by the Ghermezian family of Canada. It maintains executive offices in Alberta and Las Vegas, Nevada.
Ghermenzian Family:  "The Ghermezian family is a Canadian family of Iranian Jewish origin who have developed several of the world's largest shopping malls. The family's holdings include the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota and the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Canada.[1][2] In 2011, the family's Triple Five Group company acquired the troubled Xanadu Meadowlands project in New Jersey. Triple Five renamed the project American Dream Meadowlands and has announced a major expansion and revamping of the under-construction mall, now expected to open in 2015.

(if Michael has any hope of still having a part in this, it is through this family, but see below).

"Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has honoured the senior members of the Ghermezian family with medals of honour in recognition of their significant contributions to compatriots, community and economy of Canada."  Source  And they are on board with Planned Parenthood - Eugenics believers.

Owner of "Related Companies" who will be managing it now:

Owner of company is Stephen Ross

"Ross was co-chair of the University of Michigan's fund raising campaign, which was completed May 2007. He is currently serving on President Mary Sue Coleman's Advisory Group and the Director's Cabinet in the University’s Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. In 2004, Ross made the single largest contribution to the University of Michigan by donating $100 million to the school.[3] The University renamed its business school, Ross School of Business in his honor.

He was on the executive committee of NYC2012, New York’s initiative to bring the summer Olympic Games to New York City in 2012, which failed when London won instead. As a trustee of the Guggenheim Museum (NYC) Ross is involved in the planning for a major renovation of the Frank Lloyd Wright building and other new museums. He is a member of the executive committee and board of directors of the Real Estate Board of New York, a trustee of the National Building Museum and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Ross is also Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Centerline Capital Group, and is a trustee of the National Building Museum and the Jackie Robinson Foundation, and longtime supporter of the UJA Federation of New York."

He began his career as a tax attorney at Coopers & Lybrand in Detroit, where he was born and raised as a child, and went on to become assistant vice president in the real estate subsidiary of Laird Inc. and in the corporate finance department of Bear Stearns, both in New York City.

We know what happened to Bear Stearns (GuggenHeim - all good little Zionists-World-Government people belong to at least TWO of these foundation-funded organizations)

"On March 17, 2008, JP Morgan Chase offered to acquire Bear Stearns at a price of $2 per share or $236 million. On March 24, 2008, that offer was raised to $10 per share or $1.1 billion in an effort to pacify angry shareholders. JPMorgan Chase completed its acquisition of Bear Stearns on May 30, 2008 at the renegotiated price of $10 per share. The U.S. Federal Reserve rewarded Bear Stearns' shareholders in the deal by taking responsibility for $29 billion in toxic assets in Bear Stearns' portfolio."

We bailed them out - Tax payer dollars.  But that was long after Ross left their employ.

Yeah, this guy is establishment all the way.  Funny how they were able to get everything okay'd for THIS GUY, but gave two previous companies the run-around including Colony Capital because . . ..  they consider them the enemy and anti establishment.
See?  Michael’s not the only one that gets doors shut in his face.  Gotta be Talmud if you want the project in New Jersey!

Yes, that’s exactly how I feel.  But Barrack did not get where he is by fighting losing battles.  After all, he’s now got Miramax.  There are plenty of Mike-like projects and opportunities for family-oriented activity complexes.  He’s got a good partner with the same goals and ideas he once shared with Mr. Michael.  And I still have yet to see any reason why they would abandon the vision Michael had.

Goodnight and have a great weekend.  By the end of next week, I should have my research completed for the direction this blog will take next. 

We’ve gotten to know Michael’s heart.  Michael also had an amazing brain . . . let’s get to know that too.

God Bless you, and when watching the news (if you must), keep an open mind.  There is a lot of victimization going on in the news.  I don’t like it at all.  Most people in the Middle East from what I have researched, do not hate Americans and they do not hate the people of Israel.   They’re not too happy with either of their governments right now but seriously . . . I’m not either.  Please think of them and understand their frustration.  Most of your real Muslim’s right now are in Michael’s shoes.  Think of it like that when you watch the news . . . and their persecution and being used has been going on longer than what Michael went through at the hands of the same elitist people. 

Please Pray for them.  They are human beings as are all of us.

If anyone from the Middle East reads this blog, please know that some Americans do know what is going on and I want you to know that we are not all bad either.  We HATE seeing what is going on over there and feel powerless to do anything other than pray.  If Michael and Prince Al Waleed could be friends, and Michael and the Prince in Bahrain could be friends, a Christian and a Muslim who believes in the same God of Abraham, we know that Love God created us with is still here to medicate our hearts with hope.

I ask that anyone in the Middle East and African countries right now under siege, if you have access and do see this, please just pray for God to see, for hearts to open and to love each other the way Jesus wanted us to love each other.

I love you and I am so sorry to see you being lied about and hurt.

See you all next week –   {{{{{{{♥♥♥♥♥♥}}}}}}}

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Gathering of Deceivers, Part 3

The Gathering of The Deceivers Part 3
Macey Devon aka. T-Storm Continued
 Very Unhappy Michael...

This will conclude what I’m going to share with Macey/T-Storm.  I’ll let them guess who I’m going to post next and when.  Shadow agenda reveal that it’s Branca/Sony first – Michael AS A COMMODITY, SECOND!  Previously Part 2 if you need to catch up, can be accessed here - Source

Lie for it, Spy for it, KILL for it

****************  Start *******************

Macey, I will surely pray for you! We went through that last year and my husband was laid off for seven months! The Job he got last year in August after 7 months on unemployement? Pays $14 an hour . . . He used to make 80K a year. I don't know how we made it so far . . . Grace of God! We have a really understanding landlord and a really supportive church!

I will pray for you and your husband. Thank you for the opportunity to pray for you!

latest blog
I respectfully submit to you that they are not speaking up not because of fear of a gag order , but fear of death .

Ortega too? In that message, it stated that this secretive person has worked with Michael for 20 years. That would have to be either his vocal coach, Ortega himself or possibly DiLeo. Anyone else you can think of in that TII group who could claim that? Karen has already spilled her guts, so it's not her.

I dont know ...... but I keep thinking back to Lopez ... if anyone was thinking of squealing .... then Lopez death probably shut them up really quick .

how long did bearden work with him ?
also a lot of those musicians are well seasoned ......

20 years isnt that long ...only half Michaels career ..... around the time of BAd . could be even an unknown .... like a stage hand or photographer ?

Could be any of them Macey. I thought of DiLeo because . . . well I send you something explaining that. Who brought DiLeo in? Did Michael actually hire him back or did someone else bring him in?

hmmm . I think i heard dileo brought branca in . I'll be honest I go back & forth between two opposing scenarios . one is this :

Branca/KF/Dileo/(maybe Ortega) and other oldies ---good & trying to help

vs AEG/Tohme2/Barrack/Saudis


the other is this :

sony/aeg/branca/dileo /colony/saudis all bad

then there is this possibility ... that maybe dileo & even branca wouldn't have a problem taking or cheating form Michael ... but would draw the line at death . and maybe at first they were ok with cheating him along with aeg / colony / Saudis ...but they were never willing to be a party to murder ... and now they are scared ... for their lives , but also because if their unintended part in his death .

Bonnie ..... my friend has found more info ... keep digging ... the Saudi connections are so many they are like a huge fog

whatever the case is I believe that Michael was beginning to realize that he was backed up into a corner . I think he made plans to try & get himself out of his mess... but they noticed the changes he was making to protect himself ... and they killed him .

Maybe part of those plans were to increase security and bring back old friends . one by one he had old friends back into his circle ....

I could be so wrong here . Im goign to send you something that was tweeted a couple of days ago ... the thing is it just makes sense ...

IF in fact branca is a good guy , then I can see that colony and buddies have a vested interest in whipping the fans into a frenzy calling for Brancas blood .

The following is from Twitter .... it was a retweet :

On Tuesday 8th June 2010, @mjmultiset said:


Facts on John Branca, by Nadia1981:

A lot of people are confused about Branca and whether he's one of the good guys or not. For almost a year I have been researching MJ's passing and all the people around him. I have read basically every book out there, every article, the full court transcripts, ...

These are my findings on Branca. Maybe it will help some people to get an insight on his relationship and history with Michael. I warn you, it's a very long post lol.
Branca was Michael's attorney for many years and was involved in many multi-million dollar deals for Michael:

- he was in charge of getting financing for the Thriller short film

- he negotiated the purchase of the ATV catalogue

- he negotiated the first Pepsi Commercial deal and convinced Pepsi to agree that Michael would never touch the can and would appear in the ad for only three seconds

- he obtained the rights for Michael to the master recordings of his own songs

- he orchestrated MJ’s purchase of Neverland

- Jackson was the best man at Branca's first wedding, bringing with him Bubbles, who was clad in a tiny tuxedo

The other executor, John McClain, is a childhood friend of Michael, and is largely responsible for building a major recording career for Michael's sister Janet, and is a successful record company executive.

In 1990, Michael tearfully told Branca he wanted to try different representation; though Branca wouldn't confirm it, it was widely reported that Hollywood mogul and record company executive David Geffen advised Michael that Branca's influence in his affairs had grown too large. They remained apart for three years.

Branca returned in 1993, at a time when MJ was being sued in a child molestation case he ultimately settled. Branca negotiated the merger between ATV and Sony and was appointed by MJ as one of his representatives on the Board of Sony/ATV.
Michael's letter firing Branca and turning his legal affairs over to David LeGrand was dated February 2003.

It was in February 2003, while impaired by prescription medications, that Michael had signed over power of attorney to his manager Dieter Wiesner. Wiesner’s plan was to bring in a new team to represent Michael. Part of that process involved terminating some of the representation of people that had been providing legal service to him.

LeGrand testified that Konitzer and Wiesner told him they wanted to take over overall management of Michael Jackson’s business and financial affairs, and implement a new business plan for Michael.

That’s when LeGrand became suspicious of the actions and motives of Wiesner and aides Ronald Konitzer (who had ties with Sony as became clear in the 2005 trial) and Marc Schaffel.

He also suspected the men of stealing $965.000 from Michael. On behalf of Michael he hired a firm to investigate these three men. The first investigative report that he got just increased his degree of suspicion.

In the meantime Konitzer and Schaffel had indicated in several conversations that they were suspicious about Branca and that Michael had expressed concern about Branca’s loyalty. They were concerned Branca was working with Tommy Motolla to get Michael’s interest in the ATV/Sony Catalogue and to defraud him. There were suspicions about Branca self-dealing and about an off-shore account owned by Branca and Motolla.

Even though LeGrand wasn’t sure about these accusations and was already suspicious about Konitzer, Schaffel and Wiesner, he decided to include Branca and Motolla in his investigation.

The investigation delivered no evidence whatsoever to substantiate the claims against Branca and Motolla. In fact it became clear that it was Konitzer who had ties with Sony and both he and Weisner were stealing money from MJ.

LeGrand was fired (just 2 months after he was hired) when he questioned Konitzer about the unexplained disbursement of nearly $1 million of Michael's money to Konitzer and Weisner.

LeGrand’s testimony in court: “Mr. Branca’s a fine lawyer. And, you know, there is no -- I have no proof of these statements.

I was given no credible evidence to support those charges. I would be doing Mr. Branca and Mr. Motolla a great wrong if I said otherwise.”

Mesereau’s opening statement in court: “David LeGrand began to smell that something was wrong, and he confronted Dieter and Konitzer with his suspicions, even writing to them and saying, “Why are you withdrawing money. Who told you to do that. Who gave you permission. Where’s it going. What are you doing with it.”
They then were able to convince Michael Jackson to fire LeGrand. But before that happened, David LeGrand commenced an investigation into the activities of these alleged co-conspirators, Dieter, Konitzer, Schaffel and others. He hired a 1 top-flight investigative firm in New York to check out their backgrounds, to check out what they were doing, to see if they were hiding things overseas, to see if Mr. Jackson was being, as he said, defrauded, and to see if they were engaging in acts as what he described as self-dealing. But they were able to get to Michael and stop the investigation by getting him to fire LeGrand, because they convinced him that LeGrand was doing something wrong.

Marc Schaffel, the prosecutor told you that Mr. Jackson was a partner in his business. We will prove to you he was never a partner in his business. Marc Schaffel was a film producer who had met Mr. Jackson in the early ‘90s. And at one point Mr. Jackson said he wanted nothing to do with him. That was in writing from his attorneys.”

Schaffel later went on to file a $3.8 million lawsuit (later reduced to $1.6 million and his attorney ultimately asked the jury for $1.4 million) against Michael, claiming he was owed that amount for loans MJ took from him, and for work Michael hired him to do, but was never paid for.

Michael claimed that Schaffel, who controlled the bank accounts into which millions of dollars of his money was placed, owed him $660,000 in funds removed from an expense account for unreleased charity single, "What More Can I Give," before Schaffel was fired in November 2001 in response to Michael being shown a video of Schaffel directing gay porn. Schaffel was awarded $900,000 and Michael $200,000.
Wiesner filed a $64 million dollar fraud and breach-of-contract lawsuit against Michael but the lawsuit was dismissed.

The next day after filing the suit, Wiesner (the guy in control when Branca was fired) released voicemail tapes to the media of Michael making a slurred and forced sounding anti-Semitic comment, which got him in trouble with the Anti-Defamation League.

In a taped deposition for the Wiesner suit (which you can find on YouTube) Michael stated that he was impaired by prescription medication when he signed over all his business and financial affairs to the control of Wiesner in February 2003 and for the next several months of that year.

So, Branca was fired when his embezzling aides were in control of all of Michael's affairs. LeGrand was fired when he discovered and confronted these aides who were stealing from Michael. Why is Branca the bad guy here?

Branca returned to the MJ team but resigned in 2006 and sold back his equity interest in Sony/ATV because his relationship with MJ was troubled and he felt Michael was listening to an increasingly odd set of advisers who Branca feared did not have the singer's best interests at heart.

"He was surrounded and I had to resign," Branca said. "He did not ask me to stay. I resigned amicably."

Michael rehired Branca in June 2009. Branca's lawyer showed the court a letter from Michael dated June 17, 2009, in which Michael reiterated that he wants Branca in control of his affairs.

Whether you believe in the authenticity of this letter or not, it really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change the fact that Branca and McClain are listed as executors of the will.
And if you look at it logically, it only makes sense. MJ re-assigned Branca as his lawyer just 8 days before his death. That is why it probably took some time for Branca to present the court with a will since his firm was in the process to gather all Michael’s official documents.

While the judge ruled in favor of Branca and McClain administering the estate as wished by Michael, he directed them to seek court approval for decisions involving marshaling the assets, attorney's fees, and settling claims and actions.

Despite losing control of the estate, to which Mrs. Jackson was appointed temporary administrator by the court earlier, her lawyer got a nod from the judge to have the co-executors keep her in the loop about any decisions they bring before the court regarding Michael's estate. The judge, however, clarified that Mrs. Jackson was not the co-executor of the will.

Michael's business and financial affairs were and continue to be extraordinarily complicated. I'm glad Branca is handling his estate. He has proven he's worth his weight in gold in the past.

And yes, the two Johns each get 5% executor’s fee, but really, that’s a normal fee for handeling a trust. You can’t expect executors to handle an estate for free.
It's good to think about this for a moment: In the peak of his career, Michael was surrounded by the people now being accused of a conspiracy (Branca, Dileo, Payne, Ortega, ...). But I think Michael was getting his life and career back on track and therefore rehired those people who helped him get his megastar status, who stood by his side all these years and who have proven their loyalty towards him.

Short: | Posted from Twitlonger

Hi Macey,

After seeing Randy Jackson's interview on CNN, I am convinced that Randy believes both Branca/Sony and AEG were behind his murder. He had mentioned the forged will (mispelled children's names) and he mentioned Michael saying he was being threatened . . . they were going to take his children away, he's lose his house etc if he didn't do what they wanted him to do. Now I'm pissed! I once thought there was a possibility of Ortega being a good guy . . . not now! How could he let this go on???? Jerk! (I want to use stronger language, I really do and I'm thinking it so why not just say it!).

Branca is not a good guy. Even with the statement by this person who tweeted you, Branca was in bed with Motolla before Branca was fired. Michael did not hire him back in 2006. Where is the evidence of that? Nowhere! It was not an amicable split in 2003 and Interpol did find improper payments to an offshore account TO Branca FROM Motolla during the 2005 trial investigation. This was in the Aphrodite Book and she was SITTING IN ON THE hearings every day, so this person is either lying, or they are forwarding information from someone else who was lying. Branca's really busy putting out the lies, isn't he?

Randy is implicating both camps in his statements . . . AEG and Branca/Sony with the comment about that will. The family believes this was planned for a while and that threats were made to Michael to get him to sign for these concerts . . . they never expected them to go forward. That is amazingly evil!
Where is Colony Capital in this . We are turning up some really bad things . Guess where Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana stayed the night before they died ? At a place owned by Barrack .... a place that was pretty much financially wrested from the original owner .

Macey, I have to go to to work until 11pm, but I found some new stuff. Forget the Saudi's, They own pieces of everything but they are not behind this. It's the mobbies. And I found something else but I have to run. I will attack this when I get back.

Malnik? Al is in the mob . hate to say it but I bet if you dig deep enough you 'll see why Jesse Jackson and sharpton aren't visibly helping here . Thing is Al Malnik is connected to the saudis .... so who knows . This is one of the reasons I havent jumped fully on board with any one group . I dont want to be helping bad guys ... and right now who knows anything anymore .
I'll be up well after 11 pm my time ( CST)

get some rest .

ugly article from peyser
Bonnie .... look up newscorp's investors ... see who teh single biggest investor is . newscorp is the co that owns NY Post ....... that nasty article ....... go see who their top investors are .

Hi Macey,

Long time no hear. If you are talking about P.Anschutz? I already know he is trying to wedge his way into Murdock's territory and I know why he's doing it. It will be an interesting turn if he is successful. He wants to undo what Murdock has done, idealistically. But Anschutz is not behind the article in the NY Post. They are much more conservative leaning. Anschutz is not even after Murdock personally . . . He's after whatever damage he perceives that Murdock has done to Society. I wouldn't be surprised if Anschutz was secretly a John Birch Society Member. Anschutz bought two papers from Murdock, both of them losing money. He is trying to position himself. Not sure yet what that has to do with Michael, but I do know there were businesses being reorganized and positioned under the "Michael Jackson Company" umbrella and I don't think they were doing it for the estate. Have to wait and see what else Anschutz does.

Also, Neverland Ranch has an interesting twist going on with that too . . . Have you seen this yet? News about Colony and Neverland
(This is before I knew who justice4nothing really was –boring-ellie)

no not anschutz. it's the stock holder who owns the highest percentage of newscorp .

Ill look at the NL blog .
She is referring to Prince Al Waleed here.

ok Ive seen that blog . that persons info is legitimate .
(Of COURSE it is!!!!  They’re on the same Branca-paid blogging team!)

You mean Murdock doesn't own it? (LOL!) Murdock Family is the highest shareholder, Waleed through Kingdom Holding (the same Kingdom company that Michael reportedly partnered with Kingdom Entertainment to have partnered with is the second, and Electra Records got folded into Newcorp (didn't know they still existed. Didn't Sony buy out Electra . . . no Epic. Nevermind)

Waleed also is partnered with Colony Capital. Wow. My heart just did a flip flop in my chest . . . "In January 2005, Al-Waleed purchased the Savoy Hotel in London for an estimated GBP £250 million, to be managed by Fairmont Hotels, in which Al-Waleed owns an estimated 16% stake. In January 2006, in partnership with the U.S. real estate firm Colony Capital, Kingdom Holding acquired Toronto, CA-based Fairmont Hotels for an estimated $3.9 billion." according to wikipedia. Now . . . is this the same company . . . low profile, only three employees

Take a look under Music production . . . company started in 2008

Think Waleed and Michael ever kissed and and made up? Michael, Waleed, Anschutz . . . all three have ambitions for pro-family values entertainment. And if anybody can wipe Murdock off the map it's Waleed.

Macey, what I'm seeing is scaring me. This is huge. Much bigger than the little boys we're playing with (Branca, Phillips, Mottola) Check those links I sent you. Michael's companies started in 2008 are really bothering me.

See new additions under "controversies" here . . . nice of them to step up and acknowledge our concerns even if they are lying
(As much as she tried, the more she tried to smear them the more info I found the contrary)

One other thing . . . the press conference Michael and Waleed had when starting Kingdom Entertainment. Did you see what they had planned to do? WTHeck???

Who is running this show???

all of our conversations have been erased on my FB page ..
Is it like that on yours also ?? sorry but this freaks me out .

Bonnie all your messages to me and mine to you have disappeared on my screen . but I was able to see what you sent to me . this is what I have been trying to tell you all along . this is much much bigger than any American based business greed ...... its global . He had no chance . He thought he could out think them ...... but they nipped him in the bud . you are on the right track .

how can a very Conserv Christian get into bed with a Muslim to promote family values ? I dont know but it scares me .

Bonnie the links you sent to me in your message are gone . except the Wiki article .

Macey, give me your email address I will send them to you. or call me 410-838-2232 . . . also cell xxx-xxx-xxxx. You're freaked out . . . I'm smiling. I hate being right.
Yes the conversations are gone. But I copied what I sent you . . . I copy EVERYTHING.

I know who Teddy is and it's not Nikki . It's prob not anyone you know .

Macey, what I would like to know is how "Teddy" would be able to answer questions I sent to Nikki through private message? I don't really care who Teddy is, but I'm tired of this game. We have more important things to do. I'm tired of wasting my time on this. It doesn't matter, okay? I would like it if people would be up front with me but I can't have everything, can I?
(Here I begin to question because I doubt she is telling me the truth about Nikki/Teddy)

well neither can I , but I can tell you that I am dead sure that Teddy is not Nicki . I know this for a fact. I dont like games either but I made a promise , and I will keep it .

You made a promise. That has nothing to do with me. I'm tired. I'm going to bed. It really doesn't matter. Tell "Teddy" I'm sorry I deleted his posts. I'm trying to be fair to people on that blog who want to bring their battles there and I get jerked around. I just want to get back to Michael. Get some sleep . . . hope your family is doing okay.
I think that everyone is tired and burned out at not seeing anything of merit happen w/r to MJ justice. I'll relay to him ... but I don't think he cares if his posts are deleted . From what I know about him he doesn't care about himself and what he writes .

I agree about getting back to Michael .

rest well .

Justice, yes it is frustrating. But I have no doubt it will come. The truth of all this is going to come out. I think everyone is going to be shocked. Researching to separate the lies from the truth is what we do. Still like your cartoon self. :o)

aww made it myself .... my avatar ??? I based it on my sr high picture for the face and my current hair for the hair . yes I still rock the 80's layered hair do ...LOL If I had to I could go full feathered locks with my cut sad is that ? and still Levis 500 series ....

I miss my Calvin Kleins . . . I'll never get into THEM again, unless Maybe Michael would put me through some dance lessons under some hot lights for six months. That might do it. I still have long hair. Can't give it up. Hubby likes the flowing locks. (shrug)

*****************  End ******************

That concludes Ms. T-Storm’s testimony.  I have some private emails I will save for later because they coincide with another person’s lies within this group of people.

This group seems to have a problem with AEG – They want to white-wash people of Sony’s involvement NEGLECTING what Michael talked about in his interviews in 2003, and 2005 about the conspiracy that existed BEFORE AEG WAS IN HIS LIFE.

They also seem to want to paint the Saudi’s as conspirators (Bahrain too) when the Muslim world right now are being victimized by THIS COUNTRY, England and other “WORLD GOVERNMENT ORGANIZERS”.

Yes, this is leading somewhere . . . stay tuned.

God bless you Jackson family

 Trapped and Isolated by HANDLERS
Don't believe them now....