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Michael Jackson Justice: The Gathering of the Deceivers, Part 1

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Gathering of the Deceivers, Part 1

The Gathering of the Decievers Part 1
Justice 4 Some’s, “Branca” Team – Start With Devon.





It was brought to my attention by someone who emails me, that yet another “defend Branca” blog has been started”.  I am so sick of the lies and I think it is time to post some ancient history to remind some people that there are others that know how to hit the “save” or “archive” button. 

This NEW blog I will not post the link to, but the title is something along the lines of truth vs. lies and it’s all about court documents, doctored documents and twists of information that I guess Justice4nothing couldn’t seem to convince people of.  He is one of the blog’s authors, by the way, as is our previous Lady Aquarius, T-Storm and other “subscribers” of Justice4nothing.

We are going to be breaking into another government agenda and when you see what I have, you will understand just what is at stake here.  Yes, I know these Sony-manufactured trolls and germs want you to believe that this was nothing more than an issue between Michael and AEG.  But this is much bigger than even a music catalog.

What I am going to do is post past conversations from about this time last year, before I knew who these people were.  You are going to see that this agenda does include references to the Muslim/Arab world, Prince Al Waleed, Terrorism and more.

The slant in these conversations in the re-reading is enough to send chills up my spine when you consider what our government has done to demonize and bully the Middle East Countries that will not buy into this One World Order by turning over their banking.   They have thus far proven to me that this is indeed bigger than Branca and Sony and their diversions and attempts to steer me FROM the truth over the last year are now going to be exposed.

I am just sick and tired of their lies and their running around in the shadows, ensnaring the unwary and the innocent fans who actually DO love Michael above Sony and Branca.

I have conversations saved from more than one person.  This one in particular, I have spoken to over the phone a couple of times last year.  Her job was to convince me that Tohme was indeed a bad guy, was a Muslim who had terrorist ties, and who she says a “friend” saw storm out of the offices of Sony/ATV.

By the way, Macey Devon is none other than T-Storm, You can see some of her posts on my blog back in June/July of last year.  All these conversations took place through Facebook private message.

I began receiving messages from her on May 21, 2010, starting with the first below.  Notice she signs off with “T”, and then identifies herself several posts down (I will highlight).   T-Storm is her “TMZ” chat handle and her blogger handle.  Remember back in May of last year, I did not know that these fan groups were fake.  I had not dug up the TINI/Sony connect yet at that time.

This girl also seemed to have a lot of “friends” that worked for Sony/ATV.  Her job was to steer me away from posting the truth about AEG and Tohme.  You will love the opinion she has of Muslims.

**************** Start *****************

  • your blog
Bonnie . I admire you . you are getting out there and publicly posting all of the things that so many people have turned up while investigating ... but we are afraid to talk about . Your blog today . ...

really nothing there that I didn't have .... but I have been sitting here on this stuff for months .

Tohme is connected to Sony . I have no smoking gun . I have no proof --nothing . he is also connected to Barrack/R Phillips ....

last week I opened up my twitter and started tweeting links . I asked a few people to spread the SEC filings that I and a friend found ..months ago ....

What you didnt mention was that paperwork was filed on that June 30th filing .. ON JUNE 23rd .

yes June 23rd .

the filing is 200 + pages ..... but if you look you can see the initial date . how convenient .

I will try to gather up more of what I have ..... and send to you .

yes I am a coward , but I have been warned off .


  • June 23rd. I haven't even looked through the whole thing. I will tell you that I sent a letter to the IRS asking to have several people investigated and I mentioned offshore accounts. That is how they are hiding much of this, at least with Branca's firm. We'll see what happens. I have not posted anywhere that I have done this so please don't put it out there.

    Who warned you off? I don't think you are a coward. Sometimes the best way to do things is underground. Thank you so much for sending this information to me. I move around on my blog a lot. It sometimes looks disjointed, like I can't stay on topic . . . I do that for a reason. I have one more idea and source to hit but I'm waiting to see if anything transpires from what I have already done.

    I have faith this is going to turn out for the good. ♥


  • Bonnie I have so much more . but its all disjointed .
    I will not say anything . are you kidding ?

    I was warned to back off of investigating Prince AL Waleed . He owns a little bit of everything . I dont really know who warned me off, but they knew enough about where I was quietly doing my "work " online ... so I have to take them seriously . They warned me off as a "friend " .

    The name I am known by online is Tstorm . I follow you on twitter .
    You will recognize my pic ..its the same as my avatar pic that I have here

  • Is Prince Al Waleed the one Michael stayed with in Bahrain?

    I don't mention this much, but I have had tangles with corporate lawyers before while trying to expose fraud. I write much bigger than I am. I'm educated, I know how to research and despite the fact that I am shy in person, I don't intimidate easily when I know something going on is wrong. Truth is a very solid platform.

    I have to get to bed. I actually have work tomorrow. I will talk to you later.

  • I have come up against a brick wall . Thios may be a non issue / dead end .... but there is a listing filed for a business on teh Calif state website listed under fictitious business names for a TRW capital LLc --- it was started on 9/11/09 ..... it may be absolutely NOTHING ... but we cannot find anything about this company anywhere . I dont know if one can go there in person to get full files .

    It may be the link between Tohme and the others .

    more info . according to the parcel map of neverland looks like NL was at one time part of a Spanish land grant . This means that MJ probably had full mineral rights . hard to explain ... most people do not know about this .... also Neverland is sitting on shale .

    I have the full copies of the tax assessors records for Michael ... and I am working on the records for the previous owner .... THAT is also very very fishy .

    His name is William Bone . 11 years ago he joined his business Sunrise with Colony to make Sunrise Caoital . SO he was previous owner ... and now that MJ is gone .. he is part owner ... for NOTHING .

    see? I have these snippets of info ... and am trying to connect them . It's all very twisted .

  • No. Prince Al Waleed is a Saudi Prince ... he has interests EVERYwhere . name of one of his companies is Kingdom Holdings . Google that .

    ALso AL Malnik son has started opening ventures in the Middle east .

  • Wow. I am blown away. You know what this is looking like? The IRS will probably be a waste of time. Hmmmm.... I will have to look at this t omorrow. I have to be up at 4:30 am and it's almost 3am here. I will be back from work at 2pm tomorrow. Ugh.

  • Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal (also spelled Waleed bin Talal) (Arabic: الوليد بن طلال بن عبد العزيز آل سعود; born 7 March 1955) is a member of the Saudi Royal Family. He is the nephew of the Saudi Arabian King Abdullah. An entrepreneur and international investor but without real political power within the House of Saud or in Saudi Arabia, he has amassed a fortune through investments in real estate and the stock market.

    As of March 2010, his net worth is estimated at US$19.4 billion, up from $13.3 billion, according to Forbes, making him the 19th richest person in the world on their list published in March 2010.[2] He has been nicknamed by Time magazine as the Arabian Warren Buffett.[3]

    Al-Waleed bin Talal
    Born March 7, 1955 (1955-03-07) (age 55)
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    Residence Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Nationality Saudi Arabia, Lebanon
    Occupation Businessman/ Investor
    Net worth $19.4 billion (2010)[1]
    Religion Islam

  • it gets better ... AL Malnik son was married at one time to a member of the Saudi royal family . I learned this tonight . I have to go to bed . almost 3 am for me . Ill try to do a genealogy work up on the saudi royal fam tomorrow . this may be the key .

  • I'm on shortly before I go to work. Al Malnik. I will have the pair that name with the other italiians on this chart. Branca, DiLeo, Mottola. I might have a little help with the business stuff. I doubt he would even know these turkeys but he does a lot of promotional business with other businesses in Florida and he sells alot of product to horse owners. Hmmmm When I get home I think I will take a nap. Two hours of sleep will not cut it.

    I will look up the Malnik family. Did you ever see pictures of Michael with the Malniks during the period he was in Florida? He looks absolutely miserable. Not happy at all. Even during the trial I have never seen Michael's face like this.

  • w/r to Malniks ... the son married into the Saudi Royal family . his name is Shareef now .... hes opening a Saudi version of the Forge which is/was a mob hangout in Miami
(me – Shareef is no longer married to this woman)

  • This was left on my blog comments
The blog I posted last night had just one comment posted under it as of this moment. Here is what the person posted:

r.c.villanova said...

It's Not Sony ...That is your missing Piece. Sony vs Colony Capital Look further. Dileo,Branca vs Colony ...look deeper

I tried to click on r.c. villanova's profile and it is unavailable, meaning it is secured as "private". Is this person familiar to you at all? And do you have any clue as to what this person means by what they posted?

I am working on tonight's blog. I am going to ease into the information you sent slowly, mainly because there is so much if it here, in layers, it will have to be posted over several blogs.

I have not had a chance to check into Waleed yet in any depth. I want to work closer to Michael and work out from there. Sony vs. Colony . . . hmmmm. I think this person is right. There is something funny about Colony being involved in the Sony/ATV catalog at all . . . I don't know why they would even be interested, it's not within their normal scope of investments.

  • I know exactly who that is . shes on my twitter . I'll tell you my opinion . please I emphasize ..OPINION.

    this person imo is NOT a game player . she goes by Roe50 on twitter . She is probably following you . and I bet if you ask she will let you follow her . I dont know her away form the internet I ran into her while investigating .

    I believe there are definitely at least two camps at work here . I also believe that it is POSSIBLE that one camp is either good or the lesser of two evils .

    HOWEVER..... IMO ( opinion) even if that were so ..... I believe the lesser of two evils (Sony etc) still has / had bad intentions toward MJ

    Where I am right now .....? I am listening to Roe and I am open to what she has to say ...... she knows/ knew some of the players in this mess.

    but at the same time I am not following what she is putting forth blindly .

    dont remember if I sent you the malnik stuff last night . His son converted to Islam , and is opening a mideast version of the famous club called the Forge . historically a gangster hideout type
    place .

    ** I need to tell you that I am not any kind of insider . I am a housewife. but months ago someone started leaving odd comments here & there online . ( no , not hoax stuff )

    and I have sort of been gathering the information they have left . I have also dug around to make sure that it is at least somewhere online .

    When peopel became aware that a group of us were working on what happened t Michael ... our little group was infiltrated and quite a bit of disruption was started . Our original group is completely divided up into many parts .

    I was ready t throw in the towel , because even if I knew for sure exactly what happened that day ...... what would I do with the info ?
    Last week I decided to start putting it out there . My heart is hurting . A part of my childhood and young adulthood has been destroyed and I miss him so much .

    sorry about getting emotional ....
(me – Roe50 was Bunnieroe.  I don’t know if she still uses this handle)

  • forgot .... the middle east princes etc ..WERE close to Michael . Kingdom holdings was supposed to be a joint venture between MJ and one of the princes . Malnik son was married into the royal family . Michael knew the king and several of the princes

  • Macey,

    Your story about what happened to your group is part-n-parcel with what has happened to every other group out there working on this. Some of the groups have grown into completely ridiculous caricatures of their former selves, celebrating everything from his gold pants to him licking his lips. Michael was not a trophy, he was a human being and yes, it is okay to get emotional about it because it hurts to know that we as human beings could reduce another human being down to bits and pieces of his anatomy. No wonder the enemy doesn't take us seriously!

    I have been trying to tell people in my posts and comments that the in-fighting amongst the fans is orchestrated and some of the news items put out there (mostly by TMZ) are meant to distract and divert attention, divide and conquer. I agree with you whole-heartedly. This is something else! I know the news outlets watch these social networks and nothing of this is appearing in the news. Don't you find that odd?

    The theories that I have gone through on my own, are that Michael is really alive (possibly witness protection) and some of the people connected to his death are actually cover and divert for the bad people, or Michael is dead and the players involved are so brazen as to have all this out in the open. They hide under their candidness and transparency. It becomes their ally.

    The things that do not make sense to me are his autopsy, the leaked (over-exposed and over the top) drug addiction stories, his family's behavior, the paramedics report, Tom Mesereau and DiLeo's little tete-e-tete, Jermaine's verbal slip up during an interview amongst other little things that do not fit unless the witness protection scenario is actually a possibility.

    There was a quote by in a music magazine about conversations he had about Michael. I didn't buy the magazine but had to search the article and only found an excerpt in an advertisement about that particular issue. The part of the conversation I was interested in was where was telling the interviewer of Michael opening up about everything that had transpired due to the 2005 trial, the conspiracy. He quoted Michael as saying " . . . they are not going to know what hit them. When I get done with them, everything is going to come out and they will all be exposed. I am going to hit them hard . . . " did not go into detail about who "they" were. I was thinking Sony at the time. It was a link I did not save, but I saved the quote. Back then, I was still entertaining the possibility that he faked his death. I prayed then deleted the links I thought risked the real answers and that was one of them.

    One of the things Macey, that I believe is true is that to find the truth, you have to stick as close to Michael as possible. He is the source of the truth in all this. The further out on deer paths we go, the more confusing and convoluted this all gets.

    Yes, you did send me the information on Al's son and the Royal family. I know Michael stayed with the prince of Bahrain during through the latter half of 2005 into 2006. There are relationships during this period that overlap. Even before then, during the height of Michael's battles with Sony, Al Malnik was in the picture. Convenient, huh?

    I miss him Macey, but as fruity as this sounds, I have to believe the signs I have received . . . I know this is going to work out and I know Michael will be vindicated and justice will win . . . but it's not going to happen over night and it's not going to happen without a little work.

    I have a light work week next week and this weekend is relatively calm. I will have time to dive into this.

    Love you and hang in there.
(me – What a sucker she played me for!  They love to appeal to the emotions, don’t they?)

  • LOl I have also been saying that the divisions are partially manufactured. I mean , some are obviously human weakness. We are imperfect . but step back and yes you will see a definite orchestration of division . The drug stories ... fake. That was dealt with years ago and to my understanding it was no longer an issue .

    ** side note re gold pants - If Michael is dead , then how horribly disrespectful. If alive, then how disrespectful knowing that he is a human being with infinite worth ... and especially knowing how he felt when the DA made him strip . It's close to re-rape IMO .
    **rant over

    For many months I have had three basic theories with various sub-theories .

    1) that he is dead.

    2) that he is alive - prob hiding for fear for his life or in Witness protection .

    3) that there was an attempt made on his life , that he is alive, but suffering anything in a wide range of damage. i.e - anything as benign as mild brain damage to full blown coma- like status,.

    of course each of these have various possibilities . I cannot and will not entertain that he is off somewhere with the love of his life ...giggling away while watching the world mourn while he plans his ultimate revenge on society. all the while boning up on all his numerology . Nor do I believe that he is reincarnated or an angel or the Messiah .

    The last one is blasphemous to me .

    As twisted as it may sound , option3 brings me great comfort ... that he is there for his children to hug and hold .... but that he may not be quite himself . The more I learn , the more I think that it's not true . but it still gives me hope in my darker moments.

    re- the autopsy ...... talk to Houdinis Ghost .... she has mortuary experience .

    drug stories --- fake -- leaks -- I have various ideas about that but they are different with each scenario .

    family's behavior - what if they are terrified ? they speak of conspiracy ..... I have heard rumblings that maybe they are still expected to deliver something . ** pls when i speak of things I have heard or rumors that is between us . **
    - the car wreck - a warning? CPS visit - a warning ? why else would Kath remove those cousins after all these years unless she means business?

    paramedics report - sigh ..:(

    Jermaine is in pretty deep with the Saudis .
    ~ let me tell you that my kids constantly fight . they fight HARD. They can be mean to each other . but when it involves danger -- they love each other . ~ also will tell you that my mom's brothers and sisters also fought , but they took things further .. they cheated each other . my aunt even cheated her own mother . stole from her . falsified her signature and sold our family property out from under us . property that had been in our family pre -revolution . When my grandmother passed the same aunt cried horribly . I believe she did love her , but she stole from her and sold her down the river . but once she was gone ....... she did mourn . sometimes family is willing to sell us up the river , but usually they dont realize or agree if it means death .

    I think he did have a plan to save himself , and get back what was rightfully his .... and I think it possibly was a good plan . maybe so good that When "they " got wind of it , they realized that they had to change their current plans and get rid of him . I dont know who they are either..... but I have to be honest I tend to lean towards this group: tohme/ barrack/ Randy Phillips / waleed and others

    i agree w/r to deer paths .

    There is so much chatter and disinformation out there . I cant tell you how many various odd hoax theories I have read . The hoaxers/ beLIEvers are incredible investigators . But they are so narrow minded towards beLIEving ,that they tend to stumble across great evidence re - murder etc , and they throw it out since it doe snot support the hoax . I have learned much in those hoax board rooms .

    For a moment try to separate Sony from AEG when thinking of who might be guilty . remember that AEG has a family connection to Tohme and possibly Tom Barrack .  (my addition – the core reason she was to contact me, to steer me from Sony to AEG when my blog began uncovering possibilities that they were innocent and only being used by Sony as a scapegoat)

    Im not trying to veer you over to something different ... this is something I recently became aware of and Im exploring it .

    The thing I know . Michael is gone in one way or another . and I miss him .

    and this may sound odd to you ..... but It has been put heavy on my heart to pray for the children .

    I'm hanging .... you do the same ... huggs to you and sweet dreams .

*************** End *******************

Sony?  The LESSER of two evils?  More to come tomorrow.  Being a computer pack-rat has it’s advantages…..

T-Storm has a lot more correspondence with me that I will post some other time.  I have quite a few people to get through, but the reason I have waited until NOW to do this?  Something is coming up. 
I had promised you all that we were going to discover the real reason they were after Michael and we have opened some of those doors.  Everything I am posting has a lot to do with the misdirecting of fans from Sony/Branca yes . . . but there is also an underlying agenda which ties into the destruction of our own country.  These people are not JUST enemies of Michael.

Bear with me as I get through these postings.  I am not posting this just for you to read, but for you to copy and do your own research.  This is also for certain friends to copy and keep for their records.  I know of no other way for this to get into the right hands so public it goes.

This is for MICHAEL but it is also to strip the concealment of the message he tried to WARN US with, by those who sought to shut him up.

T - I have a particular disdain for YOU, considering the phone conversations we have had.  But I don't hate you.   You are just doing what you are being PAID  to do - just like the rest of them.

Oh and despite the copyright below . . . feel free to copy, paste and send to whomever you need.  I have a lot of correspondence from a lot of people.

Bonnie Cox © 2011 – All Rights Reserved.

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