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Michael Jackson Justice: Gathering of Deceivers Part 2 -

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gathering of Deceivers Part 2 -

The Coming Together of The Opposition Part 2
Macey Devon aka. T-Storm Continued
 We Know what's Goin' on...

This is part 2 of the series on correspondence with Macey Devon – Teestorm – T-Storm.

I was going to wait until tomorrow, but I just wanted to get this out of the way.  Part 1 is here.  Source

  • This weekend I am spending the whole thing on researching everything, make phone calls, etc . . .

    Your declaration about praying for his children is something I have been doing and I don't think it is odd at all. I still pray for Michael even though he may not be here. You want to hear something odd?

    Back in October, when the scope of what was going on was starting to sink into my fat little head, I spent the day crying. One episode lasted two hours. Cooking dinner for my husband, I had to keep turning to the sink because I couldn't stop the flow. After dinner I'm cleaning up and the tears again. My husband was downstairs in the office. That night in bed, I'm with my back to my husband . . . I am crying and I start praying. At first I asked for understanding as to why I was getting so wrapped up in this but it turned into a prayer for Michael. I began asking "Why did you let those people hurt him? He love you! He spoke about you! Why did you let those things happen to him? Why didn't you protect him!" and then I just couldn't pray anymore. I cried so hard in bed that my face was hot and my pillow was soaked, nose stuffed and I was shaking the bed because of wracking sobs that I was trying to keep quiet from my sleeping husband.

    Just then I felt this very cool, air-like kiss. It was like air pressure but in the distinct shape of two lips. My eyes flew open and I was shocked but not afraid. I didn't want to touch my face for fear of disrupting the feeling. The cool pressure only lasted maybe two or three seconds, but the sensation took longer to wear off. By the time the feeling subsided, I was completely calm and I could get to sleep.

    Whatever it was (and I don't believe in ghosts), I felt that wherever Michael was, I was not to worry about him and that he was okay, and that everything would be taken care of.

    I have to have faith that God has this fight too. There is a reason this is coming to all of our attentions.

    I must get to bed. I have Angel Food distribution at 9am tomorrow. Then I am home and researching.

    Love you!


  • Macey,


    TWR Advertising – Tohme’s website according to

    This page new work shows commercial running on British T.V. for “King of Pop” This is it concert shows, Disney and corporate video for Colony Capital. Jerry Weller is creative director and writer. Web archive in April 9th 2005 shows Tohme, Rogich and Weller but current information on the website shows only Weller. Since AEG concerts and This is It concerts were advertised in 2009, is this still Tohme’s company and why isn’t it listed anywhere on the ad agency listings?

    Searching BBB in California and Nevada, TRW Advertising doe snot exist. I was trying to find when the company was launched or formed. If I go by the web site, Then the company or website was launched in October of 2004, well after the original battle with Sony. Plans to get Tohme involved could have dated back that far, but that is just a loose end at this point.

  • running out the door ...... quick note .. that site was available and easy to find online I mean EASY PEASY .... until sometime in early fall / late summer , maybe . suddenly it was pulled off teh main path so to speak .

    We did find some oddities about Rogich ... Sid Rogich If I remember correctly , but I dont remember what . Ill try to find it when im back home tonight .

    Weller was teh guy who showed up at Juliens in Apr or May of 2009 and allegedly threatened them to get Mike's stuff back .

    They had already cataloged his stuff ..... and was clearing out Neverland .... how hinky is that ?

  • Just read the last blog .... great job ... I have stuff to add ..Ill try to do so . but I have something I have to deal with at home and I will not be able to get online for a few days .

    nothing MJ related but If you think of it please say a little prayer for me and my family .

  • Hi Macey,

    I'm wondering how much of this stuff to put out there. Should I go with the gusto on whatever I find, or should I be a little more coy about it? I am trying to walk a line and not cross over to tipping off the other side. If you have any suggestions. Right now and tonight, it probably wouldn't give the enemy any cause for concern, if they even see this blog. I know Taaj has deleted some of my posts because of sensitive information.

    Okay Macey, I will definitely keep your family in my prayers. Unspoken prayer request.

  • I dont know ... I dont want to give you bad advice .... this isn't the movies ... even though it sometimes seems like one.

    I noticed on the LACRA show the other day , Michael Kiss put out a plea as to where Tohme is . It seems someone is looking for him .

    I'm wondering if after tonight ... you might want to sit back and see if anything information -wise comes in .

    but if you decide to stay quiet for a bit ...continue digging an d when you get info please do not just save the links ... copy and paste teh entire records ... articles etc ..because tehy are disappearing and being edited very quickly .

    As soon as we found the TRW site back in the Fall first became hard to find ... then it shut down .

    I can guarantee the other side is watching . We did our work in a deep , almost hidden place on TMZ ..... and we eventually came to realize that even there we were being watched .

    We also were infiltrated by trolls .... how odd that a troll would want to infiltrate a very small group ....

    It's one of those times in our lives I think where we some times hold back ..and other times we move forward .

    I see that you are a Christian ... I don't know which denomination , but in my denomination we would , in a case like this , ask the Holy Spirit for discernment .

    Remember that these people are most likely the same people who slandered Michael ... and brought those trials forward .


  • I use the same term for them . . . trolls. And yes, I have been praying about this on a daily basis. My husband is actually getting a little scared. I told him not to worry . . . if anything happens to me, my whole church knows what I have been working on since most of them are on my Facebook page! LOL!

    Michael is the one who made me see how important it is to stand up for those who cannot fight for themselves. I got some practice with my own son . . . now it's Michael's turn.

    Tohme, I just watched an interview with him tonight. Are you good at reading faces? Tohme is about the only person not on any one's payroll, can't be found, isn't seeking any fame . . . what does that tell you?

  • Waleed
Al Malniks son who changed his name to Shareef after converting to Islam is in close with the Royal Saudis . The malniks own a famous restaurant called the Forge in Miami .

 Macey Devon June 4 at 9:45pm

at the beginning of the intro theres a blurb that comes across the screen .... it starts out like this :

REDISCOVER the glory of a bygone era ...

for over 500 years the Ottoman empire .......... ( etc )

after reading the blurb think to yourself What did the Ottoman Empire do ? where were they for 500 years ? and how did they get to those places and rule those areas for 500 years ?

Muslim prayer beads were found in Michael's death bed .
For over 500 years the Ottoman Empire stood for an era of splendour and extravagance. A vast domain that stretched well into Europe and North Africa, the Ottoman Empire gave civilization many resplendent wonders that inspire awe to this day.

Bonnie Cox June 5 at 1:45am
Is that what those wooden beads were that he wore in some of the "This is It" photos?

If Michael had really converted to Islam (which I don't think he did, according to Jermaine), wouldn't they have been protecting him?

Macey Devon June 5 at 2:02am
I don't think he did convert to islam . this may upset you , but lets be honest Michael sometimes had a tendency to " waffle " .... maybe he considered islam ? and then decided that it wasn't for him ?? Maybe in some twisted way his conversion was part of the deal ? I mean in a way perhaps where it was " assumed " that he would convert ?? those beads were in his bed .

Is it possible he wore them in hopes to appease someone ?

I came across another entertainment businessman ... I cant remember if he was an attorney or what ... but he recently converted also .
seemed awfully close to the time frame of Peter lopez' death .

AL Waal eed has ties that are just creepy ..


To begin with, Al-Waleed bin Talal is in fact on record as giving material support to terrorist organizations as reported by:

"In April of 2002, bin Talal donated $27 million during a three-day telethon sponsored by the Saudi government group, the Committee for Support of the al-Aqsa Intifada. The total amount raised, during the telethon, was close to $110 million; Bin Talal had been the single largest donor. According to Israeli intelligence, this money was the main source of funding that went to 36 families of Palestinian terrorists, including eight families of suicide bombers."

The Yale Daily News at states,


Bonnie Cox June 5 at 3:02am
I agree with you that Michael did want to please/appease people. I think his falling out with those in the Middle East (the plans with Waleed, the Royal family in Bahrain that he stayed with) broke ties with Michael because Michael would not covert . . . that's just an assumption. Follows a pattern of other Michael "friends" that wanted to use him, Michael grew leary and bailed (or had someone else send them packing) and relationships were severed.

Interesting information. Thank you. I don't know if I should post this or not . . . May or may not have something to do with Michael's death. It's kind of away from the direct evidence . . . but Peter Lopez. What ties did he have to Waleed? Where were you going with that? Interesting.

Macey Devon June 5 at 3:28pm
I dont think Lopez had any ties to waleed but at this point who knows . there was ANOTHER guy ...I think a lawyer who just recently converted out of teh blue to Islam while conducting business with the Saudi princes .... also connected to the entertainment industry .

Macey Devon June 5 at 3:31pm
Bonnie ..... I just took a load of grief from a friend that i do research with . She thinks that I have told you everything we have worked so hard to find . I told her that I pointed you in the right direction . I guess the truth lies in the middle . I feel horrible . Im not sure what we are supposed to do with all this work if not to put the info out there .

Please do not tell anyone that I have told you anything . I appreciate it .

Bonnie Cox June 5 at 4:39pm
Hi Macey,

I think I know who it is. SD? If that is who it is, she had been emailing me and she didn't give me grief but she was not happy that I had posted a time line that she sent me.

We are not the only ones doing research and someone is always going to find something we miss. If we can't be a team for Michael to get to the bottom of this (if that's even possible), then what are we doing this for? I've had people take things I've written and put them out there too. I've seen pieces of private messages I've sent people posted elsewhere that I had planned on writing about in my blog. I don't mind because I want AWARENESS out there! I'm not doing this for glory, I'm doing it because what happened to Michael SUCKS! I share information with people willingly.

I think about it this way . . . if anyone were to ever get threatened by someone connected to and benefiting from what happened to Michael . . . we have leverage, just in the number of people that are into this thing as we have. They can't get us all.

I will be careful, but I'm with you . . . what is the purpose of doing the research if not to share it, collaborate on the missing pieces someone else may have and make it public? This is for Michael's benefit . . . no one elses. I will not say anything to her or anyone else about this conversation.

Keep the faith Macey. I'm sorry if I got you into trouble. :o(

Macey Devon June 5 at 5:35pm
I agree. Im not sure who SD is .... my person is someone who isnt very visible for the most part in the Mj investigations community . and to be sure she didnt come across the info I sent her a link to your blog so its not like I was trying to pull something .

I think basically , that we ( me and my friend ) had been trying to keep it a secret form the beginning , from fear .... that it is now difficult to transition to getting the news out there .

Bonnie Cox June 5 at 6:49pm
My person isn't either. I have three people sending me info, one wants me to write it up, another person is also sending to Seven and another one (the SD girl) definately does not want me to put the info she sends me out there. Problem is, much of the info is the same. Everyone is following the money . . . if they're smart. So no matter what I do, I stand the possibility of saying something someone doesn't want me to say.

I know what you mean about the fear. My fear was, if someone from the inside of that whole AEG-Sony clan had actually tried to help Michael . . . we might blow it by putting the info out there. Some of those links could go either way.

Maybe I should just go back to posting about Michael's spirituality . . . It's hard.

Macey Devon June 5 at 6:56pm
another concern ..... "we" ( a small group about 15-20 ) found tohme's site months ago .... now it is password protected and very difficult to find . we also found that many many internet links are coming up missing or being altered ... once word gets out things go poof .

I still think that it is possible that Michael is comatose . or something similar

Bonnie Cox June 5 at 9:31pm
Macey, did you message Seven about any of this? Because this stuff is all over her blog at I think you're right.

The sale of Sony/ATV (please don't print this anywhere or post it) to Colony Capital is STILL pending or listed as pending. Why would Colony lay claim or even bother with the Sony/ATV? They are not in the music publishing business. And why is the sale still pending?

I am going to do some more digging on this tonight, geeze, I wish I still had my mining software! My husband made a suggestion. Maybe the reason the sale is still pending is because there is a battle going on under the surface between Sony and CC over the catalogue. I thought at first that Colony could be going after the estate for the debt they held on Michael and Neverland (and other debts they restructured), but the estate is now solvent, so the estate could pay off Colony Capital. Something else is going on.

I will be heavily looking into this. I WILL NOT post anything about this because it is so speculative and if what I think is true, I WOULD be endangering someone if I post it.

The same thing happened to a video months ago that I left a comment on . . . and the link disappeared. Happened to someone else over another video. Somebody is playing games.

Macey . . . I dont' like this.

Macey Devon June 5 at 11:40pm
"Maybe the reason the sale is still pending is because there is a battle going on under the surface between Sony and CC over the catalogue.

I have been told this .... how much is accurate -- I dont know .

Here is a snippet of PRIVATE info : not be be shared in any way whatsoever orivately or otherwise . Tohme was seen storming out of the Sony /ATV offices several months ago . angry. slamming doors ..... why I tend to support your idea of a war behind the scenes .

My gut says the Jacksons ..or at least some of them are scared of something . There are rumors of threats .

I have tread carefully.

Macey Devon June 7 at 2:51am
I am about halfway thru your blog ... you mentioned the woman who made the aspergers comment ? you said she had 2 kids with it ? was her name chico ?

Bonnie Cox June 7 at 3:03am
Hi Macey, no. Her name is Karen and she is not affiliate with any Michael Jackson group people. She is someone I know politically in Maryland.

On your previous message (been at church all day and just catching up. I will get no sleep tonight) Interesting about Tohme. I wonder why he was storming out of the Sony/ATV . . . They owe him something?

I still say this needs to go outside of L.A. if this is ever going to be PROPERLY investigated. I just saw postings by Randy on Twitter (catching up when I got back from church . . . man!) T.M. IS WORKING ON THIS . . . I KNEW it! He said viewing inconsistencies in Michael's death . . . could mean anything but I am SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT!!! Elated!

How many Jackson family members are under a recording label that is owned by Sony? Janet?

Macey Devon June 7 at 6:30pm
the person who "saw " is a SOny / ATV employee . again .... please do not repeat -- do not put this person in jeopardy .

Macey Devon June 7 at 6:31pm
off topic ..... hubby was laid off recently ... and he has a phone interview tomorrow in his field . perhaps you would consider a prayer for him / us ?

Bonnie Cox June 8 at 2:38am
I will not repeat that at all. I have something else for you that I don't want YOU to repeat until I can get this done.

This is the blog update from tonight HTWF There is an angle for Michael here! I am making two phone calls tomorrow. There is an angle we can exploit here . . . a back door we can use to get Branca investigated. I hope this works! I will update you but I cannot post this anywhere. I was so excited when I got this idea I jumped up and hit the top of my head on my husband's jaw! (He was standing above me, . . . I had no idea. We both hurt . . . thanks for asking)


  1. Hi Bonnie,
    Are you going to get John Branca investigated?

  2. iloveMJandGod said - "Are you going to get John Branca investigated?"

    ........ LOL!!! Oh sure! Lil' ole me? There are much bigger and better people that can't get that done. All I'm doing is putting information out there for ANYONE who might be able to use it.

  3. Bonnie said: "Just then I felt this very cool, air-like kiss. It was like air pressure but in the distinct shape of two lips. My eyes flew open and I was shocked but not afraid. I didn't want to touch my face for fear of disrupting the feeling. The cool pressure only lasted maybe two or three seconds, but the sensation took longer to wear off. By the time the feeling subsided, I was completely calm and I could get to sleep."

    You feel to be touched by a kiss and immediately afterwards you feel happy, you do not cry anymore.
    Bonnie is the best thing that could happen to you, you realize? Beautiful.
    God bless you, Bonnie!

  4. Skiper said - "Bonnie is the best thing that could happen to you, you realize? Beautiful.
    God bless you, Bonnie!"

    ........ It was and I keep remembering it every time I get upset. I am very, very fortunate and I will never forget it. ♥ God Bless you, Skiper.


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