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Michael Jackson Justice: One Hill From Pepsi They See, Huh Michael?

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Monday, May 23, 2011

One Hill From Pepsi They See, Huh Michael?

Michael Jackson Says “One Hill
From Pepsi They See…”
The “Gotcha” Look

Jeremiah 46:28  “Do not fear, O Jacob My servant,” says the LORD, For I am with you; For I will make a complete end of all the nations to which I have driven you, But I will not make a complete end of you.  I will rightly correct you, for I will not leave you wholly unpunished.

This verse above gives me peace whenever I feel the need to fret about what is going on in the world.  God will make a complete end of all the nations, to which he has driven us, but he will not make a complete end of you (He is talking to the prophet Jeremiah when he says this).  This was written down for a reason.  A complete end of all nations was not referring to Jeremiah’s present and it wasn’t referring to Jeremiah alone, but his descendents, those that love God.

This weekend I had a couple of you calling and crying, wanting to talk about what is going on in the world, where we are going and what we are supposed to do.  Next time, I will tell you to read Jeremiah 46 and smile.  I will also tell you what the Jewish man told me in my dream . . . “just keep doing what you are doing.  You will be where God wants you when the time comes.”  And “Don’t get upset because of the symptoms, the symptoms are actually helping fight the disease . . .”  Another play on “All things work together for good”.  We must take the good and the bad because all of it is working together, for God.  We know who is in control and that is how we know.

Over the weekend also, one of my LENGTHY phone discussions with Spotlight, we were talking about Friday’s blog topic.  Both of us are on the computer looking at the pictures and I want to point this out to you, the observations that were made.

Spider bite photos

Michael’s claims that a recluse spider bit his leg were twisted by Dieter Wiesner and the press into a story of intravenous drug use.

I know some of you would like to strangle Wiesner for doing this to his “good friend . . . we had somesinks very special…”  But all things work together for good.

Michael, the story in the press goes, had someone take these pictures of his legs to forward to a judge as to why he had to reschedule a deposition.  We know this (sorry for the repeat)

Take a look at Michael’s spider bite pics again:

Another picture I just found, before the necrosis set it

Pic#1 - Before Necrosis set in

Pic #2 - Another angle before,
probably 24 hours after bitten

Pic #3 - Michael Showing his wound days later

Pic #4 - Closer look

Pic #5 – Closer still

In Friday’s blog topic (review here) we showed only the shots with the necrosis, which was several days into the progression of the infection.  But we also compared some of the markings on his legs, down around the ankles that were not consistent with his vitiligo (Michael, I’m sorry I am talking about this, wherever you are please forgive me, I know this is personal).

We compared the markings to older and newer taser or stun gun marks, which some “Monarch” program victims had described being used on them during programming to trigger alters.

We showed you Jon Bonet Ramsey and linked to the articles discussing evidence of a stun gun being used on her.

Pic #6 - Jon Bonet Ramsey

There were other photos of Jon Bonet that were postmortem, but I did not want to show them here, they were upsetting (she was strangled).

Other Stun-gun wounds vary from the network bruising you see to the small, pin-point burn marks, depending on how close to the skin the use of this was, whether it was through clothing and how long the stun gun was applied.

Abducted – Now Working for Govnmt Press
Johnny Gosch, aka Jeff Gosch, aka Jeff Gannon

We covered Johnny Gosch before.  (review here)

I’m not going to write more about this at this time, because I don’t want to get off topic, but Cathy O’Brien was also mentioned in this article below: 

I explained how (US Army Ranger Colonel Michael) Aquino (founder of the Satanic Temple of Set) used me in the training video "HOW TO CREATE A MIND CONTROLLED SLAVE USING A STUN GUN" that was filmed in Huntsville (Alabama by NASA), and even provided details of local persons involved.

Video by this title was reported to have been found at the JonBenet Ramsey household after her 1996 murder, and her autopsy proved stun prod marks on her 6 year old body, "STUN GUN USED IN RAMSY KILLING", December 20, 1997, Los Angeles TimesSource  (Warning** Graphic post mortem photos of child)

Please read this source when you get time (don’t look at the pictures).  William Jefferson Clinton is also mentioned in it.

Back to the marks on Michael’s legs – Spotlight and I were talking about these “marks” that don’t match in color or shape with the vitiligo on his legs nor do they match up with injection marks.  However one of the marks looks as if it is over a vein.

Question:  If Michael wanted pictures taken of a wound on his leg to show a judge a spider bite, why would he pull up BOTH PANT LEGS and pull down BOTH SOCKS?

Question #2:  If Michael was trying to hide drug use or drug addiction, why would he purposely pull up both pantlegs and get a close up of his ankles?  What was he trying to call attention to?

The pictures taken at the doctor’s office in pics # 1 and 2 only show ONE leg.  Why would Michael show BOTH LEGS, have close ups of the ankle area if he were trying to HIDE not SHOW evidence of punctures or electo-burns?  The judge would only need to see one leg, the wounded one, right?

Michael was extremely sensitive of his vitiligo, using makeup to cover his arms and other visible areas of his body even for concert performances.  His legs after the Vitiligo set in were ALWAYS COVERED.

I believe Michael was trying to SHOW US SOMETHING.  Stun guns, by descriptions of Monarch victims ARE USED in torture and reinforcement.  Michael wanted us to see the other marks on his legs. 

THIS is why the stupid story of needles breaking off in legs was told to the press, to cover their crimes!  To explain the “marks” on his legs.  Michael raised both pant legs and lowered BOTH SOCKS FOR A REASON.

Please, please read this link again, but don’t just take the article’s word for it, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH with what you find IN THE ARTICLE.  You will find the cover up.  Source  (Again, warning – postmortem of Jon Bonet, upsetting photos).

This is photo of a healed recluse bite on someone’s leg, after one year.  It’s a pretty nasty scar.  

 I find it infuriating that neither a scar like this, nor the one from Michael’s pepsi accident is even mentioned in the autopsy report.  Perhaps another press cover up?  Let’s look at the Pepsi accident info again . . .

One Hill from Pepsi They See . . .

Michael’s song “Heartbreaker” included a rap portion, performed by Notorious Big.  Included was a reference to Pepsi:

You Playing Huh, I Thought It Was Love With This Game Huh
When Your Dealing With The Emotions Of Pain Huh
Take A Closer Look When Your Dealing With A Stranger
I Can't Change Her, No
Heart Murder In Place Then You'll See
A One Hill From Pepsi They See
One Hard Player, She's A Star Player
I Need This Crap Huh
I Didn't See The Heartbreaker, So Come On
”  Source

Let’s go back to 1984, to the Pepsi fire.  I have covered this in the past too, but didn’t find any other information on this until now:

Pepsi accident

Below I recorded the interview with Harvey Levin (TMZ) and Fire Safety personnel present at the Pepsi shoot.  He discusses the fact that Bob Giraldi made changes in the last take that put Michael in harm’s way and WITHOUT informing the fire safety personnel.

I also found it interesting that Donester and were told to stay in their offices.  They got calls from all over the world but the calls were never forwarded to them.  Donester found out after he left his office at 3:30 that people calling for interviews were TOLD THEY WERE NOT AVAILABLE.

Recorded Interview with
Fire Safety Chief, Don Donester.
Who was present at the Pepsi
Commercial Shoot
Source with background info - Click

Please forgive me but the recording on the website was really faint and I tried sitting the speaker right next to the microphone facing the picture of Michael on my computer.  Donester’s voice came out much clearer but we still cannot hear Harvey asking the questions.  However, if you listen to Donester about 3/4ths of the way through the interview, you do hear him address Harvey by name.  You may have different results if you go to the “click” link and play the recording for yourself.

This is Bob Giraldi’s response to the testimony by Don Donester:

According to Captain Don Donester, the fire safety inspector, who was on the set during filming of the commercial, overheard Giraldi informing Michael Jackson to "Stand there longer [under the sparks]. You'll look more majestic." [3] In a response to TMZ, Giraldi countered that he had no idea putting Michael directly underneath the sparks was dangerous, and furthermore, it was the responsibility of fire safety officials such as Donester to warn him of any risk. He also stated that there were never supposed to be sparks; in fact, the fireworks malfunctioned.”  Source  (Please thank Spotlight for finding both the recording of Donester and the Wiki-Giraldi link). 

Giraldi of course neglects to explain that the CHANGES were not DISCUSSED with the fire safety personnel.  He ALSO does not explain why the fire safety people were BLOCKED from the press AND Bob does not explain why he never worked on another Michael video.  (??? How come Bob?)  His two videos “Say, Say, Say” and “Beat it” were both produced in 1983.

During another interview it was calculated that Michael was “on fire” for eight seconds before anyone moved to help him.  Those at the bottom of the stairs, his brothers playing the instruments, assistants, all were at a disadvantage of being able to see him, the top/back of Michael’s head has he bounced down the stairs, dancing.

However, there were a bunch of pyro-tech guys and CAMERA PEOPLE BEHIND him!  These people continued to ROLL THE FILM as Michael is on fire.  If we, as spectators can see without a doubt that Michael’s hair was on fire, don’t you think that those filming BEHIND HIM, IN PERSON could see it?

We have talked about this before, but Spotlight had told me about this particular interview . . . did ANYONE see this on the nightly news?  Fox?  CNN?  ABC?  No?

Wonder why!  Funny how the truth beats a hasty retreat when it comes to BROADCASTING about anything or anyone the establishment abuses.  I would think THIS NEWS would be bigger than Joe Jackson’s misappropriated catch phrases, don’t you?

How did this one get buried?  I don’t remember even seeing this on TMZ.  Again, wonder why?  How did this recording get leaked?  THANK YOU to whoever did it.

I remember Randy Jackson Twittering about the unauthorized release of this Pepsi accident video.   I pray that Randy now sees that there is a reason things happen and most probably by now is thankful that this got out.  Even the uninformed must surely reason that unless there is a SADIST directing a film, you don’t sit there and WATCH THE STAR BURN FOR EIGHT SECONDS while nothing is done until the star begins screaming and shaking his head in horror and agony!

If people exist that can watch something like this happen, then try to cover it up by isolating witnesses from being interviewed, how can we doubt that Michael would have a reason to cry out for help by trying to sneak in extra evidence such as two pulled up pant legs to record or film marks left on him by his torturers?

Michaels was famous for a number of things and one of them was that he recorded everything.  He took pictures or had pictures taken of everything.

Just what more is there to come out into the open?

If I was Sony, or Branca . . . I would be very, very nervous.

One of my favorites of Michael
As a Child – Those Eyes (awwww)

Michael Chewing the Microphone

I want to know if there is seriously anyone (besides Charlie Thomson) that doubts for one minute the hell that Michael, Latoya or the rest of that poor family has been put through?

I want to know why I seem to be the only one addressing this!  Why?

I want to know why Deborah Kunesh’s bathroom floor pictures of Michael take precedence over THE TRUTH!  Why Deborah!  I can send you plenty of Bible verses that address those that use God to cover their deceptions (Those that call themselves Jews and are not – Revelation 2:9)

I want to know what Charlie Thomson is going to write about when he can’t find any different way to tell the “Michael wasn’t guilty” story, when an INTERNATIONALLY TELEVISED AND RECORDED VERDICT COULDN’T EVEN DO IT!

I want to know how many “shanti-shanties” Karen Faye is going to have to recite to try to absolve herself of her part in the coverup!

I want to know why JUSTICE4MJ can’t even get the truth right in THEIR NAME!

I want to know when John Branca is going to realize that “The Will has Got No Fortune . . .” and that he’s not as smart as the fans he’s trying to lie to!

Conspiracy is a word that those FAKE fans, fake FAN GROUPS, journalists, fake journalists, Major News Outlets and yes, even our PRESIDENT don’t want you to know the definition of.

Michael told us what this was about.

Jermaine told us what this is about.

Latoya has testified to being “Mind Controlled”

You can bury your head in the sand if you so desire, but it usually serves only to get your butt blown off.

If it were not for the Jackson family, Michael’s songs AND his perseverance in trying to get us to listen to a message that has been consistently strangled in Sony-directed bad press directed by world government agenda, many of us would still be asleep. 

God has blessed the Jackson Family and continues to bless them to this day.  I am so thankful for what they have shown me.  I want to help Michael help these children that are still trapped in the web of this establishment, which includes me and you.

I want to echo something I heard Jermaine say in a past interview.  When I began this blog, trying to work through and understand why suddenly Michael was so important to me, I had no idea whatsoever it would lead to all this.

The biggest fear I ever had from the time I was a child was someone uttering this short sentence to me:

“I love you”.  I would love to tell you why, but most of you reading may already know.  The hardest question in the world for me to answer, to this day, is this one:

“Do you trust me?”

Now imagine trying to come to terms with the two most important qualities God asks of us in the Bible . . . to love him, and to trust him.

Faith?  I didn’t even know what it was.  All I knew was that God was the only one that never lied to me.  And that was the only security I had growing up.

Compared to Michael I have to say, I had it really good.

But there are other children out there, and know it or not, you are one of them.  In some way, shape or form you’ve been abducted, brainwashed, mind controlled, abused,  tortured and perhaps even isolated from who God intended for you to be, just as they tried to do with Michael.

Can’t we even muster the courage to testify for at least one of them?  Like, Michael?

God Bless you.  Let me know if I can help.

Michael – For All The Lost Children


  1. Bonnie, I love you so much tonight! This blog was painful, but so full of love. I have to think that Michael is crying tears of joy at the knowledge that his message is getting out, thanks to the only place I know of where the truth dares to be told...right here! B-R-A-V-O!

    You know what they say...a picture is worth a thousand words. And several pictures can tell the complete story. The photos of Michael's spider wound are a profound invitation to look beyond the obvious. As badly as I felt to see such a horrific injury to his beautiful dancer's leg, there is so much more when you combine the images with the topic we're covering here. And if we take it a step further and realize that Michael is an "active participant" in these photos, he leads us to what could be the answer to the $64,000 dollar question!

    Bonnie, that was brilliant of Michael to pull up BOTH pant legs and lower BOTH socks. Knowing how he thinks, there had to be a reason for that. He wanted a perfectly symmetrical and uniform composition? Not this time! Never underestimate the mind of our precious genius.

    My heart feels squeezed when I think that Michael was subjected to any form of abuse or mind control, and it makes me tremble and cry that someone brutalized or manhandled him in any way - whether as a youngster or as an adult. Abuse is abuse. He was roughed up while in police custody in 2003 - and that alone puts me in a tailspin because apparently they knew they could get away with it! WHY? We now know that the government and law enforcement agencies nationwide are protecting each other.

    Michael is a man with such a sense of spiritual peace, grace, courage and dignity. No one can say he was a vain, narcissistic and egotistical human being - not when he can pose for gut wrenching photos like this, knowing he did not look his best. Perfection for his art was one thing. But Michael knew there was something more important at stake here and that's what makes him so beautiful! And that's why we love him from the inside out. I know I've said it many times, but it's worth repeating, especially tonight. When I look at Michael without stage makeup, or the vulnerable images here of his legs, I don't see anything...but "angel skin!"

    Every bit if information we can uncover will help tell Michael's story, and will help others to see beyond the lies. All those children out there needing to be rescued. We all understand why Michael cried according to Brett Ratner at the thought of not being able to help them all. The idea of leaving just one child behind to suffer is inconceivable to him. He knew...he knew! Do you think Brett understood and appreciated the full scope of Michael's sensitivity to their plight? He's too busy doing the Hollywood thing on Twitter and never once mentions Michael. Another "good friend" bites the dust.

    Bonnie, great job on presenting the Pepsi coverup! Giraldi had the gall to pass the blame to the fire inspector. What a low life COWARD! The lie is so transparent - to claim that sparks were NOT supposed to go off on the last take, when they clearly went off on the first five takes! If they weren't supposed to go off on take 6, then why did they go off at all during the five takes? You can't have pyrotechnics without sparks! That's why they have fire safety on the set, in case a spark IGNITES a fire...HELLO! - such as it did on poor Michael's head!

    As I told you last night, Pepsi got off easy with a million dollar settlement, when you consider that the burn seriously maimed Michael in that it left him in a state of permanent pain. Michael gave the million dollars to the Brotman Burn Center. That's what set him apart - his noble act of kindness vs. Giraldi's despicable (and criminal) lapse in moral conscience.

    Love you, Bonnie! Awesome as usual!

  2. Spotlight said - "I have to think that Michael is crying tears of joy at the knowledge that his message is getting out"

    ........ Thank Don Donester for having the courage to tell what he saw and heard! I don't hear tears of joy from Michael. Somehow, I hear this faint voice giving direction over a telephone and then saying softly to himself after hanging up, "Okay . . . now what else are we missing . . ."

    Spotlight said - "Bonnie, that was brilliant of Michael to pull up BOTH pant legs and lower BOTH socks. Knowing how he thinks, there had to be a reason for that."

    ........ Have to agree - during this time he was under Wiesner's control and even knowing that, he had the wherewithal to disguise the revealing of "evidence" within an action with a seemingly unrelated purpose. He learned from the best . . . the deceivers themselves.

    Spotlight said - "When I look at Michael without stage makeup, or the vulnerable images here of his legs, I don't see anything...but "angel skin!"

    ......... I didn't know how to reply to this. I do like Michael closer to natural, but it is still all him, makeup or no. Michael's leg looked to be too much in pain for me to notice anything but the evidence, but his vitiligo is just one more thing he has handled with grace, even if others failed to accomplish that much.

    Michael's whole family I will always see as these innocent deer. I have a gift for Michael on the next blog update. I may have posted it before, but I just love the picture.

    I'm glad you mentioned the "other five takes" in regard to the sparks from the pyro-technics. I forgot to address that little issue! What a lame defense.

    Well, I have to give Mike a hug (virtual of course) and say goodnight. Thank you SO MUCH for your help in finding some of this! I hope Michael says a prayer for you or puts in a BIG WORD for you with the Big Boss! ♥♥♥

    Love you Spotlight!

  3. Bonnie - All I can say is "Wow"....."Wow". I am dumb founded and heart broken. I can't stand this. I have to leave the room when my husband is watching a movie and they are doing things like this on the screen. I know it happens for real. I can't fathom why anyone could be so, so unfeeling to do anything like this to another human being! I had to go back to listing to "little Michael" music today. Even then, God provided messages in the music. (Or maybe I just hear better now?)

    Thank you for continuing the dig for the truth. Thank you everybody else who reads this blog. You're all here for the same reason. We are united by a special bond. Michael is the glue. Love is the answer. God is the dance.

  4. This morning,I got out of bed and, as always, I turned on my computer to read the news.
    When I saw this new page of your blog, Bonnie, I was moved with a broken heart.
    These images are very strong but very true, unfortunately.
    In addition, the comment of "Spotlight" with you, Bonnie, really touched me into deep of my soul.
    You, together, are simply wonderful and very good.♥♥♥


  5. Blake said - "I can't stand this. I have to leave the room when my husband is watching a movie and they are doing things like this on the screen. I know it happens for real. I can't fathom why anyone could be so, so unfeeling to do anything like this to another human being!"

    ....... It is very hard. I have never been queasy unless it had to do with injuries to a child or an animal (talk to my sons who used to watch Animal Cops..OMG). I remember back in the early 1990's the news show covering the abandoned children in Romanian orphanages. I was staying with my inlaws over Christmas while my ex-husband was in the Gulf War (I was such a patriot then...little did I know) and I just lost it in front of my (now, ex-mom-in-law) who had the empathy of a jack-hammer. She just sat there looking at me like something was wrong with ME! "Oh, I think my son being gone is just getting to you . . ." she says. NO - it actually was the CHILDREN! I can't even imagine the element that must have flocked to Romania to adopt new victims!

    I have to keep telling myself "their day is coming, their day is coming" and you have to focus on who you can help or who you can inform and not what's already been done . . . you'll go crazy and do things you never expected to be doing, like putting your cheek against a computer screen with someone's picture on it. (sigh!)


    Skiper said - "When I saw this new page of your blog, Bonnie, I was moved with a broken heart."

    .......... Spotlight is very expressive. I love reading her comments. Your comments always make me smile. You are so dear! I have to go BACK to bed (I was up too late last night, so tired...) I hope you feel hugs from me. Try not to be too sad. God will be coming for his children. :o)

  6. Now it works : couldn't technically send my message during 20 min.

    @BONNIE :
    Having devoted my day painting my small apartment (I finish tomorrow), I was worn out & reading your Blog now achieved me ! A proverb in my language says "Don't fear the Hell, you live in it already".

    World organizations & high-rank politicians daring to torture humans & children in particular for the "benefit" of their satanic programs, it KILLS me literally ! That some concerned evils still live wealthy, healthy, honoured & unpunished evidences WHO runs the World : such guys may well make us a WW3 War too (OK here I'm a bit obsessed I agree). They have money & power but will have to leave their stolen treasures when they die alike any human so why sell their "soul" :o( to the Devil ? SCARY(the topics of this Blog) is an understatement : but a few of those guys started to fall since 2008 : the mass of people starts to question more & more.

    Michael, you surely are in a better place but what we live & may live in the future makes us miss you & love you even more: God Bless you, your MJ3 (protect from the leeches in future) & your whole family.

    Thank you again Bonnie ♥♥♥

    PS : all the above comments, I love.

  7. Line said - "@BONNIE :
    Having devoted my day painting my small apartment (I finish tomorrow), I was worn out & reading your Blog now achieved me ! A proverb in my language says "Don't fear the Hell, you live in it already".

    ......... I had the same problem trying to sign in. I thought it was just my computer. If you are using Firefox browser maybe that was it. It kept jumping - hard to explain. What a pain!

    Line said - "but a few of those guys started to fall since 2008 : the mass of people starts to question more & more."

    ...... Yes, more and more people question and this is what we want. Unfortunately many are still asleep, not even knowing they are enshrouded in a cocoon of deception. The comfort of the Matrix.

    I miss him too Line, and I know that sounds corny to say of someone we've never met. It is still something I try to understand - where the pain comes from, it's beyond what I can handle sometimes.

    I want to tell yous something though, when I get like that, I try to look up some Phillips, Craig and Dean or something I can sing/harmonize too. Well I pulled up the Revelation song today and you won't believe what happened!

    I had my speakers turned up as loud as they could go and I was singing the tenor part (LOL - me, tenor) and I saw something come toward the office window.

    Still singing, I look over and there is this morning dove with it's wings completely expanded. He was there listening to me! When I looked over at him, he flapped his wings, he was looking directly at my face! I stopped singing because I was shocked. He was hanging on with his feet on the slats of the pane. When I stopped singing his little black eyes blinked twice and he pushed himself away from the window and flew off!

    That was probably one of the most awesome things I have ever had happen in my life! It's right up there with that angel kiss on my cheek when praying for Michael back when all this began. I can't wait until my husband gets home so I can tell him! (I love that bird!!!! . . . referring to the real one, but I love my husband too!)

    You know when a bird approves of your singing you can't be half bad! (or, he was telling me to shut up, pick one, LOL!!!)

  8. BONNIE : "(I love that bird!!!! . . . referring to the real one, but I love my husband too!)

    .... A dove ! bearer of peace & harmony, you lucky : maybe Michael made you a sign with the appearance of a dove or the dove simply appreciated your singing talent. OK here I imagine but who knows ? God's spirit is everywhere for those who want to see & the animals also have their ways to communicate with us.

    Thank you for sharing this charming event :o)

    Good evening to you.

  9. Line said - "maybe Michael made you a sign with the appearance of a dove or the dove simply appreciated your singing talent. OK here I imagine but who knows ?"

    ......... Don't most birds laugh at human beings trying to sing? LOL! I don't know what to say, but that was something else! (Are you trying to tell me that Michael was perhaps telling me to shut up? LOL!)

  10. Pepsi Accident: terrible!
    After all the reading of this blog, I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the work that you make, Bonnie and Spotlight.
    Although, I did not understand why Michael had got to photograph her legs before a judge.
    If I understand correctly.
    Also, I wanted to join Blake's last comment, I agree absolutely that all persons who comment on this blog are very connected with each other even if virtually.
    For this, I thank Michael and you, Bonnie.
    One more thing I wanted to add: after that distant June 25, the walls of my house are covered with photographs of Michael.
    Even in my purse there always the picture of Michael and his sons (Blanket my favorite, I love it).
    But now I have also added your photo, Bonnie (the one with glasses), I want show it to my friends.
    I always talk about you and your blog. They are curious to see you.
    A hug from Skiper.

  11. Skiper said - "Although, I did not understand why Michael had got to photograph her legs before a judge.
    If I understand correctly."

    .......... according to the press, Michael missed or had to reschedule a deposition (for one of his many lawsuits) and he took a picture of his spider wound to prove he indeed had an emergency. That is the popular version of the story.

    I do not have photos of Michael all over the house. I do have his picture on my computer to stay mentally connected to him while I write and research. I will sometimes talk to him when I am upset. I have definitely put my forehead against his (on the computer) sometimes when praying or crying just because I can't do anything else at that moment.

    I draw him a lot but I don't put pictures up of him. I have the "This is It" jacket cover on my beside table so I remember to say a prayer for protection of his family and him. I listen to his music daily to try and find clues. There are still a lot of songs I haven't really covered, like those on "History" and "Blood on the Dance Floor" albums. I can't even believe how much I miss him. None of this makes any sense but yet when I take into consideration my own past, the dreams - so many of them, it all fits together.

    Sometimes Skiper I miss the cocooned, walled up little kid I used to be. Nobody could get to me and LIKED it that way. It was painless. I could block anything. This I am not used to at all.

    I have pictures of Michael's children on my computer. I don't put them on the blog a lot because they are not my children and they are still . . . children. I just feel Michael would not like me to use their pictures publicly, so I don't. I love them. I put my own children's pictures up because they are no longer children.

    It is okay if you want to show others what I look like. I'm flattered that they ask and that you talk about the blog. I feel like I am related to you now. ♥♥♥

  12. Bonnie,...I miss the cocooned,walled up little kid I used to be... Funny you should say that,it's how I lived my entire life.Not fully trusting anyone.(my nickname has been "Ice Princess" for as long as I can remember). Until Michael.Something broke inside me,and I haven't been the same since.Thank you for your words of wisdom.Linda

  13. Thanks, Bonnie, for your kind words and for understanding what I feel deeply.
    I am very close to Michael and his sons, and much to you, Bonnie.
    Michael's photographs are close to those of Jesus, J.F.Kennedy and M.L.King. When I pray, at night, I look at them and they give me so much serenity.
    By car, while I drive, I listen the songs of Michael and I am very more calm and serene.
    In the computer, I have almost everything of Michael. His life was very interesting.
    Some days, when I'm in trouble, I think to Michael, to his songs and I'm better.
    Bonnie, I know, you understand what I'm talking about. I love you.

  14. This was sent through email from a friend. I will post her name if she say's it is okay:

    Hi Bonnie,

    I have read your blog regarding the "accident" which resulted in the damage to Michael's scalp. This was no accident.

    I don't know if you are aware but the hairstyle Michael had at the time had to be very heavily oiled by a spray which in itself is highly flammable so they must have known that this combined with the sparks would have caused the reaction he did.

    This again goes to prove that they wanted to hurt Michael and as you stated on your blog why didn't anyone behind come to his rescue.

    The things they put that man through I don't think another human being would have endured but for over 20 years Michael had to deal with this attack. It just goes to prove that he was sent from God for a purpose which I believe has not yet been fully revealed.

    God bless you Bonnie.

  15. Linda said - "I miss the cocooned,walled up little kid I used to be... Funny you should say that,it's how I lived my entire life.Not fully trusting anyone.(my nickname has been "Ice Princess" for as long as I can remember). Until Michael.Something broke inside me,and I haven't been the same since.Thank you for your words of wisdom"

    ......... Funny YOU should say "Ice Princess" That's what my sister ran around telling all the guys in high school about me (she is only a year younger than me - 13 months, and she made my highschool years interesting).

    Same here exactly with Michael - good description. Something broke ... The walls around our hearts. Reminds me of the words to the song by "Tears for Fears", "Everybody Wants to Rule The World". Did you ever listen to the words to that song?

    I relate the experience to being born and having to learn how to navigate all over again without the "cocoon" of deceit blocking you from what is real. Our turn to live♥ Thank you God for opening my eyes.

  16. Skiper said - "Some days, when I'm in trouble, I think to Michael, to his songs and I'm better.
    Bonnie, I know, you understand what I'm talking about. I love you."

    ...... Yes, Skiper, I absolutely do understand. ♥♥♥


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