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Michael Jackson Justice: The Problem with Joe Jackson

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The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Problem with Joe Jackson

May 12, 2011 – The Problem with Joe Jackson
Did Michael Hate Him?

In doing the research yesterday on Len Blavatnik and the Warner deal, I ran across other “breadcrumbs” that I set aside to use for today.  It seems to fit right onto the blog I did on Latoya on May 9th, where I said –

Latoya testifies that she DID NOT SEE HER FAMILY OR CONTACT ANYONE FOR YEARS.  Nor was she ALLOWED TO HAVE FRIENDS.  And this was a slug named Jack Gordon.  Michael had more professionally discreet people around him, in multiples, constantly!  Remember Latoya also said, “they constantly keep you that way.”  This wasn’t JUST GORDON.

Think about that. What makes you think things were ANY DIFFERENT FOR MICHAEL?”  Source

Let’s look at that part of the interview again
Joe Jackson as a Father

Through the years, Mr. Joe Jackson has been absolutely eviscerated not only by the press and the entertainment industry.  He’s had his whole lifestyle and history re-written for him even by two of his children.  In the above interview, after being rescued from Jack Gordon, Latoya explains the real Joe Jackson.

Michael on the Geraldo Interview during his trial in 2005, talks about the real Joe Jackson.

At 5:05 He talks about values his father
Instilled in them in their youth
@ 5:40 He talks about appreciating
Who your parents really are.
I believe at this point an intervention had already
Taken place to get him away from people
Just as Latoya was rescued

Michael goes on to talk about his father and the traits of his father that HE has past 5:40 in the interview.  He says this smiling in recognition.  He can probably add “stubbornness” to that list of “virtues”.

At 5:50 Michael talks about trusting family
They are close knit

Here Michael talks about his “true” friends
Which aside from his children and family will not name
He also talks about God, Jesus, Reading the Bible
And the values he was raised with to love and take
Care of people.  INCLUDING his family, which some seem
To want to condemn them for.

At 4:38, Jermaine talks about what the industry has done to that family, “We didn’t know that from those humble beginnings, success would bring about this.  Was he JUST talking about the TRIAL or something more behind it?

Michael’s father, at the Trial every day

Mr. Joe Jackson was a stern father.  I read some of his other children’s descriptions of him and I am reminded of my great-grandfather . . . back during a time that a dad was “the law” in the house.  Biblically, that is as it should be.  Regardless of what society has evolved into and as socially “unpopular” that statement is, it is Biblically correct.   The man is to be the head of the household and the spiritual leader of the family.

This was also unpopular to those who wanted control of a talented little singer.

I found some old interviews in a little known book that someone put together and when I show you what some of these interviews contained, you will understand exactly the attack this family has been under for decades and it continues today.

From “In His Own Words” by Catherine Dineen, Joe Jackson:

I was married very young and while my wife was having our nine kids, I still wanted to see out my ambition to be a musician.  I joined the Falcons and used to rehearse in the kitchen while the kids were crawling around on the floor”.  Pg. 41

I was picturing Michael and Marlon and Randy crawling around the floor in diapers as Joe is stepping over them while trying to play guitar, LOL!  About Miss Katherine, Mr. Joe says:

We went overboard (when the kids showed an interest in music).  My wife and I would fight because I invested in new instruments that cost so much.  When a woman’s a good mother, and finds all the money going into instruments, she doesn’t like it.   Pg 41

This made me laugh.  Normal family.  This pretty much endeared Joe to me.  Where is the disrespect the press said he showed toward her?

About the developing of his family band, Mr. Joe says:

I rehearsed them about three years before I turned them loose.  That’s practically every day for at least two to three hours. . . . I saw the potential in them being stars, big stars.  And so we worked toward that goal and they had to be talked to all the time, with a skillful hand.  With an iron hand.  Pg. 41

It was fun.  The kids liked it and it was one sure way of keeping them home and not roaming in the streets of Gary . . . When other kids were out playing in the streets my boys were in the house working – trying to make something of their lives.  Pg 41

Joe also went on to talk about the boys also playing sports, all of them except Michael who was all showbiz, he says.  I also caught a bit of Michael in Joe when he said,

Jackson’s music is a type of music that the young kids like, the older people like it too . . . it’s music for rejoicing whether you’re black or white.  It’s music for the whole world.”  Pg. 42

About Michael, Mr. Joe says:

It’s very hard.  He’s got a lot of people trying to get to him and he’s got to smile when he wants to cry.  It can be rough sometimes, but that’s showbiz.  Pg 42

Then Joe gets into something interesting . . .

We had some hard times . . . really hard times.  But it looks to me it’s gotten harder.  They’re number one all around the world and everyone’s taking pot shots at them or taking a piece of this from them or a piece of that.  People are trying to break up the family and I’m trying to hold it together . . . There are a lot of leeches trying to break up the group.  A lot of people whispering in Michael’s ear.  But we know who they are.  Pg 42

When I read this, I cried.  This family has been under attack.  And Michael since he was a baby.  It was those that sought to tear that family apart that fed the press “their version” of Joe.  They wanted control of Michael.

Joe Jackson is not perfect (neither was my great-grandfather, but people respected him), but he absolutely was dedicated to his family.  I am not that educated on Joe’s spiritual side as men in his generation typically don’t have sentimental discussions.

Joe Jackson was one of the first persecuted in that family.  I also found this from Joe; interesting and a bit prophetic:

One of my main concerns is that they shouldn’t sign away their publishing.  I wanted to keep it so they could have their own publishing company.  At the time they started most groups would sign with the record company for publishing rights.  I was able to avoid that and I’m very glad about that now.  Pg 42

About Michael and the difference between him and his brothers:

Michael is religious, more so than his brothers.  He’s a devoted Jehovah’s Witness.  They were all brought up studying the Bible.  My boys are very good.  They’re not into drugs.  There’s nothing wrong with having a little drink but they don’t even do that.  They don’t smoke.  Pg 42

You can read Miss Katherine’s interview on this page in the same book.  It’s very sweet.  Source

I don’t know about you, but between Latoya’s revelations, Joe Jackson’s interviews from the past, and Jermaine’s Saudi interview talking about the government going after Michael, I think we have a pretty good framework of what was going on with this family.

Joe Jackson is not the man the press has made him out to be.  No more than MICHAEL is the person the press made him out to be.

Michael’s previous interviews like the Bash-interview which took place right before the allegations, portrays him as hating his father.  Look at his eyes and his demeanor in THAT portion of the video then go back up and look at the Michael in the Geraldo interview.

In the 1993 Oprah interview, Michael talks about “Joseph’s” cruelty and making fun of his looks.

In Latoya’s “Jack Gordon-years” interviews, she accuses Joe of molesting her and physical cruelty.  In her interview above, completely different story.

Do YOU have any explanations for that?

Neither do I, but we’ve already been over some theories:

I love whoever entered the info for Cathy O’Brien.  The entry claims none of her accusations can be substantiated while at the same time says that the CIA wasn’t aware of what the Universities were doing with the money they were giving them.  We also have Bill Clinton apologizing on T.V. for those “unsubstantiated” claims.

This is a particularly disturbing read if you can get through it.  Source.

Basically, Monarch and MK-Ultra mind control is the science of using the mind’s natural ability to protect itself from memory of physical and psychological trauma by compartmentalizing the memories or . . . creating multiple personalities/dissociative personalities.  The scientists induce the condition via abuse and drugs.  It was a program perfected during Nazi Germany and expanded upon through Tavistock in England, Russia and the U.S. CIA.

A former military officer connected to the DIA, told this writer, In the big picture these people [MONARCH victims] are in all walks of life, from the bum on the street to the white-collar guy. In corroboration, a retired CIA agent vaguely discussed the use of such personnel to be used as plants or chameleons for the purpose of infiltrating a designated group, gathering information and/or injecting an ulterior agenda. Ron Patton( Project Monarch:  Nazi Mind Control )  Source

We see a lot of “infiltrating”, “plants” and “chameleons” just in the MJ community with the different fan groups.  I don’t care if they start calling me crazy or not . . . they KEEP PROVING THESE PEOPLE RIGHT!

What happened to Michael is TELLING US what has been happening and if we keep following this trail, it will tell us what WILL HAPPEN.

Latoya talked about this in her interview, not remembering what happened one day to the next because “they were constantly keeping you that way”.  She talked about the physical abuse and the drugs.

Jermaine Jackson talked about the government being after Michael.

Joe Jackson spoke in interviews about people trying to break up the family.

Michael talked about a conspiracy MANY TIMES.

We have Deborah Kunesh and others from the original fan groups trying DESPERATELY to convince people that Michael’s “conspiracy” had to do with the catalog, yet she supports the “Michael” album and the company who markets it.  Talking out of both sides of your face is not convincing the minds of those who know . . . Deborah.

And others out there, tweeting the condemnation of this family in favor of  . . . what?  The Establishment?  Their dreams of genocide in favor of 500 million people  maximum on the planet?  Does that sound “Mike-like” to you?

On the MJJCommunity Board:

Re: The first result of my war for "freedom of speech"

by Asedora » Wed Apr 20, 2011 2:59 am
Today I was attacked on Twitter by Gaz. He banned one fan from his board and he was twitting that it was me This person is delusional. I asked him what kind of weed he is smoking but he refused to answer.  
I guess his problem is that continue banning fans who supports MJ mother? I wonder what was the reason..

I think Gaz needs a serious medical attention after what I have read on his twitter today. This is getting worse and worse every day. He can end up in mental institution one day :mellow:

Sony and Branca really are on the warpath aren’t they?  See, it is not just my blog.  They are attacking Michael’s family elsewhere.  They are blocking people that are SUPPORTIVE of Michael’s mom.

Is that what Michael was about?

I wish I was making this stuff up, but I am not.  Michael is not the only one that has suffered and he will not be the last.

Just what did he know?  His songs tried to tell us.  His speeches begged us to do something.

Just why the urgency in saving the children?

Just what was he trying to save them from?  What did he see?

Currently MONARCHfactory2 is bashing Miss Katherine, AGAIN.  What she expects to accomplish I have no idea.  Apparently her buddy Branca is ticked that nobody is buying the “marketing Michael’s name” characterization of Miss Katherine.  Yazzy is okay with marketing for TINI members and SONY in Michael’s name, but Michael’s mother is the greedy one?

She wrote:

Katherine Jackson aka the new Joe Jackson is at it again: monetizing her son’s death!

Katherine, who seems to be drawn to cameras like moth to flames after her son’s death, is now marketing flower arrangementS for….wait…Mother’s day!

For this “devout” Jehovah Witness, holiday celebrations are okay as long as
she makes money! Katherine had no qualms about celebrating News Year Eve. 

No amount of public condemnation is strong enough for Jacksons to feel shame
and stop exploiting Michael Jackson aka former Jackson Family cashcow or Michael’s children aka the new Jackson Family cashcows! Jacksons are shamelessly greedy and they won’t let a thing like integrity get in the way of exploiting a dead man!

Integrity has no middle ground. If your Jehowah Witness beliefs forbids you celebration of Mother’s Day then you should, in no way, be a party to other people’s celebration. It is like being anti-drug but selling crack, it makes no sense whatsoever!”

First, spell Jehovah correctly.  Getting THAT name wrong is not a good way to “bless” your blog.

Next, I saw that interview and Miss Katherine said nothing about Mother’s day, YOU DID in your tirade.

And let’s put public condemnation where public condemnation belongs . . . Miz Yazmeen, can you think of anybody BESIDES THE JACKSONS who has more of a right to the JACKSON name?  Let me think . . . oh yes, BRANCA!  Who’s already made MILLIONS FROM MICHAEL’S DEATH!  But that’s okay.  We’ll let YOU explain to Michael’s children your loyalties to him when they come of age and find as much money in their currently unfunded TRUST as CURT COBAIN’S DAUGHTER HAD when Weitzman got through with it.

You go through so much trouble for so few subscribers.  TINI followers notwithstanding.  Did you ever stop to think (I know, tall order) what Michael would think, looking down at you right now?  Do you think he would be GRATEFUL for your hate-spewn garbage toward his MOTHER whom he cherishes?

Is it such a crime for Miss Jackson to have a paying hobby considering Michael’s ESTATE hasn’t been very TIMELY with her “allowance”?

You are NOT helping Michael and you have NO DESIRE to help Michael.  Everyone knows it.  You might as well just announce you work for Branca because NOBODY believes that you DON’T.

Melissa Johnson of HTWF could have sued Branca into Nevernever Land for using Trademarks SHE BOUGHT when Michael’s managers refused to renew them for Michael.  Instead she agreed to a SETTLEMENT with the estate.  THAT should tell you something about Miss Katherine and Melissa Johnson and their DEDICATION to keeping the money IN THE ESTATE for the CHILDREN.

Too Bad that isn’t BRANCA’S priority!  He’s hiring P.R. firms to PROMOTE HIS IMAGE with ESTATE FUNDS.

Trust isn’t funded yet, Yazmeen . . . and it’s not because MISS KATHERINE is spending it!

______$$$$$$$$$$##$$$######### #
_______$$$$$$$$$_##$$######### #

Everything is not as it seems.  Michael did not lie.  The conspiracy is NOT just about the catalog. It is not just about the Jacksons and it is not just about Branca . . . And It involves YOU.

To Be Continued. . .

By the way, as soon as blogspot opens back up I will be posting this there as well.


Bonnie Cox ©2011 All Rights Reserved


  1. Well, it won't let me upload photos, but I only had two anyway. They are still working on things. In the four hours that Blogger has been up, I had a alot of visitors. I hope they get the photo upload working soon, but no biggie. We know what Michael and Joe look like :o)

    Thank you God. And I'm sorry I blew the hose. (literally, story tonight)

  2. Hi Bonnie I am glad your blog is okay now. I also think Michael and his family suffer more because of racism envy jealousy. There are lots of people who think they are entitled to Michael Jackson money. Bill Gates got 10x more money than Michael Jackson but know one thinks they are entitled to Bill's money why do you think that is? $ony John Branca have made millions of dollars using Michael Jackson name. As soon as someone name Jackson use Michael name to do any things his so call fans called them greedy. These people are a joke, I just hope there will be some money left for Michael's children when they are older the way John Branca and Co is going on he think he is entitled to every things Michael Jackson work for 45years. Not Michael Children or his family. I wonder why John Branca think this way. God Bless Bonnie Have a good weekend

  3. Hi Bonnie,
    I feel Michael Jackson went through some bad abuse and deep trauma in his life. But it might not of been at the hands of his father. I remember reading about how Michael was locked in closets when he was a child. I know that people who have been abused can get stuck at the age when they were first abused. Michael's real abuse might of started when he was 10, 11 or 12 years old when he first became famous and his family moved to LA and he was a Motown recording artist. Michael had so much to cope with at such a young age! Later when Michael was an adult I feel he was abused by his 'plastic surgeon' and maybe his managers. Michael might also of been abused by women if the prostitute story is to be believed about him being locked in a room with prostitutes at a young age that sounds traumatic. I know some people think Michael was a 'MK Ultra' victim I'm still not sure about that but I can tell Michael was badly abused. It's really tough for the victim of abuse to talk about abuse done to them because the victim feels ashamed. I think Michael may of had some sort of post traumatic stress disorder. 'Attachment therapy' might of helped Michael. I remember when Michael was in his early 20s just after he made the "Thriller" album he seemed so innocent, so pure, so nieve about the real world and also cut off from the real world and he was really into 'Peter Pan' to the point he almost thought he was 'Peter Pan' he seemed much younger than a man in his early 20s, he seemed childlike and he was very thin at that time in his life. I happen to think being childlike is cool though. I have sent you another email. xxxx

  4. Bonnie,
    I remember reading about attempts to split the Jackson5 around the time it was happening. At the time, I took it to be mainly about money. People in the entertainment business see a talent as a commodity to squeeze every last drop of cash out of. I recall ice skating stars being offered recording contracts or book publishing rights! With groups they say "You are the most talented. You don't need the rest of them. Why split the money 5 ways when you can have it all?" Then they reinforce it by using lies to pit one person against another. This is hard to cope with in any group, but when the group is your own family, there is no one left to talk to, if you believe the lies that you have been told. I would imagine they tried this method on Michael whilst he was still a boy or teenager. Shocking. To try an turn a boy against his own family.


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