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Michael Jackson Justice: Sony Loses on Warner Chappell - What Does This Mean for Mijac?

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sony Loses on Warner Chappell - What Does This Mean for Mijac?

May 11, 2011 – Blavatnik and the Warner Purchase

1 Peter 5:8-9  8 Be sober, be vigilant; because[a] your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. 9 Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world.

Who’s Bad?
The star of this film? 
Michael's TEETH! :o)

Yesterday I had planned to update and report on the Warner Chappell sale to Len Blavatnik and ended up embarking on the journey through Michael’s refinances.  I hadn’t planned on that, but when you see breadcrumbs, you follow them.

The plan was to investigate Blavatnik, the new owner of the Warner Chappell publishing company through his own company, Access Industries.

First I saw this article here – Source

In that article above, the twice-fired Roger Friedman wrote that – “Warner Chappell doesn’t own MiJac but it administers the rights to it and collects hefty fees. With WMG for sale, and talk of Warner Chappell being sold off, MiJac would seem like an integral part of their story.

But there’s a hitch that I can reveal to you: MiJac is leaving Warner Chappell and going to become part of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, the company that Michael Jackson’s estate co-owns with Sony and contains the Beatles catalog. . . . What may happen now: the newer, and very hot, BMG Music Rights will likely make a play for EMI Music Publishing. EMI Music–the record company, which has the Beatles albums in its catalog–the physical albums and box sets–could then be merged with another record company like Sony Music or, more horrifyingly, Warner Music. Stay tuned.” 

Well, we’re tuned, Friedbrain. 

He seems to take a bit too much pleasure in announcing Sony has MiJac. But remember that Roger doesn’t always tell the truth.  You MAY be getting a tenth of the picture.  The last paragraph announces a possible move for consolidation of Publishing catalogs or – Theft and Consolidation of Intellectual property.  This is one of the sources of wealth the elite have earmarked for their theft.  Source

According to a follow-up, the Estate announced to fans that Mijac would not be ‘OWNED’ by Sony, only that the administration of it would transfer from Warner to Sony/ATV.

What this means in ownership is nothing has changed.  What it means in dollars and sense is that Mijac is now part of the conglomerate of Sony/ATV, which means both Sony and the estate earn on it.  Branca owns on it too, since he also works for Sony and orchestrated the deal (cause he’s the estate), so both cheeks of his butt are getting bronzed.    Oh, I forgot to add that Bandier, as the CEO of the Sony/ATV is also earning on it.

So everyone is earning on it except for Michael, who should have HAD all of his sovereignty by now.

This was MINE!!!!

Roger is right in that without Mijac, Sony had less motivation to meet Blavatnik’s bid for Warner Chappell (WC). 

So now we have a Dilemma. 

Len Blavatnik is a relative newcomer to music publishing.  However by all appearances he is definitely an “establishment” kind of guy.  On one hand, Sony did not win the bid for WC.  On the other, Len is probably playing on the same side of the fence . . . maybe.  Was this planned?

Then this article announcing Sony putting in a big for Warner: 

Sony/ATV’s approach to buy Warner Chappell, which controls recordings from acts including the Bee Gees and Fleetwood Mac, emerged after reports this week of another bid from private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, the newspaper said.  Source

Another possible parallel.  In 1985, three guys and a company were beat out in their bid on another music catalog called the ATV Publishing catalog, by then mid-twenties pop star Michael Jackson.  Michael beat them out on a lower bid.  How did that happen?  The concert in Perth couldn’t have been that valuable to Holmes!

Was that orchestrated as well?  Did the other “biggies” allow Blavatnik to win the bid and why?  Some of these guys like Burkle were on the same side.

His rags-to-riches story: Blavatnik was born in the Soviet Union and immigrated to the U.S. in 1978 with his family. Blavatnik made a splash in U.S. real estate, went back to Russia in the 1990s and joined a wave of entrepreneurs who bought up assets being privatized by government. Blavatnik became a major owner of an aluminum business, and he invested in oil company TNK.

He is now a U.S. Citizen.  More on Blavatnik:

Blavatnik edged out more than a dozen other suitors including Sony Music Group, supermarket magnate Ron Burkle, Platinum Equity, Live Nation Entertainment and investment firm Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts, whose unsolicited offer late last year kicked off the auction process. KKR's partner in the bidding was German music company Bertelsmann.

Another music company, London-based EMI, is expected to be put up for sale later this year, presenting Blavatnik with an opportunity to acquire the company and combine it with Warner to produce the world's largest music company
. Source

Who is Len Blavatnik? Source

 Blavatnik’s Access invested in Warner Music Group in 2004 with Thomas H. Lee Partners, Bain Capital, Providence Equity Partners, and Edgar Bronfman, Jr. A partial sale of Warner Music Group was completed through an IPO on the NYSE in May 2005. Access continued as a significant shareholder.  Source  

Blavatnik also is into sports.  He owns a controlling stake in Perform Group, which broadcasts English soccer, tennis and other sports over the Web, and runs websites for sports teams and leagues.  I was checking to see if he had any connection to King Fahed of Morrocco or any of the other American billionaires below:

Thom Barrack – 1.5 billion
Philip Anschutz – 7.5 billion
Len Blavatnik – 10.1 billion

No, I have found nothing about them working together, but I’m not done looking yet.  I did find this on Access Industries own web site:

An active philanthropist, Mr. Blavatnik and the Blavatnik Family Foundation have been generous supporters of The National Gallery of Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tate, the National Portrait Gallery, the Royal Academy of Arts, the Prince's Trust and numerous other leading cultural and charity institutions. Mr. Blavatnik also sits on, inter alia, the board of directors of the 92nd Street Y in New York, The White Nights Foundation of America and The Center for Jewish History in New York. He is also a member of the Board of Governors of The New York Academy of Sciences, and a Trustee of the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.”  Source

I found this (because I had to search for it) and trust me the news did not make me happy:

Mr Blavatnik is on the Board of Dean's Advisers at Harvard Business School. Mr Fridman is on the advisory board of the Council on Foreign Relations, a US think-tank.  Source   I checked because I originally thought Blavatnik was on the CFR, but he was not.

A write up in Russian Mafia walks you through some of the oil industry scandals his name was attached to.  Source

Now I found something interesting. Perhaps it isn’t the Russian Mafia but the Jewish Mafia that he is involved in?  All our Illuminati boys are on this list, across the world.  Among the Jewish in business on this list in the U.S. in order of alphabet – Philip Anschutz and Len Blavatnik.  Source

Neither Anschutz nor Blavatnik are on the Council of Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission, but many names on this list are there.  I want to make it clear that all Jewish people in business are NOT bad guys.  Some are actually working for good in the world.

Does this mean that Blavatnik is a bad guy?  Well, considering Sony lost the bid and it’s head Howard Stringer IS on the CFR, should be we relieved that Blavatnik won out over Stringer?

I was looking for trouble when I researched Blavatnik, but Blavatnik and Anschutz have received the same type of smearing in the press.  We look at the people getting smeared and what their “crimes” were, and we look at those committing crimes who have been glorified in the press, like Soros, Geitner, Obama, Emanuel and others.

Anschutz is listed as being Jewish and he may very well be.  But the articles I saw slamming his oil company were also condemning him for being a “right-wing, conservative Christian” as if that is any worse than being a “left-wing, radical atheist”.

Still in my searches I have not found Anschutz or Blavatnik tied together in any business deals.  So what happens with Warner Chappel will bear watching, but I did find one thing interesting . . .

Warner and Sony made the transfer of Mijac just months BEFORE the Warner auction.  Perhaps there was a reason Sony didn’t want Blavatnik to have it?

If Len is a good guy, he didn’t move fast enough.  If he’s a bad guy, then the ownership of thousands of artists work is still in the wrong hands.

I guess we stay tuned.

Tomorrow, I have uncovered something about Joe Jackson and I think some of you may be shocked to know you may have been right all along . . .

Until tomorrow, some interesting twitters I picked up on my way through last night: (TT is Tohme Tohme).

Bunnieroe - Interesting too that Phillips is a witness for the defense, or more to the point, a witness for CM.

Bunnieroe - This is a BIG story. Amount of coverage could tell whether it actually is about media $ or whether it was/is something else.

Bunnieroe - Yes. Interesting that TT is a witness for the defense. Idk what that means exactly but it's interesting.

Bunnieroe We know it was the biggest lie ever told so why were there people 'in authority' willing to push this lie in the courts - Sneddon, Zonen, Feldman, Allred, etc? Why did they pursue an innocent man to the extent they did, spending millions of dollars of taxpayers' money in the process and using the media to push their lies in their attempts to thwart justice? These people made a mockery of the judicial system. Why were they protected from prosecutorial misconduct then and why are they protected to this day?

Karlajorge - Well its interesting that TT was able to put a security team in there, what are his contacts that enabled him to do that?

Karlajorge - It may not so much be that he IS or NOT NOI, but the connection/association, the use of NOI, we want to know why.

Even if it was AEG, they still used the NOI security 2 control? That should not be that way, they are there for MJ

Karlajorge - That's what it seems, prosecution, who are they protecting? Tohme has association cause security he put in place NOI

Karlajorge - These subjects need to b brought up, TOHME TOHME & Nation of Islam (NOI), they cannot be ruled out of investigations or possible involvement

Karlajorge - What?! Why, when he's asked in depositions to state his name he always said JOSEPH, and in court documents, even his mom sai ..

I want to point out that the issue of Tohme being tied to the Nation of Islam is STILL being touted out there and it is a lie.  Those of you who didn’t see it, I SHOWED YOU who hired NOI bodyguards and it was Farakhan’s son-in-law Leonard Mohammed who was working WITH BRANCA AND COPPLEMANT TO DEFRAUD MICHAEL DURING HIS TRIAL INVESTIGATION IN 2003 WITH THE ATTEMPTED GOLDMAN SACHS REFINANCING.

Leonard Mohammed is pictured with the group picture, far end of table, taken DURING THAT MEETING! In January of 2004.

I wish Karlajorge would stop tweeting misinformation, unless she is doing it deliberately. 

Bunnierowe wanted to know why Sneddon, Zonen, Feldmand, Allred and others got away with what they did, along with the media, Michael’s employees, etc…..

Can someone point Bunnie to my blog?  I just spent the last four months answering those questions.

Anyone notice the defense list of names (if true of course)?  Tohme and Randy Phillips.  The defense.

Why is that?

Tomorrow . . . Joe Jackson

LOL I just love this photo


  1. This Just in -

  2. Bonnie,
    I wonder if the unseemly rush to get the 'Michael' album released was because the estate knew of the clauses, and knew Warner were ripe for takeover? From a business point of view, it makes sense to consolidate all your assets in one place, and Mijac was still feeding profits into the estate under Warner, but no one was representing Michael on their board (as far as I know). At least Frank DiLeo is on the Sony/ATV board
    As for Sony's woes, it seems the Playstation hacking was only part of the story. There was another hacking incident just before, so that’s another 25m customers data out there on top of the 77m Playstation customers. Have Sony never heard of encryption? Who are Sony employing - not the brightest people obviously. Do you know any MJ fans who are hackers?

  3. Princessglam said - "I wonder if the unseemly rush to get the 'Michael' album released was because the estate knew of the clauses, and knew Warner were ripe for takeover?"

    ....... BINGO!!! I saw that in there and I forgot to mention it in the blog. Good catch!

    MJ fans = hackers . . . LOL! No, but if I did, I certainly would not be talking about them. :o)

  4. Princess you know what someone asked me a while back and I was starting to research it, but got sidetracked (happens alot). Do you realize that Melissa Johnson was the owner of trademarks that BRANCA USED in his Marketing of Michael and signing of deals BEFORE he bought them back from Johnson in the settlement?

    Isn't that ILLEGAL INFRINGEMENT??? This is probably why the estate settled.

  5. Melissa Johnson should have sued the HELL out of them. But then HTWF would have been tied up in court possibly for years. Plus, Michael's estate would have lost money . . . .

    Goes to show you who REALLY CARES about Michael's children . . . and it's not BRANCA. Johnson could have made some major bucks from that.

  6. Bonnie, your updated reports above comfort me again that Michael was killed by the corporate "elite" (to name it nicely) & I revert again on the Latoya/Jensen interview of 04.15.2010 you developed previoulsy, in particular the Part 3 below struck me again :

    At 1:00 she relates very emotionally & clearly her last visit of 06.25.2009 to Michael's hospital room with the MJ3, letting the public believe that Michael is no longer with us : what do you think ? At 5.14 she answers to the question : "do you think it's murder ?" with "Absolutely". At 6:01 to the question : ,"who did it ?" she replies : "there are quite a few involved" & so on, also telling Michael was killed for business purposes only. Latoya's word may be no Gospel but she SAW her Brother Michael on his bed on 06.25.2009 or..? Also she believes that a "bunch" did it to Michael which fully supports your own study of the past months.

    The Latoya's reports were already discussed in your Blog in the past & they are very revealing, if true & comprehensive so to say, but I think they are. To this day, Michael's business is still well in the clutches of those guys above so the Jackson family is David against the Goliath industry ... unless (sorry to say it) further murders/scandals in the industry related to Michael may suddenly create the Big Bang but it's hypothetical & if so, it may take years & I doubt that the Justice will investigate with full commitment & integrity against the corporate industry: it's too big. God Justice should put His Hand on it.

  7. Bonnie, in my English I can tell you that you are truly an exceptional person. Why? Because the other week I was afraid for your health, now, Instead, I will feel you very strong. Very well! I'm happy.
    However, I wanted a clarification from you: Tohme Tohme who was he? Because I read that Michael was afraid of him.
    This Tohme Tohme had been advised by Jermaine, right? :-?

    Finally, You know what they say in Italian about all these people?
    That great manger ! (all ate and still eat, unfortunately).
    I love you Michael, you stay where you are.

    Bye Bonnie.

  8. Bonnie,
    It looks like just you an me on here today - LOL. No, I did have problems with Blogger earlier: kept me signed in but wouldn't let me post on other blogs. Perhaps others are having the same probs? I cleared out my Cookies and it now works OK.
    Bonnie said "Do you realize that Melissa Johnson was the owner of trademarks that BRANCA USED in his Marketing of Michael and signing of deals BEFORE he bought them back from Johnson in the settlement?"
    Yes it crossed my mind too, but as you say, HTWF didn't have the funds to go after Branca, and he knew it.
    In the court docs that Taaj posted (!) regarding HTWF, it says Melissa also had the ideas for a Michael themed Cirque du Soleil, and Michael's Army of Love was also her idea. Yes, she could have made big bucko's there, if Michael's people weren't keeping her ideas from getting to Michael. When you read about the many times she tried to liaise over HTWF and liaise over the trademarks, it reinforces the picture of Michael surrounded by 'handlers'. I know they have to stop timewasters, but it looks like they stopped everyone.

  9. Is it me or this whole hoax thing reminds me of the Who Is It video? How MJ was in danger and fled before the actual danger got him? I believe he had strong reasons for this even I am considering that he let Branca and McLain in charge of his things. Even Murray might very well be his friend. These people actuamade his Opus Exit. lly opened backdoors for him to get to safety. It is all the masterworks of a Grand Illusionist that has made his Opus Exit. For a time, but clues and pieces have been left behind. The justice system could fall if he choses to appear. An innocent man has gone to jail for a murder he did not commit. The autopsy took way too much. A friend told me the brain looks greenish when drugs are present, so the delaying time for the result is without justification. Also, when they presented the false death certificate only ONE U.S. Marshall showed up. By US Law there have to be seven U.S. Marshall present during a press conference. Also, did I mention, Michael was rushed to UCLA? Yes same UCLA that MJ donated MONEY for the burned victims wing??? I wonder if all he had to do was make a phone call asking for a very "special" favor....

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      The hoax thing? Is a complete Sony construction. Michael did not like Branca and McLain. Branca did some very dangerous things to Michael. But I do agree with you. MANY THINGS will fall when he appears.

      The problem is when he appears, it will not be him. It will be the false Michael that the real Michael sang about in "This Time Around". Most of the issues around the hoax are things Sony constructed to keep people distracted on what will really happen.

      Sony is demonic. But this WILL have a good ending. Thank you for posting.


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