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Michael Jackson Justice: June 2011

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fans Don't Want to Start Over They Want to Move Forward

Part 4 Tale of Two Michael’s
Starting Over or Moving in Reverse?

Due to Thunderstorms yesterday evening, I did not get a chance to finish this blog and post it.  My researching was cut short, so I did finish Latoya’s book.  Below is the blog as I had planned to post it after I finished it today:

I had hoped that I would be finished with Latoya’s book, but I could not get the last 10 to 12 pages finished last night after getting both blogs up.  I had to get to bed.  I am reading through her description of the “worst day” of her life.

Before I even embarked on the book (before it came in the mail) I was on the phone with Micheline about it, even though I scolded her on tipping me off as to what was in it. 

Mostly Micheline had talked to me about getting to meet Latoya that day.  She described what she wore, the color of the table she sat behind, signing books and she told me her co-author was there and described him (he wore a beret) and seemed like a nice man.  She had Jeffre Phillips on one side of her and another man, presumably a body guard on the other.

Picture of Latoya at Bookends in New Jersey

This is what Latoya looked like when Micheline –aka – Spotlight met and hugged her.  She's cute, what can we say?  If I still lived in Maryland I probably would have made the trip up, but can’t afford to do it now that I live, “way down here”.  As Micheline described Latoya’s mention of certain people in the book, I began looking back over old files, youtube vids that I kept bookmarked of interviews and such and some of it made me a bit uncomfortable. 

I got the book in the mail on the 25th ironically, and I began reading it that night (busy weekend, trying NOT to get consumed by Michael stuff, but it didn’t work and I had a miserable weekend that actually turned out okay on Sunday.

I had half the book finished the first evening I sat down to read it.  It took me two days to get through the other half because I was underlining and going back to read.  With ten pages left to go, aside from her descriptions of some of the events surrounding Gordon, I came away with one feeling . . .

She escaped one handler only to walk right into the clutches of another one.

I expected to find some answers in this book, and I did – in the form of more questions. 

Since I knew nothing of her co-author I began researching on him and the “Ja Tail” company that they both own and run.  Here is what I found:

Business info for Ja Tail
Entity Number:199917310135             Date Filed:06/21/1999
Entity Address:8306 WILSHIRE BLVD STE 528
Entity City, State, Zip:BEVERLY HILLS CA 90211
Agent for Service of Process:MICHAEL R MORRIS
Agent Address:1888 CENTURY PARK EAST STE 1100 Agent City, State, Zip:LOS ANGELES CA 90067  Source

That evening that I got the book in, Micheline sent me the url for Ja Tail’s web site, which is here.  Source  I went to Jeffre’s Bio page and noticed something very wrong: 

Jeffré Phillips, 43, is co-founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer of Ja-Tail Enterprises, LLC.  He has over 36 years of business experience, including 24 years in the entertainment industry.  His partnership with La Toya Jackson dates back to May 1999 and, with her, presides over all ten Ja-Tail brand entities, including Ja-Tail subsidiary Celebrity Branding Group (CBG) and its four companies.  He is also a former record company executive, financier, producer, and writer.”  Source

Yes, I see he was seven years old when he started in business.  It must have been some kind of lemonade stand.  He is listed amongst other things as a record company executive (former).  When you read the full bio, you will notice that he worked at the record company CBS as a receptionist and moved up to executive positions in only two months.  I wonder what it was in his receptionist duties that was so amazing that Tommy Mottola ushered him into his own executive office in two months?  That’s kind of like Charles Thomson getting an interview with Sony Marketing President over Thriller 25th Anniversary while still in school.

When I saw this I clicked through the different businesses under the Ja Tail umbrella, which consist of:

Ja-Tail Records - is distributed by music giant Universal Music and Video Distribution through Bungalo Records. Legendary Talent Manager and former Arista Records A&R executive Courtney Benson is head of our music division.”  Source

Courtney Benson’s name sounded familiar, so I looked him up.  Just then thunderstorms took down my internet temporarily just as her search results came up.  She has worked in the past with record companies:

Record Label Emblem Publishing/Primary Wave. Type of Label Major ... thus peeking the interest of entertainment manager Courtney Benson who secured a deal”  He represents “Shy Carter” (source) and is the executive vice president of Ja Tail.

Ja Tail Movies - Their movie division is “under construction” and has no department head as of yet.  Source

Ja Tail Television – the only show they say they’ve produced is the MJ and Bubbles, the untold story.  Click on the “more info” link and it takes you to “Animal Planet”.  Are they partnered or did they just link to Animal Planet’s site? Source

Ja Tail Studios – “Our studio is expertly designed by Grammy Award Winner Teddy Riley.”  This was enlightening, but who RUNS this part of the company?  Source

Ja Tail Concerts – You’ll recognize this guy . . . “Ja-Tail Concert Productions creates tailor-made concert tours, festivals, and events. This division of Ja-Tail is headed by veteran tour promoter Leonard Rowe”.  Source  You remember him, right?  Rowe Sued , Ne-Yo wins suit .  Rowe was fired by Michael in May and announced it in a press release.  Only Rowe knows if he was actually ever hired or not.  He’s also spent some time in jail.  Source

Michael’s SIGNED letter firing him.  It doesn’t even say he was ever hired.  Source

JeTail Events – “Ja-Tail Event Productions has joined forces with GBK Productions to produce comprehensive high-profile special events and fundraising campaigns. Our executive team of creative and strategic thinkers turn ideas into memorable experiences. Being unique, promoting imagination and excellence in execution is key to our success.”  Source

GBK Productions Gavin Keilly  Bio  Source .  This is City of Hope’s Website. Source  I have looked through organizations and I do not find him tied to anything sinister even though his GBK Productions does a lot of work in Hollywood with awards and charities events.

Je Tail Publishing – “Ja-Tail Publishing comprises both music and book publishing. We are constantly expanding our music catalog and placing our artists’ songs in movie soundtracks and commercials. Keep your eyes open for the release of our first novel in 2011.”  Source 

Simon & Schuster are the actual publishers of this book.  Simon and Schuster publishes books on the Illuminati (info/history of) such as Angels & Demons.  I found this website, which at the bottom announces “This website is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, Dan Brown, Simon and Schuster, or Sony Pictures.”  Source   This web page also makes interesting reading – Illuminati Diamond and Illuminati of Bavaria, discusses murder of Kings of Sweden and Austria.

Ja Tail Management – “Ja-Tail Management and Booking Company manages acts in every aspect of their career, from negotiating their contracts, whether it be film or records, to securing acting jobs on television shows, feature films or commercials.”  Source 

The “More info” link leads to the “under construction” page and there is a picture of Latoya, Mariah Carey and the lady in the middle I am not familiar with.  Are the representing Mariah?

Ja Tail Branding - Celebrity Branding Group, LLC, is a results-based branding, marketing and business development firm that caters to celebrities, artists, designers, entertainers, athletes and corporate America.”  Source  The two products linked to other websites at the bottom which is Latoya’s “Luxurious Collection” and “AutoSpa” products.  No department head listed here either.

Ja Tail Beverage – “Ja-Tail Beverage Company offers an outstanding collection of innovative drink brands. Products include soft drinks, juices, energy drinks, water, and wine.”  Source  I have never heard of Star Ice which was launched in 2006 according to the web page.  If anyone has tried it please let me know what it is.

Latoya Signing Books in Chicago

My next trip was to the “about us” page.  I wanted to know who the principles of the company are.  I will list them below and link their Bio’s and include a short paragraph on their background that I was able to verify online. 

You can read these full bios for yourself clicking here.

Executive Team


Latoya Jackson – We know who Latoya is so I shouldn’t have to paraphrase her bio, but I did pick this up, “Her business acumen and drive for perfection fortify CBG's competitive edge.”  Who is CBG?  I also noticed the reference to “America’s Royal Family of Music”.  Someone else can explain this to me, because honestly at this point, I’m a little jaded on this subject.

Jeffre’ Phillips – We covered Jeffre’ Phillip’s bio page above concerning his start in business at the age of seven (43 yrs old – 36 yrs exp.)  Does Kuba Ka know that Jeffre stole his idea to copy Michael’s bio?  Other interesting notes:  He began in the record industry as a receptionist at CBS records and within two months was working with the top executives in the label?  I didn’t find this Jeffre connected to any record label but I did find THIS Jeffrey Phillips connected to videography for music videos here – OrlandoManagement.

Jeffre Phillips “worked as a receptionist at CBS Records (now Sony Music).  Within two months of hard work, he found himself working with their top executives in CBS' A&R department.  While at CBS, Mr. Phillips worked on many of their major album releases, including Gloria Estafan’s Let It Loose, Bruce Springsteen's Tunnel Of Love, and Michael Jackson’s Bad.  Eventually, he left CBS Records in 1990”

Something tells me this family never really dumped their handlers.


Dr. Richard A. Boyd – No link on his name because his bio is not yet on the site.  Richard Boyd is a common name online and I ran into everything from professors to dentists.  One was a chairman of a 3D simulation training company here.  He worked on a number of Hollywood projects including Brian DePalma’s “Mission: Impossible”, a Tom Cruise film.  Latoya acknowledges him in her book along with Jamie Boyd whom I cannot find anything on.


Ron Labuzan – He is founder of Celebrity Branding Group (so that’s what CBG is!)  “Prior to becoming President of Ja-Tail Enterprises, Ron founded Acumen Enterprises Inc, an international trade and business development firm with offices in the US and India.

Executive Vice President

Courtney Benson – He is also president of Ja Tail management and Ja Tail Records.  Courtney is a “Mr.” by the way.  He began his career with Winkler Entertainment Law Firm (size of firm, 1?), “Following graduation, Mr. Benson went to work for Winkler Entertainment Law Firm as an office manager.  He convinced the managing partner to establish a new record label, Deal Makers, where he was an Artist & Repertoire (A&R) executive.  His success at Deal Makers, including the signing and management of artists Nelly and Toya, led him to launch his own label, Hard to Hit Entertainment.  Hard to Hit soon had a worldwide production and distribution deal with music giant Arista Records…”

Rapper Shy Carter is one of his Clients

President Ja Tail Interactive, VP Business Development

Paul Ring – also acknowledged in the book (most of these people are).  “is a highly successful entrepreneur in the music industry, He is the CEO of Bungalo Records and Entertainment…”, “At age 19, Ring began his initial success in the music industry as a recording engineer with Capitol Records”… worked with “Taste of Honey” and Greg Alman, Smokey Robinson, Gladys Knight and The Temptations.  He had also signed with his “Private I Records” after securing distribution through Universal Music Group.  He signed artists such as James Brown and A key example of Ring’s success was the release of a Tupac Shakur album, which was KTEL’s biggest selling album in1998.  He then secured his own deal with Bungalo Records. 

Paul Ring was heavily involved with” The Points Of Lights Foundation”(POL) in bringing relief to victims of Hurricane Katrina via a star studded release.  Points of Light is heavily involved in New World Order organizations such as Americorps, Generation On and Hands On.  More information on “Points of Light”:

This is foretold in the Bible – a precursor to the mark of the beast, “As were Bill Gates' words. I believe he is openly announcing his allegiance to the Illuminati as he rolls out the intention to openly build a central data base including every man, woman and child, beginning with the newborn, under the guise of "healthcare", and linking them to the central nervous system of the new world order.

And like his predecessor, he's cloaking the Illuminist agenda  behind the smokescreen of "good works" for the "underprivileged" of this world, going after the defenseless children first.  Source  It also states on this source, “IBM helped the Nazi concentration camps keep track of the gender and ethnicity of each of their detainees” . . . “Beware. Children have always been their primary target. But they're after all of us.

Bush and His Thousand Points of Light

Bush Mentions Points of Light Institute
Points of Light Movement???

Bush Actually Says “New World Order”
“When we’re successful . . . and we WILL be…
We have a real chance at this New World Order…”
“Rule of law, not the rule of the jungle…”
(They think the masses are animals)

Points of Light and New World Order

Latoya?  What on earth are you doing???   

Back to the officers . . .

Chief Financial Officer

Sharon Altman – She’s a Safari Club member, a member of the Greater Los Angelas Zoo Association and Hollywood Radio and Television Society.  Her LinkedIn.  She is also a partner at NSBN LLP, who’s clients include Lenny Waronker – Music Industry Executive, Brent Spiner – Actor (Data on Star Trek, NG), John Nava – Artist.  She listed on their “contact us” page.  Source

Legal Affairs

Michael Morris  – “he is currently an attorney with the law firm of Valensi Rose.  Mr. Morris' specialties are tax controversy and transactional matters; estate planning; and music, entertainment, and general business law.  He has been named a “Super Lawyer” among Southern California lawyers for 2006, 2007 and 2008”.

Wayne Johnson - Wayne Johnson, an attorney with Valensi Rose, has worked with Mr. Jeffré Phillips since 1996.  He is responsible for handling JA-TAIL’s business affairs.

Daphne Burton, Intellectual Property – “She worked as a project engineer for the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) after receiving her engineering degree and prior to entering law school where her duties included electromechanical design… She is a former partner at McDermott Will & Emery LLP and a former patent attorney for Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly LLP.”

ALCOA is government backed corporation and is currently involved in litigation against the state of North Carolina, over control of it’s Dams on the Yadkin river. Source  North Carolina won, but they are appealing.

U.S.A.’s future role in NOW
Corps, including Google, IBM, ALCOA

I don’t have to tell you about the collusion between the U.S. trademark office and theft of intellectual property, and Oppenheimer as one of the power families. Source and Source

Creative Director

Ian Marsden – Ian Mardsen worked for Google in the early days (I was in online marketing at the time and advertised for the fledgling Google), as well as Infospace, Visa and Coca Cola prior to Google.  Two of Google’s marketing leaders were heavily involved in the organized chaos in the Middle East.

Associated Press Google Exec
Organized Protests in Egypt

Egypt Anti Government Protests Planned

Is this what Michael was all about or is this what Michael was trying to WARN us about?

Both Web and graphic designer Jamie Garcia and Communications person Julliet Harris have no bio uploaded yet.

Can LaToya explain why her company is run by these people?  I would like to believe that these people are now “out” of the N.W.O. game, but then how do you explain her collusion with the people hurting the fans in her book?

I haven’t even gotten to the content of the book yet, which by all appearances was written by Samantha DeGosson.  Every bit of information relating to Michael and the death is the same lies we read on TINI’S web site in 2009. 

Among her acknowledgements at the back of the book include Leonard Rowe, who’s been sued by two different artists and has spent time in federal prison on wire fraud charges.

Majestik we covered the other day also:

Majestik Vegas’s Answer to Uri Geller?
That’s comforting! (Not!)

I can’t explain my exasperation about Latoya’s book any better, except to post an email to someone who probably will not write me anymore if she had any idea what I am thinking.  So here it is . . . I took her name out. 

**************  Start ****************

Just finished the book tonight.  It's not just Majestik and it's not just Joe.  Why didn't Latoya just sign Samantha DeGosson's name to my book, because I could swear that's who wrote it!  You may be able to excuse the Majestik and Rowe kumba-yah (I can't, but that's just me and MY research), but the stalkers telling the truth?  AEG profiting off of half the film?  When the hell did this happen?  AEG signed over the rights!  She even states in her book that Estate got 90%, Sony got 10% . . . Where is AEG’s profit???

I also happen to know that AEG didn't have the insurance policy shortly after Sony bought the rights to the film NONE OF THAT WHOLE BACK OF THE BOOK is even true.

On that same video in question, (oops, the version I have) Majestik is telling Theroux "If I get you an interview with Latoya, you can forget about ever getting one from Michael"  That one is going on the next blog.

I also did some background on the people Latoya and Jeffre have in their company . . . and "1,000 Points of Light Org" doesn't exactly give me fuzzy feelings inside.  That's the org that Marmarchi supposedly works for.  It's an Illuminati front!  Her crest on the website?  Ian Mardsen works for Google.  Paul Ring is the 1,000 Points of Light luminary (nice word isn't it?  Michael liked it too).

10 weeks post mortem body is IMPOSSIBLE to put into a sitting position without breaking bones and popping things out of sockets, and does she usually carry sheets to funeral homes?  You learn a few things having friends who work in the funeral home industry.

Karen Faye - Why?

I have to approach this with emotion, since the family doesn't seem to be able to spare any.  Do you have any idea what it's like EXPOSING THESE FRAUDS over a year and a half, only to have one of the Jackson's just endorse their activities after you spend $26 dollars on their book of lies?  Well, I didn't buy it, but I'm going to have to send Micheline the money because I feel BAD SHE SPENT HER MONEY ON THIS.

If I was in Joe's skin, I wouldn't be dragging his barely legal "artists" into interviews and forcing them down people's throats.  And I most definitely wouldn't have made MICHAEL the butt of my one liners, and Majestik would never have gotten into my yard without a couple of pitts attached to his backside!  The same with Rowe.  He hangs out with Hughes and Eddie Jones and Malik.  Explain to me AGAIN how this helps Michael???

Latoya even has the nerve to bring up those pictures of Michael and the stalkers and the "one" on his dresser that Karen Faye supposedly grabbed off his dresser ONLY when the fake pictures were exposed.  Hope this is bullshit.  She talks about the last night of rehearsals as if she were sitting in the front row (after admitting not seeing him since that May).  The Illness, the drugs/acting funny, cold all the time, emaciated, the overdrama with Paris at the hospital (the other children barely exist) oh, and lets not forget that Latoya is the only one in the family that knows what Michael would have wanted and everyone disagreed with her, yet they send her (and her handler?) every time to take care of post-mortem things, pick the burial place, etc.... (Remember MLB and Karen Faye contradicted Latoya on what Michael wore in the casket during their interview).

That reminds me . . . Kathy Hilton is Kyle Richard's sister?  Since when?  Kyle Richards is related t o KIM RICHARDS of "ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN" fame!  I grew up watching BOTH OF THEM (Kyle was on Little House, semi-regular). They don't HAVE another sister.

Why are they doing this now?  What is going on the news that is LESS IMPORTANT than promoting a book that looks like it was published from Taaj Malik's web site?  There is no new information in this book.  None.  If anything it is another distraction and an expensive one at that.

Why would Latoya "cover" with the emaciated stories when her brother Jermaine is directly contradicting her on twitter?

Post it's were interesting . . . not the truth but interesting.

The story of Paris telling her the lights were turned off in the house?  The electric?  What was the point of that?  Kind of hard to operate an I.V. machine without electric, isn't it?  Did Murray administer meds by flashlight?  COMEON!

Heat in the house - hours after Michael is taken out of the house and she goes back?

An assistant has to fly from Vegas to go with her before she can leave the hospital as Joe ordered, to go to the house?

I do not believe for one minute this book was started in 2008.   References to Michael's death are peppered throughout just about every chapter, unless she did a major re-write.

I think that's it for now.  If Christ fought the devil like this we'd all be in hell.  What bothers me is that they seem to "smoking" out the bad guys by throwing the fans on the pyre.

*************  End  ***************

If I see this kind of lying and deception continue to be endorsed by the Jackson’s at the expense of fans, certain individuals are going to have to forfeit their shadow existence.

If you have been TELLING THE TRUTH then you should have NO PROBLEM COMING OUT INTO THE LIGHT.

Latoya, there are people getting hurt IN YOUR BROTHER’S NAME.  You are ENDORSING THESE PEOPLE in your book. This gives fans the idea that they can be trusted.  I don’t know if this means anything to you anymore or if it EVER did, but I wanted to share something with you:

Proverbs 6: 16-21

16 These six things doeth the Lord hate: yea, his soul abhorreth seven:
17 The haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and the hands that shed innocent blood,

18 An heart that imagineth wicked enterprises, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and him that raiseth up contentions among brethren.
20 My son, keep thy father’s commandment, and forsake not thy mother’s instruction.
21 Bind them alway upon thine heart, and tie them about thy neck.
22 It shall lead thee, when thou walkest: it shall watch for thee, when thou sleepest, and when thou wakest, it shall talk with thee.
23 For the commandment is a lantern, and instruction a light: and corrections for instruction are the way of life,

Why are you leading the fans astray?  I found information and defended you on your words about Michael in 1993.  I can’t defend this.  I sincerely had hoped you were past the days of doing and saying only what you were told to.  I hope one day you will find the courage to come out of the closet for good.  I am praying for that.

Latoya may want to start over, but I do not.  I would like to move forward . . . WITH or WITHOUT the Jacksons.
Michael was warning us of something.  It's HIS MESSAGE, not the Jackson's marketing and manipulation skills that we need to concentrate on.   This is God's game board, not theirs.

Before they got to  him...Remember the children still in danger

Monday, June 27, 2011

Saving the World or Saving a Legacy? Who Rates?

A Tale of Two Michael’s Part 3
What’s Real, What’s Drama?

Mark 9:42 (And Christ said) And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones, that believe in me, it were better for him rather, that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were cast into the sea.

Heaven help us!  I completely intended to stay off the computer this weekend and relax.  I spent a lot of time on the phone, on the computer (people telling me to look at this, what do you think about this, how come this – that . . . did you see????) 

At the same time I got some garden work done, yard work done (toned my arms, sore muscles persist – electric hedge trimmers are heavy, I don’t care who you are, especially when they are vibrating). My husband and made a two hour trip north to purchase mason jars (for canning – I have to learn) and on the way home stopped by a state park we had never been to before and went hiking.  I was unbelievably hot and muggy yesterday (mid 90’s, probably 50+% humidity), very “close”.  I could feel the blood moving to my head because the air we were taking in had no dry quality to it.  It was like breaking vapor – WARM vapor. 

I did learn one thing though.  My great-grandmother – an Ireland “Crawford” was a relative of Andrew Jackson’s mother, via the museum info there on the war of 1812.  She didn’t marry until she came over to this country however, in the very early 1900’s.

Back to the phone calls and emails and Latoya’s book – I have about 70 more pages to read and I have a lot of stuff underlined and notes taken.  I don’t want to say much until I finish the book completely, but I can tell you thus far it is not looking good for answers.  At least not the kind I hoped to find.  I will cover more of this tomorrow as I have not yet finished the book.

Someone, I think it was Skiper on our blog here, that posted the lyrics to Barry Gibb’s and Michael’s “All in Your Name” – About God’s plan.  I did a little background on this:

Type of Work: Music Registration Number / PAu003503307
Date: 2009-10-16
Application Title: All In Your Name.
Title: All In Your Name.
Description: Compact Disc + Print Material.
Copyright Claimant: Barry A.C. Gibb, 1946- . Address: 5820 N Bay Road, Miami Beach, FL, 33140.
The Estate of Michael Jackson. Address: 1801 Century Park West, Los Angeles, CA, 90067.
Authorship on Application: Barry A.C. Gibb, 1946- ; Domicile: United States; Citizenship: United Kingdom. Michael Jackson, 1958-2009; Citizenship: United States.

This hurt.  This is the only copyright registered for this song, unless it is under another title.  Barry told us this song was written and recorded in 2002, at first “about the war in Iraq”, then he changed it to “tribute to the fans”, but it is actually about God.  The copyright is not registered until October of 2009 and it is registered under Barry’s name and the estate.  That ticked me off!  I cried so much over this.

The release of the song, on the eve of the 2nd anniversary date, primed for the broken hearts of fans.  The thoughts I had running through my head were not charitable to anyone.  There are many brokers of emotional manipulation around Michael.  I didn’t expect one of them to be Barry Gibb.  (This is my thoughts, harsh but that is how I felt).

No one knows how many emails fly back and forth between fans and watchers of this deception (this is what it is, regardless of WHO is behind the curtain), no one knows the phone calls I field and I know I am not the only one who gets them.

The World Stage - Audience Forgotten
Neglected, Manipulated

While fans are glued to this game of horse-pucky chess, the world is falling apart and people are getting lost.  I am angry because I don’t see the same consideration being forwarded to the fans as the fans are expected to give to certain players in this game.  IT IS NOT RIGHT.

Christ stood for truth.  Where is it in this deception?  Family members not only contradict each other, they contradict themselves.  Fans see them holding hands with the devil while fans go out on a limb to defend their actions and I can’t help but think that Christ fought only with the truth.  What is their point.  Are we supposed to make the world a better place or is this just a higher level of Michael-worship meant to distract the millions while fortifying an empire?

How do you expect fans to get “the message” when they keep changing it?  Case in Point?

The Airport Slip
Please remember message here
“it’s all gonna unfold – it’s all gonna come out”

More Mess ups?
Or Message?

Staring other slips
More Slips and Inconclusion

Then Jermaine puts this out . . .
(Or does he?  Did he announce this?
Nope….So who did this?)
Michael Song by Jermaine and Sonu
(Whoever THAT is)
This is the end of a destiny?
An abrupt end to a symphony?
Took him away without warning?
Left millions mourning?

Can we get ANY MORE DEPRESSING?  is that all we’re gonna hear from him?  Was he for real or a pseudonym”?  Time will pass . . . and the world will find a new icon.  But history will always live on . . . I wish this wasn’t it but I know he’s gone for sure?  If he knew how much we loved him he wouldn’t be dead”????

Eh-hem . . . who wrote these lyrics?  Do you need HELP?  This song is about as attractive to listen to as dirt being shoveled over a coffin.  Cathy sent this to me with the subject line . . . well never mind what she said, but the word “hell” was in there.

Other psycho stuff –

Remember Kuba Ka?  Well now I guess he is a Prince . . . of Poland.  They haven’t had one of those in over 100 years.  I’m impressed!  But on Twitter after months of silence, he announced his new P.R. firm.  Problem is, nobody has ever heard of her.   Her bio reads more like Ronni Chasen’s.  My friend sent me this:

Kuba ka announced his PR firm on twitter.  And the earlier message he posted a few weeks back where he asks if anyone saw him on TMZ is gone.  Maybe that's because no one care enough to answer...LOL!  His PR firm calls him "Prince Kuba ka of Poland" - mogul, entrepreneur, prince!  There is no royalty in Poland, not since the last century.  So he's either taking the title for entertainment purposes or is a descendent of royalty from way back and uses the title for mystique and prestige, none of which he possesses!

Anyway, his PR firm is Charmaine Blake, and her website bio calls her the most famous PR firm in Hollywood.  Uh...really?  Wasn't it Ronni Chasen before she got snuffed?  Supposedly, one of Blake's clients is the design firm of Ed Hardy (Michael was collaborating on a clothing line for Ed Hardy with Christian Audigier, remember?).  Just wondering what all the hype is about, and if any of this is connected to Michael in some way.  All these announcements, photo sessions, upcoming events...and nothing ever happens!  OK...get on with it already!

This is what I found when she included the link.

Charmaine hit the Hollywood scene working with clients such as Tracy Morgan, Jodie Sweetin, Eric Benet, Nona Gaye, Thomas Ian Nicholas, and many others. She also helped launch the career of the famous designer Ed Hardy. Her corporate clients include Shoes for the Stars, Archstone Luxury Properties, and Dr. Frank Ryan, just to name a few. Her star-studded red carpet events are always the talk of the town.
Charmaine strives to be the best representative for all of her clients. She puts focus on traditional, creative, and strategic planning for her clients and is one of the most outspoken and aggressive publicists in Hollywood. She won’t take NO for an answer. Charmaine Blake is one of the most recognizable publicists in Hollywood. She has been featured on television countless times, and is constantly in demand as she is well-known for launching celebrities’ careers.  Source

So Kuba’s bio reads like Michael Jackson’s and Charmaine’s reads like Ronnie Chasen’s.  None of Charmain’s clients are even close to recognized names (including Kuba KaKa) except for Ed Hardy.  Ed Hardy?  A link to Michael through Christian Audigier and a line a clothing?

Some worrisome, feeding theories:

No media-fronting superstar has ever gained his level of popularity and exposure – never – and for that reason, the illuminati will use him for all his worth. He really is bigger than Jesus – you saw the world’s reaction when he died. Nobody in such a high profile position can fake their own death without the illuminati establishment knowing about it – absolutely no chance!” Earthenigma blog

They probably will orchestrate the next world war, they probably will cause extreme weather and earthquakes with the help of HAARP but I think the Illuminati will use their most useful tool to unite the world into a New World Order – Michael Jackson.”

Nobody in such a high profile position can fake their own death without the illuminati establishment knowing about it – absolutely no chance! He appeared as Dave Dave on Larry King so the establishment could see whether or not he had the ability to fool the world – he succeeded. It was also a way to play with the people of the earth. The Illuminati like playing games

He died in 2009, he will re-emerge in 2012 after 3 years of intense MK-Ultra mind control, 3 years of rehearsals in a secret location for his comeback ‘show.’ The world loves him, but we know what the Illuminati are like. They will use this love and use it to create fear, use it to further their agenda – to complete their agenda in fact, and create the one world, unified government and unified religion.

This brings us to what the Illuminati has used Michael Jackson for all along. They want to unify the world with a new world religion – with MJ as the new Christ and saviour.”

If Michael Jackson is indeed alive, he is without doubt the most powerful tool at the illuminati’s disposal and he will be used to full effect.”  Source

This blog above updated her original entry.  Something happened to make her change her mind, but I haven’t figured out what that is yet, if it’s important at all.

I can tell you from the research I have done into the illuminati, the torture Michael has gone through, verified by LaToya and HER story, Michael’s songs and lyrics, and the messages in his lyrics, this theory is not so far fetched.  There is just one problem that I have with it (well, two):

1.    It was not the Illuminati that prompted me to pray for Michael that day in August of 2009, nor was it the Illuminati that kissed my cheek that same night in bed when I again prayed to God on Michael’s behalf.

2.   The lyrics in at least three of Michael’s songs sing of someone faking him.  “Is it Scary” and “This Time Around”, and “Will You Be There” (Seems like the world’s got a role for me…”.

The behavior of his family we will discuss tomorrow because quite frankly, it supports both theories.

Opposing views of a “puppet” Michael:

This blog has the Illuminati killing him off because he would not be controlled.  if the Illuminati had their way, that would be the end of the story.  But the truth is much more sinister.  Conrad Murray is simply a scapegoat of … the Illuminati.The story they don’t want you to hear involves Michael’s lifelong affiliation with the Illuminati, an affiliation that ended in his untimely death.  Since his days in the Jackson Five, Michael was taught the secrets of the Illuminati.  Source  They also have an excellent interpretation (more than my own) on the Dangerous Album cover.

2011 Dangerous Album Cover

Hoax site and why some believe Sony is organizing a “resurrected” Michael.  This hoax site and Hoaxinvestigators are Sony implemented.  This hoax site below is the same one that was started (and dated) originally two days before he died. They changed the date after someone noticed and word got out.  This also supports a “resurrected Michael” theory.

Hello all, I just wanted to announce that I will be posting a new post on June 25th. It will be called “The Seven Days of the Bam.” This is something I just got the okay to reveal.

In the chat last night, I talked about how there is a seven day period in July that you all will have to keep an eye on. This upcoming post will explain it fully.
But I will give you a brief explanation right now:

In the seven day period, there is one day for each letter in BAMSDAY. Each day pertains to an aspect of the BAM, with the big final event happening on the seventh day.

Revelation 2: 8 – 11   8 And unto the Angel of the Church of the Smyrnians write, These things saith he that is first and last, which was dead and is alive.

9. I know thy works and tribulation, and poverty (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them, which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.

10 Fear none of those things, which thou shalt suffer; behold, it shall come to pass, that the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried, and ye shall have tribulation ten days; be thou faithful unto the death, and I will give thee the crown of life.

11 Let him that hath an ear, hear what the Spirit saith unto the Churches. He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death.

Death again” . . . last of the adlibs in “Earth Song”.

Seems like the world’s got a role for me” – “Will You Be There”

Email to a friend discussing this:


There are a some strange patters with Michael and this whole thing and the same patterns keep getting repeated and repeated.

I do believe there is a "fake" Michael out there.  I believe there is one or two for the "bad people" and probably a couple that Michael hired to throw the bad people off his trail.

Debbie Rowe - Mark Schaffel.  That deposition tape in London where Michael is answering questions about Schaffel is such bad quality it may not be him.

Wow, you just reminded me of something!

I don't believe the vids of Michael together with Bain are the real Michael either.   I believe I may know who Bain works for, but I can't say just yet.  Same entity these other "handlers" came from.

According to this Michael did not know
The accountant Branca brought in for him
Alan Whitman – Never met him.

Peter Lopez at 0:30 with Michael
And Christian Audigier

Tomorrow I will go over Latoya’s Book.  No answers but lots more questions . . . sorry to disappoint you.  Perhaps you might catch something I didn’t but it should be a good discussion.

After this I believe we need to get a bit more serious about helping people that do not know what is going on.

There is a big deception going on, and Michael and his situation is part of it.  Of that I have no doubt.  What I do doubt at this point is just who is fighting with him or against him.

I’m feeling sick . . . 

Michael, Just Where do you Stand?