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Michael Jackson Justice: Emergency Blog - Michael's Fans Getting Ripped Off!!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Emergency Blog - Michael's Fans Getting Ripped Off!!


Hi folks,

Tonight I received a several emails from someone who posts here often. She’s been on vacation and she was updating me on the horrific RIP OFF she was subjected to by certain tour groups RAPING MICHAEL JACKSON’s name and his fans of their money.

Among them:


 - WILLIAM WAGENER AND HIS CO-EMBEZZLER JENNIFER (not sure if it’s the one above and don’t much care).


Majestik’s real character
Laughing at Michael’s PAIN
Joe Jackson can answer for this
Later!  He can regurgitate all the
Way to the BANK?  Real Nice!
Majestik can laugh while living off
Of the man who’s pain he finds so amusing!

Majestik is the gem of a human being laughing in the background.  Don’t believe me?  Keep watching.  The camera will pan over to him. 

At the Gardner School event Larry Nimmer and Tom Mesereau also were speakers but it does not appear that they had anything to do with the other speakers WAGENER and MORON – I MEAN MAGIC-LESS.  As a matter of fact. Nimmer more or less takes the wind out of Wagener’s sails when he shows pictures of Neverland completely with restoration of grounds and replacement of some of the rides during his visit there this weekend.  Tom Mesereau made some short, nice statements about Michael, according to my friend and that was it.  I wonder if Mesereau knew these other two bottom-feeders were going to also be there.

The regularly scheduled blog update is still going up but this is urgent.

When the Jackson family finally reveals who their friends really are, I wonder if they are going to be okay with the amount of money these jerks are RIPPING OFF MICHAEL’S FANS.

If William Wagener cannot find the rock from under which he crawled I will gladly donate one from my backyard as long as HE GETS BACK UNDER SOMETHING. 


And the only reason Majestik isn’t currently in jail is because he’s had a free ride from the Jackson’s.


My suggestion would be to contact the State Attorney General in California to get your money back or have them investigated if you have donated funds to this slug.

The email below is from Mimi, who gave me permission to post her emails to me, about the shoddy, UN-MIKE-LIKE way she was treated by the tour company (cough).  Anything with Majestik's, Jennifer's, Erin Jacob's, Taaj Malik's or  WILLIAM WAGENER'S name on it, keep your money in your pocket.

Dear Bonnie

On the second week of my vacation, I decided to go to LA one more time, to witness Michael’s 2nd anniversary. I joined the group that is called Applehead House LA Trip that was organized by this individual named Jennifer Johns and her user name I believe sunflower111 and another one Nana something I forgot. She also had a website called Applehead House.   I was told to contact her by someone I met last year’s anniversary to arrange my trip to LA.

She told everyone of us who want to come to the trip how much it cost and gave us a week long itinerary.  The first day Sunday on the 19th the itinerary said there would be a table in the lobby of the hotel with someone to greet us and give us our name tag, T-shirts and tickets to Disney Land.  We started arriving in the morning since she told us check in time is all day long.  When we arrived, there was no table to greet us and the hotel receptionist did not even know the Applehead House Tour reservation.  We called and told her about it and she talked to the front desk and they told us every one of us room was reserved under her name.  They finally gave us our key to the room.  She also said she would be there but told us she would not make it until Tuesday. 

This other girl who was helping her showed up Sunday night and told us the Monday program is changed and gave excused saying the fans who came from overseas might be tired and wanted to rest.  By the way, they did not tell anyone they want to rest. In fact they want to go and do some of the activities she listed on the itinerary. But we couldn’t do anything since she wasn’t even there. Some of us who did not want to sit all day long in the hotel hired a driver with his van and do what she put we were supposed to do that Monday.

When Tuesday come we were told she wasn’t going to come until Wednesday and the bus would come and take us at 1:00pm.  The bus came and went around to see some of the staff not all of them listed for 4 hours.  That Tuesday night we were told our trip to Disney that was supposed to be Wednesday moved to Thursday because we have to wait for her to come.  At that time some of us really lost it.  We told the person who was supposedly in charge our disappointment.  According to the itinerary Thursday was our free day and six of us planned to hire again the driver with his van to go on site seeing.  Now we have to change our plan to accommodate this girl who was supposed to be there from the beginning.

Finally we agree to change our plan for Wednesday instead of Thursday.  At this time our faith we have to go by what she promised us started to fade away. The group split and those who are her friend stayed with her and 6 of us decided to do our thing spending additional money.

Wednesday night we asked around if we go by the plan for Thursday and no one could tell us we would.  So Thursday we hire the driver again and went early in the morning to Neverland.  We heard She came Wednesday night, and Thursday morning after we started driving  to Neverland they were looking for us.  We called from the van to the girl who was helping that how come she did not let us know Wednesday night, and she said she send text message to everyone and that was a lie because we have3 girls in the van with us from Europe that couldn’t receive text message, and none us receive any text.

I don’t want to bore you with this story I just want to make a point.  The lady, Jennifer, told so many different lies to each of us consistently telling us the reason she wasn’t there from the beginning to lead us to fulfill the itinerary, either someone she knows died or she was in car accident or her credit card declined or she was sick.  Another thing also that is really sad in this situation is whenever you called her or emailed to ask her questions, she gets really angry and make very nasty remarks.  This lady made many people cry especially those who came from another country and they barely speak English.

Bonnie – every since I started reading your blog, I became so sensitive to lies and deceives.  I know this person fail to communicate with us honestly and upfront. But she was really mad at us and saying to everyone she sees at the cemetery how we divide her group. We did not do anything except we demand how come we are not receiving what we paid for and she promised. 

Next email, I will tell you her “Neverland Project” that is absolutely bogus to deceive again poor and vulnerable fans.

Next, I will tell you if you didn’t already heard about  the event William Wagner held with guest speakers Tom M, Larry Nemmer, and this lady who helped Michael buy Nverland. Very interesting and thought provoking.


Email #2 After My answer

Hi Bonnie,

The Wagener  event held on the Gardner School in Michael Jackson auditorium.  When I first heard about the event and the guest speakers that included Thomas Mesereau, Larry Nimmer and this other real estate lady who helped Michael buy Neverland, and Majestic the magnificent, I thought it would be pretty interesting to hear what they have to say about Michael since they know him and some of them worked with him.

But I quickly realized the event was held to collect donations for Wagener documentary and to talk about how we fans collectively to buy Neverland and renovate as Michael left it for the children of the world to enjoy as he used to do it.

Wagner spoke about at length about the documentary and the need for fund, and additional fund to collect to buy Neverland since Neverland is on sale right now.  I laughed hard because this girl Jennifer also started a project called “The Neverland Project” to buy Neverland asking fans to go to this website that sells products and buy the products and the proceed from the sale of the products directly will go to buy Neverland.  I said to myself wow now her and Wagener will be in competition and I wonder who will come with the fund first to buy it.  I thought this is ridicules  and the ultimate deceiving and lies I have never heard. 

Wagner asking any money for donation to fulfill both of his dreams, and she wants fans to go to this website to buy products and ask additional $25 if you want to own a piece of Neverland. The girl did not tell everyone in the group who came to the trip but she did send an extensive brochure that has step by step plan to selected ones.  I saw the brochure from this girl who brought it with her and she promise me to send me the copy via email soon and I will send it to you, and you will be amazed as I was when I see it.

Majestic was the introducer of the speakers and he also spoke mainly about how some fans spread lies to discredit honest and hard working fans like Taj Malik and April (I don’t know who she is) and not to listen to them.  He said we should come together for the sake of Michael and on and on.

The next speaker was Tom Mesereau.  He spoke about Michael how gentle and very nice person he was.  His speech was short and very brief.
I was sitting there and wondering if Tom M endorsing  Wagner’s project. 

Next speaker was Larry Nimmer.  He showed a brief video clip of Neverland he took for Michael in 2005. After that he told us he was at Neverland a week ago and so ago showed us video of the current status of Neverland.  He said they (he did not say who they are)start renovating it. In the video you can see the flowers coming back, some of the rides are there, some of the animals and the statues are there and it is beginning to look really good.  I am sure you probably see the pictures he posted on face book recently. He was also selling his Neverland video. Is now Larry Nimmer endorsing Wagner?  Or is he there to sell his video knowing Neverland is becoming to its original sate and Wangner’s and this lady claim are bogus? I was wondering why he did not say anything about Nverland being on sell now? 

Next speaker was the real estate lady and she talked about how she found the property for him and how he loved it the moment he saw it.  she said something I have never heard before. Let me know if you heard it.  the property was listed 35 million but the owner (s) made a deal with Michael to sell it to him for 17 million if never ever sell it.  If he sells it by any chance, for him to pay the remaining amount of the 35 million original price and agreed and bought it.  And she continued saying since Michael broke his deal and sold the property, the original owners are now suing the estate executers for the remaining amount.  And she said now the property is on sell for 75 million and you fans can buy it if you come up with the money.

I am totally confused and I couldn’t believe what I am hearing. I thought Neverland is still owned by Michael and Colony Capital, and Colony Capital is doing the renovation.  But the lady is implying that Michael sold to somebody broke his deal and this somebody put it for sale right now.  My question is why who ever bought from Michael want to put the ride, the statues, the animals and return the property into its original status just like Michael had it if is on sell?  That doesn’t make sense to me at all.  Are they expecting the buyers to buy the property with the animals and the rides and so on? 

I wished if there was questions and answers session I would have asked this.  but I went to the real estate lady asked her if she is sure the property is on sale and she said yes and you can buy it if you have money.  I was about to ask her who is selling it but I couldn’t because there are a lot fans lining up to buy her book she wrote about Neverland and her experience with Michael.

I am telling you I was so shocked that everybody wants to make money writing this book that book or telling fans to buy Neverland and so on.  Even the girl who was dancing with Michael in the video “the way you make me feel” was selling her books about him.  I did not buy any book nor anything that was sold in his name.  especially fans from another country they don’t care and buy anything from anyone as long as it says Michael.

This is a great experience for me that will never repeated.  If I want to go to his anniversary next time it will be by myself not with any group at all who lie not to fulfill all what promised and give you half a**s activities.

Bonnie – thank you for listening to my rant. I don’t know what to do except talk about it. I really appreciate for opening my eyes to see clearly what those liars are doing in the name of Michael. 


Email #3 Clarification on the Tour Groups


I just want to say something about this trip I  did not clarify.   She did fulfill some not all the activities on all the days. Tuesday for 4 hours and Thursday, Friday and Saturday some.  But 6 of us broke from her group by Thursday and did our own things.  Even those who went with her on those three days did not do all activities that she puts on the itinerary.

She did not communicate with us properly to notify us the changes but she went around and calling people and telling them different story why she couldn't come and do what she said.  She is the one in fact who divide the group not us. We just simply ask questions and we got slammed. 

I am sorry to say this but I have very bad felling about Michael's fans. A lot of corruption going on.

Love, Mimi

I will post her name if she gives me permission.  In the meantime You need to know what is going on in the name of Michael, since the Jackson’s do not seem to care to address it.

To the Jacksons:

I don’t know how or why you seem to be alright with Michael’s fans getting taken advantage of and ripped off, but I am NOT okay with it REGARDLESS of what your plans are.

It has been stated more than once on this blog and others that for a family so bent on promoting Michael’s “God-like” heart and redeeming his character, I would think “lead by example” would be part of your game plan.

THIS is not God-like, what is going on now.  Please do something about your “family friends” (like Majestik or whatever his fake name is) and give the fans that have STUCK BY YOU the same respect and DEFENSE they have given you.

If that is not a concern of yours then by all means stay silent and do nothing.  Either way your own character will be revealed and I guess your fans will learn the hard way.

God knows your heart . . . it would HELP if the fans did too.  Try to pretend people's well being matter to you.  Thank you much.


Mimi, I am sorry you and your fellow tour participants were ripped off and treated so badly.  Thank you for coming forward and letting me post your emails so others know what Wagener and Majestik are still up to.

The "other" blog will be up tonight.  Latoya's book with mention of her "family friend" will be up tomorrow.


  1. Just to put things in perspective - We have a GLOBAL SITUATION going on . . . People in Japan need your money MUCH MORE THAN MICHAEL'S FRIENDS DO.

    GOD is in Heaven . . . we don't yet really KNOW where Michael is and if he is here and THIS IS ALLOWED TO GO ON????

    hope the ESCAPISM is worth it!

  2. My dear friend Bonnie. I will come back to read this properly after I have slept, that's IF I can sleep after hearing that interview with Joe.
    I'm too tired to comment on it properly right now. One thing I do know is, my goodness poor Mike, being discussed in such a way, boyfriend or girlfriend ideed??? And Joe didnt beat Michael with a belt or cord? :(
    Will reply again properly tomo.
    ps: ''Turn the camera off, turn it off''?? Isnt he the same guy who was laughing in the background at the beginning of the vid?
    No more words atm. :(
    Dear God, this is just too much to take. :(

  3. Oh Bonnie what can I say this is so so sad Michael really love his fans he would be so sad that people are doing this in his name. His family needs to deals with these issue otherwise Michael is not going to have any Legacy. These people are not Michael Jackson fans NO way they don't want Michael to have a Legacy that is why they are doing what they have been doing since June 2009. I think this is part of the Conspiracy they don't want Michael to a LEGACY. All this so sad for people who really love MJ. Thank You Bonnie God Bless you.

  4. Jenny said - "I will come back to read this properly after I have slept, that's IF I can sleep after hearing that interview with Joe."

    ......... I know, I was not happy about that at ALL either. Yes, the man LAUGHING at Joe's disrespectful comment is the same one that yells at the camera man (that's Majestic, who's only successful magic trick is to make other people's money disappear). I feel very sorry for Suny or Sonny (the girl he's HANDLING a career for). It's going to get much more interesting. I have a lot on this plate right now. Try to get some sleep. I'm on deficit too.

    Ella said - "His family needs to deals with these issue otherwise Michael is not going to have any Legacy. These people are not Michael Jackson fans NO way they don't want Michael to have a Legacy that is why they are doing what they have been doing since June 2009."

    ........... Either that or they are causing problems they will have "Michael" fix. Just like the protests in the middle east. Just like the division of people by promoting class warfare, then going into to fix the problem they created to look like heroes. Same thing over and over.

  5. I am convinced that Michael's fans are not stupid.
    Now you know almost everything.
    Michael was good but around him only money (evil).
    The evil that continues to haunt his memory without any qualms.

  6. @skiper - No they're not stupid but they still get taken or lied to or manipulated. These are people that the family calls friends (well, one of them). If fans believe the family is friends with these people and give them money because of it, that is a problem. I don't know if the Jackson's in their (whatever it is they are doing) advocating these people who are ripping off the fans, how is that fair to the fans?

  7. I hope that the Jackson family is not naive.
    They know the world of entertainment.
    They know the vampires who manipulate the situation.
    I understand Michael's parents, they are old but the children and grandchildren, they know who to trust, I hope.
    God bless Jackson family!

  8. More of the documentary Louis, Martin and Michael

    Karen x

  9. MIMI :"A lot of corruption going on."

    This California "organized" trip : revolting ! Thank you very much, Mimi, for sharing with us your enlightning reports of this disastrous experience with these CROOKS ! Bonnie warned us since long already but your report is the final blow. What should have been a nice pilgrimage to California on Michael's trace was spoiled by these fraudulent & disrespectful "merchants of the Temple". However I understand you also enjoyed some sightseeing .. without THEM !

  10. Bonnie,
    I want to cover several things in this comment. Firstly, Mimi I am so sorry to hear about the phoney tour. I had seen so-called fans arranging events for 25th and thought to myself - who are they to do this, do they have ANY experience of this type of hospitality? It is a big job to look after people and make all the arrangements, and if you have no experience, it ends up disappointing everyone. I get very angry when amateurs do such things in Michael's name. How can anyone, let alone the Jacksons, keep on top of this? Perhaps write to the estate so they know what is happening in Michael's name - I'm sure they wouldn't ignore it, after all they are missing a trick!
    Now to the Louis Theroux interview. Louis has a quiet way about him but his interviewing technique is razor sharp. He has upset many an interviewee over the years by asking the unspoken question. I am not defending Joe's 'regurgitating all the way to the bank' comment, because I think it was uncalled for. BUT. Much as I love Michael I do think he sometimes played on people's sympathy, and his lost childhood etc. I think Joe knew it too, and that was what the comment was about, Majestik too. Yes, much as I love Michael I am aware he may have manipulated fans a little. But Joe should not have said it - perhaps he was over tired?
    Lastly, Neverland for sale? Since when? Asking for fans to donate money to buy a piece of Neverland? This is crazy. Again, I think this should be addressed to the estate - let them actually sort out some of the chaos being unleashed to the fans for a change.

  11. I hope the Jacksons' motives are honest, although I am beginning to doubt this. LaToya's book reveals nothing about Michael's death and raises more questions. What did she do with the supposed post-it notes in Michael's writing saying who he "hated". Michael did not hate. Were these notes turned over to the estate, or to the police. LaToya does not say. The Jackson family's silence on so many issues speaks volumes about their motives, all of them, including fans having to alert them to Paris' twitter account, as no one was supervising her activities. Opinions change when facts emerge.


    Bonnie, Joe Jackson is harshly criticized for using the logo of History Tour.

  13. Skiper said - "I hope that the Jackson family is not naive.
    They know the world of entertainment.
    They know the vampires who manipulate the situation."

    ........... I really hope so. I do not understand them sitting back and seeing these people hurt fans, with everything else that is going on in the world? They may be ignorant of the value of money but most people are not and having it taken from people who really can't afford it is APPALLING! Especially if they are using their brother's name to do it.

    @Anonymous - Thank you for posting the beginning of that interview. I find it very REVEALING that Majestic says he is also E'Casanova's handler/manager (he said manager, see no difference). Also his little "mind-flip" in the middle of the street was interesting. Did a brain signal misfire?

    @Line - I too am glad Mimi did get to see some sights without them. I'm just sorry she had to spend money she didn't have to spend because she didn't get what they promised her and her group.

    Princess said - "How can anyone, let alone the Jacksons, keep on top of this? Perhaps write to the estate so they know what is happening in Michael's name "

    ............ Some of these people are touted as being "family friends" in Latoya's book. They are on Twitter! They could be warning fans instead of posting about the latest IDOL they built in Michael's name! That might help UNLESS they are just all playing their part in the plan (which I cannot BEAR to think about right now). Most Illuminati families are taught that they are divinely entitled to other people's creations/money. Michael fought this and spoke out against it a number of times.

    Rothschild came into his money by telling his friends at the British stock exchange that Napoleon had won the war. Stocks plummeted, he bought them all up and essentially became "owner" of England. These people all have the same mentality. You are worth nothing on this earth and are only here to serve them. If you can't do that then you are a "feeder" and need to be put out of your misery. This is their "one world" they want to create. This why they seem to have no conscience as to what they are doing to others. Rant over.

    Thereaux and Joe Jackson I can understand making that comment although no, I don't like it and it does NOTHING for his image. However, Majestik laughing like that? We also know clan he hangs around with and he also mentions in this interview the "9 years" or "22 years" (he doesn't know???) that he lived at the Jackson house. Exactly what has he done for the Jacksons other than get a free ride? They are sent there to worm their way in, just like the gangstalkers that hang/hung around outside the gate. Taaj Malik has been working her little butt off to get inside that family. He's helping her by mentioning the fans "treatment" of her at this Gardner School gathering. It's evil.

    Michael/sympathy - manipulation? Possible but perhaps he was TOLD to/forced to. These "interventions" bother me because the Illuminati use them to get someone back under control . . . the Corey Feldman video I posted weeks back even mentions that. Princess I wish I could tell you what I know but I am not the only one that saw this with Michael and there were a few people working with him that saw it to and had to get him out. Some of the fingers being pointed are going in the wrong direction. I have more info for you all tonight.

  14. Anonymous said - "I hope the Jacksons' motives are honest, although I am beginning to doubt this. LaToya's book reveals nothing about Michael's death and raises more questions. What did she do with the supposed post-it notes in Michael's writing saying who he "hated".

    ....... I COMPLETELY AGREE with you on Latoya's book. I will be opening up discussion on that in tonight's blog. When you see this I think you will understand.

  15. Bonnie,
    I'm looking forward to tonight's blog!!
    I think I must be a 'feeder' because I never could get a job in a bank LOL! I applied many times, always got turned down.

  16. Recently "Michael Jackson" Perfume & now "Joe Jackson" Champagne. OMG ! I always defended the Jacksons so I won't change my line. BUT IMO this type of marketing on Michael's name is bad taste any day or year AFTER 06.25.2009.

  17. Now to the Louis Theroux interview. Louis has a quiet way about him but his interviewing technique is razor sharp. He has upset many an interviewee over the years by asking the unspoken question. I am not defending Joe's 'regurgitating all the way to the bank' comment, because I think it was uncalled for. BUT. Much as I love Michael I do think he sometimes played on people's sympathy, and his lost childhood etc. I think Joe knew it too, and that was what the comment was about, Majestik too. Yes, much as I love Michael I am aware he may have manipulated fans a little. But Joe should not have said it - perhaps he was over tired?

    Been thinking about this clip all day and what Princess Glam said just about sums up my thoughts. We have to take into consideration the late hour and they could have been drinking? Also we don't know what was said or what happened immediately before the clip. Louis Theroux does have a way of looking very innocent when asking rather loaded questions. He knew what reaction he'd get to the partner question. Rolls eyes... Good on Joe for not answering the nose questions.

    Karen x

  18. Princess said - "I'm looking forward to tonight's blog!!
    I think I must be a 'feeder' because I never could get a job in a bank LOL! I"

    ....... LOL! So am I. I would never want to work in a bank anyway. Bore me to tears. World Bank was a favor for a friend and it was only for six months. When I was young(er), I wanted to take my dreams and make movies out of them because they were so symbolic of God and faith and I thought, you NEVER see movies like this. I thought if everyone had my dreams they would think twice about the things they do. (sometimes need to take my own advice too).

    Line said - "Recently "Michael Jackson" Perfume & now "Joe Jackson" Champagne. OMG !"

    ......... ROFLMBO!!! Actually I would like to try that. Champagne is about the only thing I can even sip without getting a headache. I don't drink so I never developed a tolerance. But certain champagnes are good and I can drink them. The one I had on my honeymoon night - ex husband was good stuff. Funny story but I can't tell it here, LOL! Never, ever again ROFL!!!! I'm sitting here laughing at the memory. When I suffer I make sure everyone suffers, LOL!!!! Maybe I'll take a break and tell it tomorrow before tackling Latoya's book. I think we all need a good laugh.

  19. Anonymous said - "Louis Theroux does have a way of looking very innocent when asking rather loaded questions. "

    ......... Joe Jackson is perfectly within his rights to tell these people where to get off the train. I would never have used my own son's words of pain to do it the way he did. I am not innocent of sticking my own foot in my mouth on occasion but that was pretty hard to take. Add to that Majestik's reaction and I was livid.

    BY THE WAY........... I had thunderstorms here last night and lost electricity for a while. This took time out of my research and I did not get to finish the blog on Latoya's book so I will continue tomorrow. It will be in two parts and I will also put up the funny story of honeymoon night. Don't worry it's clean . . . unfortunately, LOL!

  20. Cute video, eyes

  21. BONNIE :"I think we all need a good laugh"

    I'm ready for a laughing break too !

    Okaay, rather silly Video above. Thanks God, real pets don't laugh this way. :o)

  22. Bonnie – thank you so much for posting my frustration about the trip to LA and the Wagner events to donate money for the documentary and to buy Neverland.

    One of the thing that really amazes me is the total trust some of the fans are putting on those liars who tell them the possibility of buying Neverland with their donation money so they can manage it as Michael did.

    Believe me there are many gullible fans who do anything and give money to any so called projects as long as you mention Michael’s name. Some or most fans don’t ask questions and they don’t even want to hear when you become skeptical of cheaters. They become defensive and they are very quick to protect those who use Michael to deceive. I have had several experience with many of them who came to the trip. I took an approach to express my thought without being afraid of anyone of them. I don’t care if anyone of them hate me, and I don’t like Michael’s name being used in every possible situations.

    One thing I hate is, every time you express the wrong that has been done, they quickly said “Michael would not do that or this is not Michael.” I hate that when they use Michael to cover up their lies. When did Michael say tolerate those who cheated you or do anything and give your money in my name and ask no questions?

    Bonnie – what do you think one more time to put a blog that Neverland is not for sale and Michael and Colony Capital own the property? This Neverland is for sale and fans can purchase it crap by Wagner and Jennifer Johns is really bothering me.


  23. Line said - "Okaay, rather silly Video above. Thanks God, real pets don't laugh this way. :o) "

    ......... That's demented, LOL!

    Mimi said - "“Michael would not do that or this is not Michael.” I hate that when they use Michael to cover up their lies. "

    ......... THANK YOU! Big thank you for stating that, because that is exactly what they do! Michael would certainly not be ripping people off either, but if you ever encounter that again . . . just sing Michael's song, "Money" to them . . . "Lie for it . . . . steal for it . . . Kill for it, you'll do ANYTHING for money . . ."

    I will do that but I have to finish this Latoya Book thing first. Majestik was trying to solicit funds for Neverland purchase too?

  24. Bonnie said "Majestik was trying to solicit funds for Neverland purchase too?" I haven't heard him saying that on the event. He mainly talks not to believe when we hear anyone discrediting hard working people in Michael's community.


  25. Line said, “However I understand you also enjoyed some sightseeing .. without THEM !” Oh yes Line. Those of us who distance ourselves from the other group members who are obsessed believing cheaters, hired this guy with his van to take us to Hollywood to see three Michael’s wax figures at Madam Tussauds wax museum.

    Guess what, in that wax museum Michael has his own room with his name and summarized autobiography and his important quotes written on the wall and his music playing at all times. No celebrities wax figures in that museum placed in one room by themselves, only Michael. You know why he is special of all.

    We danced and cried and stayed in the room for long minutes. The security guard who stand next to the room brought us tissues and said to us most people who come to this room never left without crying so the museum has tissue handy for anyone who needs it. We also went to Malibu beach and have an nice lunch by the beach.

    Despite the trouble we faced and spent unexpected money, we had a great time.


  26. PrincessGlam said,” Neverland for sale? Since when?” I know Princess, I was surprised too. I am going to look the real estate lady name and post it her who even told me when I directly asked her to confirm her claims that it is in fact on sale. I thought it is very crazy. I am not too sure what the estate executers will do about this. I know somebody has to do something to stop this madness.


  27. @Mimi - I'm glad you got to visit the Museum and had a nice guard bring you tissues.

    Your real estate lady is lying. I searched real estate listings under "Neverland Ranch", "Sycamore Valley Ranch", the address and the names and it is not for sale, not listed.

  28. Jennifer JOnes - Please see your post on the more recent blog:

  29. I was surprised when I didn't find much about Jennifer Jones's scam on the internet. I had the worst feeling when she was trying to rope me onto her committee for The Neverland Project. The way she uses the term "Sisters" etc. I felt as though the whole set up was very cult - like. Heaven helpyou if you try to question her, she becomes very rude and abusive. I wonder what happened to all of the money that she collected for the Mob flash dance that she was going to hold in Texas. I noticed that everything had been cancelled. Also she was trying to collect money and asking people for $25 to buy a brick for the Yellow Brick Road that she was going to have a Neverland. It just goes on and on.

  30. I also noticed that Jennifer Jones was telling people that she lived in New Orleans but if you check a bit further you will find that she resides in Austin, Texas. This person uses Michael's name to try to manipulate and guilt you into doing what she wants you to do. Also, when the itinerary came out for that trip she had put things in like, "we are all going to get Michael tattoos" etc. Some people became concerned and then she said "oh, I was only joking". This was a constant with her. Saying things to shock and concern people and then saying she was only joking. Never giving the full details on majority of issues was also another of her specialities.

  31. @Anonymous - I keep an eye on those people Jones, Wagener, Malik, Jacobs, The TINI Girls and the closet-TINI girls (the Shadow TINI). I know where some of them work and who they work for and if SOME of them work for these people, then the rest do to. They are all kind of congealing together - like those of "one mind" who will worship the beast.

  32. Thankyou for responding Bonnie. I think what confuses alot of people about Jennifer Jones and her ilk is that she is every where, constantly - all the websites, fansites, Twitter. In fact, in briefing her Twitter account she would appear to be a great defender of Michael and his family. Although, as has also been noted by other Twitterers she frequently tries to get Michael's family to answer her by sending messages of support. "Love Bombing", is a technique that she likes to use. So again, I think this is why people are "sucked in" by this type of person, because she seems to be such a staunch defender of Michael, perhaps in some way this individual is. In essence, this is what confused me and caused me quite alot of grief. As majority of us are good hearted people that love to help where there is a need and love to support a cause of worthiness in God's honour and in Michael's name. I can't quite work out how one would have the level of energy and the time as she must surely spend hours each day to keep up with the sites and be such a defender of Michael if there was not an element of support for him from her. Perhaps there is more than one individual operating under this name - I just can't work it out. The two sides of this individual, defender / under handed dealings - psychologically it is very conflicting.

  33. @Anonymous - Jennifer and many of the other Erin Jacob's group are all part-n-parcel to the TINI group. Think of pack of hyenas that travel in groups and fight amongst themselves but when there is prey, the will splinter and attack from different angles, keeping the prey overwhelmed. One side runs to attack, the prey turns it's attention while the other comes in from the side.

    That's pretty much how they operate. Their prey isn't necessarily the fans, they do what they do to keep the Jackson's attention on them and off of the true predator.

    1. Please explain to me what the TINI group is?

    2. Anonymous -

      TINI = "This is NOT It" propaganda group organized to attack the Jackson family, AEG/Anschutz and Dr. Conrad Murray as well as any fan that didn't take their propaganda as gospel.

      They are/were funded by Sony or through Sony and the STALKER fans such as Samantha Degosson, Talitha Linehan, Steph Martin, Karen Faye, Charles Thomson and Branca's buddy J. Randy Taraborrelli, Taaj Malik, Justice4MJ Group with Erin Jacobs . . . and all their clan came from that core.




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