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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael's Guardian - A Father's Day Message - Personal

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Michael's Guardian - A Father's Day Message - Personal

Father’s Day Message
A Thank you to God, Husband, Dad, Michael, the Jackson Family
And all Fathers –

Dedicated to all the fathers I know, and to those I don’t know who need to hear it.  This is especially dedicated to my Father in Heaven, who’s heart should be the aspiration and inspiration of every dad and mom he created.

God is an Awesome God
Happy Father’s Day, God ~ ♥♥♥
And Thank you for our Beautiful Earth
Created by your love, for us
Let us never, ever take for granted

Ed – My Husband

The Incredible Whole of my Heart

Ed, my loving husband who had to send his son home the day before Father’s day, I know you are heart broken and miss him so much.  Please don’t ever feel as if you have cheated him out of anything.  What you gave to him, MANY fathers wish they had given to their children.  Your son is sensitive, loving, and a good person, just like his dad.  The time you spend with him is never wasted.

Know that I love you with all my heart, I feel you . . . you are me and I am you.  In the days that you are disheartened, remember that God feels you too and loves you.

The very first camping trip with the our families
The friend who would become my husband
And me talking to customers, LOL

God’s Favor?  Window of Heaven
In the clouds on top of
Mnt. Mitchell in North Carolina

That’s my husband, miraculous picture!

You have taught your son to speak up for those who can’t do so for themselves.  You do the same for others and you have done so for me.  This is dedicated to you, love and heart of my life:

To Edward
Remember the Hope

James M. – My Dad

Dad -  I remember the sense of humor
You gave to my brother
The last time I saw him was August of 2007

To James – My father, where ever you are . . . I have missed knowing you more than you know.  But I harbor no resentment or regrets, only hope of what is to come.  You are still here.  I wish I could reach you.  I wish I could have gotten up on that platform in my dream, you looked so trapped.  I was the one trying to get up but you were the one that needed the help and I could not get to you.

This was God’s way of telling me to keep trying.  I saw the look on your face.  You didn’t know love either . . . not the kind that you need.  It is here and I had to learn to reach for it and to give it before I could receive it. This is my prayer for you.  I will call you later today.  I pray your heart will be open and not just for a fleeting moment.  What you have been searching for you have yet to find, but it’s here, in my heart, in God’s heart.  Just reach for it, Dad . . . for the truth.  I dedicate this video to you . . .

Finally Home
Just replace “man” with “lady”

We are all warriors right now, fighting, battling evil.  When we finally make it home, we will long have understood the reason we were created, and that the battle was the only way we would ever understand just how great the depth of God’s love is.

My Brother, Michael

The Best Friend to my Boys
My son Jon and his Uncle Mike
On our Deck, enjoying the scenery

My Incredible brother, Michael – the OTHER BROTHER MIKE, who lit up my life and diffused just about every terse, family situation with his insatiable ability to create comedy out of adversity.

Mike, you are a fantastic father.  I am sorry your dreams of family couldn’t materialize the way you had planned.  But you, out of your heart created love where none was extended to you.  You have a beautiful, talented daughter as a result.  A lady who’s found you and loves you . . . who’s children love you.

May you take care of each other and remember that “family” is created when love and caring is given without expectation.  You now see that God rewards in ways you never thought it would.  I love you, my incredible, sensitive, funny and caring brother.  Evil was not meant for you, which is why things turned out the way they did.  You won.  Your daughter is proof of that. ♥  I dedicate this song to you:

He Reigns

Michael Jackson – the man, as he is:

Reaching for the truth

Michael, I wish they had let you complete your message about the value of fatherhood and families to those that really need to hear it.  I don’t like showing pics of your children because I know you didn’t like it when they were young, but this video did the best at concealing and showed the most respect for their privacy. 

I know you planned to bring them out and introduce them to the world, but that is your job, not ours . . . so with that, I wanted to dedicate this video (which I did not make, but I FOUND), to this father’s day blog for your fans and anyone who ever had doubts about the wholesome, loving father you are.  This song is dedicated to you as is the video beneath it:

Word of God Speak
Since you, Michael, tried to Share this

Michael with his Children -

Joe Jackson and Michael’s brothers – The Fathers of the Jackson Family

The Sweetest picture

It is unconscionable the way you have been hurt by a society and an industry that you have but only given of yourselves, your talent, your graciousness and your understanding of family and love to everyone . . . all of us.  God bless you with strength, faith and love.  Your purpose I embrace.

You have been attacked, maliciously maligned, infiltrated, separated and used by evil, for evil purposes. 

I believe most fans know and understand now what this is all about.  Family is not a piece of paper, a lineage of genealogy or financial obligation.  Family is love, based from love and held together by love and that is exactly what God’s whole design of creation shows us, from the single, cell-adhesion molecule to the congregation of a nation sharing the heart of God with each other.

This song/video is dedicated to you, Mr. Joe, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Randy.  Thank you for not giving up on us and extending Michael’s message, given by God, spoken through his songs, from the heart of innocence.  I love you.

Here With Me

To All the Chaps with Children

In honor of those who head the homes
Protect and guide and teach
Their families in any form
As far as love can reach

A wish, a day for you to hold
Close within your heart
With your children you enfold
Your love to them impart

Remember time is not our own
To us does not belong
There are children who alone
Need love that won’t go wrong

As Jesus taught us through His word
That love will overcome
Recognize the love conferred
So lost they don’t become

A father heads the family
In mind, body and soul
He guards against calamity
And wicked uncontrolled

Please keep an open heart for those
Who lost against the world
Children others will dispose
That need that love unfurled

Offer to them family
those who don’t know love
Multiply the love decree
And be what Jesus spoke of

This is how love grows and shines
Love multiplies anew
The love you share with them defines
What your children give to you

Bonnie Cox, © 2011 Poem – Father’s Day
All rights reserved but to be shared, for free….

Happy Father’s day to my husband, James (my father), Those our extended family, Joe Jackson, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, Michael and Randy and all the fathers out there especially who are fighting for freedom for your children and your families.

God Bless you all and Remember the sacrifice, because he loved you first with a devotion indescribable, to free you.

Me Pre-June 25th, 2009
Hiking God’s Beautiful Country
Created with Love of Art and Nature
Color, texture and symmetry
Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania (not me, LOL)

My husband is the tow-head
In the blue and white striped shirt

Michael and his Children
(Michael, forgive me for putting up this picture
but it's for Father's Day ♥)

Something Beautiful
I want a new Beginning
Starting Over, Right Latoya?

Thank you God for giving me an appreciation for words, music and your incredible love and beauty.

To Give just because
To teach, to caress
To protect
To be - Dad

Addition Because I love her
From Micheline



  1. I' m in tears, Bonnie. This is such a beautiful father's day tribute. I just want to wish yoir hubby, Ed and all great fathers a wonderful father's day!!! Those who haven't played the role well, I still wish you same. Its never too late to try being the father Our Heavenly Father intended you to be. Your kids need you. Bonnie,God bless you for your wonderful work on this blog. I admire you. You're brave,strong and the Holy Spirit will always protect you. Hope the sunburn is better now.

    Do you know that Paris is on twitter and can you imagine that someone picked today, father's day of all days to harass her about her father. She's @pariisjaxn on twitter. Some ppl are so cruel! She's tough like Michael so she handled it nicely. God bless you!


  2. Nana said - "Those who haven't played the role well, I still wish you same. Its never too late to try being the father Our Heavenly Father intended you to be. Your kids need you."

    ......... That sentiment Nana, is the hope we need injected back into families - Latoya's "It's never too late to START OVER" just won't leave my head. Latoya girl you are H-A-U-N-T-I-N-G me with this. (Hurry up 21st oh just hurry up!)

    Are you sure this is really Paris? I saw twitters from someone with that moniker. Did any of the Jackson's vouch for her?

    I love this video.
    You look at the expression of the small Paris.

    Also, I wanted to remember:
    2003 Private Home Movies TV Special:
    "I love and adore my children.... They mean everything to me. I love my children and I am proud to be their dad. "
    Michael Jackson

  4. Very sweet Blog & wonderful family pics, Bonnie, Thank you.

    My own father was a good man, affectionate, caring, giving .. which my mother reproached him at times : "You are too good.. peole will abuse from you" LOL .. a bit like Michael & all the good men of this world, I dare say. I'll never reach my own father's level of kindness but still miss him & cherish his memory for ever.

    Michael & his MJ3 : the cutest thing to watch.

  5. Well, she posts pictures of herself and sometimes with family that only the real Paris could. Jaffar's (Jermaine's son) girlfriend also stood up for her yesterday and they also interact alot. She also interacts with Prince's girlfriend (yup, he's got a girlfriend now... they're growing up so fast!lol)so I believe it's her. You can check out her timeline.

    I think we all need to start over, I know I should lol. La Toya's book is going to be great!

    God bless you for also writing about your dad. I know how hard it is to show love to someone who doesn't return it the way you expect. My relationship with my dad isn't all I want it to be so I can relate. God's protection for you and your family!


  6. Skiper said - ""I love and adore my children.... They mean everything to me. I love my children and I am proud to be their dad. "

    .......... Awwww, yes that was at the end of the video above too. Father's day is bittersweet for me. It's really hard for me to get into. I tried calling my father yesterday - no answer and he never set up the voicemail on his phone. And as conscious as his wife is, if he died I would never know it. So I didn't get to talk to him. And the funny thing about it is, he probably didn't even miss it.

    Line said - ""You are too good.. peole will abuse from you" LOL .. a bit like Michael & all the good men of this world, I dare say."

    ......... I used to hear that about my own father, that he let people take advantage of him. But he could also turn you on and off like a light switch. Out of sight out of mind. There are not many people on that side of the family that know how to maintain a relationship not based on self fulfillment. I know it sounds ugly but it's the truth.

    Nana said - "You can check out her timeline."

    ........ I don't even know where to do that. I'm not on twitter a lot but I have been on there more recently because of Jermaine and Jackie and Latoya's activity (Man, they've been busy!).

    I'm a little more concerned about something else right now and quite frankly it is really, really ticking me off. I don't even know how I'm going to approach this but I knew I would run into it some time. We're getting so close to whatever it is that is about to blow, and I am standing on a ridge:

    On one side, There is Heaven, on the other side there is Hell:

    There is a game being played here and people are going to get fooled and pulled to the wrong side. Oh my God, why today?

    I really, really need help with this and I have no idea who I can even talk to about it. Everyone is in shadows. God . . . please I need your light.

    Sorry Nana - I am really bothered right now. God never gives us anything we can't handle, right? He never sends us in the wrong direction.

  7. BONNIE : "There are not many people on that side of the family that know how to maintain a relationship not based on self fulfillment"

    It's a pity, I'm sorry. As a child I was simply lucky that my Italian father was very caring to my mother & I, we were his everything. All so far away but love is always around.

  8. @BONNIE : Out of context,but I found that Video apparently from Feb. 2009 :

    At 0:30, Peter Lopez is clearly part of the shopping/restaurant tour incl. Michael & Christian Audigier who paid Michael to appear at his Birthdy party at the end of 2008 : the contract was maybe prepared by Peter Lopez ? But was Michael handling businesss other than C. Audigier's in early 2009 or did he just go out friendly with him ? Peter Lopez's "suicidal"death in 2010 is still an enigma.

  9. @PariisJaxon is on twitter. Pictures of the family home, Prince and some family members. She was mercilessly harassed yesterday, and there appear to be no adults monitoring her; showing her how to use twitter. Others showed Paris how to block from her iphone. JMHO the Jacksons don't know or would take action. Tough being a teen under the best circumstances; best if she were not on twitter while the Murray trial is pending.

  10. @Nana - Star_1990 ♥~Priscilla~♥
    @pariisjaxon Obviously u're not tweeting no more coz @pariisjaxn caught u out hahahaha! U disgust me and ur a sick individual. #youneedhelp
    13 Jun
    L.A Babe ϟ
    HollywoodsGang L.A Babe ϟ
    @Pariisjaxon fake fake fake
    13 Jun
    Christina Jaxn
    ChristiParisJay Christina Jaxn
    Thanks to @PariisJaxn!!!Posers-@PariisJaxon, @ParieJackson,@Paris_Jackson98,@itsparisjackson,@missP_Jackson,@PariskJackson13,@missparismk>

  11. More:

    pariisjaxn Paris Jackson
    @ItsAlyssaShouse this isnt me @Pariisjaxon

    They're all fake Nana. None of the kids are on Twitter. Think about anyone that could have been in that house taking pictures of Michael's kids for use later . . . Grace comes to mind.

  12. Line said - "At 0:30, Peter Lopez is clearly part of the shopping/restaurant tour incl. Michael & Christian Audigier who paid Michael to appear at his Birthdy party at the end of 2008 : the contract was maybe prepared by Peter Lopez ? "

    ............ Mmmmmmm - I'm not ready for this yet, but you are right. There is something to that. There was someone else involved I think but I can't say just yet. Still researching this. If you go back to a post I made in July of last year, it has something to do with that I believe

  13. One of the best and inspirational fathers day messages I've ever read. Thanks for posting this. Kudos to the author. Happy father's day to all wonderful dad around the world!

  14. Thank you Pamela. Your encouragement is appreciated. Happy "Dad's Day" to your dad and/or husband as well! ~ Bonnie

  15. Lovely photos and especially awesome fathers day greetings! Would sure share any of these too =)


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