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Michael Jackson Justice: Three Dreams and a Conversation about Michael

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Three Dreams and a Conversation about Michael

Catching up on Dreams

This morning I had a very heartbreaking dream and I thought I would take the opportunity to catch up on the ones that I think should make it to the blog.  I had several of them while I was away and they were topics of conversation at the breakfast table.


I had this dream on Sunday evening/Monday morning of the 31st of May.  I’ve had this dream before even though the setting would change the big wave was always there.

In this dream, I was in the lower level of someone’s huge house.  Part of it was partially above ground as the house was built into the side of a cliff.  One section of the exposed end of this basement area was all glass from floor to ceiling.  It was designed in such a way that this part of the lower level of the house was practically sitting right on top of the ocean.  Every piece of furniture and the setting of this room was focused on this one wall.

“Let me show you something,” a woman said to me.

I did not know the people whose house I was in but she looked like Nancy Malnik.  I was a first time guest in this house and not comfortable there.

I walked over to the window and looked down.  The height of the room I was in from the water, the movement and inundating of the water gave me a sudden, short fit of vertigo.

Just then I saw the water begin to pull away as if a giant scoop was pushing it away.  I followed with my eyes the drawing out of the water and then I realized what was happening.

Just as the jolt of fear hit me I saw the swell in the distance being fed by the withdrawing of the water.  I said under my breath “another one?” and I turned to run toward the other end of the basement, to find the exit to the upper level, out of the house.

The “Nancy” woman called to me, “Don’t worry.  It’s a reinforced wall . . .”  Just as I heard her say this, I heard no more.  I didn’t even hear the wall give way when I felt the force of the cold ocean hit my back, but it woke me up.

They are Looking for Him

Tuesday, June 1, I had this dream.  I was supposed to meet Michael (yes, that one).  But I was on my own, I had to figure out how to get there and how to find him.  No one connected to him could help me because of the risk.  My way was paid, but I had to make all the arrangements and find where to go to learn that tickets and vouchers were waiting for me when I succeeded.

I figured out what country he was in and flew to that country (I know what country it was but I don’t want to tell you).  From there I had to ask questions and use the process of elimination to pinpoint approximately where he would be.

I then rented a bicycle and rode on country roads through hills and woods.  The countryside was beautiful.

I finally had to move off the road because people I encountered told me that country’s army was coming and they were looking for Michael and they had learned through their spies that someone (me) was making their way to see him.

I was told to take the “below road”, which was a secret road that the army did not know about.  So I ditched the bike and climbed down the hill off the road into the woods.

As I walked I ran into sentries who were watchers of people who traveled the “below road”.  People called them the “anti-army”.

The “below-road” was a foot path that ran parallel to the road and it was so inconspicuous and hidden that it took some convincing it even existed, as the path/road would disappear.  You had to know what signs to look for in the trees and bushes to follow it.

As I came upon a portion of the path that could be seen, someone grabbed me around the waist from behind and pulled me into a small alcove created by an outcropping of bushes and trees into the side of the bank the road was on.  He put his hand over my mouth.

“Shhh”, he said, “The (country name) army is right above us.  Just stay here until I say it is safe.”

The hand left my mouth and I turned to look at him, but his face was in shadows.  He was a little taller than me, maybe an inch and trim.  He was dressed in black and dark green and I could not see his face.

“How much longer before I get to see Michael?” I asked him

He replied, “You still have to wait a little while longer.  There is still a wee bit to go.” 

I then woke up.

I know the country and its army and  the name was used in the dream, but I can’t say what country this was because I just don’t know.  Even if it is just a dream I don’t want to help the other side.

The Two Coreys

This one I had this morning before I woke up.  I cried.

I was in a room listening to Corey Feldman verbally tear down Corey Haim, who was just standing there looking into Feldman’s eyes.  Feldman was telling Haim that he was a loser, that he was a waste of human flesh and that the only reason Haim was famous was because of him.

I yelled at him to stop but he didn’t hear me.  Haim turned and calmly walked from the room.

Next we were in another room.  Myself, Feldman and Feldman’s mother.  Feldman’s mother was telling Corey that he should apologize to Haim, that they used to be best friends.

“No!” Said Feldman, “It’s too late.  He let the cat out of the bag.  He wrote his story when he did that!”

I grabbed Feldman’s shoulders and made him look into my eyes.  His were cold and hard.  He was an inch or two shorter than me in the dream, but he was bulkier.  He at first tried to pull away, then he would look away.  But when I started speaking his eyes turned to me even though his head was still turned to the side.

I said to him, “You two were children!  You have a memory of caring about him Corey!  It’s in there!  Think of just one thing!  Just one time that you did something genuinely nice for him (Haim)!  What was it?  Tell me about just one time . . .”

I felt the resistance in his shoulders give way before I saw it in his eyes, but it did follow.  Then Feldman’s mother chimed in – “How about the time you two were swimming in the pool and one of the other kids pounced on him, trying to pull him under water!  You ripped that kid off of Corey and you were in his face about hurting your friend.  You defended him to other people who claimed he was gay.  When they challenged you on loyalty to them, do you remember what you said?”

I was looking at Feldman who’s eyes were now locked with mine.  I saw a softness break through.  There was also a hint of fear there.  I said to him, “Corey you knew his pain.  Try to remember that you loved him.”  I watched movement in Feldman’s eyes, he was fighting.  I held his eyes and would not let him look away.  I didn’t want it to take him too . . . “The love is there Corey, remember what it felt like . . .”  I saw his face begin to crumble with emotion just as I woke up.

This dream is one of those ones that I WISH had happened.  Corey Haim is now dead from a drug overdose, after “letting the cat out of the bag” on an episode of “The Two Coreys” reality show.  I covered their story here.  Source

*************** End *****************

We had a lot of mishaps while away on this trip that was just supposed to be the graduation of one of our boys, and the graduation of my other son’s girlfriend.  I didn’t not count on a $500 car repair, a broken toe or the air conditioning motor to die back at home while we were gone.

But the most disheartening yet blessed thing that did happen was a heart to heart talk with a couple of our dear friends while we were up there. What started out as a hurtful conversation with these friends of ours turned into a revelation for me as to just how some people view God and the way many churches teach us to view him.

I did not know how to handle the conversation without letting emotion cause me to approach it in a defensive manner.  One of the friends absolutely did not like Michael, and somehow they came to the conclusion that I was someone to be ‘concerned’ about because of the time I spent researching for the blog.  I was presented with an example of several people they either knew or read about that were financially rewarded after going to church and tithing.

I’m parsing the conversation a bit to save some space.  It wasn’t that cut and dry, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how closely people associate big checkbooks with “godliness”.

I love these people, they are like my adopted mom and dad, and I didn’t want to say anything out of anger or hurt so I waited and let the conversation get changed.  But I also remembered in the Bible that we are supposed to advocate for those who have or are being persecuted, victimized or lied about, ESPECIALLY those who served God.

After some prayer and thought, I wrote the email to them below.  After reading it I thought about sharing it here because I don’t think I will ever again be able to express how unfair and untrue the misconceptions about people, God’s will for them, and the way churches teach certain issues and acceptance of the mission of others.

I have changed the names, but I also want this to be an open letter about what Michael was about, and what learning about him has taught me about the way I look at things. Because five years ago, this letter could have been written to myself.

**************** Start ****************

Dear Friends,

I have obviously failed to explain effectively why the blog is so important.  I guess I don't know how to unless I actually put it in writing, so this is my attempt to do just that.

The link below is only one of many entries, but I would like you to take the time to read through it while putting any biases aside.  It took me two years to get to the point of being able to do that myself but I am glad God put me through it.  Forget what you read/heard/hear in the news because it's as much fantasy as a Stephen King Novel.

John - You don't like Michael Jackson and never liked him, so you said.  I'm not asking you to LIKE him.  But if you are going to base your opinion on what the media and the press have fed you ABOUT him, I would at least like you to take a look at WHO is behind that industry, and the part they are playing in the organization of One World Government.  Because this is exactly what Michael was trying to warn us about, the spiritual battle. 

Once you know that, you will understand why Michael was so persecuted and PERSECUTED he was.  When you realize what Michael was trying to tell people in his songs and speeches, you will ALSO understand just why the evil went after him they way it did.  He was surrounded by it.

Michael was not a perfect human being and he grew up in an entertainment industry rife with evil and evil intentions toward our children.  He grew up in this industry much of the time under the control of people OTHER than his parents.  It's a horrible story.  However, Michael was a FAITHFUL person and a Bible reader/studier. He loved God and He loved Jesus.  He loved people.  God would not let him go and THIS MAN and what he was PUT THROUGH taught me what Jesus has wanted me to know for my whole life and that is what UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is and the power of it.  Jesus was God's example of it. We are supposed to follow it and that includes loving people we don't understand.

It is because of that unconditional love that I want both of you to know who this man was/is (not sure he's dead) because he FOUGHT FOR US and he did it as they were smearing his name and his integrity.  He also befriended children because he, as a child performer, witnessed a lot of evil done to a lot of children in the industry.  The things he saw I am now uncovering.  This is what they used against him to try to bring him back under control and shut him up.

I am also going to send you a video of an interview with Latoya, his sister, where she talks about what they did to her and how the Bible saved her.  If they did this to Latoya, then imagine what they did to Michael, who was much more influential.  This interview was taped on Dutch T.V. because our country would never allow such an interview.  Michael's brother Jermaine also gave an interview in another country talking about a conspiracy against Michael that our own government was involved in, but he didn't name names.  Our "freedom of press" has been long gone.

This blog entry has a lot of information in it and links to other blogs where my research is explained further:  

This is the research I did on Latoya and the video of her interview is there. When she talks about someone smuggling a Bible to her, you will cry (well Judy will, LOL!  We know John doesn't cry, hehehehe).  

Her video about the Bible is there, but you can click here too  

In the full length version of this interview, Latoya talks about the research her mother did into the mind control.  She was told by Jack Gordon's doctor that he was using the same drugs on Latoya that the military uses on their soldiers, putting it into their food before they are sent on missions.  Why would civilian doctors know about this?

This is what OUR NEWS will not air or talk about. There is a complete BLACKOUT in regard to Michael and his faith and him talking about his mission.  You have to learn about it online, via blogs like mine and others, and watching his interviews on Youtube.

Both Michael and Latoya left Jehovah's Witness church as did Jermaine, but they never say why.  In Michael's Bible Study notes of which I have copies of (I will post the link to that below too), Michael wrote "Rely only on God's Word, not man's".  Many of Michael's songs talk about the changing of history and the complete fiction our news has turned into.  Michael's Bible Study notes are here:  Part 1 -   

Part 2 -  

After seeing this, I don't know how you can still hate him, but the treatment of him reminds me a lot of what our apostles went through in trying to get Jesus's message out.  That is all Michael was trying to do.  To remind us to love each other.  Apparently that is a crime in the U.S.

I'm sorry for the length of this, but it is important.  We are supposed to advocate for those who were persecuted for getting the message out.  The evil behind the music industry had plans for Michael.  They were extremely angry they lost control of him.  God was more powerful.  It is one heck of a story. 

Michael was innocent and very child-like.  They thought they could use that.  Michael resisted and prayed ALOT.  His "witnessing" didn't make the news.  Wonder why?  Please take into consideration that before June 25th of 2009, I was not even a fan of Michael.  I was moved to do this and that story is also throughout the very beginning of this blog.  This is no accident nor is it a flight of fancy.  If I get offended it is because that is how you presented your concerns to me.  I'm glad I waited until now to try and explain it because I was hurt and it probably would not have come out right at the time we were discussing it.

I understand why you are concerned about me, I do get that.  But it is really hard to explain in this day and age how important this is.  Yes, we need more income.  But what would have happened to us if Paul had told God, "I can't spend the time on this, I have to get a job."  What if John the Baptist had told God that. What if Jesus had told God that?  Where would we be?  How did Moses take Israel into the desert and survive for 40 years?  There was no General Motors or IBM plant out there that I can recall.  God provided for them and not one of them punched a time clock.

I will pray hard for what God wants me to do to take some of the burden from my husband.  There isn't much down here and this is where God put us.  That is the best I can do.  There are things we don't need that we could get rid of, but that is not my decision to make.  I will definitely tell you what happens.

Love  you two VERY MUCH,


P.S.  Money is not evidence of favor with God.  It really bothers me when this is used as an example of a blessing because it is used so often, even by churches.  Our riches are not here.  When someone approaches me with a story about how "godly" some one is because of  the checks he writes to the church, my ears close up.  Stories about the prosperity of a person who previously couldn't afford to "tithe" but did it anyway are misleading, because God does not bless with money.  He blesses with answered prayers.  SOMETIMES money to provide for necessities is one of those answers.  It is no guarantee of an easy life from that point forward.  Tithing yourself into prosperity is akin to taxing someone into prosperity.  You can't call it tithing with "return" as a motivation.  John’s example of "Trust" is a much better explanation and I wish I would hear that more often in church.

*************** End *****************

Michael has stated more than once what money and the love of it has done to the people that were around him.  During the 2003, “60 Minutes” interview, Michael said the “love of money” is the route of all evil.  He repeated the Bible’s message on the deception and seduction of the sin of coveting, greed and gluttony.

Yet this is what a lot of churches have leaned toward teaching as proof of your love or devotion to God.  This is wrong.  The relationship with God is personal, NOT material.  He wants our love, not our money.  You give what God moves you to give.  Godliness has nothing to do with material wealth.  It frustrates me to hear these types of examples, motivating people to give money for the WRONG reasons.

If you are giving to God with the expectation of getting more back in return, what are you really sacrificing for God?  You give because you LOVE him or you LOVE the person who lost something.  You give because you LOVE the person who is in pain. Because you CARE, not because you expect to be paid back, plus. 

This is along the same lines as what Jesus said about loving our enemies.  If we love those who love us, but not our enemies, don’t even our enemies do the same?  Your blessing is in loving someone who does not know love, even if they do not return it because they will remember it.  You are planting a seed and sometimes that is all God needs us to do.

I wanted to share this with you tonight.  Tomorrow I want to get back on track with this blog.

God Bless you


  1. Bonnie,
    the first photo on this page very significant, Michael with his hands clasped, I compared it to the photograph shown on the blog of Seven, today, which I appreciate, on MJJ-777.
    While the photo, "Tsunami, " the word made ​​me laugh. Although, when there is Malnik there is nothing to laugh about.

  2. Bonnie,
    I learnt long ago that people who only know about Michael through the media, look at you as if you are slightly mad to be supporting him. They look at you with slight pity also. I've stopped talking to these people about Michael, because their ears are closed. My support for Michael is now in my blog, it's my chance to publish information they won't see in any daily newspaper.
    It can be difficult to find a balance - a lot of us have to step back from our research from time to time, because it is so intense and emotional. But I have learnt SO much, not just about Michael, but about business, finances, law etc which has been invaluable in understanding the world today.

  3. Hi Bonnie,
    now I read your blog and I am moved.
    You express everything you have inside.
    May God bless you.
    Instead, I have great difficulty expressing my feelings.

    Bonnie said:
    "Michael was not a perfect human being and he grew up in an entertainment industry rife with evil and evil intentions toward our children......Bible reader/studier. He loved God and He loved Jesus. He loved people."
    They are beautiful words, words of understanding.
    Along with his brothers, has always lived in the spotlight.
    He had his frailties as a human being but he was very strong through his messages of love (poems and songs).

    Bonnie said:
    "Michael said the “love of money” is the route of all evil. He repeated the Bible’s message on the deception and seduction of the sin of coveting, greed and gluttony."
    The words of Michael, during the interview, makes me remember the song "Money".
    How can you not love him.

    P.S. I appreciate very much the artist David Lachapelle because in his exhibition also includes Michael as "American Jesus".

    I love you Bonnie!

  4. Bonnie – before I continue reading today’s post, I want to share this PBS video of conversation that happened between Tavis Smiley, Dr. Eric Dyson and Dr Colonel West about Michael. This is a must see video.

    The only thing I don’t agree on this conversation is when Tavis Smily said “the media did relatively decent jobs to put his legacy in its proper place” Really??? As far as I am concerned, the media did not even do relatively decent jobs at all, except ridiculing him every chance they get. But I believe what he said next how the media is quick to jump judging him that they did not bring up his humanity at all.

    Very interesting conversation Tavis Smiley had with Dr. West and Dr. Dyson who tried to put Michael’s legacy and his contribution to the world in its proper place.


  5. Skiper said - "While the photo, "Tsunami, " the word made ​​me laugh. Although, when there is Malnik there is nothing to laugh about."

    ..... I did not have a picture of Nancy Malnik by herself. That is the only photo I have with her in it, LOL! Michael did not look happy in that photo, and he looked sweaty. All three did. Must have been a muggy day in Florida.

    Princess said - "I learnt long ago that people who only know about Michael through the media, look at you as if you are slightly mad to be supporting him. They look at you with slight pity also. I've stopped talking to these people about Michael, because their ears are closed."

    ........ With some people I can just walk away and say "next", but these people are people that are close to me. It hurts when people who have helped me in my own faith and shown me some very important lessons can't seem to apply those same lessons when it comes to Michael. What hurt was feeling that they didn't trust this was job that God blessed me with (and I do consider it a blessing, because I asked Him for the burden). It hurt because they don't see the purpose behind this. They don't see that this was something that God gave me to do and they DON'T SEE IT for the simple reason that it's MICHAEL JACKSON. I felt like I was facing down an intervention and this is MILD compared to some of the stuff Michael had to put up with. But that is exactly what it felt like.

    I was getting angry. Because it's not BLESSED by someone behind a pulpit, it's considered an ADDICTION not a mission? Pharisee vs. Apostle and NOTHING HAS CHANGED in 2000 years!

    Before you guys raise your eyebrows, please don't think I am elevating myself to Apostle status, I am not. I am just making a comparison in hypocrisy. What they don't know they will find out in time, I guess. It's just frustrating.

  6. Skiper said - "Along with his brothers, has always lived in the spotlight.
    He had his frailties as a human being but he was very strong through his messages of love (poems and songs)."

    ........ Skiper, {{{{Strong hugs}}}}!!! I think you express EXQUISITELY!

    Skiper said - "P.S. I appreciate very much the artist David Lachapelle because in his exhibition also includes Michael as "American Jesus".

    I love you Bonnie!"

    ........ Every once in a while I go back and listen to the videos I have bookmarked of him laughing, expecially his later interviews and clips like TII because you heard him laugh much less in his later years. TII - that clip of him laughing out loud like that . . . that is a blessing. I don't like calling or referencing Michael as Jesus, although I have made some comparisons to the reasons he was persecuted . . . because of the sharing of truth and of love. I love you too Skiper, very much♥

    Mimi said - "Very interesting conversation Tavis Smiley had with Dr. West and Dr. Dyson who tried to put Michael’s legacy and his contribution to the world in its proper place. "

    ........ Thank you Mimi. I will look at this later and comment on it as my husband is due home in a few minutes. I have not see this yet, but I will be honest in telling you that already the red flags are up. One reason is exactly what you have mentioned, that the media did a relatively decent job in regard to his legacy (cough, cough - gag!) and the other, because of who put this out PBS. I will dissect it later this evening and post back. Thank you very much for showing this! ♥♥♥

  7. Bonnie, you're right. Do not confuse Jesus with Michael. Right!
    Yesterday, I had the meeting the Bible.
    Jesus spoke of love, always, just like Michael. I can not forget it. Jesus was mocked because he was not understood, especially by leaders. Too much power of humility?
    Jesus was humiliated and he suffered greatly before dying.
    All this reminds me of someone.

    Also I love the laughter of Michael. "Smile" a song written by Chaplin, Michael admired so much, this song was right for Michael.
    How many times he will have had smile even if he had suffering in his heart.

    Bonnie, I live in Europe while you live in America, we are far away. But at the same time, we are very close. Feel very strong and I'm sure you too.

    A hug!


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