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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Electric Eyes are Everywhere, Tell me Why

Proven Kletzky a Straw Dog for Police State

And here we go . . . The real reason behind the now questionable story of seven, eight or nine year old Leiby Kletzky, who passed his own house walking from day camp to meet his mother halfway home (yes this is true, just check out last blog on this topic here), but was abducted by a guy who took him home, took him to a wedding, left him sleeping on his floor while he went to work, only to come home and panic and kill him before he could get him home.  Police found him by watching surveillance video of a boy you can barely see, waiting for some guy out of camera range that they miraculously assumed was paying a dentist bill at some building out of camera range, then asking the dentist in New Jersey if he remembered the guy.

Of course we all know dentists do their own secretarial work and even though Aron was only there to pay a bill, the dentist saw him and was able to testify that was their guy (out of camera range, remember . . . ).  Police got to the apartment of Aron at 2 or three in the morning after visiting the dentist in New Jersey (he keeps late hours I guess) and kicked in the door after finding it ajar and asking “where’s the boy?”   The rest is gory detail is meant to assault your humanity from recognizing that the rest of this story is a bunch of horse crap.

The REAL REASON behind this story???

Assemblyman Hikind (D-Brooklyn), Assemblyman Peter Abbate (D-Brooklyn), and State Sen. Diane Savino (D-Brooklyn/Staten Island) will introduce a bill called “Leiby’s Initiative,” which would give a $500 annual tax credit to any New York City property owner who installs and maintains surveillance cameras on their property.”  Source


This legislation could literally save lives,” noted Hikind. “If there had been even more cameras along the route that Leiby took when he got lost on his way home from day camp, perhaps we might have been able to find him sooner. While nothing can ever bring Leiby back to us, this legislation will give otherwise reluctant property owners a financial motivation to install these cameras, and in so doing, help police and law enforcement find other missing children even faster.

Senator Diane Savino stated, “As we search for answers to this horrific tragedy, perhaps this bill will encourage property owners to have cameras that will assist the police and just maybe serve as a deterrent to the evil that sometimes lurks within our otherwise safe communities.

Assemblyman Peter Abbate said, “This legislation is about saving lives. Assemblyman Hikind and I saw firsthand how important closed circuit video was to finding the man who abducted Leiby Kletzky.”  Source

So this is it folks.  You in New York are now going to get a tax credit (which will probably just about even out the increase in taxes they plan on making by 2012) for installing camera’s on your house for the safety of children.  What they are not telling you is that those cameras will be taken for police evidence whether you want them to or not.  All they need is a warrant.  Neighbors spying on neighbors for the benefit of the police state. . . for free for a one time tax credit!

We can argue that Leiby’s parents should have never let him walk seven blocks alone, especially if he can walk past his own house (as witnessed by one surveillance camera) and not recognize it.  But considering all the staged photos, reports that Leiby’s parents didn’t even attend his funeral and the screwy contradictions in his age, how police found the alleged abductor and which parent was kept in the dark about the details of his murder, This is starting to look very much like the rushed “We killed Osama” story. The only thing missing here is Geraldo’s miraculous precognition of what the story was going to be, like he did with the Osama story.

Geraldo – Stupid and Obvious

Are we really this stupid?

Do you really believe this is going to stop with New York? 

Next step, TSA walking city streets, spot-frisking everyone who has a child with them!

Did I call this right or what? 

Stage a killing, give it national news and use the tragedy to install big brother on the homes of  private citizens to be used against those citizens!

You can call your state legislators or you can blindly let this happen.  Make some noise!

They are so arrogant they don’t even care to close the holes in their lies.  This is our own fault that we let it get this far.  Paper twisted ruthless lies in a mirage of doubt . . .

Folks I have two more blog posts to go . . .

Michael, why didn’t you tell us all this sooner?

(And Michael’s gives her ‘the look’, throws up his hands, looking around as if to say  . . . “do you understaaaaand the words that are coming out of my mouth?”  Oh wait . . . that was Chris Tucker in Rush Hour)

For those of you who believe that Obama Administration is Pro-Muslim

Obama is for Zionism
This is why Most Muslim Leaders wanted
Nothing to do with Him  . . . They Know!

Biden calls himself a Zionist

Enjoy the fruits of our inaction, because they are coming . . . The other blogs I will put up tomorrow.  More on the press is coming. 


  1. Bless you, bless you, bless you. Thank you for your intellegence, and thank you for your awareness. There are certain people in this world who believe that this world was created only and just for them, to do whatever the hell they please. That they are the elite and deserve the power and wealth and control, that us "normal' citizens and people are just pawns in their disgusting, twisted wars and plans. So thanks for paying attention. It is bigger than we think. God Bless you, it is a pleasure to read your blog rather than the other trash that is being passed off as news. It is really quite refreshing.

  2. @Anonymous - Bless you too, for seeing it. I know we're in good company. Nobody wants to be put at the risk of sounding like they don't care for this child, but it is better than being one of those who would CREATE the death of a child to pull one of these stunts. If they are being this brazen even in state government (of course at the bequest of the elite) then you know we are almost done.

  3. Bonnie – I know Leiby’s story got really confused by the day. I guess this is how the media operates mixing stories that look suspicious and hard to single out the truth.

    Leiby’s parents did not really attend the funeral is really heart breaking. Why they did not even makes the story more confusing. What really happened to him maybe we will not know. But I still believe his parents should know if he was capable to walk by himself without being confused taking the route. I know lots of children do walk by themselves at that age. But if he never walked by himself before and this is his first time, there is possibility he might get confused.

    The politicians using his death telling New York citizen to install camera and get tax credit to spy each other is really ridicules. On this day we are living, politicians are really going lunatic in the name of helping people. IMO no politician are here to help anyone. They are here for themselves and for those who help fill their pockets. Only we the people can make the difference as long as we are not brainwashed by their propaganda.

  4. @Mimi - Do you still believe this boy was really killed? I don't. Seven blocks is not a confusing walk even for a seven, eight or nine year old. Supposedly he was only supposed to go half way to meet his mother which makes it three and a half blocks (this was changed in the story too). Then it was reported Surveillance showed him walking past his house (???), they can't decide which parent DIDN'T know the details of the murder even though it's all over T.V. and newspapers AND there is still the issue of the "out of camera range" image of some guy walking across the street to meet some kid (we can't make out who it is) which is NOT conclusive that this man "paid a dentist bill", where how did they find this info? You can't SEE where the man came from! On top of that the police don't even know whether they "kicked the door in" or "found it ajar" when they entered the apartment of Aron?

    This story was to put forth an agenda. It is a story, a FALACY. If they could get 9/11 past us this is no problem.


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