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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael's Tribute: "Is it Scary" or Just "Threatened" By Me

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Michael's Tribute: "Is it Scary" or Just "Threatened" By Me

 I’m Onto Her Game and 
She’ll Get Played The Same

Ephesians 6:12
For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Just as sure as the day is long (and getting shorter), those surrounding the estate, blogging for the estate and trying to APPEAR that they are not blogging for the estate come out of the gate of yesterday’s press conference attacking the Jackson family and of course the one they consider an easy target . . . Miss Katherine.

The family and most fans already know these people have no connection or have any TRUE interest in Michael’s well being, their job is just to attack the family, period.  Even when called out by one of the brothers on Twitter, they proceed to try to convince fans that their juvenile and hellish behavior does nothing but cement their own character in the minds of most of the fans, knowing that if Michael heard anyone talking to or about his mother like this, he would kick their butts across Neverland. 

As amusing as that picture materializes in my mind, I know that’s not the way Michael would handle it.  Watching him during interviews I know he could probably level these people with a look.  But back to the bloggers that want to victimize Michael’s mother, she’s already been called out by one family member, so what purpose she thinks she is serving I have no idea.

For those of you that have the misfortune of reading her blog, you will notice that she attacks from an angle that Miss Katherine is trying to get in good with the estate executors by making a comment to TMZ. 

Miss Katherine , as well as other Jackson’s, have been misquoted to papers and news outlets by the enemy before.  For some reason Mouthfactory now believes what comes out of TMZ is gospel only because it serves her purpose.  Most people remember recent history and the issue with Streisand making comments to TMZ ON BEHALF of  the estate executors, IN Miss Katherine’s name, so don’t be fooled.  Miss Katherine has already stated vocally in interviews her views on the estate.  We know what they are as well as other family members.  This is coming from an unverified and unsolicited source and for all we know could have been called in by Mouthfactory herself. 

Mouth has used Streisand’s actions for her agenda before claiming that Miss Katherine and not the estate-paid Streisand was the one lying.

The truth of the matter is, This tribute was not the idea of family it was the idea of Global Live out of England.  As Jermaine said in his tweet, they came to the family with the idea back in April:

Furthermore, the decision to proceed with this concert disrespects opinions and wishes expressed in the strongest terms to Global Live during conversations in April when this event was presented to the majority of the family as an idea already in its advanced stages.  Source

So this “concert” was not a FAMILY IDEA.

The family is not the constructors of this concert and therefore do not need PERMISSION from the estate to hold it.  That is Global Live’s responsibility not the Jackson Family.

Jermaine Jackson yesterday on Twitter: jermjackson5 Jermaine Jackson
@thegirlwasbad actually, we were offered good money to participate in tribute concert. we declined. it's not about the money”

And “@blttrox wouldn't reconsider even if dates were moved because of how promoter has handled matters so far”  Source

The promoter who put together this concert approached the family with the idea.  Chances are the estate already has knowledge of it.  Yes I know THEY SAID they didn’t know, but I don’t think that is the truth.  It could very well be a deception on their part to get the family to agree to this.

Fact:  The family did not look happy about the announcement.

Fact: The family’s delivery looked rehearsed and strained.  My opinion, they looked blackmailed into doing this.

Fact: This concert promotion company has very little history – a red flag

Fact:  Charities that were NOT Michael’s and not chosen by family are now part of a ticket lottery.

Fact: Michael sang “Somebody’s gonna fake me” in “This Time Around”.  He also sang about them visualizing him as “the beast” in two different songs.  Considering the biblical implications of what we learned about the Talmud, The Whore of Babylon and Michael’s battle with this “devil” most of his singing life, I think this is something we need to pay attention to . . . his lyrics and the face value of  them.

Fact:  Family had no control over when the concert would take place.

Fact:  Jermaine told us this tribute concert idea was presented to them when it was already in its advanced stages.

Mouthfactory needs to learn how to read.  Thought you were good at research, lady?

If Mouthfactory had Michael’s interests at heart at ALL, I would be suspect of the PROMOTORS and their motives with these unnamed charities.  But she doesn’t care about that.  She is looking for any angle she can to attack the family.  This is in the best interest of the ESTATE not on the best interest of Michael.  But we already know this.   

These people are getting desperate and they are past the point of obvious transparency now.  No doubt Branca is prompting some of this press and we already know that the family is aware of his hired blogging team.  And what is even more incredible is that Mouthfactory has the nerve to quote someone like Dieter Wiesner . . . someone who SUED MICHAEL and was one of his handlers, on Michael’s relationship to his family.  THAT is pathetic.

She calls herself a fan?  She speaks for the fans worldwide?  What bottle does she get HER dreamworld from?

She pleads with the estate executors to litigate the family, yet she has “Godfather” posters with Branca’s picture on her right margin.

She is TINI.  TINI does its OWN marketing in Michael’s name with the estate’s blessings so Mouthfactory, your arguments are empty, integrity-deficient and TRANSPARENT.  No wonder Jermaine blocked you.

How can she call a “spade a spade” when all she is holding in her hand are clubs and is not even playing with a full deck?

Back to the Jackson family . . . the REAL exhibitors of Michael’s character, I wanted to make mention of something today that I never paid attention to before and I am sorry.

Joe Jackson . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  I didn’t know you were a July baby.  Does anyone have a picture of Joe Jackson as a baby?  I would like to see that, or even as a toddler?  Anyone?  Would someone be able to get one from the Jackson family and somehow email it to me?  I have to see a picture of Joe as a baby.  (Have HIS children even seen pictures of him as a baby?).

Just in as I write this:

Jermaine Tweet:
Many of you have asked about my book's timing in light of my comments about the tribute concert, so let me explain.

When I first signed the book deal, the agreed publication date was October 13. When the courts moved the trial date from June to September, that meant the book would come out in the middle of those proceedings -- an outcome I couldn't allow.

Once I explained this to the UK & US publishers, they both understood and acted swiftly, going to great lengths to rearrange their 'locked in' schedules.

I was offered two alternative publication dates: first week November or second week September. To avoid a potential clash with any jury deliberations/verdict in the November, I agreed September 13 because it's BEFORE the trial's start on September 20.

Where my publishers listened and acted to avoid conflict with the trial, Global Live, the promoters behind the tribute concert, heard my same concerns and stuck to their October 8th concert date. There is the difference.

I will not be promoting the book or doing any book signings after September 20 and until the trial has ended.

This hit Twitter just as I was looking up resources so I wanted to share it.  Thank Jermaine. His timing is impeccable.

I guess the main things that bother me first and foremost about that press conference was the strained look on their faces. 

It’s in England/Wales.  It’s a promotion company that we’ve never heard of but sounds a lot like “Live Nation” (Global Live Events).  Here is what I found:

Main site   The first thing you notice is the “eye” . . . just one, looking at you from a square.  Next to it one short narrative and a “read more” button. Across from that is the announcement “Posted by admin on Jan 1, 2011”.  (Posted by admin?) Aside from the fact that the posted date is 1-1-2011 (A nice, round Illuminati date if you watch that sort of thing).

Scroll to the bottom – Powered by “Wordpress”.  It’s  BLOG folks!  That explains the “posted by admin”.  The tabs at the top say “Home, About, Leadership, T.V. Shows, Music Video, Music Theater, Commercials, Contact.

I clicked “Read More”.  This took me to the “about” tab where it told me “Global Live is known for creating original and compelling live entertainment and recorded programming featuring music superstars from around the world. We have worked with a wide range of artists including Michael Jackson, Abba, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Madonna, Placido Domingo and more.”

I did a search on each of these artists “+ Global Live Events” and found nothing.    I also did a search on Michael’s Concerts.  Global Live Events appears on NONE of them as a concert promoter . . . source  Not for Michael Jackson, not for the “Jacksons” and not for the “Jackson 5”.

It says “Since its creation, Global Live has created award winning, ground breaking content and entertaining formats that spans a multitude of music genres.”  But there is no information on WHEN the company was created.  I cannot find any history on this company in search other than press releases about this tribute.

Chris Next to Miss Katherine

They say they worked with “The Beatles”.  I did a search on Global Live Events + Beatles.  Source    There is NOTHING with the Beatles + Global Live Events.

The Beatles broke up in 1970.  Global Live Events did not exist back in 1970.  As a matter of fact the “about” page says that CEO Chris Hunt was BOXING in the 1970’s.  Did a search on Chris Hunt:  I found nothing else on concert promotion, music or movies.  Searched under boxing and found this: 

I was lucky enough to interview Tim Hunt who is a professional boxer and is actually North Melbourne's own Chris Hunt's cousin. Thanks to Chris for organising and helping with the interview. I think some people on here might be interested in the article, the article was also published in the local newspaper "North and West Melbourne News' . Give it a read and comment if you can.  Source

Picture Chris Hunt

That is about all I can find on this guy if it's even the same Chris.  On the leadership page of Global Live’s “blog”, it says this about Chris:

Founder and Chief Executive Chris Hunt is one of the most respected producers and directors of music and arts programming in the UK and beyond. Chris was a producer at the BBC, then became a Director at LWT’s The South Bank Show and went on to found Iambic in 1988. Since then he has been responsible for an eclectic range of the highest-profile films in the music, arts, drama and entertainment genres. Today Chris continues to direct and produce films and also heads up the sister company, Iambic Rights. He is a Member of the Board of the International Emmys and President of the IMZ, the international UNESCO-affiliated trade body for broadcasters, record labels, venues, producers and distributors of serious music programming.  Source

I took the liberty of underlining the organizations he has been involved with on the paragraph above (these are not underlined on the site).  Then did a search on these.  BBC Producer.  I did find a few links but this one here has a bio on him with a picture.  Source   IMZ and UNESCO – IMZ He is president (newly elected Jan. 2011, coincidence with New Blogsite Global Live?) 

We’ve convered UNESCO before and their involvement with the One World Government people.  Aldous worked for Tavistock and knew the final goal, he warned us with his famous novel a Brave New World, Julian was the president of the Eugenics society and founded the WWF natural resources trust  society on the third world with the infamous Nazi Prince Bernhard. Resource, Resource


Do the Jackson’s know their enemy?  I believe so.  If the looks on their faces was anything to go by, I would say yes they do.  So how did they get roped into this?

UNESCO AGAIN Dumbing Down of Western World

I am going to stop there because when you watch that video, you will know EXACTLY what Michael wanted to stop.  The eradication of the family unit.  The destruction of the concept of right and wrong.  The isolation of people from their individuality, their family unit, their faith and parent from child.  Julian and Aldous Huxley are big names in Communism and Tavistock. 

No wonder Michael felt like he didn’t have a childhood.  He probably didn’t.  I don’t think the other Jackson siblings got away with much of their either.  Infiltration, manipulation, conflict, isolation and threats made up most of their careers.

So we know now that Latoya is surrounded through all her “friends” at Ja Tail and now they have at least five family members roped into this raw deal for fans AND for the family in this tribute.

Jermaine is right to be suspicious.  They need to get out of this like right now.

Aside from the website for a company that again, has NO traceable history, sports their website on a BLOG host, and links to a web page that quite frankly reminds me of the lotteries held in “Dragonslayer” for sacrifices, everything tells me to tell fans to stay away.

Michael Forever Tribute page shows a lot of symbolism in it and I’ll post Micheline’s observations below because she saw the same things.  When talking to her on the phone about this as she was going over it all, we realized this is not a good thing.

In order to purchase tickets, you must pledge money to charities that have yet to be named (one is the Prince’s Trust, but it’s not listed on the site, only mentioned at the press conference).  Here is some more info on the Prince’s Trust (founded by Charles). 

The money you pledge will only enter you into a lottery for the tickets in your chosen price range ( anywhere between $80 and $500 dollars U.S. or more depending on the plummet of the dollar) on top of your charity pledge.  And of course the more you pledge, the bigger your chance of getting a ticket.

We don’t know who the artists are going to be, we don’t know what the charities are going to be, and the ones mentioned at the press conference are NOT Michael charities.

The press conference suggests “you would envision Michael attending with excitement and joy surrounded by talent that he respected and loved,"


Why would they say that?

Do they want people to believe that Michael will show up?

We have a tribute concert that Mouthfactory wants to blame Katherine for when she obviously has no control over this at all.  The estate is not only not protesting it, they are probably involved in it (and lying through their teeth).

We have a family making an appearance at a press conference that look like they are awaiting surgery without anesthesia, and we have comments by the promoter and a strained family that elude to a possible “surprise” appearance organized by a company with strong illuminati ties through the entertainment/arts organizations and UNESCO, who’s principles Michael wanted people to FIGHT against.

Now, let’s review some of Michael’s songs:

Is it Scary
“Im’ gonna be exactly what you wanna see”
“Am I the beast you visualized…” @1:14

@0:35 “You’re fearin’ me
Cause you know I’m a beast”

This time Around
@3:50  “Take me, Shake Me, Somebody’s gonna fake me”

Revelation 11:7
[ The Witnesses Killed ] When they finish their testimony, the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit will make war against them, overcome them, and kill them.

Revelation 13:3
And I saw one of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded, and his deadly wound was healed. And all the world marveled and followed the beast.

Revelation 13:11
[ The Beast from the Earth ] Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon.

Revelation 13:12
And he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence, and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

Revelation 13:14
And he deceives those who dwell on the earth by those signs which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and lived.

Revelation 13:15
He was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed.

Revelation 13:17
and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Revelation 13:18
Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.

Revelation 16:13
And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

Now before you go jumping to conclusions, it is not Michael.  Remember:

Am I the beast you visualized…”  and “Take me, Shake Me, Somebody’s gonna fake me”.

More tomorrow.

Let them all materialize . . .  


  1. Yes indeed this is all very confusing.

    You have got to ask yourself....why on earth would there be Tribute to Michael right smack bang in the middle of the trial?

    Lets just hope the Jackson Family are........ keeping their friends close............and their enemies closer.
    As Jackie Jackson sung....We Know Whats Going On...and he is working closely with the estate.

    But in saying that what do we all really know.We are all just waiting for the truth to prevail,and it is certainly taken a long time.

    So lets just hope that Genius Michael Jackson ....Out thought and Out smarted them...and he is the one Behind The Mask......

    The trial might even be postponed yet again,no surprises there if that happens.

  2. Great Blog: I appreciate what you write about that MouthFactory person. I've been troubled by this person for some time. Especially now she feels she has the right to tell the family who should be caring for his children, what religion they should participate in,etc. and claims to speak for a fan base which certainly doesn't include me. I am now seeing what you have been saying, there seems to be a cluster of people who insist on attacking the family and I have no doubt are behind the Estate. Your observation of the family at the press conference is spot on. I only saw it briefly and felt that was not a content family experience. I hope it stops - I looked at the Global Live page and knew in an instant it wasn't professional enough for their claim to fame.

  3. "Jermaine told us this tribute concert idea was presented to them when it was already in its advanced stages". How could it be in "advanced stages" without at least one Jackson signature on a contract? I can see someone snowing Ms. Katherine and LaToya, but what about Jackie, Marlon and Tito? Things just get stranger by the day.....

  4. M said - "You have got to ask yourself....why on earth would there be Tribute to Michael right smack bang in the middle of the trial?"

    ........ Well there is always the fact that the trial date kept moving and a concert date can't always do that. If someone books a stadium for a certain date and that stadium is also used by other attractions, they may have been stuck.

    With that being said, there are OTHER THINGS that this outfit is doing that are not exactly Mike-like. The lack of information on both the acts and the charities, the way the tickets are being sold, the PRICE of the tickets, the whole thing smells of exclusion and elitism. We can look at the "broadcasting" of this over the internet, but we have no details of how much that will cost, IF there is a cost and how that will be done. There is the disingenuous marketing of this thing, with the "fit for a king" and the "envision Michael there" propaganda that will help the unsuspecting over the hoops of the extortion-like pledge obligations to "qualify" for a "number" for the "possibility" of getting a ticket.

    We will wait and see, yet, but I will do that without any desire to go to this concert.

  5. LorLor said - "Your observation of the family at the press conference is spot on. I only saw it briefly and felt that was not a content family experience. I hope it stops -"

    ....... Hi LorLor . . . it's been a while since I've seen you. Yes, I kind of sick to my stomach about this because I know it's not good. The family is not content and I too hope it stops but it won't . . . it's supposed to happen - One way to Revelation is to open the curtain, even if we don't really want to see what's behind it.

    Anonymous said - "How could it be in "advanced stages" without at least one Jackson signature on a contract?"

    ............... They've been doing that for years. One of the reasons Michael got sued so often. The Jacksons are not performing at this concert and some people are posting that is what they got out of this concert. I didn't get that. The "advanced stages" probably consisted of the talent interested in performing and the plans, everything but the date. The "signatures" judging by the looks on their faces was not something that was handed over lightly if at all. They have something over them to get them to agree to participate in the press conference. But the family being "behind" it? Shaking their heads "no" while saying "yes". I am worried about this family. Very worried.

  6. Bonnie – I tell you, you are really awesome. There is no one out there, in Michael’s fans community, defending and standing next to Michael’s family like you’re doing continuously without wavering. Oh my God, how much Michael loves you for supporting his family he loves especially his Mother is very obvious and doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know.


    I am convinced the rest of the family members on that conference are really pushed against the wall without their will. How it happened, I don’t know. There is no way they agree to this deal that will take place during the trial unless they are cornered somehow. I hope and pray they get out of it quickly as you said.

  7. Annonymous said - "There is no one out there, in Michael’s fans community, defending and standing next to Michael’s family like you’re doing continuously without wavering."

    ....... But I did waver. Not only waver but I lost my footing when I first read Latoya's book. God, did I cry! That's what made me look into what was around her because I kept thinking "she can't be doing this willingly, this isn't her . . . not after what she went through." I get just as emotionally knocked off my feet as the next person. I'm not always right but I get back up because we know what this fight is about. I'm always afraid something I find or write will end up hurting the innocent when that is who we are trying to help. As far as the trial goes, I don't think it's really going to effect the start of it. The concert is one day and something tells me this concert will change everything and not for the good.

    In reply to your comment about Michael's family, I keep thinking of the verse in the Gospel John:

    John 15:13
    Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.
    John 15:12-14 (in Context) John 15 (Whole Chapter)

    1 John 3:16
    [ The Outworking of Love ] By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us. And we also ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.

    Jesus did this for us.

    Michael did it to warn us

    Michael's family is doing it now to help protect people.

    We should be doing it for them. It is from this that God's strength comes to us and the reason why evil will never overcome that is because they will never experience or understand it.

  8. I just read about how the tickets are being "sold", like a lottery but you have to donate to charity and the more you donate the better your chances are to get tickets.

    Wow, not only is this a slap in Michael's face but it's a double slap. I would say without hesitation that this is NOT what Michael would want. Remember the fiasco with the Victory tour and how those tickets were sold? Michael ended up donating his ENTIRE share of the proceeds from that concert to charity. He has NEVER asked his fans to do something like this. He donated millions to charity but not once did he ask fans to donate in order to get a better chance at getting a ticket. He also gave away tickets to children for his concerts. This is just turning my stomach.

    Also, Bonnie, Michael did donate once, that I read, to the Prince's Trust during the Bad Tour. It was on July 16, 1988 that he presented a check for $150,000 pounds to the Prince's Trust. Princess Diana and Prince Charles were in attendance at that concert and I've seen pictures and video of Michael presenting the check. I'm having computer trouble right now but I'll look for them after I reboot.

  9. Bonnie, here's a clip of Michael giving a check to the Prince's Trust and, oops, it's for $450,000 not the $150,000 I mentioned earlier. You can see the check well at about 3:35 on the clip. I don't know how to put a link to a picture here but if you google michael jackson princess diana prince charles bad tour photo, photos of Michael giving the check to Diana and Charles will pop up.

  10. Something else very scary...

    According to this link, the domain name "" was registered on
    Feb. 12, 2011.

  11. This ticket lottery is even upsetting the local townsfolk...

  12. Deb - here is the video. At the 3:53 mark, a check for $450,000. How many pounds is that?


  13. @Deb - I agree with you on the way tickets are sold and that Michael would not want this and yes the Victory Tour story is not lost on me either. It is incredibly HYPOCRITICAL to advertise that a concert's proceeds are going to charity while the fans are expected to pay for that assertion before even getting a ticket. Yes it turns my stomach to and especially Chris Hunt, who turns around and gives Miss Katherine a $100K check (if it's real) when this will come directly out of fan's pockets. This company is not even real. Where is this money coming from? (The Prince's Trust???)

    Yes, I know Michael donated to the Prince's Trust and it was way back when Diana was still married to Charles. I wonder if Michael knew back then what it was used for?

  14. @Deb - I gotcha . . . I was answering you probably before I saw your second post. I did know about Michael donating to the Prince's Trust but it was not one of Michael's favored Charities. Also back in 1988 did Michael know about Prince Charles and how this "Trust" was used? He may not have known . . . too enamored with Princess Di :o) ♥♥♥

    Anonymous said - "According to this link, the domain name "" was registered on
    Feb. 12, 2011. "

    So his January 1, 2011 post was before he registered a Domain for it . . . He hosted it on Wordpress. Isn't that special? How about Michael Forever Concert? Also on Godaddy -

    Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Status: clientDeleteProhibited
    Status: clientRenewProhibited
    Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Status: clientUpdateProhibited
    Updated Date: 11-jul-2011
    Creation Date: 20-mar-2011
    Expiration Date: 20-mar-2014


    @Anonymous - On the links to the press on the lottery charity complaints: This is EXACTLY what I thought would happen! On your second link:

    ""The family [doesn't] want to donate any money made from tickets to charity so this is why you have to pledge money to charity before getting a ticket," wrote one fan who goes by the alias Pez Greaves on Facebook. "It's [their] twisted way of believing they're doing good. NEWS FLASH – Giving to charity should never be about HOW MUCH you can give, it should be the fact that you've chosen to give period!!!"

    So they are blaming the family who had NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS ARRANGEMENT!!!!

    Plain and simple . . . DON'T GO. Keep your money. Maybe Hunt can invite his UNESCO friends and Prince Charles since it is HIS charity that will benefit.

    Chances are this tribute will not even BE about Michael and instead about GREED! Prince Charles can't afford his Polo pony anymore because of the economy so they pull crap like this.

    Ugh!!! Rant over. I have to go twitter this. Thank you Annon for posting that.

  15. Bonnie,
    LaToya looked like a deer in the headlights, and the brothers had on dark shades. What's with that? They wore shades at the memorial too - trying to hide something? Something is definitely off.
    No way would I go to a tribute concert - I am not interested in hearing other people sing Michael's songs. It feels to me like Global Live is cashing in nicely here, and exploiting the fans, which Michael would be totally against. I would imagine that he had been presented with this type of arrangement in the past, and turned it down.
    Michael come back, we need you.

  16. "Prince Charles can't afford his Polo pony anymore because of the economy..."

    Hahaha...good one, Bonnie!

    The Prince's Trust:

    "Who we help
    There are more than one million young people in the UK not in education, employment or training."

    So, there you have it. The Prince's Trust is totally work-focused. More workers = more tax income. Targeting young people creates loyal followers.

    So, let's look at its corporate supporters:

    Royal Bank of Scotland (sister to Bank of England, Federal Reserve etc.):


    "The McGraw-Hill Companies has been a committed Patron of The Prince's Trust for many years"

    "McGraw-Hill Education, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies, is a leading innovator in the development of teaching and learning solutions for the 21st century. ... McGraw-Hill Education empowers and prepares professionals and students of all ages to connect, learn and succeed in the global economy. McGraw-Hill Education has offices in 33 countries and publishes in more than 65 languages."

    "The McGraw-Hill School Education Group, a unit of McGraw-Hill Education, is a leading innovator in the development of 21st century teaching and learning solutions for K-12 education markets"

    "As a leading publisher of standardized and standards-based achievement tests for pre-school, elementary, middle, high school, and adult education... CTB/McGraw-Hill LLC is part of McGraw-Hill Education."

    "McGraw-Hill Higher Education, a unit of McGraw-Hill Education, is a leading innovator in the development of 21st century teaching and learning solutions for postsecondary and higher education markets worldwide."

    "McGraw-Hill Professional is a leading global provider of print and electronic content and services for the medical, technical, and business communities"

    "McGraw-Hill Financial Communications, a division of McGraw-Hill Professional in collaboration with Standard & Poor’s, is a leading provider of print and Web-based content and services for financial services firms. As part of The McGraw-Hill Companies, McGraw-Hill Financial Communications leverages world-class content and data from leading brands such as Standard & Poor’s and McGraw-Hill Education. "

    Looks like a corporate pyramid. McGraw-Hill coupled with The Prince's Trust sounds like a plan to create a compliant workforce, which is well underway.

  17. Princessglam said - "No way would I go to a tribute concert - I am not interested in hearing other people sing Michael's songs. It feels to me like Global Live is cashing in nicely here, and exploiting the fans, which Michael would be totally against. I would imagine that he had been presented with this type of arrangement in the past, and turned it down."

    .......... I agree with you and I think Jermaine and Randy do to, that this isn't something Michael would want to do. I also believe that the OTHER members of the family believe this even though they attended this press conference, because there was NO CONVICTION in their voices when they were talking about it. I thought Miss Katherine was going to cry. They should have kept her out of this. That man is one piece of work! She did NOT look like she wanted to take that check. Hope she throws it away. Michael's kids would probably give it to charity when they got it because THEY were raised right. (temper down, temper down....)

    @Truthbtold - Thank you for the links. Wait until you see tonight's blog. Someone else had a hold of something interesting too. More Verification of Michael's awareness.... How does a Prince make $20 Million off of taxes and justify that? It's one thing if he owned a business, but England has Parliament. Why do they even need the Monarchy? It's like paying for two administrations.

  18. BONNIE said : "Fact: Jermaine told us this tribute concert idea was presented to them when it was already in its advanced stages."

    Well, if someone coming out of nowhere "presents" me something I dislike like a "fait accompli", he/she cannot force me to sign or agree to anything unless I can see agreeable written specific guarantees & comprehensive explanations on the whereabouts of a deal. I don't twit but like many, can read in Internet some of the family twits. The Jacksons are used to business dealings since long so what is it ? MOB again twisting the family's arms to profit on Michael' name or is it only a whole vast hypocrisy for a Tribute, the arrangements of which were preliminarily agreed between all parties ? The inadequate Tribute date is one thing but that monkey business of a "charity lottery" c..p ? So a Chris Hunt can organize & decide that joke of a show turning the Jackson family around his finger thus even creating against them world fans contempt ? why did some of the Jacksons accept this, I do not understand. Michael would have NEVER accepted to rip off his fans : I do not mean of course that the Jacksons would rip off the fans but they are a FAMILY, so strong enough to say NO before embarking on something wrong manipulated by an outside party but in the end affecting THEIRS & Michael'name : anyhow the REAL terms of that transaction, we'll never know.

    So I AM ANGRY because under the hypocritical cover of a Tribute, Michael's good name is again MIS-used to enrich rapacious parties (Prince Charles now & Prince Trust & why not Camilla's new horses stables while normal young people or middle-class families cannot even pay for one ticket?). But the world economies' collapse do not affect a certain Elite, doesn't it ? I just have a very minimal hope that the whole thing can be cancelled or remodeled at least. BTW how come Father Joe did not raise his own voice on this infamous "Tribute" ?

    Anyway Justice, if there is still one on Earth for Michael, is what matters to me since 06.25.2009 so I pray for him & his MJ3 & for the Jackson family, hoping there is unity & constructive dialogue between them when theirs & Michael's name is committed publicly.

  19. I'll be watching a waiting for tonight's blog, Bonnie! In the meantime...

    More about The Prince's Trust:

    "most significant supporters":
    Some high-powered names, BIG money there.

    The Prince's Trust Rock Gala (fund-raiser), celebrating 35 years - 23rd November 2011 at Royal Albert Hall:

    If we're looking at numbers, 23/11/2011 = 11.

    On header graphic:

    1. "Tickets on sale now" - without an artist lineup.

    "Artists for this year's concert are to be announced.
    Be part of this exclusive concert, set to be one the entertainment highlights of the year."

    Hhmmm…"ONE [of] the entertainment highlights"? Yet, last year it was "unrivalled":

    "Last year’s concert saw legends of rock … to treat guests to a night of unrivalled entertainment."

    2. "A Paul Crocklord Management Presentation" - searching for Paul Crocklord returns NOTHING. Crocklord returns almost nothing. Low resolution graphic - it does say Crocklord, doesn't it?

    3. "Novae Insurance" leads to Lloyds of London, which leads back to Prince's Trust:

    "Backed by the unique strength and security of the Lloyd’s market, Novae underwrites through Lloyd’s Syndicate 2007."

    "Lloyd's Community Programme celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2009. HRH The Prince of Wales - who launched Lloyd's Community Programme at the Lloyd's Building in 1989"

    4. "Royal Albert Hall" - keeping it in their family of charities.

    Significant? I don't know…

    But, I think this is, in regard to Michael's message:

    Aim 3: To strengthen our reach and influence with all stakeholders.

    "2009/10 Objective: Increase number of Young Ambassadors, maximising opportunities to influence opinion and policy."

    "2009/10 Objective: Deliver a public affairs influencing plan across the UK with more focus on local governments."

  20. Hi Bonnie,
    Forgive me if i'm a little off topic...
    I guess you watched this from Jackie's tweets:
    Have you noticed something "familiar"?
    The donation to the "Prince trust" and Branca. What do you think about it? Do you think it is related to the tribute?

  21. Bonnie, more time
    I have not seen you have already talked about the Prince's Trust. Did Michael use to bring Branca in tour?

  22. Hi Bonnie- just wanted to check in and to say how sad I am.I miss Michael being alive.I'm so much in my head.I wanna be where Michael is appreciated and Loved. Also,Im on pins and needles about the manslaughter case trial on the horizon. BTW I was a prospective juror for his May trial.I was prepared to be questioned by the judge,defense and prosecution.Everyone doubted I would be selected but I was part of the few left to be selected for May 4th.I was there for 8 1/2 hours. We filled out a questionaire that took me an hour and a half.One question was if we knew any of the prospective witnesses.I was shocked to see his kids names.They had "Blanket" down as "Blanket" not his real name. Im happy I can talk about it all now.I couldnt even tell my husband of all the details of that day. Now I can.Anyway,Thanks in advance for allowing me to vent here.Do you know of where I can find pictures of michael wearing a crown? Im gonna tattoo his crown.Thanx.Have a blessed day!

  23. @Line - I don't blame the family for any of that, that is EXACTLY what those people want us to do. As difficult as it is to understand, I know by the faces of the family at the press conference and by Jermaine's twitters that many aspects of this whole set up were unknown to them before signing anything. as far as the date goes, easy enough to explain when you look at the changing of the dates of the trial. That also could very well be calculated.

    I don't know why Joe hasn't said anything about this. Janet either for that matter. ???

    @Truthbtold - Yes it definitely looks like a circle-jerk. I thought that only existed in D.C. The Prince's Trust was never something I thought was to benefit anyone but the Prince. One exception may have been when Princess Diana was trying to steer things toward GOOD and showing up the Monarchy in the process.

  24. @Coxib35 - LOL! Sorry but Frank and that ever-lovin cigar at 0:35 hahahaha! Geeze. Michael looks like the tallest one there in the receiving line and he's brushing Frank's jacket off (does he do that with everybody???)

    Is that Bob Jones holding the check? I heard the comment "the dollar is rising now so you might get a little more...." (meaning the check would be worth more) John Branca. There were a lot of other people that kind of "escorted" Michael out when they were done, but I don't think Branca went on every tour.

  25. @Sadluna - We all really miss Michael. I can't believe how much I feel him sometimes, it's really difficult. It's one of the reasons Micheline and I talk so much on the phone just trying to deal with it. I feel he's still here that's how strong it is. Both of us have been in tears on the phone with each other. You are in good company here.

    I don't know if I could handle being a jurer for that trial. I would do it, but I probably would not get picked. I would have to tell them how I honestly feel. I don't know what to say about how they name the witnesses, but I don't believe for a minute that Blanket would be testifying. His name may have been on there, but it's the same with Michael's name being wrong on other documents. Everyone knows Blanket as Blanket. I don't know if you are supposed to be saying even that much so please be careful. You wouldn't want to jeopardize this trial. We have two months left to go.

    Picture of Michael with crown:

    You can click through some more there. On a personal note:

    Michael - Where ever you are...I fell in love with your bronze children. I can't carve but I can draw. I have some pictures for you and will post on the blog in a few days. Maybe for your birthday in August. Also, sent pics of your video games at Neverland to my son Rich. Now he wants to come to your house (and not because you're Michael Jackson . . . it's because of the video and arcade games. You'll never see him again.

    And . . . I saw the carving of the (what is it? Porch swing?) in all wood. My husband is in love with it.

    That's it . . . bye.

  26. As I said before it looks like it might not even happen.Check out the latest news from the estate at this link.

    I actually never thought of going either.....looks like no one will be attending.....once again confusion

    Maybe Michael is Alive......hmmmmmmm


  27. Mi said - This is the article - "The chances of the estate granting the members of the Jackson family permission to use Michael's name may have been seriously compromised recently with the release of LaToya Jackson's book that alleges that Michael's death was actually a conspiracy by the executors. That was compounded by what is now thought to be a bogus statement made by mother Katherine Jackson attacking the executors over their lawsuit against the Heal the World Foundation. Shortly after the statement came out, Katherine was saying she did not make it and had her lawyer, Adam Streisand, announce "Mrs. Jackson categorically denies signing any statement to the court that makes accusations against the executors of any wrongdoing with respect to her son or his estate. She did not and would not make any such statements about the executors."

    Katherine herself then issued a statement apparently trying to smooth over the rift with LaToya's comments, saying "So far I have not seen one shred of evidence that anyone associated with Michael's estate conspired to kill him."

    ......... This is what it says. However this whole article is filled with "may have been thought" and "apparently" and they are MISQUOTES put out by the estate themselves. Bunch of GARBAGE!

    First of all, the "lawyer" they named, STREISAND, was fired for LYING about Miss Katherine signing that statement. HE is the one that went to the paper with that which is WHY he was FIRED! Secondly, Miss Katherine didn't make that statement that JOHN BRANCA claims she made about Latoya's statements in that book because Miss Katherine has MADE OTHER STATEMENTS IN PERSON. So John can stop his posturing because everyone knows he is GUILTY of FRAUD!

    With that said, the article itself is just noise. The estate won't stop it, it's just propaganda. They are very much in the loop on this tribute just as they were IN THE LOOP on the Michael Album with the FAKE, Jason Malachi.

    I hope fans see through all this, I really do. Thank you for the link, M (are you Mimi?)

  28. Bonnie! Thank u sooo much! Im so happy to be here around all of you guys! I'm sorry I meant a prospective juror for his the May trial that has now been delayed till september.Oh and they are seeking a new jury -we have been dismissed. But I didnt cash my $19.42 check from that day or throw away my juror badge i kept the paperwork given to us.. And Thank you-I do watch what I say...It's just alot of this info is already out there. Some is incorrect ,though.Im speaking in terms of his manslaughter case. My initial thoughts when meeting Murray - what a daunting figure he towers in darkness. Then I tried to impartially conclude maybe its sadness and fear,I'm detecting.But truly he just felt eery,cold,and dark. I cant get over how COLD he felt. He stared at each one of us prospective jurors in the eyes. When I caught his gaze I quickly turned away.Most everyone arounf me wanted off the trial and immediately wrote down financial hardship.It felt like a horrible nightmare when judge Pastor swore us in and then said,"Good-morning ladies and gentlemen this case is the People vs.Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Joseph Jackson".I hadsome huge opportunities to meet Michael but it never worked out .Now this trial...I thought,"maybe I never met him because Im suppose to do this trial...serve fairly..."But that fell through...I wonder why? I also won the online lottery to go to Staples Center for his public farewell.Out of the people in the world why me? And to be a prospective juror for his manslaughter case?It was the first time I ever answered my jury duty call...When I got the summones,I just knew.

  29. I am by no means trying to brag here..I simply cannot talk about it with anybody.My husband doesnt understand nor does like my "Michael Jackson obessession" as he calls it.I started hiding & listening to MJ when I was alone in the car.He said,"LUNA YOU CRIED FOR A YEAR OVER SOMEONE YOU DONT EVEN KNOW!!!" I started to feel bad and I started to think maybe I was obesessed.Then this whole juror thing came up,My husband was so AGAINST me doing or even me wanting to do the trial.Now with the Caycee Anthony trial he said,"see the jurors lives are being threatened! what if Murray was found innocent?There are zillions of loyal Michael Jackson fan's what if u gave a guilty verdict but it got out voted ? You'd be hated and no one would believe u voted guilty because u plan on voting him guilty dont you?" I never thought of all that. I guess I just naively felt confident and faith that justice would be served.I felt it a duty of mine.Anyway,I will watch the case as it will be televised and I am looking forward to friendship here with you all.I'll stay on ur topic from now on...just so lonely.

  30. Sadluna - I don't know how to tell your husband or to change his mind about Michael. Honesty is the best policy. for several months I too hid my involvement with this. The day they announced on the news that it was reported that his daughter saw her father on the floor with his eyes open, I turned and left my husband standing there in the living room in front of the t.v. I went into the kitchen. I can't believe he followed me but that was it. Sometimes you just cannot hide it and I bawled out loud like a baby. I heard him come in, I turned right into his shoulder and bawled. I soaked his shirt. He was so shocked he audibly gasped.

    After I bawled my eyes out we sat down at the kitchen table and I told him everything that I felt, from day one - the feeling of being punched in the chest and the subsequent "unreal" feeling driving home the day they announced it on the radio - the need and drive to get to know him, the prayer asking God to give me his pain, the prayer that same night that resulted in the "kiss" . . . everything.

    It took some time for him to understand because he didn't at first, but he tried to. I had to tell him the story and bring him in slowly. He still thinks that man has taken over my life, but at least he knows the bigger purpose behind it. It has been hard. I had a LOT of resistance from church (still do, my old friends), and as much as I cried and as much as it hurt, God puts the wind at your back and you keep going.

    It's going to get harder. But you will know how important truth is to stand on, because you're going to get pushed regardless of where you stand. You want solid ground under your feet when that happens.

    Keep praying. It's not an obsession, it's a calling. There was a time when that USED to be admirable. I'd rather have man be mad at me than God. Keep that in mind ♥♥♥

  31. Thank you so much Bonnie! I'm happy for you that your husband now gets it.I have tried with mine.It was fruitless.Nobody gets it in my world.I live in the valley in california near the Jackson's Encino home...I went there on the anniversary of his passing.I dro right up near his driveway to quickly leave some flowers.I accidentally splashed some fellow fans with the water that gathered near his sidewalk.I felt horrible and offered to get them something from the nearby Gelson's super Market.They were kind and accepted my apologies.I rarely see older age fans and I feel silly because Im 36 yrs old.I'm telling when I was taken from my Mom the placed in a foster home...Michaels music was my salvation. I couldnt believe this mega star cared for us kids.My father always said I was to be seen and not heard.But Michael Jackson said the opposite.I used to wish MJ was my father.I never told anyone.I keep alot to myself.No one could understand why I cried for year when I heard he passed away.When I'm sad,I watch youtube videos of him.Its so unbelievable that he's gone.My forst thought was great I have to go on living another 50 or so years without Michael Jackson in this world.Doesnt that sound creepy?My Mom understand the love I had for him.But she since passed away.Maybe my grief for him has a lot to do with the grief of my Mother.I'm afraid to approach fans,although I want to.I would like friends who love him like me.I will pray.I heard this saying that brings me such comfort,its kinda like what you said in your last sentence above. "As God's people he does not want crawl before no one as God wants us to stand".Ugh I probably qouted wrong.I like writing you.You bring me such comfort.I used to read your blogs but I would become more sad,so I stopped.But I'm back.How he suffered,huh?

  32. Sadluna - I'm sorry my blogs made you sad. They were not easy to write or research either. Some of them I had big struggles with. Especially those coming to the realization that this is all real and how close we are "They have not a clue when it's all gonna end" that makes me cry now because there are SO MANY PEOPLE that are going to miss it - just be lost when it doesn't have to be.

    I cannot put out there with enough power just what Michael did, his battle, his complete acceptance of the position of servant to Christ. I wish I knew HOW to express how much love is involved in that. I don't know how.

    Luna you just keep praying, but more than that, let God work on you. Let him in and let him work. It will come. Everything will come together. Love you. Keep the faith♥


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