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Michael Jackson Justice: Schmuley Boteach, Rupert Murdock Going Down

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Friday, July 15, 2011

Schmuley Boteach, Rupert Murdock Going Down

Truth Paradigm Part 3

Today Micheline and I, and Line and I, and a couple of others are still trying to come to grips with the way the press is handling the Kletzky case.  It seems like the press is going overboard to try to convince us this is real.  There are way too many photos of staged “poses” by community members, and the latest “confession” published in the New York Daily News, which would keep most from getting a fair trial.  While confessions do happen, the contents of them, quoted are not usually published before a fair trial can even be scheduled.

The kicker?  The only commentator CNN could get was Schmuley Boteach?  Schmuley is tabloid Rabbi.  He is a Tavistock bought and paid for liar, who still to this day insists that only he was the one who could save Michael Jackson from his “mountain of pills”.  The man wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked him right upside his uni-brow.  This is the man who said he dumped Michael because of “drugs” when in fact Michael dumped him because he stole from the Heal the World Foundation.

Rabbi Schmuley is a Talmud Jew who subscribes to the Zionist Protocol. This means that he believes he has a license to lie, cheat, steal, maim and rape anyone who is a “Goyim” – or “not Zionist”.

A short history on Rabbi Schmuley Boteach
Why is Boteach the only one smiling?

Who is he from HIS own website: 

Rabbi Shmuley first came to world attention through his founding of the Oxford University L'Chaim Society, an organization of Oxford students that within three years of its founding in 1988 had become the second largest student organization in Oxford 's history.”  Source

The picture above shows Michael and Boteach.  Boteach was all over Michael with Uri Geller to help promote his books.  He could not however, find it within himself to extend the same courtesy to Michael in the promotion of Heal the World Foundation and Heal the Kids.  He chose instead to walk off with the funds and blame Michael.

Schmuley has no shame.   In this article, he states that he shuns the tabloid press, but he uses them at every opportunity to capitalize on Michael’s name to promote his garbage.

Schmuley’s “L’Chaim Society”, which he is credited for helping to found over there in Oxford, also has roots here.  I did a search to find out what exactly “L’Chaim Society” is and this is what I found:

Car Charity L’Chaim Society, Fourteen Others Under Investigation

“Of the more than $430,000 that Feed the Hungry received in donations, less than $7,900, that’s 1.8 percent, was used for charitable purposes,” Mitra Hormozi, AG Special Deputy Chief of Staff, said.”  Source 

This investigation took place in 2005. 

I found this:  “  Some people suggested the car donation program is related to noted author and lecturer Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, so we asked him. As it turns out, while Rabbi Boteach is associated with the L'Chaim Society of Oxford, a club he started, he is not related to the car donation program of the same name.”  Source  (L’Chaim no longer exists at Oxford and neither does Boteach. He’s here, L’Chaim is here, and the same pattern of missing funds comes up.  Hmmmmm).

So I did a search for L’Chaim, Oxford and found this on the site:

Additionally Jewish study is thriving both within and around the University, in the Oriental Faculty, and the Oxford Centre for Jewish Studies at 45 St Giles, and Yarnton Manor.  Jewish life has become much more self-confident and outward going in the recent past, as is especially attested in the formation of the Oxford University L'Chaim Society in 1989, which courted local, national, and even inter-national publicity for itself until its demise.”  Source

Oddly enough, Rabbi Schmuley’s name is not even mentioned in conjunction with this and I didn’t know it no longer exists at Oxford but it does here in the states.  I wonder what the reasoning for that was.  On the same site it also talks about the history of Jews at Oxford and although banished between the 13 and 17th centuries, they made a comeback in the mid-1800’s consequently some 25 years before the first Zionist Congress in Bazel, Switzerland in 1897.  Source

Sir Isaiah Berlin, a Zionist was the fifth Jewish academic in Oxford and the first Jew in All Soul’s 500 year history. 

Boteach is a Talmud Jew according to numerous links and reviews of his book on Kosher Sex.  I had covered the difference between Talmud and Torah Jews in a previous blog.  You can read on the Talmud/Zionist connection here.  Source

This site is rather critical both of his book, and of the Talmud teaching, which allows for contradiction depending on the audience a Rabbi is teaching and describes Boteach as a “populizer”.

So Torah is not just Scripture, it's also the interpretation of Scripture, and the interpretation of interpretations. In the extensive definition, Torah is the entire body of Jewish religious literature, and Jewish religious literature is whatever the rabbis accept as such. It is an ever-expanding library that may, and does, contain contradictory teachings. (20)

In consequence, a popularizer like Rabbi Boteach is free to choose whichever teaching suits his target audience, and represent it as the doctrine of Judaism. (16)

But since the Talmud, according to so many experts, is the Word of God, the basic book of Jewish law and the foundation of Jewish culture, we will compare Rabbi Boteach's representations with the words of the Talmud. The US Supreme Court takes the Talmud Sages seriously enough to accept a brief based wholly on Talmud law.”  Source  The sources for this, of course are other Talmud Jews.  The consider the Torah contradictory, yet lie about what is in their own doctrine of the Talmud as their Talmud directs them to do.

Boteach and his friendship/partnership with Uri Geller also raises some eyebrows considering Geller’s record with our CIA and mind control experiments. That fact that both these leeches were hanging on Michael over the same time period, and the look in Michael’s face in most photographs with them certainly was cause for scrutinizing as well. 

Talmuds and Zionists

This also explains the Talmud relation to the Sanhedrin.  In the first few seconds of this video, it explains exactly why the Jewish elders and priests had to get Harod or Pilot to kill Jesus, because even though they could manipulate and ask for the death of someone, they could not kill directly.  This does not absolve the Talmuds of Christ’s death, I don’t care what the Pope says.

Schmuley’s views on the crucifixion of Jesus
And Lecture on Gibson Film

At 1:14 Boteach talks about Jesus as just one of many who were crucified during the rein of Herod in Rome – i.e. he’s nobody special.  I don’t know what historians he talked to, since he doesn’t name them, but the oldest history book on this is the Bible. And what the BIBLE says about Jesus’s crucifixion is that the Jewish Pharisees and high priests are the ones that insisted that Christ be crucified, not Pontius Pilot.  Pilot kept sending them away, refusing to sentence him. 

Boteach completely neglects what it says in Mathew 27: 1  “1 When morning came, all the chief priests and elders of the people plotted against Jesus to put Him to death. 2 And when they had bound Him, they led Him away and delivered Him to Pontius[a] Pilate the governor.” 

ALL the chief priests and elders of the people.  All of them plotted against Jesus to PUT HIM TO DEATH.  Not Pilot.

What Angels look like Flanked by Mind control handlers.

In verse three, Judas takes back the 30 pieces of silver, remorseful of what he has done.  The elders and priests PAID JUDAS TO BETRAY JESUS to them.  Just as Schmuley was paid to have Michael delivered to him.  Want to debate that?  Just look at the picture above . . . who’s book is Michael holding for the cameras?  It’s not MICHAEL’S book!  It’s Schmuley’s and Uri’s.  And doesn’t Michael look like he’s enjoying every minute of standing next to these Sadducees?

Verses 11 through 19 show Pilot trying to persuade Jesus to speak in his own defense, not finding any reason to kill him.  Pilot also in these verses comes up with the idea to have the crowd choose the prisoner to release, believing they would call for Jesus to be released.  In verse 19 even Pilot’s wife tells him not to take part in this persecution.  The manipulation of the crowd by the elders and priests shocks Pilot as they call for Barabbas, not Jesus, to be released.  Through verse 27, Pilot asks the crowd, “Why?  What evil has this man done?”  When Pilot cannot persuade them, he washes his hands of it and turns them over to the priests who then take Jesus, with Pilots soldiers and the other two prisoners with their sentence of crucifixion.

In Luke chapter 23 – which I guess Schmuley did NOT read, Pilot sent Jesus to Herod, refusing to sentence an innocent man.  Even Herod would not condemn Jesus to death even though he mocked him, he sent him back to Pilate. 

Schmuley’s account in that videoed debate/speech is quite different from the Bible.  He even sacks Mel Gibson’s movie “Passion of the Christ”, calling it a “scandalous and defamatory”.  As much as I admire Schmuley’s attempt to pass on the deception and plotting of the death of Jesus by Jewish priests onto Pilate by dismissing Biblical account in four different books of the Bible, I’m going to have to pass on his interpretation of it because it is way off the base. Even the girl in the audience found what came out of his mouth hard to believe. 

We know what happened to Mel Gibson after that movie was released. The success of it was phenomenal.  Boteach however took it personally.  Awful sensitive skin for a guys who maligned and lied about one of the world’s most loved humanitarians.  Someone should remind Boteach that stealing money from a children’s charity does not make you a philanthropist.

Perhaps Schmuley should stick to kosher sex and publishing the secret tapes of counseling sessions with famous pop stars instead of giving lectures on a testament of the Bible that is obviously not his specialty.  And judging by his treatment of Michael, he’s learned very little from the book or his ancestral history.  He quotes “NEWSWEEK” for crying out loud for the truth on Mel?  Let me guess . . . his buddy and fellow conspirator Johnny Roberts who now writes for TheWrap gave him the inside scoop?  Big step up, right?  I’m impressed.

It stands to reason then, why Boteach would feel by duty, to go off on Mel Gibson over “Passion of the Christ”  Unfortunately for Boteach, the Bible says what it says and no amount of Oxford “ancient historians” are going to change what it says.

Now that we’ve established that Boteach is a Talmud, where Talmud’s came from in history and their evolution into Zionists, let’s continue.

The video again from above, to make pausing easier:

Talmuds and Zionists

At 2:55 minutes in the above video, it explains the Talmud teaches why and how a priest can have sex with a girl three years old and a day or younger and under what conditions.  It also absolves them of any sin having sex with adolescent boys because it is not considered a sexual act.

Well that explains a lot about Boys Town, The Franklin Case, D.C. Call Boys, John Gosch, the CPS kidnappings and orders for children through government programs, doesn’t it?  Especially, as yesterday’s blog taught us, if Zionists fill our top government positions.  No wonder there is “No Action”, as Michael says.

I am not accusing Boteach of doing any such thing.  He is married and has a brood of his own children. But this does explain why and how the elitist, Zionist Jews justify doing what they do. 

Oddly enough, our Zionist owned news networks have propagandized these same crimes upon the Arab population, accusing them of harboring the same deviated behavior they themselves teach.

Just where do the writings of the Talmud come from?  Why such hatred?

Babylonian Talmud
Also mentions the Kabbalah
Has precedence over the Torah or the Bible

You can do more viewing here if you like.  Source

Reminder, Revelation 2:9  I know thy works and tribulation, and poverty (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them, which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.

And – Revelation 3:9  Behold, I will make them of the Synagogue of Satan, which call themselves Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I say, I will make them that they shall come and worship before thy feet, and shall know that I have loved thee.

Perhaps there was a reason other than the embezzlement of funds from Heal the Kids” (since that is also encouraged in the Talmud, to steal from the Goyim – Gentiles), that Michael left Boteach?  Perhaps it was over Boteach’s obvious contempt for Christ that Michael cut him off?

View these videos, take the information and do your own research. Search under terms including Babylonian Talmud.  It’s no longer a secret thanks to the Zionist-owned internet (that Gore invented).

Ariel Sharon, Michael, Boteach and Geller
The Attempted “Conversion” of Michael
(Don’t cry….I won’t convert you
There’s no need to dismay
Just close your eyes and drift away)

Uri Geller and the New World Order – From his own website

Uri Geller - Cached
Engage Uri Geller - Maximise your potential, the world's leading .... helping bring about the Illuminati's "New World Order" of "Heaven" on planet earth. ...
Skip through his website,  He openly admits to mind control experiments with the CIA and taking part in and was present during the Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty with Al Gore and Senator Claiborne Pell.  Source

From Linda on the blog last nightSomething I came across yesterday-Project Dormouse was implemented to bring to light MKULTRA(to cover up Project Artichoke).These were experiments that forcibly addicted people to morphine,let them suffer through withdrawal to see if they could get them to do things against their beliefs. Michael's "Morphine"

Michael DID try to tell us.  You look at Michael’s pictures with Uri Geller.  He better never stand in front of me and talk about peace and love. That does NOT COME AT THE END OF A SYRINGE!!!

Uri Geller was involved in our CIA MK Ultra experiments, he was close friends with Boteach (Uri introduced Michael to Boteach, a Zionist) and both of them crawled into Michael’s life as handlers.  Boteach wants to talk about drug addiction when he knew all along what was being done to Michael!  Who knows, he probably held him down while Geller gave him the shots!

The picture above with Ariel Sharon shows just how crucial to their plans Michael was.  The fact that they both trashed him with rumors of a pill-taking, clueless and insecure Michael in the press stirs feelings of sour grapes amongst jealous ex-friends.

Michael’s song “Ghosts” expresses lyrics such as, “Tell me are you the ghost of Jealousy”. 

Jealousy.  Yes, I can definitely see that in Geller and Boteach’s actions.  In Taraborrelli, Branca, Dimond, Mottola, his cast of worthless managers and accountants who as the Talmud teaches, treated Michael as their slave . . . he existed only to serve them and when he refused their plan of destruction of human beings, they tried to convert him.  When Michael began exposing them, they went after him.  We will cover the core “ghost” of jealousy in another blog.

I do not understand why Boteach has such contempt for a man who put himself on the cross so that we could have a chance at a relationship with God.  I also do not understand why Boteach would want to adhere to a doctrine NOT divinely inspired, that sought to exclude human beings that God obviously made.  The Talmud is a doctrine of hatred, jealousy and perversion of God’s law.

If Boteach cannot even grasp the concept of the laying down of one’s life for a friend – the epitome of unconditional love, then there is no way he would ever understand or deserve a friendship with Michael.  Boteach was looking for a recruit, not a friend.  And as a believer in Christ, Michael knew that Boteach’s teachings were false.  So Boteach did what any good Sanhedrin would have done.  He stole from him, maligned him and turned him over to the government authorities while he continues to profit from his association with Michael. 

It’s ironic that the two men he so callously speaks of are probably the first two men that would forgive him if he would only open his heart and ask.  He said in his book that Michael taught him humility.  Exercising that quality seems a bit beyond his reach.

Boteach, you stupid, stupid man.  What you threw away – What a waste of an unequaled opportunity.  You will never be fulfilled.  Self-love and self-promotion are not even close to the same thing, kosher or not.

I’m not sure where this story with Leiby Kretsky is going, but one thing is for sure. There is a LOT about this story that is not “kosher”.  There are so many contradictions and errors that none of it is believable.

 - He had a note to walk home or he was supposed to meet his mom. 

 - A surveillance camera filmed him walking from his day camp past his home (seven blocks away?).

 - He was nine years old, he was eight years old.

 - His mother used to drive him every day, yet he needed a note saying he was not taking the bus. (???)

 - The police kicked the door in to get into the apartment, and they found it ajar when they entered the apartment.

 - You can’t see squat to determine if Leiby was the boy in those cameras or not.

 - You cannot see Levi entering or leaving a dentists office in the surveillance video.

 - Murder took place in a third floor apartment with a couple living below a day after the boy is abducted.  No nobody hears him complain, cry out, ask to go home and according to the suspect, the boy stayed in his apartment without leaving while he was at work.

 - Nobody heard a struggle.

 - Nobody saw bloody suitcases being taken out of the house.

An autopsy is performed and a funeral planned before the evening of the day he is found.  That’s pretty good considering it took three months for Michael’s autopsy to be completed!  And Michael was in one piece!  (hypothetically speaking).

Photos of Hasidic men (no women???) in staged looking photographs near crime scene.

Even though Jewish custom is to be buried before sundown, the funeral procession and shots of people leaving the service are taken after dark.

All this leaves a disgusting taste in my mouth and in talking to friends about it today, we wondered if this was not leading up to some political anvil coming down.

Something will happen, either something to do with Israel or the Jewish Community, or something to do with yet another government control concerning children being enacted.

The world awaits.

Meanwhile, we continue to accept without common sense, EVERYTHING they have been feeding us . . . none of it particularly nutritional.

These are the Zionists/One World Government advocates that control U.S. Media

American Mass Media Controlled by Zionists

These are the Zionists/One WorldGovernment advocates that control the British Media.

British Media Controlled by Zionists

These are the humanitarians that planned 9-11 – Michael KNEW ABOUT IT!

9-11 Was Paul Wolfowitz’s “New Pearl Harbor”
To help usher in Government Control

Do Zionists Control our Government?  Joe Biden, OUR Vice President, Obama and Ex-Prez Bush say . . .

Jewish Professor, Norman Finkelstein explains the crime in Zionist using the Holocaust victims as a license to commit the same atrocities in Palistine.

We’ve all read about “News of the World” and Rupert Murdock’s press bash over hacked phone calls. Phone tapping has been going on for years.  Michael sang about it in a couple of songs dating back to the early 1990’s.  One of his lawyers sued an air transportation company over the taping of his and Michael’s conversations . . . Watergate was over 35 years ago.  Why nail Murdock now?  What did he do that they establishment didn’t like?

Murdock had to drop his bid to acquire the largest cable company in Britain.  His advertisers are dropping like flies.  Source  He was their boy!  Surely they could have covered this up!

First the IMF Chairman, now Murdock.

In the meantime, keep your eye on the news. Oh, and one other thing before I tip this lengthy blog’s hat goodnight:

Some people get Jews and Zionism Confused.  This short film explains how true Jewish people disagree with Zionism:

Philosophy of Zionism

Hollywood Mind control  embedding was disabled, have to click the link….bummer.

Michael’s Guideline for Life


  1. Hi, I've just discovered your blog and I have to say I'm like it very much! Congratulations.
    I wanted to point this out about the jealousy god lyrics: "You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God” (Exodus 20:4-5).
    I don't really know what does it mean, but I've been reading your blog for some days and I thought I would be nice to point out that phrase is also a bible's quotation.
    Best regards.


  2. Noemi said - "I wanted to point this out about the jealousy god lyrics: "You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God” (Exodus 20:4-5)."

    ......... Thank you. The verse you quoted means a lot of things, but in a nutshell, God wants us to love Him. God showed us how much He loves us . . . on the cross. He did not want any other gods between Him and his created. But the reference to the "Ghost of Jealousy" in Michael's song will be explained tonight in the new blog entry.

  3. Bonnie said "Why nail Murdock now? What did he do that they establishment didn’t like?"

    One theory put forward is that the UK public were so shocked about the phone hacking of Milly Dowler, by NOTW. The court case against her attacker has concluded in the last few weeks, and her family had to endure cross-examination in court as if they were the perpetrators. Add that to the shocking kidnap and murder of Milly, and then the family only finding out about the phone hacking this year, and the public are apparently disgusted and appalled. A journalist deleted messages from Milly's phone in the hope of getting more messages! The family naturally thought the deletion of messages meant Milly was still alive.

  4. PrincessGlam said - "A journalist deleted messages from Milly's phone in the hope of getting more messages! The family naturally thought the deletion of messages meant Milly was still alive."

    ........ I feel horrible about what this family has endured and I agree with you. I feel such anger toward what this particular journalist did and I am GLAD it is now out in the open. Just what did he expect to gain out of getting more messages?

    My question . . . do you think Murdock will recover and if not . . . will this begin the unraveling of the until now unprecedented power of the media?

  5. @BONNIE :
    News of the World collapsed : VERY good news. The humanity can do without such chacal media trusts who ransack people's privacy & dignity for greed & power.

    You all know the Video below showing Michael interrogated by the Police in the mid-90s : the dirty "works" of News of The World.

    Not only they published this Video - not for the public eye - illegally & made money on Michel more than once but probably had fun in showing him embarrassed & humiliated to the world. Michael was a Prince who deserved respect & love & see what he got ? It's atrocious.

    Leiby Kletzky: I do pray for this little boy. Only I found that case so nightmarish that I had & still have repulsion in digging into it. But I concentrated more in re-reading the articles today : yes, many gaps indeed. Non-professional work from journalists in a hurry to sell their footnotes full of contradictions. Just hope the Police may clarify this horrendous case. Anyhow, with all the other "good" news in the pipeline (President Obama Press Conference on the US debt, the E.U. also in bad shape) the world somber economic perspectives reach us again like a tidal wave. Hope we'll see a rainbow again, but when ?

    Bonnie, AGAIN challenging & interesting Blog ! OK, I repeat myself like a broken record :o)

  6. Line said - "Hope we'll see a rainbow again, but when ?"

    ..... Tonight! Believe . . .

  7. Bonnie I do Believe! For some reason(can't explain it)I have a strange calm about me.Even with all the evil in this world,known and unknown,I am not fearful that it won't work out.I know that it will get worse before it gets better.I'm ready!Linda

  8. @Linda - "Bonnie I do Believe!...I'm ready!"


  9. Line said - "Not only they published this Video - not for the public eye - illegally & made money on Michel more than once but probably had fun in showing him embarrassed & humiliated to the world. Michael was a Prince who deserved respect & love & see what he got ? It's atrocious."

    ....... Sorry for the short answer earlier. I was in the middle of the blog I just put up and couldn't answer fully at that time. In that video, even though it was NOT RIGHT for them to publish it (I agree, it was a legal deposition), I thought Michael handled himself rather well and he was very direct when talking about his notes. He had nothing to hide. And is that guy the SAME GUY - that Lawyer KING, who deposed him in 2006 over Schaffel and 2007 over Wisner? It sounds like exactly the same voice.

    Leiby - I pray that the TRUTH comes out. There was more info on this case. I think Micheline was going to post some links. very, very odd.

  10. Here are the two news links with more inconsistencies to add to what we have already that raise questions. The first link reports the parents did not attend Leiby's funeral. Yet at the very bottom of that link where people post comments, someone said the parents did attend and that the father actually spoke at the funeral! Again, two completely different accounts of a story that should be reported right the first time!

    The second link: for a family who does not wish to give any statements, they have drafted a rather lengthy, very well prepared STATEMENT! Then they say "please do not congregate near our residence to get a news flash." A news flash? I detect a tinge of calculated sarcasm in the comment, which seemed out of place for parents who had to be completely destroyed by their loss. 10,000 people converged on this neighborhood for the funeral, making this a very public event, and photos were taken, so the media must have been there. I also found it unnerving that some of the "mourners" were seen to be preoccupied with their cell phones and I-pods. Were they receiving "instructions?"

    And, did anyone notice how BIG that coffin was? This was a small 8-year old child and one would have expected a child size coffin. This casket was being carried by several pall bearers and was large enough to hold a very tall man. I hate to say it, but the whole scene just felt "staged" for some reason - propaganda?

  11. Oh God, every time I watch that deposition with Michael, it breaks my heart to see the look on his face! You can feel he is crying inside but maintains his dignity. My poor, sweet Michael - what they did to try to silence you! The world is such a wretched place when someone as beautiful as you in spirit, heart and soul is kicked around like a rag doll for media sport! When it comes to greed and evil, you could give your entire fortune willingly and it would never be enough! Not until they get your blood! Well, this is not going away. WE are not going away!

  12. BONNIE : "I thought Michael handled himself rather well and he was very direct when talking about his notes."

    ..Of course, so was the usual Michael : natural, open & sincere but put in a painful situation. The lawyer, D. Wiesner's one later? possible but I already disliked his voice, the rest ain't better.

  13. Bonnie said "My question . . . do you think Murdock will recover and if not . . . will this begin the unraveling of the until now unprecedented power of the media?"

    I don't have a crystal ball, but it may well be the start of new measures to prevent so much power in future. There is to be an inquiry in the UK. America is looking at whether phone hacking of the 9/11 victims broke any laws. I believe Australia is now picking up on the story. At first Murdoch tried to play it down, but I think he has no hope of putting the lid back on Pandora's box now! It looks like he will be blocked from taking 100% control over BSkyB.
    If people are now asking the questions you have raised on here over the past 18 months, I see a big change in what media powers are going to be permitted, perhaps by law.
    It's clear Murdoch thought he could kill off NOTW, thereby reduce opposition to his BSkyB bid, and resurrect NOTW in a new Sunday Sun newspaper, and we wouldn't even blink.

  14. Line said - "The lawyer, D. Wiesner's one later? possible but I already disliked his voice, the rest ain't better."

    >>>Line, if you're referring to Michael's lawyer in that heartbreaking video, you hear the voice of Mark Geragos. He was dropped from the case and Bonnie talked about him on previous blogs. Geragos was conspiring to get the ATV publishing catalog away from Michael. Another high profile "star" attorney with self interest. The guy was no good.

  15. @Spotlight - Thank you for posting the links on the funeral ala additions to the story, however non-conclusive they are. Maybe this whole thing is a test to see just what they can get us to swallow? Either way it's sick.

    On Michael's deposition, I think you speak for all of us on that one. Think of what they were doing to artists before Michael stood up, and how they suffered and no one heard them.

    Also, that is not Mark Garagos in the 1996 video. Geragos was along for the ride during the 2003 allegations and not on the scene for this deposition which took place in 1996. I don't know who was his lawyer, you can barely hear him, but the one deposing him sounds like the same Howard King that deposed him in 2006 and in 2007. It is the same voice.

    Now, the 2007 deposition I still believe was a "production". What are the odds that Howard King would depose Michael for three different clients and they are the only depositions that are released online? Someone in the Hoax community linked to this and was discussing it even though the have Schaffel as the complaintant in the 2007 depo, which is false, Weisner was. Also Schaffel had as many of these videos taken off of youtube back then (the foreign countries still have them up) due to copyright infringement. If Schaffel owns the copyrights to this deposition, then ???? How do you get a copyright to a legal deposition unless YOU PRODUCED IT?

  16. Princess said - "At first Murdoch tried to play it down, but I think he has no hope of putting the lid back on Pandora's box now! It looks like he will be blocked from taking 100% control over BSkyB.
    If people are now asking the questions you have raised on here over the past 18 months, I see a big change in what media powers are going to be permitted, perhaps by law."

    I see this as the beginning of the end of the rein of control of information for the corp conglomerates of "news". Perhaps this is what the Leiby story is supposed to be trying to cover up?

  17. SPOTLIGHT said : "Line, if you're referring to Michael's lawyer in that heartbreaking video, you hear the voice of Mark Geragos."

    Bonnie replied already but Mark Garagos, yes, I know him - no good guy indeed : a S-Bunch member & a miserable Defense lawyer for Michael before Mr. Mesereau took over.

    The lawyers' voice in the 1996 deposition : whoever's name it was, behind the cold politeness & professional bluntness, one of these humanoid guys of the "NWO" clique for whom the words: humanity, compassion & respect are unknown.

    On the 1996 deposition, same Video but with detailed comments added below. The lawyer's name was apparently Michael Ring & among other parties, a certain S-Bunch Zia Moddaber also attended.

  19. I stand corrected, Bonnie. Wow, I am known for being keen on people's voices and could have sworn that was Geragos who said, "he can answer that one." Didn't realize he was not involved with the 1996 deposition.

  20. @Spotlight - Well, I'm not going to insist on it because something else just occurred to me (I believe I am keen on voices too).

    I want to know what the ODDS are, of Howard King being the deposing attorney in three different cases involving Michael Jackson, representing three different clients on three different lawsuits over an 11 year span of time?

    Anyone can you answer that for me? Are all these depositions set up? Why is it that three of the four depositions that have been released online have Howard King asking Mike the questions and why was one of those depositions copyrights owned by Schaffel?

    Again, anyone?

  21. Bonnie said -

    "Anyone can you answer that for me? Are all these depositions set up? Why is it that three of the four depositions that have been released online have Howard King asking Mike the questions and why was one of those depositions copyrights owned by Schaffel?"

    >>>>>>That is an interesting question, Bonnie! If it's true that these three depositions we see online span eleven years, than WHO was Howard King really working for??? Is it possible for three unrelated litigation matters to involve the same opposing attorney? We need to know if King was the "resident" legal henchman working for the same entity who brought about the Chandler case.

    If the depositions were "set up" as you suggested, wouldn't Michael have raised a suspicious eyebrow over that, too? We need to find out of it is Howard King on on three.

  22. @Spotlight - One of the things on my list - Howard King . . .


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