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Michael Jackson Justice: They Come For the Children

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Saturday, July 30, 2011

They Come For the Children

1983 – Come for the Children

Kzarian Conspiracy

The year was 1984.  I was sitting in the living room of a ground floor apartment/duplex in what I now believe is Philadelphia. 

I was sitting on a love seat and my sister was across the room on a couch in front of a window that faced the back of the dwelling.  Her young baby, little Wayne, was on a blanket on the floor, making soft cooing noises as he played.  He was probably about seven or eight months old.

My sister and I talked about the baby, I watched his little round head moving back and forth as he rocked on his tummy on the floor, kicking his terry-cloth covered feet.  It made me smile.  I was not yet married nor did I have any children, so I just enjoyed hers.

As we talked there was a knock on the door.  My sister got up to answer the door and invited in a woman that I used to work with.  Her name was Midge.  I got along with her well at work and we remained friends after my Christmas job was over, but here today, she was representation of something that left dread in my stomach.

Immediately the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck stood up.  I watched her walk past me to sit in the couch next to my sister.  They both began talking to each other as if I was no longer there, but Midge would occasionally look over at me with this smile, as if she were eating every bit of dread that was radiating off of me.  She would smile, but it was not a pleasant smile, then she would turn her attention back to my sister.

My resentment was palpable to the point where I felt they could hear it crackling.  Why did my sister let her in here?  Why was this woman here in the first place?  She knew how I felt about her but she seemed to use that to taunt me.

I ignored them and just watched the baby.  Suddenly I realized why she was here.  At the same moment that realization came, Midge again looked over at me with that smile that only seemed to be missing droplets of blood dripping from her teeth.  Her eyes were not something you could look into for long without looking away.

She moved her eyes from me to the baby.  “Hey there little guy”, she said in a sugary sweet voice as she moved from the couch to lean down and touch my nephew.

I jumped up between her and the infant.  “Don’t touch that baby.  Don’t you DARE touch that baby!”

Midge stopped and without moving her head, rolled her eyes slowly upward to look me in the face.  I felt as if my insides were being scooped out with that look.  Again that slow smile, as if she accomplished some goal.  She slowly drew back, continuing to watch me.  Our eyes locked in a death grip that was only broken with my sister’s voice.

“Bonnie, what’s wrong with you!  Why are you acting like this?”

How do I explain something she cannot see?  Midge and I continued to stare each other down. She looked away first with an expression of amused victory.  I knew why she was here and it wasn’t to talk to my sister.  There was always something about this woman I couldn’t put my finger on.  Everyone liked her.  No one else saw what I saw in her.  Finally I answered my sister, “I don’t know.  I must be just tired.  Do you mind if I go lay down for a bit and you two can just visit each other, just . . . just watch the baby.” 

My sister looked at me with the most puzzled expression.  Midge looked at me with amusement.  I didn’t return her gaze.

I walked down the hallway and climbed into bed, which was a water bed.  I must have been on the edge of sleep when I heard the door open to the room some time later.  I was facing the wall so I did not see who it was that came in.  I was sleepy and kept my eyes closed.  I felt the bed go down as someone, I assumed my sister, climbed onto it.  Then I felt someone poke me in the ribs.

“Stop it”, I said, brushing the hand away, “I’m trying to sleep.”

Again the poke.  I said nothing and brushed the hand away.  Suddenly two hands were digging into my ribs, trying to tickle me.  I started laughing, “Stop it, I’m trying to sleep”.  I moved the hands away without looking at her but she began digging into my ribs rather painfully and I was getting mad.

I rolled over, and was about to throw her off the bed when I saw her face.  She straddled me on the bed and put both hands around my throat. She began shaking me as hard as she could.  Terror froze me as her muffled giggles and the look of madness on her face told me this was not my sister.

I knew what this was.  I half expected to see that woman, Midge behind her but I did not.  It was all I could do to keep some part of my airway free as my sister violently shook me by my neck as she sat on my stomach.  I was screaming but next to nothing came out.  Both my hands were on her wrists trying to pull her hands off but I could not break her grip as she continued to shake me.  My throat was burning and I was getting nauseous.

After what seemed like forever, my anger got to me and I took the risk of releasing my grip on her wrists to try to get some momentum to throw her off.  She was three inches shorter than me and probably about thirty pounds less in weight.  Neither one of us were very big people, but I could always kick her butt and she was NOT getting the better of me!

In one move I released her wrists to take her throat and flipped her over on the bed.  Now it was me who was straddling her as I shook her back and forth by her throat, “How do you like it, huh?  How do you think this feels?  Does it tickle?  Is it funny?!!”  I kept repeating as shook her back and forth.  Her maddening giggles led me to believe that this didn’t hurt her as much as it was hurting me.

I heard the crack before I realized that we had worked our way toward the edge of the bed, where the wooden frame held the water mattress in its square home.  My sister suddenly went limp.

At that instant I knew what happened.  Her neck had broken, hitting the frame of the bed.  I was still sitting on her but there was no life in her body from her neck down.  It was like sitting on a sand bag.

I called her name.  Her eyes turned up to me and she was again herself. She whispered a “Bonnie, I’m sorry”, before her eyes closed and the rest of her life went out of her.

I looked to the ceiling, threw back my head and screamed at the top of my lungs as long and loudly as the force of air lasted.  This wail disintegrated into wracking sobs until I realized, “The baby . . . she came for the baby!”

Rage filled me and I jumped off the bed, half walking, half running down the hallway to the livingroom.

I was met by an empty blanket on the floor, a living room door that was wide open to the city street, and a black Doberman laying on the floor, left as a sentinel.

I stopped my screaming and looked down at the dog in silence.  And he looked up at me, just watching me.

“Where is she!”  I yelled at the dog.

He just looked at me, with his head on his paws.  He would have ripped into me with no remorse, but he had his orders and that was just to watch me.

“WHERE IS SHE YOU SON-OF-A” (yes I said the whole word).

He just watched me with his eyes.

I kicked the dog, “Where is she!”  And I began kicking him and kicking him. 

Finally he let out a low, guttural growl that sounded as if he drew it up from the pits of hell.  He got up slowly, moved across the room with his eyes on me the whole time as though he wanted to rip me apart.  He laid back down and continued watching me.  He treated my physical punishment as a mere irritant.

Rage and anguish again overcame me and I threw back my head and screamed, “Damned you!!!!”  I whirled around and went out the open door, onto the streets of Philadelphia.

At a pace just short of running, I tore into the sidewalk, trying to find her and my baby nephew, screaming and yelling out to the evil that had taken that child.

I began hitting the sides of buildings with a closed fist as I walked at an impossible clip, (reminded me of the scene in the movie, Sybil) yelling out to the woman, the EVIL that was taking the children. 

As I got to the corner of the street and the end of the building I was almost knocked over by a man coming from around the corner.  He grabbed both my upper arms and pulled me back, shaking me.

“Stop it!  Just stop!  You are angry!  You can’t fight her like this, stop!”

Before I saw his eyes, I saw his collar.  He was a priest.  My eyes slid up from his collar to his eyes.  He was an older man with short curling and graying hair.  He shook me slightly again, “You can’t fight her angry, or she will be able to get in.”

My mouth was open.  He KNEW!  I stood there in silence, digging into his eyes to see if I could find anything else.  Tears started to blur my vision.

“You have to be in control if you are going to defeat her and this is not going to help you.”

I could see in his eyes that he knew I was calming down.  I wanted to tell him my sister was dead, but he shook me slightly by one arm this time and said, “Come with me”. 

He didn’t wait for confirmation from me.  He turned with a firm grip on my arm and pulled me across a four-lane street to a big building halfway down the street we were crossing.  It was a huge cathedral.

He drug me up the steps, into the lobby and turned us left, around to the hallway that led down one side of the sanctuary.  We passed door and more doors, the hallway seemed to go on forever but after passing about four or five doors, he stopped me just in front of one of the door to the left.  It was like an old school room door, with a frosted window.  No writing.  He opened  the door and shoved me inside, putting his finger up in front of my face.

“Stay here, I’ll be right back”, and he shut the door on me.

I stood there staring at the closed door with the frosted glass when I heard sound behind me. 

I slowly turned and found myself in what looked like a mail room.

There was a counter separating me from the workers behind it.  There were counters behind that counter that probably came waist-high on most of the workers.  Each wall had shelves that went up from those end counters and the counters consisted of boxes . . . mail boxes.  All the workers were wearing white jackets and they were busy putting mail from buckets and baskets into these mail boxes.  The odd thing about this was that all the mail was periodicals.  No letters.  Tabloids, news papers, magazines, flyers, but no letters.

I watched them working a feverish pitch, shoving the newsletters and tabloids and magazines into mail boxes by the tons!  The mailboxes were glutted with them.

One of the white-jacketed people came around the side of the counter where a little entry door was.  As he came out he was talking to me, very softly, almost too softly to hear him . . . it was almost hypnotic or maybe he was trying to be, but I was too wired.

As he approached me I noticed he had a hypodermic needle in his hand.  He held it up as he was talking to me in that soft, pseudo-hypnotic voice, “you don’t have to fight, just let yourself go . . . yes, that’s it . . . it’s just like sleeping.  It will be very peaceful, just close your eyes and let it take you.”

I began whimpering.  As my knees gave way I slid down the wall slowly as I fought to stay upright.  Every joint I had turned to rubber and fear had taken over.  I began whimpering a prayer, but I couldn’t tell you what I was saying.  I was giving up.  I wanted God to just take me and let it be painless.  I was done.

The man, who was bald with little, professor type glasses perched on his nose, continued to talk as he slowly followed me down the wall, “it won’t hurt you, you won’t even feel it when you stop breathing . . . this is the easiest way to go, just don’t fight it . . . you’re fortunate . . . they liked you.  Just let yourself drift away.  It will be blissful.  I’ve watched so many go like this, you will be in peace, just don’t fight it . . .”

I continued to whimper my prayer, almost under my breath.  I felt my bottom touch the floor,  I had nowhere else to go.  Both my hands were in fists up to my mouth.  My knees were in my vision now as I was sunken to the floor. The mad doctor was now beside me, stooped down, still whispering his madness to me. 

I waited for the sting of the injection, but it never came . . . or maybe it did and I just didn’t feel it.  I waited for the “peace” but kept praying, but no – The needle was still held up in his hand with all the liquid in it.  I could see it out of the corner of my eye.  I kept praying but wondered what he was waiting for.

Slowly, "Dr. Demento" stood up without so much of a cracking of a knee, still whispering his madness, cajoling me into accepting an injection that he had yet to give me.

Robotically, still repeating the hypnotic propaganda that it would be peaceful, he began walking back to that little door on the counter, and around the back of it. 

I watched him with my eyes without breaking my rhythm in prayer, wondering what was going to happen.  I kept praying as I watched him pick up  the receiver to a black, land-line phone.  I kept praying as I heard him dial.  I kept praying as I listened to him in the same hypnotic voice, tell someone on the other end of the phone, “Yes, yes . . . she’s here.  Yes but I can’t.  I can’t.   You are going to have to come over here and do this.  I can’t . . . she’s protected . . .” The last word faded out in my head as I woke up.

*************   End    *************

I had this dream in 1983 when my sister’s first child was less than a year old.  I did not understand the dream at ALL when I had it.

Over the last two years, or more accurately, since January of 2010 when I started the blog and got serious with the research I was collecting, familiarity with what I was finding in my research would line up with symbolism in some of my dreams so I would include them on this blog, regardless of how long ago I had them.

This particular dream above had several key aspects to it:

- The periodicals, newspapers, magazines and tabloids.

- The church/cathedral and clergy

- hypodermic needle with a drug that would stop my heart

- a painless death

- An “evil” that was coming for the children and the babies

This dream did not seem to fit in with the other dreams I had during this time period between 1980 and 1986.  There were other dreams I had with the same woman being the “avatar” for evil even though in real life we were friends.  I never understood that. 

Next week, this blog is going to tackle Michael’s “four years”, Daniel in the Bible and Revelation, but I also want to keep an eye on the news-before-its-news for the genocide they are planning.

Some highlights for next week:

The Death of Bill Cooper – 9-11 Whistleblower
His last broadcast

9-11 Prediction Cost Bill His Life

911 Commission Report
<iframe width="425" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

Japan Sinking

William Cooper – Your Government is
Selling your children Drugs

Those Murdered Trying to Expose the Illuminati

We will cover more of them next week.

This “Michael Forever” Tribute is going to be a test.  It’s not one we want to fail.  As we have covered what it is that makes this world ill, we now need to concentrate on heal it, and heal us.  We know what does that.  Michael told us many times . . . so did God.

Have a good weekend.  Keep praying and ask God to take over and give you peace to be still when we are supposed to be listening, and to move when he wants us to do what he put us here to do.

Take Over For Him
Help Him – School  the World
Cry at the Same Time


  1. Bonnie,

    You don't have to post this. I just wanted to send you this short video I found.

    I especially wanted you to see the part starting at 37 seconds. I don't know who just caught his eye at that point in time but that same look could be for any of us now - especially you! Thanks for continuing on.

  2. Hi Blake - I posted it because that look could be meant for everyone.

    Things are going to get nasty. I can feel it. I can see it in some of the posts I have to delete and not like before. The stuff before was juvenile compared to what I am starting to see.

    I am worried about Miss Katherine. I want to put walls around her. Pray for her. Thank you for that video blake, I love it. ♥♥♥

  3. BONNIE said : Things are going to get nasty. I can feel it. I can see it in some of the posts I have to delete and not like before. The stuff before was juvenile compared to what I am starting to see."

    Very regrettable but not surprising actually : you exposed for months VERY sensitive issues & enemy eyes read your opinions TOO unfortunately. As usual, I admire your courage but again, please take good care. I pray for you, your family, Michael, MJ3 & all the Jacksons &... for the world economy :o((( ? next week is again crucial.

  4. @Line - Thank you, please take good care as well. The things that people try to get posted here on the blog is really just words. I think what shocks me is that people can say them and not think it is evil. They don't even know they are hurting themselves.

  5. Bonnie, wonderful blog tonight, and your dream was riveting. At first, it read like the real thing, but then it became frightening. For a 1983 dream, so many things ring true today that parallel what happened with Michael, and the real fear of a new world order, which directly affects the well being of all children. Michael was carrying such an overwhelming burden of enlightenment for one man, and did all he could through his art and music to fight it, while at the same time suffering inside the system. No matter where Michael is right now, my heart will always ache for the pain he was willing to take for the good of humanity.

    The atmosphere is becoming "tense" as events unfold, and I too, have an ominous feeling about the tribute. If looks can kill, and we've seen those looks in our own lives, then looks can also be a cry for help. Latoya was all smiles and giggles during her TV appearances for her book, tempered with the proper decorum when discussing Michael of course. But at the press conference she was extremely ill at ease, with eyes wide open looking everywhere in vigilance, as if Jack Gordon rose from the dead and was back in control! Also, in a still image of the conference all three brothers are seen looking solemn with their heads bowed forward. Was this a press announcement for the biggest tribute concert in history designed to excite the fans...or a trip to the gallows? There was such a lack of spirit and joy, and I believe the cold speaking tone of Chris Hunt was no accident. He sounded like a police spokesman announcing a search for a missing person. It was disturbing to me, and I felt that Katherine and the family were "surrounded."

    Blake posted a link to one of Michael's "looks" and I have another beauty for you here. I've told you about this one before, Bonnie. I often watched the clip at 1:54 and felt so bad for Michael, because someone caught his eye stage right and upset him. His was smiling for the camera and his mood clearly went from positive to negative when he looked to his right. can tell something was going on that started a long time ago. And it plagued Michael his entire life. This man was so used, abused, exploited, robbed and threatened. If Michael could withstand the persecution and danger of those trying to silence him, we need to be just as courageous in helping him expose the cancer! Take a look at the link below at 1:54 with Michael in the red jacket standing between two men. Watch as he turns to the camera and looks squarely at someone. Oh Michael...if only we knew who made you feel that way! - Micheline

  6. @BONNIE - Hate comments under the convenient annymity of a moniker is SO LOW ! Forget it : la vita e bella (life is beautiful) :o) On my side, when you don't hear from me for a while : either I am off or simply less inspired to comment on specific issues.

    Good Evening, Bonnie.

  7. @Micheline - Thank you for your unwavering support for this blog. Someone else told me the same thing today, that they thought the dream was real until they got further into it. Same exact thing, so I am sorry, but that is how the dream started and ended. I never have a dream that starts like, "Okay, now this is a dream . . . GO!" LoL! Would be nice to have a warning, but if I don't get them then neither do you :o)

    I watched the video a number of times and either my eyes are tired or I'm not seeing the same thing. I was trying to catch something sinister, but I didn't. Too fleeting I guess. I'll try it again tomorrow. He looked a bit tired by not . . . I don't know, what am I looking for? Maybe that will help?

    @Line - Yes, so do I but I let people post that way because not everyone wants to join or follow the blog, they just want to comment occasionally which is fine. If they get nasty, I know now to hit the delete button. And don't worry, I'm the same way about Twitter, LOL!♥

  8. Bonnie, not to belabor this point, the expression I'm referring to lasts about one second only, but it is mind blowing when you finally connect with it. And I think it's important to see how Michael was behaving publicly as far back as the late 1980's. This one clip in the video looks to be around 1988-89 judging from his hair, skin tone and facial features (around when he met Princess Diana) and I don't think I've ever seen that look before.

    At 1:54 you have enough time to see Michael smiling, then turn to his right (facing our direction), and the killer stare occurs just as he begins to turn his head back to center stage to face the photographers. Michael was clearly not pleased at who he saw - I would say seething, or perhaps he reacted to a comment he didn't like. Either way, there is no denying that something happened at that moment to make Michael switch gears, and it was not fatigue. Through all the interviews we've seen and videos of Michael interacting with people, from childhood on, including with Diane Sawyer, Bashir, everyone - we have learned to identify his facial nuances. He can become instantly distracted or distant when his mind wanders off or gets bored (geniuses are often like that). Or if he feels uneasy or trapped, as with the Bashir fiasco. We also know that Michael harbored a lot of sadness and loneliness, and when he's on camera, he does his job, but if he doesn't realize someone is looking, you often catch him with a sad look. We saw how Michael handled Diane Sawyer's invasive questions. He stared her down with total control, but even that was not a killer look. Try to look at the segment again in real time, several times, and you will see what I mean. His eyes become fixed and his mouth turns stone cold rigid - totally devoid of any emotional connection with whoever he just looked at, but a definite "message" was sent. Michael is a sweet and gentle man, but we all have our unique way of dealing with anger and stress. And when we feel put upon or threatened, we sometimes can only react with our inner gut, and it shows on our face. That was one such moment with Michael. When I saw this humanitarian video for the first time shortly after hearing of Michael's death, I had no preconceived reason to find anything unusual in Michael's demeanor, as we were far from knowing what we know today about Michael's enemies. But the second I saw that look, I said to myself, oh God...whoever he gave that look to must have turned to stone!

  9. Your impressive dream of 1983 : it may well have been premonitory..when we see today ..but I am not qualified enough in this, though I believe in premonitions or warnings we may receive in some of our dreams. E.g. in one of my dreams, a black form over my bed was watching me with horrible eyes to kill me & as it came nearer, I tried hard to sustain its eyes to make it go but the evil look was too strong for me .. & I woke up with my heart pounding like a drum ! At that time of my life, I had to fight hard for my rights at my workplace !

    We may all occasionally notice the evil in some people's eyes or their bad vibes. "The Devil's Advocate" 1997 film with Charlize Theron & Keenu Reeves : movies only as some scenes were quite ficticious but however it gave a good imagery of evil eyes & smiles hidden behind the composure of social relations in our society.

    Your Videos : it's killing. From the Kennedys, William Cooper, Martin L. King, Michael Jackson & so many other good ones who contributed to a better world, all were eliminated. BTW, many of Ralph Nader past actions were good & he ran for President in the past but he certainly is not in the good graces of the Elite either.

  10. @Spotlight - I am going to take your word for it on that. I've watched it repeatedly and even had my husband watch it. I stopped it and couldn't see what you are seeing. I recognize a bit of controlled impatience possibly, but it's too fleeting. Perhaps Bray was out there and he was telling Michael he had to hurry up or something to that effect? I don't know. I have seen "the look" though so I know what you are talking about but it's too fleeting here. I also agree with you that Michael is good at quickly covering emotion as he did in the Diane Sawyer interview although, that look was definitely NOT one I would want to be in front of. I got more out of that moment between him and Sawyer than I did of the video posted above. Probably because it was a longer exposure. (chills). Very Rarely did Michael let those expressions escape in front of a camera but when they did, you KNOW Michael was not the push-over his "friends" tried to make him out to be. And the fact that he could maintain his composure, still LOVE people while dealing with THAT makes me love and respect him all the more.

  11. Line said - "but I am not qualified enough in this, though I believe in premonitions or warnings we may receive in some of our dreams. "

    ....... I'm not qualified either! I just get them. Look how long it took for it to mean anything to me? I wrote it down back then only because of how vivid it was. There were some things going on with my sister back then and that is why I thought I had it. Looking back, my sister seemed to be a symbol of the people who won't wake up and don't see what is really going on until it takes them. It was a horrible dream!

    The dream about the Maher (Ma-hare) was a two-parter (husband woke me up and interrupted it so part two continued - I feel like missed half a movie!) The first part was of Michael trying to claw into the face of Diane Dimond or Allred (not sure which woman) and was clawing me to get away from me. That was a horrible dream. Not all of them have good elements in them.

    Neither Ralph Nader nor Ron Paul will ever make it to the general ticket. There are too many "establishment" people running things behind the scenes to make sure only their guys are in the finals.

  12. To Anyone -

    Is there a reason anyone can think of that a sudden interest in Michael Jackson without makeup would be of such interest? I am getting a lot of search terms with that in my stats. A lot. It's at the top of the search terms results. Did Michael do something on a day he was without make up or something? Weird trend.

  13. Line said - "BTW, many of Ralph Nader past actions were good & he ran for President in the past but he certainly is not in the good graces of the Elite either. "

    ..... I also wanted to comment on Ralph Nader since I'm sure you all don't get the story over there and I didn't want to burst your bubble, but . . . Ralph Nader was very much an establishment/communist guy. He put on a good show going after companies, but he's a vampire nonetheless. Anything that consisted of ingenuity he attacked and tried to sue. His idea of "progressive" is to go after what someone else accomplished.

  14. Bonnie,

    Perhaps the interest in Michael without makeup is more of a curiosity for comparison. He could be hiding in plain site - all regular, no makeup, short hair. He could have dyed his skin black (like in "Black Like Me" put on a bigger nose and still be in L.A. for all we know. Personally, where he is doesn't matter as long as he's safe. I have to believe that he's right where God wants him. Prayers of protection and strength go out for him, his family, you and your family and I ask that we all be given wisdom and the power of discernment. I'm even praying for the "bad guys" to wake up and "turn from the Dark Side". Nothing like a little bit of Star Wars. God doesn't want anyone to be lost.

    Micheline - I saw that look you were talking about. As the video was loading it stopped right there (good old dial up). His expression definitely changed to a "Great, what is HE (or SHE)doing here" look. He wasn't happy but I didn't see daggers either.

    I do agree that something was going on with Michael as early as the late 80's. Did anyone notice the tug at the corners of his mouth when he was talking during the 1987 Jet interview? That's something you do when you're trying to tell yourself that something doesn't really matter - you're down cast. Something had really hurt his spirit.

    Bonnie - I take it your pictures of the clouds and moon didn't turn out? I tried taking pictures one night with my digital camera and all that I got was a faint very little moon. What you saw that night was your "special present". God gives us those when we need them to lift us up. Gotta love HIM!!!

  15. Blake said - "I'm even praying for the "bad guys" to wake up and "turn from the Dark Side". Nothing like a little bit of Star Wars. God doesn't want anyone to be lost."

    ....... Good! Because that is what we're supposed to do. How beautiful would that be to witness the release from bondage of someone's heart? To see every negative emotion and experience they ever had flow from their souls out of their eyes in tears. Then watch God move in♥♥♥

    I talked to my son Jonathan tonight. He wanted to talk to me about the Denver Air port. I already have the links that I was researching that someone else had sent me and he comes up with this out of the blue! I sent him four of the blogs I've done in the last week. He told me "Mom, I know what's supposed to happen and I know what I am supposed to do. I'm just waiting for Him to tell me when."

    Four years ago my son had a dream. He said he doesn't remember any dreams before it or any dreams after it, but he remembered this one. When he told me about it he seemed very agitated so I told him, "Tell me the dream". So he said, "I was in the midst of this war-torn landscape. There was a bunch of burned out buildings and rubble and the sky was a blackish red, from fires burning. I was down on one knee with my head down. But I could see this soldier and he was very big, wearing silver and gold breast plate and he had a spear in his hand. He glowed. I couldn't look up to see his face because God was talking and I just couldn't look up."

    I asked him, "Do you remember what God said?"

    My son answered, "yeah . . . he said 'I'm leaving you behind to fight for the others' Then I woke up".

    Now what do you say to your son when he has a dream like that? He's really interested in this blog now because he sees what's going on. He's going to help me too.

  16. @BONNIE : On Ralph Nader, it's OK. Since I don't live in the US, I did not analyse as sharp or followed as you do.

    Black or white, Michael was a nice man always, but without KF's make-up of the 90's, IMO better.

    Very sweet about your son to help you soon ! Welcome Jonathan !

  17. @Line - That's okay. It's so long ago I almost forgot about the guy. You don't hear anything about Ralph Nader anymore, but he served his purpose (making it harder for small business to comply with increased regulation, so Big Corps flourished).

    Jonathan was the name of David's uncle in the Bible was Jonathan, who was a counselor and scribe. I thought it ironic that my sons were named (and I didn't plan it this way) as King Richard and Prince John (of Robinhood fame).

  18. Bonnie,
    How is the 'Forever Michael' tribute going to be a test? Not sure I follow on that. The trial however, even what we've heard so far, is much much more of a test in my opinion. To stick around and follow all the shenanigans takes some commitment!
    When I heard the beginning of the description of your son's dream, I immediately thought of the 'Earth Song' video. I don't get dreams like that. Michael has appeared in several of my dreams, although not recently. The reason I started on this whole journey was because I felt Michael was talking to me. Especially on the day of the memorial, it was almost as if he was standing in my kitchen, but of course he wasn't really there.

  19. @PrincessGlam - I'm not sure how to answer on the "Forever" tribute being a test. Think about the Michael album and what they did. Think of it like that and that this tribute could very well be a more tangible version of that album. (The fake). I can't answer more until some more things play out. Think about what Jermaine said paired with that, about things are going to get more difficult for fans and for the family. It will center around this tribute (the trial we already know HAS BEEN a test. Yes, you are right. We have to "endure to the end". One is the distraction and one is the event . . . or both could be distractions playing off of each other. In either case another "fake" is going to be handed to fans and people are going to have to make a choice. I am getting this from Michael's songs and I don't believe he was talking about just an album. Think about why they would want to schedule this "tribute" over the trial? These people don't give two turds about Michael. There is a timing element in this. The trial? Which is the event and which is the distraction?

    I know what you mean about feeling Michael talking to you, but my first experience wasn't really Michael directly, but God telling me something about Michael which is what made me start researching. My son's dream came out of the blue and it shocked me.

    Here is where you and I kind of split on the whole trial issue . . . Suppose everything up to now leads to Murray being found guilty of murder (manslaughter)? Murray goes to jail, and everybody goes back to business as usual vetted in their sense of justice. Is that going to heal the world? Is that going to change people's behavior? Is that going to change ANYTHING that is going on in the world now? No.

    There is something here BEYOND MICHAEL but in which Michael was very much a key to putting forth. This is not just about a trial and a doctor. This is about justice for more than just one man. This is justice "for more than just one case" as Jermaine said. People burying their heads in case studies of propofol use are missing a huge piece of the big picture.

    If Michael were going to change the world, I don't think getting a doctor charged with a crime that never happened would be it. If you think I need help with the definition of commitment or you feel I am lacking, please let me know where you think I am failing.

  20. Bonnie said "If you think I need help with the definition of commitment or you feel I am lacking, please let me know where you think I am failing."

    I don't think you are failing, it is me who is failing to understand! I agree with you, if Murray goes down for manslaughter, and that is it, everyone goes home and it is all water under the bridge. But that is what I fear will happen.
    Just think. If Michael's parents were not still alive, who would be taking out all these lawsuits? The children are minors, so they couldn't do it. Who would be legally entitled to do it? Not the brothers. So maybe Diana Ross? I just have this horrible feeling that the baddies are going to win, again.
    But then you know things I don't so maybe that's why you are more positive than I?

  21. ...."I just have this horrible feeling that the baddies are going to win, again.
    But then you know things I don't so maybe that's why you are more positive than I?..."

    That's my feeling as well. To be honest, I felt that way since 06/25/09. Evil does win, and often. I stay with blogs, such as this, as it gives me something else to do with my grief, and the initial 'social shock' I experienced on that day. I appreciate everything you do 'Bonnie' and the others, 'Micheline' et al.

    The other night, LaToya Jackson had an internet interview/chat on a site called 'stickyam'..Live Stream of La Toya Jackson -

    It was most interesting, for what she 'did not say' as what she did say. She only briefly spoke on the case/trial, as she was 'informed' (warned?) not to comment.

    She smiled and laughed a lot, but what was very interesting was that her 'assistant' did much of the speaking and addressing of the questions. Ms. Jackson, also kept referring to a party she had to attend with Kathy Hilton. Her assistant sat on the stage with her; they both addressed the abuse she experienced in her 'marriage'. She responded to a few chatline questions; so all in all, it was entertaining and 'informative'.


  22. PrincessGlam said - "But that is what I fear will happen.
    Just think. If Michael's parents were not still alive, who would be taking out all these lawsuits? The children are minors, so they couldn't do it. Who would be legally entitled to do it? Not the brothers. So maybe Diana Ross? I just have this horrible feeling that the baddies are going to win, again."

    ......... You know the same things I know or rather you have access to the same information. How you look at it makes all the difference in the world. We are looking for a needle in the haystack when the guy behind us with the pitchfork is the one we have to beware of.

    Murray is not guilty of a crime . . . at least not the crime of murder. That is how I am looking at it. You know why I am looking at it like that . . . because there is a reason we cannot tie loose ends as far back as the start of all this. The bad guys are running around out there like chickens with their heads cut off trying to put out fires they themselves started because people are LEARNING who struck the matches.

    These "lawsuits" are nothing more than pieces of paper that keep getting widdled down to nothing. They are a means to an end but they are not Justice or anything to do with it. They are means to inquiry if ANYTHING at all. Does it make sense that the family would let themselves get pulled into a tribute concert over the date of a trial, Latoya would publish a book before the trial, Jermaine would release another book before the trial, documents to be used as evidence in the case would be plastered all over the internet MONTHS before a trial even starts?

    You say "all these lawsuits" There is ONE lawsuit that I know of that Michael's "parents" have taken out. Joe's was thrown out and the judge dismissed MUCH of what was in Miss Katherine's lawsuit. There is also one (I believe) filed against Murray for wrongful death that has again been filed over the course of repeated reschedules of the "manslaughter" case. This is a mirror of what was going on during MICHAEL'S TRIAL in 2005 with cross breezes of 1993 civil and criminal charges.

    This MASS confusion is not by accident. All I can tell you is keep watching.

    Do you catch mice by making a noise you think cheese makes or do you step away and let the mouse believe he has the advantage?

  23. Oyan said - "The other night, LaToya Jackson had an internet interview/chat on a site called 'stickyam'..Live Stream of La Toya Jackson -

    It was most interesting, for what she 'did not say' as what she did say. She only briefly spoke on the case/trial, as she was 'informed' (warned?) not to comment."

    ........ I like watching Latoya's interviews and the other members of the family. I can see things I don't see by reading a book. (Really, that book took my emotions and threw them around the ring a couple of times!) It means a lot more to be able to read expressions. Micheline sent me a link to that last night, I watched it today. I will probably go back and watch it again. I am learning that what is in writing doesn't necessarily verify fact and what I see in faces sometimes contradicts words in print OR it can also VERIFY what's in print. This is why I hate Twitter. You can read so much into a short sentence that may or may not be there. You have to be borderline clairvoyant to see what is ACTUALLY said.

    I read passages in the Bible that I used to think contained big mystery to understanding but are actually meant to be taken at face value . . . AND visa versa. If I get confused . . . sit back and wait because they answer will come if I don't try so hard to TRY and understand it. God is brilliant!


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