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Michael Jackson Justice: They Would Do ANYTHING for Money

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

They Would Do ANYTHING for Money

“Even Sell Their Soul to the Devil”

Today’s blog will be shorter (yeah!) and before I embark on the subject above, I wanted to tell you something I learned today –or rather RE-learned (because I’m such a thick headed, obstinate pain in the butt sometimes) . . .


Does anyone remember me saying that in perhaps a COUPLE of past blogs?

I went to the store today, racing ahead of this very ominous, black cloud that was coming our way.  I had Michael’s “Blood on The Dance Floor” CD in since I hadn’t listened to him in the car for a while.

I sang (except for the “breathy” parts) Blood on the Dance Floor”, the first song on the CD.  Then I started to sing to “Morphine” but I can never sing that song or finish it because it’s an ugly song, meaning it makes me feel ugly in my belly.  But I listen because I usually get something new out of it every time.  This time I didn’t but it’s good to put myself in his shoes listening to the evil he battled, portrayed in this song.  Then came “Superfly Sister”.

Superfly Sister if you listen to it, is about Michael’s exasperation with his family, their behavior, how they’re “doin’ what they used to hate”, and he most definitely mentions his sister Latoya in that song.  “Sister married to a hood – sayin’ that she’s got it good”

(OMG, going through the lyrics on this, looking up urban slang because I don’t know any, and MICHAEL!  Learned something new today, what “jimmy” is.  I guess it’s cleaner than the OTHER word!  Urban dictionary, second entry down, holy moly!  Laughed out loud from embarrassment!)

ANY-how . . . the lyrics at 2:51 minutes on the video, the lyrics:

“Sister say she love him some
She got his jimmy on the run
Mother’s preachin’ Abraham
Brothers they don’t give a damn”

I provided the links to the definition of “jimmy” above, I am NOT explaining it.  You’re on your own!  At 3:45 minutes, the lyrics:

“Sister’s Married to a hood
Sayin’ that she’s got it good
Holy Mary, mercy me
Can’t believe the things I see
Braggin’ that they got it great
Doin’ what they used to hate”

Michael expresses his disbelief in his brother’s actions, I would assume, with women.  But I picked up something here in this part of the lyrics (aside from the addition to my vocabulary).  I am hearing these lyrics and the emphasis on some of these words in the music as Michael is singing.  Especially in reference to his sister, that he does not believe she is happy even though she is saying she is.  “sister say she love him some” – not convincing to him.  He sings about the behavior of his brothers too.  He “can’t believe the things I see” . . . it’s not something he considers “normal” for his family.

Now the song after this on that same CD is “Ghosts”.  Guess what those lyrics highlighted for me?

At 1:56 minutes, Michael sings:

“Who gave you the right to shake my family
And who gave you the right to shake my baby she needs me
And who gave you the right to shake my family tree”

Shake - “To frighten someone or cause them to feel strong emotions”  Source

Michael was more than aware of what was going on with his family and what had infiltrated them.  This tells me that Michael knew they were not in a position to help him or Latoya because they themselves were under threat.  Someone, some entity instilled fear into his family through . . . threats? 

The ghosts in the walls give me the impression that Michael is singing about people listening in, unseen, to conversations. Bugs in the walls, furniture, taps on phones, listening devices planted throughout the house.  “Ghostly smell around, but nobody to be found…” possibly the family knew but didn’t know the source of the leaks of information, didn’t know which staff, if it was staff or if it was bugging devices or both.  Reminds me of the dream I had about Branca and the vanity set he was sending Paris with the listening device planted in it.

The IMPORTANT thing being, Michael’s own words tell me the position this family is in.  (Back to the source of the truth – God’s word, not man’s.  Source of the truth of what happened to Michael – Michael’s words, not others who say they knew him and did not).

So in regard to the family and where I stand, even though I do not UNDERSTAND what they are doing all the time, I stand behind them.  I have to, because Michael’s own words above in those two songs tell us what was happening.  I also have to add that regardless of how viciously various members have been attacked on twitter or via blogs, they have managed to maintain the higher road and THAT is what Michael would have done.

Jermaine said in an interview that they knew who it was and that it would all be revealed, that it would all come out.  And even though Jermaine has that same soft-spoken voice and eyes like Michael’s, he looks like he could kick someone’s butt, so he got chosen I guess to be the Twitter soldier.  (Michael kicks butt too but onstage).


Michael’s family took time to sift through all the sediment of the deception to understand what was going on just as we are doing now.  God reveals the truth to the faithful just as Michael’s real fans will see the truth behind the game.  Yes, it is frustrating.  I’m sorry you guys were witness to my own frustration.  It’s kind of embarrassing to “lose it” on your own blog.  Emotion overruns reason and it takes discipline to keep that from happening.  Something else I apparently have to work on.

I wanted to get that off my chest, so now lets move on to the actual topic of this blog.

Money – Currency and the Standard
on which they enslave us

My husband sent me this video. There are others like it out there, but this was more or less mainstream media.   I had said in a blog a couple of months ago that the reason I believed they (we) were instigating uprisings in the Middle East is because the Muslim countries in the Middle East are about the only banking systems the elite do not have control over.

I surmised that Egypt, Libya, Morrocco, Bahrain and those on the Saudi Penninsula were being targeted for “controlled” uprisings so that governments could be overthrown and those controlled by the elite banking families could be inserted into positions of power . . . puppets.

Well , this news item points out two victims (I know no one likes Quadaffi, but this is still wrong) were about to change to a Gold backed standard for selling their oil.  Video below:

The real reason We attacked Libya and Iraq

In the opening coverage, they show Barack Obama speeching about the need to “protect” the people of Libya.  However, bombing the crud out of the city of Tripoli is not exactly a “people-friendly” method of doing this.  Quadaffi refused to give in to the Google-government paid mobs so we air-attack under the guise of “peace-keeping” and with NATO as a cover that the U.S. is really running that operation. 

Just like Gordon set out to make Latoya the most hated person, the elite seem bent on making the U.S. the most hated country.

We are to believe the lie that this is for the safety of people who never had part in the planning of the revolts in the first place.

At 0:30 minutes, the get to the meat of the reason and it’s not oil.  It is currency and the fact that Quadaffi had meetings with leaders of other African countries to move from the U.S. dollar currency to a gold-minted currency in which the dollar would have to be traded before purchasing oil.  As one interviewee said, it is something that you have to plan in secret.

This my friends, is why we and our “allies” are terrorizing Libya, Egypt, and the countries of the Saudi Arabian Peninsula.  Gang stalkers evolved into Gang-protesters, backed and paid for by the U.S. government, Britain and other NATO forces that our tax dollars fund.

At 2:37 the news anchor begins to lay this at the feet of the United States and turn it into a racial issue.  There is a lady interviewed at 2:38, stating that the United States is preventing the empowering of black Africans both here and in Africa.  This is drawing attention from the bigger problem which is who is actually behind the banking systems that would be disrupted should control be kept from the elite over these countries.  I also agree that the banking elite are racist, bigoted eugenics worshipers but this is NOT just a U.S. problem.  Our government has been turned over to these private international bankers and it’s all about the money.

Lie for it, Spy for it, Kill for it…
So you call it trust
But I say it’s just
In the devil’s game
Of greed and lust

You’re saluting the flag your country trusts you – You’re wearing a badge you’re called  the ‘just few’ (marines for those who don’t know this phrase “the few, the proud, the Marines) – You’re fighting the wars a soldier must do”.

Can you think of a more appropriate stanza of this song to today’s news?  Is Michael lying?  Is that exactly what those running our pseudo-government are using our young men and women for?  To enrich the already bloated elite families? 

How do you think a soldier would feel if they were to learn that the ENSLAVEMENT of people is actually what he was fighting for, and NOT their freedom?

The industrial military complex recruits a body of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines that when you look at it TRUTHFULLY are unwary merchant marines.  The war profit machine.  The “patriotic” propaganda is no longer working and Americans are getting sick of the lies.

I found the video that Alan Watt made where he talked about Deprogramming.  I’m sure turning off the news is one of them (overlapping the reading of newspapers and periodicals – propaganda in print). 

In this video below Alan talks about mind control, secret societies and where they evolved from.

A course in Deprogramming –
Cutting through the Matrix

This video is an hour and twenty-seven minutes long. Watch at your leisure.  He’s very informative and lists resources you can research.  Mr. Watt was also involved in the music industry.  One of the books on the list of reading material is “The War Against Rock – What you don’t know about the deaths of…” and it lists everyone from Lennon and Marley to Tupak.  If you can get a hold of it in your libraries (if they carry it) or on Amazon, get it.  Author’s name is Alex Constantine.

Here, Watt goes into more detail about the Huxleys and how Planned Parenthood evolved and what other organizations front for the agenda of One World Enslavement.

Alan Watt – Reality Check

A shorter version of mind control and secret societies culture creation through entertainment and music. 

Watt and T.V. and Culture Creation
Only 6 minutes long :o)

The above video is excellent in explaining how entertainment controls the mind. At 4:40, Watt explains how movies/shows appeal to the emotional center of the brain, making it possible for reasoning to be bypassed.   This information is KEY in what Michael was trying to do through his music.  This same principle can be used to empower as well as used to enslave.  It just all depends on what information you feed into the brain after you disarm it.

Lastly, when you get time, please watch the video below.  You will have to do it in parts, it is 2 hours long.  It is very informative.  Not just about Obama but what led up to this from former presidents.  Why Michael said 4 years to get it right.

The Presidency of Barack Obama
I am sorry – 2 hours long but it is WORTH the watch
Watch this after you see everything else. This explains
Why what’s left of those four years is important.

The last video below (I’m going to try and cut down on these because I know they are time consuming) is a video that someone sent me via email.  It is the Motown audition tape of the Jacksons in 1968.  You can barely hear Michael (no mic) and the boys are so cute.  Yes, even Jackie looks innocent in this one.

Audition tape for Motown 1968

Last word for tonight – I am going to try to make my blogs smaller and more focused with less videos, like I said above.   There is so much information out there but if I break it up and possibly put up two blogs in a day as opposed to one long one, it may be easier for people to comment without having to get through all that info in one space.

Also, I was told by Micheline that there was some Jermaine bashing going on, on Twitter.  When I signed on the attacks were actually against Miss Katherine, not Jermaine himself.  I responded even though I told myself I would stay away from Twitter.  I don’t know what the purpose was other than someone is impressed with their own ability to fling hate, especially over false information fed to the press by a disgruntled, fired lawyer.  (This would be Streisand who most obviously was installed by Branca since he was so quick to come to the Estate’s defense).

I feel somewhat responsible for some of this because of what I wrote about Latoya’s book and not understanding with or agreeing with it and I don’t get it because it was THOSE people that Latoya took her testimony from (if she wrote that part of the book).  Muzik needs to get a rabies shot or four before being allowed on Twitter or around people in general.

Jermaine, praying for the armor of God around you.  Even when I’m devastated I still pray.

Tomorrow is July 7, one of my nephew’s birthdays, but it is also the date Michael was originally supposed to perform his first O2 Concert.  It would have been spectacular even if I could have never gone.  If he would have taken requests, I would have asked for “I’ll Be There”.

“You and I must make a pact . . . we must bring salvation back”  Sweet song.


  1. Bonnie....great post! PLEASE don't cut back on these videos!!!! I think the access you are giving to these is really important for people around the world to see. I have a feeling that many may have never come across this type of important information before. As I have told was Michael who allowed me to finally accept the world....the way it is....warts and all. So too I think you are giving a path to this material through him. It is invaluable that the world and especially the Americans that have been victim to the brainwashing of generations to wake up and join this reality. We need to be aware of what is going on in our world...the TV needs to be turned off,...Youtube provides the best news....Look for RT by subject and filter by "this week" or "today" . I just think this blog is VERY special in helping to spread Michael's message and educate. Thanks so much!

  2. Bonnie....I just may not know...islandsisle is Cathy from FB PM's!

  3. Islandsisle said - "PLEASE don't cut back on these videos!!!! I think the access you are giving to these is really important for people around the world to see. I have a feeling that many may have never come across this type of important information before."

    ....... Ahhh! Okay okay! Maybe not so many in ONE blog post (the hour long ones should only be one of those in a blog). I must be on the right track because the vitriol toward this blog increases when it is going in the right direction - to exposure of the bad stuff.

    Yes, T.V. needs to be turned off. My teacher in Christian school called it "The Devil's Box". It's not just Michael's message but what was done to him and others who tried to HELP people by telling them what is going on. How much louder could Michael have screamed? Princess Diana is murdered over this!!! That must have CRUSHED him! I'm worried for Prince Harry too!

    Thank you for posting Cathy. And for your links that you send for some of this research. I've used a couple of them ♥♥♥


    Have you seen this video floating around?

    Notice during this short exchange that people are attacking Aaron over, not ONE TIME is Michael's name mentioned! Not once. It is another slice-and-dice interview.

    Daphne doesn't even say Michael's name in this clip.

    Also the misquote in the title of "Aaron was 15, Michael was 45 when he gave Aaron wine" . . .

    However if you LISTEN to AARON himself, he says he was "15 and the man is 40 when he gave it to me" (speaking of wine).

    Aaron Carter's date of birth is Dec. 7, 1987

    Michael's date of birth is August 29, 1958.

    Michael was NOT 40 years old when Aaron was 15, so Aaron is talking about someone else. However they CUT that part of the interview, put that on youtube, then PUBLISH in print that Aaron said it was Michael and he was 45 when he did it. It would still be off a year in age but THERE IS NO PROOF THAT AARON SAID THAT, so please people, when you see the troublemakers putting out this propaganda LIES please do NOT repost, retweet or otherwise promote the lie.

    Jermaine said on Twitter that Aaron did not say that. That video above is proof that an edited and cut interview was used to smear both Michael AND Aaron!

  5. @BONNIE

    Daphné Barak: Another one to "shoot" !

    Did you read about the $900M Art Collection ?

    Greedy speculations on this Art Collection must also be going on. Who was behind the 1st unauthorized sale, Hmm ?

    So Michael had huge assets assorted with huge debt & lack of cash in 2009 : nothing new here but the banks' huge money lending encouraged by his past leeches-counselors was smartly tailored to enrich them all while enslaving him financially (although he was very rich). From 06.25.2009, Michael's "market bear value" speculatively rose to "profit stock value". Sorry for the coldness of the terms used but we know this was how THEY valued Michael - "dead worth more than alive". Revolting what happened to this good man who stole nothing but gave so much.

    Bonnie, your Blog is again "Grand Cru" today although I did not watch the Videos yet. From Amazonia to Africa, Europe & North America, the "spider has spun its web" while we all assist powerless to this gigantic mess profitting to a few only while killing or empoverishing masses.

  6. Bonnie Hi Linda here.Just wondering what your thoughts are on the Rupert Murdoch owned "News of the World".Announced today 7/7-last publication to be on Sunday. Found to have hacked phones belonging to victim's family of terrorist attack in London on 7/7 (one of many).Two years ago-7/7,Michael's memorial held,seven years after supposed will signed on 7/7/02.Coincidence? I think not.

  7. Bonnie said, “IF YOU WANT THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO MICHAEL STICK AS CLOSE TO MICHAEL AS YOU CAN GET.” Bonnie, you said this many times and I thank you for that and that’s what exactly I try to do instead of listening some crazy beliefs what happened to him in his business and life dealings.

    Superfly Sister has very interesting lyrics. However, the first meaning of Jimmy according to the Urban dictionary doesn’t fit Latoya’s husband, he wasn’t attractive nor he was caring and loving. Maybe this fits him from most of the meaning I read. “Absolute beast that takes on any challenge and gets the lady.”


  8. Anonymous.......and here it is being written about by you on ....7/7 !!!!!

  9. Line said - "Did you read about the $900M Art Collection ?"

    Yes, I did! And I believe this has a lot to do with the venom directed at Jermaine and Randy in the last couple of days (and Miss Katherine!). Branca must be TICKED!!!! Good for Michael! SECRET. Wonder how else Michael worked out the "Will that's got no fortune"? (Big Cheeze Grin!)

    I don't think the collection was ever sold . . . that's rumor started by some jealous, art-collecting Estate Executor. See "bulletin page" on the right navigation top of this page. :o)

    Linda said - "Just wondering what your thoughts are on the Rupert Murdoch owned "News of the World".Announced today 7/7-last publication to be on Sunday. Found to have hacked phones belonging to victim's family of terrorist attack in London on 7/7 (one of many).Two years ago-7/7,Michael's memorial held,seven years after supposed will signed on 7/7/02.Coincidence? I think not. "

    ....... Nah . . . too uh . . . seven-ie. Wasn't July 7 also supposed to be the original launch date of the TII concerts before they were "moved back" to the 13th? Michael's a funny boy-er man.

    Mimi said - "However, the first meaning of Jimmy according to the Urban dictionary doesn’t fit Latoya’s husband, he wasn’t attractive nor he was caring and loving."

    Mimi . . . second definition down on that page. Michael said (Lord, you are GOING to make me EXPLAIN this aren't you??) "got his jimmy on the run" . . .meaning he (Gordon) is not "getting any". Jimmy is also another word for male anatomy. Happy now! Geesh! (puts head on desk).

  10. @ Anonymous - LOL!!! I'm late.


    Everyone - I have added a page to this blog. If you scroll up, bulletins are going to be added as static pages. Some of these bulletins I will keep and others I will change depending on the announcements. I have posted on that bulletin page a post about the attack on Jermaine by Muzikfoulmouth2. I'm going to start publishing some emails and exposing these conspirators.


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