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Michael Jackson Justice: This One’s For All The Lost Children

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

This One’s For All The Lost Children

Was Michael’s Song about Child Theft?
The look on Riley's Face -

Today this subject hit my heart because of a link someone sent me in regard to the government’s interference in the sanctity of the parent/child relationship. 

Some of this you have seen before on this blog in reference to “Child Protective Services”, but I am reporting on it again because it is still going on.

Michael’s song “Lost Children” is for these children that are stolen from their parents as well as the lost child in all of us.

Michael for the “Lost Children”

News on Murder/Suicide
Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband

This is why Nancy and her husband
Were killed:

Senator Schaefer and Alex Jones Pt. 1
8 minutes long

In part 1 above, Nancy talks about one meeting she had just as a gathering of families in one county in her district ALONE, where 37 families (and 50 others waiting outside because the Library meeting room was at capacity) told stories of how their children were taken in the middle of the night, taken off of school buses and out of classrooms with parents having no due process.

Senator Schaefer Interview Part 2 of 4
6 minutes long

In part two, the senator tells listeners that in contacting other senators to help mothers or fathers in their district who have called HER for help, she was told by that politician that if they help that family they will lose their job.  Nancy lost her senate seat over her crusade but because that didn’t stop her, she and her husband were killed.

Nancy also reported that the census bureau in 2002, reported that $40 billion (with a B!) in transfer payments were made between households under the control of family court judges . . . this is just family court!  Transfer payments are transfer of children from homes to foster care and state group homes.  She also talks in this episode that she was notified of an alert that went out, and ORDER for a certain type of child that went out through child protective.

Are you sick yet?  She cites the origins of these “bounties” placed on children back to the 1974 Adoption and Safe Families Act.  Nancy describes at 3:40 minutes on the video part 2 that this not only licensed the government to steal children without parental due process, but provided tax-payer funded incentive to do so.  Bill Clinton expanded on this in 1997.  Somehow this doesn’t surprise me.  Perhaps Lewinski was only the tip the iceberg for him.

Senator Nancy Shaefer Interview Pt 3
The Ordering of types of children
6.8 minutes long

In the video above, Alex has Nancy expand on her testimony that orders for certain types of children get handed down through CPS from the top.  Alex begins talking about his own investigations into CPS, privately owned prisons and judges getting PAID in kickbacks to find juvenile’s for these for profit prisons – forced labor.  Juvenile Shawshank Redemption he called it. 

At 2:45 minutes Nancy then begins explaining how the bounties on children work within CPS and where these “orders” originate and for what purpose.

She describes how the “bounty” incentive offered federally to the states is MULTIPLIED by the percentage in which that state exceeds it’s base goal of children adopted (and to get adoptions you have to of course, have lots of children snatched).

This explains a LOT of things, like why “abstinence” is being substituted in school for “how to put on a condom”, or why teen pregnancies skyrocketed during the 1970’s and 1980’s.  

Senator Schaefer Interview Pt. 4 of 4
6.7 minutes long

Above Nancy finishes her story about the grandmother she was trying to help get her grandchildren back and the children were instead given to a father they never saw on the west coast who was in the porn industry. 

In the video above at 2:50 minutes, Nancy talks about the Child Protective Services investigation she spent years on.  She found that certain children were targeted, if they had a certain look, blonde hair, blue eyes or whatever someone wanted.  Parents who are economically distressed were targeted because they didn’t have the money to fight them.

At 4:30 minutes, Nancy talks about how they found in some states, orders for specific types of children, blonde, blue eyed and Alex talks about auctions in Vegas with some of these children.  This was also described in both Brice Taylor’s book “Thanks for the Memories” and Cathy O’Brien’s book about her life as a CIA mind control slave, beginning in her childhood.

Senator Nancy Schaefer is gunned down

This is another chilling tale as told by a young mom.  It is on five parts of about 10 minutes each.

CPS Tries to Kidnap 8 Yr. Old
Telling 8yr old she would get
In trouble if she didn’t say
Mommy caused the bruise
10.5 minutes but this is 1 of 5 parts

Next they talk about the Texas Youth Commission and the child jails and porn rings.  Here is one of the write-ups on it.  Source.  

An interview with Bryzenski, Ranger who
Investigated Texas A.G.’s involvement
In Cover-up of Texas Youth Commission
14.5 minutes long

The above video they also discuss Dyncorp and Haliburton (of which Vice President Chaney was once CEO) and their contribution to stalling the legislation outlawing child sex slavery.  Dyncorp and Haliburton both were investigated and found to have contributed to and have done business with subsidiaries in these child sex businesses. 

What else are we to assume in light of recent revelations cited in the Chicago Tribune that Halliburton subsidiary KBR and Dyncorp lobbyists are working in tandem with the Pentagon to stall legislation that would specifically ban trafficking in humans for forced labor and prostitution by U.S. contractors?Source

Cynthia McKinney Grilling Rumseld on Dyncorp and Sex Rings

Screenshot of Washington Post Article, 1987
Call Boys Scandal

Governor Rod Blagojevich and Representative Cynthia McKinney are the only two high officials demanding answers, the article says.  We know what happened to Blagojevich’s career, don’t we?  Blagojevich Scandal

Cynthia McKinney lost in the next election after months of bad press following her arrest for allegedly hitting an airport security officer with her cell phone as she was harassed.

The News Version of this

Note the accusations of Antisemitism?  Note what was said by one of the black panthers “This isn’t Israel….”, “the loss?  Israel.  Zionists”

I think she knows a little something, don’t you?  Why did Black Panthers have to be called in to guard her?

Why did Muslim Body guards have to be called in to guard Michael during the 2005 trial?

Seems like Michael was not the only whistle blower to endure that accusation. 

Why such a circus over a woman politician with quick reflexes?  Pieces fit together for a pattern here, don’t they?  This will teach her, huh?  Don’t let a woman politician wag her finger in the face of the almighty Rumsfeld!  Since when did pedophiles rise in stature above black women politicians trying to protect children?

Nothing has changed, it still goes on today:

Multiple officials from Department of Family Services (DFS) stormed in the room, demanding the astonished parents disclose what they had been feeding their child. They were then given a choice, between being put into jail on the charge of child abuse, and signing a rights waiver to relinquish their parental rights over their child . . . Under the intense scrutiny and pressure of state officials, they signed the waiver, and then lost their child.

Caden was then administered a slew of tests and treatments. The 2.5 month-old's head was punctured by a needle, and he was given a number of other tests. State health professionals gave him Phenobarbital, Rocuronium, Diazepam, Dopamine, Adenosine, and Alprostadil, among other substances. He was defibrillated at one point, though not in cardiac arrest.
”  Source

I have always wondered how these people could get the kinds of numbers of children needed to have auctions, or fill the child sex slave trade worldwide, or perhaps condition and mind control those who may have been used in other CIA type activities.  Children raised to take part in groups of “protesters” to infiltrate youth in Middle Eastern and North African countries, or stalkers to follow certain celebrities or politicians, or “handlers” to insert into positions of advisement to Presidents, high ranking politicians, world renowned recording artists.

Indeed, the third world countries orphanages are easy to target, but here in the U.S.?  The bastion of liberty?  Just steal them from parents through a government front called the Child Protective Agency by the thousands in every state.

Below is a recording of a phone call allegedly from Michael, released by a Damion Stein.  During the interview Stein testifies to a “user” Michael who befriended and more or less adopted his family when he was a child, until Michael lost interest in him.

I question the timing of the release of this video, and the authenticity of the motives of this family.  Michael stopped calling them for a reason.  Perhaps he learned he was being taped?  Michael was already aware of the treachery around him by the time this man said all this took place.

In this recording, Michael talks about having to lie because the industry told him to lie, he complained about the “closeness” of his family and how that was a lie.  The problem with this is, Michael never really had a chance to get to know his family, because before he hit the double digits in age, handlers within the Motown label already were taking control of him and his brothers and infiltrating the family.

If this call is authentic and the voice is authentic it still leaves a lot of questions.

Damion Stein testimony

Michael was still very much an innocent when this shot was taken of him, Emmanuel Lewis and Bill Bray, but Bill Bray was middle aged and should have known better.  Was this shot going to be used to later blackmail Michael?  Look at the reflection on this photo!   Was the photo taken from behind one-way glass?  This looks like the kind of cheap motel room that the FBI would use to set up someone in a sting operation!  How did they get Michael in there and why would Michael have nothing to do with Bill Bray since the mid 1990’s?  

Michael, Emmanuel and Bill Bray in
compromising position

Michael was certainly very well exposed to what was going on within our government and around the world.  I don’t believe Michael hated this country, just what was IN it and who was actually running it.  Michael sang with our flag wrapped around him during his one time performance of “What More Can I Give”.  He took on the burden of trying to alert and inform people within this country and around the world, God love him.  Michael was about loving people, he was not subservient to any organizations, but the individual.

I do not believe or trust the man in this video.  I also see a pattern with some of these “Johnny-come-lately” past “friends” of Michael and wonder myself if some of these people were not among the children, stolen and used to try and befriend and entrap Michael.  Michael loves children.  However you can tell by interviews and his song lyrics that Michael is a very intuitive man.  I believe, regardless of his gentle nature, that he could see through a person in a heartbeat, but could at most times do very little about who was around him.  His photos with Al Malnik tell a story with the expressions on his face.

When you have a county D.A. that can be given power and funds to fly to the other side of the world to petition for “victims”, or put up a web site advertising with incentive for someone to be a paid “witness”, something is dreadfully, dreadfully wrong in this country.

How many times does this subject have to be glossed over and ignored by our OWN GOVERNMENT to protect the perverts and insane, evil powers that not only see what they do to children as a hobby, but believe they are ENTITLED to do so!

How many more people have to be MURDERED trying to help these children just so people like Dick Chaney, Bill Clinton, the Bush family and Rumsfeld and their companies can continue to profit from the sex sales of CHILDREN?!!!

Michael desperately wanted parents to reconnect with their children.  It wasn’t just an issue with T.V. and video games, it was an issue of the destruction of the child, the legislated THEFT of innocence and of childhoods from government officials. 

Michael’s plea in Carnegie Hall and Oxford was a safe way for him to tell parents to wake up, take control of the parenting of your child and restore the sanctity of the family unit because it was being preyed upon.

Your children are being preyed upon!

God Bless you Michael for your efforts.  I wish more people would listen… ♥

Please, let’s pray for all the lost (and stolen) children.


  1. Oh, Bonnie...what can I say? This was brutally honest and gut wrenching. The truth usually is, but when children's lives are at stake, people need to be jolted to their core! This goes to the heart of what Michael was fighting, and he knew better than anyone the pain of being a lost child! In his taped interview with Schmuley, Michael talked about his love of children with a cry in his voice and said, "they saved me, Schmuley - they saved me! I have to give something back!" Do you realize just how much Michael was revealing with that statement? They SAVED him? My God, to think that Michael's very survival was his devotion to helping children, we know he suffered. I will never forget the sound of his voice on that tape. Painful memories that never faded. Michael is the angel inside every child's heart. Thank you, Bonnie!

  2. Spotlight said - "In his taped interview with Schmuley, Michael talked about his love of children with a cry in his voice and said, "they saved me, Schmuley - they saved me!"

    .... You know, I have thought an awful lot about that statement that Michael made. I pair it with the picture he drew of himself cowering in the corner holding a microphone. I wonder about exactly what he meant when he said that to Schmuley. How did they save him? Was it his mission to help them that kept him from giving up on life? God I so want to talk to him.... :o(((

  3. Bonnie,
    Thanks for the Bulletin, cos I wanted to talk about the Tweets too. I didn't see the Jermaine-battling-X-rated-person session, but I was there for the Randy Q&A. At first I thought it was the 'Taaj and Randy show' because he was answering HER questions. This surprised me, or was it a ploy to lull her into a false sense of security that she was 'in' with the family?

    I also see that on reviewing the alleged 100 hours of film for TII for the Murray trial, there turns out to be much more, and 8 or 10 cameras, NOT the 2 or 4 we were originally told about. Now I am really thinking that TII was filmed to be used as a sop to placate certain people, $-wise.

  4. @Princess Glam - Taaj and Randy Show, LOL! He did answer other people, but it could have been a set up. She wasn't the one who asked about Randy getting "buck" shot though. That's why I didn't bother with attending. Twitter is not for the fans, well it is but it isn't. Like I said, the case will not be solved on Twitter and Randy said "others read this too" . . . That is key.

    TII - Yes, there is more than 100 hours of film. I also suspect that AEG has more that Sony never got ahold of but that is just speculation on my part. I don't know that for sure. What I do know is that Michael ALWAYS had his OWN camera men. Always. And if Michael wanted footage taped, not ALL cameramen were going to be AEG or Sony affiliated.

    Define "sop".

    TII was FILMED because Michael WANTED it filmed. I think Sony thought they got everything, but I don't think they did SPECIFICALLY because of the bullcrap they pulled with the stills and frames from the footage.

  5. Princess Glam I also wanted to tell you that I appreciate the numbers on the AEG contract you did back in March. I'm going to link to it here:

    I think when you consider that Branca and the press heavily inflated Michael's debt, plus the "discovery" of Michael's almost $1billion estimated art collection, Michael really did not need the money for the concerts.

  6. Bonnie,
    I'm so happy that you like my work on the AEG contract!!! Yay! I've a similar page in WIP about the cancellation insurance policy, but have been hesitating to publish it - do you think it's a good time or shall I wait?

    A 'sop' is something given or done as a bribe. Originated from a piece of bread dipped in milk to pacify a child :)

  7. @Princess - I would wait on the cancellation insurance policy because I believe what has been put out there about that is also lies. You're instinct not to publish it is not wrong.

    The sop I believe you are also correct, but a sop for another reason . . . not necessarily money.

  8. The picture with Billy is Photoshopped, also the little box u see has two faint bars in it was taken from a video being paused.
    If u have the original Bonnie that is bigger send it to me pls I can show that it is in fact fake.

  9. Speaking of the Art collection
    Is this the same collection?
    Type of Work: Visual Material

    Registration Number / Date:
    VAu001031864 / 2010-06-25

    Application Title: The Collected Works of Jackson-Strong Alliance.

    Title: The Collected Works of Jackson-Strong Alliance.

    Description: Electronic file (eService)

    Copyright Claimant:
    Brett-Livingstone Strong, 1953- , Transfer: By written

    Date of Creation: 1988

    Authorship on Application:
    Michael Joseph Jackson, 1958-2009; Domicile: United
    States; Citizenship: United States. Authorship: 2-D
    Brett-Livingstone Strong, 1953- ; Domicile: United
    States; Citizenship: Australia. Authorship: 2-D artwork.

    Rights and Permissions:
    Dennis Hawk, Business Law Group, 3100 Donald Douglas Loop
    N., Santa Monica, CA, 90405, United States, (310)

    Copyright Note: C.O. correspondence.

    Names: Jackson, Michael Joseph, 1958-2009
    Strong, Brett-Livingstone, 1953-


    The Library of Congress
    United States Copyright Office
    101 Independence Ave., S.E.
    Washington, D.C. 20559-6000

    I'm not sure if it's the same one, second the STAR is a major tabloid trash AND one has to wonder why this thing blew up like it did?

  10. @ ~B~ - Might be, but it says date of creation 1988 . . .I'm sure they did more work after that. It says transfer by written agreement, so Michael would have had to transfer copyright to Strong. This could have been done to protect it, just like Colony owning majority of Sycamore/Neverland.

  11. Bonnie – I did not get a chance to listen the video where Senator Nancy spoke about children trafficking. I will in a little bit. But my question is what does the government do with the children they steal from the parents?

    “privately owned prisons and judges getting PAID in kickbacks to find juvenile’s for these for profit prisons – forced labor." This statement I truly believe, and it mainly happened for minority juveniles such as blacks and Latinos. Our court system imprison these minorities for very, very minor charges for years so privately owned or operated prisons can profit out of poor minority families. This indeed very sickening.


  12. I'm really glad you covered the Nancy Schaefer murders in more detail. After I read about her death, before I sent you the info, I visited her website which housed all her work. It has since disappeared, I can't find it again.

    We need more to do their jobs like Nancy Schaefer and Cynthia McKinney...both from Georgia BTW.

    Speaking of Cynthia McKinney...
    She lost the 2006 election, right? There were a couple of other things she was working on in 2005/6:


    "expeditious disclosure of records relevant to the life and death of Tupac Amaru Shakur":

  13. Here is a very detailed video into Hollywood brain washing

  14. ~!B~ said - "The picture with Billy is Photoshopped, also the little box u see has two faint bars in it was taken from a video being paused.
    If u have the original Bonnie that is bigger send it to me pls I can show that it is in fact fake."

    ........ B thank you. I got the lowdown on that Bray photo and I actually have another. It's not from video. That "reflection" is actually a watermark from the website that acquired the pictures (much like MJJcollectors). The photos (I have two differen positions and it looks like Michael is tickling Emmanuel in one of them), are from what I can tell, not photoshopped. I sent them to my mother. There are other children in the second photo I have. I don't even know if I want to persue this because it's probably not important at this stage of the game. But speculation as to why Bray was fired could have something to do with someone using these photos to extort Michael into settling that 1993 case. Sneddon was still dogging Michael up into 1996 and that is when Bray was fired.

    Mimi said - "But my question is what does the government do with the children they steal from the parents?"

    ......... various things. Sometimes they just go into foster care and nothing happens. Sometimes they are given to into government mind control (as per Taylor, O'Brien and Jones). Sometimes they are sold into sex trafficking. Boys Town, Franklin Case, The Finders, Texas Youth Commission, etc.... UnBELIEVable!

    Mimi said - "This statement I truly believe, and it mainly happened for minority juveniles such as blacks and Latinos."

    ........... Yes, exactly.

    Truth said - "I visited her website which housed all her work. It has since disappeared, I can't find it again."

    ..... Were you the one that sent me to her website? Because I don't remember going there. But I would try to search through Prisonplanet or since Jones interviewed her at length. He might have reference to it somewhere.

    Truth said - "She lost the 2006 election, right? There were a couple of other things she was working on in 2005/6:"

    ...... Yes, she lost the election AFTER her arrest and that PRESS CIRCUS to discredit her. (Cynthia, we need you in the airports now!!!) Did you catch what was going on? Her bodyguards were calling out the Zionists! I couldn't believe it! Your links . . .fabulous! Everyone look at that info and read up when you get a chance!!! Thank you Truth! Sorry if I didn't credit you on Schaefer. It was a while ago and I couldn't remember who it was that sent it. I don't always finish a blog the day I start writing it. Sometimes I will add research over a period of weeks before I publish it. Forgive me??? pweeze? ♥♥♥

  15. Anonymous said - "Here is a very detailed video into Hollywood brain washing "

    .......... Thank you anonymous. I will watch it tomorrow . .. it's after 2am right now, LOL and I don't even have my makeup off yet. :o\

  16. Hey Bonnie, yes it was me, you're welcome. That's ok, it's not a problem...I forgive you! It's not that I need credit for my research, but it is helpful so people understand where I stand. Well, and it makes me feel like I have done something good with my life by contributing to awareness. I truly mean it when I say "Not intending to be anything but helpful..." (Samantha Degosson MDA videos). ;o) I just don't want you to forget and only associate me with my confusion about "new age" vs God.

    I don't ask for your trust because I surely know better by now, probably shouldn't even mention the word! I just try to understand Bonnie the little girl about that. I only hope that one day you will realize that I am one of the good guys also fighting for truth and justice in the best lame way I know how, that I can't be bought. This is probably the reason some legislators and others within that complicit web of lies refer to me as "that angry parent" (for taking them to task) - an honor in my book! At least they remember me and hopefully my words and stance will continue to nag at their conscience!

    I understand you work on blog entries over a period of time and know you're extremely busy with research, compiling, composing, fielding emails etc. (Thus my previous comment about tackling anything like this - your mission of truth - taking a huge chunk out of one's life.)

    Yes, I did notice Cynthia's bodyguards calling out the Zionists. Too bad only awake people will see the truth while too many others will jump on the bandwagon and call her an anti-Semitic crackpot. I saw a lot of personally degrading comments where articles about her were copied. I highly suspect many of those commenters are paid to do so. Shame on them!!!

    Another article on Cynthia's proposed legislation regarding Tupac and some history on the murders of Tupac & Biggie Smalls:

    Here is the link to Nancy Schaefer's website Eagle Forum of Georgia... (Not to be confused with - the now "Official Web Site for Eagle Forum of Georgia", which returns no results when searching for Nancy Schaefer and was obviously created months after her death. Can anybody say big red flag!?):

    It's gone! I only have it because (I remembered!) I had sent it to a fellow children's advocate shortly after Nancy's murder. But, some of it (very little) is archived here - (copy while you still can!):

    "Report of Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer on CPS Corruption" - downloadable PDF:

    And, this memorial has a lot of good information about her:

    "Michael, Emmanuel and Bill Bray in compromising position" - where's Michael's lower right leg and foot that should be seen on the edge of the bed? I just can't imagine, don't believe Michael would straddle another man (or most anybody) like that! I think it would trigger a VERY uncomfortable feeling.


    Ignorant & uninformed or complicit?


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