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Michael Jackson Justice: This Time Around Murdock May Get "Bit"

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This Time Around Murdock May Get "Bit"

Murdock Whistleblower Found Dead

Revelation 7:17 "For the Lamb, which is in the midst of the throne, shall govern them, and shall lead them unto the lively fountains of waters, and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes."

I was called about this news item yesterday, in the middle of everything else that was going on.  I didn’t get a chance to put it up last night and I was typing my little fingers off.

Last week News of the World hit the “news” with the allegations of phone hacking.  Murdock was brought up on the carpet and he immediately shut down “News of the World” just as he was putting in a bid for the takeover of Britian’s top network company, Sky Broadcasting.  Source  Murdock had withdrawn his bid and during the discovery process, dropping his bid but according to news has not completely withdrawn his bid.

Shortly after this his top CEO, Rebekah Brooks was fired (then resigned) even though when this article was written, he was backing her:

The drama gripping media watchers in Britain and beyond has expanded at breakneck pace following allegations News of the World journalists paid police for information and hacked into the voicemails of young murder victims and the grieving families of dead soldiers. Three people have been arrested, including Prime Minister David Cameron's former communications chief.”  Source

At the same source it stated “The Guardian newspaper reported Sunday that emails and memos from 2007 only recently turned over to police indicate News International was aware that phone hacking was more widespread than publicly acknowledged. The BBC reported that News International had found emails at the same time period that suggested payments were being made to police for information.

Ed Milliband is digging in his heals and plans to put it forth to a Parliamentary vote if they let Murdock’s bid for Sky Broadcasting continue while there is an investigation into the phone hacking as it appears that it was a lot more widespread than was first believed.  Andy Coulson, an ex-editor of the News of the World was one of three men arrested last week as part of a police investigation into the phone-hacking and police corruption allegations. 

Coulson is a particularly central figure since he links the scandal to Prime Minister David Cameron, who he worked for as communications chief.”  Source

Sean Hoare, who made claims in a New York Times article about the Prime Minister's former communications chief, was discovered at his home in Watford, Hertfordshire, after concerns were raised about his whereabouts.”  Source

Now Sean’s death is “unexplained but not suspicious”???

Reportedly Sean told the New York Times, “Coulson's claim that he did not know that News of the World employees were hacking into phones was untrue. Coulson knew hacking took place and had actively encouraged him to intercept the voicemails of celebrities, Hoare claimed.”  He had also told them that the phone hacking was endemic at News of the World.  Here is the crux of what he said, on a televised BBC program:

People were scared. If you've got to get a story, you've got to get it. You've got to get that by whatever means. That is the culture of News International,” Source

I have noticed in at least two of these articles that I read, the discrediting begins with the first paragraph, reporting Sean as a disgruntled employee of sorts who may or may not have been fired due to drinking and using cocaine.  (The drug addiction method of discrediting).

They didn’t make him a pedophile or charge him with a sexual scandal, that’s for higher ranking opponents of their establishment like Kahn of the IMF or Michael Jackson or government officials.  Michael got to be many characters considering his popularity in the world, they needed more than one vice to peg him with, but back to Hoare:

How can anyone look at this and not call his death suspicious?  This goes all the way up to Prime ministers.

Here is some of the hierarchy of Murdock’s “NewsCorp”:

Rupert Murdock – Chairman/CEO of Newscorp, Initially refused to appear before Parliament then agreed to go. Met with parents of Milly Dowley, who’s phone was hacked during the search for her, which is how this all came to light. (They thought she was still alive because messages had been erased).

James Murdock – Son of Rupert and head of NewsCorp in Europe and Asia.  He also refused initially to appear before Parliament before agreeing to go.

Les Hinton – CEO of Dow Jones and former executive chairman of News International (left 2007).  He resigned from Dow Jones publisher of the Wall Street Journal the same day Rebekka Brooks was fired from her position.  He was in charge of News International during the time period that is being investigated.

Rebekah Brooks – (resigned? Arrested) Executive of News International, previous editor of both The Sun and News of the World during the investigated period.

Tom Mockridge – CEO of News International July 2011 to present (took over for Brooks), former spokesman for Australian Government and began in Australian news papers.

Andy Coulson – Resigned/arrested, Editor NOTW between 2003 and 2007 during investigated period.  Was in charge when two employees were arrested for conspiracy to access phone messages.  After 2007 became communications director for Prime Minister David Cameron and became leader of the opposition.  He resigned post in January 2011 amidst investigation.

Ian Edmondson – arrested.  Assistant editor NOTW.  He was fired in January over the scandal.

Clive Goodman – Jailed.  Former royal reporter, jailed for hacking into phones of royal family.

Glen Mulcaire – Jailed.  Helped Goodman hack into phones, kept notes on this. Jailed on conspiracy.

Neil Wallis – Arrested.  Executive Editor NOTW 2007-2009.  After worked for London police as their P.R. consultant until July of 2010. 

Neville Thurlbeck – Arrested, Chief reporter.  Arrested in April 2011on suspicion of unlawful hacking of phones.

Sean Hoare – murdered.  Reporter for NOTW through investigation period.  Left in 2005. 

Government officials that have since Resigned due to this scandal:

Dick Fedorcio – Member of the Met’s press team who hired Willis at the recommendation of Yates.  They spar about that in the video below:

Video on some of these proceedings

John Yates – Resigned.  Assistant Commissioner of London’s Met Police.  Talked Press commissioner Fedorcio into hiring Wallis after investigation was already under way.

Paul Stephenson – Resigned.  Deputy Commissioner of London’s Met. Police.  He announced his resignation on July 17, 2011 over scandal and his association with Neil Wallis.

David Cameron – Prime Minister of Great Britain, leader of conservative party.  Hired Andy Coulson as his communications director.  Also friends with Rebekah Brooks.  Waiting to see if HE resigns.

Looking at all this one has to wonder why all the resignations if this thing didn’t go all the way to the top.  Add to that the suspicious death of Sean Hoare and it doesn’t take an I.Q. much above 50 to figure out that this is probably not the only news source out there that nurtures these kinds of relationships or encourages invasion of privacy of citizens at this level of deceit.  Sean Hoare just became another martyr in the effort to get the truth out.  Martyrs get slimed in the modern press by the guilty all the time to take focus off of what they did.

The press is a shadow government entity as is the media.   This is only one company, pulling down some top government officials in one country, owned by a man who spans many continents with his NewsCorp.

Rupert Murdock attacked during hearings

There are other types of pies I could think of to throw at him, but the smell probably wouldn’t get past security.

Rupert Murdock to be investigated here in the states
For possible phone tapping of 9-11 victims

According to this video above a police commissioner was bribed (or they attempted to bribe) to allow tapping of 9-11 victims.

Here is a source quoting Murdock on Israel –

My own perspective is simple: We live in a world where there is an ongoing war against the Jews. ... Now the war has entered a new phase. This is the soft war that seeks to isolate Israel by delegitimizing it. The battleground is everywhere: the media … multinational organizations … NGOs. In this war, the aim is to make Israel a pariah. ... Every day, the citizens of the Jewish homeland defend themselves against armies of terrorists whose maps spell out the goal they have in mind: a Middle East without Israel.” – Rupert Murdoch upon being honored by the ADL, October 12, 2010”  Source

If we are to go by this source alone, you could conclude that Murdock is a Zionist and according to Joe Biden, “you don’t have to be a Jew to be Zionist” from yesterday’s “Electric Eyes” blog.

Consider the relationships being shown here between government officials, CEO’s of major news conglomerates and owners, down through editors and reporters.  Then take a look at the Leiby blogs I have written about yesterday here, and a few days ago at this link

Think about the implications of this.  We see complicity with top government and police officials in invading the privacy of every day citizens as well as those not so ordinary and every day and now?  What happens when a news organization, T.V. news reporter or editor wants to bribe police officers to perhaps get access to CLOSED CIRCUIT SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS focused on your home from your neighbor across the street thanks to New York’s trumped up murder of a (pick an age) boy?

Now there’s a thought!

Look back to 9-11 and the complicity between government and media/press and look at the years this one scandal alone covers . . . all the way back to the early 2000’s!

Michael Jackson’s Song About his Own Phone Tapping
And Government Bribery, Collusion,
mentions Princess Diana’s Murder.

I have one more blog to get up today concerning the book of Revelation.


Fiction can be found in the book store.  Why suffer through the commercials?  Why pay Cable T.V. every month to have them lie to you?

Again with the Lyrics for This Time Around
@2:46 – You tell the story!

Murdock is now wearing Michael's shoes.  How do they fit?


  1. BONNIE said : "If we are to go by this source alone, you could conclude that Murdock is a Zionist and according to Joe Biden, “you don’t have to be a Jew to be Zionist”..."

    For your info unless you know, Rupert Murdoch through his mother's side, has Jewishs roots :

    Sadly Michael Jackson & Princess Diana could not see for themselves all what happens nowadays : they were "neutralized" before.

    DSK/IMF - until proven otherwise, he might have been framed after all but as intelligent as he is valued, I don't think he is a good guy. My opinion doesn't reflect on his wealth or his religion but on his own personality.

  2. My feeling on this Murdoch scandal is that Murdoch either became too powerful and somehow crossed the line with the "elite" thereby out-living his usefulness, or has been faithful to the agenda and will come out of this stronger. For whatever reason, by what ever method, it appears to be part of "the plan" to manipulate our attention and steer our trust back to "them".

    Any way this plays out, it's all a calculated token gesture that will become the oppressors riding in on their fine white steeds to "save the day"...resulting in more control and loss of freedoms.

    Case in point:

    "The first to issue a statement, Senator John D. Rockefeller IV, Democrat of West Virginia, said Tuesday that the United States government should hold investigations to “ensure that Americans have not had their privacy violated.”

    To “ensure that Americans have not had their privacy violated.”??? Did he suddenly forget about the invasive airport scans or the unlimited powers of that scary Homeland Security whose job it is to violate our privacy and so much more? The Rockefeller family is one of the king pins. This stinks.

    And geez, now it has helped to re-invigorate the 9/11 lie so they can bombard our brains some more by blaming muslim terrorists. All the while continuing the charade of deflecting blame. As you have been saying, Bonnie - throwing stones to hide [the blood on] their hands!

    USING the 9/11 families after ignoring, marginalizing and attacking their concerns about the "official story" is disgusting.

    So, how did this case jump from Britain to America?

    "Concerns over the hacking of phones belonging to 9/11 victims and relatives appear to be traceable to a story published Wednesday by the Mirror, a British tabloid that includes a section it describes as "gossip gone toxic."
    The newspaper cited "a source" who referred to a former police officer who now works as a private investigator."

    APPEARs to be traceable to an UNVERIFIABLE source in a TABLOID that is known to publish TRASHY GOSSIP. Is this just more PLANTED justification, and to what end?

    I think we are becoming familiar with the answer as we watch it unfold and swallow our God-given liberties.

  3. It may be good to remind :

    WACKO JACKO : originates from "The Sun" tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch. You all know this nickname was largely used for years by this tabloid in spite of Michael publicly despising it. Last, most contents of any article from "The Sun" regarding Michael were either sulfurous or insidious.

  4. Bonnie,
    It has been suggested that because Murdoch's press empire in the UK takes a 40% share (or did before NOTW closed) that his papers were a big influence on the general public, and therefore politicians had to stay on the right side of him, through fear! Some of the people you listed above are friends and go to each others birthday parties.What kind of hold did they have over each other?
    Plus you are right, this behavior is endemic in the UK press, it's just that someone sank to the lowest of the low and got caught out this time. Some journalists have been saying 'well the public want to read these stories' - yes, but do the public know you are hacking phones to get the story? Why was the investigation in 2005/6 into phone hacking brushed under the carpet by politicians and police? Who was lying back then?
    To make it worse, it was suggested that the closing of the NOTW meant that the shredders could be sent in with impunity. Just as well that people have memories and not just bits of paper, eh Murdoch?

  5. Line said - "Sadly Michael Jackson & Princess Diana could not see for themselves all what happens nowadays : they were "neutralized" before.

    DSK/IMF - until proven otherwise,"

    ......... They see, wherever they are they see it. They saw it before we did. DSK - I agree set up. I don't think he is guilty of anything but adultery and in the book I READ that IS sexual misconduct. Murdock is a bit more of a puzzle. Yes, his Sun papers AND News of the World are contemptible (really, all news is since it is not really news), but as someone else above suggested the possibility that Murdock might have done something "wrong" in the establishment, why would they chose to air a charge that all of them had already long been perpetrating? Amazingly this investigation had been going on since when, 2009 at least? Why was it quiet . . . until now?

    Truth said - "To “ensure that Americans have not had their privacy violated.”??? Did he suddenly forget about the invasive airport scans or the unlimited powers of that scary Homeland Security whose job it is to violate our privacy and so much more? The Rockefeller family is one of the king pins. "

    ........ I'm glad I'm not the only one that has seen the irony in that! Rockefeller should just keep his lips closed. Nobody believes what he says. And yes, the U.K. Mirror is the one that first published that 9/11 victims phones may have been tapped. Someone else suggested that it may be an attack on Fox News (LOL, like Fox is any more truthful? This is the liberal/conservative deflection)

  6. PrincessGlam said - "What kind of hold did they have over each other?
    Plus you are right, this behavior is endemic in the UK press, it's just that someone sank to the lowest of the low and got caught out this time. Some journalists have been saying 'well the public want to read these stories'"

    ......... What kind of hold? Holding hands! That's what kind. That is the VERY REASON this investigation didn't get reported to the public sooner. Sean Hoare finally said something on television that got him killed. The timing of this coinciding with the New York call to install surveillance cameras on private homes is what is interesting. This is why I don't think this was in their plans. Murdock won't be touched if they can pin this on a bogeyman.

  7. BONNIE said : " Amazingly this investigation had been going on since when, 2009 at least? Why was it quiet . . . until now?"

    I just found this article below but the quality of the source I cannot determine :

  8. Thank you Bonnie for this informative and very clear post you did for those of us who are confused of the allegations at the beginning.

    Yesterday when the British parliament asking Murdoch and his son questions, Murdoch acted as if he has no knowledge of any crime has been done at all. But long time ago I have heard Murdoch is a very hands on executive of his company’s affairs in every detail. Do you think he did not know anything and his employees he trusted betrayed him and hide things from him or was he advised by his top notch lawyers to act completely unaware of the actions that were taken in his company?

    I truly believe Sean Hoare is murdered just like Peter Lopez who was Michael’s lawyer helping him reorganize his business. This is how those who have power and money shut down their opponents quickly by murdering them and say it’s suicide. That’s bogus. Now poor guy found dead and how is he going to get justice?

    Bonnie said “The press is a shadow government entity as is the media.” very true Bonnie and that’s why nothing is going to happen to Rupert Murdoch empire because he has the politician in his pocket.

  9. From a friend:
    Piers Morgan phone hacking.

  10. Thanks for the link Bonnie about P. Morgan phone hacking. This days we can’t believe any media personalities. The probability that Piers Morgan hacked phones is very high. He can deny all he wants; after all he was working for one of notorious tabloid publication in the world. Now he wants to set the record straight telling us he never done it, and we have to believe his words? Give me a break.

    It doesn’t make him honest because he is now working for CNN “the most trusted in news.” “Trusted in news?” For God sake.

  11. More on Piers Morgan: Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan has been sacked after the newspaper conceded photos of British soldiers abusing an Iraqi were fake. and

    Cee Gee

  12. Mimi said - "Now he wants to set the record straight telling us he never done it, and we have to believe his words? Give me a break."

    ..... No, I don't believe him either. I believe very few were NOT doing this.

    @Cee-Gee, Thank you for the links. Interesting. This is the mentality of most reporters/editors/anchors and journalists, isn't it? :o)

  13. I just found this. Have you heard of the missing Thirteenth Amendment?

    "If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them."

    A lot of hopefully reliable history on it there. Worth a read.


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