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Michael Jackson Justice: Why Couldn’t Michael Say This in the U.S.?

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The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Monday, July 11, 2011

Why Couldn’t Michael Say This in the U.S.?

From Michael’s Lips – 
The Atrocities Committed Against Children

Sometimes there is nothing more heart wrenching than to have Michael verify the very research I have been digging into. 

I have had such a hard time with this because I just do not want to believe it that people can exist that can do this or think this way.  Every one of Michael’s songs, his speeches, his depositions, his Schmuley conversations and his ACTIONS verify everything I have dug up concerning what is behind Michael’s “conspiracy”.

All I can do is cry, then write, then cry, then write. 

Michael gave up his life for this cause.  He gave up everything for what he believed was right and this loving, genius song-bird is still being taken advantage of and not enough people are getting the message that children are dying.  And they are dying by the willful, selfish, greedy, deranged few that believe it is their right to do so in their effort to control humanity and the earth they live on.

Sometimes I wonder how people can function and continue to go on as if none of this is going on.  How can they virtually walk over the body of a child and justify the inaction with their need to get to the office on time or watch the Phillies game on T.V.

I don’t even have a word in the English language the describes my disgust.  It doesn’t exist.  It’s beyond loathing.  It’s beyond anguish.

I pray and pray some more every night that God will stop this.  Just stop it.  I can handle just about everything, but not to children.

Yesterday I opened my email to find an email from Micheline who had found a video on someone’s facebook page.  The dialogue voiceover was in Spanish so I searched Youtube for the English version of it and found it.  I couldn’t believe it was on Youtube.

Michael Jackson spoke at the Southern Africa Economic Summit in Namibia in 1998.  The subject?  The atrocities being committed against children.  I will post the video below, then quote Michael’s part of the speech below that.

Southern Africa Economic Summit 1998

There must be a global resolve that the 21st century will bring about caring, and protection of our children.  And above all universal love.  My new business partner, Mr. Don Barden and myself are going to put our money where our mouths are. And we will be looking at global investments that will bring economic empowerment to people that will ultimately benefit and enrich the lives of children. 

We are all touched by the atrocities committed against children.  Sexual and physical abuse, child slave labor, forced homelessness, educational neglect, we feel ashamed, angry, appalled.  But there is no action . . . NO action.

There is no action. 

There was no action when

We have covered what has happened to those trying to expose what was being committed against children just in this country alone, here.  All the Lost Children

Michael wanted to economically empower people. This is the LAST thing the elitist Zionists want.  You can't enslave a world when it's people are empowered.

We covered what happened to Nancy Schaefer, former Georgia senator (murdered with husband in their home), Cynthia McKinney, former U.S. Representative from Georgia (arrested and charged with assault, press sabotaged career), Corey Haim, and more when they exposed either what happened to them, or what they had investigated was happening to other children.

I searched out the name of Don Barden in relation to this partnership (one of many that were sabotaged or who’s objectives were blackballed) and I found who Don Barden WAS:

Don Barden died on May 19th of this year.

In his storied career, Barden partnered with the rich and famous, including a failed bid in the late 1990s to open a $1 billion theme park resort in Detroit with megastar Michael Jackson in exchange for a city casino license. Link: Barden built homes in Detroit and a business in Namibia and had been named by Ebony magazine, the...   Source

The Boston Globe doesn’t even mention his partnership with Michael Jackson. Source

The Chicago Sun Times doesn’t mention anything about his partnership with Michael either, but it does mention his State Dinner with Nelson Mandela in the  1990’s and teaching dance steps to Bill Clinton, who’s participated in and covered up the very crimes Barden was supposedly working with Michael to bring to light!  (Funny, Michael was there at the same time and doesn’t even get an honorable mention!).

Yahoo News didn’t mention Michael Jackson either, but did mention that Barden was denied a Casino License in Illinois and was bitter about it. (we know why he didn’t get one.)  Source

Why the silence on this, United States Press?

On this link I found more about the battle between Mayor Archer over the casino licenses back in the 1990’s. The thread below took place in January of this year. This comment struck me:

Archer passed over Barden by not giving him one of the casino franchises. Barden had already established successful casinos outside of Michigan, and was far more qualified than Pappas and Gatzaros to run one (a conclusion the state gaming commission ultimately came to agree with -- albeit over issues of character -- when they forced the Greeks to sell).Source

This was about the time that he was partnering with Michael to help the children.  No mystery as to why he was denied even though he already owned and ran casinos in Michigan.

Then someone on the same site above posts this: “Very sad. I didn't support casinos initially, but when they came in, I didn't think it was fair or right that Barden's proposal wasn't considered. His plan -- I think it was along with Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson -- would have included an attraction for kids and families in another part of the complex. One thing that Detroit's downtown lacks is enough for kids to do.

I find it amazing that anything to “empower” families and children is shot down, but funding for clean needles in the city?  Funding for taking underage teenagers over state lines to get abortions without their parents consent?

They can find in their hearts to destroy the family unit but not to bring it together!  Divided and isolated they fall, eh?

This idea also got taken down in New Jersey recently, by the New Jersey mob commission, by repeatedly denying various permits until Colony Capital finally bowed out of the “Xanadu” project and the “right” people took over and paid the right kickbacks.  Anyone standing by Michael and his mission gets blackballed!

Someone named Gistok was busy labeling Barden as just some black guy with sour grapes playing the race card.  And isn’t it funny how the same pattern emerges . . . anyone wanting to put a stop to the atrocities that the elite perpetrate against children end up battling press rumors of sexual misconduct and mismanagement of his businesses . . . and if they’re black,  they’re playing the ‘race card’ . . . that is of course, except Obama.  His race card gets a free pass because he’s the elite’s puppet. 

Here you go, finally someone tells PART of the truth:

For years, Barden actively campaigned to build a casino in Detroit, even recruiting pop star Michael Jackson to lobby for the project. His efforts were unsuccessful, and Barden turned his eye to other states, eventually purchasing gambling establishments in Gary, Ind.; Tunica, Miss.; Black Hawk, Colo.; and Las Vegas. He became the first African-American to own a national casino company.Source

As with Michael, you don’t make the money someone like Barden has made only to face financial problems with as many businesses and the diversifying Barden had.  It just doesn’t happen unless someone is TRYING to force you into bankruptcy.  (Right Whitman, Branca, Modabber, Geragos, Green and Malnik?)

Why doesn’t anyone call out the playing of the DECEPTION card by these rapists of men’s reputations?


Cynthia McKinney was also instrumental in researching the death of Tupac Shakur and the attacks on recording artists who try to expose the elite. This conference took place in September of 2005.  Source

Tupac Shakur was murdered in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1996 and his murder has not yet been solved. Rep. McKinney called for release of files on Shakur at a Congressional Black Caucus panel this September because there are many parallels in his life and death to the attacks and deaths carried out by the FBI in their COINTELPRO program against political musicians and activists since the 1950s.Source

In one video I showed on the “Lost Children” blog update, Cynthia’s bodyguards were accused of “anti-Semitism” because they yelled out to the abusive press, “this isn’t Israel” and “Zionists”.

Michael was called anti-Semitic when he said the “jews” were trying to suck him dry and he was sick of it (ironically he was recorded as saying this after his tenure with Boteach).

I was called anti-Semitic a few months ago simply for linking to another article that described the elitist agenda and what Zionism is.

These are the same people that claim that Barden and Michael, and McKinney are playing “the race card” when they are being snubbed by the establishment.

Princess Diana said, “I’m about loving people, I’m not about destruction”.

Michael Jackson said, “I just want to make good music, I don’t want to hurt anybody.”

That seemingly innocent statement means a lot more to me now then when I first read it a year and a half ago.  Who wants to hurt people?  Who wants to keep these atrocities secret?  Why would someone like Michael, who was trying the HELP children and empower people, get buried by the press and the media?

Who Owns the Media, Hollywood Studios and Newspapers?
9 minutes, 43 seconds long

Behind the cover up, it is no coincidence.

U.S. Protected Pedophile Network
9minutes, 47 seconds long
These same people wanted to protect their unfettered access to
Children for use, but used their own media
To condemn Michael for the crimes THEY WERE COMMITTING

NY City Police Officer Testifying to CPS
Kidnapping of Children

Michael tried to tell us about it.  The press and media turned on him here, to “throw stones to hide their hands”.  To cover THEIR OWN crimes.

Pedophile ring using orphanages and state homes
In Portugal – 2 minutes long

Hershey Ophanage Child Abuse Coverup
This is going on now.
1minute, 48 seconds long

This is continuing unabated because NOTHING IS BEING DONE.

People who have tried to bring this to light, from BoysTown, Nebraska, to the “Finders” case, to Call Boys in D.C. to Hershey, Portugal, Britain, the list goes on and on.

Pentagon Pedophiles

Kentucky Child Protective Services

When is it going to stop?  Why are more people not taking up this cause?  Why protect this agenda?  How can it be good if children are abused and killed?

Michael didn’t just dream up this cause, he was a victim of it.  He saw other children that had survived it . . . and heard of some that did not survive it.

Michael said “the children saved me” to Boteach.  There is a lot of tragedy in that statement.  All Michael did was try to empower people and to save children.

Continued inaction will enable them to succeed in what they did to Michael, and the children he was trying to save.

We can no longer ignore the evil within our government, put there by the evil that can justify doing this to children.

Michael wanted help in trying to stop the atrocities committed against Children.

Stop . . . turning . . . your . . . head . . . away!


  1. Dearest Bonnie, I can feel your dark despair, your tender heart aching and the rivers of tears you have cried, in just researching these horrible crimes against GOD'S ANGEL'S. Since the night I found your blog and my dark room became as bright as day, I have prayed for you and your journey. That it would be filled with kindness, love, blessings and mercy. That all who read it would make a change...and for You a feather.

  2. Bonnie said "Why the silence on this, United States Press?"

    Because Michael suffered over 20 years of dehumanisation in the media. Most people think that all Michael's charity work with children was to cover up his desire for them. It makes me sick to my stomach that people STILL THINK THIS. If you believe this, then you are not going to mention Michael in the same breath as anyone who was trying to do good, are you?

    I have had conversations with people who believe these lies about Michael - they will argue with me using 'facts' from TABLOID TRASH. That is why I say good riddance to the NOTW, and by the sounds of it, the rest of the Murdoch empire may be teetering on the edge of collapse too. All due to the hacking of phones of murdered children, royalty and politicians TO GET A STORY.
    MAYBE NOW people will question the lengths journalists have gone to to get a story to sell their newspaper - a culture encouraged and even demanded by the CEO and above?

    Maybe now people will see the LIES spread about Michael, which effectively stopped his message being taken seriously?

  3. @BONNIE : Europe is not in rest either:

    Enslavements of all kinds may have always existed but the levels of atrocity & perversity reached by the Child Porno Rings since a few decades were probably NEVER equaled before, grace to an evil sophisticated propaganda infiltrated everywhere : a world elite agenda is definitely behind it that will cause the loss of our humanity one day. Children are SACRED so the devils from low to top-ranking levels who harm children do not deserve to breathe our air. Unfortunaely, the Videos you selected above demonstrate that the fight for saving children is still unequal "grace to" the ongoing corruption & cover-up of many organizations worldwide.

    Great informative Blog again, Bonnie, though with horrific realities that turn one's stomach.

  4. Thank you for doing the research you have done and bringing it to light out of the shadows. When I think of the ways Michael's work was thwarted at every step. Ugh - yet it wasn't an accident at all. LorLor

  5. Bonnie,Hi thank you for all the work that you do.I've come across some of this information also. Something I came across yesterday-Project Dormouse was implemented to bring to light MKULTRA(to cover up Project Artichoke).These were experiments that forcibly addicted people to morphine,let them suffer through withdrawal to see if they could get them to do things against their beliefs. Michael's "Morphine".The more you dig ,the more you find. Unbelievable! Linda

  6. Anonymous said - "I can feel your dark despair, your tender heart aching and the rivers of tears you have cried, in just researching these horrible crimes against GOD'S ANGEL'S. Since the night I found your blog and my dark room became as bright as day, I have prayed for you and your journey."

    ....... I am at a loss for words. My breath caught reading this. I know who you are and my feather? Still taped to the computer monitor and I see it every day. The very same to you and I hope you are okay and God has given you some relief. I'm sorry I missed the chance to meet you, but we know we will someday see each other. God bless you and thank you.♥
    PrincessGlam said - "Most people think that all Michael's charity work with children was to cover up his desire for them. It makes me sick to my stomach that people STILL THINK THIS. If you believe this, then you are not going to mention Michael in the same breath as anyone who was trying to do good, are you?"

    ........ This is the twisting and turning of stories. Princess, I know you feel about their deception and I agree with you. But Don Barden was also persecuted, just with different weapons. As much as the pain of not reaching everyone stabs at me, I know we are not going to get them all. We're just not. It is still a "free-will" system and those with the heart will hear and those without the capacity won't. We can't give them what they won't even accept from God.

    People like Murdock and Katzenburg and Weinstein are of the mindset that they are entitled. I believe the word "self" should be taken out of the human vocabulary. But for now it remains the front line of battle amongst an army of other entities we struggle with to get to God.

    There are others spreading this message Princess so don't despair. I am seeing links show up in my stats that I've never seen before which tells me others are spreading the same messages, the same videos, the TRUTH. Keep the faith. ♥

  7. Line said - "Unfortunaely, the Videos you selected above demonstrate that the fight for saving children is still unequal "grace to" the ongoing corruption & cover-up of many organizations worldwide."

    ........ Although the tip of the iceburg, your link that you provided is at least good news that there are those still fighting. I wish they would get on the stick in THIS country. Amsterdam had to lead this battle and God bless them for doing so. Thank you for the good news . . . I have some more to post below from one of the followers of this blog. She just wanted all of you to know this.

  8. @Linda - I just fell in love with you. I'm on it! Thank you so much! After tonight's blog. God Bless you! Yes indeed, the more you dig the more you find. Michael . . . can I borrow your shovel? ♥

  9. A friend that reads this blog frequently wanted me to post this . . . some good news on the Foster family side:

    Dearest Bonnie,

    Todays blog was almost too hard to i read your blog early ,sometimes the videos arn't yet processed so i have to look at them later.I have looked at many videos of this nature so without watching i know of the contents.I will watch them later though.Are you leaving this topic,without doing something.I will donate to the One Rose For Michael Jackson, Sophie's campaign is for vaccines.Miss Katherine knows about it.

    Yesterday i babysit my youngest grandson Jensen 1yrs old.I was sitting him in his highchair and i nipped him on his chest while trying to fasten the harness.He cried forever,the tears rolling down his face,it must have hurt he was sobbing but,he was still holding his arms out to me,the one who hurt him.My heart broke into a million pieces because all i could see,was not just my grandson crying but all the children who are hurt and abused.I saw their little faces and them holding their hands up for someone to love them.I gave Jensen a big hug calmed him down,he got over it eventually. I didn't,crying now.

    Now i would like to share something with you.

    My mother has a rare blood type.When i was born i was ok healthy.The doctor at the hospital told my mother if she had more children it was more than likely that they would have to have a blood transfusion,although that's no big deal now back then it was.They frightened my mother so she never had any more children.I am an only child of 77 children.LOL My parents decided to become foster parents.When the Social Services came by to check us out,they told my mother how much she would get paid.My mother never knew you got paid,she thought you did it out of the goodness within your heart. (to be cont.)

  10. (Cont…) I am telling you this because some children do get looked after well in some foster homes.

    We had kids of every colour creed, you name it we looked after them.Once we had three boys eldest was 15 oh my they came to us with scabies,what a time we had with the washing, clean bedding every day and a whole load of covering them head to foot in some lotion.They were in care at regular intervals (I Don't know why)One time when they were going back to their mother the eldest said,can we book a place here for the next time we go in care,we've really liked it here.Awww bless...he used to steal small change,but my mother felt that sorry for him she didn't say anything.

    We had the children of doctors ,police ,school teachers and a whole other bunch of professionals along with ordinary folks.The parents were allowed to visit some did some didn't.It's hard to let them go because you grow to love them, and you wonder how that kid is doing who came to you with two broken arms or, the baby with malnutrition who's mum couldn't be bothered with persevering with a slow feeder.

    I could tell you a lot of stories about why these children came to our house but that would take forever,so i'll just say this,they all were well taken care of and, given lots of love ,and most of all my lovely dad used to play with them and make them laugh and there's no better sound than childrens laughter.

    I think i'll just spend a little time now thinking of these children who will now be adults,i hope their lives turned out good for them.

    Oh BTW we kept 2 of the children, a boy and a girl so i got myself a brother and sister.i am blessed

    Bonnie if you will,would you post it to the blog,because i think we have to see that some children get proper care within the care system although too many don't.

    My love to you "Diane" who is trying not to be dizzy all of the time.

  11. Brilliant research as usual. Love to all. Karen x

  12. Bonnie, another superb blog that left me drained with emotion for all the evil out there left to fight. Whenever I start to feel it's too insurmountable, I think of Michael and how he focused on what his heart told him he had to do. When Brett Ratner said he couldn't save every child, Michael any one of us would have at the thought of just one little innocent being forgotten. But he didn't give up! I think of the miles Michael clocked, the concerts he performed, the free time he gave, the charities he funded, the personal fortune he donated. All of it reason enough to admire this extraordinary man. Under the best of conditions Michael should have been lauded as a hero in his lifetime for his inspiring humanitarian deeds. Yet, he did all those great things - while BEING STONED IN THE BACK!

    If anyone out there thinks that you, me, or others here on this blog are going to cave or ignore these crimes against children, they they can forget it!

    I was so touched by your friend's story about living with foster children. It gave me a sense of hope that there is goodness in the world, and I think that's what kept Michael going. As long as he continued doing as much as he could, he would be part of the solution. Michael was the best thing that ever have happened to child advocacy causes around the world. I think it's safe to assume that the child exploitation industry knew all too well that Michael was a threat! As he said in his Oxford speech - "if not us...then who? If not now...when?"

    Today was a difficult day, Bonnie. You know, one of those days when thoughts get the better of me. All I could see was Michael covering his face to hide his tears from Bashir, and it made me think of all who had caused him pain over the years. Hurt Michael...hurt me! That's just the way it is.

    Love you, Bonnie - and you know I'm hoping to hear some news from you! :-)

  13. Karen said - "Brilliant research as usual. Love to all."

    ......... Love to you too Karen. T hank you♥♥♥

    Spotlight said - "When Brett Ratner said he couldn't save every child, Michael any one of us would have at the thought of just one little innocent being forgotten."

    ...... Micheline, I thought about that very statement Michael made over and over on this blog. I couldn't forget it. Today I was digging up some more links in a group on one paragraph and the insurmountable prevalence across the world, I sat back and my chair and had to stop for a minute and just put my head in my hands. You try to do this research and you just stop and find the words that are in your head are "God, why?" You pray not to let the moment of weakness stop you, ask for his strength, shake your head vigorously for a second and get back to work. I feel like my insides have been scooped out. Baby P did me in today. Just really obliterated me. I hope Michael doesn't watch that video wherever he is.

    Hurt Michael hurt me. Hurt children, hurt humanity. That is their goal. You wait. This is not all of the truth.

    I sent you an email. Need a prayer. And I agree with you on Diane's email. I too know a successful foster family.♥

  14. @BONNIE :
    On your friend experiencing from the past the care of children from Child Services : I simply admire for it is not an act of charity but an investment of love for a child stranger to your family & generally victim of very sad traumas. It was indeed important to point out that decent, honorable & loving foster homes ALSO exist. However a kid happy in such a family may not always stay & is again transferred to other families much less caring which can be emotionally very damaging for the child. Our society is aggressive & dangerous because, for a good part, many youngs when they were kids did not get their legitimate portion of love first, care & education.


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