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Michael Jackson Justice: Civil Unrest in Jackson Cards? Michael and Others Knew...

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Civil Unrest in Jackson Cards? Michael and Others Knew...

What do We Do Now?

There Will Be a Day

Psalm 39:4  Lord, let me know mine end, and the measure of my days, what it is: let me know how long I have to live.

Isaiah 60:20  Thy sun shall never go down, neither shall thy moon be hid: for the Lord shall be thine everlasting light, and the days of thy sorrow shall be ended.

Daniel 12:11-13  And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away and the abominable desolation set up, there shall be a thousand, two hundred and ninety days.  Blessed is he that waiteth and cometh to the thousand, three hundred and five and thirty days.  But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest and stand up in thy lot, at the end of ye days.

Orchestrated Chaos

There is cursing in this

I was working on another topic when I got a call from Spotlight aka Micheline.  She knows I don’t watch the news but she called on her lunch hour to let me know how bad the rioting is getting.  She also gave me a background on theories that this is orchestrated and has nothing to do with the gentleman that was shot in London and that other “citizens” are also picking up the “spirit”.  There is talk of threat of “martial law” being declared in London as a result.

Riots springing to Hackney, Brixton, Edmonton, Enfield, Wood Green and Tottenham.

So I opened Twitter (I hate Twitter) and pulled some links from some of the news organizations:

“The rioters appeared to have little unifying cause — though some claimed to oppose sharp government spending cuts, which will slash welfare payments and cut tens of thousands of public sector jobs through 2015.”  Source

Another source quoted – “But many were attracted simply by the opportunity for violence. "Come join the fun!" shouted one youth in the east London suburb of Hackney, where shops were attacked and cars torched.”  Source

Then I found this – “"There seems to have been a very well organized campaign over social media to try to engineer trouble here in Enfield. It has almost become a self-fulfilling prophecy," he told London radio.”  Source

Does this sound familiar?

Egypt?  Bahrain? Libya?  Uh . . . Google executives?

That last link above led me to this article, “7 Deadly Stories”, where the opening paragraph states – “Deadly Stories is a GlobalPost series on the main drivers of the global economy, all of which are facing severe challenges at once. Will the U.S. economy relapse? Is Europe finished? Will China, Inc. crash? Can Japan recover from disaster? How will the Middle East emerge from the ashes? How did the world become awash in debt? What is the true cost of climate change? These are the stories that are pushing the world economy, once again, to the brink. Source

What is the goal?  World-wide riots?  U.N. Marshall Law?

“We’ve got four years to get it right, or it’s irreversible, the damage we’ve done…” Michael Jackson, early 2009 taping of “This is It”.

Make no mistake about it.  This is by design, and this is on a time line.  There is a mad rush to ruin the economies of sovereign countries.  And the goal is to eliminate sovereignty. 

There is also a protest being organized by David Swanson in Washington D.C. on October 6, 2011, which I thought kind of odd.  Isn’t Michael’s “Tribute” planned for the 8th?

“David Swanson, author of numerous books, the blog Let's Try Democracy, and a Progressive Activist, is organizing a HUGE Protest with the intention to shut down Washington D.C. until demands to end the four unsanctioned wars the US is involved in are met. Also the protest demands include more educational funding, entitlement assistance for the needy, and an immediate halt to Wall St. Bailouts. A Coalition of Organizations and Noted Leaders have committed to a peaceful occupation of Washington DC, announcing the plan for a People's Occupation of Washington, D.C. starting October 6th and not leaving until the United States government is seen to halt functioning on behalf of Wall Street and a war machine.”  Source

Michael Getting Mobbed

This is their web site. .  Of the top ten resistance movements they have cited is the most recent . . . the protests in the Middle East.

Revelation 17:13
These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast.

Daniel 12:1
[ Prophecy of the End Time” And at that time shall Michael stand up, ye great prince, which standeth for ye children of thy people, and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there began to be a nation unto that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, everyone that shall be found written in ye book.

The trouble is just starting.  One of the reasons Michael and a select few knew about this is because they WERE on the inside.

If you have never heard of Steve Jackson or Steve Jackson Games, there was a raid done on them back in 1990.  This is the link to the Wikipedia Version of what happened and why he was raided.  Don’t believe everything you read.  The raid happened but there is more to it then was reported on Wikipedia.

The “Electronic Frontier Foundation”  is supported by donations and is based in San Francisco, California, with staff members in Washington, D.C. They are accredited observers at the World Intellectual Property Organization[2] and one of the participants of the Global Network Initiative.”  Source

The World Intellectual Property Organization.  Is that like the “New World Airport Commission” at the Denver Airport Mason Obelisk or the “New World Translation” Bible? Or the George Bush (1 and 2) New World Order?

Some underground watchdogs reported that the video below is the real reason Jackson Games (no relation to Michael . . . I don’t think . . .) was raided.  I guess it is safe to guess how a band like R.E.M. would know in 1989 not to get “caught in foreign towers…”

Count Down to 2012 Revealed in Card Game

At 2:05 we see Bill Cooper reporting on plans to depopulate the earth using manufactured viruses.  He says that “Aids” is one of them.  Somehow I feel as if Michael knew this and this particular video I want you to pay attention to Michael’s face as he sings this song to the Clintons and look at Hillary’s face.

At 4:42 Chemtrails and reporting by actual news agencies who had testing done of particles falling after chemtrails were released.

On the cards, shown at 6:45 – Combined disasters . . . The 2005 Christmas Tsunami, Haiti, Argentina, Storms in the Southeastern U.S., Japan earth quake, the disasters also seemed to begin to pile up after June of 2009.  Now there seems to be a mad rush to accomplish the checklist.

At 7:04 – World War III.

At 7:08 – Bank Merger card, a “clipper chip” card, Dittoheads and earthquake cards and earthquake projector cards (super collider? Tesla earthquake machine?), emergency powers (martial law), secret societies and more.  The cards call them in quick succession toward the end of this video, including nuclear accidents (Three Mile Island, Chernoble, Fukishima).

Michael At Clinton Inaugural Gala
Speaking About AIDS and Ryan White

How do you think Michael must have felt, having to give this speech to people he knew was involved in the conspiracy to manufacture misery and kill people like Ryan?  Look at Hillary Clinton’s face toward the end of the song.  (this version always makes me cry, because I can hear his voice crack with emotion on the final line of the chorus and I want Ryan back too).

I want one “illuminate” junkie to explain to me why they have more of a right to live than another.  Give me one good explanation!

It is stuff like this that makes me angry and it is tough handling it inside because you know that this man cared about people and he is forced to be a marionette for people who not only didn’t care, but that are so selfish they believe others should be killed so they can “illuminate” themselves above others, thinking they are gods.  On top of all that, those SAME people sought to destroy him with charges of the very crimes they themselves are guilty of committing!

Innocence to the highest bidder

Not the look of a child having a good time
This picture breaks my heart

On the third of August, I asked a question at the end of this blog update, “Angel of Light”.  The question I asked was this – “Now where does God want us to go from here?”

On that same blog update, several Bible passages were posted.  The last one being:

not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, as though the day of Christ[a] had come. 3 Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin[b] is revealed, the son of perdition, 4 who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God[c] in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.

This was the entry where we explored the connections between the Whore of Babylon, the name of the beast, the number of his name and the mark of the beast.

The Mark of the Beast, which appears in the construction of government and corporate buildings, religious relics and idols, and of course, the RFID chip.

RFID Chip Components
Shape of Swastika

This is the video, part 2 from where I got the picture

Part one is here

Explanation of the 2005 agreement (made during Michael Jackson’s child molestation trial).

North American Union – Organized economic sabotage
The Amero – The blending of 5 continental governments
Into one

Michael’s quote from the 2005 Jesse Jackson Radio Interview:

“There’s a lot of conspiracy, all around me, a lot of it, I’ll say that much….It’s a real delicate area, where we are right now . . . “   
@ 5:45 minutes

I’ll say.  Michael knew why he was going through this trial and he couldn’t tell us.  He couldn’t come right out and tell us what they were planning or he would have ended up like Aaron Russo or Bill Cooper or Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband.

I am going to close this for tonight and pick this up again tomorrow, but before I do I want to say something and people are just going to have to understand.

Of the value that Michael put on innocence and what little of it we have left in the world, I would think that at the very least, Michael’s children and their innocence would be respected.  I don’t know who’s brilliant idea it was to put Paris on Twitter, but I would SERIOULSY RECONSIDER exposing her to the likes of what her father had to deal with.

I admire her spirit, she’s a beautiful girl and I understand that some family members believe she and her brothers have been “sheltered”.

So what.  Since when did protecting your children become a crime?

For the love of God, will you please stop exposing Paris on Twitter, to some of the attacks she is getting?  Please?  I don’t understand this at all.  It is not safe.  I would think Michael’s family would understand and respect Michael’s need to keep his children innocent and PROTECTED from the garbage you all saw him endure for decades. 

Paris, please understand, it is not that I don’t think you can handle it.  It is that I don’t think you should have to.

God Bless


  1. Sent to me by Micheline - These are the brainiacs being "inticed" to riot - because of rich people. problem is - the "rich people" they are targeting own businesses in their towns. THEY aren't the RICH.

  2. @Anyonymous -

    Nimrod, It means ‘the rebel,’
    and is evidently meant to designate the nature
    of the man. He was the first specimen of giant
    tyranny after the flood.

  3. @Anonymous - I can see why Michael left Jehovah's Witness. Thank you for the revelation.

  4. Bonnie,
    Speaking to friends in London last night, it seems that there was a threat of further rioting, but and extra 10,000 police on the streets seems to have stopped it for now. My friend said local shops shut at 2pm and businesses sent staff home early.
    There may be many reasons for the riots, but my friend discussed that many ignorant people say "it's OK, they have insurance" as if that is an excuse!!! I'm sure they would not say that if it was their own homes being burnt to the ground. It is school vacation time and it seems a lot of children took part in rioting too. Why are parents allowing thir children to thieve from shops?
    I remember what you said in another blog about making people live in fear so that they will accept new laws - the economic downtourn seems to be putting the fear into people, so what next?

  5. Bonniel
    You know ... me from a pang to see the children of Michael ESPONSE. He has worked for both protects them and now Tai to Paris having to read barbarity on twitter, I think Michael tried to protect the children hear, see and feel all that bad
    he went, because unfortunately for being a public figure ended up being the target, and had to engiolir certain things, but your kids do not need to go through it.
    On the other hand, I also think that Michael had prepared them, instructed them, and is also complicated because they are at the stage of teenage life, and have desires and aspirations of any young person.

  6. At the unveiling of Michael's artwork at LA Childrens' Hospital, attended by Prince, Paris, Blanket, Katherine and Latoya, LaT tweeted confirmation of Paris' twitter address, saying that Paris asked her to confirm it. I wonder if Latoya does everything a 13 year old asks of her. Between Paris and Latoya, who is the adult here? It seems as if LaT is not averse to exposing Michael's children so the same treatment he himself received or that she herself received as a child. Loved the pictures of the kids but can do without LaToya.

  7. Bonnie said :"What is the goal? World-wide riots? U.N. Marshall Law?"

    Wordwide riots : possible :o((. Truthbtold, 2 Blogs ago, also commented on new riots in some parts of the USA. But even if people from suburbs suffer unemployment, racism or exclusion that may justify their blank nerves, it is rather a majority of young people who are encouraged into this free violence & honestly, I do complain the policemen, most of them being either very young men or family men: a terrible profession nowadays. NWO ? if it's not, it looks like it.

    To your Videos above, I found an alternative one on Viacom/Youtube & the Georgia Monument with the inscription : "Maintain humanity under 500 million". You probably covered this previously but I read so much so do not remember.

    Honestly, do we have to be scared & impressed by all what we read in all these Illuminati Videos ? I sure have no answer but watching the daily news gives some indications at least.

    Paris Jackson Twitter : Michael would scream ! That teenagers are not too sheltered & instead emancipate socially, fine. But with all the sickos running, a wellknown & pretty girl of 13 only, "twitting" with unknowns : not good at all. Paris may choose showbiz in the future but in a way I do first wish her, when she gets of age to find her "charming Prince" i.e. a very decent man, sincere, uninterested in her wealth or name & willing to raise a real family with her : that would be her best protection against this crazy showbiz world. But she will follow her own choices anyway. I just pray she takes the best choices for herself & be happy & protected, same for her brothers.

    Michael little boy : what a lovely child..those marvelous but so sad eyes! So young but he understood so much already, alike Ryan White, another very sensitive & intelligent young boy. "Gone too Soon" makes me cry. God Bless you both, Michael & Ryan.

    What a Blog again, Bonnie !

  8. Princess Glam said - ""it's OK, they have insurance" as if that is an excuse!!! I'm sure they would not say that if it was their own homes being burnt to the ground."

    .......... I have heard recordings of people being interviewed, saying they are "showing the rich we can do what we want". But they are not hurting the rich. The rich aren't the shop owners! The Rich are the ones running the banks and the governments giving them the power to do it. They are attacking the very ones who provide jobs and are struggling to maintain what they have just as they are! That's what really gets me! They've been so brainwashed that "rich" means business owner when it is really THOSE THAT TAKE WHAT THEY DID NOT CREATE.

    Estrela said - "On the other hand, I also think that Michael had prepared them, instructed them, and is also complicated because they are at the stage of teenage life, and have desires and aspirations of any young person. "

    ........ I agree with you on this and that is why I ended the blog with telling Paris that it's not that I don't think she can handle it, but that she shouldn't have to. I really believe in keeping children innocent as long as possible . . . not ignorant, but innocent. Some people out in the world like to obfuscate the definitions of those two words and give the word "innocent" a bad name

    Anonymous said - "It seems as if LaT is not averse to exposing Michael's children so the same treatment he himself received or that she herself received as a child. Loved the pictures of the kids but can do without LaToya. "

    .......... I'm not sure that was the purpose behind Latoya's confirmation. I'm not going to single out Latoya over this because I think the whole family is responsible for Michael's children. I don't know what they are doing, there may be a method to their madness, I just wanted to post my opinion for those that emailed me about Paris being on Twitter. The Jacksons know more than I do obviously, but with WHAT I know, I do not agree with the children being exposed regardless of what Michael may have prepared them for. They are still children and vulnerable.

  9. good day to all. From what I understand about these riots and many others around the much of it is provocatured...did I spell that right!? Initial unrest is set up by people that are "planted" into the beginning framework of dissenters. They escalate the violence and the the real patriots end up getting swept up in it..unaware that they have been baited into the actions they take.Here the man being shot may have been an additonal action to insight..who knows. In the UK in particular...there has been a lack of appropriate response by the police...which is allso part of the "plan". Then as the local population is terrorized by the insighted rioters they begin to feel truly desperate...they will then begin to plea for the police to "please stop this insanity, do anything you have to, use force and bring in the" Aha! then guess what we have...Martial Law....the goal has been reached. this is a classic NWO move.

  10. @islandsisle - on the spelling, yes it is spelled right but the word "provoked" would probably fit better if that helps you. You posted after this that you didn't want me to post that, but since you worded it so distinctly I wanted to include it. I hope that is alright.

    We are getting some reactions here and the mayor of Philadelphia called them "feral people". I'm not sure he is aware of just how accurate that description is. You are right on the NWO orchestration. ♥♥♥ Education and awareness the best defense against this.

  11. A lot of noise about the London riots but these are the facts as I see them:

    Mark Duggan, a young black father of 4 was shot, supposedly in the chest because he supposedly had a gun. The police withhold answers. The family peacefully protested at the Tottenham police station on Saturday wanting answers. In response, police assemble outside the Tottenham station then attack a 16 year old girl with batons after she approached them saying the community needs answers, that justice must prevail. Then the riot.

    Eyewitness account:

    The police were saying that a bullet from Duggan's gun lodged in a police radio, proving he had a gun. Yet, forensics tests have now proven that bullet to be police issue. They also did the usual...painted him as a gun-toting gangster.

    Mark Duggan's partner speaks out & contradiction to official version:

    The police lied about Mark Duggan shooting at police. Perhaps they've also lied about where they shot him and that is at least partly why there are no answers. A gunshot wound to the head would be impossible to cover up. I have to wonder if his family have even seen his body.

    Darcus Howe on Mark Duggan:
    "Few yards away from me, where he lives, police officer blew his head off!"

    Iran condemns police action:

    London Riots: Government Prepares Troops - Martial Law Imminent. - 9th August 2011:

    In that last video the newscaster also speaks of "London's image" in regard to the upcoming Olympics. "London has been pumping up security ahead of the Olympic Games." He speaks of school children. "What London really needs, not in 12 hours time but right now is troops on the street to put those kids out of harms way..."

  12. I have been very confused since MJ died. Convinced that his death is a hoax one day and convinced that he is dead the next day. When I saw the pictures from the art event I started to cry. Blankets eyes told me that MJ really is gone and that he is never coming back. To see blanket stand with a toy in his hand watching MJ's art with his big, beautiful, sad eyes breaks your heart. You just want to give him a hug and tell him that everything is gonna be ok.

  13. @truthbtold - That was nice work putting all that together. Did you see the protests planned for here in the U.S. Do a search on and that may be a distraction for the one planned nationwide on Sept. 17th, 2011. Mentally incompetent people.

    Anonymous - Try not to torture yourself about Michael being dead or alive. I go through that every day, but less now than I used to. There is a bigger story he wanted us on. Blanket looked pretty bored to me but aside from that, OMW!!!! Does he look like Michael in the eyes or what? Michael has beautiful, beautiful children.

  14. Anónimo disse ... Tenho sido muito confusa desde MJ morreu. Convencido de que sua morte é uma fraude um dia e convencido de que ele está morto no dia seguinte

    So it is with me, not that I have difficulty accepting that the day Michael's departure has arrived, but ah things that death can not escape the common understanding, for example is normal here in the USA one of the family sign a death certificate ? As he did Latoya? And because Michael's grave has no name?
    But I also think that Michael would not be away from children.
    I suffer with these doubts !!!!!

  15. Thank you Bonnie.
    I'll check that out, thanks.

    Something that really bothers me about the London riots is the targets. I mean, why not police stations and for the more knowing...government, bank and corporate buildings?

    Another local voice:

    A comment below this next video, I believe, sums it up - "this has been building for so long. only last week the guardian newspaper interviewed youths in the area and they were saying the police are constantly stopping and searching innocent people. there are no jobs. they have nothing else left to lose.

    for once, looking genuine, but thats not to say it wont be co-opted by the provocatuers"

    Then, going on the The Guardian newspaper website I searched:

    Some enlightening articles there. Though, I can't find the one he was specifically talking about.

    Chemtrails disturb me. It's such a blatant violation of our God-given rights. They have been overhead almost every day for many years "touching" my life. Several years ago I documented them on film throughout a summer day, watching them spread across a clear blue sky into a solid haze. At one point they began to descend. I smelled Malathion - a pesticide I was familiar with. The following spring and summer there were very few flying bugs.

    "Bird flu"...remember some years back reports of birds falling out of the sky? I believe it was chemtrails.

    "Acid rain" I also believe was chemtrails, or the precursor.

    I can't remember now what movie I was watching but it was from the 80s and you could see the trails in one shot of the sky. I believe they've been at it longer than we think.

    Besides the physical effects of the heavy metals mentioned in that video, which includes lethargy, there are mental "dumbing-down" effects...short-term memory loss & inability to recall, disorganized & delayed thinking, feeling easily overwhelmed and hopelessness are some. One day not long ago my energetic daughter and I were both yawning and falling asleep early in the day. That was really weird.

    And, let's not forget sunshine deprivation. The barium is also linked to HAARP and weather modification.

    Paris' Twitter - I went and read some of those VERY PUBLIC comments on that account claimed by the media to be hers. You don't even have to be signed in! I don't know anything but it doesn't sound like Michael's child to me. Why would Katherine allow those kids to have social networking accounts?

    I have this idea in my head that those kids, having been home-schooled, are well educated, that for their age they would have mastery of the English language. Michael is meticulous and well spoken, wouldn't his children be too? It has been my impression that they are.

    Proper usage of they're (they are), there (a place) and their (possession) is a pet peeve of mine. (Sorry, Bonnie!) ;o) LOL Anyway...

    "its not like, a real word... its like "dag" or "dang" their not REAL words haha
    5 Aug"

    Slim evidence, I know. Do you think that account that the media says is hers is the real Paris, Bonnie?

    And now, I have to go see Blanket at that unveiling. He absolutely has Michael's eyes, spittin' image of his dad! Beautiful children indeed...

  16. I dont know how many commenters on here are from the UK... but let me clear a few things up for you.
    Mr Duggan was no "gentleman". He was a criminal gangster who, at the time of his death, was in possession of a handgun. It is illegal for anyone in the UK to own a handgun muchless have it on the streets. Whether he fired at police is actually irrelevent. If he went to get the gun or pointed it at police direction and those police officers genuinely feared for their lives then they were within the law to shoot him.
    Law abiding people do not go around carrying handguns in my country.
    There were independant witnesses who have yet to speak because there is an ongoing investigation.
    The police did not lie about Mr Duggan shooting at police. Look and read closely the original statement released by the IPCC and then see how the media scewed it for sensationalism.
    You will soon learn that Mr Duggan has a long list of previous convictions and was no angel.
    Im sorry, but this sort of nonsense annoys me.
    And be careful who you quote on here. Darcus Howe??? Please... he is in no way any kind of spokesperson and has his own agenda.
    Mr Duggan did not have his "head blown off" - and yes, the family have viewed the body and have been on camera on the news calling for calm. The IPCC have issued a statement stating this is completely false and the family have seen the body and know this to be false.
    England has suffered and innocent people have died as a consequence of this. I ask you to be careful about how you portray this particular incident. The media have an agenda and so do the government. Please dont spread it here.
    16yr old girl was attacked with batons? I have heard this rumour but have yet to see the proof. And if this 16 year old girl was trying to push past police lines and was acting unlawfully - then being 16yrs old and being a girl doesnt mean you get treated any different in this kind of situation. What happened next was not connected to Duggan. It was merely the spark.
    What has happened is complex and has more to do with socialism and people not taking responsibility for themselves or their children. They believe they can riot and loot and get away with it and that people will forever blame the police. The tide is changing in England over that one. If you were here and you have seen what i have seen, you would know that the police on the ground... the real police, not the top brass managers... are honest, hard working people who have done an amazing job and are STILL doing an amazing job. Big it up to them, i say.
    Also.. it seems that the riots have meant Bill Bratton is in as an advisor to Mr Cameron... one step away from the job of leading the police force now as i see it. I find this suspicious. Here is the link:

  17. Yes, you are right. Blanket really does look like MJ in his eyes. Maybe that's why I get tears in my eyes and feel sad when I see Blanket. I really hope MJ can see what you have done and are doing in his name. I think he love you more right now. Take care of yourself and god bless you for all the hard work you have done in MJ's name.

  18. Estrela said - "for example is normal here in the USA one of the family sign a death certificate ? As he did Latoya? And because Michael's grave has no name?"

    ......... Well, yes as a witness or verification that the deceased is indeed the identified person. But it is not normal for the redacted areas for other signatures to reveal no loops or or dipping tails for letters in a cursive signature. Michael's grave having no name could be indicative of something else, like it's not his permanent resting place. Several things around his death have caused a lot of confusion and pain for fans. I remember taking this up on twitter with Jermaine before I realized that he was not chastizing fans, but was actually addressing the profiteering of Pearl Jr and her DVD's or her book of the research fans were doing. I felt bad about that when I learned he wasn't talking to fans, but those fans supporting and harassing him about Pearl Jr.

  19. Truthbtold said - "I mean, why not police stations and for the more knowing...government, bank and corporate buildings? "

    ........ Sincerely! Why not the actual CAUSE of the problem? If a shop owner or a main street family business owner is "the rich" then what the heck is Warburg? What is Rothschild? What is Rockefeller? What is Weinstein? What is Gore? What is Windsor? What is Rockefeller? What is Soros? What is Geithner? Greenspan? Emmanuel? You better believe there would be some SERIOUS BACKUP if one of THOSE GUYS palaces were getting threatened!

    I have some good stuff coming on the chemtrails. Wait until you see the companies behind that!

    Paris - I don't see Paris as a street-wise, slang talking texter, no. But with that said, I don't believe family members should be drawing attention to her or suggesting it is her either. Even as bait. Not children. No freaking way do I condone that even if it is NOT her. Even suggesting it is her. No.

    Anonymous said - "Law abiding people do not go around carrying handguns in my country."

    ........ Does this mean that the police are not law abiding citizens over there? How about the M16 or Rothschild's body guards? I also take abrundage to the suggestion that people wanting to protect themselves are criminals considering police usually don't show up until AFTER a person is dead. What crime was Duggan committing that the police were even there? I CARRY A HANDGUN and in the state I live in it is legal. I target shoot with my husband all the time. I'm GOOD at it. That does not make me a criminal. Aside from that, I agree with you that the POINT of the investigation has been completely bulldozed and that the crime, whatever it may have been has been completely deflected by the press.

    With that said, onto the rest of your post, you said: "What has happened is complex and has more to do with socialism and people not taking responsibility for themselves or their children. They believe they can riot and loot and get away with it and that people will forever blame the police. The tide is changing in England over that one."

    Thank you, thank you on the comment on personal responsibility! I believe most people here very much know what is the AGENDA behind this and your mention of Bratton did not escape me either:

    I think some of us saw this coming. Good eyes! Thank you for the link. ♥♥♥

    Anonymous said - "Yes, you are right. Blanket really does look like MJ in his eyes. Maybe that's why I get tears in my eyes and feel sad when I see Blanket. "

    ........ I see Blanket as Michael-before-torture. I feel the very same thing. I see Paris as somebody that could "kick your butt" if you said anything bad about her father and Prince as the "gentle giant", silent sentinel keeping watch over his siblings. I want to plant my lil' lips on their cheeks each one of them and give them big hugs they won't be able to escape from for years to come, LOL! Michael? He loves EVERYBODY more! I think if I can imagine him watching all this he would probably be overwhelmed how much people really care about him - BEYOND the entertainer. I hope he feels it. ♥

  20. The laws are different here, Bonnie. Certain sections of the police are armed. Due to them being police officers, this is obviously legal. They need to be armed because the general public is not... whilst certain criminals do have handguns. The police need to protect the public from armed criminals and cannot do that with just a stick and some CS spray. Therefore, a small section of the police are armed and this is LEGAL. They are law abiding citizens, yes. They are also human beings with families who want to go home at the end of the shift and not be shot up by some hooligan with a gun.
    You ask what crime Duggan was committing? He was in possession of a firearm in a public place.
    Obviously there are differences in culture in gun laws between the USA and the UK. This is why i felt compelled to comment.
    You may carry a handgun where you live and that is legal. In my country it is not.

  21. @ Anonymous - A lot of claims without citations.
    There is no proof he was in possession of a gun. The mother of his 4 children said he did not associate with gangs. For all we know, Mark Duggan died for questioning the police's (repeated?) intrusion of his civil liberties and God-given rights. We may never know. It happens.

    * The media lies.
    * The police lied.
    * The family was not properly informed of Mark Duggan's death.
    * There were eyewitness reports of the 16 year old girl being beaten with RIOT POLICE batons during a PEACEFUL demonstration.

    You said: "The police did not lie about Mr Duggan shooting at police."

    The IPCC Report - 9th August 2011 states:

    "Two shots were fired by one CO19 firearms officer.
    • The bullet lodged in the MPS radio is a “jacketed round”. This is a police issue bullet and, whilst it is still subject to DNA analysis, it is consistent with having been fired from an MPS Heckler and Koch MP5.
    • The handgun was found to have a “bulleted cartridge” in the magazine

    At this stage there is no evidence that the handgun found at the scene was fired during the incident."

    The gun was loaded. Logic tells me a man shot in the chest and bicep would not have been capable of re-loading.

    My MPS Heckler and Koch MP5 is a 9mm submachine gun! Seems London was nearing martial law long before Duggan was murdered. Who needs the army when police routinely carry that kind of a defenseless and highly surveillanced society?

    "This case was referred to the IPCC immediately and we declared it an independent investigation and sent our investigators straight to the scene in Tottenham, where they took control and remained until late Friday night, supervising the forensic examinations."

    Without a bullet, there may be no proof of that gun being fired. Forensics at the scene continued for more than 24 hours. In that amount of time if there was a bullet to be found, it would have been found.

    The IPCC as well as the Forensic Science Service (, which is carrying out the tests for the IPCC, are government entities. Just how "independent" can this or any other investigation carried out by them be?

    Independent Police Complaints Commission may be no more independent than the Federal Reserve is part of the U.S. federal government.

    Police are civil/public SERVANTS, paid through tax money - a fact that seems to have gotten very lost. Being in a position of authority, they need to be an upstanding example. In this case, and too many others, they have not been.

    Black youth especially have been pushed into a corner in those areas of London by police bent on a stop and search at-will mentality, inflicted upon the innocent. "Anti-terrorism" legislation, based upon the lies of 9/11, has given them that authority. Similar legislation is firmly in place throughout the western world.

    "Over 1,000 Arrested in U.K. as Anger over Inequality, Racism Boils Over into "Insurrection":
    One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.

    How does one determine whether a law is just or unjust? A just law is a man-made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law. To put it in terms of St. Thomas Aquinas: An unjust law is a human law that is not rooted in eternal law and natural law. Any law that uplifts the human personality is just. Any law that degrades human personality is unjust.
    - MLK Jr. Letter from a Birmingham Jail (1963)

  22. truthbtold - Police are not routinely armed. Small section of trained officers are.
    IPCC are not police, and the clearly the inital statement makes no mention of Duggan firing back. Therefore, they did no lie. Media saw what they wanted to see.
    IPCC is still investigating. That takes time. Family may want answers but it takes time. Same with MJ isnt it?
    There is a media black out at the moment, i suspect, regarding Duggan because of whats happened. Eye witnesses to the 16yr old girl being hit with batons? Would these be the very people who then started the rioting? We have yet to hear the police officers side or most of the eye witnesses. Again, media will release what they want to release. I suspect there is CCTV outside that police station which will show it all.
    Be very careful about calling this a "murder". Think of who you are accusing there. And again.. its actually irrelevent if Duggan fired or not. The threat would be enough. What would his excuse be for carrying a handgun, i wonder? There is no excuse. Not here.
    What part of "possessing a loaded hangun in a public place" being an offence, dont you understand? Not part of a gang or involved in criminality? Why did he have a gun then? Time will tell and i guarantee you this man has previous convictions. There have already been people come forward in the community who tell of him being a crack dealer. So far, the family have yet to explain why he would have a gun. They havent denied it. All his brother has said is "he wouldnt be so stupid to fire at police" - not that he would be so stupid to carry a loaded gun then? Not part of a gang? - where did he get the gun from then.
    As for blaming this on racial tensions... lots of white males arrested post riots also. Three muslim young men were murdered by these looters.... no-one rioted about that! There was peace in that community after that incident. One white male murdered in London by looters. What about his rights?
    I dont know where you are from or if you have ever been to the UK. But you are making wild accusations based on your youtube research and citing what you want to find on youtube.
    Im not commenting on this after this comment i am posting here. There isnt martial law in our country. Our police are the most monitored and accountable in the World. Police are not routinely armed, vast majority only carry a stick and CS spray.
    What happened with Mr Duggan was a pre-planned armed police stop based on intelligence he was in possession of a loaded handgun.
    It had to be pre-planned as our police do NOT routinely carry arms. Only a small amount of small trained units. There is no way an untrained police officer could have been involved as Duggan was carrying a firearm. Why should an un-armed police officer risk their life when they have nothing to defend themselves against a gun attack? Think about it.
    Again, i stress.... doesnt matter if he shot or not. He was in possession. We dont know what happened that night because details are yet to be released. But you are relying on all the people who were not there. Once the police officers, the cab driver and any other witnesses were present speak then we will know the whole story.
    What it didnt warrant and was not an excuse for was wide spread looting and burning all over the country.
    Oh.. and just for the record... IPCC are not the police. Hence "independant" in the title.
    I am asking you not to spread this kind of propoganda when my country is still healing. Stop arguing over the Duggan death when the full investigation is not complete.

  23. Ive been to the USA many times and would not dream of critising your culture, or your laws that are made in a democratic country.
    I live here. I understand a lot more about what happened and why. Too long to explain in this little box. But please dont preach to a British citizen and try and tell me my country is over-run with armed police who shoot on sight.
    If you havent been to the UK, then i suggest you pay us a visit and these misconceptons of yours will disappear. Thankyou. I will comment no more. I see disrespect and misunderstanding here and i want no further part.
    Bonnie.. i love your blog, and am a regular reader and i will continue to read. I just want this "argument" closed down now. The British will sort this out and debate and resolve. I do see suspicioun on what happened in regard to the looting which occured afterwards. The spark that was allowed to get out of control - and it was out of control because the government have cut police numbers and emaciated them of their powers. Our prime minister was on holiday and only saw fit to return on the third day of rioting!!!! These are the real issues. I believe there were reasons why it was allowed to go on for so long. Senior police officers were ordering police to stand back and not go in "robustly" to quell the looting. Why??? This has been going on for years and years. I cannot explain in this small box. But i see it and i know why. I have seen what the media report and how they report it. Now the general public are seeing it. Finally. Reporters and news desks are being brought to task over biased reporting by ordinary members of the public who were there. (like me). Eyes are being opened.. slowly. But its going to be too late for 2012. Which opens up another can of worms with the Olympics. Is this all a plan?? There is something in this, Bonnie. Now we have Bill Bratton crow-barred into a position that our Home Secretary initially banned him from. My head hurts from all this. My community is still hurting. Where i live is not far from where the three Muslim men were murdered by looters. I know that area well. Please have a heart and accept there are cultural differences that cannot be explained sufficiently here.
    As someone who lives in Britain and have widely travelled around the World - including a spell living and working in the USA - i think i can explain more about what happened and why. You can choose to listen to me or you can choose to dismiss me as someone who is clueless. Im no armchair critic. I was there. You dont know who i am and im not about to "out" myself here. But believe me, i can give you far more information on this. But you choose to dismiss me and claim to be more knowledgeable about this commenting from across the pond.

  24. Dear Annoyed Anonymous....from the reports I heard...the WEAPON this man was carrying was IN HIS SOCK and was a OLYMPIC STARTER PISTOL, I think that means it is a BB gun...we are all hearing so many different stories and it is for a reason...most of it is lies. WE are good people reading this blog and I hope we don't start exhibiting the insanity that lives outside of it Lets be patient with each other , listen and be calm as possible...I can't even read your post right now because of the anger in it. I'll come back later and try again...I'm not saying my facts are definately correct...I am saying that they are what I believe to be true at this time and I have learned that I need to be totally open to learning that the next time I listen there may be another truth waiting...I'll be back. I just had to stop reading the rest of the posts too(because I'm exhausted!) so I really want to get back by here soon... ...but in glancing at your post...I think it may be entirely possible that you ,Anonymous, may be revisiting the truth later too......LOVE to ALL

  25. here...a deep slow breath and this......

    " That's How I Feel" this is about all I can handle today. the world is spinning to fast ..

  26. Anonymous - "But please dont preach to a British citizen and try and tell me my country is over-run with armed police who shoot on sight. "

    ....... I wouldn't tell you any such thing. Actually that is OUR country over here! (At least they are getting there). Let me ask you this . . . do you believe this incident and the subsequent riots are being "encouraged" or orchestrated by outsiders?

    @Islandisel - Thank you for your kind and fair words. We in the U.S. get testy when someone from another country tries to point out our "faults" we should have the same consideration that citizens in London here more news about their happenings than we do.

  27. well, I got to read more of these comments on my return....I think what we have here is a totally different "outlook" from Annoyed Anonymous on Governments, their laws and how they behave. I allso want to say that I think Americans these days are so fed up with our Govt. that they are the first to talk negatively about them...that is nothing shocking. This situation in the UK is unfolding and the truths are coming out. BUT I think like anywhere WHAT one chooses to believe becomes THEIR truth. I believe that it looks so far like this was a total setup and that this man was MURDERED and it was very possibly premeditated! But see...again, I believe that the cops were scoping the area in the days before, that they were hiding in the bushes reported. Someone else may choose to NOT believe that because it "costs" them a loss of security to see that these things go on and they go on RIGHT NOW! This whole planet is so whacked right now that I feel like we are all starting to feel like chickens running around with our heads cut off. At least I do. Today. So I just hope that maybe tomorrow will seem better, look better, feel better. I'm thinking that tomorrow however may make today look like a piece of cake. I'm afraid days ahead are full of things we have never seen before and shouldn't have to. It is just starting....I hope I'm wrong.

  28. @Islandisle - Just three years ago, if anyone from another country tried to tell me the faults of my own government, I had the same reaction as Annonymous. I knew we were not perfect, but I was of the same opinion as far as believing those outside our country got slanted news and we didn't. Things change and people see things and they start putting their own pieces together.

    I think where Anonymous is coming from is that she believes that the issue of criminals being coddled gets swept under the rug and police are just supposed to stand there and get shot at. That I agree with her on. But you are also correct in that citizens are being targeted to be "poster-people" used as a proverbial crowbar between citizens of different "groups" the government themselves have attached labels to in order to divide and conquer.


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