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Michael Jackson Justice: A Message For the Jackson Family

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Message For the Jackson Family

Not Everyone Has a Hard Heart

I was going to put up an entirely different subject today, but I received this email from someone who read my blog and I hope they forgive me for posting it, for I feel that this may help others.

Remember the Advice

The reason I am posting it is because I want remind the Jackson family that people out here hurt and the callousness in which fans perceive the family is regarding them needs to be addressed. The email is below:

"I gotta vent.  Latoya posted this photo on Twitter a couple of hours ago.  She looks great, doesn't she?  It hit me like a ton of bricks to see this after my breakdown of near hysteria in the bathroom tonight.  For two years and counting, we've been on an emotional roller coaster, racked with grief while we struggle to make ends meet, at times even denying our own families the attention they deserve.  By comparison, I see this family living a very carefree life - looking so glamorous and eating out at the best restaurants.  Jermaine and Halima have been on a whirlwind trip to Spain enjoying the international scene without interruption.  

Don't get me wrong, Bonnie - I am not envious of anyone who does well, and Latoya and the Jackson family have endured their share of misery, so I am happy that Latoya got her life back.  Michael and the family have paid their dues having to deal with the corruption and evil that surrounded them.  But, are we the only ones suffering today, Bonnie?  If the Jackson family must participate in having fans believe that Michael died in June 2009, are images like this posted on Twitter an implication that they have moved on...while we agonize over Michael and struggle to pick up the pieces of our insignificant and simple lives?  I'm feeling very confused by the mixed messages the family is putting out, including the "happy go lucky" tweets of Jackie Jackson!  Everyone is having such a wonderful time, and I'm still sick with pain!  The only real expression of sadness and grief I have encountered for Michael is coming from us...the fans, and those like you with the guts to expose the real dangers that threatened Michael for decades.  Michael is worth everything to me, and every tear - because in the center of it all, he was the target of attack.  He is the innocent one whose name and life were maligned and torn apart.  And wherever he is, I will never give up on him.  But I am beginning to feel that his family is no longer as emotionally attached as we are.  Is that what a life of luxury does to people?  It never had that effect on Michael, who felt pain and cried for those he never met, and would have given anything to end the suffering of just one child.  If Michael is alive, the family is not doing a very good job of pretending he's dead.  I don't feel it from them.  And...if he is dead (oh, God...), they are not showing the fans how much they miss him.  We're doing that!   After two years, why do we seem to be in a worse state of turmoil over Michael than his own flesh and blood - those who touched him, knew his pure heart and loved him since birth?   I never had the joy of looking into Michael's eyes the way they have, and yet he has been ripped from my heart, just as sure as if he had been beside me my whole life.  Is it all an illusion?  What am I feeling?  My head hurts.  Michael, help me."

I in no way want to further burden you Miss Katherine, Joe, Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Latoya, Marlon, [Michael, wherever you are], Randy or Janet or Michael’s children.  I just want you to remember that not everyone out there paying attention to this has a hard heart. 

My answer to ANYONE feeling the way this person in the email above feels, is this:

Matthew 24:13
But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

John 6:27
Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you: for him hath God the Father sealed.

(Michael was hated because of this)  Mark 13:13
And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

1 Corinthians 13:7
Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

2 Thessalonians 1:4
So that we ourselves glory in you in the churches of God for your patience and faith in all your persecutions and tribulations that ye endure:

2 Timothy 2:3
Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

2 Timothy 3:11
Persecutions, afflictions, which came unto me at Antioch, at Iconium, at Lystra; what persecutions I endured: but out of them all the Lord delivered me.

1 Peter 2:19
For this is thankworthy, if a man for conscience toward God endure grief, suffering wrongfully.

Hebrews 6:15
And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise.

What Michael asked us to do:

“Everyone’s doing a great job.  Let’s continue and believe
And have faith, and give me your all your endurance, your patience . . .
And your understanding.

I am not infallible.  I go through the same weaknesses, I have the same doubts and I spend enough time crying in front of this computer, when most people who are close to me question my sanity.  I also have to get my head back on straight and spend some time meditating on those verses above.  I too have to pray and seek guidance because I am human and I make mistakes.  Emotion moves me to action when sometimes I need to sit quietly and wait for a sign for the direction I should take.

You are Not Alone

I am therefore posting this today, in honor of the person who is going through so much turmoil, to remind her that it is also you and I that have the same struggles.  All we have to do is read that Bible to see those apostles and prophets who had the same struggles . . . and Michael, who sang of his own struggles in his songs.

If Michael could endure to the end, and God asks us to do the same, would it be fair to not be there for him?   

Jesus prayed in anguish and was strengthened, KNOWING what was to befall him.  He is the same that reminded us of the mustard seed and how faith of that size could move mountains.

Michael is not the only one who took risks.  His family needs prayers, YES even when it looks to us that they are the hard-hearted ones.  In this way we let God handle it and do what is best.  If the Jacksons are capitalizing on their brother then God will deal with them.  If they are actually trying to protect Michael’s work then God will give them strength.  God will do what is good.  ALL WE NEED TO DO is PRAY FOR THEM.

Again, this is NOT to burden the Jackson family with our pain.  Just know that we feel it and we all want good to prevail.

I love you all.  Please keep your faith and the armor of God around you.

P.S.  Those of you trying to reach me, my line will be down today and for a few days.  Those of you that have my land line will just have to try and reach me that way for the next couple of days.  My household too has become a statistic and we are just going to have to deal with things the best way we can.  Through it all I have been blessed beyond what I can imagine, what I have been shown in the last two years.

Thank you God, for answering my prayer.

Also I want to ask people to pray for Micheline.  She re-injured a spot below her ribs and is hurting to sneeze or take deep breaths.  Please pray for healing for her and for Jenny’s foot healing from a possible spider bite. Thank you and God bless you.


  1. Michael's entire world has never been anything easy to understand. It is as complex as things can get I think. I whole heartedly think I may understand the emotions and some of the rationalizing of the letter you shared with us. It clearly explains the frustrations , heartache and confusion that have come with Michael's passing/or not. These same things have all existed in Michael's world even prior to June 25, 2009. I just want to throw in ...that there is no right or wrong way to grieve. It is so individual. Michael's family is just like us in many many respects...BUT , their public life has to be an incredible thing to experience. We literally have no idea from what they present us with ...if they are in severe pain or not. However,for me, knowing WHO Michael was/is tells me that even genetically these are good hearted soulful people. We know they miss him, they grieve him, they want him...I can't ask them to be on display with it. I know grief makes us not be at our best, it can be crippeling. They may do many things that people find inappropriate..I am not surprised. I know that loosing my own family members has turned my world inside out for years...never becoming again what it was when they were here. I will say that Joe is the exception for me personally in my approach here. I know Michael said he forgave him...I'm sorry Michael...I am not as good as you at this. Being very abused myself...I'm just not there with the love for Joe...don't think I ever ever ever!!!!! will be. I did however notice when I went to find the photo the letter mentioned...that either on that same day or the day before...LaToya tweeted that she was watching "Singing In The Rain" in tears and that it was such a favorite of Michael's. I don't follow them all too closely. I do check in on tweets sometimes ...but I have to admit, it is for my comfort...just to know what they were up to. I do feel that Michael would want his family to take each and every day of their lives and live it like it is their last...he said and sang that so often. THAT I think is what he wanted us all to do and to fill that day with love as much as possible...because that would help us with the pain we find. I think this family grieves deeply...he was theirs, how could they not. I just really hope we all can remember that there are no rules at all.....for grieving. I think we all do the best we can in our own way. It is very tough stuff. It gets no harder. SO.....I send you all love and light ...and a giant hug. Honoring and loving Michael is quite something. I feel so humbled by his life.

  2. @Islandisle - Have you seen my childhood, that one line "I'm searching for the world world that I come from" gets me every single time. Since it is about the hardest of his songs for me to handle, It is the least listened to for me of his solo career . . . even less than Morphine (because I spent so much time deciphering that song).

    I don't believe anyone consciously wants to see grieving family members or wants to see any of his family suffer. The point of her email was she wanted some reassurance of some kind because she wasn't seeing or getting that feeling from family with their posts and whatnot. I'm not sure what reassurance exactly that she is looking for other than closure in some way shape or form and there just isn't any.

    When a family member dies, there is closure. But when family is on the internet throwing teasers around, OTHERS that care about that family member are left with "what if". And when you have half a fan base attacking others over the belief that someone is alive, and things published online are inconclusive and family members appear to be kicking dirt in the face of the one they supposedly buried (the tribute, the way it's laid out, the horrid process of even HOPING to get a ticket, charities that are not Michael's ect.... the book, the people who are behind torturing him saturated throughout his sister's business ( I could go on), no, there is no closure, only more questions that family cannot answer.

    Anyone trying to pass this off as a NORMAL grieving family can forget that. We all know there is more behind it. We know there is a much bigger purpose behind it. And that is why I posted her letter and the verses I myself have to keep going to for comfort. Eh . . . Michael's words help too. I know she is not the only one going through this. ♥♥♥

  3. Bonnie,
    Yes the letter could have been written by me at some time or another!
    I think one of the reasons the fans find it all so hard, is that celeb families such as the Jacksons and the Osmonds, spent an awful lot of time convincing their fans that they were part of the 'family'.This is a neat marketing ploy, but when disaster strikes the real family, it leaves the fans out in the cold, because they aren't family at all. The fans have felt close to Michael etc for DECADES and now, there is no place for them, and they are excluded, overnight, with no explanation as to what is going on. Fans suddenly realise they don't know these people at all, and feel deceived.
    As I said in a previous post, I've been through this with several performers: they draw you in, make you feel like if you ever met you'd be best buddies, and then whoosh they are off in a limo, never to be seen again. I can't be angry when it happens again because it's deja vu for me! The answer is to stand back, see it for what it is, and keep a cool head. It's hard when you are standing there watching the limo tail lights disappear into the distance thinking 'what just happened?'. You know, I do think these performers can't even see what effect they have on others, they are so wrapped up with their own performance. Its in their nature - performers crave a connection with their audience, and will seek out those that provide it. And yes, I've seen fans get humiliated before, thinking there is a real relationship between them.
    I don't like what is going on either, but I always remind myself that I'm not walking in their shoes (thank goodness), so I can't judge them.

  4. I get what you are saying...I didn't mean to sound dismissive...and you are right..this isn't simply a grief bad. I thought the writter of the letter thought they were looking too happy ....too much moving on with their lives. Man...who KNOWS what they are dealing with! That is why I find it hard to expect anything from them. I can't imagine what they get up to each day.We have some idea of what Michael dealt with and they must be dealing with all this manipulation too? I didn't want to start any porblems with my post...sorry. I think I's very complex. Bonnie I definately did not imply that I thought people conciously wanted to see family members suffer...I am surprised it came off that way. I didn't mean anything like that...I think I just will bow out...I had no ill intent ....

  5. Princessglam said - "This is a neat marketing ploy, but when disaster strikes the real family, it leaves the fans out in the cold, because they aren't family at all. The fans have felt close to Michael etc for DECADES and now, there is no place for them, and they are excluded, overnight, with no explanation as to what is going on. Fans suddenly realise they don't know these people at all, and feel deceived."

    ...... Is that how you feel? I thought their twitters were an attempt to include fans without giving themselves or the case away. In that I think they have done an incredible balancing act. I don't see them as having intentionally done any harm to fans or intentionally deceived them. However the manueverings have pulled fans into this and I agree that it's not right. I don't like it but their is a bigger picture that because of the bad guys, the luxury of including fans is not something the Jacksons can afford at this time.

    I do agree it is hurting people, but I also agree with something someone else said a while back . . . it is up to us whether we are going to shut down our computers, or turn off our t.v. or stop reading the papers. Any of us can turn our heads and turn this off at any time. But we don't . . . why?

    Because we love him and we can't.

  6. Islandisle said - "I didn't mean to sound dismissive...and you are right..this isn't simply a grief bad. I thought the writter of the letter thought they were looking too happy ....too much moving on with their lives. Man...who KNOWS what they are dealing with!"

    No, I know you didn't mean that. I did want to address it though since the person writing that letter reads this blog.

    I can't imagine what any of the Jackson's do or face each day either. but I can imagine some of this:

    whatever plan was put together was a long time in the making.

    You can look at the Jacksons and truthfully put them on either side of the fence,which may have been their goal.

    They are aware that bad guys watch everything they do as well as fans.

    There are occasions where they are probably not too happy with me. (I get emotional too)

    The smiles we see from some family members are for the few seconds or minutes we see them in between the rest of the time that they are probably very, very busy.

    And . . . I don't think they are doing this JUST for their own benefit.

    When Jesus took on our burdens, he knew that he'd be dying for some of the very people pelting him with spit, stones and sticks as he carried that cross.

    Some of the very people Michael was trying to protect or save ended up being used against him. I know that pain. We have to stay strong.

  7. Bonnie, this was a wonderful blog tonight, and rather than pushing the Jackson family away with our questions of how they deal with their loss, your comments were really a way of reaching out to them by showing them how much Michael - their Michael, really means to all of us. I have many doubts when I'm alone with my own sadness, and in the darkness of night, it can really be devastating. But I truly believe Katherine raised nine great children. Michael could not have turned out to be such a beloved soul without a strong family bond and the love of his siblings. With all Latoya has been through during her decade of abuse with Jack Gordon, she must have been overjoyed to reconcile with Michael after all those years. She lost a big part of her life to Gordon, and there is a lot of pain that binds this family together. But there is also love and loyalty. I feel certain of that. They proved it at Michael's trial.

    We should also remember that no other family is as publicly recognized and scrutinized as the Jacksons, and they are mindful of their public persona and what the media did to one of their own. They are not to be trusted and would like nothing better than to catch any Jackson in an unguarded moment. We must assume they have their share of dark times in the privacy of their own homes, same as the rest of us. When you think back to Michael's trial, that was the worst five months of his life, living with the daily fear that he could face twenty years in prison and the loss of his children! The mere thought of that happening still makes me sick. The day of the verdict Michael told his family that if it didn't go well to please take care of his children! If anyone could have telegraphed to the world the agony he was going through, it was Michael. Yet he carried himself with total grace and dignity, never once leaving fans with a negative image.

    Maybe we need to cut his family some slack and try to remember that they can't always be as free with their public displays of emotion. Especially if things are happening that we simply cannot be privy to right now. Michael's family has been navigating dangerous waters, and Jermaine told us they will need our support when things get rough. I would not want to be in their shoes right now dealing with the enemies that surrounded Michael. The family needs to put on a public face of strength and unity. If they are seen to appear the least bit vulnerable, it could work against them.

    Bonnie, you have given us faith while the Jackson family asks for our trust. Those two things should lead us to the truth, so we need to continue the journey together. You know what I'm wishing for, which is the same thing we all want. However long it takes, I intend to be there at the end. To welcome a certain beloved soul who showed his strong faith, patience and endurance.

    Thank you, Bonnie...I love you! ♥ ♥ ♥

  8. Spotlight said - "Maybe we need to cut his family some slack and try to remember that they can't always be as free with their public displays of emotion."

    ........ Sharpening knife now. I don't want to leave any trim when I cut the slack :o)

    You're right, Jermaine's tweets about that I keep remembering (it's gonna get tough, it's gonna get tough). That and some other things can remind us that they ARE including fans. They can't make us privy to everything because as we have discussed here, even THAT community has it's posers and stalkers.

    I think we are ALL wishing for the same thing. The thunder here is distracting me. I have to get back to work. Aug. 29th quickly approaching.

  9. Arnie Klein has been busy on Twitter.... Thanks Micheline for the heads up.

  10. @BONNIE : I do understand the feelings & doubts of the person who sent you her concerns about the Jacksons but also believe that our major concern should be MICHAEL : to stay very near his spirit, honor him always & defend his good name outside whenever it is disrespected..without forgetting praying that Justice be done in favour of this good man. The rest is only a merry-go-round which will not stop anyway.

    If Michael's fame reflects more on the Jacksons since 06.25.2009, we can't blame them : in counterparty harsh critics from everywhere also fuse. The Tribute was badly built-up but it is only a ONE day Show, so no panic. I anyhow still have sympathy for the Jacksons & yes, in 2005 they were there for Michael. God Bless All.


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