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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Jackson and Nimrod Case of Mistaken Identity

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The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Michael Jackson and Nimrod Case of Mistaken Identity

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Sometimes the truth comes in packages camouflaged as a deception.  Why people do this I do not know, but if I have to dig for it then I dig for it.

Last night before I went to bed I checked the stats on the blog.  I do this every night (or a.m. depending on when I go to bed).    I check on visitors, where they came from, what sites brought them to my blog and I check the search terms searched for on my blog.  Sometimes I miss things because some of that information will roll off after two hours unless there is more than one visitor to a certain page or more than one result for a search term entered.

Last night I was lucky enough to see this one:

why wasn’t nimrod blessed by Jehovah  1

The “1” was the number of times that search result was entered.

The entry above was unusual and not really related to Michael, so I copied the search term and Googled it as it was (without the number 1).

This was the result:  Google Search

The very first search result on Google was the Michael’s Guardian blog titled “Michael Jackson’s Bible Study Notes Part 1

On that blog topic, posted February 23, 2011, I had pictures of Bible study notes of Michael’s and one of those pictures was this one

Michael’s Bible Study Notes 3-1

I published below that on that blog:

Michael then wrote below that, “Why wasn’t Nimrod blessed by Jehovah?  Gen. 10:8 he was in opposition of Joh. 10: 11,12     9:1, 7  He wanted all the power, he wanted to change the laws around he wanted all the glory for himself.”

Under that was this paragraph:

“Bible verses in Genesis, first Michael lists 10:8, “Cush begot Nimrod; he began to be a mighty one on the earth.”  (Michael following lineage of Nimrod?  Why?  Bankers?)  Then Genesis 10: 11 and 1211 From that land he went to Assyria and built Nineveh, Rehoboth Ir, Calah, 12 and Resen between Nineveh and Calah (that is the principal city).”  

Under that was Michael’s reference to the resting of the ark and Noah’s family disembarking, being told that the animals were now food for them but that they should eat without it’s life’s blood in it.  There was nothing else on that blog topic, on Nimrod.

The SECOND search result on the Google search result above was this one:

Babylon the – This made for interesting reading.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that this was a blog by a Jehovah’s Witness, or at least it appeared to be.  Most of the entries were  quotes from different books, but the first two were from different translations of the Bible:

“"...Nim´rod....He displayed himself
a mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah...."
(Genesis 10:8,9)(NWT)

NWT is “New World Translation” which is the Bible the church of Jehovah’s Witness uses, taken from their own website: 

According to this site, no other Christian church uses the New World Translation and that this particular translation was authored specifically for Jehovah’s Witness church. “The New World Translation of the Bible is Jehovah's Witnesses own translation, no other religious group uses this Bible and Jehovah's Witnesses make very little use of other Bibles.Source

Then the next translation down is this:

"...Nimrod....He was a mighty hunter
before Jehovah..."
(Genesis 10:8,9)(ASV)-BibleGateway

ASV is the “American Standard Version” which is also a much newer publication or translation of the Holy Bible. The oldest ENGLISH Version  that I am aware of is  the Geneva Bible, which came before the King James Version.  I can’t read Hebrew or Greek so the earliest English version I can get my eyeballs on is preferable to the newer translations.  The closest to the event in history you can get with your source, the better.   

I noticed that Jehovah’s Bible said Nimrod was a great hunter “in opposition” to Jehovah, but the other translations said “great hunter before the Lord”.  Before does not mean “opposition” in MY language.  That is a big difference in meaning.

Next entry down, we have an excerpt from a writing from Josephus, a historian and Bible interpreter from Rome between 37 and circa 100 A.D.  

"Now it was Nimrod who excited them
to such an affront and contempt of God."
-Josephus (c. 37 – c. 100 AD/CE),

Interestingly someone thought the Bible needed to be interpreted but for whom?

Josephus (A.D. 37-?100), a pro-Roman Jew closely associated with the emperor Titus, is the earliest systematic commentator on the Bible, as well as one of the foremost historians of the beginning of the Christian era. Politically, Josephus was pro-Roman, and although he had no sympathy for extreme Jewish nationalism, he was a zealous defender of Jewish religion and culture. Louis H. Feldman examines the principles that guided Josephus in his understanding of the Bible, investigating his creative contribution in the rewriting of biblical accounts. This comprehensive study evaluates Josephus as a historian and demonstrates the originality and consistency of his work as an author.”  Source

As I read further down these statements made by various historians, such as Horatius Bonar – a scottish hymn writer and minister in the 1800’s.  He wrote of Nimrod,

"His name is Nimrod, It means ‘the rebel,’
and is evidently meant to designate the nature
of the man. He was the first specimen of giant
tyranny after the flood. His Defiance of Jehovah
was perpetrated in wickedness and ambition under
the very eye of Jehovah. Nimrod's assumptions were
religious as well as political. Nimrod presented
himself not only for obedience but also for worship.
His awful greatness was of ambitious rebellion, 
apostasy and defiance of Jehovah. And as it was Babel
that was the beginning of his empire, so is ‘Babylon the great’
its consummation and close.

I saw no where in the Bible the mention of Nimrod in opposition or rebellion to God.  Chapter 11 of Genesis, verses 1-9 mention the confusing of the languages because the people began building a tower "to God".  The city after that was called "Babel".  Source This is located in what is now Southern Iraq.  I saw nowhere in the Bible where Nimrod was to be worshiped.  Not in the scripture.

I also saw this further down on that same page:

"As the people increased in number,
the Way of Jehovah was corrupted
and a principal figure in those days was Nimrod,
the grandson of Ham described as a mighty hunter
before Jehovah. The word 'before' used in this
sense means, 'totally antagonistic to Jehovah.'
We celebrate Christmas on a date which coincides
with the birthday of Nimrod - the villainous king
of ancient Babylon.
-The Ensign Trust
VOLUME I No.2 - JUNE 1999
By Harry Lancaster

They took quite a liberty translating "before" to mean "antagonistic".  Where were they getting all this?  I did a search in two translations of the Bible on “Nimrod” and none of the passages mentioning him said anything like this.

As we read down this list of contributions to the history of Nimrod, things get a little more twisted, just like the passing of a rumor through the grapevine until it bears little resemblance to the core Biblical passages they originally began to embellish upon:

"'Seek not a name for God - His Name is God.'
 In view of this
statement,  the appearance and
persistence of 'anonymous gods'
- is one of the
most puzzling problems of religious history."

--Anonymous Gods ; E. Bikerman
Journal of the Warburg Institute
, Vol. 1, No. 3
(Jan., 1938), pp. 187-196  doi:10.2307/750004

The Warburg Institute is founded by one of the Illuminati families, one of the Rothschild bankers. Source  Further down, we get solid sources from Jewish Talmud Scholars:

"The great prophet Jeremiah explained that
the objective of the false prophets  was to
cause people to forget the Name of Jehovah
(Jr 23:27), an attempt nevertheless dedicated
to be defeated (Ps 44:21); because God reserves
his Name for his servants (Is 52:6) and naturally
for those who appreciate it (Mal 3:16). "
--Paradox of the anonymous name
The Divine Name of God; 
Gertoux; Hebrew Scholar

Note that as we draw down to the bottom of the list in more recent years, contributors are from the post-modern Judaism and the Talmud scholars:

"Abraham, who is the father of those that have faith,
took pleasure to proclaim the name, Jehovah, according
to Genesis 12:8, and initiated a respectable biblical
custom.  Furthermore, according to the prophet Joel,
it is even obligatory to proclaim this Name in order
to be saved during the great and formidable day of God
(Joel 2:32). According to Exodus 23:13, refusal
to pronounce a god's name is a refusal to worship
the god in question, so to refuse to pronounce the
True God's name means a refusal to worship him
(Jos 23:7).
--Paradox of the anonymous name
The Divine Name of God;  Gertoux; Hebrew Scholar 

"it is impossible to have a deep relationship
with a nameless God.
a Jewish scholar and famous talmudist

Quoting Jewish Talmudists kind of bothered me, especially considering what is in the Talmud itself and the fact that it is not Biblical, so I checked out Nimrod in the Bible.

I did a search myself on Bible Gateway for just the name, Nimrod and I searched in the old King James and the Geneva on their site.  Here are the verses in which Nimrod’s name is mentioned:

The verses in the King James Bible mentioning Nimrod are:

Genesis 10:8
And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth.

Genesis 10:9
He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD.

1 Chronicles 1:10
And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be mighty upon the earth.

Micah 5:6
And they shall waste the land of Assyria with the sword, and the land of Nimrod in the entrances thereof: thus shall he deliver us from the Assyrian, when he cometh into our land, and when he treadeth within our borders.

The verses in Geneva mentioning Nimrod:

And Cush begat Nimrod, who began to be mighty in the earth.

He was a mighty hunter before the LORD; wherefore it is said, As Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD.

And Cush begat Nimrod, who began to be mighty in the earth.

There is no other mention in either 1Chronicles, or Genesis of the descendents of Nimrod.  They say he began to be mighty in the earth, but no names of his sons are mentioned.  So I go to Micah, which is a minor prophet of the Bible.

And they shall destroy Asshur with the sword, and the land of Nimrod with their swords: thus shall he deliver us from Asshur, when he cometh into our land, and when he shall tread within our borders.

Now interestingly enough Asshur was the second son of Shem. Nimrod was one of the later sons of Cush, who was the first son of Ham.  Ham and Shem were brothers, son’s of Noah.  So this would make Asshur, a cousin of Cush, which would make Nimrod a cousin once removed of Asshur.  Source

On that same source, the chart of the descendants of Noah, Noah’s three sons were Shem, Ham and Japheth.  On that same chart, Shem is “Semitic”, Ham is Hamitic, and Japheth is Japhetic.  We know what Semitic means.

Shem = SemiticThe word "Semitic" is an adjective derived from Shem, one of the three sons of Noah in the Bible .  The term Semite means a member of any of various ancient and modern Semitic-speaking peoples originating in southwestern Asia, including; Akkadians (Assyrians and Babylonians), Eblaites, Ugarites, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews (Israelites, Judeans and Samaritans), Arameans, Chaldeans, Amorites, Moabites, Edomites, Hyksos, Arabs, Nabateans, Maganites, Shebans, Sutu, Maltese, Mandeans and Ethiopian Semites.”

Now wait until you see this:

Ham = Hamitic: “The term Hamitic originally referred to the peoples believed to have been descended from the biblical Ham, one of the Sons of Noah. When Ham dishonors his father, Noah pronounces a curse on him, stating that the descendents of his son Canaan will be "servants of servants". Of Ham's four sons, Canaan fathered the Canaanites, while Mizraim fathered the Egyptians, Cush the Cushites, and Phut the Libyans

Further on this page it states:  During the Middle Ages, this was interpreted to define Ham as the ancestor of all Africans. The curse was regularly interpreted as having created visible racial characteristics in Ham's offspring, notably black skin. According to Edith Sanders, the sixth-century Babylonian Talmud states that "the descendants of Ham are cursed by being Black and depicts Ham as a sinful man and his progeny as degenerates."[2] Both Arab and later European and American slave traders used this story to justify African slavery.”

In fact, the Bible restricts the curse to the offspring of Ham's son Canaan, who occupied the Levant, not to his other sons who are supposed to have populated Africa. According to Edith Sanders, this restriction was increasingly emphasised by 19th century theologians, who rejected the curse as a justification for slavery.”  Source

Why would the Babylonian Talmud promote such a lie?  I remember Michael talking to Bashir when he was asked the race of Blanket’s mother.  Michael’s response was that black people come in all colors.  So if the Hamites were the origination of people of color, then who begat the white race?

Japheth, Noah’s third son = Japhetic  “Traditionally, Japheth has been believed by some to be the progenitor of the peoples of Europe. Thus "Japhetic" came to be used as a synonym for Europeans, as well as Asians. In medieval Europe, the world was believed to have been divided into three large-scale racial groupings. In addition to the Japhetic peoples of Europe, the Semitic peoples were equated with all Middle-easterners, Arabs and Israelites, and Hamitic peoples with Africans.”  Source

Ironically, one of Japheth’s sons was named Magog.  Magog = Gog or “Magog, Hebrew מגוג, Greek Μαγωγ, [ ma'gog ], is the second of the seven sons of Japheth mentioned in the Table of Nations in Genesis 10. It may represent Hebrew for "from Gog", though this is far from certain.  Source

It goes on to say, “Magog is often associated with apocalyptic traditions, mainly in connection with Ezekiel 38 and 39 which mentions "Gog of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal" (Ezek 38:2 NIV); on the basis of this mention, "Gog and Magog" over time became associated with each other as a pair.

Ezekiel 38:2&3 in the Geneva says, “Son of man, set thy face against Gog, and against the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him, 3 - And say, Thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I come against thee, O Gog the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal.

Reading the rest of Ezekiel, knowing who Gog and Magog are, the people’s of the north, the people’s of Japheth who have along with the Semites later in history, have taken the Hamites as slaves. 

In Ezekiel in the Geneva Bible, throughout the rest of chapter 38, Magog, Meshech, Tubal, Gomer, Togarmah, all descendants of Japheth are mentioned in this prophecy.  Why the Talmud and Jehovah’s Witness Bible translations steer responsibility for this onto Nimrod and later Rome could possibly be to deflect from what later became the Pharisees who originated the Talmud.

Settlements of Japheth’s Descendants
Japhetites in pale Red - land of Magog

There is another group of people that Japheth’s tribe has a lot in common with. 

Conspiracy all around me, a lot of it.  I’ll say that much.”  - Michael Jackson, 2005 Jesse Jackson Radio Show Interview.

When you get time, please read through some of these links.

Michael’s song, “Morphine”, brings to light in the lyrics issues having to do with hating his race, being told he hates his race, threats of being drugged and threats of being “converted” and “controlled” against his will. 

I fully believe that Michael went head to head with architects of this conspiracy and connected the dots throughout his career just as we are doing now.  The scary part for me was where this is coming from and how far back it goes. 

The simplified framework of national domination consists of causing the conflict, working both sides of it to divide and conquer for the purpose of becoming the “savior” or the hero.  The “organized chaos” in the orchestrated protests in the Middle East and now the riots in London, spreading to other places.

I am amazed that one little search term about Nimrod that showed up in my stats led me to this research.  That let me to the blog I wrote about Michael’s Bible Study Notes, Part 1 and his Jehovah’s Witness translation and the contradiction of the description of Nimrod between the New World Translation Bible and the older King James/Geneva versions.

I am going to dig more into this because I found more that I cannot fit on here.  Since this was almost word for word what Michael wrote on his Bible Study notes, I want to follow this out.  I sincerely believe this is what is behind everything that is going on in the world right now, from the riots in London to the control the bankers have over nations.

Stay tuned . . .

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  1. wow this is so much information to keep straight. Armagaddon of the brain.
    Keep going Bonnie. Sending strength your way

  2. @Anonymous - It will get easier. It's just like knowing who your cousins and aunts and uncles are. Before I went to bed last night, I started laughing. Who would have thought that Michael Jackson was teaching me the Bible, from his own life? I am in awe. I don't know what else to say.

  3. Wow! Sending peace, blessings and strength your way. This is interesting. 'oyan'

  4. Hi Oyan - It is VERY interesting, and I am very tired. I'm missing something, but it will have to wait. Need sleep. Thank you for the blessings and strength.♥


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