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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Jackson and Scientology

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The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Friday, August 5, 2011

Michael Jackson and Scientology

August 5, 2011
The Victim of a Selfish Kinda Love
Less than convincing - Michael's Expression

The funniest thing in the world is someone you don’t know, that knows YOU.  Someone I don’t know told me yesterday that I am an “impatient woman”.  Just for kicks I typed that into the Google search engine and this is the very first search result that popped up:

Product description” You're Late Again, Lord! The Impatient Woman's Guide to God's Timing [Paperback]  Source

This is the very page that popped up on the search term on Google if you don’t believe me.  Google Search “impatient woman”

The comment I am sure was in reference to the blog I put up on August 3.  No “thank you for the information”, no “wow. You must be tired!” . . . they just said this and the person did not expound on what they meant.  So I thought about it and wondered if it was “too much too soon”.  This always makes me think I am missing something.

I also wonder if the person who told me this KNEW I was going to Google that and if that book would show up on the first search results.  I was laughing and I got the message.  Maybe I should have bought the book?

Wednesday was a bit too eventful for my nerves.  That blog was not put up until after 4pm but I had it finished a little after 5am that morning.  Before I put it up I was reading it to my mother over the phone.  I had her on speaker phone because I was reading this on the computer and clicking links to read some of the resources to her when a military fighter plane flew right over the top of my house, VERY LOW!  It was so loud that I ducked my head and pulled my shoulders up around my ears and said out loud "Jesus!".  My mother even exclaimed, "What the hell was that?"  She heard how loud it was over the phone!  I told her it was a fighter jet.  I continued after a minute to read the blog to her and two more flew right over the house, one after the other. When the second one flew over of that group the phone was disconnected.

When I called her back she said, "Bonnie, I'm getting a little concerned".

I realize that there is a military establishment about an hour away, and even though they have plenty of other places to do their FLY-BYES we are out in the countryside and every once in a while we will experience a Jet flying over like that, but not that low and not three in a row!  This was very low and right over the house and there were three of them one after the other.  After the last one my phone call is disconnected. 

This morning my husband called me on my cell phone to tell me he tried calling the house numerous times, but he kept getting a busy signal.  I told him I was not on the phone and heard no phone ringing.  I checked the phone and the display read “check phone line”.  There was no dial tone.  The electric in the house was fine, the internet was fine.  I have no idea how long the phone was disconnected but an hour later, my mother called on the house phone. So whatever they were doing with the phone lines, I guess they were finished.

Coincidence?  I don’t know. But I have a cell phone so if it was anything OTHER than weird coincidence I still have a method of calling someone.

So I am an impatient woman.  What can I say. I have admitted that much before.  I wish the person who told me this would like, help me out, but if they knew I was going to be a smart alleck and search that term on Google, I guess they knew I would find my “answer”, so it’s alright.

The Religious Element in World Government

Yesterday, no I’m missing a day, back on the third of August (Wednesday), we covered a lot of territory.  Probably too much in one shot, so I thought I would break it up a bit.  In doing some searches as I usually do, I run into old information I have already covered.

Today I posted a page on false Jews, here:  Evolution of the Pharisee.

The explanation of the origins of the conspiracy can be found there.  However, we are dealing in modern times and it is funny how not much has changed except technology.

To expound on the blog I did on Wednesday, I found some interesting information on the religions started in this country, which is a baby compared to the nations of the Middle East. 

There have been many sub-cults started in this country, but most of the newer, organized religions started in this country that are more familiar to us are the Mormons, the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Church of Scientology.  We talked about those and their history and origins on a previous blog.  My research into that began with the reading into Elvis’s involvement with the FBI in drawing parallels between him and Michael.

Page 145 Memo Stating Elvis was concerned about being approached by questionable individuals not in the best interests of this country.  Elvis volunteered his services to Nixon and was issued a badge to inform for the narcotics division.  Now if you take time to read through this and other documents (all 600 pages of the FBI files available under Elvis Presley), you will see reports of Elvis being suspect of John Lennon’s activities.  However, look who Elvis is dealing with?  The FBI. - Source

On that blog, I quoted the information on the church’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard:

L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, confessed in public (to his disciples) that he used Goebbel's Propaganda Machine to get people into the cult (and keep them there). The Illuminati has no problems promoting whatever they want, and have people responding to their favor.”

We also covered the “annulment letter” Michael allegedly wrote, found in storage in regard to “threats” from the Presley Family, which I will go into more detail further down:

Annulment Letter

Reads: “Annulment Reason:
I refuse to continue to live
Under extensive pressure
Of impact now or the future
Of a family, unwelcome threats
And behavior such as the Presley family’s,
Michael Jackson
File “Irreconcilable Differences”
And will continue to direct my energy
Toward my first love, music

The annulment letter reveals entities that go beyond just Lisa Marie.  He does not mention what kind of pressure or what it is about.  I had assumed it had to do with Lisa Marie’s religion.

One more blog I did covering the history of Scientology as well as the Mormon church and the Jehovah’s Witness church, on the “Illuminati Had Big Plans for Michael”.

My own research?  Yes, they were grooming him for something big.  Michael is loved all over the world.  But there is something these other people are missing.” Source

On another blog about Michael’s  2,000 Watts song, I posted”

““Trauma-based mind control programming can be defined as systematic torture that blocks the victim’s capacity for conscious processing (through pain, terror, drugs, illusion, sensory deprivation, sensory over-stimulation, oxygen deprivation, cold, heat, spinning, brain stimulation, and often, near-death), and then employs suggestion and/or classical and operant conditioning (consistent with well-established behavioral modification principles) to implant thoughts, directives, and perceptions in the unconscious mind, often in newly-formed trauma-induced dissociated identities, that force the victim to do, feel, think, or perceive things for the purposes of the programmer. The objective is for the victim to follow directives with no conscious awareness, including execution of acts in clear violation of the victim’s moral principles, spiritual convictions, and volition.”  Source

The theory that Michael’s refusal to stay “programmed” was discussed many times and was shown evident in his song lyrics.  During searching last night I ran into another source that not only verified the Illuminati’s plans for Michael and how important he was to them, but that also further explains the orchestration of the 1993 allegations, the almost immediate marriage to Lisa Marie and the motives behind that.

The Attempts to “Convert” Michael
Check out Riley's eyes - the look she's giving her mother

Going back to Michael’s “break out” song, which many conspiracy researchers Point out as containing the symbolism of breaking free of the Illuminati, is this one:

I never believed Scientology was trying to destroy Michael.  It was just one of the attempts to drag Michael back under programming.  Every Michael fan I have talked to since I started this believed the 1993 allegations were manufactured and that the timing of the marriage to Lisa Marie was a little funny.  So did I. 

The Real Story with Lisa Marie and Michael

I also believed that Lisa Marie’s ties to Scientology had a lot to do with their break up.  You can look at the breakup between Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman and see a similar pattern.  What I didn’t know until recently after tieing some previously researched blog articles together, that Lisa Marie and Scientology were installed not necessarily to convert Michael into that religion, but to get him back under control of the Illuminati.  Lisa Marie was made some big promises.  Read below (underlined emphasis is mine):

The Michael Jackson Scientology recruiting story is intriguing. Celebrities who bring in other BIG celebrities (like Mimi Rogers who brought in Tom Cruise) are treated even more royally inside the organization.
The speedy Lisa Marie Presley Michael Jackson marriage fits the classic profile of Scientology celebrity recruiting and in some ways is similar to the conveniently fast Travolta Marriage.

Michael Jackson was a highly vulnerable target. He had just come out of a drug rehabilitation program (possible programming in England with “Beechamp” via Liz Taylor), went through child molesting charges, and his career was slumping. Lisa Marie reportedly chased him and wouldn't take no for an answer. (corroborating source)

Michael Jackson is the ultimate plum to Scientology. In Scientology's mind one Michael Jackson can bring in millions of new young and naive members.

A fanatical Scientologist would easily marry or divorce to prove his or her total dedication to "bringing in" millions of people (clearing and controlling the planet.) Those celebrities who have been through the OT III initiation know that "clearing the planet" really means they are one of the elite aliens trapped here. They know the Scientology secret initiations woke them up to their real identity and world historic destiny, and that they will have to go back out into the galaxy and eventually re-fight the old space war. (The Scientology secret initiation process produces a fanatical loyalty at a virtually irrational level.)

Is Lisa Marie a Scientology fanatic? She was married to a Sea Org member who signed a "billion year" contract. She has lived extensively at Scientology centers. By this time she has probably passed the OT III initiation. It's well within the scope of Scientology covert operations and loyalty testing for her to have been on a celebrity recruiting operation for acquiring Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson may be Scientology's current #1 celebrity recruiting target. Unfortunately, going from the PR nightmares of his recent past into the world's most dangerous satanic cult will not be the best way to improve his marketability. He may find that what he gets with Lisa Marie may not be worth the "marriage" benefit.

If Jackson is being manipulated to get in, will he ever dare go public? If he is not in yet, are Scientology and Lisa Marie slowly isolating him by replacing his non Scientology staff and advisors with pro Scientology people to effect the final conversion? Will Jackson and his staff smell the con, and distance themselves completely and permanently from Lisa Marie and the cynical Scientology celebrity manipulators? Only time will tell...Source

The Tom Cruises and John Travoltas of the world notwithstanding, Michael had a lot more influence as his fans were/are almost unconditionally devoted to him, world wide, in just about every country on the planet.

Scientology is a manufactured religion but don’t be fooled.  Although some P.R. artists out there have spun articles and “FAQ” blogs concerning the “Scientology vs. psychology and Illuminati” they are indeed just another “battling fan group” example of “Republican vs. Democrat” distraction from what their real objective is.  One only has to look at the symbols to see the allegiance.

Scientology Logo Pyramids

Mormon Pyramid eye, Salt Lake Temple

Jehovah’s Witness Pyramid Founder Tazzel's Burial Place

Also visible on many other logos:

Catholic Church St. Louis

Russian Orthodox

Banks & Foundations
Lucis Trust

Motion Picture Companies

Trilateral Commission 

Codex Alimentarius
British M15


This link holds many occult symbols on the Catholic church, Mormon church, Jehovah’s Witness, Scientology (latter three started by Masons, two of them 33 degree), Orthodox Churches,    Source

These are the brands of the merchants, companies and governments who have “fornicated” with the “whore of Babylon”.

It was the Whore of Babylon who coveted Michael’s influence, talent and power given not by them but given and guarded by God.

Back to Scientology and Lisa Marie, I was both relieved and rather mournful to see verification of the real purpose Lisa Marie was installed in Michael’s life.  It also frightened me to see verification of the efforts the establishment put forth to drag Michael back into their control, using any means necessary including Elvis’s Scientology-owned daughter. 

We can now understand the anger and viciousness Lisa Marie portrayed in her post marriage interviews about Michael. Whatever they promised her for Michael, she couldn’t deliver and she was “tired of cleaning up his messes.”

There is passage in the Bible that talks about the unforgivable sin.

He is so important that the only unforgivable sin in the entire Bible concerns the Holy Spirit. You can do and commit any sin that you can think of, and if you confess and repent of that sin, you will be forgiven, except for one sin, that if you commit will never be forgiven. This unforgivable sin is found in several different places in the Bible.”  Source

It goes on to give verses supporting this:

  • LUKE 12:10, "And everyone that says a word against the Son of Man, that will be forgiven; But he that blasphemes against The Holy Spirit will not be forgiven
  • MARK 3:29, "Whoever blasphemes against The Holy Spirit will never have forgiveness, but is guilty of everlasting sin."
  • MATTHEW 12: 31-32 "Therefore I say to you, any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven. And whoever shall speak a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him; but whoever shall speak against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, either in this age, or in the age to come".”

The explanation I grew into my faith with was the rejection of God’s spirit in your heart once you have experienced him.  While other there are other verses in the Bible that tell us it is not possible for the devil to take one away from God, it is possible for us to reject him. 

This leaves me with thoughts of Lisa Marie and her experience with Michael.  And if it is possible for someone’s face and someone’s eyes to exhibit evidence of love rejected, then Lisa Marie fits that bill. 

If I were to piece together what I now know about this relationship I could surmise that Lisa Marie had a job to do.  A carrot was dangled in front of her face by Scientology of position and power.  “Go get Michael Jackson”. 

By more than one source Lisa Marie went after Michael.  Michael surrounded by handlers orchestrating from their end made sure Michael eventually met with her.  Michael saw an opportunity to save her and took it.  I can imagine things got ugly, as Lisa Marie stated in her last Oprah interview.

The annulment letter was written by Michael and probably was no more than a note to self, to address and bring up to his lawyer to get the union annulled.  But it mentions pressure and threats from the Presley family. No doubt Mama was also helping to pressure Michael as he was about as big a promotion as Lisa Marie was ever going to get for that church.  Michael’s world prominence, innocence and passion attracted people all over the world.

There was no one else more valuable to the establishment than Michael Jackson. 

Lisa Marie finally got tired or it was too much work, but she told the establishment, “I’m done”.  Michael’s “annulment” never saw the light of day until after 2009.

The Scientology church told her, “no prize unless you go back and get him” and she followed him, or his mother around for the next two years trying to get him back.  Lisa Marie’s children and contractual obligations (probably an excuse fed to him by his handlers) had Michael tolerating her tailgating but he was done with her and the games so she finally gave up.

Not to be so easily thwarted, Boteach and Geller team move in probably during the time he was still married to Debbie Rowe.  We are still not sure who came first, the chicken or the egg, but Uri Geller and Boteach tag-teamed Michael.  Geller was probably installed through Larry Geller, Elvis’s previous handler.  I’m sure since Uri Geller bought Presley’s first Memphis home, Uri probably used his connections to Lisa Marie to get through Michael’s barriers.  Since Scientology freaked him out they tried getting him through Judaism/mysticism.

When that didn’t work, they too went ballistic in the press, giving testimony to a “drugged”, “hopeless”, “slightly insane”, “ego-maniacal”, “mysogenistic” Michael Jackson. While that was going on they were setting him up for yet another round on the Pedophile merry-go-round, only this time they were done playing with him.


God Won.  And because Michael battled to stay on the path of truth, ultimately so will he. 

Now with him out of the picture, we have the pawns of the establishment running around on the internet trying to construct a Michael that really did not exist.  They continue to propagate the same fabricated character of Michael Jackson that the press they condemn fed to the public.

While Michael battled pretty much the whole world, he continued to put out music and put together a plan to save as MUCH of it as he could . . . especially the children at which this conspiracy was aiming it’s hooks

ONE OF THE devil's key stratagems in turning America against God was to get to the Mother Country first, and then employ her in our demise.  An applicable cultural trait of the last days is "without natural affection" (2nd Timothy 3:3).  Can anyone calculate the degree of permanent damage inflicted upon the morals of my generation by Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Mick Jagger and other satanic participants of the so-called "British Invasion"?

SOURCE: How Satan Turned America Against God; by Dr. William P. Grady; pg. 415; 2005; ISBN: 0-9628809-3-0

We have four years to get it right or it’s irreversible, the damage we’ve done…” – Michael Jackson, circa 2009, This Is It speech.

The Trials and Tribulation of a Man After God’s Heart


  1. I am staying on GODs path, the red road. I think Michael was Native American, think about the world genocide in America!

    Why does the media hate Native Americans? Because they can not own them. The word sovereignty comes to mind too.

    Michael Jackson is all about Sovereignty and so we all will be. Mother Earth is calling all of us home.

  2. Might be of interest...

    From MJDHI

    Karen x

  3. Bonnie,
    If we go back to Michael's own words, as you always suggest, he says that he initiated contact with Lisa Marie. They had first met when he was 17 and she was about 8, when she was taken to a Jackson 5 concert and met them backstage. Later (he's not specific when, but probably about 10 years later), he asked a friend who had contact with her people, to make contact. He kept asking for this contact to be made. That is what Michael said himself.
    According to Lisa Marie, eventually they met, just before the Oprah interview with Michael in February 93, in a break during the Dangerous Tour.
    So if she was chasing him, why would he say that he had to wait for a friend to make contact with her? Why did he have to keep asking if it had been done yet? If she was chasing him, then wouldn't contact have already been made? It sounds to me like he initiated the whole thing, not her.
    It wouldn't surprise me if once they met THEN pressure was put on her to convert him to Scientology. THEN I can see that she would be chasing him definitely.

  4. @Katherine - The media hates EVERYBODY that is not on their agenda. I believe I read that Michael had Native America in him but I forget what side of the family. All of the Jacksons are very pretty children regardless. The Genocide is world wide too and it began before there was an "America". My mother and I talk about this a lot, that the Native American seems to get swept under the rug when discussing prejudice.

    @Karen - Thank you for the tape.

    @Princess - View Karen's link above. Michael's own words have also said that the music industry made him lie. There are different sources that say she chased him. I know people want to salivate over this love affair and they desperately want the Karen Faye Facebook page Love affair but it never happened. Sorry but it didn't. Michael was a Scientology promotion to Lisa Marie. Tommy Mottola had given Lisa Marie a recording contract (covered in previous blog).

    Michael had also said that his father oiled him down and beat him with a ironing cord. Michael also said that he KNEW Blanket's mother and he DIDN'T know Blanket's mother in the same documentary. Do YOU see love and admiration with this couple? I don't and next to NONE of Michael's fans that I've talked to see it either.

    You make a good point. If contact had already been made when Lisa was younger why would he have to keep asking? Contradiction.

    Trust me if Lisa Marie didn't want anything to do with Michael, then Lisa Marie would not have had anything to do with Michael. Michael was trying to recover from child sex allegations. Would they have told him to lie? Absolutely! Would he have done it? He's told us in previous interviews that yes he had been told to lie.

    If a duck tells me he's a dog, I'm not going to believe him unless he LOOKS like a dog. Those two did NOT look like they were in love . . . ever. Michael chasing Lisa Marie . . . Seriously, would he have had to? What did she have that he wanted? Nothing. What did HE have that SHE wanted? A position in Scientology, attention, recognition, a recording contract she was promised if she could get him "converted". It's in "morphine".

  5. Observation:
    on the "Irreconsilable Differences" note the Michael supposedly wrote....I think he did write most of this note...the note kept seeming odd to me and then I thought...."looks like somebody added the part about the Presly's" and THEN I noticed...the F in the word family is facing one way in that part of the note and the F where Michael signs off saying "Music my first love" the f is facing the other direction. is possible that this note has been altered...Now I personally write my F's both ways...and very's just something I noticed though...??!!

  6. Hello Bonnie. If you are not confused already you will be after you watch this video on you tube. I don't have a link for you. Search for: sean borg on hollywood 411 michael Jackson special. At 1:43 Sean is telling an interesting story that makes you wonder if MJ knew that he was going to die soon. Take care and God bless you. You are doing a great job searching for the truth about MJ.

  7. Bonnie, this last image at the end of your blog is one of the most beautiful photos of Michael I have ever seen. It makes my heart span every emotion, from maternal to first love, to protective feelings, to overwhelming sadness, and ultimately, overwhelming love for this man. Michael wears his beautiful soul for all to see.

    The information you posted here is first rate, and we'll talk about it more tomorrow (Sunday). There are certain things one cannot deny. Regardless of what Lisa Marie hoped to gain with the Church of Scientology, she walked out of this marriage with so much more than when she came into it. Thanks to Michael, she will forever be linked with two icons and carry the name of Presley-Jackson. You couldn't have paid for better publicity! And what was Michael was left with? Even more negative press to deal with, thanks to his lovely EX- who was devoid of grace and discretion, and whose behavior backfired by making a complete mockery - not of Michael, but of HERSELF!

    Lisa Marie also wears her soul for all to see. A soul as empty and cold as her steely dead eyes. And let's not forget the "High Five" she gave to Oprah after her last interview from London. Did any of you catch that when the credits began to roll? Looks like they both had a good time discussing the aftermath of Michael's death - and what a relief for LMP to know it would be the last time she had to talk about it! If this was any indication of the level of compassion and dignity Lisa Marie held for Michael in death, I can only imagine what a "loving and supportive" partner she was during their marriage. The woman gives me the cold willies...God help her soul!

  8. Bonnie.. i dont know how to email you with this information, but check this article out:

    Both Theresa May and Prime Minister David Cameron have denied this story. It really could be set for Bill Bratton to become commissioner of the London Met Police... 2012??? I came across this information on a few UK police blogs who believe this is actually going to happen. Most are happy for Bill to become the leader of the London Met Police.
    Just seems such a strange timing with him resigning after MJs death and investigation and now this news turning up.

  9. Bonnie,Hi,I watched the video of Sean Borg.I'd like to say that,for me,the story he told fits perfectly with what we've learned.One other thing that I'd like to comment on.Since I didn't find your blog until later. I have a niece(blond hair,blue eyes,very "white")who had a baby with a black man.They have a very beautiful baby girl.With the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen. Peace.Linda

  10. MJdarkchild said - "Touche', Bonnie Cox, Touche' "

    ........ Awwww, I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad, darkchild. I agree with Princess about sticking to Michael's words and for the majority I do, but ALL his words. If they are not matching up with his lyrics or matching his expressions (or Lisa Marie's) then something is wrong. There were lots of contradictions with the story of their marraige. Perhaps the "touche" should go to Karen. :o)

    Islandisle - The Presley family stuck in there does look funny, but without it there is a sentence that has no ending so I believe that is his writing . . . as for the different direction "F's" . . . One is a capital F and the other is a lower case f and that is the way he writes them. I do have other notes of his. The "M's" are the same and his loops off of his "B's" p's and g's.

    @Anonymous - on Sean Borg, I will try and look for it and post back here. Thank you.

    @Spotlight - I agree with you and that a lot of fans have taken notice and commented on Lisa Marie's lack of warmth toward Michael. The purpose of this blog was not to beat on Lisa Marie, but to expose the Scientology and their use to convert Michael or get him back under control. Lisa Marie and that marriage was just a vehicle they used to do it. I wonder if Lisa Marie even wanted to love Michael. She probably did not expect a "no" from him on converting and at the same time, Michael who's always trying to help people, probably wanted to love her romantically. The press had a field day considering the Jackson/Presley lineage. I can't imagine how the brainiacs behind this idea made money on everything from the tabloids to the T.V. news advertising. I will tell you one thing, judging from that picture above, Lisa Marie's children definitely loved him and it probably killed Michael when he realized two more children were going to be lost.

  11. @Anonymous - Bratton - He's already slated to take over the position of organizing international police forces from different countries. I think this story is a "prep" piece to get people used to the idea that police departments are also being pushed to going "global" . . . one world government style. That was a good find! Thank you for posting that.

    Linda, can you post the video you found? I want to make sure it is the same one Anonymous was talking about . . . I'd like to see and discuss. Thank you! :o)

  12. Bonnie Hi,um...not that skilled yet and my son is not home to help.I just googled-sean borg hollywood 411 michael jackson special-second one down.Peace,Linda.

  13. @Linda - "Okay, Okay, I get the message . . . do my own homework, right? LOL...♥

  14. Bonnie, I know it sounds like I'm beating on Lisa Marie. But it's difficult to ignore her icy and shallow personality. She doesn't appear to have a varied emotional range, almost as though she's been desensitized. Whether this is the result of her childhood or through Scientology conditioning, if she went into the marriage on the promise of a high ranking position with the COS, I have no sympathy if she consciously used Michael. This is about everyone who USED Michael and I think the LMP marriage was a big part of that. Believe me, that photo above of LMP's daughter clinging to Michael's arm did not escape me. Michael was the sort of person a child could run to on pure instinct and be assured of his love and protection. Riley didn't seem to want to let go.

  15. PrincessGlam - a lady named Connie posted this on my facebook page:

    I saw it last year. See if any of this can help you. I know Michael has had to "play" people to remain safe and I know it is very hard to peel the lies that have been veneered to the truth. I'm not mad at Michael and I'm not even mad at Lisa Marie. Lisa Marie I wish would just call out to God because my honest feelings when I see recent pictures of her and her interview with Oprah is that I see no heart in her eyes and whatever soul is left needs to be reached. Her son Benjamin gives me the very same feeling. He used to be a blonde little innocent hanging on Michael's arm. Michael must be crushed.

  16. @Spotlight - It's hard to feel for anyone that did what they did to Michael, I understand that. When I first started watching Lisa Marie's interviews late last year, horror was my first reaction. She is not a nice person and I can't talk myself into saying any different. I DO believe that anyone, until they die, can have a life changing experience. That doesn't mean I excuse what they did or make light of it. But if she would ask to be forgiven and to have a second chance, would you tell her no? If it was heart-felt I could not. I do know the difference between someone who's honestly sorry and someone who's still too self-focused and proud to admit they hurt someone.

    I am not perfect, I get angry and say things in frustration that might hurt someone if I'm not careful. I agree what she did to Michael on post marriage interviews was hateful. It doesn't change what she did but Michael is free of that now and Lisa Marie will and does live with the consequences of her actions. I can see it in her face.

  17. @Micheline doggone it, Spotlight!

    I meant to tell you but I'm listening to worship music (because I need the inspiration right now, you know that) but I did want to tell you this:

    When you describe certain pictures of Michael and wax poetic on us, I think it's adorable. :o)

  18. Listening now to "Love Lifted Me" by the Gaithers. How so very true that is. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  19. Bonnie,Hi. Actually,I wish that I could be of more help.I'm still new to the internet.I've never had an interest until Michael.I am only 46 but consider myself old school.I am most comfortable doing things the "old-fashioned way".No cell phone,no car(I ride my bike everywhere),and will never replace my books with electronic gadgets.Peace.Linda

  20. @Linda - I have always been a typer. When I was a teenager I "graduated" from writing my dreams and stories down on spiral notebooks to using her electric typewriter. I did not get a home computer until 1997 and by 1999 I had started my little fledgling online advertising business. Taught myself everything by searching for it online, LOL! But the cell phone thing I had a problem with. I was a country girl and never had any interest in having a phone. Ed made me get one in 2005. I didn't want one, didn't think I needed one. I STILL dont' think I need one. I have maybe three people that call me on that phone and quite frankly, it's not very cost effective.

    I like books but the internet is faster. Will never beat the classics though. Library archives are fascinating. I used to love taking my boys and showing them what "newspapers" used to say when their grandmother was a child."

  21. OMG, Bonnie - did you say poetic...adorable? Gee, you're sweet to say that, but to be honest with you, I was crying while typing those words about Michael's soul. It's been one of those days again where I'm better off not thinking about him.

    But in answer to your question about Lisa Marie asking forgiveness, of course I could not turn her away, nor anyone else who came to me with feelings of remorse. You know it when you look into their eyes. I still feel remorse today about my own father nine years after his death. Despite nearly thirty years of estrangement, I wish I could have seen him one last time to tell him I loved him despite the painful childhood that affected my entire life. (Michael, I am so glad you were able to reclaim that bond with your father while there was still time!)

    Reaching the point of seeking out redemption takes a lot of courage and is the hardest part of the journey. With the distractions of her current marriage and new family, I'm not sure we will ever see that with Lisa Marie. Still, more disturbing than her icy sarcasm and cutting words - which people often say as knee jerk responses to a failed relationship are the physical gestures. And for me, Lisa Marie's "high five" to Oprah revealed an underlying cruel streak. It was a non-verbal message to Michael of "good riddance." There's always a chance one can try to make up for hurtful words in the heat of anger. But of all the ways to end a serious discussion about her marriage to, and "death" of Michael, how does one take back a high-five? Oh, please - maybe it's the way I feel today, Bonnie - but I'll never be OK with that.

  22. Hi Bonnie. :-)
    It's very interesting what you say. It's something I never thought about this couple. I don't know whether to believe this completely, because Michael talked very good about Lisa Marie in Boteach’s tape, he said "she was great". In addition, Brian Oxman (who was closed to them) said they loved each other very much. (well, is true that many people have said that).

    I truly believe that he loved her very much, because in his autobiography he said "..someday I'll find the right woman and marry her.." (something like that).
    But....I don't believe in "her love", I don't like her eyes, I just... don't believe in her. So, that's way I think is interesting what you say about that she wanted to get him "convert".
    But, I don't know, actually, I'm a little bit confused about this.

    Michael was so spiritual, he believed so much in God. That's great!

    Bonnie, I can notice the love and respect that you have for Michael. Your blog is great.
    Excuse my English, I'm South American girl.

    Goodbye :-D

  23. BONNIE said :"I agree what she did to Michael on post marriage interviews was hateful. It doesn't change what she did but Michael is free of that now and Lisa Marie will and does live with the consequences of her actions. I can see it in her face.

    Well said !

  24. The Sean Borg interview for those of you who wanted to see it

  25. Spotlight said - "I was crying while typing those words about Michael's soul. It's been one of those days again where I'm better off not thinking about him. "

    ......... I still cry, almost daily but it's different now. I think more about what he suffered and the thought of not getting everything done he wanted to do he would have gone through all that for nothing. That has more to do with letting DOUBT creep in there and a need to strengthen my faith. It's like you can see the goal at the far end of the horizon, you know who's going to win, but you're getting tripped up on the path.

    It's okay to cry as long as you don't let your thoughts cripple what part we are supposed to be playing in this. Things still need to get done. When I cry I keep thinking of the children Michael must have witnessed being wounded, maimed both physically and psychologically by these sickos and that fact that NOBODY LISTENED and children continued to suffer because of that. THAT makes me angry to the point of tears. My prayers and my tears to God have been for those children and for people to start seeing what is going on.

    That friend of mine still wants me to read the "Islamic AntiChrist" . . . he said "It's a good book" . . . well, so was Dyanetics. So was the Da Vinci Code . . . doesn't make it truth. I finally told him if you cannot support this agenda about an Islamic AntiChrist in the Bible then stop talking to me about it. I SHOWED him the Bible versus supporting the "False Jews" and he still cannot tell me who they are. I'm done trying to convince him. They don't see or know any of this other stuff going on.

    Soap Box. Done now . . . sorry.....(puts head down, walks away . . . )

  26. Liberian Girl said - "It's something I never thought about this couple. I don't know whether to believe this completely, because Michael talked very good about Lisa Marie in Boteach’s tape, he said "she was great".

    ...... Oh he did? I heard, that she lied to him, that she deceived him, that she was jealous of her own children. He had more love for Brooke in those tapes than he did Lisa Marie. Brian Oxman is not what I would recall a reliable resource. He's said for years that he was the Jackson's lawyer. You know how many of those they've had? I don't call falling asleep next to Michael Jackson in a courtroom a "close" relationship, LOL! You believe Oxman?

    Michael did not write an autobiography after he was married to Lisa Marie. That happened before he got hooked up with her. If you are talking about the Post Lisa Marie autobiography THAT was written by Taraborrelli and THAT is not anything to do with the truth.

    Aside from disgruntled handlers and fired lawyers there is nothing out there supporting this "Love" they had. Michael loved everyone. Michael tried to help people, everyone he had any kind of relationship with. Unfortunately Lisa Marie had another agenda and Michael, as he learned with most people they installed around him, found out about it.

    Your English is a lot better than my Portuguese ♥♥♥

  27. Bonnie, after spending all day Saturday (literally) combing the internet I don't know if the annulment letter is real or fake but I'm leaning toward fake for 2 reasons: 1) the writing doesn't really look like Michael's writing to me and 2) in the 2nd page of the letter (there are actually 3 pages to this letter, I'm posting the 2 links as part of this comment) the person who wrote this letter refers to himself as "Thee....King of Pop" and refers to a Muslim wife "reconcilable with my Moslem Wife An Khesena Men...a woman I know loves me and would die for me". I'm really having a hard time believing that Michael would refer to himself as the King of Pop let alone Thee King of Pop. As for him having another wife?

    Your comments? I'm having a tough time believing it. The writing...some of the words/letters look like his but others? The a's and e's don't look right. The "a" in prevail on page 3, the "M" in Michael and the "J" in Jackson on page 1 and also the "s" in Jackson...I don't think I've ever seen an "s" like that in his handwritten name; it's always a cursive "s". Like I said, I'm having a hard time believing it's real.

    As for Lisa Marie? I think you're spot-on with that one. There are too many contradictions regarding her and the marriage, but I don't think she meant anything for good for Michael.

    link to page 2 of letter

    link to page 3 of letter

  28. Why is Karen Faye now chatting off on twitter about LMP and her relationship with MJ? She boasts how she had a 27yr friendship which outlasted any of his girlfriends. Why is Karen like this?
    She is also talking about the hoaxsters again.

  29. Deb said - "Bonnie, after spending all day Saturday (literally) combing the internet I don't know if the annulment letter is real or fake but I'm leaning toward fake for 2 reasons: 1) the writing doesn't really look like Michael's writing to me and 2) in the 2nd page of the letter (there are actually 3 pages to this letter, I'm posting the 2 links as part of this comment) the person who wrote this letter refers to himself as "Thee....King of Pop" and refers to a Muslim wife "

    ....... Deb, I looked at both links. Why don't they have the first page of the letter in this group? (found this sorry)

    1. Why would someone complain on page one of an email about Lisa Marie and ending the marriage while on page two talk about his "Muslim wife"?

    2. (Nevermind, found this one) Why is page "1" not included in this group of pictures?

    3. Why are three different pens used?

    4. I can't copy the pictures to see if they were photoshopped, but I agree with you on page 2 and 3. Those are not Michael. Michael is not that illiterate. And the MJ on page two definitely does NOT look like his writing. Someone screwed up trying to copy his writing of his initials.

    I looked at the other notes on that gallery (written on hotel stationery???) and that writing does NOT look like the same as what is on that orange border paper.

    I'm going to go look at this because SUPPOSEDLY this was to have been found in the Vicarro storage facility. If THAT was found there why didn't these other notes also make an appearance at the same time?

    I want to discuss this with someone and I will post back here, but for now I am going to agree with you. The Muslim Wife note, if he has one, could not have been written at the same time because he was still married to Lisa Marie at the time. However, if that one video is true, then Michael and Lisa Marie were never legally married for Michael to get an annulment which means someone else would have had to write this note.

    Michael???? What the heck? Can your life get any more complicated???

  30. @Deb - - - - oh . . . and thank you for finding those page 2 and 3's. I don't know if Michael has a wife somewhere, but if he does?

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Awesome!!!!!

  31. @Anonymous - On Karen Faye . . . I have no idea why she does what she does. All I know is that she is fickle because she can't keep a story strait to save her life. Reality for her starts and stops with the click of someone elses stopwatch. I only know what she asked me to do, what she lied about in regard to what I researched. Her 27 year friendship with Michael is something the family will have to wrangle with. The family seems to be okay with her misleading fans and making money off of them so ??? She is their problem.

  32. I just wanted to share a link of the lovely Pricilla Presley and Lisa Marie talking about Michael as if Lisa Marie were this innocent, naive victim of Michael's manipulation.

    Perhaps if he had become a scientologist they would have been nicer.

  33. Hi Bonnie.
    Spotlight said ''OMG, Bonnie - did you say poetic...adorable? Gee, you're sweet to say that, but to be honest with you, I was crying while typing those words about Michael's soul''....
    @Spotlight I also love to read the way you describe Michael, remember that's how we first 'met' back in 2009 when I read something so emotionally touching you had written on that picture of Michael's hand cuffed hands. :-(
    I'm sorry to hear about your tears of pain regarding your relationship with your Father.
    I will pray for comfort and peace for your heart.
    Bonnie regarding that last link you put up with Pricilla Presley and Lisa, what is the woman on about? Pricilla saying ''I dont know whether Michael married Lisa to maintain his popularity?'' What??? oh my days I've never heard such rubbish, we all know Mike was already a mega star long before he married Lisa.
    She knows that, the world knows that!! Also ''too many similarities?'' King of Rock and Roll, King of Pop? Michael didnt call himself the 'King of Pop'. I resent Pricilla's remarks about Michael so much.
    One last thing :
    Bonnie you said '' It's okay to cry as long as you don't let your thoughts cripple what part we are supposed to be playing in this.''
    When I cry, I cry for Michael. Your words are so wise, in that we would do best to 'utilise' our emotions and use that energy thats generated from missing him into a positive action, in being his hands and feet now that he isnt 'here'. I know this in my heart, the way to Michael's heart is to the things that mattered to HIM.
    The suffering children. It's ok to cry yes, ( thats good because I do it alot!) but Michael needs us to be focused and strong, this is the best way we can love him.
    I pray for you too Bonnie,
    Excellent job on the blog as always.

  34. @Jenny Smith - I have absolutely no heart for thinking about those two tonight and I don't want to burden anyone here with my thoughts any more than I already have. I have nothing nice to say about Pricilla or Lisa.

    I have said this before I wish was better at taking my own advice but I'm actually horrible at it. Many things cripple me and tonight is one of those nights. I shouldn't even be on this computer but I have nothing else to do (don't laugh) and with what I am feeling right now, I SHOULD be praying, but I don't have the heart for that either. Not like this. I'm not feeling any comfort from him tonight. I would like to feel God's arms around me and I don't feel them. I want to cry on his shoulder. Instead I feel hopelessness from people wondering what the hell they are going to do. I feel the edge of panic from people that think the world has gone mad.

    I know things are going to get worse before they get better and I'm not sure I can handle it because I am handling this very, very badly.

    What hurts the most is that people are being destroyed. Their spirits are dying. They are cut off and I just want people to live. I want to know what is so wrong about that?

  35. I’m agree with you. I'm not saying I believe Oxman. Bonnie, Honestly, I do not believe almost anyone, because there are many “supposed Michael’s friends" who say they were “close” to him and they really "knew him." The only way I know Michael, is not through these people, but through his music, his message and his actions, this is important to me. I really don’t know much about this man, I’ve never learned more from him. And what little I know it is for other comments from other people. I just said what he said in an interview. According to you, probably he’s not a good person.

    Bonnie, yes, Michael did say that Lisa "was great and sweet person", BUT she WAS (past), I think he saw that “sweet and good” part of her when they married, I mean the beginning of marriage (I suppose), and obviously, as he said, then he was disappointed.

    Another point. What I meant about the autobiography of Michael, is that, in his own words, someday he would find the right woman and marry her, and that’s why I do believe that he married her for love, because he thought that Lisa was a “right” woman. Of course, Bonnie, this is a thought of mine, you know why? Because Michael wasn’t a man that would play of marriage, I think that he was a serious man, responsible in that way. I don’t say that Lisa was his most important love (we know was Brooke). Whatatever woman that he chose, was because of love.
    And of course I don’t believe anything of Taraborelli, he is, as I said before, those guys who were "close" to Michael, when in fact, they are bad people. He is a liar!

    Michael was an extraordinary human being, and he didn’t deserve to be betrayed, and I really sorry that Lisa did not love him as he deserved.

    What you say in this post about that she wanted to get him convert, could be very very true. She wasn’t a good person, I’m sure of that. But I believe in repentance, and I hope she did.

  36. Here we go folks . . .

    According to this report, the genesis of this current crisis began on 20 July when the United States Federal Reserve Bank began calling in nearly all of the zero-interest loans it had secretly made to American and European banks between December 2007 and June 2010 that the first ever audit of the US Government Accountability Office discovered was a staggering $16 Trillion! " Source

    Are we awake yet? Or are we going to continue throwing PEOPLE away for the sake of arguing whether Parisjaxon/jaxn Twitter account is authentic or not?

    Do you understand why I'm angry?

    Do you understand why I don't give a rat's butt whether Karen Faye twitters about Lisa Marie or Zaldy or not? How freaking important is this right now?

  37. Liberian Girl said - "Bonnie, yes, Michael did say that Lisa "was great and sweet person", BUT she WAS (past), I think he saw that “sweet and good” part of her when they married, I mean the beginning of marriage (I suppose), and obviously, as he said, then he was disappointed."

    ........ The only interview I have heard him say anything remotely close to that was the interview with him and Lisa Marie and Diane Sawyer and she was sitting right there. The Schmuley tapes he didn't have anything to say about her other than she was jealous of her own children and she deceived him. I do not believe the marriage was real and I don't believe Lisa Marie knows the definition of the word love. At least not in the context in which God originally designed it.

    Anyway it doesn't matter. As in anything else that Michael once had hopes in, he ended up getting hurt and Lisa Marie did nothing but pile on him in subsequent interviews after their divorce. I feel worse for her children because for a short time, they experienced being with someone that loved them over themselves. I think every child should have a "Michael" in their lives.

  38. BONNIE : "Do you understand why I don't give a rat's butt whether Karen Faye twitters about Lisa Marie or Zaldy or not? How freaking important is this right now?"

    Bingo ! Your last link above "Run On US-European Banks Brings World To Brink Of War" made me jump. Apart from Justice for Michael of course, our world situation is what we should rather watch carefully, although we can't remedy much since the decision power is in the hands of the major Western Governments totally incapable (or with purpose?) to get their economies back on track & even nuising globally the world economy. They instead procrastinate their(wrong) decisions, increase the harm & continue to LIE to the world only to reassure the markets temporarily & cover their mess or their agendas. Get possibly more millions of people losing their jobs worldwide : riots to come & maybe one day the same jobless men sent abroad as soldiers somewhere abroad to fight & be killed. Sorry if I vent as I still want to hope it will not get that bad, but..

    So, bitchy spoiled brat LMP's existential problems, yes, who cares ? As to Karen Faye & Jason Pfeiffer, they both do not help Michael's false reputation of "drug addict" these days..Grr

  39. Bonnie,
    I watched the video you suggested, so it was Brett Livingstone Strong that introduced them? It doesn't sound like that was Lisa's idea then, however I do believe she pursued Michael once they met (however that came about). Nobody I've heard makes it clear if she pursued him before 1992 or after, so we have to guess!! You guess before 92, I guess after!
    I also am of the mind that the 'handlers' whispered into the newlyweds ears, turning them against each other. So with whatever other problems there were in the marriage, this would have lit the fuse. Tatiana said much the same thing about her time with Michael.
    It just makes me sick how these handlers permeated even Michael's private relationships : "we have to get rid of her to keep Michael focussed". Nice.

  40. @PrincessGlam - Yes it was Brett, which when I saw the video again after a year that surprised me. I had forgotten who it was that said that. Brett is the one that said Lisa was chasing him and wanted Michael to listen to her demo tape (there is a longer version of this interview somewhere). I did not think it was before 1992. that statement was in reference to Michael saying he met Lisa Marie when she was ten or something like that.

    The "handlers" were the ones that got them together. They wanted Michael off the "God" kick and back under the "New Age" garbage. Scientology does their own "programming" as described in that article by an ex-Scientologist. Tatiana was a daydreamer . . . another "Samantha" that just happened to work with him on a video.

    I don't know how you can sit there and watch all of Lisa Marie's interviews, especially the one with her MOTHER present, listen to them not even agree on what and how things happened and still believe there was a bonafide relationship. But I don't really care one way or the other because the focus of this blog was SCIENTOLOGY and the one of MANY vehicles and people they used to try to bring Michael back under programming. Look at the wedding ceremony. Are we serious? Do you know what a wedding is supposed to look like? Michael is snapping gum and looks completely and totally bored. Lisa Marie looks about as interested. It is fake. I would love for Michael to have had one woman that saw him as something other than a publicity stunt or a promotion of some kind and the only women he ever knew like that, unfortunately was Princess Diana. I thank God that Michael at least got to know here well enough to have a glimpse that there are selfless women in the world. I'm sorry the world lost her and I'm sorry we didn't listen before that happened. I would have fought for her too!

  41. @ONNIE: ...and WHO, apart from Karen Faye, were these supposed handlers destroying Michael/LMP marriage ? D. Wiesner only joined in1996 so it's not him, on this case at least.

  42. @Princess Glam

    "Lisa Marie Presley saved Michael Jackson from killing himself when the child sex abuse scandal drove him to the brink of despair,says the man who introduced the pop superstar to Elivis' daughter.
    In an exclusive Enquirer interview,Hollywood artist Breet Livingstone Strong- a longtime friend of both Michael and Lisa Marie-spoke freely about his role in the marriage that shocked the world.
    Telling his remarkable story for the first time ever, Strong revealed that:
    * Lisa Marie fell in love with Michael first and pursued him relentlessly
    * The newlyweds are truly in love with each other- and both of them want to start a family.
    * Lisa Marie told Michael she wanted to be a singing star- and when he warned her she'd have to ''give up everything'' to succeed,she broke down in tears. But now she's dedicated to becoming a superstar and Michael has vowed to make her dream come true.
    ''When I introduced Lisa Marie and Michael in my wildest dreams did I think they'd marry,'' said Strong,40." Source

    Now here is a longer version of the interview, and I find this odd . . . BRETT says he got them together, that he knew both of the separately, so he is to blame for this? Was he a handler then? I wonder how he feels about Lisa Marie after everything she and her horrid mother said about Michael?

    None of this is wholesome. Brett is not very convincing in this interview. And if there was any love between these two how could Lisa Marie do what she did in post Michael interviews?

    Anyway Princess, I found the longer length interview for you. Interpret it at your own risk. (shrugs)

  43. @Princess - oops . . .the youtube link, I forgot it

    You already know my view on this. :o)

  44. @Line - Good question. Branca was still hanging around then too and is also taking credit for the match up according to Terrible-ellie. Karen could have been, MLB could have been, even Tommy Mottola or anyone in Michael's recording entourage, and don't forget Bill Bray.

  45. Bonnie said:

    "Here we go folks . . .
    According to this report...

    I clicked on the "read more" link at the bottom of the page, which took me here to a much expanded (original?) article:

    ...where I found:
    "[Note: The situation in the US has deteriorated to the point where reports are now coming in showing their disenfranchised black population is rising up in revolt.]" "rising up in revolt" is linked to this article:

    "State Fair melees produce 11 injuries, 31 arrests"

    ...which states:
    (Let's pick this apart!)

    "fights broke out among black youths, said Tom Struebing, chief of the State Fair Police. Those fights did not appear to be racially motivated.

    Then around the closing time of 11 p.m., witnesses told the Journal Sentinel, dozens to hundreds of black youths attacked white people as they left the fair, punching and kicking people and shaking and pounding on their vehicles."

    How and why did it turn from black on black to black on white? This reminds me of the recent Middle East setup to yet again justify war. Only this time, inciting a domestic war...neighbor against neighbor, divide and conquer.

    "Witnesses, though, told the Journal Sentinel that the attacks appeared to be unprovoked and racially motivated."

    "You could just tell they were after white people. That was the main thing. If you were white, they were coming after you," said Jon Stikl of Oak Creek."

    That statement from Jon Stikl has gone just 4 days! Search that name and 96% of what you get is that statement copied all over the internet. The other 4% is "My Life" & "Wisconsin-Whitewater Warhawks - Football Roster". Is he really a nobody, an innocent victim?

    The result:

    "The head of the fair implemented new rules to keep unattended teens off the grounds at night, and Gov. Scott Walker ordered the State Patrol to help keep order."

    "Because of the violence, Rick Frenette, CEO of the fair, announced that the fair would immediately implement a policy in which no youths under 18 years of age would be allowed onto the grounds after 5 p.m. without a parent or guardian at least 21 years old."

    "identification will be checked at each gate in the area where bags are searched."

    "We will continue to evaluate the situation and make any adjustments necessary to ensure a successful and safe event. We will be doing everything in our power to ensure that parents feel that it is safe to bring their children to the world's best fair," Werwie said in a statement."

    So now one of the few wholesome local family outings that remains is targeted - "Papers please!" Next they'll be setting up x-ray machines at every State Fair entrance across the country.

    What is that famous quote again? Oh yah...

    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    - Benjamin Franklin

    ""Two years ago, I was a victim of a random attack (outside) State Fair . . . last night, events took place at State Fair that I don't believe are random," Barrett said at a City Hall news conference."

    I don't believe it was random either.

    "...reminded many of the mob-like disturbances that occurred over the Fourth of July weekend in Milwaukee."


    "There is another motivational factor worth mentioning. Possibly, the greatest factor. During these covert group attacks, there is an energy transfer that these individuals, whether they know it or not, are looking for. The systematic vulturing during Mobbing and Gang Stalking campaigns is an intended robbery of a person's life-energy."

  46. And just FYI:

    "In the June/July 1987 issue of Peace Magazine, under an article entitled, Zapping the Movement, Congressman James Scheur is quoted as saying, "We are developing devices and products capable of controlling violent individuals, and entire mobs without injury. ... We can tranquilize, impede, immobilize, harass, shock, upset, chill, temporarily blind, deafen, or just plain scare the wits out of anyone the police have a proper need to control and restrain."(*) The military and a member of congress have now openly declared that these weapons should be used on civilians."

  47. wow, just how many "comments" can this blog post get? I was looking for something else about Michael and this article popped has stuff he said at one time about his realtionship with Lisa...starting back when they were kids and then how it started up as adults...did this angle get covered here? I know there are so many different stories out there about this as well as most things in his life. here is the link...Ebony 1974 article title "where I met Lisa Marie and how I proposed: page 118 Google that if this link doesn't work.

  48. Truthbtold said - """Two years ago, I was a victim of a random attack (outside) State Fair . . . last night, events took place at State Fair that I don't believe are random," Barrett said at a City Hall news conference."

    I don't believe it was random either."

    ........... I dont' either. I wish I had seen these before I put up tonight's blog. Maybe I can group them and expand on them tomorrow. Wow, thank you for these!

    I will dig deeper into that info as well, Should be interesting.

    Michael? Did you know about these?

    Islandisle - Thank you. I think we did cover that article or part of it in a post about Lisa Marie last year - back when I still thought she was a good person. I agree there are a lot of contradictions and stories about these two and like I said, my purpose was not to beat up on Lisa Marie but to highlight the motive of that relationship, which most definitely included the Scientology. It is the only thing that makes sense out of the acerbic tone of Lisa's post marriage interviews and the fact that neither she nor her mother can even agree on a story of how it happened.


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