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The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Michael Jackson - Use your Gift to Help Others Find Theirs

Michael Said “Change The World”
Did Ya Feel It?

Jesus said - Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. – Matt 17:20

That was exciting!  The first human voice I hear aside from my husband’s phone call today during his lunch break was from his mother.

“Did you FEEL it?”

When I asked her, “What?” she told me all about the earthquake that the eastern United States endured today.  I didn’t know what it was because I was in the truck at a stop light, waiting to make the u-turn into the meat market when the truck started vibrating.  I thought it was about to die on me.  I noticed the traffic signals bouncing a bit but didn’t think anything of it.  It could have been a breeze even though nothing above movement was out there.

No sooner did I get in the door back home when my mother in law calls.  She tells me that the whole east coast was hit with a 6.0 earthquake that could be felt as far north as Quebec and Ohio and as far south as Florida.  She said, “It’s all over the news.”  All I could think of was Tesla.

I called my mother after I hung up with her, and asked her, “did ya feel it?”  She said, “What?”

I said, “The earthquake.”  She replied, “Is that what that was?”

So we had a bit of excitement here today.  Not only that but we may have a hurricane to look forward to this weekend.  If I was an adrenaline junkie (which I am when it comes to wild weather), this would be a really good week!

However I thought about Tesla and his little machine in the hands of humanitarian-deficient trolls and wondered to myself, “Why can’t they slip up and accidently hit Rockefeller’s house or Rothschild’s house?

I hope everyone is okay and no one sustained any major damage.  We haven’t had a 6.0 here in the east in a long time and if they build structures in the last 20 years like they have been building cars, I’m surprised there is anything still upright.

Michael’s Anti-Earthquake Outfit

Yesterday, I posted about Michael’s desire to empower people with the gifts that have been walled up within them.  We talked about the gifts God gives each individual backed by scripture, and we talked about the power of faith and prayer.

There are other things about our own bodies that the Bible talks about but that most of us are unaware what we possess.

I had touched on sounds in a previous blog about sound and light therapy and how Michael must have studied the effects of different sounds on the brain.  (Michael’s constant testing and experimenting with different sounds as we saw in The Making of Ghosts, and “letting the music write itself”).

There are sounds and frequencies that enhance concentration and thought processing, and there are sounds and frequencies that disrupt it.  Music effects areas of the brain that we don’t use when speaking.

Case in point:  A constant source of amused irritation with my husband is my ability to take something my husband says that is part of a song I know and start singing it while he is still talking.  My brain changes tracks and what used to be part of a spoken sentence is now a song and my husband is kind of left in the dust because I hear nothing else after that.  (This is quite funny actually).  I have to concentrate NOT to do it.

Music has been studied and applied to cognitive enhancement.   Remember the “yuppie” suggestions that you should play classical music for your unborn baby?  Or that music helped preschool children increase learning and retention?

Emery put his theory to the test, with the help of 33 men and women in the final weeks of a cardiac rehabilitation program. Each of the participants were tested for mental performance after exercising without music, and exercising with music.  The results were astonishing: on average, the participants performed more than twice as well on a verbal fluency test after listening to music while exercising than they did after exercising without the music. Wow!”  Source

Funny, that article was written in April of 2010 and they are under the opinion that music effects on the brain is largely unstudied.  Where have they been for the last 65+ years?

Last night I was watching a video on MK Ultra and Michael.  Most of the video consisted of written text on the screen with a music background that was mostly rap. Guess what?  I couldn’t read it.  I had to mute the sound to get through it.  However, when I found another video with ocean waves and played that while reading and I got through it with no problem.

Michael worked endlessly on his voice and vibrato.  I am addicted to listening to Michael’s vibrato (I actually listen to his vocal warm ups because no instruments are present).  Why? What is so different about his vibrato to that of Steve Tyler (if you can even FIND his)?

I don’t know how to accurately describe Michael’s vibrato MUSICALLY because I’m not schooled on the technicals. But it REMINDS me of whipping chocolate.  It is a strong, but soft sound.  It is lulling, hypnotic yet protective.  It is even and consistent, like a perpetual movement time piece.  I could fall asleep to it and it would give me energy at the same time.  It is relaxing and it gives you a secure feeling. 

Like This

Michael liked to experiment in the studio with beats and sounds as well (counter rhythms, layering sound and vocals).  Michael had a lot of “sound” in his music without being overdone.  However, there are some of his songs that I do have trouble listening to or hearing some of the adlibs.  I remember reading interviews from people that have worked with him, where Michael would practice his vocal exercises for hours, on the floor, on his back with his feet up on a piano bench or a chair.

Michael’s blow-outs with Mottola could very well have had to do with some of the elements Michael put in his music.   Perhaps they wanted Michael to stick to the more disruptive elements, while Michael was trying to HEAL people.

brains of people exposed to even casual musical training have an enhanced ability to generate the brain wave patterns associated with specific sounds, be they musical or spoken, said study leader Nina Kraus, director of the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University in Illinois.

This article went on to say, “Kraus' previous research had shown that when a person listens to a sound, the brain wave recorded in response is physically the same as the sound wave itself. In fact "playing" the brain wave produces a nearly identical sound.”  Source

Music for children with developmental disorders could also improve their ability to learn, as it activates parts of the brain effected by music.  “Musical experience could therefore be a key therapy for children with dyslexia and similar language-related disorders, Kraus said.” Same source as above.

Stroke victims who were unable to communicate intelligibly were able to learn to say words, phrases, their addresses or sing “Happy Birthday” by applying a tune and a rhythm to what their responses and this only after a few minutes of therapy!

Gamma Wave 40Hz frequency
Improves concentration

528Hz Frequency
Healing, DNA repair

Now before you listen to those sounds keep in mind something.  The human body is mostly water – 80%, which basically makes our bodies superconductors.  Sound does not only affect our ears or our brains, but all surfaces of the body depending on volume.  That is the way God designed us. 

There are a lot of people who consider modern music annoying. Many become emotionally disturbed listening to certain types of music. What few people realize, regardless of the type of music played in the Western World, the standard Anglo-American tuning for instruments and voices was instituted at the same time, by the same agents and agencies, advancing acoustic war studies for inducing “mass hysteria.”(8)”  Source

It goes on to say – “Light and sound is generated and measured mathematically, according to frequencies. It stands to reason then, following Schauf’s empirically evidenced thesis, we are engaged in a “conspiracy reality” in which ultimate power and control is waged bioenergetically (i.e., biospiritually), through frequency modulations or electromagnetic manipulations affecting “consciousness” and impacting biology, physiology, and human behavior.” 

Please read that source when you get a chance.  You will get an education I will guarantee you.  Do you think Michael, as a high profile musician, wouldn’t have known about this?

Sounds and frequencies can heal as well as damage.  My migraines say Michael’s spoken voice is one of those healing ones (the speaker up on the temple trick during Michael’s “advice for dreamers” recording).

What can be gained can also be taken away.  I believe Michael was fighting “the damage we’ve done” with what he wanted to do with music and where he wanted to take the combination of music and imagery.

Take a look at this experiment:

How magnets effect the brain

The first man in this video showed that magnetic impulses can disrupt the language center of the brain.  However, he could SING the same phrase without difficulty.   This could be why children learn so well in a musical environment.

My youngest son was lucky enough to attend a Montessori school during his preschool years.  They had him reading at three years old.  How?  By combining creative play with learning.  They would either sing their answers, or they would color different countries on a map of a continent, or they would learn French by singing phrases.

I learned the preamble to the Constitution when I was six years old because of a PBS program where they sang it in its entirety.  I learned the parts of a sentence and their functions the same way.  I can remember and sing just about every jingle for any product advertised between 1967 and the mid 1980’s (when I stopped watching T.V. on a regular basis).  That’s just some examples.

Music activates and stimulates parts of the brain that we don’t use during normal speech or other communication usages such as writing or reciting.

Back to the experiment above, the other side of that experiment is that many technologies we use today are actually eating into and disrupting our brain activity.

Think speakers, cell phones and t.v./radio.  Think Microwave ovens.  If microwaves effect electronic equipment or electrical “pacemakers” for hearts, what do you think it is doing to you?  Are we not beings of energy?

This one is shorter – Elf and Project Bluebeam

One of the MK Ultra victims interviewed spoke of sound therapy, light and color therapy as well, to “build walls” in the brain and layer access to information.   While this expanded the areas of the brain used by these people our government and others put through this, it also decreased the ability to reason or complete a thought.

Silent Sound, Digital T.V. Conversions and more
This is an hour long –save for later but watch it.

Sometimes these experiments have glitches.  We saw in a previous blog update the breakdown of Britney Spears.  I found some disturbing video from news anchors where this happened on the air.

This is just plain weird.  Disruption of the brain synopsis firing would cause t.v. reporters to begin talking in gibberish?

Are they in between rooms in their minds?
Starts at 1:45 minutes

Can you train your own voice to heal you?  Michael survived some pretty traumatic injuries as well as personal pain and for the most part dealt with pain without drugs (regardless of what the media lied about).  Michael was exposed to prescription drugs and many believe he was also exposed to mind-altering drugs as part of his Monarch training.

What about the confession that Michael made during another interview, where he had helped heal children either through prayer at his home or teaching someone how to heal themselves?

This is interesting – Different training then I had
As a kid.  Wonder if Michael did this.
Vocal Toning -

God Given Vocal Healing
Paired with Rythmic or “beats per second”
Vibrato – Music – Michael (I love his vibrato. This may be why)
(sorry about the mention of women’s cycle’s, Mike)

I don’t know how long Michael was made aware of healing properties of music and sound, but I believe he knew the establishment was up to something for a long time.  In searching for specific videos where Michael talks about healing music, I found an old Jackson’s song or reference to it.  I was shocked when I looked up the lyrics:

The Things I do For You

People all over the world are the same everywhere I go
I give in to this, I give in to that
Every day it bothers me so

1st Verse
Am I in a bad situation
People taking me to the extreme
Am I being used
I just need a clue
I don't know which way to go

So I took my problems to a doctor
So he could check it out, he don't know
Took it to a palm reader so she could
Read my hand, she don't know
Five minutes later, I started to understand
I started screaming, shouting, and acting mad
No one could help me but myself
But I gave everything I had

It's things I do for you in return do the same for me
It's things I do for you in return do the same for me

2nd Verse
Always wanting something for nothing
Especially what they don't deserve
Reaching in my pocket
I just got to stop it
Even though they got a lot of nerve

So I took my problems to a doctor
So he could check it out, he don't know
Took it to a palm reader so she could
Read my hand, she don't know
Five minutes later, I started to understand
I started screaming, shouting, and acting mad
No one could help me but myself
But I gave everything I had

It's things I do for you in return do the same for me
It's things I do for you in return do the same for me

No way to embed this video so you will have to click on the link but it is worth it.  It is five-year old Michael singing “Climb Every Mountain”.  Click Here.  He has a cute, smokey little voice, he hits the keys perfectly and even has a mild vibrato, but I noticed something else in this recording . . . He does not sound happy.  :o(

In this video (which is really an audio) you hear Michael with Seth Riggs (who also has a pretty good voice, I was listening to him!) and Seth remarks about Michael’s vibrato at about 0:38 minutes.  He tells Michael that “all those vibratos are nice and even all the way up and down…” and he asks Michael if he has any problem notes.  Michael remarks on the sound “oh” and the word “cold” before the end of the recording.  Michael was concerned about hitting it all.  You can hear Michael sniffing too at about 0:42 minutes.  I don’t think that is particularly healing, but I just thought I would mention it.

Michael’s Healing message to Mr. Morita
Michael can you make one for my migraines?

We will cover some more healing but I wanted to devote some space on tonight’s blog for a few pieces of information that bombarded me concerning current Michael events. (sigh) . . . Okay, here we go:

David Icke Forums

I occasionally get hits from this forum.  Most people of faith that pay attention to this conspiracy don’t like him. They think he’s “New Age” or anti-religion or anti-faith or anti-Jesus etc….

I am aware of wolves in sheep’s clothing but I don’t know enough about Mr. Icke to cast any labels on him.  I don’t want to judge him, but this piece of information rather left me scratching my head:

David Icke - By the way what do people think about David Icke's son Gareth Icke being signed to "ICON Records" which is in association with the "Universal Music Group" the biggest record company/music group in the world!! "ICON Records" is a Canadian record label established by Rui Da Silva in 2006 and distributed through 'Fontana Distribution'.Source

I read down through the reactions to this on the same thread and someone, a senior forum member posted a reprimand about being “negative” and stated that of course David Icke would have to infiltrate just as the elite have infiltrated, to keep an eye on them.

If this were true, why would Icke’s “senior” forum member post that in an open forum?  Brilliant, huh? 

There are several people within the establishment that are pushing the “new age” religion.  Icke is just ONE of them.  Their angle is to steer people from TRUTH by claiming that Bibles were written by the Illuminati.  So . . . my question is who were HIS books written by?

I don’t have time to research Mr. Icke right now.  People who mislead will slam into the wall of truth soon enough.  It’s those that are being mislead that I worry about.  I feel much better laying down the links and letting you do your own research.  I just try to put the pieces of a puzzle together and tie a few loose ends.  I will cover David Icke another time.

Another post within that same thread mentioned and an interview in which Michael Jackson was mentioned.

Here's an interesting tidbit. A couple of months ago, Ben Fulford was on Rense and mentioned that MJ was one of those powerful people working behind the scene on behalf of the light. Rense interrupted him and changed the subject, promising to return to MJ later on. He never did. It was quite clear from the interview that Rense did not want to talk about MJ. Is he under some sort of gag order? Is Icke under some kind of nondisclosure agreement with regard to MJ? Sound preposterous perhaps, but why the silence, especially when he plays We are the World in the background.”  Source

The part of this post that struck me was “working behind the scene on behalf of the light”.  I thought to myself, “and so it begins . . .”

Further down someone posted:

When was this interview? which month? Some of Jeff Rense's interviews are on 'You Tube' or you can look on his websites: and

I dug it up. I relistened to it. I think you'll find it quite interesting. This is 2 of a 4 part interview. Not during the entire rest of it was there such a garbled mess. It begins at about 3:20

I have not listened to this interview yet, I did not have time to go through them all before phone calls began flying into my house over the earth quake.  But I want to caution you because you are going to start seeing more and more of this.  I have already written about that subject on the “Light Man” post and I will say no more about it.  At this point I think we should just watch and see what transpires. 

One more thing I want to point out and then I’m going to bed:

Remember Omer Bhatti?  That cute little guy with the big dark eyes and his own stage ambitions?  Well, I haven’t really cast my eyes in his direction in quite a few months but someone, we’ll call her “D”, sent me a link to one of his videos.

Omer, I am not a rap fan.  I like to hear vocals and harmony and beautiful, flowing sound, but I like your voice.  It’s nice and strong.  And you did a really good job with keeping the lyrics understandable.  Speaking of the lyrics . . .

Pay special attention to the lyrics.

Life is a Movie

God Bless you all and hang in there.  I have a strange feeling things are going to snowball come October with the onslaught of twisting truths and information.

Keep the Faith


  1. Now I'm ticked off - the video on Omer Bhatti WAS WORKING WHEN I POSTED THE CODE LAST NIGHT!

    Go to youtube and do a search on OBEE Life is a Movie, and see if you can find any more vids.

  2. I replaced Bhatti's video with "The Making of" but it does not contain all the lyrics.

    The next time I post a video like this I am writing down the lyrics first before people pull it. Anyone else have the lyrics?

  3. @BONNIE : Many issues again today ! Great job !

    Regarding sounds, no news here but Cry, Will You Be There, What More Can I Give, Speechless, One Day In Your Life (he was 17 only) among others, have very spiritual & positive vibrations. 100% Michael & 0% Elite & Sony.

    "The Things I Do For You" Video : what a sweet & sympathetic expression Michael had on his face as a teenager (sad he did not like himself physically although he looked good). But at 5 or 50 years old, black or white, Michael's face was always the beautiful mirror of his good soul. Michael is definitely his mother's son : Mrs. Katherine Jackson looked so sweet & emotional in the Video Estrela sent you one day ago. In spite of all the recent events & the trials to come, I do pray she remains strong & healthy.

    2011 MTV Awards : Michael is about to win 2 key sections grace to the world fans who mobilized for him.

    Fukujima, US eathquake & now hurricane Irene coming : Hmmm! natural elements or Tesla, I don't know but don't like it. Hope no big home damages or victims to come again.

  4. I am posting this from "D" who emailed me a comment on this blog. My answer has detail in it that I have not covered yet but since she pointed it out I wanted to post it here:

    From D - bonnie
    just read todays blog (will have to read it again) When Michael talks about his dance and the music,he says the music makes the dance.I know iknow all the routines to his songs but the movements and speed of them the music really does make you move that way.

    I have to say that my grandson and i often have conversations via singing lol it makes you all smiley and happy.I'm quite mad like that.

    My reply -

    Yes it does. You are getting it! The beats effect not just your hearing and brain but your body as well. Michael sang about the seduction of the music (blame it on the boogie? Dangerous? Invincible? Heartbreaker? just a few)

    Michael wanted to take music to another level and was experimenting with sounds . . . if you listen to Unbreakable for example, he has cricket sounds in there. In "Break of Dawn" he has birds and the sound of a breeze on the opening. He has children and the sound of the woods in "Lost Children" . . . In "Ghosts" he has stomping on the floor and the sound of nails clicking on the floor . . . NATURAL SOUNDS . . . what God originally gave us . . . sounds of running water. Some of his percussion is also not actually drums but his own mouth (which is cute - got mental picture of spit flying, LOL!) and his grunts, tapping sounds of his hands on his hip or on his own skin . . .

    Natural sounds. Not electronic. Tommy Mottola I think was catching on as some of his techs were talking about his "genius" and things get back to the big brass.

    Really listen to his songs . . . this is why they were different.


  5. Hi, Bonnie

    I have found the youtube channel of Omer Bhatti.

    Life is a movie (behind the scenes) is there.


  6. @Line - a warm greeting.


  7. Bonnie,
    David Icke seemed to be 'normal' at some point in his life, but when he started on the New Age thing, the only word that came into my mind was 'nut job'!!

  8. @Anat - Video is listed as private. I couldn't watch it. Is it the full version or the short one I posted above? Thank you for posting it though. I love you too . . . ♥

    @Anne - Excuse me? Guns N Roses over Michael? A big fat HUH???

    @PrincessGlam - Was he normal? His eyes look bloodshot in most pictures I've seen of him. I wonder if he ever checked reflections of himself for evidence of "reptilian" shape-shifting? Yes, at some point you have to shut down the projector, light up the "exit" signs and get everyone out of the theater.

  9. @ANNE
    Warm greeting to you too - Michael is the BEST ICONIC artist indeed !

  10. Dear Bonnie,
    I love you♥♥♥...even when you're angry.


    P.S.@Line Thank you!


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