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Michael Jackson Justice: September 2011

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Michael Jackson Conrad Murray Day 3

Michael Jackson Conrad Murray Trial
Day 3 – Kai Chase Chases Cash

When I would have healed Israel, then the iniquity of Ephraim was discovered, and the wickedness of Samaria: for they commit falsehood; and the thief cometh in, and the troop of robbers spoileth without.  2And they consider not in their hearts that I remember all their wickedness: now their own doings have beset them about; they are before my face.  3They make the king glad with their wickedness, and the princes with their lies.

A Video Made by Jenny Last Night
After I saw Her Tweets (She has a cute voice)

There are days when I see the picture as clear as the type on this computer (with my glasses on) and there are days when it is a bit harder.  On the days that it is harder, I have to keep reminding myself of the research I’ve already put in and trust what God has already shown me.

Yesterday I had some words with one of the posters on my blog and while I do not object to anyone having a different point of view, I do have a problem with people cursing others to hell.  They have since apologized for that and it made me realize how tightly we are all strung and have been over the last two years.  I would like to apologize also for comparing her to Dimond and ask her to understand that I have had my battles with trolls and haters of the Jackson family and I am always on guard.  I don’t always want to be ‘right’.  I am okay with being wrong as long as I am learning that from the truth.

The reason I believe we are all here witnessing all this is to again be reminded of the wages of sin.  There is an ultimate truth and there will be a time when God finally throws his cards on the table and our eyes had better be open to the fact that he had been holding all of the cards the whole time.  The illusion that we have anything to bid will soon be gone.

This trial we are witnessing is not about who goes to jail.  It is about who gets freed out of bondage.  It looks as if Murray is the one on trial . . . but we are.  The trial we are watching is beyond the looking glass.  Murray is the mirage; the reflection in the glass that we don’t know is actually us.  The lies are the bars that keep us in and we are the ones that need to be freed.

This trial is about seeing the truth and there are those watching that are struggling to open their eyes.  As Michael has said in the past, “we need to pay a little more attention to the power of prayer and caring”.

If you feel you are not seeing the truth, then that is the time to pay to prayer.  If you think Michael never went through struggles or doubts, you need to listen to some of his songs again.  His fight cleared a path for us, just as Jesus cleared a path for us to re-establish our relationship with God, Michael tried to reconnect us to the love of the truth.

When Michael asked us to take over for him, when he asked us to cry with him . . . when he asked us not to walk away, not to let go of his hand, he was already aware that he had been chosen for something.  He was just as unsure at one time how this was going to go down as some of us are of who is on Michael’s side.  Michael knew God was going to win and that is what kept him fighting . . . that and the love God gave him for people.

We know God is on Michael’s side, or at least . . . I do.  I was told that in the Bible and I was told that after an anguished prayer one late night in August of 2009.  I don’t deserve to be reminded if I can’t remember that special gift.

I am not the most faithful person on the world.  I have more scabs on my spiritual knees from my stumbles then I can count.  The further along we crawl the more my dreams make sense to me, even if some of you reading have no idea what I’m talking about.  I realized  that it’s not about being able to dump your burdens to get to Christ . . . it’s about being willing to drag someone else’s with you as you continue to crawl toward Him.  You just have to keep going – endure to the end.

There are people that just might happen upon this blog for the first time today.  They will see Michael Jackson’s name and roll their eyes without even reading the contents.

These same people will most likely assume that the media went after Michael for a reason without the knowledge of what that reason was.

They will assume that Michael wanted “to turn white”.  They will assume he was guilty of crimes against children and they will assume that he was a lost, mentally unstable drug addict who was a victim of his fame without realizing that fame is not a noun.  It cannot hurt you in and of itself.  It is an adjective used as a weapon to cover the real culprit behind the crime.  It is the stone that is thrown to hide the hands of those who threw it.

These same people coming to this page will have no problem going out and purchasing or watching a movie made by people who commit the real crimes against our children.  They will have no problem getting behind the wheel of a moving vehicle while inebriated.  They may even be okay walking away with someone else’s dollar through deceit or cheating on their wives, their employers or  their best friends but cannot even give a stranger the benefit of a doubt.

These same people would rather continue to walk past the beaten beggar in the street then risk being seen helping him.  They would rather hide in the crowd as Jesus is beaten, kicked and mocked then risk reaching out to him, not even considering the cross he is carrying was THEIRS.

These are the same people that base the integrity of a person on shape of his nose or the texture of his hair.  These are the people that are on trial.  Latoya is right . . . Murray is the fall guy . . . for every single one of those people, just as Michael was for those who put HIM on trial in 2005.

Lou Ferrigno is not being called as witness, except by HLN T.V.  What he had to say last night was interesting too.  He told HLN T.V. last night that Michael was in great shape only two weeks before his passing.  He told us that Michael was looking to reshape his body and that he wanted to come back as a “new Michael”.

Lou says as he left Michael's house the last time -- two weeks before MJ's death -- Jackson said, "Take care of yourself."  Lou said, "I'm going to see you next week."  Michael just repeated, "Take care of yourself."  Lou feels Michael knew something bad was about to happen.  Source

The “between the lines” are not just in court.  These witnesses outside of court are also talking for a reason.  They bear listening to.

Day three of testimony also revealed some surprising revelations.

Witnesses Alberto Alvarez

I was off and on this computer today (had to make a store run for food) so I jotted down what I could and found transcripts for the rest posted by various sites.

Walgren was finishing up with Alvarez today, left over from yesterday.  More attention was paid to Alvarez since he was the one who assisted Murray with moving Michael from the bed to the floor. He was also the one who testified to Murray asking Alvarez to collect and put away bottles of Propofol before being instructed to call 911.

Alberto Alvarez – Saw 100mg bottle inside saline bag of I.V.  He is the one what called 911 when finally instructed by Murray.

Played 911 tape – sound quality different from operator to paramedic.  Oddly Michael’s name not mentioned by Alvarez, NOR WAS MURRAY’S NAME mentioned on the call by Alvarez.  When Alvarez is asked by paramedic if the doctor saw anything, Alvarez asks “Dr. did you see anything” instead of addressing him as Murray.  A woman’s voice can be heard in background of the call.

Alvarez saw Murray pull I.V. out of his leg . . . no mention of bleeding.  Alvarez then saw Murray put something on Michael’s finger before they moved him down to the floor.

Murray then attached a device in Michael's finger. Brown bag in the bed (later id’ed as Oximeter) not attached to Michael before he was lowered said Alvarez.  Murray took it, attached it to Michael.  Alvarez asked what that was and Murray said it was something like it was a monitor, as Alvarez testified.

Alvarez said Faheem arrived at the room, Alvarez approached him, told him "It's not looking good". Murray asked "anyone knows CPR?" -

Murray proceeded to do mouth to mouth.  Paramedics moved Michael to the foot of the bed (on the floor).

Alvarez testifies that tabloids offered him money for stories.  Financially wiped out because of his involvement in MJ’s death is what he says. 

Paparazzi following them, they wanted to protect Michael's privacy. He went towards paparazzi, "this is a private moment, please step away".  Murray told Alvarez "thank you for your help" Alvarez asnwered "We did our best".

Left the house early, he took the Jackson's dog (a labrador) to Hayvenhurst.

They break to cross examination by Chernoff.  During that time I check tweets.

ArsenioHallOfficial tweeted: “They are trying to tell me MJ was playing "possum" ... then he woke up and SELF administered the chemical that took his life?!” 

Chernoff cross exam of Alvarez

Chernoff is challenging that the bag Alvarez says he saw has not milky substance in it.  Alvarez says “yes".  Chernoff testifies to difference between his testimony at the preliminary hearing and today, saying his testimony has become “more interesting”.

Donte_Jackson Tweets  Photo.  Why he is tweeting this during the trial I don’t know, but I don’t disagree with him.

Alvarez testifies to Chernoff questioning about talking to children and walking them out of the room out into the foyer when Paris followed Prince upstairs.  Alvarez says that Paris is on the floor curled up, crying and Prince is just standing there.

After removing the vials, Murray told him to call 911.  12:20 pm. Alvarez calls 911.

Chernoff asks Alvarez “it seemed surreal didn’t it?  Like it wasn’t happening”.  Alvarez answered “it was something I wasn’t used to.”  I thought this was a very odd question and not at all helpful or valuable to either defense or prosecution.  However I did get something out of it.

Chernoff kept questioning each of the security staff, including Alvarez, of why they didn’t call 911.  It is apparent that the one first notice Michael’s condition, Dr. Murray was the one there and responsible.  Perhaps they will ask him if he ever gets on the stand.  This was pointed out by various Twitter participants.  Opportunity to follow up on questions was not exercised.  Chernoff is not well liked judging by tweets, but his phrasing of some of his comments are rather interesting.

During break Donte_Jackson posted this:

After noon break Chernoff resumes cross with Alvarez

On June 25th, Alvarez didn't say anything about the IV bag to police officers.  Chernoff pointed out that the first time he did was the preliminary questioning on August 31st, 2009.

Alvarez testified that the first time he saw the picture of the IV bag was in 2011, at the Prosecution's office.

Chernoff: "You think you might be mistaken?" Alvarez: "No chance"

Alvarez is saying they put Michael on the floor during the 911 call .  Alvarez gives an example of how he held the phone to his shoulder with his chin as he helped lower Michael to the floor while talking to the paramedics on the cell phone.  It doesn’t sound believeable.

Someone gets kicked out of the court room for their phone going off.  Hope it was press.

Alvarez stammering about when he realized he should call and report that he touched a bag that may have had Propofol. He then called Williams.

Alvarez says he has not been able to get consistent work since appearing on T.V. as being involved in Jackson Case.

Chernoff pressed him about how he made it to Michael Jackson’s security detail.  Alvarez explains  that he worked for about six months in 2004 in Beverly Hills, then was relieved.  In 2007 in Las Vegas for a few months then he wasn’t needed anymore.  In 2008 through Michael Amir for two to three months and was relieved again.  In February of 2010 he also worked for the Jackson family for only two months, after repeatedly calling the house to check on the children.

When asked by Chernoff how this happened, Alvarez testified that between November and December of 2009 he discussed getting a job with the Jacksons when he called to ask how the children were doing.  Why didn’t Chernoff ask him why the Jackson’s let him go?

Alvarez was finished shortly after they returned from Break.

Kai Chase is called by Prosecution

Kai testified to being with the children in the downstairs foyer watching paramedics then security take steps two at a time.  She said the children were with her, holding hands in a circle and praying.  Missed some of this questioning by Brazille (sp?) because I had to run to the store for my husband, but I caught a lot of the testimony in the cross examination.

Toward the end of Brazille’s questioning I heard about the numerous media interviews Kai Chase granted.  I had seen some of  them back in 2009 and early 2010.

Surprising, she earned approximately $7,000 through different foreign media outlets for interviews.  Chase testified that they were all foreign media outlets, seven total at approximately $1,000. Paid to her from each one.  She did not seem embarrassed that she accepted payment (first witness to admit to doing so) and when asked, Chase testified that they were shows that focused on her cooking expertise and the love that was in Michael’s house.

I caught a bit of disingenuous over-explaining when trying to justify that she did it because “Michael is loved all over the world”.  Brazille asked Chase if she expected t o get rich granting interviews about working for Michael Jackson and Chase replied “no”.

Chernoff cross with Chase:

Chernoff verified information Chase gave in response to her paid interviews and the happenings of the morning of June 25th.  He then began questioning her in regard to why she didn’t attempt to contact security when Murray first requested help.

She had only Michael Amir’s number.  She could not contact anyone else including Michael Jackson directly.  She said with her, everything went through Michael Amir Williams.  She said children let her in on the a.m. of 25th. She made them breakfast. They ate without their dad.  She testified that Michael came down approximately twice to three times a week to have breakfast with his children and that him not coming down on the morning of the 25th was not an unusual occurrence.

She said 12:05 she saw a panicked Dr. Murray – he said go get help, go get security, go get Prince.  When asked how old Prince was Chase replied that Prince was about 12 or 13.  She then ran in to get Prince in the Den.  She said to Prince, “Prince, Dr. Murray needs you,  there may be something wrong with your father”.  Prince went with Dr. Murray.  Chernoff does not ask her why she would assume something was wrong with Michael and why she would say that to a child without knowing what was wrong.  I would have been all over this.

She can’t recall seeing Prince go up the stairs. She then went back to work preparing lunch.  She did not get security as Murray had asked.  Wow, her answer made NO SENSE as to why she didn’t attempt to get security even though Murray asked for security. 

Her answer was that Prince was in her eyesight.  When Prince was sent to Dr. Murray, she did not get security.  That is a biggie considering she testified to Murray being panicked and wide-eyed.  This was confirmed between 12:05 and 12:10. 

Chernoff asks her three different times why she didn’t get security. One answer she gave was that she didn’t want to take the risk of security not being present.  I guess finishing lunch was more important.  This really made me angry.

Ms. Brazil declines to recross.  (Why?  Who are these people working for?)

Kai Chase is excused.  Court adjourns for the day.

The After-Reports on HLN:

As everyone leaves, Hanoi Jane on HLN jumps on Murray but no one questions Chase’s cashing in on interviews, the fact that she testifies to Murray’s panicked, wide eyed requests for help and for SECURITY and Prince . . . so Kai gets Prince and goes back to making lunch?  Her explanation on cross examination?  She didn’t want to take the risk that Security would not be in the trailer?  What risk?  Lunch would be late???

Some other tweets from those watching after Chase’s testimony:

Charlie Thomson:  “What on earth is the point of this exchange? Is he suggesting she intentionally didn't get security as part of a murder plot?”

Gatorgirl277 (aka, Nikki) – “Come on Flanagan, Chase didn't know that MJ was dead upstairs or she'd never have called Prince over to the stairs...”

My Replies:  @gatorgirl277 Murray asked for Security, why didn't she get them? Lunch more important than Michael?”

And “@gatorgirl277 $7k in fees for interviews for Chase . . . She's the only witness thus far cashing in. Bet you're proud!”

Seems those involved in those fan groups who are used to making money since Michael died think its okay that Kai Chase did the same. I smell a common bond.

How is what she did any different than what Michael’s PREVIOUS house help did to him during 2005?  Because she didn’t say he was a bad guy?  She went on the road, talking about Michael and his children and their household habits for money before the trial.  Just because it was FOREIGN PRESS doesn’t make it any less opportunistic. There were others who were happy to talk about the goodness of Michael without the exchange of cash.  That did rub me the wrong way, especially considering that she hadn’t worked for Michael all that long AND she couldn’t bring herself to get security like the “frantic, panicked, wide-eyed” doctor had asked her to.

HLN’s Jane is ignoring the fact that Murray did not JUST ask for Prince, he asked for Chase to get security which she neglected to do.  Aside from continuing to make lunch which no one ate, perhaps she was too pre-occupied with her plans to cash in on interviews further down the road?

Raymone Bain was again interviewed on HLN (is she an employee now?)  She said something today that made me laugh out loud.  She said in London a member of the press, who they thought originally was a fan, handed him a printout of the lyrics to Michael’s song “Morphine” and asked him “are you hooked on Demoral?” 

Raymone said that Michael walked away shaking his head and looked at her.  Raymone said, “Michael said to me, ‘if I was hooked on drugs why in the hell would I sing about it?’”

I could see Michael’s face and hear the tone of his voice the way she described this, so I just had to post again, Michael’s song “Morphine” which is the second song on his “Blood on the Dance Floor” album.  Remember we covered this previously here:  Source ,  and some of the lyrics on this video are misquoted.


Why is HLN completely ignoring facts in exchange for the sensational sale of grieving children?  Seems the press wants another crucifixion and it’s only day three of the trial.

Yesterday, I told Susanne I would post some documents with Michael’s legal last name on them from the 2005 Trial and the 2003 complaint.  I had a copy of the birth certificate . . . but wonders, now I can’t find it.  These should do.

Susanne . . . It ‘s in Jermaine’s book that Michael’s name is NOT Michael Joe Jackson.

2003 and 2005 Legal Documents
Death Certificate - Note spelling of middle name
and his address listed as Hayventhurst Drive
He had not lived their since 1988

2005 Ammended Complaint April of 2005

 2003 Original Complaint Filed Against Michael on File at Findlaw
 2004 Toxicology Report for 2005 Trial
Note the Name, his height and weight

Have we learned anything from 2005?  Or did we just exchange Michael for Murray?  I can’t see that he would be happy with this familiar pattern.

We are about to fail another test.  I can’t believe it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 2 of Michael Jackson Conrad Murray Trial

Michael Jackson Conrad Murray Trial
Day 2

Kathy Jorrie was questioned after Gongware today who finished up from yesterday.  She is an Partner with Hamilton and Scripps, AEG’s legal firm.  She is the one that drew up the contract for Dr. Conrad Murray, with terms given to her by Tim Wooley of AEG.  She only talked to Wooley or Murray about this contract.  She never talked to Michael directly. 

It was interesting that according to the contract terms itself, the contract was not even in force unless all parties signed, meaning Murray, Murray’s “company”, Michael and Phillips for AEG Live.  This was never done.  This means that AEG cannot be held liable for equipment that Jorrie testified that Murray told her he needed IN LONDON.

The first call to draw up the contract from Wooley came to Jorrie in June. The first draft of the contract was not emailed until June 15, 2009. 

Jorrie testified that payment for Murray, once the contract was agreed upon and signed by all parties would be retroactive back to May 1st, 2011.  Yet Murray had ordered and delivery of the first order of Propofol arrived at Murray’s girlfriend’s apart ment on April 6, 2009 according to yesterday’s opening statement by Walgren.

This means that Murray was acting either on his own, or under someone else’s authority in the ordering of the Propofol.

It is irrelevant what terms were in the contract or what AEG was responsible for because according to Jorrie, most of the medical provisions were to begin once they reached London.  This is even a moot point since the contract was never signed and put in force.

Michael Amir Williams was called to the stand after Jorrie cross exam.

Michael Williams answered questions pertaining to the times Murray was at the Carolwood home.

Michael had a private cell phone that he would have to change frequently.  Amir would call for him or give him his phone to make calls outside his private circle.
Williams would call Murray for Michael

Last rehearsal June 24 – 5or 6pm arrived at Staples.  Multiple vehicles.  He attended with principle vehicle with Michael.  Michael in back.

Williams testified that Michael was in good spirits.  He wanted to be on time.  No problems.

Fans outside – underground parking.  To Rehearsal.  Was able to watch that night.  Describes amazing performance.

Ended around Midnight.

Loaded vehicle with paperwork before leaving the last night of rehearsals.  Williams called ahead to make sure house was set up.  Williams testified to the same fans racing ahead to meet Michael at his home.  The same fans that would follow him from home to the Staples or Forum.  I found that interesting but we knew about these people.  Michael talked to them. 

Dr. Murray was there at the house.  Amir didn’t remember talking to him that night.

Material/gifts were brought into house, first two steps.  Michael said goodnight and they (fans) and they would drive in the gate, leaving fans outside.

Security goes to their trailer – debriefed but Amir doesn’t take part.  He went home.

There was 24 hour security.  Security would perimeter check, open gate or monitor cameras.  Williams, Mohammed and Alvarez were travel security.

June 25th

Williams received phone call from Murray about 12:13pm.  But he was in shower.  Checked phone called back at 12:15pm.

“call me right away” thank you. From Murray.

Not asked to call 911. 

Called back.  Murray told him where are you.  Get here right away, MJ had bad reaction.  Get someone up here immediately.

Saved his voicemails.

I could not hear voice recording of Murray on Amir’s phone.

“Please call me right away, thank you”.  Work home and mobile number.

Williams contacted security on the property to get to Murray’s assistance. 

Williams’s phone records submitted exhibit 15.

Amir called Faheem Mohammed, asked Mohammed to turn around and go back to the house.  12:18 to Alberto Alvarez calls back and forth.

Call to Derek Cleveland.  Security at the house.   They were Michael’s more personal security house security.  Talked to Alberto finally, Security trailer, he said you have to go inside the house and he didn’t know what was going on.  Stayed on phone.  Alvarez was at front door looking in.  Nanny opened the door.  Got permission to go upstairs.  Amir could hear Murray’s voice in background but  not what he said.

Alberto hung up on Williams at that point.

He was aware Ambulance was called, drove to the house while making calls.  Traffic made it took longer.  30 or 40 minutes.

Ambulance was already there.  They were bringing gurney down (medics).  Frantic.  Murray came down too, gurney had MJ on it.  Down front stairs.  Murray was by ambulance talking to medics.  Children were loaded into the car to follow ambulance.

Doesn’t remember if children saw dad on gurney as they brought him down.

Murray looked frantic.  Murray told Amir he was riding in ambulance.  They followed.

Amir was in blue Escalade.  He was in vehicle with Nanny Rosalind and children.

Went to UCLA hospital.  Amir’s role was with the children.  Shielded them from spectators. Cameras were everywhere.  Took children to a private room with their nanny and put a guard outside the door.  From there he went to where MJ was being taken with doctors working on him.

He was outside curtain.  People were starting to come in.  Frank DiLeo, then Phillips then family began coming in.

He learned MJ was pronounced dead.  Amir testified that Murray approached him in a hallway and made a request, how horrible it was, tears.  Murray said there was some crème that MJ wouldn’t want the world to know about it.  He wanted ride back to house to retrieve it.  Amir said no.  He said “let me check”.  He went to Mohammed about the request.  He told Mohammed they can’t let Conrad back in house.

He told Mohammed he would tell Murray police had their keys.  He told Conrad that he no longer had keys.  Admitted he lied.

Why did he lie?  Amir didn’t want to say he would not take him back.  He said Murray wanted a ride to get food.  He just shrugged it off.  He then went to Mohammed told him to make sure security doesn’t let anyone in or out, used terms lock it down because Murray requested to go back.

Didn’t see Murray again after that.  He gave Murray’s contact info to detectives that day.  Does not know what time he left hospital.  Amir said he checked with family security and arranged to run deception in the escalades so family could get back home.  Police were at Carolwood when Amir got back.

He did speak to police – asked for a timeline.  In August of 2009 he had interview with detectives.  Oxygen tanks were normal the last few months.  He said sometimes the children would bring them back down.

Photographs shown of oxygen tanks in security trailer . . . different sizes.

Sign says “Please take oxygen tanks as soon as place opens”.  Amir would instruct or assign a guard to pick up oxygen tanks from location to home.


August 31st told detectives about crème at home.

Doesn’t remember police officer calling him 2 days after Michael’s passing.

Asked about locking down the house.  Asked him about lying to Murray about keys.  Amir explained why he did not want anyone asking to go back to the house.  Amir didn’t think anyone was allowed back at the house.

Amir said about 5 officers were at house.  He said he was at Carolwood and did not tell police about Murray’s request to go back to house that day.

They asked for a timeline and Amir verified after “badgering” from Chernoff about the use of the word DETAIL.

Chernoff asked about Amir’s affection for MJ and if he watched news stories trying to find out what happened.  Murray asked about Crème after MJ pronounced dead.  Testified that Murray was with other doctors as they worked on MJ.

Amir talked to Michael several times a day.  Didn’t know how Murray and MJ met.

Chernoff tried to get questions in about previous assistants but was objected three different times and told to change subject area.

Chernoff then reviewed testimony about phone calls to and from Murray.  Chernoff tries to pressure Amir into determining the emergency judging by Murray’s tone during voice mails.  Objections raised and sustained.  Amir testified he followed instructions based on Murray’s requests and had no reason to believe it was a fatal situation.

Chernoff asked about the date Amir was visited by Joe and Randy Jackson.  Objection raised and sustained.  Chernoff decided to break for lunch

During this time I listened to Micheline’s voice mail to me about Arnold Klein’s interview with Larry King. She mentioned listening to this and thinking this recording that Murray made of Michael on May 10th actually sounded like Klein, slowed down . . . same tone, same slurring type of annunciation, so I decided to compare:

Klien’s voice on Larry King I
July 2009
Not slurring as much

Klein Interview on Larry King I
October 2009
He is slurring speech here.

Now here is Murray’s recording of Michael’s voice
Again . . . Made May 2009

Just my opinion but the recording to me does not sound like Klein.  It sounds like Michael slowed down via processing.  Let me know what you think.  If you listen to “2000 Watts”  That voice does not sound like Michael either in parts, but  it is him, slowed down and pitch changed in production”.

After Break, Williams is asked about when Alvarez and Mohammed started working for Michael. 

Chernoff asks Williams about security company Security Measures and if Alvarez and Mohammed worked for  them.  The answer was no.

Williams did not remember if the Aug. 31st included Mohammed  and Alvarez at the same time but said they may have crossed paths.

Chernoff asked if he and the two security had opportunity to discuss the events of June 25th after that day.  Williams said it was possible.

Williams begins to stumble when trying to explain when he made the video of recording Murray’s voicemail.  Especially when questioned about why no other voicemails appeared and if Alvarez or Mohammed called.

Michael had his own personal cell phone which AEG had the number.  This number changed frequently.

Williams and security would pick up Michael’s prescriptions and for the children. They would also accompany him  to Dr.’s offices.

Testified to Michael talking slow after leaving Klein’s office.

Williams made calls for Michael including to Dr. Murray.

Dr. David Adams sounded familiar to Williams.  He didn’t remember calling him at all. 

Williams testified to waiting for family to get there . . . new security was there, police said family had to wait until they were done.

He said entire security staff was replaced and he did check with someone involved with AEG to make sure it was okay.

Redirect examination by Walgren

Asked about slow speech pattern after leaving Kleins.  He asked about the Iphone recording again.  Said he never heard Michael like that.

Recross – Chernoff

Cheryln Lee.  He said that Fahim had called because Michael had not been feeling well.

On People calling of next witness counsel asks to approach the bench.

Mohammed is asked about the phone call about turning around to go back to the house.  Mohammed phone records submitted.

12:18 Mohammed called Derek, didn’t remember if it was voicemail or not.

Called Williams at 12:23pm because they didn’t usually go into the house.  He then went upstairs.

This conflicts with the records of  when 911 was called (12:21pm) and Paramedics arriving at 12:26pm.

12:26 and 12:27 Williams called where he did not answer.

He went upstairs through landing into his bedroom.  Room to the right.  Michael’s real room to left, Moh. Went to bedroom to left.

He saw Alberto pacing, MJ’s feet on side of bed on the ground, then rest of his body, and Murray near his side.  According to Mohammed, Michael was on far side of bed from entry.  Said Alverez said it didn’t look good.  Eyes were open, mouth slightly open appeared to be dead.

Prince and Paris were in the landing, Paris in ball on ground crying, Prince starting to cry.  Got nanny’s attention and got them downstairs.

Murray asked if either security know cpr.  Alvarez assisted Murray as Mohammed went to move children.

He walked down with the nanny and children then went back upstairs.

Alvarez no longer assisting and Murray doing CPR himself.  He asked Alvarez if 911 had been called.

After he came back up, witnessed Murray and Alverez.  Got a vehicle ready in case they had to transport themselves.

After paramedics, he was in the room.  Left the room to put children in the car, second time to let security know to guard against paparazzi.

Saw I.V. stand.  Noticed no other equipment.  Did observe MJ coming down on gurney.  Children were already in one of the security vehicles.

Saw Michael loaded into vehicle.  Dr. Murray hopped into the ambulance and security followed ambulance to hospital.

Paparazzi tried to get pictures of body so security shielded with Jackets.  Instructed police to clear through them before anyone could enter hospital where Michael was.

From that point was back and forth making sure family got in but not people who were trying to sneak in.

He was there when Michael pronounced dead.

Was told by Williams that Murray requested to go back to house about cream.  Confirmed story about police taking keys.

15 minute break . . .

On return Walgren played a video of Murray leaving the waiting room.  He then testified that he remembered seeing the I.V. pole but couldn’t recall if saline bag or tubing was present. 

Remembered similar time of driving around after leaving hospital to act as decoy, then being called back to Carolwood by detectives.

Mohammed was asked if he saw Murray leave hospital and he said that yes, he did see him walk away from the hospital.

Cross exam by Chernoff

Asked about level of trust.  Asked if he always traveled.  Asked about condition of MJ when he left Klein’s office.

Michael visited Arnold Klein's office for the last time on June 22nd.  This would not  figure into meds given Michael at all on June 24th/25th.

Mohammed testified Michael occasionally being or acting intoxicated.  Chernoff asked if Michael ever told him why he was going  to Kleins.  He said, “You must think I’m crazy for going to Klein’s office so much.”

Mohammed stammers what he responded.

Chernoff said that Michael told him that he goes because he has a skin disease and
Mohammed agreed.  (I missed testimony of on Walgren’s questioning).

Why the questions about Klein if Klein is not being called?  Why is this allowed? 

Never saw other nurses or doctors come to the house.

Do you know who Cherilyn Lee who was hired for his children?  Mohammed knew her professionally, treated him before.  Mohammed said she never spent the night at the house.

Chernoff asked about Mohammed calling Cherilyn on Michael’s behalf.  Mohammed said Amir told him MJ had weird symptoms and one of his hands hot and one of his feet was cold.  Did not call Murray, just called Cherilyn.  Says he left message on initial call.  When she called back he doesn’t remember what they said.  Mohammed did not remember if Cherilyn Lee told him to call 911 or not.  He told no one about that situation and that Williams had reached Murray about that situation.  So no one has asked Williams about this?

Lee very rarely came to the house.   

No landlines in the house.

Paparazzi questioning, can’t let just anyone in.  Chernoff asks about his shift and why he left for the bank only an hour after he started his shift.

Mohammed doesn’t seem to remember where surveillance cameras were.  Mohammed agrees with Chernoff that he helped detectives remove and download surveillance tapes.   He doesn’t recall???

He doesn’t see amount of tape downloaded either.

Chernoff then asks about what Mohammed sees when he enters the bedroom where Michael is located.  Doesn’t remember seeing any medical paraphernalia.

Chernoff badgers about what Mohammed remembers about riding/driving from hospital.

Spoke to detective Abdul.  Standing to right of front door of Carolwood residence.

There were several attempts by Chernoff to steer Mohammed toward speculation of Michael’s condition coming out of Klein’s office. Chernoff was shut down several times with sustained objections, but I question why Klein is even brought into the picture.  It is understood that Klein is not even being called as a witness as Michael’s dermatologist over the last 30+ years.  Why are they asking bodyguards to speculate as to Michael’s condition and why he went to Klein’s office when Klein could very well testify.  Why don’t they call him.

On HLN tonight Klein’s lawyers were interviewed.  I missed this because of dinner and speakerphone conversation with my mother (yes at the same time, because I shut her down earlier in the day, during testimony).

I listened to part of Raymone Bain’s interview tonight and even though I had questions about some of the things I learned about her before, I totally agree with her on the questioning concerning Klein.  I was also VERY HAPPY to see her go on record about Schmuley.  I would like to remind her that Michael’s relationship with Schmuley/Geller was actually 2001, not the 15 or 20 years ago that she stated.

I also agree that Michael is NOT THE ONE ON TRIAL.  The defense wants to displace blame on demoral/Klein when this “DEPENDENCY” was last documented in the 1990’s.  Jermaine said he was not a drug addict and that the treatment for dependency was actually back in 1993.  (He also said 2001 in one interview, thanks Jermaine . . . I’m confused now).

Why is Klein even brought into this if Klein is not going to be questioned?

The cross exam breaks until tomorrow.  I thought Randy Phillips would have been questioned today since Gongaware was questioned, but that didn’t happen.

Nancy Grace is on the t.v. right now, so I’m turning off the t.v. because she is only rehashing what information Jane was going over. 

Ferrigno’s interview said Michael was in great shape, but Michael  told him over the phone a couple days before he passed that Michael told Ferrigno to “take care of yourself” which Ferrigno believed was rather odd.  He attributed it to

Lou Ferrigno also said that Michael wanted to reshape his body and come back as a “new Michael”.  (God, I have such a headache, again.  I need new eyeballs seriously, between computer and t.v. it’s nauseating).

I also had a difference of opinion with Nikki-gatorgirl about the photo shown yesterday.  I knew the Branca-bunch would latch onto any sensationally emotional angle they could to try and bully other views of the evidence and on such a blurry, inconclusive picture.  I just don’t understand the need for him to be dead . . . well, maybe I do.

Today’s testimony seemed to center around the drugs and the condition Michael was found in by security when they got upstairs.

Biggest takeaway from today – The admittance of evidence of medications speculated on from another doctor who will not even be called to testify and is completely irrelevant to both the autopsy report and the official cause of death.

Biggest shocker?  How does a doctor get to be a cardiologist without knowing CPR?  How does a doctor become a DOCTOR without knowing CPR?

You can’t even be a LIFEGUARD without knowing CPR!

Anyone wanting to comment to testimony by Gongaware, Jorrie, Williams or Mohammed today that I missed please feel free to post.

God Bless you.

The many Looks of Michael