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Michael Jackson Justice: Fear of Jermaine’s Book on Michael

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fear of Jermaine’s Book on Michael

The Growing Pains of Faith

My Place In Heaven

If it were in God’s plan
To limit the room
In Heaven’s space
To only two

I wonder how many
Would look beyond them
to keep another
from being condemned

Would they cry “me”?
Would they push and shove
Would quarrels break out
Would they forget love?

If I thought for one moment
That Heaven would close
To the ones of the living
And those that arose

I know who’s name
My voice would call out
He who knows love
Of what it’s about

He’s one who’s most Christlike
The one most childlike
A precious example
A man named Mike

I’d give him my robe
I’d give him my wings
I’d take his suffering
And all painful things

Because he has shown me
What Jesus meant
His absolute love
His pure covenant

Held true to his Mission
A childhood mislaid
His Music his weapon
For God’s love crusade

If the vessel that God sent
Had no room for two
Mike I would give my place
In Heaven to you

Bonnie Cox ©Poem 2011

I’m kind of in a danger zone today and I don’t know if it is the weather that is effecting me, or if I am just tired of hearing bad news. 

I woke this morning and it is dark as I am placing my husband’s breakfast on the table.  We had a heck of a wind storm last night and a couple of the footlights along  my sidewalk were blown across the driveway.  It didn’t crack 62 degrees here today and for this far south, that is unusual in September.  On top of all that, it was overcast all day, still a bit breezy and more like October in Maryland then September south of the Carolina borders.

I did my usual, Friday drive to the grocery story (the one with a REAL deli) which is about 20 minutes away.  That is good for about 4 (on average) Michael songs one way. 

I put in the History 1 CD and listened to all the older songs and it didn’t cheer me up, it only made me bluer.  I tried singing to a couple of them, but when my voice would start to crack I would just shut up and reach for a napkin and try to dab my eyes while still trying to drive.  Then I’d get mad at myself.  “Startin’ Somethin” only reminded me of “This is It”.

As I pulled into the parking lot at the grocery store, I sat there in the car (I think “I just can’t stop Loving You” was beginning).  I pushed the button in to pause the CD and sat back.  I didn’t get out of the car right away.

It was just one of those moments where everything overwhelms you and I did NOT want to get out of the car and walk into a grocery store in tears, so I fought it back.  I took a deep breath and shook my head, but I was still welling up.  So I looked up  and I just very quietly asked God to give me some strength because I wasn’t doing so well today.  I just simply said “God please, I need you”.

No sooner were the words out of my mouth when my cell phone rang.  The I.D. window said “Micheline”.  I smiled and looked up again, “that was pretty good, thank you.”

I answered and Micheline replied in a weepy voice.  I  thought “oh no”.  We do this to each other a lot.  She said to me, “What are you doing right now?”  I told her what I had been doing, trying to fight back tears and she said, “Stop!  Just stop right there!”  Then she continued, “I don’t know what it is but we must have some kind of connection . . . “ and she continued to tell me that she had been looking through a magazine of pictures of “The Jackson 5” and she got emotional.  (Funny, if she knew I was listening to “Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough”  Which started my tears.  Not Jackson Five but close enough.  She continued “It seems like you and I always seem to be suffering at the same time.”

So with that said, I know Micheline was at the book signing today (I slept since writing the above), and I will let her tell you what she talked about with a couple of ladies she met there in her own words.  This should warm your hearts of the fact that just because we don’t see it online, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. 

Those of you who missed Twitter or for some reason cannot get Jermaine’s book, Jermaine posted a ‘prologue” to it on Twitter late last night (when he should have been sleeping – he’s keeping my hours now, scold, scold!)

Just click on that link above and it will take you to the prologue and the first couple of pages of the book, including the table of contents.

I did take notice that the book is separated into three sections – and that in each section are seven chapters.  Well that is except for the FINAL section which actually has eight chapters.

I talked to Micheline right after she got her book signed and she told me that the atmosphere around this book signing was quite different from when Latoya was there.

It’s the same store and the same employees, but they were rather terse and short with the customers.  One lady went upstairs and bought another book and came down to get that signed and was accosted by one of the employees, “Weren’t you just here?”  And she had to explain that she bought another book . . . this is paying customers.

This was not Jermaine’s fault, and as Micheline told me, she couldn’t even go around the counter to hug Jermaine as she did with Latoya.

I explained to her that maybe there was a threat phoned in or something, and I also cautioned her that perhaps as a Muslim there were certain protocols he had to adhere to.  But then she told me, “You know, you may be right because when I told the lady on my way out that I hurt my ribs trying to hug him over the counter, she replied ‘I’m sorry, we had to do things a bit differently this time’.”

There was some very heartwarming conversation though, so I asked Micheline to write up her experience and I will post it on the blog because this was so beautiful.  Don’t pressure her though . . . okay?  No pressure! LOL!  Hopefully I will have that up tomorrow evening.

Jermaine’s book has it’s own website.  It is at this link here - Source

The intro description uses the phrase “Illuminating the private man like never before…” 

Illuminating?  Is this like glow-in-the-dark or is this like Illuminating minus the “ng” at the end?  Somebody has a sense of humor.  I gasped out loud when I saw it.  My husband asks what’s wrong . . . “Nothing dear….”

Jaafar Jackson, Jermaine’s son posted some interesting Twitpics recently.  One of my favorites is this one:

He titled it “Truth”

Jaafar also Tweets sentiments such as this:

jaafarjjackson jaafar Jackson - the real rulers of the world are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes.

Now Donte Jackson was also posting some interesting Tweets and I have to be honest with you . . . I don’t usually watch all the kiddies but maybe I should.  I saw this video below:


Donte’s post introducing this said “this comes out 11.11.11 its gunna be Epic.”  Source

Tesla’s experiments are mentioned.  You remember Tesla?  Government stole his work too. Scroll halfway down on this blog I wrote, explaining similarities between Tesla’s “earthquake machine” and the Super Hadron Collider.   Source

Does Donte know who this guy is?  James Gamble is not just some “wanna-do-right” documentary maker.  Far from saving the planet, his is one of the executives and grandson of the founder of Proctor and Gamble, one of the largest rapists of the planet that exist!  This is like Al Gore telling the U.N. to enact the global carbon tax on the family of four for BREATHING while his fleet if SUV’s idle outside for two hours.

Not only has James Gamble contributed heavily to the CAUSE of many of the problems on planet earth, he is a member of the same elite club that wants to divert the blame for the problems his mega-corporation caused on the individual consumer who buys his products! 

Foster Gamble, the creator/host/co-writer/producer of "Thrive" is an heir and direct descendent of James Gamble of Procter and Gamble.  He’ll point out the sins of other companies, but they are his competition.  How conveniently TRUTH-less.

Most of their products are now made in what used to be third-world countries (China, Taiwan, India, Philippines), and their packages of toilet paper (that’s paper you wipe your bum with for those not familiar with the English term for this product) still sell for upwards of $12.00 a package in the U.S. while they shrink their individual rolls.  Mega rolls are now the size of double rolls – double rolls now the size of regular rolls, etc…

Donte’s other Tweets –

UFO’s over London -

Seems the “Thrive” documentary includes interviews with people like Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project (Pay to see UFO’s),

This is allegedly a CNN coverage of Air Force Officers (and retired officers) discussing UFO’s – it this real?

And of course we have an opinion on Dr. Greer’s “Disclosure Project”

The Disclosure on the above Video –does this look like an intelligent being to you?....

sorry about my spelling.

cseti shines lazers at these satellites making the illusion that they are alien spacecraft responding back to people.. im not a ufo skeptic.. you dont have to be a skeptic to see how this guy lies. keep in mind that if even one of his siteings are fake.. then that pretty much means all of them are fake.

keep the ufo subject in science not superstition.

Remember I covered their plans to use this as a positioning for a one world religion, on this blog spot here – “Light Man

This is another critic of the “Disclosure Project”

Well, I thought that The Disclosure Project would have came a lot farther than is has. I first found out about it in 2002 or 2003. I watched their National Press Conference video they've got hosted on the site and really thought things were going somewhere.

That video was ground breaking IMHO. They had REAL military and high ranking civilian officials who were VERY credible telling their stories and stating unequivocally that they would stand before congress and testify to what they saw. Pretty strong testimony.

When I heard that they were having a conference near where I live I was VERY eager to go and see for myself what they had to say. I was SO DISAPPOINTED by what I found out when I contacted them to arrange for me to attend. They wanted $600.

That was a REAL let down and it's colored what I think about their little project. In my mind A REAL disclosure project would be out in the Wal-Mart parking lot telling everyone they could about what they know. Asking $600 / person for the privilege of attending is an insult and it really brings into question their stated status of being NON-PROFIT.

Seems to me that they started out with good intentions and then they let the money they can make from this cloud their judgment. They've turned their disclosure project into an expensive almost cult like organization
.”  Source

So while Donte is promoting documentaries by the Illuminati’s choir boys, Jaafar seems to be calling them out on twitter.  The polluters and creators of human misery are now beginning the part of their plan to “call out” the offenders and bring everyone together under . . . the false one world religion.

They are nothing but lying vipers who as Donte’s UNCLE says, are “throwing stones to hide their hands”.  Perhaps this is the “rough” Jermaine was talking about?

Latoya seems to be dancing with the devil with her company while Jermaine is . . . well, Jermaine isn’t naming names, but he has alluded to the fact that the people surrounding Michael have been the cause of Michael’s problems and have kept him from family.  Could explain why Jermaine needed tighter security than Latoya at the NJ book signing.

It looks like California has another fault line and it runs right through the Jackson family.  I will keep praying for them and that their solidarity did not end with Michael’s trial in 2005.  Please pray for them with me.  I read Psalms Chapter 3 before I go to bed at night and I start the day with the “Protection Prayer”.

Obama quotes Bible?  Funny  the last time he had a Bible opened he was making fun of it.

Obama Quotes Psalms 46 – Does he Know something?
Why does Bush look so upset?
  Cathy sent.

In other news . . . guess who just got knighted?

Henry Winkler knighted for work with Dyslexia?  Ummmm What about Michael’s $300M + donations to charity?  Must be a black thing . . .  Source

According to the research Vanessa did, Winkler is married to Weitzman’s ex wife.  I covered that bit of info on a blog back in the early part of this year.

I have more going up about what Obama may possibly know.  Maybe it’s a lie, maybe it’s a distraction . . . and maybe it’s the truth.

I will tell you this . . . that “Tribute” in Cardiff is starting to look like amateur hour compared to this.

Remember please pray for the Jackson family.


  1. Hi Bonnie. Beautiful poem. Damn girl, you are crying a lot. About you listening to the HISTORY album. MJ called the album his "music book" during an Interview. I wonder if Jermaine will do one of those the next time. Did you read that Prince will be the prosecutors key witness? There is a great video on YouTube. And it proofs that the Guy at the "This Is It" conference was infact MJ. There are actually two similar videos on YouTube but I think the newest one which was uploaded one day ago is better. Its called Use 112 photos to tell you - Michael Jackson didn't have that much plastic surgery. When you get to the video you will see that its called use 129 photos blah blah blah. But if type that when you search for it you will not find it. Weird but true. I think the videomaker has done a great job with this video. Have a nice day. Susanne

  2. Bonnie,
    I had a difficult day too yesterday. I finally decided to try and work out when 'This Is It' was filmed, or at least which parts were filmed in The Forum and which in The Staples Center. The opening credits started me off, because it stated the footage was from filming that Michael wanted for his private library. You know, the TWO cameras he couldn't afford to buy himself, that has since been replaced with information that there were EIGHT cameras all using different formats. Hmmm. Then there was Kenny O sounding so condescending when discussing the 'inner ears' with Michael. I just wanted to shout obscenities at the screen!
    I went to bed sobbing. How could they do this to such a lovely, gifted, gentle person? What he must have gone through....

  3. BONNIE : "well, Jermaine isn’t naming names,.."

    Jermaine's Prologue gives the wish to buy the book. Jermaine quoted Sony's name in connection with 2005. Anyhow until 2009, it wasn't that long for shadowy figures of any kind to prepare another plan :o(

    Ufos : For now I'm not too concerned that one falls on my head :o) The shocks our poor brains receive since a while are alarming enough :

    - A London UBS rogue trader lost $ 2 Billion (Barings, Societe Generale, UBS : who's next ? Where are the promised banks'regulations ? World bankers increased steadily their bonuses while a mass of small investors needed (& still do) to tremble for the safety of their hardly-earned money),
    - the slowdown of the economy worldwide,
    - the European States crisis,
    - wars,
    - ecological anomalies (Antarctic ice platform melted severely this Summer i.e polar white bears forced to survive on very reduced pieces of ice space long ?).

  4. Why did my comment not appear? Please may i correct you on Henry Winkler. He was not knighted. He is not a "sir". He recieved an honoury OBE.
    I am British and we may have many faults - but i am irked at the suggestion the Queen is racist as that feels like an attack on my country (whether you meant it like that or not). i will still stand up and defend her. It doesnt help when my culture and heritage are misunderstood and misquoted like this. Radar online is clearly not a good source for the facts here.
    Both Michael Jackson and Henry Winkler would not be able to be Knights as they are not British citizens.
    Thanks. x

  5. Hi Bonnie. The background voice in This Is It saying : "It's just the death penalty, Let's do it." It's sounds like Michael Beardens voice. Why is he saying that on the "This Is It" movie? They are suppose to be professionals so it can't be done by mistake. I don't feel good about that. Why did he say such a thing. And what is his purpose with it? Disturbing the way he says it too. Susanne

  6. I mean "This Is It" was dedicated to Prince, Paris and Blanket, right? What was Michael Bearden thinking? I wonder what MJ would have thought about that? Susanne

  7. Susanne said - "There is a great video on YouTube. And it proofs that the Guy at the "This Is It" conference was infact MJ. There are actually two similar videos on YouTube but I think the newest one which was uploaded one day ago is better."

    ........I have done my research on the "O2 Michael" and you can just stop right there, LOL! There is no way anyone is going to convince me that person was Michael, aside from Michael himself. I know the fan video you are talking about. You can search out O2 Press Conference and I have different pics of the "Michael's".

    On Michael Bearden's voice, I have not heard this. All I can tell you is that Sony had artistic control and editing control as part of the deal to purchase the rights to the "This is It" footage. They are the ones that got the raw footage. What you see in "This is It" is after Sony bought it. That's why I question the Michael's in there. Joe Jackson insisted there were Michael doubles used in the film and I believe this is why the Judge nixed the use of the footage because Michael did not look ill or unable to perform.

    I did a blog about TINI, the photoshopping and altering of video frame by frame.

    The trial is coming up . . . we'll see.

  8. PrincessGlam said - "Then there was Kenny O sounding so condescending when discussing the 'inner ears' with Michael. I just wanted to shout obscenities at the screen!
    I went to bed sobbing. How could they do this to such a lovely, gifted, gentle person? What he must have gone through...."

    ....... Do you know I still get searches on my blog for "oratory ears"?

    Michael's voice sounds so different in TII then it does in all his earlier film projects, meaning his speaking voice. Did you notice it was deeper? Still soft spoken but deeper.

    Princess, I have not lost faith. When I cry it's not because I believe he is gone but because of what he went through and people still are not paying attention.

    When you look over everything we have looked into in the last year plus, and you look at this one man who labored under all the burden of this knowledge WHILE being attacked on a daily basis in the press, financially and everything else . . . I know how you feel :o(

    Line said - "Anyhow until 2009, it wasn't that long for shadowy figures of any kind to prepare another plan :o( "

    ..... I am still of the opinion (strong opinion) that "shadowy figures" are not the only ones that know how to make and execute plans.

    The rest of the world? This was also foretold and we're just going to have to deal with it but in a way where we can educate people on what is happening, why and by whom.

    You said - "- ecological anomalies (Antarctic ice platform melted severely this Summer i.e polar white bears forced to survive on very reduced pieces of ice space long ?)."

    I didn't hear anything about Antarctic ice platform melting. This sounds like the same Al Gore story bumped up a a couple of years. But if man can create and control weather, no doubt they can direct heat toward bodies of land. The purpose? To create an emotional justification for anihiliating 80% of the world's population. There is already proof out there that Gore's scientific data was fudged.

    I also find it mighty suspicious that all this catastrophic melting of Antarctic land mass happened without some major swing in the jet stream to cause the warming.

  9. Monika said - "Please may i correct you on Henry Winkler. He was not knighted. He is not a "sir". He recieved an honoury OBE."

    ......... Monika, I did a number of blog updates on this very topic:

    Yes, I know there are different levels of the OBE, and you're right, I just didn't know what else to call it :o)

    I also did a blog on Princess Diana and why she died -

    There is no question in the minds of most people who were close to Diana that she was not killed by some rougue gang of Paparazzi who for some reason expected to get good pictures while traveling high speed in a tunnel on motorcycles.

    I don't know how much of this the Queen knew about, but she's alive and Diana's not and that is no accident.

    Find me one black man in the OBE list who was knighted. Then ask me how you think Michael would feel about loyalty to someone who kept her mouth shut about Diana's murder.

    Trust me, I felt the same way about Presidents Bush and Reagan until I began digging. It wasn't pretty for me either. I'm sorry, but blind loyalty to someone who is involved in the "establishment" that wanted Diana dead? Listen to Diana's interview in that link I gave you above. The Queen is not innocent.

  10. To Monika - Sorry, I forgot to address the issue of your last post about your previous comment. You posted a link to the web site of one of the stalker's that followed Michael around. I also investigated and exposed them last year as frauds. I don't want their links on my blog and that is why I didn't post your comment. I couldn't edit the comment out without deleting it. Blogger doesn't give me that option. Sorry. :o(

  11. Susanne said - "I mean "This Is It" was dedicated to Prince, Paris and Blanket, right? What was Michael Bearden thinking? I wonder what MJ would have thought about that?"

    We can't be sure that's Bearden's voice. I haven't heard this so I cannot comment.

  12. I really like that first cartoon Jaafar posted.

    Wow, Foster Gamble sure resembles father and son Bush.

    Considering those presenting, that Thrive clip gives me the creeps. They are taking our biggest concerns and riding in as saviors. Is this another case of creating the problems to present themselves as heros? Are they aligning with us to identify and take down the non-compliant? I have to wonder what their expected outcome is.

    Although the Thrive trailer at 3:05 shows the Clear Compass Media LLC website with info and links, when you go to the website (get a load of the logo!), it is nothing more than a front page for the movie - no info about the company at all, only a link to:

    "Thrive Movement"?!? There is no information about what that is, though I suppose it is all the things listed on their website at 3:05 in the trailer.

    There are two links at the bottom of the Thrive page: "Clear Compass Media LLC" & "Privacy Policy". Both link back to the same page you are looking at, go nowhere.

    Lots of suspicious stuff.

    There's another movie this reminds me of - Contagion.

    Laurie Garrett, Sr. Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations, was the scientific consultant on that film. She's heavily involved in pushing the "global health" agenda.

    Please read description, good info there:
    "- Contagion is meant to change the way you think. Please don't let yourself be scared into getting a vaccination because of a movie.
    - Giving more money and power to a government won't stop an 'outbreak', especially if it's intentional or non-existent."

    "Overall health officials say they were very pleased with what resulted. During an advance screening for CDC employees..."

    "Indeed, CDC officials have embraced the film. The agency allowed the movie's makers to film at their main campus — the first time the agency has allowed a major motion picture studio such access. And CDC officials have opened up their schedules for media interviews, panel appearances and live Internet chats to talk about the movie and potential real-life contagions."

    "Also, "we don't inject ourselves with (experimental) vaccines," said Dr. Ermias Belay, a CDC official..."

    No, they inject us - the fearful and misinformed.

  13. To Truthbtold - Interesting links. The movie my husband and I saw on DVD was "The Fourth Kind", which was based on a true story about investigations of alien (sounds funny saying that doesn't it?) abductions.

    I noticed the Youtube video, the woman being interviewed (about her book) stated quite clearly that government needed to be strong if they are going to approach an epidemic "globally". That's comforting . . . (NOT!)

    Clearcompassmedia and "Thrive" - does ANYBODY in the Illuminati know how to finish a website? (TINI? JA-TAIL? virtual office-type lawyers? Kuba KaKa? Any of you). I'm beginning to think all these people have ADD.

    You said - "Considering those presenting, that Thrive clip gives me the creeps. They are taking our biggest concerns and riding in as saviors. Is this another case of creating the problems to present themselves as heros? "

    .......... EXACTLY! Could not have said that better myself. Really makes you wonder why all these oh-so-ILLUMINATED people would pick on an innocent entertainer. Where does illumination come from if your soul is dark?

  14. "Where does illumination come from if your soul is dark?" Indeed, Bonnie!

    CNN video - Air Force, UFOs:

    At 5:00, when talking about the current ability to combine human & non-human genetic materials, Professor Jacobs of Temple University is mentioned. Quite often Temple = Knights Templar. From Temple University - Templar Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) - Class of 1948, Page 13:


    Temple University's newsletter is also called Templar.

    I'm just saying. Perhaps it means something?

    Obama reading Psalms - obviously he is not familiar and struggling to even read it. Is he trying to warm the hearts of christians...for re-election? Is China also helping him? I think we can expect another 4 sickening years of him.

    China now dominates the solar power industry:

    However, if we were to shake off our lazy bones and get into the "I can do" attitude, there are plenty of websites that give instructions on making your own.

  15. BONNIE said : "I didn't hear anything about Antarctic ice platform melting."

    It was on TV news last week & I found this :

    Whoever (evil) did it, I cry for the bears !

  16. To Line -

    "NSIDC scientists provide Arctic Sea Ice News & Analysis, with partial support from NASA."

    ........ Don't believe everything you read. Their funding comes from the government. All they are doing is supporting another myth. That carbon dioxide - the very substance we EXHALE and that plants need to BREATHE and that has ALWAYS been in our atmosphere has now been labled a toxin.

    All they are doing is supporting a U.N. idea to tax AIR or use of it. I guess they are banking on an idea that most people won't even realize that polar bears SWIM and don't have to be stuck anywhere. They have plenty of land on both poles of the earth.

  17. Geeze Truth! My father's family is from all over Philadelphia (and parts of mom's family) and I never heard of Temple being named after the Templars. That's pretty creepy. I agree with where your thinking is going on that though.

    Lots of these "credentialed" professors, military brass, previous CIA and FBI people and heads of multinational corporations are coming together on this "others need to save us" message. They look like kooks to a lot of people who surf the net and just come upon their videos, but the information they "leak out" today is technology they've been aware of for a long time.

    Does Foster look like Billy Bush? George Bush? Jeb? Mama Barbara?

    I saw a video tape with Jesse Venture who discussed Bin Laden's brother bailing out the Bush family corporation in the early 1990's:

    "When President George W. Bush froze assets connected to Osama bin Laden, he didn't tell the American people that the terrorist mastermind's late brother was an investor in the president's former oil business in Texas. He also hasn't leveled with the American public about his financial connections to a host of shady Saudi characters involved in drug cartels, gun smuggling, and terrorist networks.

    Doing business with the enemy is nothing new to the Bush family. Much of the Bush family wealth came from supplying needed raw materials and credit to Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. Several business operations managed by Prescott Bush - the president's grandfather - were seized by the US government during World War II under the Trading with the Enemy Act. " Source:

    Read that if you haven't. Thank you for the info!

  18. Truth - Oops - I meant 1980's not 1990's for Salem bin Laden.

  19. This is a good one too, more detailed:

  20. Oh, I like Rense. Thanks for the info Bonnie, more reading to do!

    Yah, the Bin Laden family was also flown out of America on 9/11 through the no-fly zone. The two families had been business partners for a long time. I suppose pinning 9/11 on him was just another business deal - with a cat & mouse element added in. I read that only months after 9/11, Bin Laden was all but surrounded. But then, with his extensive entourage, was allowed to escape through the mountains. Who knows, history is continuously re-written.

    Bush also has his foot in big pharma. He signed an executive order to test EVERY person in America for mental health issues, but it especially targets children. I read about this many years ago, an article not so easy to find these days - It's a "loud" format but at least it appears to be the entire article. Notice that on page 3 it ties psychotropic drugs into school shootings, which I have believed for a long time. It's the same cause/hero/enacting control (for our own good of course!) that is becoming so familiar...for those with eyes to see.
    Bush: Texas 2 Step - TeenScreen & TMAP:

    Sorry, veering off subject now, but important stuff!

  21. Truth said - "Oh, I like Rense. Thanks for the info Bonnie, more reading to do! "

    ........ Is Rense still growing? I have looked on their site to see if they trace this back to the twelve tribes and - Esau. I found a couple of really great resources that kind of tie together what I've already done. Amazing stuff.

    I wish I knew what Michael knew! I want his brain. Seriously, this is a lot of reading/researching and putting pieces together. How can someone so innocent know all this? Geesh wizz!

  22. @ PrincessGlam -

    Princess, a friend of mine who contacts me through email (doesn't post on blogs or twitter and such) read your comment about Ortega and Michael and wanted me to send you this reply:

    Oh and the person that was upset with the TII film when Kenny O and Mj speak. Please tell them - I KNOW how they feel. I "used" to feel that way. The first time I saw it, it bothered me to the point of anger. Then I watched this a few times very closely.

    If you have to turn off the voices/volume to just watch mj then do it. Then I would say watch it again with the voices and really watch mj. He (mj) is directing that scene. Kenny is following a script or an improv if you will. He is feeding things (not chix lol) to mj to setup for the answers.

    Why is mj pointing to the lights for the lighting guys to bring up? For archival footage? Why should he care?

    Document it for later study would be to see it as it is, not to craft it as you like. Tell me if I am wrong here but his motioning up (multi tasking I may add) as he is talking to KO. He is directing!

    This was like a repeat of action that had happened before or as if to say guys if I am here and step forward as the principal character where's my light?

    I now loooooove this scene. He is such a man in this scene. We have seen it when he is performing/dancing but rarely do you see this strong confident direct MAN. it is one of the many things that have made believe that he made it out alive. Call me crazy but... Tell them, your commentor to try stead of pain she may feel peace and comfort.

  23. I have seen/read things about the result of the ice melting that explain it from the angle of what they call Post Glacial Rebound Effect. These sources say that the ice is melting because of long term, like decades, of radioactive materials and byproducts going into the atomosphere. They heat it up. It is a very valid sounding theory and there are some good vids on it on youtube,,,

  24. Bonnie and to the person who responded to my comment,
    I know exactly what you are talking about, when you say Michael is directing. I see that too, and he obviously knows exactly what he wants as he is more experienced than any of the others there. But that is what made me so angry - to be spoken to in that tone when he is the expert in the room. I wish I could see it as Kenny feeding him the lines though, Kenny just sounds bored!


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