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Michael Jackson Justice: Jermaine and Michael Jackson's Story

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jermaine and Michael Jackson's Story

Wordd To The Brave

I am writing this to both Jermaine and to Michael’s fans, so it may sound a bit odd as I am addressing both in various paragraphs.

Probably one of the most beautiful songs of all time, with lyrics that reduce me to tears because of the truth in them.

I had already heard about the attacks on Jermaine today and I knew they were going to come.  I’m sure Jermaine knew they were going to come and still the viciousness of false fans with ulterior motives never ceases to make me gasp.

I had an answer to several of the more hateful tweets and “twit-longers” that were sent to me, but instead of addressing the hate we already know is out there, I would prefer to ignore bad behavior and recognize good behavior.

Jermaine, I have not read your book yet.  I will, but I am waiting for the honor of your signature on a book that a rare and true friend is taking her time to get for me in a city I cannot afford to get anywhere near.  Please give her a big hug when you see her because I love her.  She is a beautiful person.  I better FEEL it from here! :o)

Your tweets have taught me a lot about you over the last year and about your family.  You have filled in the pieces of the true identity of your family that they would not let Michael complete.  The tweets against you have taught me what you and your family have been fighting.   They have also reminded me of the type of evil Michael was up against.

The element of people that send those kinds of hateful messages are not interested in honoring Michael or the fight he took on. They know nothing of love for others and because they have no basis in truth, cannot hurt you.  I believe the only reason you even address them is because they hurt and mislead the fans . . . the REAL fans.

For people like “seekingtruthMJ” and “KarlaJorge” and “Messed-upfactory2” to attach Michael’s name to their correspondence to you, it is in itself a disservice to someone who would never have treated his enemies the way these people are treating Michael’s family.  KarlaJorge has not been as bad as some of the others so I don’t exactly want to pair her with the other two, but I wish she would remember Michael and how he would ask those questions.

You Are Not Alone Either

The barbs they are throwing at you and your brothers over Michael’s fame are the very same barbs they believed were effective in dividing your family years ago.  I’ve heard your singing voice.  It is beautiful, soft and flowing.  Your brothers singing together all fulfill a song that one note can’t do alone and you all bring the sounds together and make them one.  I have listened to you and your brother’s music and although I didn’t always recognize the songs, I am still discovering some like they are new, both with the “Jackson 5” and “The Jacksons”.

When each sound is in harmony with the message, the music becomes a family of one made up of different notes, beats and sounds all moving together with their predetermined purpose.  Just as God intends for each human being he creates.

It is the same with a family like yours.  The ghost of jealousy has always sought to divide and destroy what he couldn’t have, possess or imitate.  From the time of the coveting of God’s power to the day Michael wrote “An Angel Came to Me” and “You Are My Life”, that ghost has sought to destroy as much of God’s creation as he could because as it is said in the Bible, he knows he has but a short time left.

I find it rather telling that Michael’s “You Are My Life” and “Speechless” are on the same album as “Cry” and “Don’t Walk Away”.  I find it even more telling that the brother that wrote “Word to the Badd” is the very brother who is in the forefront fighting the same legion that sought to ravenously devour Michael.  Let’s look at the lyrics of that song . . .

Word to the Badd

I listened to this song.  I read the lyrics. Then I went back and just read the lyrics (because the tune is catchy and was distracting me, Just like Blood on the Dance Floor).

The lyrics to this song tell the story of a brother frightened about what has happened to his brother.  I think it’s time we relieve Jermaine of the burden of the misinterpretation of this song.  I think it’s brilliant . . . AND LOVING!

No doubt it probably ticked Michael off when he first heard it. 

Been Abducted
Don’t know who you are

“Badd” was leaked out on radio in 1991.  This was two years after Latoya was abducted and two years before the 1993 allegations came out against Michael by Chandler.  While the family may not have known exactly what was going on with either sibling at the time this song was released, they may have already been suspicious.  Two siblings were in essence abducted.

The story fed to the press (or made up) by an ex-wife paints a picture of a jealous older brother who writes a song out of frustration after losing two album collaborators to Michael who was working on songs for “Dangerous” at the time.  That story is here.   Source

However if you REALLY look at the lyrics, that story loses credibility and the reality of what was happening to Michael really starts to hit home.

They may love you
They don’t know you
Lonely superstar

This is in reference of course to Michael’s fans.  We did NOT know him or what he was going through.   Michael very well could have been under mind control then and in the article linked above, you know back then the family could not get through Michael’s handlers to talk to him.

Never think about who you love
Only think about number one
You forget about where you started from

Reminder that Michael’s family may not have understood exactly what they were doing to Michael, didn’t understand his distance, didn’t understand why he wouldn’t talk to them.  Latoya spoke of threats against killing of family members, drugging of her food, beatings and mind control and manipulation into thinking her family was trying to kidnap her.

She also said her life paralleled Michael’s and in 1991 the family was probably not aware of the scope of what was happening.  Even if Michael wanted to call and was coherent, he was most probably threatened with the death of Latoya because Gordon already had her.

You only think about
what you want
Don’t care about
How it’s done

Also remember that if the family at this point believe Latoya may have been kept against her will, they may have been frustrated that they couldn’t get through to Michael and assumed he didn’t care (not knowing this was going on with him also).  Imagine the confusion.

You only think about you
Your throne
Be it right or be it wrong

I don’t doubt for one minute that this is how Jermaine felt.  I sense anger here at what he perceives as insensitivity from Michael.

It Aint about your World
It aint about the
Things you do

The same frustration/anger . . . 

If you don’t care
I don’t care
Cause you keep thinkin ‘bout you

Jermaine cares, he wants Michael to care – wants to wake him up.

It aint about you takin’
My pie
You’ve been takin for a long time

If you don’t care then
I don’t care if you keep
‘Cause I ain’t thinkin’ about you

This is telling – He’s telling Michael this isn’t about jealousy, and the last sentence I interpreted as Jermaine believing that Michael was being “taken” financially and/or professionally by the people around him.

Once you were made
You changed your shade
Was your color wrong?

Could not turn back
It's a known fact
You were too far gone

While these lyrics may inflame many fans, I have to tell you it more than verifies a few things I have already researched in regard to Michael and what they were doing to him. 

“Once you were made – you changed your shade, was your color wrong”.  I would almost believe that this was made up by those who spread the rumors around about him in the first place, but you can hear Jermaine singing it.  This tells me that perhaps Michael’s “vitiligo” was possibly drug induced and since it began to appear, according to Michael, over the advent of “Off the Wall” and “Thriller” Jermaine may have been unaware since he had already left the group.

In “could not turn back – it’s a known fact, you were too far gone” . . . what is he talking about here?  When you get further into the lyrics, what I hear is a musical form of the blog I did on Michael and MK-Ultra.

“You know I tried
to be there for you
Like a brother I care for you
It didn’t matter, you always
Play me off

(repeat of lyrics –care about what you want)

This sounds like a pleading, explaining why he has to tell him THIS WAY, Jermaine is hurt and doesn’t understand what is going on with his brother.

Thinkin’ about that pie
You’ve been takin’ from me
From a brother to another
Brother hard to believe

This “pie” could refer to anything from music to musicians that left Jermaine to work with Michael.  I believe Jermaine knew full well he was the first to leave the group so I doubt it was about the careers.  Keep in mind also that while Michael had handlers filling his ear about family members, other family members most probably dealt with the same.

Lost and don’t know it yet
You still show it
Givin’ seems to be harder
Than it is to receive…

This doesn’t have to do with money but I’ve seen comments to that effect.  Lost and don’t know it yet, I believe this because Michael sings about this in several songs, sings about being lonely.  Stranger in Moscow is a very good verification of Jermaine’s suspicions in “Word to the Badd”.

The glass has gotten shady
Time to make it clearer
Clean it up and lets start
With the man in the mirror

Wow.  Don’t think I have to decipher this one too much.  

It’s sad Mr. Bad, ain’t
No mistaken’ it
Get a grip ‘cause you’re not
Too far from breakin’ it.

About Michael breaking his grip on reality.  It’s clear to me here Jermaine believes his brother has turned into something he’s not but does not know why.

Thinkin’ about the time
When we used to be close
It shouldn’t be past tense
‘Cause nobody knows

What the future may hold
What tomorrow might bring
It’s not guaranteed that you’ll
Be spreadin’ your wings

Here Jermaine is trying to appeal to Michael to remember their relationship and that fame will not last forever.

But meanwhile, I’ll continue to smile
Cause in the back of my head
I know you’re still a child

You say that you’re a man
But that will never be
Unless the day comes that
You have to lean on me

Jermaine counseling Michael on dropping his pride in order to be a man.  This tells me that either Jermaine is trying to anger Michael into a response or he is not really aware of what is really going on with Michael.  Could be both.  I get frustration but I do not get jealousy out of this song at all.

Gone too far, ya’ better turn back
I know who you are
You know where I’m at

Sad but true from me to you
Pick up the phone, don’t be alone
Step off the throne
Come back home

Personally, even though some misunderstanding about where one or the other was coming from, this song tells me that Jermaine cared about his brother very much!  

The story goes that Michael answered with “Superfly Sister”  which could very well be the case.  But what I believe the Jacksons didn’t know at that time, and what they learned later as that both Michael and Latoya were surrounded by bad people, using one sibling against the other.

I also believe that Michael and Jermaine more than settled this a long time ago and I’m sorry about bringing up such a sore song . . . but Jermaine I wanted people to see that this is NOT the “jealousy” song that the press was spinning it out to be.

It is very much a song from a brother who loved, and was afraid for his brother and was trying to reach out to him.

I believe Jermaine, that this may have been your first attempt to save him.  Not only did you make me love Michael even more with this song, you made me love YOU with this song . . . and I wanted to share that with every one.

I believe with all my heart that what is going on in the fan community, with the injection of controversy and vitriol by certain PAID plants is no different than what and who tried to destroy this family.

Please do not give them the satisfaction of destroying the fan family too.  If fans are going to support Michael they are going to HAVE to support his family. They are the only true advocates Michael has that CAN help him.

Jermaine, I was talking to my mother on the phone about you and this song.  I told her what they were doing to you on the net.

This is what she told me to tell you:

“Read Psalms chapter 3 every night before you go to bed.”

It’s a protection prayer . . . and it’s  linked below in blue.  I hope you have it in your book Jermaine, or something like it.  And if you do, can you show me where?  I have a link to the English version on the right side links on my blog.

Jermaine, please accept our support and our love in your fight.  I don’t know how else to express how much this has all affected so many people that weren’t even fans of Michael.

Like your brother said about people thrusting negative energy at you . . . “Totally block it off”.

God Bless you – I love you.  Don't let them get to you.


  1. Hi Bonnie. There's no doubt Jermaine loves his brother. In almost every Interview he's done since MJ's passing he has tears in his eyes and you can feel the pain in his heart. ABC news have an exerpt of his book that you can read. I have so much catching up to do when it comes to your blog. Yesterday I search for LMP. WOW its like 80-90 comments on those blogs. So it takes time to get through them. And these two new books coming out. I want to read them too. I Think Cascio have some funny stuff in his book that will make us all laugh. Did you watch the video Michael Jackson...They Don't Know.wmv? I'm sure you heard that song before. But together with footage from the trial makes it so emotional. " Deep inside this armour the warrior is a child". Take care ♥ Susanne

  2. Hi Susanne,

    I remember in the beginning of all this I was suspicious of everyone. I didn't know anything about Michael or the dynamics of his family other than I knew they were brought up to be "nice people". I started with a little shovel. When I saw how deep I was going to have to go, I kept changing shovels, LOL!

    Thank you for the information on the exerpt of Jermaine's book. I will look at that later today (is that cheating?) and yes! I saw that "They don't know" :o(((( Thanks for killing me. I hate that trial, I wish Michael never had to go through it! I never saw anything more evil in my life. No wonder the jurors cried. Susan Yu cried! Half the world cried!

  3. Hi Bonnie. I hope you understand my Svenglish. When I have read through all your blog post I think I will be a pro when it comes to the English language. I need some grammar lessons too. And then there is American English and British English. I think I mixing the two together with the Swedish language. And voil'a I created a new language Svenglish. ♥ Susanne

  4. BONNIE : "If fans are going to support Michael they are going to HAVE to support his family."

    That is true. Yesterday I said I was appalled with the Tribute & still am (what or who is behind it?) but it is only in 3 weeks so at this point it better be a success : for Michael, his family & above all Miss Katherine & MJ3. What I say may not please many but should the Tribute fail, I think it would be a heartbreak to Miss Katherine. She really had & still has enough on her shoulders.

    Jackson Family, you were all there for Michael in 2005 & I will never forget it. All of you, I love & support you too !

  5. Hi Bonnie. I never heard of that song "To the Badd". I read a part of the exerpt of Jermaines book. He said after the Victory Tour he and MJ didn't speak for 8 years. Wow, that is a long time. La Toya said that she met MJ during the Trial 2005 and the next time she met him after that was at their parents celebration dinner 2009. That is along time too. I wonder why MJ decided not to attend La Toya's birthday party 2009. She must have been sad over that. He was invited but she don't know why he didn't come. That's sad. Maybe he was busy with the tour rehearsals. ♥ Susanne

  6. Susanne said - "I think I mixing the two together with the Swedish language. And voil'a I created a new language Svenglish. "

    ........ That's cute. I've stuck Branca and Sony together like that too .. . Brony, LOL! I actually think you write English better than most American's speak it, so if I were your teacher, I'd probably have you teach the class. :o)

    I am of the same opinion about the Tribute. I haven't seen anything that would change my opinion and that is BASED on the demeanor of both Miss Katherine and Latoya . . . and Chris Hunt during that press conference. None of them looked happy . . . at all. The trailer for that same Tribute, well, we've talked about that before. DISTURBING. It even has a dark feel to it. In my mind "success" for that concert would be - DECEPTION. I pointed out what I noticed. The rest is up to the individual and whatever comes out of that tribute. Not many feel good about it. Miss Katherine didn't even seem like she wanted to be there.

    Jackson family - ♥♥♥

    There was a lot of that kind of separation between family members and Michael. I remember the first interview of Janet's I saw, where she described not even talking to her brother for two years. My family is not close and I thought, "What???"

    Michael attended his parent's 60th anniversary Dinner just a month before he was supposed to be in London, so why he was not at Latoya's Birthday party I don't know. But Latoya did meet Michael when he showed up for James Brown's birthday, but I don't know when that was. I thought it was in 2006 but I can't be sure. I have a picture of them together. It was a chance meeting though. It might have been before the trial.

    After the trial there were other things going on. Everything changed after that. Michael was away but something else was in the planning at that point and I don't believe for a minute that Michael was as helpless as most were led to believe he was.

  7. BONNIE : "It’s clear to me here Jermaine believes his brother has turned into something he’s not but does not know why."

    Michael was so famous in 1991 that the Song BADD from Jermaine was, as you said, misunderstood. A harsch admonishment from big brother to little brother but not illogical. In 1991 Michael was totally absorbed by the showbiz system. He had famous friends like Liz Taylor & others, bad handlers, so he "might" have once forgotten some realities like his family although he was generous with them & always remained remarkably attentive to the others. Bad but human. At Michael's place & age, I might have become far more unbalanced :o)

    As per your Source on BADD's story & its consequences for Jermaine, I understand Jermaine had all reasons to be angry then. Nowadays, if Jermaine writes a nice book on Michael, where is the problem ? Why Karen Faye, David Gest, Chris Hunt or other parasites can promote themselves on Michael & not the family ?

    TMZ : The Executors apparently achieved good results for Michael's Estate & now pay USD 30 Mio to the beneficiaries. Nice to hear. Where was the zeal to help Michael between 1993 & 2003 ? Why also is the USD 30 Mio. issue all over the media & not kept confidential within the Estate ? More greedy & jealous ones may lurk around.

  8. I hadn't seen Word to the Badd in a long time. I too get distracted by the catchy rhythm.
    I heard the first lines - change your shade &reconstructed and wondered if he was referring to how Micheal changed his "shade" as to how he was changing his way of being - the way he lived - what he valued. I never thought for a moment that Jermaine was ridiculing his skin color. Now you bring up a whole other idea and that resonates as a possibility too.

    I have witnessed the name calling (same thing they did to Micheal) attacks on Jermaine and other members of the family. I'm going to take the advice you gave to Jermaine and deflect it off so that it doesn't permeate my spirit. I do feel the family members know Micheal best and probably his very very close friends (friends we may not know he had). I agree, there is a division taking place. I'm going to stay true to what I feel in my heart. ~LorLor

  9. Line said - "Bad but human. At Michael's place & age, I might have become far more unbalanced :o) "

    .... Well now, LOL! I had to contemplate that for a few seconds. I don't even know if Jermaine was so much angry as he was just trying to force a confrontation. Perhaps he believed this was the only way to get through to Michael?

    We have more to hear from the estate. I remember an article way back that had stated that trust was already funded. Now they're saying their first payment of $30Mil was deposited. We shall see. No doubt some of that will come up in the trial. Remember the shell game?

    LorLor said - "change your shade &reconstructed and wondered if he was referring to how Micheal changed his "shade" as to how he was changing his way of being - the way he lived - what he valued."

    ....... Actually that's a very interesting observation. The next line "was your color wrong" was the reason I assumed he was talking skin color. I wonder if Jermaine even KNEW Michael had vitiligo back then?

    Good for you Lor, on your "staying true to what you feel in your heart". Michael focused on God and that is what got him out of their control (didn't happen overnight, it was a battle). And if you do that . . . well, I keep focusing on that Bible verse:

    1 Peter 1:22
    Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren, see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently:"

    PURE HEART - minus self fulfillment. And this one:

    2 Thessalonians 2:10
    And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

    Love with a pure heart and you will detect the truth. ♥♥♥


    We love you, Jermaine.


  11. Anne - Thank you for posting that. I am glad that information is IN THE PRESS - That Michael had an appointment in the Towers on 9-11. Makes you wonder what Michael knew doesn't it? It's on his BOTDF album cover.

    This is so awesome - Debbie Rowe wanted the children protected, Michael was not a drug addict, I am SO GLAD to see this getting out in the press! THANK YOU JERMAINE!!!! And I'm sorry you had such a field day with KarlaJ. :o(

  12. Hi Bonnie. I just listened to an Interview with MJ from 2001. He got the question - What song on the Invincible album do you think you personally relate to the most? MJ answered - Unbreakable. I'm been through/to hell and back and still I'm able to do what I do. Nothing can stop me. No one can stop me, no matter what. I stop when I'm ready to stop. Hearing MJ say that makes you questioning what you have heared about MJ Bering weak, not able to say no to people, helpless and controlled. But at the same time he said this before the second nightmare begun. What do think about this Bonnie? Did you listen to the BBC radio Interview with Jermaine? What do you think about what Jermaine had to say? If you haven't watched it yet it on you tube: Michael Jackson - Interview with Jermaine about Michael ( BBC radio). It's two parts. Always when I searche for Interviews on YouTube, Tubidy or Vuclip there is always one or several parts of the Interview missing. Whats up with that. Do people who upload videos do this just to piss you off or what? It's so annoying!!!!! What does that have to do with Jermaine? Nothing. Just saying. Take care ♥ Susanne

  13. To Susanne -

    Unbreakable - I have to agree with that and GOOD FOR HIM. Every element in this whole saga, we don't know if ANY of it is true. There are things I researched last year that I stand my ground on. Their last chance to get him was in 2005 and they tried like hell and they FAILED. Innocence is Divine intervention certified.

    What do I think? They're going to be sorry.

    I didn't see any of the BBC radio interviews (or hear them) on Jermaine. I probably won't get time today. Blog work :o) on a different topic.

    God Bless Susanne!

  14. Bonnie – you have no idea how much I love you. Your brilliant work is a testimony defending Michael from all sorts of hatful so called fans and ohters attacking him and his family he loved.

    I have no idea who and what gave them the right to do so. I detest each and every one of them who say negative things to his family without any factual bases.

    Bonnie, all what you said dissecting Jermaine’s song sounds completely make sense. Now I see it is not really a jealousy song, thank you Bonnie. Sure indeed, certain medications induced vitiligo. You can Google it and you will find many articles which explain the possibility. Now I think about it the possibility that his vitiligo was induced might be true. Why is that he is the only one in the family we know have it? Michael said, his father told him the disease is on his father side. Do anyone of you seen this in his cousins? How come someone from his immediate or distant family come forward to verify?

    Jermaine, like Bonnie said, God bless you and I love you. Be strong. I can’t wait to read your book and I make sure I watch “Access Hollywood” to night to see your interview.


  15. Thank you God for Bonnie's blog! God is truth. And truth is peace. God is working through you to find the truth and expose all the lies. All of us that love MJ are grateful for the hard work and research you are doing in MJ's name. You are a very intelligent woman. God bless you Bonnie. ♥ Susanne

  16. Bonnie, MJ's vitiligo is confirmed by the autopsy, family history, and his own word. Why on earth would anyone believe that he would deliberately induce this devastating, disfiguring disease? It's an insult to MJ.

  17. Bonnie, another wonderful blog, coming from an angle I hadn't considered. I did think Jermaine was trying to get a rise out of Michael with his song, but I thought it was out of anger and, yes, a little bit from maliciousness. I do see your point of view though.

    Re: Jermaine's book, I received it the day of publication from Amazon. I had homework to do on Tuesday and a class on Wednesday so just started reading it today. I got to page 2 of the prologue and I can't stop crying. Of course, the prologue is from 2005, the trial. I hope you do better than me but knowing you, I doubt you will. And because I feel I know you so well through your writings, I'm sending you huge comforting ((((((HUGS)))))) in advance. God bless you for all you do.

    Jermaine, I will continue reading, no matter how many tears I shed, because I do believe there are many truths you are trying to get out there. Stay strong.

  18. Hi, Bonnie - it feels like an eternity since I last posted here, but we've talked a lot, and you know what I've been up to. This was a wonderful blog to Jermaine and the fans, and if Jermaine can see it, I'm sure he would appreciate your thoughtful interpretation of his lyrics in "Word To The Badd."

    There is nothing in those lyrics to suggest Jermaine didn't love Michael. Quite the contrary. Jermaine was hurting and trying to reach out the only way he knew how. How many of us write down our thoughts when we wish we could say what we feel to someone, but can't bring ourselves to? Jermaine was confronting Michael with the alienation that was threatening to affect the family, as well as threatening to isolate Michael. It was a cry for help.

    If you transfer the lyrics of the song to a conversation between Jermaine and Michael - alone in a room for the first time after years apart, you get a sense of what might happen here between two brothers. They would argue, go on the attack or the defensive, vent frustrations, plead, and yes - say hurtful things to each other. But through it all, I believe it would have ended with both brothers being desperate to bond again...the way they were before fame took over their lives. I'm getting emotional just thinking about this! These boys have a family history that goes back to very humble beginnings, when all they had was each other. It doesn't matter how successful one becomes, no man is an island. When you're lonely and lose your way, you can have a hundred people around you and not find comfort. Only family can give you that.

    Jermaine has taken his share of nasty attacks on Facebook and Twitter, to the point where I am amazed that he remains a gentleman and never hits anyone below the belt. Why would he tolerate such a thing if not for supporting Michael? As with Michael and La Toya, Jermaine is soft spoken and has class, which definitely seems to be a Jackson trait! Were it not for him, I don't think fans would feel as connected to Michael and his family the past two years. Jermaine has done so much to keep us informed and involved, and for that he will get a big hug from both of us on Saturday, Bonnie. Jermaine, you are forewarned! :-)

    Bonnie, I love that young picture above of Michael when he was about 22. He had the "IT" factor from day one, with those big warm eyes, and that slight pouty mouth - a real honey bun!

    Your poem was beautiful...can't wait to show you what I did! Love you, Bonnie!

  19. Bonnie, I wanted to tell you something today when I called you, but didn't have time because of the other thing I was doing, and it will warm your heart. There is a lovely woman who comes into my office occasionally. Her name is Carolyn and she has the cutest little daughter about eight years old who wears a little pink fedora! Eight years old and she LOVES Michael Jackson!

    Carolyn loves Michael too, and we have talked at length about him, as well as your (and our) mission in exposing the conspiracy around him. Carolyn absolutely adores Michael for the reasons we do and understands everything about his innocent heart. She came in today, and we couldn't help but continue our conversation. I gave her my "card" the last time and she has discovered your blog! Carolyn thinks you're AWESOME and loves the way you use key Bible passages to help us understand how it relates to what is happening today, with Michael, and world events in general. She looked at me, shook her head and told me that your blog was so amazing...and she started getting teary-eyed about what they did to Michael.

    She's hooked, Bonnie! I told her you started the blog in Jan. 2010, so there's a lot for her to catch up on. She was suspicious of Schmuley, so I told her to search him and Uri Geller to find those topics on your blog, as well as MK Ultra, Lisa Marie, etc. Carolyn's eyes went wide when I touched on how the system tried to control Michael and his music for subliminal messaging, and how he fought against it and won - and why they were bent on his destruction.

    When I told her about Jermaine's book signing on Saturday, she said she may try to make it, so I might see her there. Thought you'd appreciate hearing about this! :-)

  20. Mimi said - "Bonnie – you have no idea how much I love you. Your brilliant work is a testimony defending Michael from all sorts of hatful so called fans and ohters attacking him and his family he loved."

    ........ Awwww, I do now! I don't even know what to say to that. Cry? I did that when I first read it and I had to go meet my husband somewhere, LOL with messy-face. I love you too and all your support for Michael and his family ♥♥♥ God bless you ♥♥♥

    You know Mimi, I don't know how to NOT be angry at what they did and that Diane Dimond! She's hopeless. She twittered back to me "don't drink the koolaide" . . . she IS the koolaide!

    You said - "Michael said, his father told him the disease is on his father side. Do anyone of you seen this in his cousins? How come someone from his immediate or distant family come forward to verify?"

    I think the only person I have even seen address this in his family is Janet on a televised interview. I know what Michael said, but he has also said that the family was told to lie during interviews and he didn't like that. They may have been THREATENED to lie. I know I've seen pictures of Prince with his vitiligo, but why is it visible on some pictures and not others? Somebody been playing with photoshop again? Why don't they just knock off the crap?

    I believe it could very well have been induced pharmaceutically by those controlling him and Michael alludes to this in Morphine "you hate your race, baby", the lyrics, the background sounds of electrical shocks or tazers. God, Mimi you just reminded me of something.

    The song Childhood. "I'm searching for the world that I come from . . . The painful youth I've had . . ." I dont' think he was talking about sore muscles from practicing.

  21. Susanne said - "God is truth. And truth is peace."

    ...... Thank you Susanne. God bless you too! I know God is faithful. Susanne I know you probably didn't get to read the beginning of this blog, but what started me on this was a sudden urge to pray for him. Later that night in bed, after an all day crying jag (you had the same I read), I was in bed and I couldn't stop crying. I began praying for God to help me because I didn't understand where it was coming from, but the prayer turned into one for Michael again and I began getting angry with God the longer I prayed about everything I learned about him. When sobbing I asked God "Why didn't you protect him!" I couldn't pray and more because I was crying so hard. That is when I was kissed by the angel.

    This is how I know God cares for and loves us and feels our pain. Even though I was angry with him, he sent one of his angels to comfort me because he wanted me to do know he was there and did have his back. I still cry when I tell this story it was just so powerful.

  22. Anonymous said - "Bonnie, MJ's vitiligo is confirmed by the autopsy, family history, and his own word. Why on earth would anyone believe that he would deliberately induce this devastating, disfiguring disease? It's an insult to MJ. "

    ........ Anon, I think you WAY misunderstood me. I never said Michael DELIBERATELY INDUCED THIS. I don't think he had a choice. The autopsy is another issue but you know nothing of Michael's family history. Look. Do you SEE vitiligo on any of his brothers, sisters, mother or father?

    Michael also told us in interviews that he was told to lie to the press about various things about his age, family and he didn't like it.

    I did the research. I would appreciate it if you could at least CORRECTLY read what I wrote. The link where I researched the mind altering drugs used in Monarch and MK Ultra are here:

    I suggest you carefully consider the HELL both Michael and Latoya were put through and most probably other members of his family for most of their careers. This is not an isolated case . . . it is just the most FAMOUS one.

  23. Deb said - "Re: Jermaine's book, I received it the day of publication from Amazon. I had homework to do on Tuesday and a class on Wednesday so just started reading it today. I got to page 2 of the prologue and I can't stop crying. Of course, the prologue is from 2005, the trial. I hope you do better than me but knowing you, I doubt you will. And because I feel I know you so well through your writings, I'm sending you huge comforting ((((((HUGS)))))) in advance. God bless you for all you do."

    ............ I just twittered to Jermaine this: "Don't make me cry". You're right . . . I'm going to have to steel myself, but I know I am going to find pieces in there that were not in Latoya's book. The trial? OMG . . . No, I am not ready. I still cannot get through the 60 minutes interview with Mike and Ed Bradley without crying, no way. Thank you for the warnings, and lady . . . ((((Hugs back to you!))))♥♥♥ Now don't tell me anything else until I get the book (mid next week some time). :o)

  24. Spotlight said - "This was a wonderful blog to Jermaine and the fans, and if Jermaine can see it, I'm sure he would appreciate your thoughtful interpretation of his lyrics in "Word To The Badd."

    ........ Thank you. I very much wanted to do it when I saw the lyrics to that song. I thought to myself, "he knew something was up" and the concern and it's almost like something you would say in panic to get someone to get away from people that are destroying him and saying something to make them angry was the only way to force a confrontation. I see that song as a musical intervention of sorts. Jermaine must have taken quite a risk writing that and even though he changed the lyrics of the song for album release, it got out there.

    You said - "Jermaine has taken his share of nasty attacks on Facebook and Twitter, to the point where I am amazed that he remains a gentleman and never hits anyone below the belt."

    ......... You know, sometimes I wish he would, but when you have the truth on your side, you don't really need to. I watch him on Twitter respond to some of the hate and other than addressing the attacks on his mom, he seems to go head to head with these people like he's been waiting a long time to get the truth out (he has) and I'm glad.

    The stalkers and Branca/Sony plants want fans to believe that the family was not close. But they were close after that trial and knew what was going on . . . don't you doubt that for one minute.

    You said - "Jermaine has done so much to keep us informed and involved, "

    ......... This is true and he does not have to do that. As a matter of fact his job would be alot easier if he didn't bother with the Tweets, especially with the abuse he gets. I'm very grateful that he takes the time.

    God bless you! I love you too!

  25. I've read about three-quarters of Jermaine's book and there is a short section where he says he, too, has vitiligo, a very small spot on one thigh. I was surprised to read this and, if true, why would he allude negatively to Michael's "change of shade" in Word to the Badd if he, himself, was also afflicted. And he writes "Badd" was not written by him, but by Babyface and someone else I can't recall, and was released without his knowledge after which he felt terrible. The first half of his book seems straight from the screenplay for Jacksons, An American Dream, very detailed as if he had a script. Less so as they grew up and more apart from each other.


  26. Maryann,

    Thank you for the info. I did a search on the song and Jermaine IS also an author on the song.

    Type of Work: Music
    Registration Number / Date: PA0000552558 / 1992-01-21
    Title: Word to the badd!
    Appears in: You said. 1 sound cassette
    Performer: Performed by Jermaine Jackson.
    Copyright Claimant: Black Stallion Music, Solar Songs, Inc., Kear Music, Greenskirt Music, Pebbitone Music
    Date of Creation: 1991
    Date of Publication: 1991-10-29
    Authorship on Application: words & music: Jermaine Jackson, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, Antonio (L.A.) Reid, Daryl Simmons, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes.


    You are right . . . it WAS leaked but he WAS a co-writer and he DID perform it.

    I don't know why he would allude to negativity about Michael's color UNLESS he was trying to force confrontation for the sake of trying to get him away from the people that were harming him. Remember . . . Latoya was also abducted and mind controlled as per her own testimony.

  27. Maryann - ran out of room . . .

    This is the copyright for the other version that was released through Epic -,4&Search_Arg=Word%20to%20the%20Badd&Search_Code=TALL&CNT=25&PID=hW3ImZ2t-jsSPYKP0xzwk9WRq_H91&SEQ=20110916192534&SID=1

    By the way, did you notice that Lisa (Left Eye) Lopez was also a contributor to lyrics and music? She's dead now too.


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