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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael’s Armor of God

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Michael’s Armor of God

Invisible War Part 2
Michael’s Armor of God

Saskia Baggen posted this on my
Facebook Page –

I’m glad this one included the adlibs at the end.  I love this song of his, well . . . of ours, because he shared it with us.   A message to go right along with this one:

Thursday I talked about a web site that I found as a result of entering “Armor of God” in the search results.  The very first passage on that page was Ephesians 6:10-18, about putting on the whole armor of God.  Link here.

In the upper left hand corner of this same website was the phrase “The Invisible War”.  The passage from 1st John 5:19  “19And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.”

When my husband leaves for work in the morning, I always tell him “Armor of God” as he is walking off the deck.  Just what is the armor of God?

Romans 13:12  “12The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.”

John 15:5  “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.”

This is the “oneness” in Christ that Michael talked about in his songs.  Not the new age “God is man” stuff, but the being of one mind in Christ.

Romans 15:6
That ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

2 Corinthians 13:11
Finally, brethren, farewell. Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace shall be with you.

There are also verses that talk about the deceiver and those who follow him will be of one mind:

Revelation 17:13
These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

"With just a little love and a little caring, I have seen kids totally turn around.  Where you can't find any cancer at all anymore in their body.  I've done it a lot of times.  I'm not trying to say I'm Jesus Christ.  We should just give a little more attention to the power of love and caring and faith and prayer." – Michael Jackson, Bashir Outtakes.

I will explain what Michael meant below.  Faith can open doors to wondrous things.

This one reminded me of’s story of Michael’s “Father’s Day” call to him. 

Psalm 10:14
Thou hast seen it; for thou beholdest mischief and spite, to requite it with thy hand: the poor committeth himself unto thee; thou art the helper of the fatherless.

Yesterday’s blog topic consisted of an example of what it meant to be “in the Spirit”.  I posted a story Seth Riggs related about a specific time he experienced with Michael “going into” prayer.  I remember reading that for the first time, getting a longing to see someone “in the spirit”, in prayer.  I’ve always wanted to hear Michael pray after reading that.  Jesus also was described several times throughout the gospels of being “in the Spirit”.

Luke 4:1
And Jesus being full of the Holy Ghost returned from Jordan, and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness,”

Luke 1:17
And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.

A couple more describing Jesus “in the Spirit”:

Matthew 3:16
And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him:

Luke 4:14
And Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit into Galilee: and there went out a fame of him through all the region round about.”

Some verses in the Bible to remind us that Christ is not the only one who had access to the spirit.  As a matter of fact, Jesus prayed in the garden at Gethsemane and asked God to also allow us to become one with God just as the Jesus had become one with God, and as Jesus’s disciples became one with him, and thereby with God, which you can read here – John Chapter 17

An enactment of the prayer in Gethsemane

And written proof that that same Spirit is available to us, being one with Christ.

Acts 2:4
And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

John 3:5
Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

John 15:26
But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me:

Michael and the battle he took on reminds me of the verse in 1st Peter chapter 4 which in turn reminds me of the value of the taking on of the pain of others.  It is hard to empathize with someone elses suffering without the ability to feel it.

I have come to understand what it means to be partakers of Christ’s suffering.  It means that the love of the truth must have a vocal advocate in me.  It means recognizing and asking for the burden of the suffering of others, out of love, but first and foremost, that of the one who loved us enough FIRST.  The one that took on all the burdens of those who would otherwise have been condemned.  This will be important to remember.

1Peter 4:12-13  “Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you:  13But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.

I have done enough complaining on this blog about the goings on with those around Michael, about those who profess to be Michael’s advocates and also about my own troubles here at home.  I should be thankful that my heart COULD be opened as there was a time I had doubt that ANYONE could reach it.

There are things that are beginning to escalate, as we get closer to the trial with Michael and his family, and in the world as we get closer to the close of 2011.  Since Michael’s story seems to be paralleling the Bible we are going to be keeping a strong eye on both.  Tonight let’s prepare ourselves with Michael’s story.

The Michael Forever Tribute –

Beyonce has backed out of her satellite feed contribution to the concert.  Supposedly Gladys Knight is an added artist to the Tribute.  Beyonce is also reportedly with child, so this could be a perfectly acceptable explanation as to why she pulled out.  Nothing else has changed in regard to the fans feelings about the concert, or the Jackson family members that have already voiced their opinions pro or con.

David Guest Tribute – Documentary

I am not in support of it regardless of what has been reported about how Miss Katherine feels.  There is conflicting information on whether he was really a friend or not and since most of what he was quoted as saying in relation to Michael was in "print" I will reserve judgement.  And don't make the same mistake I just did.  David Guest is not the same David Geffen of Dreamworks  (sorry David Guest . . . my bad.  Really sorry).

Karen Faye –

Karen Faye, who once twittered that she had nothing to do with the family anymore and wanted to get on with her life, is still at it with the caricature creation of “Michael Jackson as the hopelessly-impoverished-innocence-means-ignorance” persona.  She can’t remember what color Jacket he was buried in after spending nine hours making him up, but she expects us to believe she was close enough to him to know every little nuance of his finances.  Twittered below:

Karen Faye – “It wasn't about Michael WANTING to tour. He did not like the physical strain of performing repetitively. It was too hard on him, even during his last tour...what was it, 18 years earlier? He was cornered into doing these shows. He agreed to 10, woke up to 50! Contractually, AEG owned him, owned the stadium...etc. etc. RT

Perhaps she didn’t get the memo from her handler about the multi-million dollar valued art collection?  Ya know, the SECRET one in the art hanger?  Branca wasn’t exactly happy about that little surprise was he?

If Michael was able to keep that little collection a secret for what, 21 years?  Perhaps that is not the ONLY secret he has?  And if he could pull that off, Mizz Faye what makes you think AEG had to CORNER him into anything?  She says “AEG owned him” but I didn’t see Randy Phillips draped across Michael’s lap during any documentaries, did you?

Maybe Karen should pay more attention to what her charges are doing.  I was told by a very vigilant Youtube comber that a video created by Samantha DeGosson had to be taken down.  According to my source, she appeared to be very drunk and was saying that Michael would DEFINITELY be at the Michael Forever Tribute.

Diane Dimwit (Dimond) –

This lady has been very active on Twitter of late, slandering Michael to get a rise out of fans.  I would surmise that she is still bitter about his acquittal and the fact that she couldn’t seem to turn Michael’s fans against him.  She can’t understand the loyalty and is most probably jealous because she has about as much talent as the snack bag clip sitting on my desk.  Hey Diane?  Where is the love?

This was Micheline’s Tweets to the other “Whore of Babylon

JVictory Micheline James @DiDimond Kool-Aid tastes pretty good, but your kind gets off on human blood. Look in the mirror...see anything?

MJVictory Micheline James @DiDimond You're just plain DRUNK - why are you fixated on bashing an innocent man? Your "splat" comment proves that you're psychopathic.

MJVictory Micheline James @DiDimond Move on 2 another target? You're a joke! Take some of your own advice & stop foaming at the mouth about Michael Jackson!

Let’s remind ourselves that Diane Dimwit is a 50+ year old woman who’s supposed to be a mature, career woman.  Her mother must be proud. (shrugs)

Murray –

The trial and news about jury selection is now hitting the papers.  Thirty of them were sent home.  Tell me who is going to qualify to be unbiased in this case.  People either love Michael or they hate him.  It’s not even about Murray.  It’s going to come down to character witnessing on the part of the prosecution (Michael), and character assassination on the part of the defense (Murray).   Those who don’t know Michael are going to get more than they expected during this trial I think.
Latest update – Conrad Murray Trial.

Jermaine’s “Escape Plan” for Michael –

Have you seen this one yet?  Two different people sent this one to me.  I guess someone leaked part of his book to the press.  It could also have been a crafty promotion tactic, but six years after Michael’s trial and this is only now mentioned?

I cannot wait to see this book of Jermaine’s.  I saw some of his tweets recently ( I see all of them but don’t report them), and I have to tell you thus far, I believe Jermaine is working overtime on the REAL story with Michael.  

He went after Diane Dimond on Twitter (THANK YOU!) and he’s not taking any garbage off the Branca goon squad either.  For those who don’t Twitter:

jermjackson5 Jermaine Jackson@@KL_Sunflower Michael wanted nothing to do with America for a time, even when found innocent. It's why he left for Bahrain

jermjackson5 Jermaine Jackson@@KL_Sunflower Reflecting the truth of my brother's mindset at a time of persecution hardly makes me think "lowly" of him

jermjackson5 Jermaine Jackson@@JermDefenseteam maybe next time ; ) thanku for all your love and support

jermjackson5 Jermaine Jackson@@kathiejmie don't you worry about it -- this book was written for those with open minds and love in their heart

jermjackson5 Jermaine Jackson@@LoveCannotLie @Ivy_MJJ Nowhere do I say Michael was 'a rich celebrity who thought himself above the law' #tabloidtrick

jermjackson5 Jermaine Jackson@@KL_Sunflower I encourage you to read the book also in full context. It absolutely portrays Michael in a positive light with love

jermjackson5 Jermaine Jackson@@rolandsmartin my book doesn't say 'if convicted" but thanku for demonstrating my point about those in media not interested in facts

jermjackson5 Jermaine Jackson@@rolandsmartin the trial, its injustice, its persecution, its travesty is ALL necessary when defending Michael. Read the book

jermjackson5 Jermaine Jackson@@rolandsmartin let me add that events of 1993 and 2003-05 are central to the truth about my brother, to end all media-educated perceptions

jermjackson5 Jermaine Jackson@rolandsmartin I suspect you'll understand better when you read the book in full, in context. Until then...

jermjackson5 Jermaine Jackson@@DLang567 the very point of writing a book is that the truth is out there in my words. It's what I write that counts, not the media

jermjackson5 Jermaine Jackson@@feliciafellatio when you read the book, you'll see it doesn't point to guilt at all; you'll see it was a desperate idea at a desperate time

jermjackson5 Jermaine Jackson@@84imnotdreamin thank you. I don't worry about knee-jerk reactions to brief excerpts when I know the truth of the 460+ pages of the book

jermjackson5 Jermaine Jackson@MJs_Good_Witch the book makes clear how emphatic we were that Michael was 1000% innocent. You'll see how rash you're being when you read it

jermjackson5 Jermaine Jackson @@feliciafellatio there was a time that, regardless of his innocence, we worried the SYSTEM was out to get him (he didn't know about my idea)

jermjackson5 Jermaine Jackson @Mechi2602 In the name of my brother's memory, I will defend him whenever I like as one who was there from the day he was born

William Wageneer -

William Wagener – I did some checking on Wag-the-dog and his “charity” is not registered in California.  Not under the acronym or combinations of the “Michael Joe/Joseph Jackson Innocent/Innocence Forever Foundation.”

I checked them all . . . he is NOT a registered NON-profit organization.  He is also using Michael’s music on his video to solicit money and it is more than “eleven seconds” long with no copyright notice or license.  His charities are not listed (taking lessons from Chris Hunt?) and he is working with some of the TINI characters which tells me this –

He is illegally soliciting donations under a falsified charity, he is working with individuals who are working with the estate and his “foundation” has both similar names and similar TACTICS as this horrendous “Michael Forever Tribute”.

Guys?  Get an imagination, okay?  Because you are “FOREVER” obvious.

I am very thankful that Jermaine is doing what he is doing on Twitter because as family spokesperson for Michael, he’s been very, very assertive in not letting these people get away with some of the things they are trying to get away with.  I pray God gives him continued strength because the last picture I saw of him, he looked really tired.   This is the site for Jermaine’s Book.  Source

In closing, I wanted to remind everyone that it is indeed going to get rough and I see it already starting to pile on in regard to Michael, but I also see and watch things going on in our country and around the world.

Please take comfort in the Bible verses below and know that God sees all of this and told us about it long before it would happen . . . he’s GOT this!

Revelation 12:12
Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

Jesus foretold the persecution and hatred that would come:

Matthew 10:22
And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.

1 Corinthians 13:7
Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

2 Thessalonians 1:4
So that we ourselves glory in you in the churches of God for your patience and faith in all your persecutions and tribulations that ye endure:

2 Timothy 2:3
Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

Jesus was also a soldier of love.

Why we must have patience and trust God’s timing:

2 Timothy 2:10
Therefore I endure all things for the elect's sakes, that they may also obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory.

Hebrews 6:15
And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise.

If you want to learn how to put on the whole Armor of God . . . as Michael did, please read this web site below.  I am still going through it.  Crossroad

God Bless you and have a good rest of the weekend.



  2. Michael Jackson and Mel Gibson are my heroes. I don't know which nephew it was that posted that Mariot President's son winning the lottery, but it was because of that I found something else.

    You all are AWESOME. Finally an explanation. You have no idea either what I'm talking about. Again I say :o)

  3. Jermaine and Frank Cascio writing books about MJ that's good. I could be wrong but I think the only one that really knew MJ was Elisabeth Taylor. Rebbie Rowe said that she would write a book about MJ's dark secrets if she didn't get what she wanted. Then she went silent. Jermaine's ex wife said she was going to write a book about the family. Then she went silent. I wonder if they got paid to keep silent or why did they change their minds.

  4. The Debbie Rowe story is a bit annoying to me. She wanted to give MJ children as a GIFT! A beautiful thing to do right? But if it was a Gift, why did MJ have to pay millions of dollars over and over again? After MJ died she started screaming and wanted even more money. Of course you should get paid as a surrogate mother. But if you get paid for it its not a GIFT!! I think she used him for money like everybody else. Arnie Klein said that Rowe accused him for not having contact with MJ. I think there is another explanation for MJ not talking to her anymore.

  5. Anonymous #1 said - "I could be wrong but I think the only one that really knew MJ was Elisabeth Taylor."

    ............ Why do you say that? Elizabeth Taylor didn't spend as much time around Michael as the Cascios. And if Taylor was such a good friend why did Michael NEED to seek out the Cascios in the first place? I'm still kind of in a quandry about Liz. From what I can see, she was another handler. She introduced him to people that did him NO good. She also managed to get herself a "Order of the British Empire" for her "contributions" to the establishment. I'm really not impressed with whatever it was she did for Michael. She managed to make her charity balls but couldn't make it to Michael's trial ANY of the days during the four months. Debbie Rowe however, TESTIFIED FOR HIM.

    Anonymous #2 said - "But if it was a Gift, why did MJ have to pay millions of dollars over and over again?"

    ............ What makes you think he HAD to do anything? Which tabloid did you read this out of? She offered, Michael rewarded. Michael was surrounded by handlers who didn't even let Michael near his own FAMILY.

    You don't see Rowe all over the papers and on documentaries for attention and fame. Arnie Klein's statements are questionable because again, they are TABLOID. Why are you attacking Rowe all of a sudden? And where did you read that Michael didn't talk to her anymore? From ROGER FRIEDMAN? Let me guess . . . You're a Lisa Marie fan, right?

  6. Dreamworks (Michael's) logo : Bonnie, was David Gest involved in it ? I only know David Geffen (a bad guy) was. Wiki : "DreamWorks began in 1994 as an ambitious attempt by media moguls Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen (forming the SKG present on the bottom of the DreamWorks logo)..". Why did Michael not sue them for stealing intellectual property ? He was too good. The stealing of this & other things from him was anyhow put into his music.

    To the 9/11/2001 victims : R.I.P. You are not forgotten. God protect also the ones still suffering today the consequences of 9/11 & protect all the victims of war worldwide.

  7. Bonnie,
    IF the AEG contract on the net is real (and I say this as I still don't know what is a lie and what is truth)then Michael was contracted to do a MINIMUM of 18 shows in the first leg, with a MAXIMUM of 31 showa.
    My perspective on the 'he agreed 10 and woke up to 50' comment, is that maybe he was CONSULTED and AGREED to 10, but that someone else who had power of attorney (hmm let me think who could that be?) agreed on his behalf to the extra 20, AND THEN Randy Phillips called Michael to up it to 50? From Michael's perspective, it would have gone from 10 to 50 in a blink.
    It annoys me that Karen is now repeating this '10 to 50' thing when she may have no idea of what was in the contract, or what Michael agreed to. What I really don't get is, Michael could have said no to going up to 50 from 30 - contractually it was within his right to say no, so why didn't he? And where is the paper contract for the extra 20 shows?

  8. Line said - "Bonnie, was David Gest involved in it ? I only know David Geffen (a bad guy) was. Wiki : "DreamWorks began in 1994 as an ambitious attempt by media moguls Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen"

    .......... GASP!!! Oh! You're absolutely right. Yikes! Okay, I better go take that off of there. Two different Davids. Guest was the one married to Liza. Hmmmmm. All this time I was thinking they were one and the same. (I am so sorry David Guest!)

    Michael's hands were tied in a lot of ways, legally and if you saw what our law in the U.S. was based on and what obtaining a lawyer DOES to your rights in this country, you would understand. I will go more into that in another blog. Michael was besieged by lawsuits himself . . . BURIED in lawsuits and other claims. His "logo" lawsuit would have never made it to court. Thank you for the sentiments for 9-11 victims Line♥♥♥

    PrincessGlam said - "IF the AEG contract on the net is real (and I say this as I still don't know what is a lie and what is truth)then Michael was contracted to do a MINIMUM of 18 shows in the first leg, with a MAXIMUM of 31 showa."

    ......... Well, that's just it. We didn't SEE the CONTRACT, we've only seen the letter of agreement which outlines POSSIBLE shows. We were VERBALLY given what he agreed to by people who were not part of the negotiations, ie; TINI, Faye and the stalker chicks.

    We are assuming an awful lot that there was even a power of attorney (are you referring to Thome?)

    Michael could have said no anytime he wanted. He was most definitely NOT broke and the catalog was not the only thing of value he had OBVIOUSLY we've learned a lot about how crafty he is in hiding a HANGER full of art worth hundreds of MILLIONS.

    I agree with you . . . where is the contract, period?

    Question: Why so many distracting "attractions" regarding Michael, tributes and such coming up right around the trial by people who are questionable? What are they trying to keep people from paying attention to?

  9. Bonnie said : "GASP!!!"
    No problem ! Names both almost similar. Anyway I first knew Gest only for his flash marriage to Lisa Minelli :o)

  10. Bonnie you dont have to be rude. I am on Mj's side and have always defended him. I also all about truth! And that is one of the resons I like you. I'm not a Lisa fan. I like her song dirty loundry though. I might be wrong abouth Taylor and Rowe, but MJ said it himself that Taylor was a close and lojal friend. Peace and L.O.V.E

  11. To Anonymous - I wasn't being rude. You have my name, I don't have yours. Debbie Rowe would probably think you were rude . . . if she read this blog and it's comments considering Michael has three beautiful children that no one else he was married to would give him.

    I like you to, but I have to admit the comments about Debbie Rowe did offend me. She's not ever said one bad thing about Michael.

    "Dirty Laundry" was an Eagle's song :o) I've heard her version of it but I still like the Eagle's version better. Funny, I like Michael's re-do of Lennon's "Over Me" better though.

    Elizabeth Taylor is a tough cookie. I don't know if she stayed away as per Michael's request (for her protection) or if it was self-preservation. I know Michael knew about her childhood and because of that I do have a soft spot for Liz. But something else bothers me. I may be way off (hope I am), I just look at the signs and the people she got Michael involved with. Michael of course knows more about that relationship. Thank you for coming back and replying. ♥

  12. Hey annonymous - scratch that comment about three beautiful children . . . Debbie only gave him two of them. :o) Blanket was another blessing.

  13. Line said - "No problem ! Names both almost similar. Anyway I first knew Gest only for his flash marriage to Lisa Minelli :o) "

    ......... Now I'm going to look for pictures of David Geffen so once I have the face I will remember. I know what Guest looks like.

    Anonymous - I'm not sure which comment above was yours or whether both of them are yours but the REPLY I made about Debbie Rowe was sarcastic. I forget some people may not have read the research and the blog I did about Debbie last year, so I apologize. I don't know who you are so it's hard for me to tell if you are "one of those" plants. Attacking Debbie on tabloid info gets to me. She testified FOR Michael when the Sneddon called her as a witness. Of course the stories they made up about her were not going to be nice.

  14. "With just a little love and a little caring, I have seen kids totally turn around. Where you can't find any cancer at all anymore in their body. I've done it a lot of times. I'm not trying to say I'm Jesus Christ. We should just give a little more attention to the power of love and caring and faith and prayer."

    There's a lot of powerful information in that statement by Michael...the key that can lock up the powers of hell. We have so much to learn about our God-given abilities. This alone was a huge reason to silence Michael.

    I too have strong suspicions about Liz Taylor's loyalty to Michael. I don't believe there's ANY excuse for her to have been (glaringly) absent throughout Michael's trial. A true friend would have been there whether Michael gave her an "out" or not. My gut says she wasn't willing to risk her reputation. I ponder the possibility that she could not stand on both sides of that fence.

    To her credit, she did support Michael, after he was found not guilty on all charges.

    There's something that nags at me about both the elephant gift and Michael's first they were Hollywood productions. The heart of a child is easy to deceive.

    I commend Michael for always holding fast to his childlike qualities, "for thus is the kingdom of heaven".

  15. Hello.
    Im confused as to a couple f things and would like clarification?
    I know Karen has said a lot of conflicting things on MJ and his funeral. Where did she say she cannot remember what colour jacket he was buried in?
    also.. this reminds me of LaToya's book whose description of MJs dead body confuses me. She says she visited the body over a period of ten weeks and went alone. She says she went alone to see him at ten weeks when she got a call that the police wanted more hair samples. All of a sudden, in her book... Jeffre is stepping in front of the casket to protect her from what she might see and they are all wearing face masks because of the smell????? What the heck? Makes no sense to me what she writes.
    And they have to put the body in a sitting position in order to take hand-prints??? Why????
    Oh... so many questions.....
    One more thing... this supposed video of Sam Gossen. This would be dynamite if true. Why was it taken down and why did no-one save it and re-post it if it got deleted? Thats the first thing i would do if i found such a video. I always do this since the supposed video of MJ saying he didnt want to do 50 shows was taken down. Why did no-one save it and repost it if it existed?
    So i have my reservations on that one. I wish it to be true Sam Gossen said it but i need to see proof.

  16. Truthbtold said - "There's a lot of powerful information in that statement by Michael...the key that can lock up the powers of hell. We have so much to learn about our God-given abilities. This alone was a huge reason to silence Michael."

    .......... Ohhhh, I've thought about that too. What he knows? There are verses in the Bible that tell you how to "lock up" the powers of hell or the "negative energy" that Michael talks about "blocking off". I have a story from when I was a kid that will curl your hair (if it's not already curled) and not many people even get to witness let alone the age I was at the time. I did want to start getting into that, I'm just waiting on how I should approach it, because most people don't even relate to this stuff.

    Liz Taylor - Yeah, that's a tough one. I look at what year she was given her "O.O.B.E" which was 2001, she should have well known by then what Michael had been through.

    I keep thinking of the interview I read of Michael talking about the first time he has met Shirley Temple and what she said to him at this dinner, and Michael's reaction . . . "You're one of us, aren't you?" I mean, it's a room full of celebrities . . . What did she mean by that? What "us" was Michael one of that nobody else in the room was one of?

    Michael sings that very phrase in his song "Morphine". Yes it bothers the HECK out of me to the point where I get sick to my stomach because I know what it POSSIBLY could have meant! Michael said in another interview "I don't want to hurt anybody" . . . You KNOW he KNEW!!!

    I remember praying to God asking why he didn't protect him. I remember the answer I got and HOW I got it. And I thank God for everything I've learned as a result of that first prayer. I just want those that continue to hurt him and OTHER PEOPLE to STOP.

  17. Hi Bonnie. My name is Susanne (Its Suzanne in the US, right?). I'm from Sweden. A tiny little country in Europe. You know the country that the word smorgasbord comes from. I have not been reading your blog from the beginning so I have a lot of catching up to do. One day a while ago I was looking for MJ images on Google. I found a picture and pushed the screen on my smartphone but instead of getting the picture your blog apeared. And I was like WTF, where is my picture?! (Sorry about that word). Thats how it started. I'm all about truth and I love MJ so I found your blog to be very interesting. I have always liked MJ as a person and his music and I have always defended him. But I have never been to his concerts fainting and screaming so I was never a fan in that way. When he died I was standing outside a shop like a zombie, frozen pose, staring at the headlines. The first weeks after his death I couldn't function at all. I was constantly crying like a baby. Just as if I had lost someone close to me and I never even met him. I forgot to eat so I lost some weight during that time. I was also shocked and surprised that I reacted so strongly about his death. It felt like a part of me had died. And it still does. If I'm wrong about Rowe I apologize to you and to her. I'm sorry but I'm very suspicious about everything and almost everybody when it comes to MJ. I don't know a whole lot of Taylor. But she is/was the godmother of the children, right? In an outtake from the Martin.B Interview, Martin said to MJ - Elisabeth said in public that without you she would be insane. MJ replied - That's sweet. I love her. You should do an Interview with her. Martin said that he would but he never did ofcourse. In the 2005 Geraldo Interview he said she was a dear friend. And in the Jesse Interview I think it was I'm not sure. But he said he and Elisabeth went to the public movies once a month. And she was the only one who could make him do that. He rather watched movies in a private cinema. He also bought furniture designed for her own room at his tour house in London. So she must have had a special place in his heart. Jermaine said during an Interview that there wasn't enough seats for the whole family during the trial. Maybe that's why Taylor wasn't there. Who knows? I mean if they couldn't make room for the whole family. Jermaine said that in the public/media eye it looked like the whole family didn't supported MJ. But the truth is there wasn't enough seats for the whole family. He was upset about that. Peace & L.O.V.E

  18. Bonnie, I wish to express here my latest questions/views on Michael's circumstances before passing. It relates to La Toya's own writing in her "Starting Over" book, specifically the "Michael's personal notes" found at Holmby Hills, on John Branca, Randy Phillips & Thome Thome.

    JOHN BRANCA is a Sony guy who disappeared from Michael's life between 2003 & 2009 & reappeared "magically" on the TII set one week before the 06.25.2009 (though absent at the funerals !) Shortly after, Branca was named Co-Executor for the Jackson Estate ?! Considering Michael's passing solely, Branca is in the end EITHER innocent of any wrongdoing (strictly in the TII context) OR he is the hell of a smart & evil guy who manoeuvred brillantly until the end to put (with Sony) his clutches on Michael's music & Estate.

    RANDY PHILLIPS had a telephone row with Michael on the phone & another "tough-love" meeting around June 20, 2009, mainly because of Michael missing a few rehearsals (K. Ortega's Court Preliminary. January 2011). OK, AEG invested lots of money & risk into the TII Shows so as CEO, Phillips had to be tough & concentrated. For now, one may not sofar consider him or AEG as possible conspirators (unless otherwise stated by the Justice), but was Phillips understanding for Michael or did he psychologically pressure him, thinking he was in a real weak financial situation ? Phillips also ignored about the "hangar" worth millions then !

    THOME THOME is the POA who probably arranged, behind Michael's back, to increase the number of shows. But if Michael could indeed refuse what he considered an abuse, why did he adjoin himself his father Joe & Leonard Rowe during the AEG meetings instead of an attorney competent in showbiz contractual issues (like Peter Lopez) or else ? Mental control ? Peter Lopez's suicide is still an enigma !

    Weeks ago when you commented on La Toya's last book (which I did not read myself), I remember having questioned why did La Toya lay clearly the names of Branca, R. Phillips & Thome Thome, among others, which on a legal point of view, was rather risky before the official trials' end. But stangely, I believe la Toya's statement on the "Michael's personal notes". Unless proven to the contrary, it does not mean that any of these three men are involved in any criminal action against Michael. But if La Toya said the truth (why should it not be?) where Michael kind of disliked these 3 men, then it gives at least a good idea on Michael's own feelings towards his direct business relationship during the TII rehearsals.

    In a conspiracy of several entities & a fall guy named Murray, I still see it as VERY possible. Should however the conspirary theory reveal quite unfounded, we still have a money-hungry joke of a doctor who monitored Michael improperly (weak term). Murray's employment contract was still not signed by Michael on 06.24.2009. Then was Murray eventually frustrated with Michael ? Let's remember again the end of June meeting where Murray had Randy Phillips's support. So when Murray injected Propofol to Michael, did he eventually give to Michael (by contempt or neglectence) a big dose "just to have peace for a while" & vacate to his private phone calls, which behaviour would already be criminal ? Was there real intent to kill or not? Did Murray act solely or upon orders of shadowy figures ? Big questions.

    Justice is rendered based on FACTS & not on "feelings" & opinions. But I am more & more confused, I admit, although I do try to stay neutral from K. Faye's or others' comments. Bonnie, I apologize again for my above lengthy comment :o(

  19. Didn't Elisabeth Taylor help MJ to get into a clinic in 1993 when he was addicted to painkillers? She also defended him in the MJ&Lisa Interview. Why do you think its ok to judge Taylor as a bad guy but not Rowe? You said that Rowe defended him but Taylor defended him too. So whats the difference? Peace & Love Susanne

  20. Bonnie, don't know if you have heard of this?

    Donte tweeted about this:

    Donte Jackson Video: this comes out 11.11.11 its gunna be Epic.
    4 hours ago via Tumblr

    Karen x

  21. Monika said - "Where did she say she cannot remember what colour jacket he was buried in?"

    ....... She didn't say that. She contradicted on a televised interview what Latoya said he wore, and then when questioned about it she wouldn't answer.

    Latoya's book - your guess is as good as mine! Some of the things in the book were taken strait off the TINI web site. But there was other info in that book that did help me. I had to remind myself that Randy Jackson said on Twitter that he was not going to answer questions about the case on Twitter and that 'others' were watching. I am to assume that the same is true for people reading books put out by the family. I'm giving them a little breathing room . . . but it's TOUGH let me tell you! I don't like lies.

    Degosson's video: I don't know why it was taken down and I have not had time to search for it myself. I put up two blogs tonight but I will check into it and see what I can find.

    Susanne - Nice to meet you. I don't know if Liz Taylor was really Godmother or not. Those kids had a lot of claimants for that position. You notice she is not on the will as such. The rest of it is information I have gone over before and the best way I can answer your question is to have you do a search on "Elizabeth Taylor" and "Debbie Rowe" on the search box on the blog up on top of the blog page. It will pull up all the research I did on both Liz and Debbie Rowe.

    Beechy was the doctor that Liz took Michael to in 1993. I did a blog on him too so you can search him. He was involved in sexual misconduct charges in Britain and considering the research I've done into New Age doctors in Britain, I doubt Michael's "rehab" had to do with drugs so much as an "intervention" because they wanted him back under mind control.

    I didn't say Liz Taylor was a bad guy. I said she was establishment and I don't think she did much to help him but got him involved with people that were bad to him. I could be wrong, but I'm not wrong about her connections to the system.

  22. To Line -

    Branca - with you there, but I say evil.

    Randy Phillis - Did Ortega testify to a row on the phone with Phillips? I know about the "meeting" at Michael's house if true.

    Thome - I don't know where the information is that he conspired to increase the shows. Where is this info?

    The meeting with family and Leonard Rowe I believe had another purpose. Yes the concert but more. I can't say right now because I don't have enough info.

    I do not believe Latoya's book on Michael's personal notes. Again I can't say why because I don't have enough info. That kind of stuff is going to have to keep for the trial for the very reason you stated.

    We know that Latoya did not write that book alone. And I also have to go by Michael's TII footage and I'm sorry but he just doesn't look like he hates people. I do however question some of those "Michael's" being . . . Michael.

    You said: "Murray's employment contract was still not signed by Michael on 06.24.2009. Then was Murray eventually frustrated with Michael ? Let's remember again the end of June meeting where Murray had Randy Phillips's support. "

    ............ Good point. Murray's "contract" was not signed by either Michael OR PHILLIPS.

    Where is it and who stated that Murray had Phillips support?

    We have to be careful of where this info is coming from. Tabloid Truth both begin with a T but that is all they have in common, LOL!

    Tribute vs. Trial - Which is the distraction? I'm beginning to wonder.

  23. To Karen - Thank you for posting that. I will research it tomorrow. Lots of names there. :o) Very interesting. They mentioned Tesla. I've covered him before. :o))))

  24. BONNIE : "We have to be careful of where this info is coming from."

    I got your points. You probabIy noticed I can't prevent from relentlessly questioning back & forth the the events of 06.25.2009 :o) After all, the Justice has to do its job !

    Tribute vs. Trial : Am also appalled with it. Why did some of the Jacksons not say : "NOT NOW ! Get back later !" ? In 2012 or 2013, Michael will not be forgotten anyway. Except for money & publicity, what's in mind of the organizers, I don't know but IMO even if they try & distract the masses for obscure reasons, the Justice is the Justice & independent from those mercantile distractions. Or..? You certainly have a brighter idea on that issue ? :o)

  25. BONNIE said : " Did Ortega testify to a row on the phone with Phillips? I know about the "meeting" at Michael's house if true."

    Not Ortega. Below an "Examiner" article from Oct. 2009 where (middle of the text) Phillips mentions the phone call..if also true.

    BONNIE : "Where is it and who stated that Murray had Phillips support?"

    My guess only after Kenny's testifying. If Phillips ordered toughly Michael, in front of Murray & Ortega, to strictly follow Murray's treatments only, it surely gave more power to Murray over Michael. At Michael's place, I would have NOT appreciated either to be lectured in front of other guys he worked with, mainly since the Murray's work contract was not even signed by AEG or Michael yet. Possibly Phillips could not foresee the result a few days later ! But with all we read, where is the truth ? Like you, on Sony/Branca, I rather tend to think : evil. Even if not related with 06.25.2009, it was since many years anyhow & it lead Michael where he now is.

  26. Line said - "You probabIy noticed I can't prevent from relentlessly questioning back & forth the the events of 06.25.2009 :o) After all, the Justice has to do its job !"

    ..... No problem . . . just so long as you realize that I wasn't there either when you ask me these questions, LOL! I have paperwork, I have SOME business filings or records of, I have testimony from both press and media interviews, so I'm just piecing a puzzle together just like you. Some pieces in there don't make sense and some do.

    Line said - "Am also appalled with it. Why did some of the Jacksons not say : "NOT NOW ! Get back later !" ? In 2012 or 2013,"

    ......... Good question. Next? Seriously, they most certainly were not obligated to give this NEW company any support for a show that would go over the trial. None. THEY are not over a barrell. There is another reason for this, but I don't like the implications of it. It's like one of those things that God throws at you that you won't understand until you get through it. But the people involved in this, and the people involved in Latoya's company? (some of them). Nope. It's not a picture I like either.

    Examiner article - Those quotes from Phillips in an EXAMINER I question. But I know who owns the Examiner papers so . . . This is part that I think is not what it seems. You don't suspect a company of recklessly endangering a beloved family member and turn around and let that deceased person's CHILDREN go to Christmas parties with them months after you already suspect them.

    If Murray had Phillips support then where is this signed contract? Why wasn't it signed and why was it so CONSPICUOUSLY laid on Michael's bed? Talk about obvious!

    Michael was not in financial dire straits. The bad guys might have believed that but he was not. So the whole "Michael was backed into a corner" on this is a bunch of bunk. The reason I disagree with this so much is because Michael would have never put his relationship and the safety of his CHILDREN at risk over his career or comeback. They are painting a picture of a vain, self-absorbed Michael by doing that.

    We are so close to this trial. I will tell you what I think but not here.


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