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The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Taking a Michael Jackson Emotional Breather

Last night I had posted some information on the theories floating around out there of Michael Jackson and the Archangel Michael.  While doing this we covered other assertions by some groups or religions out there that believe that the Archangel Michael, the Prince Michael and Jesus were the same.

I have part two of that blog, but I’m going to take a break tonight and reason (one of them) is because I am tired.  The other reason is because it’s been a bit busy here with phone calls and family, the funeral for my husband’s cousin, my mother’s situation and other issues.  All of you have been so incredibly sweet and supportive.  Thank you so much for your prayers and words of encouragement.

Tonight the thought was to share some links and videos that people have sent me concerning Michael across the spectrum really.  They are different videos and news items that really didn’t fit in anywhere else I was covering, so you can probably consider this a “Mulligan’s Stew” abstract of loose pieces of information that may or may not be puzzles pieces in the big picture.

First there is this video –
I didn’t want you guys to forget
So this is a reminder -

The next is a partial email exchange between a friend who followed Michael’s career and myself.  I loved the analogy she used in the way the “sickness” uses those who are truly good to forward their plans. She stated below:

“. . . people that question him being the bad guy the light.. I do understand the question but there is just too much overwhelming evidence that contradicts this notion. One of the more compelling things is that people like gaga doing her sacrifice at the award shows and she is lauded as wonderful?! Mj who is about love, God, Jesus, kindness and helping children is attacked with such immense and ubiquitous hate..It doesn't add up.

Too me it is like there is a field of beautiful but poisonous flowers. You come too close and smell their fragrance you will be put under their spell, you touch and part of you is dead. In the same field there is one small but beautiful pure flower that is so radiant and so sweet, with a lovely fragrance. You can touch it and smell it's perfume...and it will not hurt you but protect from the poisonous flowers. Mind you in the field of hundreds of thousands of flowers..there is only One pure little radiant flower. So to try to destroy this one little flower with an army of hate and come at this one little flower with fire throwers and bullets seems disproportionate to its size and power. Unless this pure little flower has another hidden power that is a threat to the fields of the poisonous ones? 

My heart feels peace just thinking of the sweet soul that is MJ...nothing about him is not about giving all the glory to God.

I loved that.  My response was below.  As you can tell, we were discussing the web sites out there that seek to convince people that Michael was leading people astray…”

Some people say really horrendous things about him.  I keep it (or try to) keep it personal and that is - GOD told me what Michael was about.  God and Michael.  nobody else.  I was not a fan when God prompted me to defend him to another friend on facebook who called him names.  God is the one that prompted me to pray that request to take his pain.  I had NEVER prayed a prayer like that before in my life.  That opened up everything for me.

Granted there is a lot out there, really STRONG temptations to entertain other theories.  And they are crafty at the way they get them to match other "facts" about Michael and they layer their lies as such.  But then cannot get into my heart the way God did, privately and personally to tell me to pray such a thing or the drive me to get to know him . . . or to plant the suggestion in my heart to use Michael's own words through interviews and speeches, songs and poems to get to know him.  Just . . . wow.

I post this as a reminder to those of you who surf all things Michael . . . this stuff is out there and it really messes with your head.  I am asking you to please not believe it when you run into this stuff.  I’m not asking you to believe Michael was an angel (Arch or otherwise), but he most certainly would fit that title before he would fit the title of the false one.

This video below is just a beautifully put together video with a poem written for Michael, and I’m not sure who the author is but the person who put the video together is XYana75.  The video made me cry.

Drops of Memory

The video below.  My husband found this and sent it to me.  Floored me like you wouldn’t believe.  His name is Jotta A and he is from Brazil.  He’s only eleven years old.  Right below THAT video is another one I saw that I had to post also.  The reason is in the title of the video. :o)

Breathtaking Performance

New Michael Jackson – Version Gospel

Amazing Grace

And this girl is just amazing, also eleven years old
Singing Jennifer Holliday

Tomorrow I am going to finish the angels, then we will get back to current events (world affairs, Michael’s trial coming up, etc…)

There are times when I want to just hang this blog up and get back to my life.  Then I realize that what WAS my life was false-security-medicated reality, but I can see why people want to remain there.  It was comfortable.  Not only has my life changed my LIFESTYLE has changed.  Drastically.

Nobody from my old church talks to me anymore, emails to our former pastor go unanswered even though he is videoed into my husband’s workplace for Bible Study on Wednesdays.  We’ve been on one paycheck since September of last year and even in the less expensive rural south we’re not making it.

With the visitors this blog gets I could make good support income just having Google ads up on the site but I have not done it.  Even if I could talk myself into believing that was okay, the risk of ads from people who took advantage of Michael is too great.  There are THOUSANDS of “heroes” out there that supported Michael without receiving one damned dime from a fan.  Too bad principle players can’t get behind those.  I have links to The Bible, the Qur’an, and the Talmud as well as various pages of the blog, like the protection prayer.  None of them have ads on them either.

Aside from that we lost a cousin.  I don’t see my boys anymore and for some strange reason that has my husband really bummed, both the Beagle puppy and the cat we had been feeding suddenly turn up missing.  We never let the cat in our house, but we had de-flea’d the dog and for three weeks she was a member of our house.  We suspect, but don’t know for sure that one of our neighbors shot them because the morning after we fed the cat, we heard gunshots coming from the other side of their house.  Mercy, the dog has been missing now for almost two weeks.  The cat we named Grace has not come back to get fed now for four days.  I’m just trying to figure out why God felt it necessary to take everything away from us, including the animals?

We have this Murray Trial coming up and Jermaine’s book is being released.  I honestly would like to believe that any truth will come out of either one.  The strong delusion has to be good enough to ensnare the people of the love of the truth too I guess.  Who is that going to leave left for God?  Is there going to be ANYONE left?

Tomorrow I will finish up with the “Angels” blog.  

Then the bad guys will just have to GUESS where I’m going after that.

There are those in this game hurt Michael.  They lie to cover it up.  There are others that feel they have to lie for other reasons.

Whatever your reason is I hope you get to a point where you realize the “love of the truth” is where God wants us.

Since the beginning of this year, we have discovered the depth and breadth of Michael’s conspiracy.  You learned what Michael’s lyrics were actually about, and why he was so persecuted.  You learned how much Michael really loves people and you discovered a strength very few of us knew he had behind him and within him.

With all that in our little heads now, we know Michael’s trial, Jermaine’s book, the Tribute from Hell and an anticipation of the coming of 2012.

On that note, I will leave you this evening with this:

A nice little birthday tribute from Cirque de Solei for Michael’s 53rd Birthday

Cirque de Solei says
Happy Birthday to Michael
MJ Immortal World Tour Cast - Happy B-day Michael! from Gianinni Semedo Moreira on Vimeo.

No Wonder Branca was so quick to approve this
Baphomet never looked so artistic!

Goat of Mendes

Yeah, real wholesome show.  Not something I could advocate.  Did Mike shower in Holy Water before he attended their shows?

Oh, and the other thing – William Wagener presents

September 16th, Fundraiser Dinner, $110 a plate

This is at least a little more subtle and professional way than Wagener has in the past solicited his funds to make documentary number umpteen on Michael’s innocence.  And far be it from me to question Wagener and the element who advocates for him online.  I would almost be persuaded except for one thing . . .

How did Wagener manage to put MJ music to an originally made FUNDRAISING video without it getting pulled off YouTube by Sony and the Estate?

Curiouser and Curiouser! 

Players take note:  I am not PART of the Grand Delusion.  It is not my job to deceive or lie.  I’m not one of the chess pieces, I am the commentator on the game.  Keep that in mind when you try to run interference or cheat a move.  You want to hurt people you use someone else blog to do it.

Is it another distraction?


  1. praying really hard. Why tonight is such a bad night I don't know. Why does God have to break hearts to get inside?

  2. Bonnie,
    I've not been online for a few weeks - life gets in the way sometimes!

    I don't believe Michael is an archangel or a devil in disguise. Michael is a human being, trying to be a good human being.
    People always have and always will twist the truth to fit their theories, whomever it is that they feel they can use to their own ends. It's just a lot bigger with Michael.
    As I've said before, because the 'circus' is so huge, there is little point in us trying to join it. We have to stand outside with our sandwich boards, making our voices heard too. Just like you are doing with this blog. Just like I'm doing with my blog.

  3. Hi PrincessGlam -
    I know. I hope that is a good thing (life getting in the way). I don't believe Michael is an Archangel either. But I couldn't help point out the uncanny parallels in the Bible. I found some other things too in Isaiah that spell out "controversy of Zion". You can't get any more bold-faced than that.

    The "circus" is the whole world, or rather the TENT is. Center ring.

    Speaking of which, I remember my grandmother taking my sister and I to Ringling Bros. when they came to Philadelphia every other year (Blue Troupe I think) and I remember the side acts of clowns and acrobats and jugglers that would come out and dance around and distract people so that the main acts could clear the ring and the new act could prepare.

    I never watched the side acts. I always kept my eyes on the center ring (or which ever ring was showing movement). I always wanted to know what they were doing and how they did it to prepare for the next act.

  4. BONNIE : "I’m just trying to figure out why God felt it necessary to take everything away from us, including the animals?"

    God is for nothing in it but you & husband, be tough & keep going & explore all possibilities to defy the current adversity .. & watch out your surroundings !

  5. Hi Line - Thank you very much. Wait until you see what I found today after prayer. Got lots of bad news yesterday and it really wigged me out. Too much at once and a really HATEFUL webpage about Michael's mother. I wrote about it.

    I know, I love what you said. And just wait until you see HIS ANSWER I found. I'm going to share it in it's entirety tomorrow. I should write the person who put up that web site. Talk about Web angels!♥♥♥

  6. There is a video above on the blog that I removed because I didn't think the end of it was appropriate, so if you are looking for it, it's gone.

    I want the videos RESPECTFUL toward Michael and in all honesty I had no idea what the suggestive antics at the end of that video were. It was a cute story, but the rest of it should be kept in the girls locker room not posted on You tube.

    Sorry Mike, wherever you are, if you saw that.


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