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Michael Jackson Justice: October 2011

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Treat - Michael Jackson

All Hallows Eve
Michael Jackson, the Prankster

This is just something fun since I don’t celebrate Halloween, and I wanted to Celebrate Michael’s “dressing up” and clowning around.  

In the order of years:


Boo!  Nope, He wasn’t ready…

Michael to the right –
Eating Candy?

Practicing for “Thriller”

Yo-yo – and one of the few times
You are going to see him in shorts!


Stevie – Wha’cho doin’ man?

Thank you Susanne DePasse for giving Michael such a cute nickname.

Hey – Is it Scary?


Michael as Charlie Chaplin

Coming Out Party

Yeah, THAT didn’t work, did it?

Da Mayah in “Ghosts”

Da Mayah in Red, in “Ghosts”

Michael’s face also dances

Michael w/ Electric Eyes

Michael after a night of no sleep

Da Mayah on a Sugar High

And of course all this is one guy
Michael – The Illusionist

Have a Save One

All Crying for Michae7 At the Same Time

Micheline’s Surprise
All Crying for Michael at the Same Time

I have been wanting to do this for a long time.  The original intent was to come up with a way for all of us to “Cry” for Michael at the same time and I wanted to copy his armband.  However, after coming upon some new information on where Michael’s “777” came from, I thought keeping it as “Biblical” as we can would be better, since Michael was a big Bible reader.

I am working on a definitive answer on the “777” and I am waiting for an answer from God on that one.

With that being said, what Micheline came up with ended up being an even better idea, and more Biblically sound.

The Number Seven is referenced throughout the Bible as a way for God to communicate to us what he wants us to know.  The consistent reference to it is there for a reason, but I have not been able to find a Biblical reference to it being the name of God. It is however, very significant in other ways and because it is repeated so often in various prophesies and metaphors, like stepping stones throughout the Bible to lead us to answers.

With that, the basic number, Seven is something that Michael also referenced and I believe his wearing it, and incorporating it into his drawings was also a way to communicate to us something and I will get more into that later – as I said, I am waiting for an answer.

In the meantime, this project, which was actually in the planning before Michael’s birthday this past August, is finally complete.  Micheline wanted to write something up describing what she did, so I will turn this over to her, below:

Michael’s Cry

"Hi, everyone - I've been busy these past several weeks putting together a limited collection of meaningful keepsakes for a small group of special friends here as a personal way to honor Michael.  It took longer than I expected to receive the items from China, but it was worth the wait.  We all know the significance of number "7" in the Bible, as well as it being Michael's favorite number.  How divinely appropriate that Michael is also the seventh child born to Katherine and Joe Jackson - a gift from God who achieved unimaginable success and humanitarian greatness. 

As a token of my love for Michael and friendship on this blog, I am sending Bonnie a collection of approximately 25 beaded neck cords, each one slightly different, but all with a common link to Michael.  A number "7" triangle bead made of solid pewter is the central focus flanked on each side by either faceted and painted glass beads, faux pearls or briolette charms.  If anyone is interested in receiving one of these pretty keepsakes, let Bonnie know and she will send one out to you.  They are a gift from me and not for sale. 

Anyone who profits today using Michael's name cannot claim to love him unconditionally.  I went through the process of beading these cords in small groups between intervals of reading Jermaine's book, and I don't have to tell you what that did to me.  The emotional significance that went into making these is both precious and priceless.  In following Michael's example with everything he ever did, this, too, is all for L.O.V.E. " 


Now, I want to tell you that Micheline also included some mailing padded envelopes to mail these out because she knows I am financially challenged (my new favorite word, LOL!)   I have some pictures below that I took so you can see what they look like hanging on me, and sitting on the stand in front of my computer.

I only have 25 of them so that is all I can send out.  But anyone that wants to make something like these can look at the pictures and get an idea.  Even buying a bead at a craft store and painting your own “7” on it to hang on a chain or chord will work to (cry) for him.

I can only send one per person and I only have 25 of them.  If you would like one, please send me your mailing address at and please give me time to send them all out.  I may have to spread it out over a couple of weeks because of postage costs.  Especially if I have anyone from outside the States that wants one.

We are not taking any money for these, so please give me time to mail them out.  If I run out, there are pictures below for an idea on how to make them and Maybe I can sweet-talk Micheline into posting in the comments her suggestions for where to get materials closer to home. 

You don’t have to make a necklace – a bracelet will also do, whatever you can put together with the number “7” on it (don’t use “777”, one seven will do – will be discussed in a future blog) to all Cry (for Michael) at the same time.

Michael Jackson
All Cry at the Same Time Necklace

About where the neckace hangs

Micheline made every single one of these.  All I did was the Bible research on the number seven’s significance in the Bible and am mailing them out.  I am saving one for Michael (unless Micheline already saved one – I better talk to her!)

The ones that post here ever day are going to have priority first and there is about six or seven of you, then the rest on a first come, first serve.

God Bless you – Michael we will be there. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Michael Jackson, Seventy Times Seven Leads to What?

Day 20 Conrad Murray Michael Jackson Trial
Is There Going to Be Justice for Michael?

2 Thessalonians 2:10-12
And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

I know I keep pounding on this particular passage in Thessalonians. There will be other verses I have previously posted that will fit together with this and we will eventually have to pull them all together.  I also have a little itty-bitty surprise for you this weekend that Micheline had been working on since before August 29th which I will announce sometime this weekend (Saturday or Sunday, not sure which day yet).

Today was another unannounced short testimony day and I will get into that in a minute.  This is good actually, it will allow me to work on other things “Michael.”

This is a song I just started singing at the computer today during break.  I think the melody and the harmonies are pretty and I wanted to point out the lyrics on one of the verses:

“Get Together”

My husband and I were watching the video below while we were eating dinner last night.  My husband now likes Tom Mesereau - thought he was tough and unflappable in telling Mitchell he didn't want her reporting to skew the issue in this case and that was that Murray should not have been giving Michael propofol in that setting.

Tom Mesereau Interview if you have not seen it.  I’m sorry, they would not let me embed the video so you have to click the link.

The long awaited questioning of Dr. White.

Flanagan Direct with Dr. Paul White Continues

- Dr. White describes from Dr. Shafer’s simulation charts, at 25mg to describe using another study, that what Murray testified he gave Michael was minimal sedation, including the Lorazapam.

- Dr. White explains the American Medical Association of Anesthesiologist chart describing the different levels of sedation using Propofol.

Comparison Propofol Chart

-Dr. White describes the chart.  He is asked to and describes that anesthesiologist have to go through specific training and even certain doctors that apply sedation should be trained to prepare that a patient may inadvertently go into deeper sedation then intended because every patient is different.  Dr. White says that the doctor should always prepare for deeper sedation so he can rescue the patient and bring him back to the intended level of sedation.

- Dr. White is handed Murray’s certification to administer moderate sedation which is conscious sedation.  White testifies that that is Murray’s certification.

- White What does that certification allow you to do.  White explains this allows a doctor evaluate a patient for moderate sedation, administering of agents to accomplish moderate simulation, monitor and rescues patients from sedation.

- White testifies that according to Shafer’s simulations of Lorazapam, Michael would have been in deep sedation and anesthesia (asleep, unresponsive to painful stimuli) when the 4th through the 9th dose of Lorazapam was given.

- Flanagan shows a chart that White did according to Murray’s testimony on amounts of Lorazapam he gave him, given possible traces left in his system from the night before, and if Michael took pills to add to the concentration.

Chart on Lorazapam

- Midazolam concentration levels based on Murray’s testimony, given traces of Midazolam (assuming doses given 10 days previously).  White explains that Midazolam takes 22 to 44 minutes absorption time into the stomach and intestines.

- White goes over the simulation of Shafer of large bolus doses of Lorazapam.  White says that the simulation is unreasonable because the patient would have been in deep sedation.  He said he couldn’t imagine anyone sitting there and giving repeated bolus injections over time when the patient was already asleep.

- Flanagan shows the simulation showing the 8 pills of Lorazapam at 7am.  White explains that you can accomplish the same concentration if pills were taken two three or four tablets a couple of different times.  He disagrees about Shafer’s simulation showing this plus the repeated, 30 minute interval bolus doses.

- Dr. White explains through Greenblatt studies that there should not be any free Lorazapam in Michael’s stomach if taken intravenously.

- Dr. White systematically discredits Shafer’s simulations of the 50 and 100mgs of Propofol.  White states that the simulations don’t account for the Lidocaine, which he says Michael called “anti-burn”  mixed in with the 10cc syringe and that Murray would have had to work awful fast to draw out Propofol from a bottle  which takes some time because of suction and he wasn’t sure HE could even do it.

-  Dr. white even discredits the simulation showing Michael giving his own 50mg injections, it would be impossible (White is not showing tendency toward self injection which is what the prosecution wanted the jury to believe they were going for.)

Shows bolus given at 12pm

- Shows infusion as small purple hump and the bolus at 12 the strait line up.  If the bolus dose was put in on top of those would you expect dire consequences.  If put in on top of high concentration of benzodiazepine if Propofol is given as shown in the picture above.  White said it could be potentially lethal.

- Dr. White prepares to show another demonstration similar to Shafer’s on how Murray would have administered the Propofol through I.V.  He says this is because Shafer did not use the proper infusion tubing, the tubing he used was too long, and he did not include the lidocane.

He also shows that it leaves residue in the tubing and there was no evidence in any other tubing other than the injection port.  (remember that was missing in evidence).

- Flanagan and White cover the infusion theory of Dr. Shafer.


- Dr. White rejects this as a possibility.  Dr. White explains that the bottle of Propofol found at the scene did not have the handle activated.  The cut bag scenario would also be unreasonable because a bottle that size would have a hard time staying in the bag, any movement at all would knock it out.

- Picture of 100ml Propofol bottle shown on top of the bag is shown.  It shows that the bottle has not been suspended because the tap “lift here” is still there and the handle to hang it has not been used.  They show the actual evidence and the lift has not been deployed.  The first time the lift was deployed was actually in the court room.  The bottle was not hung at the scene.

- The double line technique White explains how they would hang the bottle and they would have to hang the bottle higher than the Saline, using gravity to work it into the IV when you have no infusion pump.

- White makes it a point that hanging the Propofol bottle would not allow for “anti-burn” to also be administered.  White also makes a point of why would anyone go through the hassle of cutting a saline bag and precariously placing a Propofol bottle inside to infuse when they have the handle.

- White cannot conceive of why anyone would go through that hassle when it would not work.  Even if they spiked it through the bottom of the IV bag, the spike is not long enough to go through both.

- That scenario would also not accomplish the smooth levels shown in the model  above.

- White demonstrates how you would add Propofol directly to the saline bag through the port at the top (which would be 1-1), which would put the medication right into the Saline bag.

- White says that you would see the white liquid Propofol because of the lipid properties, that you would see residue left on the Propofol bag.  There was no evidence of Propofol in the bag in evidence.  Propofol residual was only found in the distal infusion port and not the length of the IV line which indictates Propofol was delivered via syringe in the IV port.  There was no evidence at the scene of an infusion delivery.

- The chart shown above White says the simulation never gets to the high level and assumes that the patient died exactly at the end of the infusion.  There is nothing indicating that kind of infusion would cause death just at the end of the infusion.  He would be sleepy but easily aroused.

- White says Infusion would stop if the patient died because no blood would be running.  The Propofol would then just collect in the leg and drain into the Femoral artery which is where they measured the concentrations. This would be with the pure Propofol drip, not with what Murray said he gave him.

- Level of unchanged Propofol in the urine was extremely small. White shows a chart simulation where using Shafer’s model.

White’s comparison Chart

- White says this comes nowhere near the levels they found in the Femoral blood at the autopsy.

White’s Depiction of what Happened according to Murray
Using Shafer’s model with Michael self injecting 25mgs

- The point of this is to compare the models of Shafer’s hypothesis and the concentration of free Propofol in the urine and this one shows an almost identical reading they got from autopsy.

- White reiterates that there was no evidence of infusion at the scene and the pure Propofol levels were not consistent with the autopsy.  White says that based on those levels, the scenario of self-injection right before noon or close to the tome of death would better explain the Propofol levels in the urine.  This is based on the Propofol alone, not combined with the polypharmacy.

-White says this does reconcile with the evidence found at the scene, it does reconcile with Murray’s statement and it does reconcile with the urine evidence.  However none of that reconciles with the theory of infusion or running drip, which was Shafer’s theory.

Dr White is asked to step down and he will come back Monday Morning.  (???)

Judge Pastor decides with Council, to break before they start cross examination, that some other aspects of the case have to be discussed, so that’s it until Monday.

My Thoughts:

I am already getting questions pertaining to the testimony leaning toward Michael killing himself.  If we are to take the evidence at face value as presented by both sides, that is what IT APPEARS TO LOOK LIKE.

However, we have not had cross examination yet.  There is also as per the judge, INFORMATION ABOUT THE CASE that needs FURTHER DISCUSSION before the prosecution can proceed with cross examination ON DR. WHITE.

We have been told that Dr. White is the last witness to be called by the defense, however, I don’t know if this is true.  This is only what the press has reported.  The reason I believe we still have some surprises is this:

- We still have the issue of un-reported fingerprints on a saline bag that have been identified but are not anyone that was in the house on the morning/afternoon of June 25th.

- We still have a missing (if it existed) secondary I.V. tubing.

- There is no toxicology for Propofol evident on the autopsy report for the brain, even though an autopsy is recorded as to have been done.

- No one has yet to mention the independent autopsy the Jackson Family ordered.

- There is missing video surveillance and other bodyguards present the early morning of June 25th, 2009 when Michael Jackson arrived home that either were not interviewed or who’s interviews were not recorded.

- There are other discrepancies among the prosecution witnesses that have not been addressed or investigated by the defense (at least that they’ve presented).

I believe these reasons above, and possibly more could be why court was adjourned early on Friday (today) for further discussion between council and the judge, before Dr. White is cross examined by the prosecution.

Personal Note to Michael/Jackson Family

You’re killing me, okay?  Killing me.  Driving me nuts first and then killing me.  I love a good mystery as much as the next person but I am an impatient woman;  not to mention you are not exactly following the script of my dreams.  I’ll get over it (if I have to) but it ain’t gonna be easy!  I have a bruise on my butt for being on the edge of my seat for so long (Dr. Shafer could really have been cut back by, like a day and a half).  Come Monday, I’m grabbing a pillow, capeche?

If I have a butt left before “this mystery unfolds”, and it hasn’t completely adhered to this office chair, it’s going to take two weeks of solid standing for it to pop back into the shape it was before this trial started.  You will probably hear it from California (and it will undoubtedly appear on youtube as one of those “strange sounds” videos, blaming underground tunnels and hatch suction from CIA explosions).

On a more serious note, Please enjoy the documentary over in London (those family members going), travel safely and I pray you are not disappointed in what Guest put together.  I’ve seen the trailer and I have to tell you it doesn’t instill me with much confidence.

Michael . . . here, there or wherever you are, you have my prayers and my unwavering respect for you, your faith and your perseverance.   You always will have my unconditional love which has become interwoven into you, whom God had chosen to unlock it’s meaning for me.  God used you to soften my heart, and to drive into it the true meaning of what Jesus did for us so he could get in. 

I don’t know how many doors you opened for people who have until you, been trying to circumvent a wall put between them and the truth by deceivers and liars.  You were the warm compress for my heart and I will always feel yours because of that.  God bless you♥

Tomorrow I will have Micheline’s surprise for you all.  It’s an idea you may want to look into.  :o)  Maybe it is a way that we can “all cry at the same time”.

What does it really mean????