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Michael Jackson Justice: 2000 Watts of Testimony in Death of Michael Jackson

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Thursday, October 6, 2011

2000 Watts of Testimony in Death of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Conrad Murray Day 7

Proverbs 24:28
Be not a witness against thy neighbour without cause; and deceive not with thy lips.

2000 Watts

What Michael did to his voice in this song reminds me of the recording of Michael on the tape played today.  Why?  Because it sounds so much deeper than his real voice even though he is supposedly under the influence.  His speech sounds lazy, like he can barely form a word, yet his thoughts of what he is saying is clear, meaning he has coherent thought.

I won’t have a lot of commentary today, just the notes I took on today’s proceedings because there were so many exhibits and pictures entered.  I am very tired.  I will try to comment more tomorrow.

***********  Start Testimony  *************

Walgren calls Sally Hircshberg

Seacoast Medical is a pharmaceutical distributor, she is an account representative taking inbound calls and customer services issues.

We are starting already with another record of purchases of drug and paraphernalia and already an approach to the bench

trial seacoast record

An order accepted by Consuelo Ng (Connie).

Account created in Dec. 2006

Address was always the address on Flamingo Road Las Vegas.  (The same one I checked on, where Murray’s wife is also listed as a physician.

She is asked about December 16th, of 2008.  Next Invoice is April 14, 2009.  Even during the lull there is phone communication between her and Connie Ng.

Connie orders a certain model of Safe Site infusion set and it is drop shipped from another supplier to the site.  It was ordered on that day.

Walgren then marks the exhibit, the item that was ordered BEFORE he cutes into the package to take out the I.V. set.  This is the item that Connie was talking to Hirschberg about this particular set. 

Connie wanted it shipped to a residential address.  Hirsch said she did not agree to ship to the residential address so she continued to send to the Las Vegas Address.

April 21, 2009 Order

April 24, 2009 Order

May 12 2009 order

Walgren is showing Hirsch another item ordered which is a blood pressure cuff to identify if that is one of the items ordered on May 12.

May 12 Order

May 19 2009 order

Walgren goes down the list of catheters, urine pads, leg bags, syringes and gauze.

June 1 2009 order

The above includes Berman airway kit and ambu bag.

June 15th 2009 Hirsch discusses with Connie about condom catheter bag and apparatus.  Connie wanted a small urine leg bag.  On June 17th there was a follow up discussion and Connie said she called the manufacturer and was told that a medium bag would fit small and large condom catheters.

On June 22nd  Walgren references the order including catheters wide band and urine bags.  There is then an order for medium bags, 30 of them but they were not shipped.

Connie indicated she wanted items shipped overnight.  Objections was sustained twice, Walgren asks to approach the bench.

Still . . . how does this indicate that ALL THIS was for Michael?  The Dr. has two clinics . . . doesn’t he?

Connie Canceled this order on June 26th.  9:26am.  Walgren asks again if Connie canceled the order and the judge interrupted about the line of questioning. Judge is getting ticked about involving conversations with Connie that were hearsay.  Judge calls council to the bench again.

Walgren re-asks the question about Connie canceling the order.

Chernoff cross examines.

How long had Global been a customer and she repeated December of 2006.

Was it unusual for Global cardiovascular to order Lidocaine, she said no, just not a lot.  None of this was unusual for a heart clinic.  The orders for safe site IV set in Chernoff asks about such orders in 2007 and in 2006 so this was not unusual.  Also in June of 2008 Murray ordered Safe Site again. 

Hirsch said in April 13, 2009 Murray ordered the Safe Set and it was shipped out on April 14, 2009 and Excel IV set was purchased (different than Safe Site?)  there are 50 IV sets per case in an order.

No Redirect by Walgren

Walgren calls Stephen Marx (related to Richard Marx?  Nah)

He works in computer forensics at the DEA Lab.  He was also a special agent for the U.S. Customs service.

Computer forensics is the process of retrieving data from computers and electronic software.

Walgren asks about the IPhone (mobile computer).  Walgren then begins asking about certain terminology like screen shots (I used that getting screen shots of documents for this trial).

IPhone recovered by DEA belonging to Conrad Murray.

Analysis of screen shots on Murray’s Phone on a certain date.

Screen shot people’s item 84

June 24th to Omar Arnold progress notes is then entered.

Walgren tells judge he’s going to let defense council review these screenshot records and Judge asks after that could he see council at the bench.  (probably about wasting time).

All these are 2008 and 2007 dates progress notes

I have a couple of these below for Omar Arnold but did not get all screen shots copied because the live feed lost signal.  These dates are in 2006 and 2007.

 This one below also references a Paul Farance which Connie asks "is that him too?"

June25 2009 an email went to the insurance company with copies going to a “Randy” a “Tim” and others you will see below.

I found it odd that no distinction has been made to the jurors to this point on who Omar Arnold is nor Paul Farance.  No one explains to the jurors if this is an alias.

Walgren then plays a recording and shows an accompanying transcript of the recording (From Frank Dileo to Murray).

Frank leaves a voicemail for Murray saying that Michael is sick, that he thinks they need to get a blood test to “see what he’s doing”.  Day and time was June 20th at 7:48am.

They again play the May 10th 9:05 am audio that was played on opening arguments.

(Why does Chernoff and Walgren look like they are made of water when they are moving but the judge is nice and clear?) 

They did show the transcript for this one and this is the full recording of supposedly Michael’s voice.

The Original Recording from Day 1 Opening Arguments

Look at what he says in the transcript

Transcript 1

Transcript 2

Gordjian cross examines.

Gordjian asks the court to recognize that the date of May 10, 2009 is a Sunday and the recording is at 9:05 am (Murray supposedly recorded this on a Sunday – He doesn’t usually work with Michael on Sundays as those were his usual days off according to Nicole Alvarez questioned yesterday).

He brings up people’s 84 which is a screen shot of the emails screen.  He brings up the emails sent to CC Randy, Silcock, Tim with forward to M. Jones - as I show above.

Exhibit L is a series of emails from two people.

2011 exhibit L pg 3

exhibit L pg 1 response to page 3

2011 exhibit L pg 2

MJ 2011 Trial exhibit L pg 1b

Walgren redirect cross

W. asks Marx if in order for the screen shots to be retrieved they would have had to have been seen and/or manipulated by the user.  Marx says yes.

W. asks about the succession of emails in the insurance company’s attempt to obtain 5year medical history on Michael.  He verified that all emails were forwarded to Conrad Murray.

One email was sent to Murray at 1:54am on June 25th and again at the same date on 5:54am then 11:17am, which is the email stating that Michael’s press reports on his health were false.  Remember during this time that Murray was allegedly medicating Michael who still could not sleep.

Marx is excused.

Judge asks that they take the afternoon break at this time to allow attorneys to prepare.  The lunch break will be almost 2 hours (I don’t get one!)

Witness Fleet on Direct from Prosecution  Walgren questions

She works for L.A. county coroner.

She is a Coroner investigator, death investigation, mode and cause.

She does external of body at the scene, scene investigations.

She first went to UCLA MEDICAL center.  She conducted cursory investigation in E.R. room at UCLA.

Michael’s physical condition


Could not determine cause of death from this.  No signs of trauma. She took the photo.  She saw him clothed and unclothed.

She and Ed winter collected 4 vials of blood.

Patient I.D. 3975944

She then went to 100 N. Carolwood to perform scene investigation.

She testifies that investigation focused on Bedroom 2

She saw the 20ml bottle of Propofol on the floor left side of bed. 

Propofol bottles is under glass table in photo below

Photo 5

Photo 6 Closeup

She admits to taking the evidence into coroner custody.    Walgren takes bottle out of the bag???

Photo 7 –Bottle was empty  Also found 5ml bottle of Flumazenil in the same area.  It had a very small amount of liquid at bottom of bottle.

She recovered prescription meds from the tables and nightstand next to the bed.  Photo 8 (Telephone is visible on night table! Thought no phones in the house?  This is multi line!)

Lorazapam, Diazapam and Flomax

- Diazapam presc bottle made out to Michael Jackson from Conrad Murray date June 20, 2009.

- Flomax .4 mil to Michael Jackson prescribed by Conrad Murray June 3, 2009

- Lorazapam bottle 2ml to (who is it prescribed to? He doesn’t say) prescribed by  Conrad Murray April 2009

- in Wicker basket more prescriptions:  Flonazapam to Mick Jackson from Allen Metzger April 2009 , to Michael from Murray 12/22/2008 Tenazapam, Tizanadine to Omar Arnold from Dr. Klein, Trazadone Mick Jackson Allen Metzger 4-18-2009. 

On same basket on same nightstand several tubes

Photo 10

- Hydroquinone 8% applied pharmacy
- Benoquin 20% applied pharmacy
- Lidocaine 4% applied pharmacy Murray MD Conrad Flamingo

She observed several oxygen tanks, one on a rolling dolly with ambulatory bag. 

Photo 11 Oxygen tanks


Photo 12 on glass top table Shows tubes and medicines

Photo 13 on glass top table shows gauze and pads

Photo 14 on glass top table on same table

Photo 15 IV catheter under ambu-bag

She said that the catheter was laying on the floor exposed.  (The one they pulled out of Michael when they moved him?)  Bayer aspirin bottle, a box of anthelios lotion (what kind???), a box of XL hypodermic needles,

Photo 17 close up of chair with urine jug

All recovered on June 25, 2009.  She said she departed 20:20 pm she finished and left Carolwood.  She returned to the location on June 29, 2009 following interview with defendant to recover medical bags, and a search was conducted on June 26 but she was not present for that.

On June 29th, she went to the same bedroom and the large closet attached to the bedroom. 

Photo 18 of Diagram where bedroom and closet are.

Photo 19 looking into bedroom from closet

Photo 20 looking from another angle
toward tall closet you can see medical bags.

Photo 21 list of bags recovered – (baby essentials?)

Walgren showed other photos of contents inside the bags, which included two bottles of Lidocaine, another bottle of Lidocaine.

Blue Cosco bag contained:

(Okay, I have a papercut on the base knuckle of my thumb . . . I am TYPING.  How did this happen?)

Shows picture of blue bag next to black bag with a gentleman’s suited belly next to it.

Contained  cut open saline bag that had a cut in it and a 100ml bottle of Propofol inside it, lanyard, some vials, plastic grocery bag.
Photo 22 of Walgren
holding up bags (note reflections in glass ).

Photo 23 Shows cut in bag
And Propofol bottle near empty

I am noticing some swimmy effects in the video as I am watching Walgren walk back and forth. I don’t know what would cause this as it doesn’t matter if it happens on close ups are when they zoom out. 

Camera on the witness and on the judge does not cause this.  If anyone can tell me what this is I would appreciate it.  It is almost the same type of effect you would see on something like 3D without the glasses.

I am taking a dinner break.  Judge agrees with me for 15 minute break.

When they return I am sitting down to dinner.  They are continuing to go through the seemingly incredible amount of medical paraphernalia  for one home patient who’s only problem is trying to get some sleep.

A friend of mine named Hope emails me every now and then, and her opinion on the issue of Propofol was this:

I wondering has anyone yet discussed that propofol doesn't provide "sleep"?

If you used this everyday for weeks on end your body would be sleep deprived. How is it anyone would allow someone (real or not) to do this. It is illogical to me.

At some point the body would demand require rest and may not be able to function do to the false nature of this drug. I haven't heard anyone speak of this but isn't that telling.

I am reading the part of Jermaine’s book that is making me angry (not at Jermaine, but at the people that were around Michael, that search, the people trying to keep Michael away from family while at the same time Latoya was dealing with Gordon.  I am very angry.  I have never been so angry.  It is one of those “angries” that you don’t know what to do with.   When I get stuck there and I can’t do anything, I just cry.  It’s such a helpless place to be and this isn’t even my situation, but  . . . it is.  It involves all of us.  Even the ones that don’t know it.

I want to share with you how I felt about a certain part of the book when I wrote to someone about it two days ago:

I read the part tonight about the first Neverland raid (1993) where Jermaine is telling about all Michael's notes about his songs and whatnot (possible Bible study notes included in this) and that Michael never got them back but they began showing up in different magazines.  I cried, cried, cried (had to go into bathroom because this was this evening and hubby was home).  I HAVE some of these on my hard drive!  Hope, that makes me just as bad as them!  Here I thought Michael released these with his blessing (to learn about him) and they have been stolen property the whole time!  This is MICHAEL'S STUFF!!!  That hurt!  I feel like I raped him!  Tore me to shreds, God I have tears falling just trying to tell you about this.

This is like the heart of somebody, you know?  You might as well steal one of his babies because the notes, the beginnings of a creation that he was working on . . . What they did is like a forced abortion of a creation. They just ripped it away from him.  No wonder he didn't want to go back to Neverland after that trial!

I'm on page 320 where Jermaine talks about the photo session.  I am so fed up with these people, HOW COULD THEY!!!!!

If you have Jermaine’s book and you get to the latter 200’s in the pages, you will find it a tough read.  The cute stuff from the early part of their family history through the Jackson 5 is gone and Michael’s trials and tribulations really start.

That’s why I have mixed feelings about covering this trial but I am doing it because I feel we are supposed to be. Reaching for the truth does not guarantee the effort will be easy.

I didn’t expect that piece of information above in Jermaine’s book.  It made me want to go through all my flash drives and delete everything belonging to Michael, I was so horrified.  I had no idea these things were not out there without his blessing (stolen and sold to media/press).

I just want the raping of Michael to stop.  I want it to stop!  

This my friends, is exactly what is coming if we don’t stand up and put our collective feet down and say no.  What they did to Michael is coming.  If they believe they have a right to rip the very soul out of the most famous of entertainers, we are stupid to believe they will stop with him.

I have noticed the graciousness of the media, now that their meal ticket Michael Jackson is gone, in using Dr. Murray to cover their crimes.  Now they can use Michael’s death at the hands of another to redeem themselves.  There is just one problem with this . . . they have never repented in the first place.

Day 7 tomorrow of the trial, Day 8 on Friday – Then we will see what Cardiff brings.

God Bless you all . . . Don’t forget to pray and Keep the Faith.


  1. Hi Bonnie. Listening to Michael on that tape made me very sad. I read in the news that Jermaine was crying. I did too. I think most of us did. It felt like he died all over again. But I think it is a good thing for the world to hear that tape. I think the truth will make us feel even more compassion and love for him. And it will also give us peace in our souls. I feel extremely sad. A couple of days before he died they opened their eyes and said , there is something wrong with him. They woke up too late. I miss him on planet earth. We all miss this beautiful soul. And there is nothing we can do or say to bring him back. And that hurts like a knife in our hearts. He made the world a better place. MJ why did you leave us without saying goodbye. Our tears will never dry. L.O.V.E. Susanne

  2. Hey Bonnie. Anling said that when Dr.Murray dropped the phone she heard mumbling VOICES. Who was he talking to? Susanne

  3. Bonnie,
    The anger we feel is the weirdest thing isn't it? I was trying to have a Michael-music-free day yesterday, and put on a compilation CD in the car. Suddenly, a track came on and it was sampling Human Nature, I just started crying on the freeway, not a good place to be!

    What did it was that out of a two CD compilation, Michael's music stood out as the most beautiful and accomplished, even though it was sampled. It just made me so angry, that he was abused, and he has all this incredible talent, which was almost forgotten, buried under lies.

  4. Hello Bonnie. Is it possible that Dr.Murray is getting paid to be the fallguy? Who knows? What is his girlfriend so happy about? Susanne

  5. Hi Bonnie, I read you daily but the witnesses' hearings are still in process so I'll try to comment on them to the minimum. Michael on the Gurney : the pic is clarified, it seems. At Michel's residence there was enough medical drugs to kill an elephant !

    Take care of yourself please♥

  6. From one of your photos above (good job capturing that Bonnie since it was shown only briefly):

    Patient: Paul Farance
    DOB : 08/08/2008
    Exam date: November 13th, 2007

    I assume you caught that...exam prior to date of birth? I wonder what it means.

    There was also a document of handwritten notes, another email attachment recovered from Murray's phone. They showed it only briefly. It would have been People's 80 something. Those notes were in descending date order. In other words, the most recent date at the top. The bottom continued from the previous page. Meaning, it was written (backwards) from bottom to top, which I found very strange, even suspicious.

    The drugs do not sync with Michael's healthy lifestyle, nor his awareness. Surely, with all his studying and thirst for knowledge, he was very aware of the pharmaceutical industry's destruction?

    Showing the ease of obtaining that massive amount of drugs could actually be the point.

    A lot of signal losses, becoming more frequent it seems.

    I've never seen such a (seemingly) kind and pleasant judge before.

  7. Susanne said - "Hi Bonnie. Listening to Michael on that tape made me very sad. I read in the news that Jermaine was crying. I did too. I think most of us did. It felt like he died all over again."

    ........ Well don't cry too much because I think he made that tape on purpose. Why else would Murray tape such a thing? I will discuss a theory about this later, but I did want to answer everyone's comments since I was too wiped last night to add to much comment to the pictures. I agree that it is good for the world to hear that tape. But if the media didn't believe it was said in a drug haze, it probably would have never gotten air time.
    Smile - though you're heart is breaking ♥

    I don't know who the mumbling voices were that Anding said she heard. She didn't know either. Funny how they didn't bother getting a recording of THAT.

    Not sure what Alvarez was so smiley about. I'm sure Murray is getting paid to be the fall guy, but by who?

    PrincessGlam said - "Suddenly, a track came on and it was sampling Human Nature, I just started crying on the freeway, not a good place to be!"

    .......... No, it's not a good place to be, and I've done that on the beltway! (D.C. - Baltimore Beltway, I-81 driving to Tennessee from Maryland). I wonder how many fender bender's tears over Michael had caused? I think you hear things when you are meant to hear them. Think about what was in your mind before that song came on. :o)

  8. Line said - "Michael on the Gurney : the pic is clarified, it seems. At Michel's residence there was enough medical drugs to kill an elephant !"

    ...... I don't know what you mean by the picture is clarified. The gurney is old, not the ones used at UCLA, the face you are looking at on that gurney does not at all match the descriptions from the paramedics (doesn't look like an old man, doesn't look like a hospice patient, it looks like a faked picture of Michael with a big body and smaller than natural legs for the body length).

    On the drugs, not all of them were for Michael and many of them were old prescriptions PLUS the fact that the room they found Michael in was not his normal room. Plus, if the autopsy report is real, only ONE OF THESE drugs was even in his system aside from the propofol. See Truth's post below yours.

    Truthbtold said - "I assume you caught that...exam prior to date of birth? I wonder what it means."

    .......... Farance, yes I did catch it which is why I screenshot captured it, but like I said, I was so wiped out after today I didn't comment everything on the pictures (lots of croping out of junk space and embedding on blog I am TIRED, LOL!) I have the document of hand written notes but I was just running out of room and time (and consciousness). It didn't come out clear even with cleanup. I will try to see if I can blow it up and maybe split it up, but it's pretty blurry.

    Signal losses yes! That was obnoxious. I probably could have gotten a more clear shot of that one document. The Farance date made NO SENSE whatsoever. See 08-08-2008 (8-8-08?)

    888 - The number for Christ

    Also start of Bejing summer olympics and fell on a new moon.

    November 13, 2007:

    2007 – An explosion hits the south wing of the House of Representatives of the Philippines in Quezon City, killing four people, including Congressman Wahab Akbar, and wounding six.

    2007 – Wahab Akbar, Filipino politician and Congressman (b. 1960)
    2007 – John Doherty, English footballer (b. 1935)
    2007 – Kazuhisa Inao, Japanese baseball player (b. 1937)
    2007 – Monty Westmore, American make-up artist (b. 1923)

    Holidays - World Kindness Day

  9. BONNIE said : "...... I don't know what you mean by the picture is clarified."

    In clear, I believe that unfortunately, Michael is no longer with us, except in spirit. I did not watch the Coroner Investigator's hearing yesterday & on the Michael on the Gurney's pic, I admit that Michael "supposed" bodyshape looks strange indeed compared to his head (but I think it is his head though from June 2009). All I can hardly understand on that topic is : how come a Coroners' photoshop pic of Michael could be first manipulated & further shamelessly shown to the world by the Prosecution..if it were the case ? As you earlier said "Anyone is entitled to his opinions" so I am to mine. You & anyone may think quite differently & I respect it. So in order to avoid any possible meaningless arguing during this sensitive trial's period, I will refrain as much as I can (if I can) to express my opinions on the next topics of the trial : the little I expressed on my 1st comment earlier was already too much.

  10. Bonnie said "Think about what was in your mind before that song came on. :o) "

    Not much was in my mind, that was the whole point, to blank it all out as I sang along at the top of my voice LOL! I was actually feeling more up beat than I have done for months. Then Michael came on and 'spoke' to me!!!!!!
    8 August 2008 was the date Julians Auction House began clearing Neverland.
    Start of cleansing?

  11. Line said - "how come a Coroners' photoshop pic of Michael could be first manipulated & further shamelessly shown to the world by the Prosecution..if it were the case ? "

    ....... That's a good question. Why did Sneddon falsify information in the 2005 trial? We STILL don't know the answer to that question and it is now 2011. Perhaps THIS TRIAL will answer some of THOSE questions, because a lot of what is transpiring here is very similar.

    Yes, I said everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I admit that there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between OPINION and TRUTH. This is why I told Nita that I cannot really form an opinion until BOTH SIDES have presented their case. I do believe though that we should consider ALL EVIDENCES and not just the accepted or POPULAR version of the information presented. This again was a BIG PROBLEM with the way the 2005 trial was reported in the press.

  12. @Line - How did you say too much? Your comments are usually very efficient and to the point. I'm the one that tends to ramble between the two of us :o)

    Today, the lies are being slowly revealed -aka Alvarez.

    Princess Glam said - "8 August 2008 was the date Julians Auction House began clearing Neverland.
    Start of cleansing?"

    ....... Well now! Could be. I'm not sure on the exact date of that, but we could "enter" that into evidence!

  13. Hi Bonnie. Long before the trial the defeance said the didn't want pictures of MJ to be shown because they were gruesome. The picture we have seen in court is not gruesome. So the defeance did not talk about the photo shopped picture I guess. What do you think Bonnie. His arms extended outwards from his body is kind of strange to me. Does that tell us something. It is like his pose in the end of the film "This Is It". I read that Jermaine was crying when they played the tape in court. He didn't return to the court after the break. Who is buying tickets to the tribute show? MJ haters? IF MJ is alive where is he? Out in the desert riding a camel? I mean where could he hide? He is known allover the world. But at the same time, you never know, right?Susanne

  14. saidHey Bonnie. Frank Di Leo said that he got a call from a fan who was standing outside MJ's house the day he died. If the fans was hired by Sony what does that tell us about Frank? It is almost like reading Agatha Christies book, AND THEN THERE WERE NONE, I think it's called. Susanne

  15. Bonnie, come on ..:o) Yes, this trial already turns harder & the worse is still to come. But we all waited long enough so I guess we will all endure till the end, in spite of the growing emotion. And an unexpected "scoop" may always come in the coming weeks, who knows ?

    Your transcripts are great but please do not neglect your health nor your nice husband ♥♥♥

  16. BONNIE said : "I admit that there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between OPINION and TRUTH."

    That is correct !
    Good Evening & sleep well !

  17. Tribute News from Wales and current video interview with Tito, Marlon, Jackie.

  18. Susanne said - "The picture we have seen in court is not gruesome. So the defeance did not talk about the photo shopped picture I guess. What do you think Bonnie."

    ......... No THAT one is not gruesome. Who knows what is coming down the pike. Ed Winters has yet to be called and neither of the detectives have been called either. They would have taken their own crime scene pictures. I'm afraid of that, I do NOT want to see that. If they show anything like that I am not talking about it on this blog, Michael or any other person. They had so much talk about urine today. I am very much NOT into the body fluid talk. I'm not a queasy person, but this trial is doing just as much to objectify Michael as Jermaine's book is doing to humanize him. sickening. Yes, I heard about Jermaine. I'm crying reading his book. The Tribute? We will have to wait and see. I can't afford to go even if it were in my back yard, but I'm not interested in Tributes. I can have one of those right in my own house. I want THE TRUTH to be important to people. That's what I want and that Tribute is FAR FROM IT.

    Frank DiLeo - Yes, and Joe Jackson said the same thing. I want to know how these fans got access to phone numbers of Michael's inner circle/family? I find that very strange.

  19. Line said - "Bonnie, come on ..:o) Yes, this trial already turns harder & the worse is still to come. But we all waited long enough so I guess we will all endure till the end, in spite of the growing emotion."

    ......... Uh-oh . . . what did I do now, LOL! The emotion is really getting to me. Reliving stuff Michael went through AGAIN this time through Jermaine's eyes. His description of the 2003 Neverland raid and Michael's reaction, God. Jermaine certainly sprinkled some pieces of the puzzle through there but he doesn't tell you everything,he just closes some gaps. I'm left asking myself again, "And WHAT did they do to deserve all this again?"

    @Anonymous - Thank you for posting that link. I've noticed Tito seems to have the deepest speaking voice of the bunch. Everyone else, Jackie, Marlon, Jermaine and Randy sound like Michael, LOL!

    I will be watching for news of that concert. I am not comfortable with it or the people producing it at all.

  20. Bonnie – if we believe the entire tape we heard yesterday was really Michael, I believe eventually it will help vindicate him from the claim that he was a child molester. That tape is really showed the love he had for children and under any circumstance and would not hurt them. In fact, it showed he felt their pain and took it as his pain than inflicting pain on them.

    God works in mysteries way all the time. Even though Dr. Murray’s motive might be different when he recorded the tape, but God wanted that tape so the world will know when Michael talking about children and the love he had for them while he was in that state.

    The audio tape reveled a lot of things for me. The love Michal has for God is unquestionable. The children especially the abandoned and the sick were his primary focus in his life more than anything else. His statement saying he wanted his legacy to be the man who cared and helped children to his at most ability not as a performer. This is really powerful.


  21. Patient: Paul Farance
    DOB : 08/08/2008
    Exam date: November 13th, 2007

    It struck me that November 13th to August 8th is approximate human gestation. So, I went to a pregnancy calculator. I played with the dates to get the above dates in the significant spots because it goes by menstrual cycle. Beginning of fertility (11/13/07) & due date (08/08/08) are only 2 days off.

    Maybe it's nothing since it isn't exact. But, neither is gestation exact, differs for individuals.

    Looking at the August BIRTH date - 08/08/08:
    (just a quick search, ran with my immediate thoughts)

    Astrology/numerology -

    "8080, 0808, 8008, 0088, 8800 - These signs indicate that a phase of your life is about to come to an end that is in unity with your astrological influences."

    ("astrological influences" I take to mean position of planets, moon, stars etc., which influence the tides, the water within our bodies (which is 90+% of our physical makeup), and our chemistry. That's my very basic understanding.)

    "888, 8888 - A phase of your life is about to end and this is a sign to give you forewarning to prepare. This number sequence may mean you are winding up an emotional, career, or relationship phase."

    Birth & death all in one. And I think..."I am the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.

  22. You mentioned Monty Westmore's date of death. (November 13, 2007) I found a link between Westmore and Michael Jackson. Monty's brother Michael Westmore:
    (referring to an article in Make-Up Magazine about Ghosts)

    "And make-up experts Michael Westmore and Steve Johnson have revealed they worked on elaborate disguises specifically for [Michael's] shopping trips.

    And Westmore, who had helped to create disguises for government officials, admits he was called in to create "a variety of prosthetic noses and dentures" for Jackson." (sorry, similar to TMZ, right?) - (Monty Westmore's obituary, interesting.)

    It is also reported that at one time, there was a Westmore brother at each of the major movie studios (all make-up artists). With Michael's fascination with and use of extensive makeup in his short movies, I wouldn't be surprised if a Westmore was somehow involved.

    Monty Westmore was Paul Newman's preferred make-up artist.

  23. Just one more thing. I thought of this at the time but it seemed pretty outrageous so I didn't say anything.

    Paramedic Martin Blount (11 years of experience) - very unusual facial features:

    * Either he has exceptionally toned small eyebrow muscles or...well...they look like inserts to me. It reminded me of Star Trek Next Generation etc. make-up. At certain times - angles and expressions, those eyebrow ridges and nose looked like one "piece".

    * With some facial expressions, his forehead looked like a skullcap coming down to a V in front. (V for Vendetta? Just thought of that! Crazy thoughts?)

    I'm just saying...maybe crazy, maybe not. Sending you screenshots, Bonnie.

    Also, I noticed that when he leaned back a little, a small bit of white showed at the bottom of his neckline - above his shirt. It's L.A. - warm. Would he be wearing an undershirt? A sleeveless one has a lower neckline and wouldn't show so high.

    Or...? How realistic can make-up be?

    Monty Westmore had many famous movies under his belt as make-up artist, including several Star Trek movies...and Chaplin.

    Michael Westmore - has won and been nominated for many prestigious movie awards, including the Star Trek series of movies. Long list of movies he has done make-up for.

    Both Michael and Monty Westmore are/were part of the 3rd generation of Westmore make-up artists.


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