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Michael Jackson Justice: All Crying for Michae7 At the Same Time

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Monday, October 31, 2011

All Crying for Michae7 At the Same Time

Micheline’s Surprise
All Crying for Michael at the Same Time

I have been wanting to do this for a long time.  The original intent was to come up with a way for all of us to “Cry” for Michael at the same time and I wanted to copy his armband.  However, after coming upon some new information on where Michael’s “777” came from, I thought keeping it as “Biblical” as we can would be better, since Michael was a big Bible reader.

I am working on a definitive answer on the “777” and I am waiting for an answer from God on that one.

With that being said, what Micheline came up with ended up being an even better idea, and more Biblically sound.

The Number Seven is referenced throughout the Bible as a way for God to communicate to us what he wants us to know.  The consistent reference to it is there for a reason, but I have not been able to find a Biblical reference to it being the name of God. It is however, very significant in other ways and because it is repeated so often in various prophesies and metaphors, like stepping stones throughout the Bible to lead us to answers.

With that, the basic number, Seven is something that Michael also referenced and I believe his wearing it, and incorporating it into his drawings was also a way to communicate to us something and I will get more into that later – as I said, I am waiting for an answer.

In the meantime, this project, which was actually in the planning before Michael’s birthday this past August, is finally complete.  Micheline wanted to write something up describing what she did, so I will turn this over to her, below:

Michael’s Cry

"Hi, everyone - I've been busy these past several weeks putting together a limited collection of meaningful keepsakes for a small group of special friends here as a personal way to honor Michael.  It took longer than I expected to receive the items from China, but it was worth the wait.  We all know the significance of number "7" in the Bible, as well as it being Michael's favorite number.  How divinely appropriate that Michael is also the seventh child born to Katherine and Joe Jackson - a gift from God who achieved unimaginable success and humanitarian greatness. 

As a token of my love for Michael and friendship on this blog, I am sending Bonnie a collection of approximately 25 beaded neck cords, each one slightly different, but all with a common link to Michael.  A number "7" triangle bead made of solid pewter is the central focus flanked on each side by either faceted and painted glass beads, faux pearls or briolette charms.  If anyone is interested in receiving one of these pretty keepsakes, let Bonnie know and she will send one out to you.  They are a gift from me and not for sale. 

Anyone who profits today using Michael's name cannot claim to love him unconditionally.  I went through the process of beading these cords in small groups between intervals of reading Jermaine's book, and I don't have to tell you what that did to me.  The emotional significance that went into making these is both precious and priceless.  In following Michael's example with everything he ever did, this, too, is all for L.O.V.E. " 


Now, I want to tell you that Micheline also included some mailing padded envelopes to mail these out because she knows I am financially challenged (my new favorite word, LOL!)   I have some pictures below that I took so you can see what they look like hanging on me, and sitting on the stand in front of my computer.

I only have 25 of them so that is all I can send out.  But anyone that wants to make something like these can look at the pictures and get an idea.  Even buying a bead at a craft store and painting your own “7” on it to hang on a chain or chord will work to (cry) for him.

I can only send one per person and I only have 25 of them.  If you would like one, please send me your mailing address at and please give me time to send them all out.  I may have to spread it out over a couple of weeks because of postage costs.  Especially if I have anyone from outside the States that wants one.

We are not taking any money for these, so please give me time to mail them out.  If I run out, there are pictures below for an idea on how to make them and Maybe I can sweet-talk Micheline into posting in the comments her suggestions for where to get materials closer to home. 

You don’t have to make a necklace – a bracelet will also do, whatever you can put together with the number “7” on it (don’t use “777”, one seven will do – will be discussed in a future blog) to all Cry (for Michael) at the same time.

Michael Jackson
All Cry at the Same Time Necklace

About where the neckace hangs

Micheline made every single one of these.  All I did was the Bible research on the number seven’s significance in the Bible and am mailing them out.  I am saving one for Michael (unless Micheline already saved one – I better talk to her!)

The ones that post here ever day are going to have priority first and there is about six or seven of you, then the rest on a first come, first serve.

God Bless you – Michael we will be there. 


  1. Bonnie...thank you so much for sharing this on your blog, and I'm sorry I couldn't finish them in time for Michael's birthday. That's what happens when you order from different sources - they arrive at different times :(

    Your photos came out so pretty! The faceted drops show up beautifully in the closeup around your neck and look like emerald "tears!" Now I wish I could have made more of these necklaces! I sent a few to Tom Mesereau, his partner Susan Yu and their assistant.

    As for saving one for Michael, I remembered that Miss Katherine already has something that tells her how I feel. If Michael is out there, he knows it, too - so I'm content with that.

    If anyone would like to try making something similar to these necklaces, you can purchase all the supplies on Ebay in bulk quantities. I got the satin cords and assorted beads from vendors in Hong Kong and mainland China at terrific prices. All you have to do is search Ebay for "satin neck cords" to get a list of various colors and quantities. The beads take a bit of time to find various styles, but narrow the search by typing in "large hole bead" since you need a bead that will fit over the chain end of the cord. Buying at a local craft and jewelry making store can be expensive since they charge retail prices for everything and often charge by the bead.

    Bonnie, depending on the response you get on this presentation, we'll talk again about possibly doing another collection. In the meantime, thank you so much for the chance to share this with everyone. I love you for everything you have done and continue to do for Michael. And Michael, the chain of love keeps growing with each new link, just as our love for you keeps growing!

  2. Spotlight, the necklaces are lovely! What a special thing for someone to do. It's obvious all the love and care you put into them. Michael would be/is so honored! Please do let us know if you decide to do another round as I'm sure the first 25 will go quickly.

    Thanks for allowing us to share in something so special!

  3. @SPOTLIGHT said : "The emotional significance that went into making these is both precious and priceless."

    Spotlight, what a lovely thought & exquisite design taste from a lady of refined heart. I wish to thank you & Bonnie from the bottom of my heart for these treasurable & spiritual gifts made for us with love in souvenir of Michael & also for both your unconditional devotion to Michael.

    As you know I'm living overseas so I suggest you first serve your US friends. Should there be any left one for me, I'll be glad to send to Bonnie my mailing address in time & pay for the gift & Port upon receipt at the Post. If not, no problem because Spotlight, I could at least enjoy watching once your beautiful & fine handycraft & your kind & generous intention is in the end what matters : It is all inspired by love for Michael & this is invaluable to me. Keep well♥♥♥

  4. Hi Bonnie. My first name has 7 letters. My last name has 7 letters. If I add the numbers in my birthdate together I get number 7. In numerology my life number is seven. The number of the house I lived in until I was 4 years old was number seven. Then we moved to another house with the number 16=1+6=7. I could go on forever. . . I have been haunted/chased by number 7 my whole life and still am till this day. I have had a lot of bad luck and suffering in my life so I figured maybe number 7 had something to do with it because it popped up all the time. So I decided 8 would be my lucky number and I have tried my best to avoid number 7 but it is still haunting me. Recently I read somewhere that 777 is the number of God so I thought maybe number 7 is there to protect me so why am I trying to escape from it? But you said it is not so I am back at square one. It must mean something but I haven't figured it out yet. I have never heard about MJ and number 7 until after he died. I hope it stands for something good because I am tired of running from it. Susanne

  5. Financially Challenged...LOL! Believe me, Bonnie we ALL know what it's like to suffer from that aggravating condition. And it always seems to come back, like a nasty rash. Wonder if there's a magic conditioner to make wallets grow fatter! But the wonderful thing is, it's amazing how we can overcome daily obstacles and still find a way to give from the heart, which is so much more fulfilling, isn't it? When you remove profit as the motive for anything we do, apart from basic survival, something wonderful happens to the heart. It feels "richer" - because it connects us to what's really important - LOVE and TRUTH. Having sold so many things myself on Ebay over the years for extra cash, I could do the same with these necklaces. But I will never make $1.00 from anything using Michael's name, and if I do another collection for sale, it will be similar designs, but without the numbered bead.

    Papa Joe said in an interview once that Michael was so compassionate that he would have given the shirt off his back to help another in need. We know Michael's history of his giving nature since childhood. When the heart is in the right place, one makes the right decisions. Michael has a line in one of his poems, "the head says yes, but the heart says no." That was at the heart of this collection, and I stand ready to do it again. ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. Bonnie,
    Well I don't know about crying at the same time, but you certainly made me cry with this post LOL! What a lovely idea Micheline!
    I am also taking steps to be Michael-like and have recently volunteered to work with a charity, something I've never done before, and it's all thanks to Michael. I would have never had the courage to offer without his example as guidance, and the example of his children.

  7. I live far away from USA - it would be too expensive to send out. x... but i think i will try to make one of my own so i can share this with you all. xx Its a brilliant idea.

  8. Bonnie, Financially Challenged, That sounds so much better than being broke,I'll have to rememeber that!!LOL

    That is a great idea for us all to cry for Mich

    ael at the same time! That's easy for me because all I have to do is think of him,and the tears fall! I have cried more for him,than I thought possible!

    Michelle,That was so sweet of you to make the necklaces keepsakes!That was an awesome idea! I will be more than happy to help out with the postage!

  9. Micheline thank you so much for sharing your heart through these lovely necklaces
    We have been blessed with your eloquent and heartfelt paragraphs which so many times accurately mirror the emotions we have felt and couldn’t express when it comes to our support for Michael. Your words always blanket my emotions and now this very generous offer that you extend ……♥ it’s a pleasure and a comfort to know you are out there. ♥♥♥ With L.O.V.E. Cathy-Rose

  10. @Spotlight,Beautiful!
    Your heart must be made of gold.I think I can see it shining from here.Peace.Linda

  11. I am so happy with the reaction to these necklaces! To help those overseas get an idea of the cost to send a necklace as an international LETTER, I did a quick check on the US Post Office website. Based on an estimated 3-oz. small padded envelope, the cost should not exceed US$3.00 to the following countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Romania, Colombia SA, Australia, Thailand.

    This will help you make arrangements with Bonnie to send a necklace overseas with as little personal hardship to her as possible. Keep in mind that this nothing more than postage cost. Love you all!

  12. I thought it would be nice to let our friends here see who I am, but I could not upload a photo last time I tried. The link shows up again, so maybe it will work this time. If not, here's the link to my Facebook page - Micheline!/micheline50

  13. Spotlight said - "I'm sorry I couldn't finish them in time for Michael's birthday."

    you're kidding me, right? You're sorry? SORRY? You worked on these for months, I think we can FORGIVE YOU, LOL! Thank you for wanting to share these and for putting them together♥♥♥ Oh and thanks for identifying my neck. Now EVERYBODY will recognize it. I won't be able to go out in public now! I'll have to find a disguise . . . TURTLENECK! :o)

  14. @Kathi and Line - I haven't even seen my email since very early this morning so I will check and see where we are. God Bless you ladies. :o)

    Susanne - Seven is a good number. God likes the number obviously he refers to it quite frequently. What others have misinterpreted about that number shouldn't chase us away. If we are focusing on God numbers don't matter. Hope that gives you more comfort ♥♥♥

    @Spotlight -

    90% of the U.S. is probably in that category now so I know I'm not alone. Truth be told (LOL) I would be much happier of money didn't exist. The barter system certainly had it's benefits and there is a lot less opportunity for the lack of appreciation, devaluing and waste of what God gave us that we see today.

    @PrincessGlam - Hey lady We probably all did cry at the same time . . . June 25th, 2009. I know what you mean . . . he changed me the same way. God Bless you♥


    @Monika - Maybe Micheline will post a link to where she got that specific bead? you can probably search on Google for any numerical bead like that. Let us know if you are successful. :o)

  15. Bonnie and Micheline: What a lovely idea, and what lovely necklaces! The design is gorgeous Micheline! I would love to have one, but I know quatities are limited and I am kind of new here! If you make more, please keep me in mind! I would be happy to reimburse the postage!

    Bonnie and Micheline, what you do for Michael is so wonderful! And what you do for all of us who love Michael is so wonderful too-it means so much to us!

    Michael has been a great inspiration to me throughout my life. Since our talented and special King of Pop has gone, I have been doing at least one kind or generous thing in his honor each day. It doesn't have to be something big or a big donation (I also am very familiar with the expression "financially challanged!) but just something that will make the day a litter nicer for someone else somehow. Michael may have been the King of Pop, but also the King of LOVE.

    Keep up the great work of love and God Bless You both!

  16. Oops, Bonnie, did I make a mistake about your neck? Sorry...nice cleavage, Ed...LOL! (you still have traces of a tan from the summer while it's almost time for a fur coat here!)

    @Monika - about the number 7 bead, slight correction on the metal alloy. It's actually silver plated zinc, so the finish is brighter and glossier than pewter. The bead is sold on Ebay in bulk quantities of 20, and you can't beat the price when you need to make several. Here's the link to the seller's page:

  17. @Micheline - Stop that. I hate the word "cleavage" . . . reminds me of Belle in "Gone with the Wind". And this is too public a forum for my comfort :o) Next TOPIC please! It was chilly down here today to. We actually had frost the other night.

    EVERYONE!!!! Please do not send me any money for postage. I do not want any dollar from this website/blog going to my account. If you try to send me postage I am not sending you the necklace. NO MONEY. I will mail them out, I just can't do them all at once. Thank you but no. I didn't take the time to make all these so this is the least I can do. Micheline, thank you for suggesting but I can't. I don't want any lines blurred to mar what you have done, okay?

    Love you ladies!

  18. Bonnie, my apologies for jumping ahead on the issue of overseas mailings. You're 100% right in not wanting to turn this into a transaction of any kind, which was not my intention. I'll leave the coordinating to you and stick to what I do best (open mouth...insert foot!).


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