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Michael Jackson Justice: Conrad Murray Day 6 Trial - Klein Vs. Murray?

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Conrad Murray Day 6 Trial - Klein Vs. Murray?

Michael Jackson Conrad Murray Trial
Day 6 – Speechless About His Love For God

I read an amazing passage in Hosea 11 this morning.  I will put it up on the blog tonight, but the passage reminded me very much of one of Michael's songs - God's struggle in pleading for Israel to obey him, and Michael's struggle and pleading for his music to obey him in “Invincible” and “Heartbreaker” and “Butterflies”.  Both God's Israel and Michael's music have been part in betrayal of who loved them.

When Israel was a child, then I loved him, and called my son out of Egypt.  2As they called them, so they went from them: they sacrificed unto Baalim, and burned incense to graven images.  3I taught Ephraim also to go, taking them by their arms; but they knew not that I healed them

4I drew them with cords of a man, with bands of love: and I was to them as they that take off the yoke on their jaws, and I laid meat unto them.  5He shall not return into the land of Egypt, and the Assyrian shall be his king, because they refused to return.  6And the sword shall abide on his cities, and shall consume his branches, and devour them, because of their own counsels. 

7And my people are bent to backsliding from me: though they called them to the most High, none at all would exalt him.  8How shall I give thee up, Ephraim? how shall I deliver thee, Israel? how shall I make thee as Admah? how shall I set thee as Zeboim? mine heart is turned within me, my repentings are kindled together.  9I will not execute the fierceness of mine anger, I will not return to destroy Ephraim: for I am God, and not man; the Holy One in the midst of thee: and I will not enter into the city.



Day 6 Testimony Begins

Ruggles Testimony

In the partial testimony here, Ruggles explains to Chernoff on cross examination that Murray opened the Clinic in Houston specifically to care for patients on fixed incomes and it was not a profitable clinic.  He opened the clinic specifically to care for those types of patients and of course this was nowhere to be mentioned in the media commentaries.

To me, this did not really help or hurt the defense, but it did remind me of the blackout the media did on Michael’s charitable works during his own trial.

Michelle Bella Testimony

I missed her testimony today, it was rather short and that just happened to be when my mother called me because she injured her eye.  Long story.  She is okay but she is four hours away so I couldn’t get to her.  I just talked her into trying to get the drops into her eye.  She has chronic dry-eye and the drops the doctor gave her for glaucoma contains a preservative that she is allergic to.

What information I got on Bella (if anyone wants to fill in) is that she met Murray at a night club in Vegas and Murray gave her his number.

Girlfriend Anding is called to the stand.

I did not find any video on her testimony, but she testified to the same thing . . . that she met Murray in a social setting, that they “established a relationship” and that Murray GAVE her HIS number.  It looks to me in each of these cases that the women are the ones that made the first moves.  They were in the position to initiate the “relationship” since they had control over the next contact attempts.

Ms. Anding said she and Murray spoke for about five or six minutes before she realized that the doctor was no longer listening.

She had testified that she called Murray and asked how his day was going and he replied, “Well, you know” and trailed off, so she said, “Well, I’ll tell you about my day then . . .” and proceeded to talk to him about her day.  She said it sounded like the phone was in his pocket or something because she could hear voices mumbling and she could hear someone coughing. 

I said, ‘Hello. Hello.’ I didn’t hear anything

“I heard mumbling of voices,

She then testified thatIt sounded like the phone was in his pocket or something, and I heard coughing.”

Chernoff tries to ask questions about voice recognition, if she knew he was near Michael or caring for Michael.  They were not on the phone that long before she realized he was no longer listening to her.

Chernoff tried to establish who initiated the relationship and the objection was sustained but she still answered Ye.?

Brazil's was a bit animated during Chernoff’s repeated requests to approach the bench and council with the judge. 

One of the issues that came up too during questioning was that Murray had talked to Anding about being called as a witness for the prosecution when Anding went to Murray about it.  Murray said to Anding ''So sorry you are in this'' and gave lawyers number.

What I got out of this questioning was that the evidence of the phone call and Murray’s actions when he learned his patient was in trouble was not one I would consider of someone who was non-caring or nonchalant about his patient.  He dumped the phone as soon as he saw trouble, not even taking time to tell her goodbye.

The evidence of the coughing could have been anyone, but it could also be a result of coughing since the Propofol was allegedly administered without respirator equipment helping the patient breathe.  As graphic as all this is and as much as I love Mike, I still cannot see this testimony as portraying a picture of a non-caring or self-involved doctor.  There most certainly was concern for his patient exhibited here.

Brazil questions Alvarez

She got to meet Michael Jackson before the baby was born in March of 2009.

Alvarez was not aware of any practices in California. She only knew of Michael Jackson as being Murray’s patient.

Murray paid Alvarez’s rent.  She testified that she is an actress with screen actors guild.  She seems to be a bit defensive about her acting career, taking pains to explain that she was “working” even though she was not on a paid assignment.

Defense would not let Brazil ask if she was trying to ask Michael to assist her with the advancement of her career.

She testifies that Murray was providing care as far back as April.

Month of May Murray was still back and forth between Vegas and Michael.

Brazil asks about Murray’s schedule in April in regard to Michael.  He would leave around 9pm and he would return in the morning about 9 or 10 am.  She said it gradually became later and later that he would return.

She said some days he wouldn’t go.  It was assumed that these were his days off.

Month of May Brazil asks if Murray was still living with her in May of 2009.  She says he was still providing care in May of 2009.  The schedule would continue.

She would call Murray occasionally while he was working with Michael but it was always very brief.

In June 2009 she said the schedule was the same.  Brazil asks if she was aware that Michael was preparing for rehearsal but Alvarez doesn’t recall if Murray attended any rehearsals.  She said she was going to see the show in London with Murray.  This made Murray look like he was taking his girlfriend on Michael’s dime, but that is only what it LOOKED like.  I don’t see where this information was relevant to the care Murray was giving Michael.

Brazil – “Did Murray talk about the contract negotiations for working with Michael?

Alvarez – “She said she found out what Murray would be paid for services to Michael later on through media.

Here she either lied outright or really didn’t remember telling a different story in the preliminary hearing.

She said she doesn’t remember if she received a fax of Murray’s contract.  Brazil asks if she remembers her prelim hearing testimony on how she learned what Murray would be paid and she doesn’t remember.  The Prelim questions and answers that Brazil reads back are contradictory to what Alvarez has told her in questioning today.  What Brazil reads is that Alvarez testified to Walgren at the preliminary that she knew how much Murray’s pay would be, she saw it on the contract that came in on her fax machine set up in her apartment. 

The inference here is that Murray was parading his girlfriend around to Michael Jackson and using Michael to impress his girlfriends, but at neither time did these ladies testify to Murray asking for their phone numbers, THEY were the ones to make the first phone call to Murray initially.  Finally the prosecution seems to be getting somewhere with their witnesses.  Alvarez may be an actress but she can’t lie convincingly.

Pausing here I can’t understand why the prosecution witnesses  are contradicting their statements . . . are they hostile witnesses?  Who prepared them? 

Brazil begins asking about packages that were being delivered to her apartment.  She testified that Murray told her about deliveries ahead of time and to retrieve it for him.

Both her name and Murray’s name appears on a Federal Express packages that are delivered to her apartment.  The prosecution is showing that all of the Propofol was being delivered to her apartment.  155,000 mgms of Propofol.

The defense did not want to cross examine Alvarez?  Weird.

Ruffles Ads Ridges Because Ruffles has Flavor!

Tim Lopez the pharmacist is called by Walgren, who believed he was sending Propofol to a clinic in L.A. NOT to a girlfriend’s apartment.

The then went to break but isn’t there a way or aren’t there checks in place in the computer to verify where clinics are located to get medications shipped to certain areas?  I’m assuming that Propofol is a controlled substance considering it is an anesthesia?  According to this site, you can’t just order it to your home but a doctor can order it and send it to any address -  

Lopez testified to Murray calling and saying that he practiced out of Las Vegas.  He originally called and wanted to know if they could provide the skin treatment for Vitiligo called Benoquin.  (Pay attention).

In March of 2009 Murray called Lopez and checked to be sure he was the same pharmacist, then asked why he didn’t follow up on the information on the Benoquin.  Lopez explained they were in the middle of a move and he may have lost his information and he said Murray was pleased that he was able to find it when he called back.

Murray originally asked for 30gm tubes.  He asked Lopez if he could make 40 of the 30grm tubes, so Murray placed an order.  Murray ordered a whole lot.  Forty tubes is a lot.

Lopez did check on Murray’s credentials during ordering process.  Murray provided the DEA license number (all med prescribers) and his Nevada medical.

The DEA license number is used to check physicians authorized to prescribe narcotics and other controlled drugs.

Lopez testified that he would usually have to know the patients name if the patient was also going to be self administering the Benoquin cream.  Usually when a doctor places an drug order the physician would know the name of the patient unless it is a one time, doctor administered medication.

Lopez said Murray talked about future orders being delivered to his office instead of Murray picking them up.  April 6th was first order. 

Murray followed up and said that the Benoquin was working well and was happy with the results.  He also asked about ordering other medicines and wanted specific pricing and availability for Propofol and saline bags.

Info on Benoquin:

I searched this information out on my own . . . why?  Because 40 tubes for one patient is A LOT!  Also the 20% concentration is probably the strongest that I remember hearing about. 

The odd  thing about this is that Michael has been treating his Vitiligo for well over 20 years.  I wanted to know why Michael would need 40 tubes of 20% concentration if he only had small patches left on his body.  Also the fact that 20 more tubes of a reduced concentration was ordered in June (will show below).

This struck me as someone who would need less and less concentration as his skin depigmented.  The other issue I had was this:

Michael Jackson HAD a dermatologist.  Arnie Klein had been treating Michael for Vitiligo, Lupus and various skin conditions for over 30 years and was IN FACT STILL TREATING HIM during the time Murray was ordering this Benoquin.

On some days Michael was visiting Klein 2 to 3 times a week . . . so why did Murray need the Benoquin AT ALL???

The information I found on Benoquin -

Benoquin Cream 20% is indicated for final depigmentation in extensive Vitiligo. 

He ordered 40 tubes of 30grams each.

Benoquin Cream 20% is applied topically to permanently depigment normal skin surrounding vitiliginous lesions in patients with disseminated (greater than 50 percent of body surface area) idiopathic vitiligo.

Depigmentation is usually accomplished after one to four months of Benoquin Cream 20% treatment. If satisfactory results are not obtained after four months of Benoquin Cream 20% treatment, the drug should be discontinued. When the desired degree of depigmentation is obtained, Benoquin Cream 20% should be applied only as often as needed to maintain depigmentation (usually only two times weekly).Source

The warnings of this medication at the same source as above:

Benoquin Cream 20% is a potent depigmenting agent, not a mild cosmetic bleach. Do not use except for final depigmentation in extensive vitiligo.

Who would need that much?  Michael didn’t have that much skin left that retained pigment.  If Michael had been treating his Vitiligo for 20 years and Benoquin usually accomplished Depigmentation in one to four months on the applied areas, why did Michael need this much?  And Klein was supposedly treating Michael’s Vitiligo.  So who was all this for?

After 25 years of treating this, and approximately 15 years from 1993 through 2009, Michael had very little pigmentation left.  He only had spots here and there.

Could this order of Benoquin have been meant for someone else?  And if so, couldn’t also the Propofol and medications that Murray ordered also be for his other clinics as well as what was used at the house?

Dr. Murray took a couple of bottles of Propofol out of the initial first order then asked if they could send the rest to his office in Los Angeles.  It was an office in Santa Monica, CA. 

How did Lopez verify this was being shipped to a medical office?  (he didn’t need to, I answer below).  The address for Applied Pharmacy Services is below.

Applied Pharmacy Services
6370 W. Flamingo Road
Ste 1. Las Vegas NV

Applied Pharmacy on Flamingo Road in Las Vegas sold the anesthetic propofol to Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson's doctor, a source familiar with the investigation said.source

Do they no longer exist now?

I have for Global Cardiovascular Associates in Vegas.  I have these addresses:

Conrad Murray, MD
Global Cardiovascular Assoc
3121 S Maryland Pkwy Ste 602
Las Vegas, NV

Phone: (702) 866-6802
Fax: (702) 866-6904   Source

And this clinic below different address (both numbers are the same and it is  out of service):

Global Cardiovascular Associates Inc.
2110 E Flamingo Rd Ste 301
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 866-6802  Source

I don’t know how many addresses Global Cardiovascular Associates have in Vegas, but according to testimony by Ruggles and Consuelo, there is only one office in Vegas for Murray.  I did a reverse phone lookup and found these addresses above.

The address given in court and listed on the company check Murray gave to Applied Pharmacy for the 40 tubes of Benoquin.

Trial Check for Benoquin.

As I said I called the phone number and it is no longer in service.  This is also the number listed on the phone records as being Dr. Murray’s (why would his cell phone be listed in the directory as the clinic number if he had an administrative assistant and office personnel to answer the phone?)

When I did a search for Global Cardiovascular Associates it only appeared in two directories.  One had very limited information at the Maryland Parkway address (anyone could have entered this info), and the Flamingo Road address also listed Yvonne Bonham-Carter Murray, which is Murray’s wife, as having her practice located in the same building with the same phone.

Now why would people wanting a family practitioner dial Murray’s now defunct cell phone number?  According to the link below, both Murray and his wife shared the same building for their practices AND THE SAME CELL PHONE NUMBER.  Source

Applied Pharmacy in Nevada was shut down, according to TMZ - Source

You know what I’m thinking, right?  Where the heck is Murray’s wife now practicing?  Did her patients also have to go through Conrad Murray to reach or get an appointment for her?  Did Bonham-Carter possibly order Propofol for any reason?  Did she need or order Benoquin?  Just which doctor did Michael’s children see for colds?  Bonham-Carter Murray or Conrad Murray the cardiologist?

All kinds if questions racing around my head but the biggest stickler is that the number for the clinic that BOTH OF THEM worked out of had CONRAD MURRAY’S CELL PHONE NUMBER listed as the office number in the directories.

I can’t imagine the jilted wife agreeing to move to another office, change phone numbers and inform all her patients that her husband majorly screwed up and therefore will be moving and issuing a new phone number to everyone, thank you very much.  I can’t even imagine a cell phone number issued to Conrad Murray would be listed as a number for a clinic that housed two doctors with two different specialties in the health directories.  Well?

Back to Murray and Michael -

After that bit of detective work, we look at the other orders between Murray and Applied Pharmacy

April 28th order

Break for lunch.

During the commentary on HLN as they broke for lunch a very familiar theme began to become apparent.  Evidence was of course was not as important by itself as the sensationalized assumption as to why Murray had all these girl friends, He had a baby with one woman while married and how Murray was “parading as Michael Jackson’s doctor” and using Michael as a way to “get girls”.

I also heard commentary about the supporters of Murray who turned out and listened as the pundits excused this as “hero worship”, how these were patients who were devoted to him and would support him no matter what because he helped them.

This sounded so reminiscent of what they said about Michael’s fans who waited outside the courthouse in 2005 – how there must have been something “wrong” with THEM because they just couldn’t be brainwashed by the media that Michael was a bad person.  I am watching some of this very closely.

A friend of mine emailing me said something similar to me the other day which made me start to really pay attention to this.  I posted it in comments yesterday.  She said: 

Have you been listening to the recaps and teasers for news shows on the trial? I keep hearing DR. Murray didn't tell the whole truth. The whole truth was not told by dr. Murray. Er docs didn't have the whole story. Etc. Unfair that er drs. Were not told everything. Information was withheld.....
Dr. Murray lied....

It just gave me pause tonight. Telling people that "the whole story is needed when determining an action and outcome". Not fair to with-hold info... So not fair to lie.

So we have pay attention to details.. Cali seal and photoshop mj gurney Lesson 1
Lesson 2 not fair to come conclusion without ALL the info or mis-information or lies

I said on day three at the bottom of that report:

Have we learned anything from 2005?  Or did we just exchange Michael for Murray?  I can’t see that he would be happy with this familiar pattern.

We are about to fail another test.  I can’t believe it.”  Source


I did not like the information that a delivery containing medications could be signed by anyone in the apartment, but we learned that these were not controlled substances.  Still Lorazapam and Midazapam are benzodiazepines. 

After lunch more orders

June 10th another order for Propofol, but more Benoquin, 20 tubes of 8% strength, decreasing in concentration. Again, Michael is seeing Dr. Klein several times a week through most of this period.  Why would Murray need the Benoquin?  He’s not a skin doctor.

June 10th Order

June 15th 2009

Tim Lopez testified that Murray never revealed the name of any patient so he never knew , nor was told that this stuff was for Michael Jackson.  We have no way of connecting all those medications directly to Michael. Only that some of what Murray gave Michael could have been taken from any of those orders.

Lopez said he spoke to Murray on phone June 23rd or 24th

Initial call was to the clerk.  When Lopez returned his call, there was a lot of noise in background like open window of the car, he told Murray he would call him back the next day.  He never got the chance.  Lopez did learn that on June 25th that Michael Jackson died.

A total of 255 vials of Propofol, 20 vials of Lorazapam, 60 vials Midazolam were ordered between April and June of 2009.  There is no reason to believe that all of this medication was specifically for Michael Jackson.  We only know that some of what Murray used came from those orders.

Cross Exam by Gordjian

Lopez did not go to a data base to check the address of the destination or check for a clinic.  He only checked the DEA number, revealing Dr. Murray was authorized to order pharmaceuticals.

Benoquin – not controlled substance
Propfol not controlled substance.

There is nothing wrong with a Doctor getting shipments to an address.

No regulation stating Propofol needed to be shipped to hospital, since these are not controlled substances.

Murray invited Lopez’s courier to his office, Lopez’s currier was pleased with his interaction with Dr. Murray.  Lopez verified that under cases of high profile patients, pharmacists won’t necessarily have names of patients given by doctors.

  Brazil recross.

Interestingly she asks if the $1200 check Lopez received from Murray was for the BENOQUIN portion of the order on April 4th.  Was there a separate check for the rest of that order and why?  The check, pictured above, was written on the 1st of April (April fools?  This was not lost on me).  Lopez had explained in testimony that Benoquin was a special order and had to be paid for prior to shipment, which would explain the check dated before the actual invoice.

They break for the rest of the day

**********   End of Day 6  ************

Wow. That was a short day.  The judge also cautioned about a big storm that was coming in tomorrow and for the jury to monitor the weather for tomorrow.

Now in reviewing some of the questions in retrospect that was presented to the first three witnesses for day (the ones dubbed “girlfriends”), I noticed the way the questions were worded by both sides questioning these girls (in some cases the defense did not cross examine – that was telling too).

The questions presented were “did you meet Murray in a social setting?” 


Did you have a relationship with Murray?”


Granted I was called away a lot but from what I did hear and re-listen to in media playback was that the only girl that elaborated on this “relationship” was Nicole Alvarez, and her own testimony revealed underlying motives.  We don’t know WHAT kind of a relationship Murray may have had with the other two.

I also took note that, for someone who’s a “player” and “philanderer”, the pattern of behavior is a bit off.  Each woman . . . each one told Brazil that:

- They met Murray in a social setting
- they “established a relationship”  (what does that really mean?)
- Murray gave the person his phone number.
Not either time did they mention Murray ASKING for their number, or Murray PURSUEING them for their contact information.  This was established at the first time they met.  Now if a man wanted to “get into” the pants of another women, is he just going to trust that she’s going to call him?  This did not make sense to me.

Michael Jackson had “established relationships” with the people who came into court and falsely testified against him tooIt doesn’t mean they were of a romantic nature.  If we are going to keep Michael in mind during this trial, we need to consider that some of this information is deliberately being twisted into something it is not by the press and yes, even people on Twitter.

There was a document circulating around a few months ago that may or may not be real, but it was a court order for child support.  Now if Murray was paying court ordered child support, wouldn’t this mean that he and his wife were separated?  I don’t believe that this excuses infidelity, but he could very well have had a girlfriend.  Is Alvarez Murray’s Billie Jean? 

Remember, Murray’s side has not had a chance to present their case yet, all they are doing is cross-examining the witnesses the prosecution brings in.  The only picture we have of Alvarez and Murray together is the beach picture where she is carrying her son and Murray in the picture is not exactly in an intimate or cozy proximity to her in this picture.

This doesn’t really mean anything in the scheme of things, as I don’t believe any of this has anything to do with Murray’s care of Michael, but it most certainly does contain information that mirrors what they did to Michael during his own trial back in 2005. 

For some reason Brazil felt compelled to ask Alvarez to clarify what “your instrument is” when Alvarez referred to part of her daily duties as an actress was to “maintain my instrument” . . . This again has no value in regard to Murray’s care of Michael, but I found it very interesting that this was emphasized in the same day of testimony which consisted of pharmaceutical orders which contained Benoquin and lots of it in a short amount of time.

Michael also was a performing artist, and spoke of taking care of and maintaining his “instrument” which consisted of more than just his vocal chords, hence the need to do something about his Vitiligo.  But as I showed you above, Benoquin cream irreversibly depigments the skin.  Irreversibly, it is NOT cosmetic skin bleaching. 

None of these people testified that Murray SAID he had a clinic in L.A. which is what the media is putting out.  Each witness referencing orders being sent to the Santa Monica address of Alvarez stated Murray gave them the address to his “OFFICE”.  They just ASSUMED that he meant CLINIC. 

It is very conceivable that Murray would have a home office if he was establishing treatment for a patient in L.A. (Michael) and still needed to address patients from other clinics.  Therefore Alvarez’s apartment had a fax machine installed and we know Murray had a personal and business cell.  Murray needed a place to set up an office of some sort to be able to fax and finish up consultation with patients over the phone, consult with other doctors and such and he certainly was not going to use MICHAEL’S house to do this, he would have to set up an office SOMEWHERE close by.

Could Alvarez be Murray’s “Janet Arvizo”?  Is Murray now being taken advantage of by people he tried to help?  Notice all three women today were not exactly white-collar workers.  One was an exotic dancer, another a cocktail waitress and another a stripper-turned-fledgling actress.  There is nothing wrong with that, I only mention it because Murray could have been helping them out financially by working for him in some capacity – the ‘establishment’ of a relationship . . . how many people said they worked for Michael but did not?

Murray didn’t ask for their number, he gave them HIS phone number.  A “relationship” was established each time at their first meeting which was in a “social situation”.

These are pieces of information to weigh carefully since the prosecution has been rather vague on this issue and not real good at following up on detail.

This took me a lot of time today and I’m sorry.  I am also recapping for Micheline by phone because she works outside the home and her computer has been down, she wanted to hear from someone OTHER THAN Vasquez or Grace.

Jermaine’s book is getting harder to get through toward the end chapters.  I will tell you about that this weekend.

God Bless you, and pray that the weather doesn’t hurt anyone out in California tomorrow.

'Bout Ready to . . . . Scream!


  1. For some reason this stupid blogger keeps doubling all the Sun Videos that I had posted of Testimony, so please disregard Alvarez as "Ruggles" and Alvarez as "Bella" because I have tried every which way to post their individual vidoes. I will instead post their links above since Miss Alvarez wants to stretch her "actress" wings and take over the roles of the other two women!

    Bella is here

    Ruggles is here

  2. Bonnie, here is Anding's video

    CNN, seems to have alot of the vids of people testafying OK...Cathy

  3. Hi Cathy,

    It's not that I couldn't find them, it's that blogger wouldn't let me copy individual embed codes, it would just duplicate the last one I entered. Ticked me off, I did it three times, so I just posted the links after that. Thank you for that.

  4. Bonnie said "Not either time did they mention Murray ASKING for their number, or Murray PURSUEING them for their contact information."

    Hmmm well as a single woman, I can tell you that there are an awful lot of players out there that do just that - give you their card and say 'call me'. In fact, if a guy says this to me I don't even take the card ,as I know he is a classic player!!! Men who want to date are more likely to ask for your number. Players hand their number out like candy and wait for the calls to come in - bait to catch the prey. So when I heard that Murray did this - I said 'oh, typical'.
    As for the clinic and the two Murrays, yes the hoax forums picked up on this a long time ago. In fact, someone went to one of the clinic for the poor, videoed their visit, and saw no patients going in and one doctor leaving by car. The building looked like no one was there, but then I don't recall the time of day they went there.
    As for the parallels you are coming up with between Michael and Murray - yes but WHO is spotting this - only the fans would, and we already know!

  5. Hi Bonnie. GOOD NEWS!! Black Eyed Peas are not going to perform at the tribute show. Thank God for that! I love BEP! Susanne

  6. Hi Bonnie. I am so Impressed of this blog of yours. There must be so much work and research behind all of your blog posts. It can't be done during a coffee break. And you have been doing this for two years? WOW!!!! Its amazing!!! Susanne

  7. PrincessGlam said - "In fact, if a guy says this to me I don't even take the card ,as I know he is a classic player!!! Men who want to date are more likely to ask for your number. Players hand their number out like candy and wait for the calls to come in - bait to catch the prey."

    ....... ROFLMBO!! Okay, let's pretend for ONE MINUTE that I'm a woman and know what your talking about. STrike one . . . Murray is not particularly the "player" type. He's not particularly wealthy, he's a doctor and doctors rarely have the kind of TIME to be players . . . especially of they are flying from Houston to Vegas and back between clinics.

    Players like to control the game - if they leave it to the woman to call them (especially if the player is the one doing the approaching) they don't have control of ever getting in touch with that woman again. Sorry but Murray just doesn't strike me as someone who would have women just lining up around the corner to "make it" with him.

    The two clinics and the hoax forums - I discussed this last year and had even dug into Murray's medical license, the timing of it and the fact that both he and his wife had the same expiration date and year on their license which I thought was highly coincidental. I believe YOU are even one of the ones that tried to explain to me that they met at the same medical school and graduated at the same time, as an explanation for the same dates (never mind that they were licensed in different states, that's another story.)

    I remember reading about the videoing of the clinic in Houston, but at the time I didn't believe it and never followed up with that.

    You're right about who would pay attention to the parallels in the two trials. If someone were going to plan this, I don't think they would just casually follow the blueprint without the intention of revealing it later.

  8. @Susanne - I wonder why the Black Eyed Peas backed out at the last minute? I didn't see this, thank you for letting me know. On how long I've been doing this, I don't want to think about that. I have aged so much in those two years it's not even funny. I used to be nice and fit . . . I'm not anymore, 'nuff said.

  9. Bonnie.... Players, hmmmm. ONE thing with this who calls who first thing is that ...when handing a card out and leaving the second move, the phone call, to the woman is that THEN he knows they are willing to be interested in the pursuit and are very possibly available. there is no risk. It says volumes about a woman that will respond to this type of ploy. I have to agree with PrincessG on this. This Dr is very interested in women and with a trail of what is it....7 children with 5 mothers behind looks like he has clearly had the time for such endeavors.
    very glad , very very glad to hear the BEP's are OUT!!! good for them!!
    wanted to ask you, what are you talking about at the very beginning of the previous post with the different reflections on the glass? I am totally confused at what you were getting at with the glass...could you tell me? thanks for all this work...some interesting and confusing(to me at least) ideas that I am reading...your immense ability to think way outside of the box always startles me at first...but then I am willing to listen and go...hmmmm!? and ask questions!!!

  10. Cathy said - "Bonnie.... Players, hmmmm. ONE thing with this who calls who first thing is that ...when handing a card out and leaving the second move, the phone call, to the woman is that THEN he knows they are willing to be interested in the pursuit and are very possibly available. there is no risk. It says volumes about a woman that will respond to this type of ploy."

    ......... We can discuss the psychological possibilities of players and leches all day, Murray giving his card to a woman in a social setting STILL does not prove he did it for purposes of SEX. It also has NO BEARING on what care he gave MICHAEL.

    As far as these women go, I think before we call Dr. Conrad a CAD we should wait to hear HIS SIDE on this, if there is one.

    Has Murray's "seven children from five mothers" been brought up in court? No, it has not been allowed. Has ANY OTHER child support orders made their rounds on the internet? No. So why are we accepting this as fact?

    Reflections in Glass - The reflections in the glass do no match what is in front of the glass.
    I was wondering if there was any film tricks going on, such as Samantha DeGosson's fake MDA photo shoot job.

    Way outside the box? LOL! I like it out here. There's freedom. :o)

  11. Dear Bonnie,

    Dr. Murray in my opinion had no intentions on saving MJ life at that hospital, Murray was wasting time to cover up the fact Michael Jackson had been deceased for a very long time. This doctor is crooked as hell. This trial is taking me back to day one off MJ death. Sometimes I think Murray's lawyer is trying to throw him under the bus, which im ok with.Somebody is waiting to be paid that's why the trial is dragging and crucial evidence is being held back. The money determines the outcome. Will the truth come out or will the cover up be allowed.

    MJ new cd comes out in November.

  12. Bonnie said "I believe YOU are even one of the ones that tried to explain to me that they met at the same medical school and graduated at the same time, as an explanation for the same dates "

    Can't remember - but if I did say anything, it was just a passing thought, as I haven't done the research and therefore don't really know.
    As for players though, yeah I know ALL about them LOL, and there is a new breed called Mr Indifferent who dallies here and there but remains elusive.

  13. Bonnie,
    Forgot to mention my thoughts on the reflection in the glass - is this the jury we are seeing? Has anyone noticed that they are visible to the camera this way?

  14. Hi Bonnie. MJ used to record his ideas and thoughts and stuff, right? What if he by mistake took Dr.Murrays Iphone instead of his own and started to blah, blah, blah. Then the next day MJ forgot about the recording he did and Murray had no idea about MJ recording himself on his phone.

    I mean why would Dr.Murray record MJ slurring on his phone. Maybe MJ nailed him without knowing it. Susanne

  15. Nita said - "Dr. Murray in my opinion had no intentions on saving MJ life at that hospital, Murray was wasting time to cover up the fact Michael Jackson had been deceased for a very long time. This doctor is crooked as hell."

    ....... Well you are entitled to your opinion, but I cannot form one until I hear/see the defense present their case. Try to remember that this is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO MICHAEL in 2005 until Tom Mesereau got to present HIS case. Anyone can have an opinion but it's the TRUTH we want.

    Princessglam said - "As for players though, yeah I know ALL about them LOL, and there is a new breed called Mr Indifferent who dallies here and there but remains elusive."

    ........ LOL, you must be quite a doll! :o) Luckily I keep myself away from the playground ♥♥♥ I married my player!

    Princessglam said - "is this the jury we are seeing? Has anyone noticed that they are visible to the camera this way?"

    ........ I don't think so. The jury would be facing directly toward that glass judging by where the judge directs his comments. The people depicted in this reflection are from a side angle and they do not match the people directly in front of that glass . . . also, weird, but the last couple days, I notice that the lawyers look like they are moving through water when getting up and back and forth in front of same said glass, but when camera is focused on Judge he is nice and clear when moving as are the witnesses.

    MJ used to record his ideas and thoughts and stuff, right? What if he by mistake took Dr.Murrays Iphone instead of his own and started to blah, blah, blah. Then the next day MJ forgot about the recording he did and Murray had no idea about MJ recording himself on his phone.

    ......... Susanne, they played the full recording today and I screenshotted the transcript (you will be impressed), but Murray's voice is also recorded on that so you will see Murray was actually talking too.

    It is really hard to see if this is really Michael's voice because it sounds slowed down and lower voice. I want to hear the defense explanation on this recording. Regardless Michael is very much verifying at least some of my research into what he was trying to do with his music. I LOVE him and his lil' heart!

  16. WTHeck??? This recording of Michael has what sounds like helicopter blades in the background!

  17. What!!! Helicopter blades! If that's so nobody will notice except the fans. Susanne

  18. @Susanne - the first recording they showed last Tuesday was only a partial of the recording and it didn't have this sound. The FULL recording they played today there was a "chop-chop-chop" sound in it as well as some underlying low pitch hummm" Is this a different recording? That's what I want to know.

  19. Bonnie,Hi,hope you are well.Your Mom,too! The first thing that struck me about the cream is just what you said. Michael would not need that much cream after all these years.I watched this afternoon and saw those tubes! Did you see the discolored caps? Not possible with Michael's skin already so light.The other point I noted was the medication. Most of the items weren't used.
    and for all that propofol ordered only 3 lg and 7 sm bottles.Peace.Linda

  20. Hi Bonnie. Maybe it is a fan you hear on the tape. They kind of sound like that. I saw a clip on YouTube. Jermaine said: - I saw my brother after he had passed. I couldn't believe it was the same person. Journalist: - Different how? Jermaine: - He looked like a skeleton. Does he talk about this in his book? I searched for the whole MJ tape. I found it on TMZ. It made me cry. But it made me smile when he said - I am asleep. Susanne

  21. My impression of Nicole Alvarez:
    She was way too smily in the beginning, which seemed inappropriate under the circumstances. It reminded me of someone who was auditioning for a part, very aware of and wanting to look good for the camera. Hhmmm...


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