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Michael Jackson Justice: It’s Not Just California – The Disease Michael Talks About is Evil

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It’s Not Just California – The Disease Michael Talks About is Evil

Corruption Beyond Michael
The Network’s Network

This blog is going to be a mish-mash of subjects (although all connected) because since posting the blog about Hollywood Pedophilia (click here), people have been sending me all kinds of help not just for Hollywood in general, but also for the trial, Michael, the people surrounding him and of the world.  All of it fits in so this will be a little different tonight.

Since the trial will not resume now until Wednesday, we can expand on these subjects a little more tomorrow.

I want to thank everyone who is contributing with links and youtube videos.  I could never get all this done without the support from you.  Just some names I want to share are:

Micheline, Hope, Karen, Truthbtold, Cathy, Diane, Vanessa, Line, Mimi, Linda, Blake and Susanne who’s pretty new here but has started sending links that have helped me find connecting pieces of information.  There are others that pop in here occasionally that don’t want to be named (or I’m not sure if want to be named), I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I will start where we left off from our blog posted here – “Where the Conspiracy Begins”.  Here is what has happened since the last posting:

Mel Gibson and his Trespasses?

Not sure what to make of Downey’s plea for Mel Gibson.  Seems “Hollywood” forgot how much money Gibson made them.  I’m trying to figure out just where Mel’s “trespasses” were. What does Mel have to ask forgiveness for?  Making a movie about Christ that the Zionists didn’t like?

"I urge you to forgive my friend his trespasses," Downey said to loud applause. "Allow him to pursue this art without shame."

Why is it that the Zionists are not asked to apologize for their treatment of pretty much EVERYONE that is not . . . . THEM?  But that’s okay . . . God’s watching . . . the one that was ON the Mountain, not the false one at the bottom telling them to forge a golden calf.

Follow up on Feldman:

I wanted to include some extra footage of that interview with Feldman that was not included in the shortened clip we saw on Youtube.  You will hear/read a ring of familiarity with Michael’s own childhood.  He could almost have been speaking for Michael.

Chris Snyder and his late boss, Iris Burton, managed Feldman at the height of his career, along with many other big child stars such as Drew Barrymore, the Olsen twins and River Phoenix.”  Source

The full length video is here:

This is what hit me from what Feldman said:

Child stars have nothing," he said. "They have no choice. ... I was never taught how to have a family. I was never taught how to raise a child, because I wasn't raised properly. I was never taught how to care for somebody, because I was never shown genuine love."

I knew how to read a contract by 10 years old, but I didn't know what it meant for somebody to come in and tell me they loved me and kiss me goodnight," Feldman added. "That's a problem."

Where have we heard this before?  This is almost verbatim what Michael has said in previous interviews.  He was always looking for unconditional love, genuine love, didn’t know what it felt like to have someone tell him he loved him or to kiss him goodnight.  I don’t think this is make believe and I can’t believe that Michael would have embellished on a feeling that is echoed in so many children trapped in Hollywood.

I wish I could show Corey Feldman what that felt like.  He’s only seven years my junior so I don’t think I would make a very good mom to him.  But I would like to tell him that I love him, and that there is a love that is more fulfilling and secure if he only accepts it.  He has a wife and a son now and he needs to hold onto and cherish that for dear life.  God bless you Corey.

On that same site, I found THIS interview below, with Corey Haim’s mother:

Interview with Corey Haim’s Mother

I listened to Corey's mother's interview on that same link and she says he died of pulmonary congestion/pneumonia. 

That is the same thing Britney Murphy died of last year. There is something wrong with that . . . Two very young people in Hollywood dying from this?  Both of which had previous problems with prescription drugs?  Sorry, I’m not that gullible. 

Murphy’s lawyer was Martin Singer.  Surprisingly Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack died five months later OF THE EXACT SAME CAUSES!  What are the odds people?
Source  Had to be the same drug!  Acute pneumonia and severe anemia.

Haim’s cause of death, anemia, pneumonia and enlarged heart.  In all three cases, low levels for more than one prescription drug was “present but not a contributing factor” in their deaths.  Source

Several causes of Pnuemonia can be found here - Source

Feldman says "the person directly responsible for what caused Cory's death just happens to be a Hollywood Mogul.  And the person who knows about it and knows who did it is watching this, I guarantee it."

Doesn’t sound like an accident or a “secondary result” of bad childhood memories to me.

Hollywood Pedophilia

I believe it was Cathy that send me this information.  This is a report on Hollywood’s “normalizing” of sex with children . . . it’s sick.

Hollywood's sick obsession with pedophilia continues, as they horrifyingly never know what's appropriate. There is something very wrong with an industry that consistently puts out kids films containing sexual jokes and subject matter (The Chipmunks, The Nanny Diaries, Sleepover and Uptown Girls to name a few) and often makes crude sex jokes about underage youth.”  Source

On part two, it calls out Hollywood religions such as Scientology and Kabbalah, and lists some examples of movies glorifying sex with children:

Folks, Hollywood has a problem with pedophilia, which the Judiciary Report discussed before these scandals erupted in Tinseltown. It is apparent in Hollywood films and in the speech of its stars and executives. Not to mention, Hollywood cults such as Scientology and Kabbalah, have a disturbing fixation with on underage youth.Source

This example from the source above was a bit unnerving considering the research we’ve done on Nazi German and their doctors taking part in the structuring of our psychological industry:

Kate Winslet won last year’s Best Actress Oscar for her role in “The Reader,” in which she plays a “sympathetic” Nazi guilty of mass murder who seduces and then engages in a steamy sexual affair with a 15 year-old boy. The sex scenes between this mature woman and a child lean heavily on the erotic, as opposed to the creepy. (The “sympathetic Nazi” issue we’ll save for another post.)” Same source as above

Then of course we have Dakota Fanning, who at the age of FIFTEEN has already filmed a rape scene in “Hounddog” at age 12, and lesbian love scenes in the movie about Joan Jett.  Source and Source

Is this what you want YOUR DAUGHTER to believe is normal and okay?

I’m sorry, what was Michael on trial for again in 2005?  And it was because of what?  Because he cured a child of cancer?  Oh . . . shame on him (that’s sarcasm for those of you not familiar with the expression).

I guess being a Hollywood director licenses you to do anything with children and cover it up by accusing others of your heinous acts.  Speaking of directors . . .

Steven Spielberg Followup

A lady named Karen sent me this information:

On another note: I found some interesting tid bits of information about Steven Spielberg:

Awarded the honor of Knight of the Order of the British Empire (KBE) in New Years Honours 2001 by Queen Elizabeth II for his contribution to the British film industry. As a non-Commonwealth citizen, he will not be able to use the title. [December 2000]

Spent five months developing the script for Rain Man (1988) with Ronald Bass, (related to Edward Bass/Michael Bass? Corey Haim’s racketeerer?)  but had to commit to his handshake deal to direct Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989). Spielberg gave all of his notes to Barry Levinson.

He is an Eagle Scout and was on an advisory board for the Boy Scouts of America. He left this position because he did not agree with the fact that the Boy Scouts of America discriminated against homosexuals.

Hey Mr. Spielberg . . . I know from experience that DeMolay actually ENCOURAGE that kind of behavior between growing boys.  Spielberg was just in the wrong organization.

Late entry by Micheline:

Two pictures of Spielberg with Dakota Fanning.  When you see the movies SHE'S done lately you will understand the significance.

That's little Dakota Fanning.  Where is her mother!!!!!

This picture below?  Spielberg in his college days?  Yes, it's him. (explicit Picture!)

Compare - Same hands, same nose, same eyes and mouth

David Geffen Follow-up

Diane sent me this information below.  I didn’t know Arnie Klein and David Geffen were friends either.  Maybe that's how he got out of testifying.

David Geffen, the prominent music and film executive who has long worked with Klein in the fight against AIDS, weighed in with a letter addressed "Dear Arnie" and written to be shared.

"In light of all that is being said about you in the press I was compelled to add my truths. I have never known a doctor who tries to know and learn everything as completely as you do, a doctor who has always been there for me," Geffen wrote.”  Source

Isn’t that nice of him?  I wonder why Liz Taylor would call the likes of Klein to get Michael over to ENGLAND to visit a doctor over there – the Kabbalah Center of New Age Cleansing?  It was her that introduced Michael to Klein in the first place.  Is that why the Queen awarded Liz her Dame-hood in 2001.

This was interesting from her Wikipedia page:

In 1974, Taylor and Richard Burton considered marrying in Israel, but could not because Burton was not Jewish.[61] Taylor helped to raise money for organizations such as the Jewish National Fund; advocated for the right of Soviet Jews to emigate to Israel and canceled a visit to the USSR because of its condemnation of Israel due to the Six-Day War; signed a letter protesting the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379 of 1975”  Source

I remember Michael’s poem “Palestine”  Source – So however close people want to believe they were, they most assuredly did not see eye to eye on THIS issue.

This Song . . . Was Written for Palestine

“Palestine” (unknown date, unreleased)
See the plains
Of the days of old
Just a century ago
When peace stories were told.
Of how Gallilie (sic) ran through
The Jordan river.
What remains are cold
Tales of war,
Of the death and dying,
Bomb shells are flying,
Bodies multiplying,
See the children crying.
What are they fighting for?
I will pray for you,
Oh, Palestine.
Oh, Palestine,
I will carry you, oh, Palestine.
Come deep in
My heart. I’ll always love you.
Palestine, don’t cry,
I will pray for you,
Oh, Palestine.
Oh, Palestine,
Oh, Palestine.
God’s a place for you
Oh, Palestine.
And, I believe in you.
Oh, Palestine, I will die for you.” 

Michael Jackson - 

Rabbi Schmuley – Another Charity Bites the Dust

Just when you thought Heal the World and “Heal the Children” were the only charities to suffer racketeering from the Zionist code of ethics practiced by schmuck Schmuley – the authorities catch up with him again . . .

From Cathy - - - Again, thank you.

The 2009 Form 990  filing indicates  the charity took in more than $651K in contributions and other revenue and racked up $638K in operating and administrative expenses--but only $70 K of that figure amounted to  charitable disbursements.”  Source

The article goes on to say:

According to Guidestar, a website that specializes in reporting on U.S. nonprofit companies, 2009 tax filings by This World--The Jewish Values Network  reveals  the the onetime spiritual adviser to Michael Jackson was paid $229K for his services as director of the charity.

There doesn't seem to be much of a commute involved either. This World lists Boteach's Englewood, NJ home as its address.

The 2009 Form 990  filing indicates  the charity took in more than $651K in contributions and other revenue and racked up $638K in operating and administrative expenses--but only $70 K of that figure amounted to  charitable disbursements

Now we know why Michael cut him off cold.  But then most of Michael’s lawyers have done the same thing to him.  We ought to check and see if that $70K that went out in charity came from Michael’s Estate through John Branca . . . or from SONY.

Part two will begin with “Sony and Madonna” and end with “Michael and Hope”.

(Everyone finding these things for me, THANK YOU for your support!
I can’t get to all this all by myself, so your help for Michael is GREATLY APPRECIATED!  I love you!!!!)

There’s no court tomorrow so you will have plenty of time to read, and you better!  I worked hard on this and so did those that sent me the links.  I have more coming.  Geesh.

God Bless you and Goodnight.  Part 2 is here -


  1. BONNIE said : "This is a report on Hollywood’s “normalizing” of sex with children . . . it’s sick."

    All & even the worst of adult scenes has already been shown since the 1970s to the worldwide film viewers...& now the children. Not only the Hollywood censur does no longer exist but Bonnie, as you said : where is the mother or father of the victimized acting children ? $$$ in the eyes, nothing in the heart. Another huge scandal is also the parents who make of their 5 or 6 years old little girl a sad parody of a sexy adult woman & let her model in public. Such parents should be punished by the law (law ? Hmm) alike the organizers of such contests for they really endanger the children. Where are Gloria Allred & Diane Dimond for such causes ? It was more gratifying to make a name of themselves by trying to withdraw his children from Michael in 2005 ! I love when Michael once said : "Tell her to go to hell !"

    Thank you Bonnie for counting me also among your contributors...but I do know I'm no top-researcher here, only a big chatter-box :o)

  2. Line said - "$$$ in the eyes, nothing in the heart. Another huge scandal is also the parents who make of their 5 or 6 years old little girl a sad parody of a sexy adult woman & let her model in public. Such parents should be punished by the law (law ? Hmm) alike the organizers of such contests for they really endanger the children. Where are Gloria Allred & Diane Dimond for such causes ?"

    .......... Dimond and Allred are too busy protecting the real criminals. Allred IS one. By the way, Dimond is friends with Ron Zonen.


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