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Michael Jackson Justice: Jermaine, Murray Transcript - Breadcrumbs of Truth

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Monday, October 10, 2011

Jermaine, Murray Transcript - Breadcrumbs of Truth

October 2, 2011 - What is Truth?
Michael Said to Reach For It.

Psalm 94:21
They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous, and condemn the innocent blood.

Proverbs 6:17
“A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,”

I’m gonna be exactly what you wanna see . . . I’ll be grotesque before your eyes” – Michael Jackson, Is It Scary

Is it Scary
@3:16 the words “The height of haunting souls”
SHOULD BE “height of hurting souls”

Between the events here on Friday, the fact that I had to “catch up” on Murray’s taped police interview and that Tribute, I was a bundle of jumbled up stomach nerves yesterday. 

I had to read through Murray’s transcript twice (because it’s so long and I knew I would miss certain things the first time.  But even the first read through sent little darts of recognition of some of the things mentioned in Jermaine’s book.  They fell along the lines of the doctors that had previously treated Michael.

The scene I described last night in the comments described by Jermaine in his book was one of revelation in itself.  Jermaine describes that they suspected that Bob Jones was one of those isolating Michael from the family and forming this “blockade” of gatekeepers.  During the 1993 allegations Michael was back on tour and his family flew over Taipei to pay a surprise visit where Michael was staying at the Raffles Hotel. Elizabeth Taylor had supposedly joined Michael but she was not there when the family arrived, Bob Jones was, blocking their way.

Jermaine tells in his book on page 324 that Jones told Jermaine that he couldn’t go in because Michael was sleeping.  Michael was expecting them that day so when Bob Jones was trying to put them off, Jermaine explains that he lost his patience and told Jones, “Bob, get out of my way, you do not tell us when we do or do not see our brother”, to which he said Jones explained, “I’m just doing my job . . .”

Jermaine said they knocked on Michael’s door and went in and found Michael awake and happy to see them, but they were “a little surprised” by what confronted them as he put it . . . Michael “was sitting with an intravenous drip leading from a bag above his head into his wrist.”

What Jermaine went on to describe was Michael was the saddest he had ever seen him.  He described that Michael usually looked focused and energized.  Jermaine describes a scene in which Michael looked, “drained”, “exhausted”, that his eyes looked “clouded” and that he looked like he “hadn’t eaten or slept in about a week”.  Jermaine also describes, “the man I saw in private looked like he was using every sinew to keep standing and performing.”

This reminded me of Murray’s description of what he told police Michael said to him . . . “they treat me like I’m a machine”.

It also lead me to question this:  Why was the family surprised to see him like this?  Could it be because he never needed hydrating for a performance in his Jackson 5 or “The Jacksons” days.  I don’t recall any descriptions like this of Michael when Joe Jackson was managing him!

Murray named Dr. Adams as someone who put Michael under while he was at a Cosmetologist’s office.  Adams has now had his records subpoenaed.   Source

Here is the part of Murray’s testimony about Dr. Lee and the doctor he said Michael told him about that worked with the “Lakers” and gave Michael the same “cocktail” for energy that Lee gave the players for “energy”.

Dr. Lee and the Lakers

I did not find a Dr. Lee associated with the L.A. Lakers, but I did find a list of doctors who provide amino acid Cocktails.  I have read about everything from sterioids to vitamin B shots given to pro-atheletes.  But I have not found a doctor Lee with the Lakers.

This doctor has worked with quite a few sports teams - Source  It’s not bad for you according to this site. This site – Source – Names a former L.A. Lakers nutritional consultant.   However . . . the whole “treat me like I’m a machine” issue bothered me.  I went back to my spring research on MK Ultra and the Monarch program: "Why They Wanted Him Dead"  The children in the system . . . for US in the system, he fought to wake us up.

 Check this out at 1:10 minutes . . . Sound familiar?

Which god is he talking about?  If that wasn't enough to raise hairs on my arm, I found this information below on MK Ultra and it's branch programs.

Then through search on that I found the KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation manual, which judging by the description of some of the contents, was NOT just used in the military. Some of the techniques covered in the training manual were, “Motivation by fear”, “False Imprisonment” (or fear of), “Use if truth serum”, “Extortion” and “Kidnapping and/or arresting of a target’s family members”.  Source

Something else that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up – “The manual gives the suggestion that prisoners be deprived of sleep and food, and made to maintain rigid positions, such as standing at attention for long periods.”

The Baltimore Sun reported that, former Battalion 3-16 member Jose Barrera said he was taught interrogation methods by U.S. instructors in 1983, used this technique: "The first thing we would say is that we know your mother, your younger brother. And better you cooperate, because if you don't, we're going to bring them in and rape them and torture them and kill them."

“The project studied hypnosis, forced morphine addiction (and subsequent forced withdrawal), and the use of other chemicals, among other methods, to produce amnesia and other vulnerable states in subjects.”  Source

Read more on Project Dormouse – Click Here
Read more on Project CHATTER – Click Here
Read more on Project MKDELTA – Click Here
Read more on Project MKNAOMI – Click Here  - Poisons
Read more on Project MKCHICKWIT – Click Here
Read more on Project MKOFTEN      -  Click Here  That one ought to scare you!
Read more on Sidney Gottlieb    -       Click Here

No wonder John Lennon called these people insane.  Take a look at the list of “goals” of the MKUltra Program – Click Here

“Project MkUltra is a CIA umbrella project of 150 sub projects involved in the study of controlling the human consciousness.

Project Talent is a covert recruiting arm of the intelligence agencies that finds gifted psychics and subjects them to Project Mkultra, Monarch, and Montauk against their will. Originally project talent had 377,000 test subjects. The project was financed by Department and Welfare, Health, and Education; the National Institutes of Health, and the Department of Naval Research. These individuals were tracked using RFID technology and monitored at regular interviews throughout their life.”

This man I have yet to read more about.  I am still researching him.  Duncan O Finioan is a 3rd gen soldier that was said to have seen action in Vietnam, the Sudan and Nicaragua. he has X-rays of metallic cyber implants throughout his body, and this man can Dead lift a 1000 pounds! He has written letters to the Government asking for reparations for the kidnap and torture of children throughout the world.

Michael had all the classic symptoms of this type of torture.  Latoya Jackson was held against her will for ten years!  She endured the same type of drugging.  She told on interviews how Gordon drugged her, and how her mother learned through Gordon’s doctor that he was using the same type of drugs the military uses on soldiers!

Michael was isolated from his family for pockets of years at a time.  Both siblings being used against each other, Michael being used against a family that was trying to help him.

Murray testified to hardening of the veins where Michael had endured so many IV’s over the years that he had to go to the legs to get a vein.

Michael close up of hands
Murray Talked about veins destroyed by IV's

Michael sang about this in Morphine and I’ve pointed this out before. The tract even features a background sound of someone breathing through a mask or respirator.  I know what Jermaine said in his book but maybe he forgot THESE words –

Relax – this won’t hurt you . . . before I put it in, close your eyes and count to ten, don’t cry . . . I won’t convert you . . . There’s no need to dismay, just close your eyes and drift away”. 

Does this sound like someone making fun of a rumor a tabloid printed about him?  I think Jermaine was told that is what this song was about by someone other than Michael.

In the acknowledgements, Jermaine gives credit to ghostwriter Steve Dennis.  You can find information on Steve Dennis here – Source.

Personally, I think BOTH of them did a good job on the book about Michael.  They did a good job of acquainting us with Michael as a child (the diaper story made me smile and fall in love with him all over again) and the family as a team of performing artists.  The stark difference between Michael with his family and Michael as a “machine” hooked up on IV’s could not have been timed better than this with Murray’s taped police interview revealing some pieces of a very sinister puzzle.

I also want to thank Latoya for her book and writing about her experiences with Jack Gordon.  If I had done a little more research on him when discovering Latoya’s pain, I would have found that he did indeed drum up Business for Sony and BMG.  We now know how Jack Gordon got involved with Joe Jackson.  Nothing is an accident.

Latoya and Jack Gordon
Gordon tricked her into the marriage by brainwashing her into believing that her family was going to attempt to kidnap and kill her.  From the final divorce decree, Gordon was ordered to return all of Jackson's fur coats, photographs, videos, and furnishings. He was also ordered to forego his rights to any of Jackson's contracts that she signed during the marriage, including those with Sony Music Entertainment, BMG Music,  Source

Jack Gordon
Jack Leon Gordon (November 10, 1939 - April 19, 2005) was the former manager and husband of singer La Toya Jackson.  Gordon was born in Springfield, Illinois to Abraham Gordon (a Russian immigrant) and Faye Stein (an Illinois native) of Jewish heritage….In the mid-1980s, Gordon began to manage La Toya Jackson alongside her father, Joseph. In the late 1980s, he took over her management completely….Gordon threatened to have siblings Michael and Janet killed if she didn't follow his orders.  Source

Some of you, this is repeat information but we have new readers so I am updating them a bit on the parallels between Latoya and Michael's mind control.

Dr. Conrad Murray’s two hour conversation with police is probably just the beginning.  Before we convict him I think we should hear him out.

All We Have To Do
Is Reach for The Truth

Diane sent me the below:

                       What Is Truth? (18:37-38)


1. When Jesus appeared before Pilate, the subject of truth was
   a. Jesus claimed to bear witness to the truth - Jn 18:37
   b. Pilate raised the perennial question: "What is truth?" - Jn 18:38

2. Today, many people sound a lot like Pilate...
   a. A Barna Research Group survey on what Americans believe asked the
      question, "Is there absolute Truth?"...
      1) Sixty-six percent of adults responded that they believe that
         "there is no such thing as absolute truth; different people can
         define truth in conflicting ways and still be correct"
      2) Seventy-two percent of those aged 18 to 25 expressed this
   b. In a series of more than twenty interviews conducted at random at
      a large university, people were asked if there was such a thing as
      absolute truth - truth that is true across all times and cultures
      for all people. All but one respondent answered along these lines:
      1) "Truth is whatever you believe"
      2) "There is no absolute truth"
      3) "If there were such a thing as absolute truth, how could we
         know what it is?"
      4) "People who believe in absolute truth are dangerous"
   -- Info from

[What is the Christian perspective regarding truth?  Is truth whatever
you believe?  Can we know what is absolute truth?  Let's first summarize
two basic views regarding truth...]


      1. Commonly called the "correspondence view" of truth
      2. A statement is true if and only if it corresponds to or agrees
         with factual reality
      3. This view presupposes a law of logic called the law of
         a. Any unambiguous, declarative statement must be either true
            or false
         b. It cannot be neither true nor false; nor can it be both true
            and false
         c. E.g., the statement "I am standing in front of you"...
            1) Is true only if, in fact, I am standing here in front of
            2) Must be either true or false, it cannot be both true and
      4. The correspondence view of truth holds that propositional or
         declarative statements are subject to verification and
         a. A statement can be proven false if it can be shown to
            disagree with objective reality
         b. E.g., the statement "The world is flat"...
            1) Is either true or false, it cannot be both
            2) Photographs from space have falsified flat-earth claims
      -- This view of truth was held by the vast majority of
         philosophers and theologians throughout history until recently

      1. Commonly called the "relativistic view" of truth
         a. What is true depends on the views of persons or cultures
         b. Not on whether statements correspond to objective reality
      2  For a statement to be true simply means that a person or
         culture to believes it to be true; people with this view of
         truth say things like:
         a. "Well, if that's true for you..."
         b. "We can't judge other cultures"
      3. Poet Steve Turner wrote a parody of this attitude and called it
         "Creed". In part he said:

         I believe that each man must find the truth
            that is right for him.
         Reality will adapt accordingly.
         The universe will readjust. History will alter.
         I believe that there is no absolute truth
            excepting the truth that there is no absolute truth.

      4. When truth is deemed dependent upon the person or culture
         holding the belief, anything can become "true"); for example...
         a. One person can say "Jesus is Lord" and another can say
            "Allah is Lord"
         b. Both statements will be true, if they accurately express the
            sentiments of the speakers
         c. This view seems to advance tolerance and civility, but it
            does so at the expense of logic
         d. The very definition of "Lord" precludes the possibility they
            are both "Lord"
      5. Those who say there is no absolute truth make decisions every
         day based things they believe are true or false; for example...
         a. They turn on a light believing in the reality of electricity
         b. They drive a car believing in the effectiveness of the
         c. No one flying would want to be directed by a navigator who
            did not believe in the truth of his instruments
         d. No one undergoing brain surgery would want to be operated on
            by a surgeon who did not believe that some things about the
            brain were true and some not true
      6. If there are no absolutes, there is no right and wrong
         a. I can kill you, steal from you, lie to you, and you can't
            say it is wrong
         b. Because if I believe I should do such things, and succeed,
            then it works for me and it has become my personal truth
            (and who are you to judge me?)
         c. "In the absence of truth, power is the only game in town."
            - Richard John Neuhaus
      -- Despite its absurdity, this view of truth has become the
         darling of all who want to be free to "do their own thing"

[Christians have historically affirmed the "correspondence view" of
truth.  For good reasons, because it is consistent with...]


      1. True (alethes) - "unconcealed, manifest...actual, true to fact"
         - Vine
      2. True (alethinos) - "denotes 'true' in the sense of 'real,
         ideal, genuine;'" - ibid.
      3. Truth (aletheia)
         a. "objectively, signifying 'the reality lying at the basis of
            an appearance; the manifested, veritable essence of a
            matter' (Cremer)" - ibid.
         b. "subjectively, 'truthfulness,' 'truth,' not merely verbal,
            but sincerity and integrity of character" - ibid.
      -- When the Bible speaks of truth, it describes that which
         corresponds to reality, what is factual and absolute, not

      1. God is a God of truth - Deut 32:4
      2. Jesus is the truth, and full of truth, and spoke the truth - Jn
      3. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth, and guided the apostles
         into all the truth - Jn 14:17; 16:13
      4. The Word of God is truth - Jn 17:17
      5. The judgments of God are according to truth - Ps 96:13; Ro 2:2
      6. Christians should walk in the truth as revealed by Jesus,
         including the standard of morality He taught - cf. Ep 4:17-32;
      7. Christians should patiently teach others the truth - cf. 2 Ti
      8. Many will turn their ears away from the truth - cf. 2Ti 4:1-4
      -- Much more could be said, as the Bible reveals so much about
         what is truth


1. What is truth...?
   a. Truth is what is real
   b. God is real, and reveals what is real
   c. God is truth, and what He says is the truth

2. Call yourself what you may, but you cannot be a Christian unless...
   a. You hold the correspondence view of truth
   b. You believe in moral absolutes of right and wrong
   c. You accept Jesus and His Word as the ultimate source of truth,
      especially in regards to morality and salvation

For those willing to accept Jesus as the ultimate source of truth, they
will be greatly blessed... - cf. Jn 8:31-36

Keeping it in the Family?

This is Lady Gaga – Without Makeup
(That would be the one on your left)

Below is from a blog earlier in the summer that I wrote after having three dreams in one night/morning.  I will post that below with a comment from one of the readers that she posted on that same blog:

This one, I am inside the house I was outside of in dream #2.  But John is not in there.  Instead there are two actors. Both are sitting at a round kitchen table.  The man was Liam Neeson.  The woman started out being me, but when I stood up to take my medication, I stepped out of my body and some woman actor took over (my understudy???)

So Liam’s character says to the woman, “I  thought you were off that stuff?”  The woman, blond with her hair twisted back off her neck, turned to him and her face is flushed and her eyes are filled with tears.  She was very upset about something.  She said “no, this is my medication.  They’re prescription” and she picked up the bottle from the little table in the corner to show him.

The Liam character looked up at her and responded, “So were the other ones.  You can’t be impaired if we hope to find him.”  (he was talking about Michael).

She turned to him, barely able to contain her urge to toward hysteria, her breathing quickens as if she is trying to keep from bursting into a fresh set of tears.  Her broken reply, whispered through fresh forming tears, “but what if he is Jesus Christ . . .”

At this point in the dream, I am a spectator and I seriously wanted to throw my hands up over my ears, I did NOT want to hear that.  But I look over to Liam Neeson and the look in his eyes is intense.  His eyes narrow and he counters, “What if he is the Maher?”

I woke up and flew to the first notebook I can find (I have them all over different parts of the house now), and wrote that down.  What the Liam Neeson character said, what if he is the Maher sounded like “Ma ‘hare”. That is the way he pronounced it, but I’m not sure how to spell that word because I’m not sure what it is.

She wrote below – (I think it was Linda, not sure)

Hi Bonnie, You got me searching too and I found that "Meier" is a Hebrew name meaning: He who illuminates or one who brings light or causes light.....Sounds like another name for Michael Jackson to me! "This is it. Here I stand. I'm the light of the world. This is grand!"

Love you Michael!!!

Bonnie, thank you so much for this blog. You are leading the fight here for Michael and if he is in deed reading all this, you know he's got to be pleased AND encouraged.

God bless!

Your 1st dream's meaning will be revealed in due time, I am sure.

Tomorrow since court will not be in session for Columbus Day, I have some interesting reading for you.

Until then, Goodnight and God bless you.


  1. Bonnie said "Could it be because he never needed hydrating for a performance in his Jackson 5 or “The Jacksons” days?"

    No, and he probably still didn't need it. The theory that has been forming in my head, is that once Michael moved into Neverland, he was an easy target for the vultures to prey on. Before that, he was living with friends, family and in his own apartment. Friends and family had access to him, to be able to talk some sense into him. Once at Neverland, he could be 'isolated' by various manipulators and liars ; "Michael, what you need is xxxx, I can help you feel better".

    You said that Jermaine wrote "the man I saw in private looked like he was using every sinew to keep standing and performing.”

    That is a perfect description of how I felt when I saw Michael rehearsing 'Thriller' and 'Earth Song' in TII. I've seen exhausted professional dancers, and they don't look like that.

  2. @PrincessGlam - Your first paragraph . . . exactly!

    Your third paragraph, I don't know. He didn't look exhausted to me, he looked like an older Michael. It's hard for me to look at that footage now objectively because we don't know what was done to it in the edit. I still do not believe he is dead, but I would sure like to see some more loose ends get tied. Way too many people got away with too much for too long.

    Princess, what is your theory on the "new Michael" or the "another Michael"? We've heard this from three different people so far. I am having a very hard time with a "hospice" patient going to rehearsals every day.

    I'm also having a very hard time with a Michael getting Vitiligo cream put on by a doctor every night, then going to Kliens two to three times a week for the same treatments (and more). Don't you think something's not right?

  3. I understood that he was receiving reconstructive treatments to his nose from Klien.I have seen Klien speak about on some show or youtube video. It was restoring some body to the nose where the surgeries had gone too far. I believe the creams were used continually...various ones, strengths and contents to acieve the consitency of color. Although as we have seen in the the TDCAU vid...his chest at that time had huge swirls of dark color still...

  4. In your video - "Celebrities who sold their souls...", did you notice Jim Morrison at 2:58? I thought it was Charles Manson, same disturbed look.

    His truth, her truth, your truth, my truth...

    You've laid it out very well, Bonnie. It's easy to see how it is being 'deconstructed' and re-assembled. It's a method of chipping away at the foundation of true and universal truth - God's truth, while laying a foundation of false truths, driving a wedge, making way for implanted ideas. Social manipulation. Disturbing.

  5. Speaking of the skin lightening creams - evidence...did you notice that the caps had a brown color on the lids? What color are those creams? I had assumed they would be white.

  6. Dr. Lee is the "nurse" Cherilyn Lee. I wonder why she hasn't been called by the prosecution or if she will be called by the defense; mysterious character. Nutritional supplements to the Laker? Hummm....

  7. BONNIE, relating to Bob Jones's ugly actions from the past, I wondered : Carolwood had no house phones so if Michael felt bad around June 20, 2009, without the guards to know & instead of calling the nurse C. Lee, why did he not call his parents or any Jackson member from his cell phone ? Pride ? or did he possibly fear that his father Joe, if aware, would force him to see another doctor or immediately go to a hospital & why not on the way even create an earthquake with AEG, thus creating a painful & embarrassing situation for Michael ? Another scenario of mine.

    Michael's finances now flourish. Good for the family but appalling & suspicious in a way : All these bogus loans & confusing financial "dire" situations for many years : the showbiz industry & their evil fellow lawyers & bankers know how to kill ! AEG's case is different, I now believe : as long as they advanced the money for the rented mansion, a personal doctor with an exhorbitant salary, they were not so concerned with the highs & lows of Michael's health, they wanted him to fill in his contractual duties so the show could go on..not human either...I don't know why but across the Atlantic, I feel waves of disapproval coming from Bonnie's place :o))

    Forever Tribute, Grrr.. for the producers & the Princes's Trust. But apparently a success. At least I'm happy for the MJ3 & their cousins, all beautiful kids. But I retained the beautiful & sweet BLANKET only. His sad yes broke my heart. A little boy lost in his sad thougts & feeling lonely among the family & a sea of fans, wandering what he was doing there when instead all he wanted was his Daddy Michael. Blanket is SO Michael ! Hopefully can Blanket be joyful too in private with the family kids & will not develop too much melancholy as he grows for his feelings seem deep & very sensitive : an artist like his beloved father.

  8. Bonnie,
    The 'another Michael' thing I've always taken as a figure of speech. If it was true that he was being given propofol every night since late April, up until 21/22 June, and then it was stopped for 3 days, then I guess he would be different. That stuff has to have affected him physically over time. As for the 'hospice' comment, that could have been because of the IV, and all the other medical equipment around. When I was caring for a sick relative, their bedroom very quickly piled up with various medical supplies, which is not what a healthy person would have. When you walk in and see all that, you assume this person is sick.
    I've always imagined that if there was a swap, then it was done once there was enough footage in the can for AEG to make some $$$. Michael would have realised that they had a lot to lose as the O2 would be dark for months once TII was cancelled. Perhaps the swap was done between Alvarez moving him to the floor, and the paramedics arriving? If I remember correctly, only Murray was in the room when they arrived? There was a side entrance to Carolwood, so that would be a good escape route to a local airport. I don't know. I'm still trying to make sense of it myself!!

    I'm not just looking at his face in the footage, Bonnie, I'm looking at his movements. It IS Michael, but in some physical discomfort. You see how he stops dead, and walks to the back of the stage? A tired dancer usually bends over to get their breath, or walks around to ease the cramp. When they just stop like that, something is wrong.

  9. I understand what you said about Dr. Murray, “Before we convict him I think we should hear him out.” However, we need not to forget that Dr. Murray was also participated in poking his left over veins that were on his legs, as he testified on the tape, each day for 3 month. I appreciate what he said to confirm about other doctors drugging Michael by poking his veins to the point until all his veins on his arms disappeared, but remember he continued from what other left to drug him knowing what he knew.

    Dr. Murray could have stopped drugging him even though, according to doctor, Michael begged him to the point he couldn’t refuse. To me, his participation is what bother me the most, and I don’t see how he cared for him as he tried to make us believe.


  10. Hi Bonnie. "This is Lady GaGa - without makeup. ( That would be the one on your left)." That was funny. It made me laugh. I wonder if Paris & Prince are on happy pills. They look so happy. Almost to happy. Don't get me wrong. I want them to be happy of course. But considering the circumstances with the trial and everything it just feels weird to me seeing their big smiles. But at the same time, smile when your heart is aching, right? Bye Bonnie girl. Susanne

  11. Bruce Glatman - is he being called as a witness? I found this about him:

    I think he was the guy that sent that nasty cartoon out and Randy Phillips sent him an angry email. I still have a copy of that email:

    Seems like the pressure of trying to recoup the $30 million his company laid out for the ill-fated Michael Jackson "This Is It" concerts is finally getting to AEG Live's Randy Phillips.
    The beleaguered exec fired off an e-mail to Bruce Glatman, his friend of 20 years, and producer of those London shows, blasting him for forwarding our Airhead cartoon to a few of his pals, the same one that has attracted more than 3,000 views on Nikki Finke's popular Deadline Hollywood Daily website.

    Here's the complete text of the e-mail:

    Glatman, it did not surprise me, or any of my friends, that you would send a mass e-mail out with that tasteless cartoon. As much as I love satire and, as most of those copied above know, have an excellent sense of humor, using a person's tragic and untimely death to attack another person is just a tad beyond the pale of normal business competition.

    The truth is that you are some type of middleman buffoon, the type of bottom-feeder that inserts himself in other peoples' lives since you have never run a business, created a job or executed on an idea of your own. Even Andy Hewitt, who is not a friend, is someone I can recognize for his intellect and prowess as a concert promoter and respect him for his accomplishments. The insecurities of many of those in this industry allows for useless schmucks like you to exist.

    Since Tim Leiweke told you exactly how he feels about your reprehensible actions in another e-mail, I can only reiterate that the doors at AEG and AEG Live are permanently shut to you since we choose to only do business with honorable partners. As he pointed out, we try to build on positives and avoid the negative agendas of human flotsam like yourself.

    In closing, I have attached a very well-written and researched article in the new Rolling Stone Magazine. For those interested in the truth about the last year of Michael's life, here it is. It might also pain Glatman to know that we just closed a $60m deal against a gigantic back-end for the rights to the film that will be created from all the footage we so wisely shot from the beginning of this project to the last rehearsal. It is riveting and an honest tribute to the person Berry Gordy, at the worldwide broadcast of the memorial service we produced, referred to as "the greatest entertainer that ever lived."

    AEG, as a company, will come out of this tragedy extremely well and I will always have my memories of what could have been and that of a unique human being who truly touched my life.

    To those on this e-mail, sorry that you were dragged into this exchange by this jerk. Glatman, please do not respond since I want to live my life and enjoy my career without any other contact with you.

    Randy Phillips
    "Still President & CEO of
    AEG Live!"

  12. Ran out of room - I don't know why this was made public, but with the kind of people Glatman associates with in business, Phillips seems to have the much cleaner past.

    This is the cartoon Glatman sent

    I don't think he and Glatman were ever friends. Glatman is one of the many thugs out there fronting as "concert promoters" and at best was a rival, Just like Rowe. There is a reason these people don't like AEG and I don't think it's because they believe AEG killed Michael - something the establishment has been trying to accomplish for years.

  13. slandisle said - "I understood that he was receiving reconstructive treatments to his nose from Klien.I have seen Klien speak about on some show or youtube video. It was restoring some body to the nose where the surgeries had gone too far. I believe the creams were used continually...various ones, strengths and contents to acieve the consitency of color. Although as we have seen in the the TDCAU vid...his chest at that time had huge swirls of dark color still..."

    Yes, but he was going to klein for HOURS, two to three times a week and for quite a stretch of time. He could have been working on facial restoration (I have another theory about that) but KLEIN was Michael's DERMATOLOGIST for THIRTY YEARS - Not MURRAY.

    Murray ordered a boatload of this Benoquin - 40tubes and Twenty more tubes of the 8%. You mention the splotches visible on him in TDCAU. THAT WAS 1994! Over 16 years ago. If you read up on Benoquin the link I posted it is a PERMANENT DEPIGMENTATION CREAM. The 8% cream is used to maintain a level skin color once depigmentation is accomplished. So why would Michael need 40 tubes to depigment when most of that had already been done?

    What Murray ordered sounds like something he would use for someone new into the disease to depigment, then maintain. Remember, Murray is not a skin specialist, he is supposed to be a cardiologist. Michael was already seeing Klein. Two bedrooms upstairs were being used, one for propofol and one for (study? LOL), Two bowls of soup are referenced, one by Latoya and one by Kai Chase. Murray usually arrived at the house late, so I don't think the "dinner" was for him.

  14. Bonnie said -

    "I am having a very hard time with a "hospice" patient going to rehearsals every day. I'm also having a very hard time with a Michael getting Vitiligo cream put on by a doctor every night, then going to Kliens two to three times a week for the same treatments (and more). Don't you think something's not right?"

    Something not right indeed. A hospice patient rehearing for a concert's laughable! I agree 100%, and these descriptions everyone keeps throwing around of Michael's physical state are really over the top and have us scratching our heads and saying...SAY WHAT???

    Murray giving Michael a rubdown with bleaching cream before his nightly dose of Propofol just doesn't ring normal (as if any of this could be viewed as normal!). I tweeted Arnie Klein a few nights ago asking why, if he was Michael's dermatologist, would Murray branch out with ordering and applying Benoquin to Michael when he can't even handle his own specialty! No answer from Klein, but the rhetorical value of the question resonates with a lot of us. Those photos of Benoquin tubes were dirty and unsanitary with grimy stains on the caps. I have three year old tubes of antibiotic in my cabinet and they are pristine clean. Michael couldn't apply it to his own back, so who was - a responsible care giver or a mud wrestler? Perhaps this is irrelevant, but a picture can be worth a thousand words. And this tells me that when it came to tending to Michael's personal needs by others, I see neglect and it makes me angry inside. It shows how isolated Michael really was, despite the hundreds of people on his payroll.

    It goes with the unkempt condition of his living quarters, and I don't mean the scattered books, CDs and files that cover the floor and table surfaces. This was a rental for Michael and clearly not a home he would be connected to emotionally. Compared to the beautifully maintained interiors of his home at Neverland, Carolwood was just a place to hang his hat. Living with messy clutter is how many geniuses and multi tasking individuals live their daily lives. Being organized goes against the spontaneous grain of someone like Michael, whose creativity thrived on thinking outside the box.

    More importantly, I'm talking about the unsanitary trash that accumulates in everyone's space if not discarded daily, as seen in the bedroom and bathroom photos. You can see under the furniture evidence of used tissues and other items that should have been disposed of, just building up. Michael's lifestyle demanded a domestic presence, but if he learned the hard way not to trust anyone in his private space, what choice did he have? I can just see Michael coming in after a long day of rehearsal and doing his own housecleaning! No way. While some may see this as Michael being slovenly, I see it as a man whose personal comforts have been sorely neglected for a long time. It speaks volumes to the dynamics of his daily life.

    Once Michael moved away from the security of his family's involvement and watchful eye, albeit from a safe distance, a whole new world opened up to people who might not otherwise have gotten close to Michael. Except for his three children, this man was surrounded at every turn, by forces that left him isolated and alone.

    I would have cleaned Michael's space for free, just to absorb the essence of his creative energy and spirit. Payment for services rendered.

  15. Truthbtold said - "did you notice Jim Morrison at 2:58? I thought it was Charles Manson, same disturbed look."

    ...... Yeah I saw that. That was creepy. "The Day the Music Died" "Miss American Pie" - "American lost it's innocence" (really, did we ever have it?) At one time perhaps our music did.

    The "His truth, her truth, my truth" was not lost on me. I remember the first time Steph Martin said that to me in reference to something posted on Karen Faye's facebook page, and I was like, "What the heck does THAT mean?"

    You know what ownership of truth does don't you? It's another wedge like you said, to cause dissension. Who's truth is more important? Who ranks?

    God's Truth is the only truth and it is absolute, because it is constructed with love as it's base, not envy and greed.

    Yes, I noticed the brown stains on the lids of the Benoquin tubes. I dont' know what color that creme is, but it looks like that liquid sun stuff.

    MaryAnne said - "Dr. Lee is the "nurse" Cherilyn Lee. I wonder why she hasn't been called by the prosecution or if she will be called by the defense;"

    ....... Are we SURE that's who it is? This is someone that supposedly worked for the Lakers, even though I don't see her name associated with the Lakers in ANY search I have done on this. I don't know why she is not being called. Probably for the same reason they are not calling Reverend June Gatling . . . she's a liar.

  16. Hi Bonnie. MJ said in an Interview that when he was on tour he used to weigh himself before and after a performance. He lost about 5 kilos/11pounds during a performance. I saw a video were they wiped the floor during MJ's performance. He was angry because he had to tell them to do it. The floor was slippery so he couldn't dance. I saw a Klein Interview on TMZ. Klein said that he gave MJ fillers to rebuild his face. He also said that when MJ came to Klein from Las Vegas he looked like a person from Auswitch in Germany ( I don't know how to spell that). I don't know if its true but that is what he said. I don't think fillers takes hours to give a person by the way. Susanne

  17. HI Bonnie. The cardiologist at U.C.L.A said that they always are prepared for the worst scenario when they are treating a patient. Dr.Murray wasn't prepared for the worst scenario. He should have known the zipcode period. There is no excuse for that. He also said that he couldn't call 911 because he had to focus on MJ. But he could call the personal assistent. In the police Interview he said that he went down to the kitchen and asked the chef to call for help. Then Alberto came upstairs into the room. Dr.Murray didn't mention that Prince came up firs before Alberto. Susanne

  18. Hi Bonnie. Yeah you are right. Klein should had ordered the cream not a cardiologist! And if the treatment is permanent why do you need to continue the treatment for so long? 40 tubes!! That's Insane!! All I can say about everything is, John Lennon I totally agree with you! Susanne

  19. Hi Bonnie. The manager and pharmacist at a specialty pharmacy told jurors that Murray called him in the months before the singers death to ask about making a cream to treat people suffering from vitaligo. " He was looking for a specific dermatological agent that is used for whitening of the skin. HE MENTIONED THAT A LOT OF HIS PATIENTS WERE AFRICAN AMERICAN AND THEY COULD USE THE MEDICATION.", said Tim Lopez of Applied Pharmacy Services. ABC NEWS. Why didn't he send it to his clinic then? Was MJ's house Dr.Murray's clinic storage room or what? Susanne

  20. Liberian Girl HeeheeOctober 11, 2011 at 12:53 AM

    Hi Bonnie, Thanks for keeping us all informed. You are amazing! I wonder if you have read the article in the Huffington Post today. The author, Tanya Young Williams does not appear to be a great journalist, but she writes about her interview with Sharon Sydney, one of the TII groupies. I don't remember if you discussed her at all, and if you did and exposed her, my apologies. She talks about her belief that Michael is alive, but being held captive. Although I too believe that he is alive, I don't know that I buy her theory. But, what did catch my attention is her comments about seeing strange cars at Carolwood on June 24 and she also stated that, "At hospital, she spoke with paramedic Blount, and how they both agreed that the person that was wheeled into the hospital was not Michael Jackson. Sharon is adamant that the patient wheeled into the emergency room was much shorter than Michael." Now who knows how she even got that close to know or if she is just making all this up. But, if any of what she is saying is factual, it certainly does give credence to the hoax theory. Here is the link to the article in case you want to read the whole thing.

  21. @Micheline - First on Michael's living quarters, we don't know much of that was police (reminiscent of raids on Neverland and their complete destruction and pillaging of everything from his safes to his clothing drawers). I've seen pictures inside of Neverland. He's not messy, when he's LEFT ALONE. I take your point on his inability to trust.

    I laughed when you said you would have cleaned for him for free - He'd have a gaggle of Merry-Maids willing to do that. Michael has his own children pick up after themselves so Michael not doing the same just doesn't sound true. Having your work and gifts stacked in your bedroom is a different story - "I'm always working". I love organizing information/records for some strange reason. That is about my only obsessive/compulsive quality (besides this blog). Michael however, might find that a bit irritating about me. :o)

    Susanne said - "I saw a video were they wiped the floor during MJ's performance. He was angry because he had to tell them to do it. "

    ..... I saw that video, did you see the look on his face? I felt bad for those guys. Michael sliding . . . now that looked like fun. That was me and frozen puddles when I was a kid.

    I think Klein over-dramatizes. I never heard the Auschwitz comment, when did Klein say that? Which interview? On Murray, We don't know who came up the stairs first, Paramedics are not telling the truth because the 911 call clearly reveals the dispatcher talking to Alvarez and telling him to get Michael to the floor BEFORE the paramedics are even there. I don't know who, besides Kai Chase, testified that she Prince went upstairs first. As a matter of fact she said she did not watch him go up the stairs. I'm glad you are comfortable with being able to pass judgement on a guy who doesn't know the zip code of the house he spends only overnight hours in. But I agree that that is NOT a good reason NOT to make the 911 call. I can't wait to hear the rest of that police interview today.

  22. Susanne said - "The manager and pharmacist at a specialty pharmacy told jurors that Murray called him in the months before the singers death to ask about making a cream to treat people suffering from vitaligo."

    ......... That creme was actually the first thing Murray ordered from this pharmacist. He called the pharmacist back and told him he was "happy with the results" then asked about other orders for medical supplies, including the propofol. But the phone calls over obtaining that creme was how Murray originally established that relationship, which I thought was very odd too . . . If Murray had a running practice in Las Vegas, shouldn't he have already had an established relationship with both an anesthesiologist AND a pharmacy supply?

    LiberianGirl said - "Sharon Sydney, one of the TII groupies. I don't remember if you discussed her at all, and if you did and exposed her, my apologies. She talks about her belief that Michael is alive, but being held captive. "

    ...... Yes, I know who she is and if you will pardon my expression she is full of crap. They put some stalker on the news and suddenly she has credibility? If you read further down on THAT article about her, this bullpucky story she gives of Michael being abducted is to try to lend credibility that "Michael" album that she claims Sony is making Michael record.

    If you take a close look at what is going on, we've had Taaj Malik being interviewed on TV lately, we've had Sam Degosson giving some drunken account of "I know Michael is alive" even though she previously cursed anyone out on her facebook page for bringing up such a notion, and we have Erin Jacobs, who is best known for selling T-Shirts with the estate executor's blessing and defacing Neverland Property all over the TV.

    The only "body" Sharon saw, was the stalker in front of her while sleeping outside of Carolwood's gates while they reported on their Sony-supplied Iphones their last site of the back of Michael's SUV passing through the gates.


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