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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Jackson - Closer to Revelation Day 14 Trial

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Michael Jackson - Closer to Revelation Day 14 Trial

Day 14 Conrad Murray Trial – Dr. Shaffer
Anesthesiologist Cross Examined

I Know Your Game, What You’re About

Isaiah 34:6-9
The sword of the LORD is filled with blood, it is made fat with fatness, and with the blood of lambs and goats, with the fat of the kidneys of rams: for the LORD hath a sacrifice in Bozrah, and a great slaughter in the land of Idumea.  And the unicorns shall come down with them, and the bullocks with the bulls; and their land shall be soaked with blood, and their dust made fat with fatness.  For it is the day of the LORD's vengeance, and the year of recompences for the controversy of Zion9And the streams thereof shall be turned into pitch, and the dust thereof into brimstone, and the land thereof shall become burning pitch.”

From Cathy:

Michael’s secret poems

*A million eyes upon me
Defines my greatest fear
This music that surrounds me
Defines my every tear
Just close your eyes and listen
The music will appear
For I am just a man
A man within the mirror*

Michael, I wish for you just one pair of eyes you can finally fall into safely, since we've all fallen into yours and felt secure and loved.

And this one:

Picture of Table

The following was found engraved into a small coffee table at Neverland.
Hand Crafted By ‘Eduardo’ ~ From Surrounding Tree Stock of Neverland Ranch ~ August 16, 1990.
The writing reads:
Home gives you courage to know yourself.
Home gives you beauty for your eyes to see.
Home gives you love to complete your life.
Home gives you sunsets to warm your heart.
Home gives you friendships to brighten your being.
Home gives you patience to accept the truth.
Home gives you comfort on a difficult day.
Home gives you rainbows beneath the clouds.
Home gives you hugs when your spirits sag.
Home gives you faith so that you can believe. and signed MJ

Chernoff Cross Examines Dr. Shaffer

- Shaffer comes back explaining the properties and job of the liver and how quickly Propofol is metabolized.

- Good grief!  Did EVERYONE get hair cuts during the five day break?

- Shaffer describes that Propofol is not bio-available, meaning that if ingested, it is not absorbed into the bloodstream through the stomach.  All intravenously introduced substances are bio-available.

- Shaffer explains that most of the Propofol would metabolize before it even reaches the liver, so having it effect the body through oral ingestion is impossible, since it is gone during “first pass” metabolism.

- Explains Ian Glen was a scientist that worked for ICI, the company that first developed Propofol, a British companies and he is an expert on the research of Propofol.

- Study showed a 20-fold overdose to mice orally did not put the mice to sleep, even though they were sleepy.  Bioavailability rectally (through piglets) is less that 1% or .4%.  First pass metabolism intestinally was 10% in the rat.

- Date of Patent June 23, 2009 for oral bioavailability which showed .24% passed through the liver.  November 11, 2009 is date of another patent on Propofol on study giving Propofol to dogs and monkeys, 0.25% appeared in blood after 1st pass through.

- Schaffer read Dr. White’s report stating that Michael could have died from swallowing Propofol.  Chernoff objects twice to misstating of evidence which is sustained and Walgren restates.  Nothing was published on human research because in Shaffer’s opinion, other studies showed it wasn’t bioavailable if taken orally. 

- Shaffer had asked the Chilean doctor to help him with the human study on orally ingested Propofol. There were six subject.  First three drank 20ml/200mg of Propofol, and 3 others drank twice that much, 40ml/400mg of Propofol.  Blood was measured, pulse oximeter and heart rate.  Conclusion was alertness and sedation scale was no sedation at any time following oral consumption of Propofol.  Oxygen never dropped and blood pressure never dropped.  Study write up had Shafer’s name on it, and during this meeting he was awarded a lifetime achievement award.  Study showed no effect on oral consumption of Propofol.

- Shafer walks them through charts taken for study done on people given intravenous Lorazapam showing blood concentrations are about .02, to .03 and .04 and it shows that the drug washout was fairly rapid right after introduced into the bloodstream through I.V.  Shafer tries to show through the study that Murray would have had to give Michael more than the 2mg’s per administration that he said he gave for the levels to be found in Michael’s bloodstream.

- Shafer testifies that from the study showed that the Lorazapam measured in the stomach was almost completely the metabolite.  He thought the number was inflated.  He wasn’t sure of precise breakdown because both were measured.  He could not get the information of which was which, the drug and/or the metabolite.  He said they found both in the stomach.

- Shaffer says the findings disprove that between 8am and noon Michael ingested the Lorazapam.  Walgren asks, “what about before 8am”.  Shafer said around 10am, absolutely not, but before 8am or say 12 midnight it was entirely possible.

- Walgren begins to narrow down his questioning to the pharmocokinetics of Propofol.  Drugs in motion in the body.  How does a certain dose of drug give you a certain concentration and over time.  Dose – concentration – effect.

- Measure drug effect to determine concentration in the brain (electroencephalogram – EEG, measuring brainwaves) because Propofol concentration effects the brain not the blood.

- The guy in the grey suit with the slicked back salt and pepper hair and laptop is the collegue Dr. White that Shafer refers to frequently on these studies (including the one he disagreed with).

Picture Propofol Concentration in case of Apnea
(patient stops breathing)

- Range of risk 1.3 – 3.3 mg per ml.  At 1.3, 5% of patients of risk of apnea, at 3.3 95% of patients would be at risk. 

- Freaky . . . Dr. Shafer says two word while simultaneously taking a drink out of a Styrofoam cup.  Maybe I missed something, maybe a video delay but that was freaky.

Propofol Concentration Model
Based on Autopsy

- Shafer explains how the liver metabolizes most of Propofol, but it is also being removed from the fat tissues in the body (Propofol heavy in fat molecule).  I takes time to get into the brain.  The solid red line represents the brain, the dotted line represents the blood on Propofol.  Apnea doesn’t take effect until the peak in the brain because that is where Propofol works.  Based on Dr. White’s study, half of patients would be expected to not be breathing.

Grey Area showing probability of Apnea

- This shows a small percentage even at 25 mg would be at risk for apnea for a brief period of time.  If patient had other benzodiazepines, it would increase probability of apnea.  So Shafer shows that even with that small dose, there is some risk.  But he says no to that being what happened to Michael Jackson.

- Shafer concludes that Michael would have had to have more than 25mgs.

Shows on 50mg. When he would have expected
To have stopped breathing

- The heart would have kept beating for about 10 more minutes.  He answers that this would not have reflected Michael’s concentration levels show by autopsy because the Propofol metabolizes too fast.  He said that rules out a single dose of 50mg.

- Walgren asks if there was a simulation on 100mgls were introduced by Michael Jackson.  Michael would have stopped breathing within a minute, and ten minutes later minimum his heart would have stopped.  (shown below).

Shows on 100mg, Model of effects on Michael Jackson

- This still rules out a SINGLE dose 100mg propofol, and that multiple syringe injections was closer to what showed up in the autopsy.  They also show models on this.  The first on self injection, which would be extremely difficult because it burns and you would have to have some coordination under some sedation of prior introduced drugs.

- They showed model from 6 injections, 50mgs each, which would leave him sufficiently sedated where Michael would not be able to wake up to inject himself repeatedly.

Model for 6 injections of 50mgs

- Each injection keeps him asleep a longer period of time because the Propofol builds up in the fatty tissue.

- Again this scenario shows that this did not happen because of the concentrations falling off so rapidly.  He would need time to wake up to give himself the next dose in order for this scenario to have taken place.

- The look at another study with 100mg self injected:

100 mg of self induction of Propofol

- This did not happen, after the 1st or second dose he would have died due to apnea, but even at this study, the femoral concentration was still well below what was measured in the femoral artery.

The point of all this is to show that the levels measured during the autopsy, of the concentration of Propofol in the femoral blood (I.V. site) are above what each of these models show.  They are moving toward determining just how much Propofol Michael allegedly was given for the level of concentration found in the femoral blood.

Court takes lunch break until 1:45..

They come back from lunch and Shaffer shows a diagram of what it would look like with Murray administrating without Michael waking up.

With Murray Injecting 50Mg

- shows the blood level at 28 minutes after the very first injection through the last dose, even though the breathing stopped well before the last dose, during the second or third dose.  Circulation would have stopped approximately three minutes after the last dose.  Under this scenario Michael would not be alive.

- Shaffer said Michael could have stopped breathing after one minute, and died after 15 minutes and still be given another dose and that would explain the elevated femoral blood of 2.6.

Through all the scenarios mentioned above, none come close to the Femoral blood level of 2.6 except Scenario Murray Injecting 50mg with six doses.

In otherwords, according to Dr. Shaffer, Michael’s femoral Propofol concentration levels would have to be high enough for him to be knocked out as new doses are administered, for the femoral levels to be that high (2.6) on death.

Model with 100ml Bolus Injection

- about 9am an infusion is started (scenario above), and the infusion runs until 12pm.  This shows that levels even though look to be leveling off, are actually still rising, because after about the apnea threshold, the Propofol is storing in the fat molecules.  Between 9 and 10 am his breathing would have changed, slowed down, his carbon dioxide level would be going up.  If there has been capnometry, Murray would have seen this going up.

- About 10am Shaffer says carbon dioxcide levels are higher but he is continuing to breath, all other readings would have been fine.  As the levels rise, the carbon dioxide no longer can drive his desire to breath and his breathing slows down to the point of apnea.  This would have been picked up initially with the capnometer but also with the pulse oximeter.

- Shafer says if Murray had been with the patient, he would have seen Michael’s slow or stopped breathing.  At that point he could have turned off the infusion, lifted Michael’s chin and/or bagged him.  As Michael’s breathing got slower, the tongue would have fell to the back of the throat.  At 11:30 to 11:45, the flow of oxygen flow into Michael’s lungs would have stopped and 15 minutes later, his circulation.

- This scenario shows that Michael would have died with the infusion still running which is why the concentration levels in the femoral artery so high.   This is because the Propofol has not had time metabolize as it does this quickly from the body if he was still alive.

- Shafer again uses the example of 100ml of Propofol per night to the orders of Propofol Murray made between April and June (which I do not agree with, there is no evidence that Murray ordered this specifically for Michael alone).

- It is Shafer’s opinion that the latter scenario pictured above is consistent with how he believes killed Michael.  Shafer believes the Propofol was running until at least noon.

- Old Seacoast shows XLIV infusion set.  Item number is 007774.  (Michael’s 777, and the number 4 – 4 years to get it right?)  Remember it is THIS TUBING that was missing from evidence as per Dr. Rogers Testimony on “This Day”.  The tubing was not turned in from one of the IV bags found.

- Showing the saline infusion sets, but for Propofol you need the vented infusion set so that it will put air into the Propofol bottle to overcome the suction.  There was one in the Seacoast order said Dr. Shafer.

Shafer holding up vented infusion set with Infusion Pump

Only With Murray’s set, it had no infusion pump

What It Looks Like set up, Hanging on the Pole

As the attorneys call away and are conferring with each other, Murray looks very nervous.  He is wide-eyed and looks like he wants to know what is going on.

They take a short afternoon break then they come back and Shafer comes back to explaining the set up on the pole.  He shows how the infusion pump works, how the rollers on the tubing work to stop the flow of Propofol.

There is an objection by the defense on the demonstration when Shafer begins showing what  HE THINKS may have happened with Michael.  So they break again near the Judge’s podium.

- They come back and Shafer continues explaining how the Propofol could have been also supported inside the saline bag with the slit in it, just to hang or support the Propofol bottle while it drained into the tubing.  And instead of an infusion pump, the roller clamps were used to control the flow of Propofol.  The clamp would cause the competition for gravity between the Propofol infusion line and the saline line.  He shows if you clamp the saline line, the Propofol runs too fast, but if they take the clamp off the saline line, the Propofol stops running entirely.

- Walgren then recaps all the 17 egregious deviations from the standard of care, four of which Shafer found unconscionable, and recaps the demonstrations.  After review Shafer views that Conrad Murray was not only a substantial factor but a direct cause of the death of Michael Jackson.

Shafer states that Murray was responsible for the well being of Michael, and introduced an IV and allowed access to Propofol to someone who was had developed a dependency (he didn’t say Propofol here) on sedatives, is the word he used.  Carefully.

With the closing of the prosecution’s case, (and a scheduling problem . . . again) Friday’s session won’t begin until 12:45 PST/3:45 EST.

Something tells me they want to save the beginning of the defense presentation until Monday.  

Court Adjourns until 12:45 on Friday.


California Seal - has 31 stars, NOT the 32 shown on the Seal on camera.

Michael’s Name – Is Michael JOE Jackson

Ed Chernoff – to Alvarez “It’s almost like it’s not real isn’t it?”

Michael’s position – Three different accounts of where Michael was when they entered the room the first time between Alvarez, paramedics Senneff and Blount

Michael’s condition – Paramedics say severely underweight, autopsy says healthy

Bowls of Soup – One in the fridge uneaten as per Kai Chase, One left outside the MASTER Bedroom with crumbs from a sandwich as per Latoya in her book.

Soup – Who was living in Michael’s Master Bedroom?  Who ate the soup?  No soup was in the decedent’s stomach contents. (No one allowed in MB but Michael)

Coroner Investigator – scene of death left unsecured for four days.
                               - all evidence not collected the first day.
                               - reports not complete, evidence manipulated before photos
                               - Missing security video tape
                               - Evidence missing ie: infusion tube for IV not turned in w/bag

Photos of Body – Gurney photo not genuine/evidence of photo shop
                       - Gurney not the style used in 2009 in UCLA Medical Center
                       - Autopsy photo not genuine/evidence of photo shop

Courtroom?  - Stuffed animals in various places. Elephant a mainstay.
- Rotation of the same tie on Murray, Dr. White, Walgren (noticed by                        - someone else.)
- Glass partition reflection doesn’t match foreground.

Doctors        - Cooper – Grad of David Geffen School of Med.
                     - Nguyen – Understudy for Star Trek character (fashion not Dr.)
                     - Drs Steinberg and Kamanga paid state witnesses with
                     Establishment connections (
                     - Dr. Rogers – wrong date on autopsy body, 08-25-2009
                     - his hands look like Michael’s.  Just an observation.
                     - Dr. Shafer, close relationship to pharmaceutical industry

Phone Records - Altered right there in the court room – time changed
                       - From Connie Ng “Dr. Murray is Paul Farance him too? MRI
                       - result for a Paul Farance born 08-08 2008 with date of
                          Exam 11-13-2007. (???) on right wrist.
                       - 2D Echo for Omar Arnold 1.17.07
                       - Frank’s voice mail doesn't mention Michael by name.
Pharmacy Orders – Huge amounts of Benoquin ordered for someone who already
                             Has not much pigment left. Tube lids are brown, not white,
                             Looks like makeup on tube lids. Total of 60 tubes.
                          - 155,000 mgs of Propofol ordered, no proof it was all for MJ

Murray’s clinics – Shares Nevada clinic with the his ex-wife/pediatrician with
                          Same phone numbers for both practices
                        - Murray, name change in 2008 from Robert Earl Carter to
       Conrad Murray which is his ex-wife’s maiden name.

Forensics        - Fleak and Ed Winter collect 4 vials of blood postmortem
                        - Patient ID is 3975944.
                        - At Carolwood prescriptions are collected containing names Mick
                          Jackson, Omar Arnold and Michael Jackson from Drs. Klein,
                          Metzger and Murray. – big discrepencies
                        - IV pole is moved between 6/25 and 6/29, tubing moved
                        - Coroner Case number 2009-04415
                        - Trauma Gershwin vial of blood drawn on 6/25 @ 1330 hours
                           But Michael is not declared dead until 14:26.  Fleak and Winters
                           Were not there yet to draw this blood. Fleak testified they drew
                           The blood.  Coroners were there at 1:30pm?

Much more, but I have to get this up for now.  Just trying to keep score.  I will finish up Day 8-14 tomorrow.

God Bless you and Good night.

Oh, and I'm sorry about the formatting but Word and this form aren't perfectly compatible.  Sorry!


  1. I just picked myself up off the floor when I posted this blog, then found this on the read through that I didnt' catch before:

    "Study showed a 20-fold overdose to mice orally did not put the mice to sleep, even though they were sleepy. Bioavailability rectally (through piglets) is less that 1% or .4%. First pass metabolism intestinally was 10% in the rat."

    The sentence reads as if I am telling someone that Dr. Shafer testified that propofol had to be introduced to the rectum through piglets. I know some of our foreign readers that have to translate are probably going to read it that way so my apologies. My stomach muscles hurt from laughing. I was trying to save time typing it that way.

    the MEANING of that sentence is that the TEST was done on PIGLETS which when you think about it, isn't any more appealing.

  2. Hi Bonnie,

    Hahaha, I was already wondering if a piglet was some kind of pil!
    (Good thing I read the comments first.)

    Love Pam

  3. Hi Bonnie. He also talked about tests that was done on dogs and monkeys. I was shocked when he mentioned test on dogs. Our number one pet. In France the dog is like the holy cow. They bring them to restaurants and they sit in the front seat of their cars. So sweet. I dont know if they still bring them to restaurants. I think it is forbidden in Sweden though. I am not sure, but I have never seen a dog in a restaurant in Sweden. I say leave the poor animals alone. I am aware of without tests on animals medical science wouldn't progress, but still. I love animals so it hurts when they talk about tests on animals. Susanne

  4. Hi Bonnie. I have heard Jermaine say in an Interview that "MJ was in a great shape and he could have done 200 shows at the 02 arena". I have also heard Jermaine say in an Interview "He looked like a skeleton". And then we are supposed to trust the family and believe that they are telling us the truth. It's hard. I am sorry Jermaine, but how can you be in a great shape and look like a skeleton at the same time. I don't understand that. Susanne

  5. Pam said - "Hahaha, I was already wondering if a piglet was some kind of pil!"

    ....... No, piglets are those cute little creatures me and my sister used to chase when we were little and at our Amish babysitter's house. The mom's didn't like it though. :o)

    Susanne said - "I was shocked when he mentioned test on dogs. Our number one pet. In France the dog is like the holy cow."

    .......... No, I didn't like hearing about that either. There was a big stink about that when the tabloids online were talking about that even before the trial began.

    What Jermaine said was that the family couldn't understand how Michael got from "ripped" and healthy to "skeletal" in the few weeks since they had last seen him. You have to read between the lines. Remember both he and Latoya had not seen Michael since the middle of May. So they are struggling with the "thin" Michael in the hospital being "Michael" too.

    They know what's going on. Keep watching.

  6. Diane sent this to me:

    Michael Jackson Manslaughter Trial: Why is Dr. Paul White (Defense expert witness) allowed to discuss the trial with E! News!
    Conrad Murray Defense Witness Calls Prosecutor a "Scumbag"

    Pastor immediately called for a break after Murray lost his cool in response to Shafer using an actual infusion stand to demonstrate how Murray could have dosed Michael Jackson with propofol. "Can you believe that?" Murray whispered to Dr. Paul White, an expected defense witness. "What a scumbag," White told the media seated near him.

    White, who described Shafer as a friend and colleague, tells E! News that Deputy District Attorney David Walgren's treatment of the evidence has been "unethical and unconscionable." Shafer's testimony, however, has changed the way he thinks of him, White says. "I am going to take the high road, not the low road with him," he adds. "I was his teacher when he was a medical student. The truth will come out. It always does."

    So that's what Murray was upset about. Dr. White knows something that the prosecution doesn't KNOW he knows . . . I hope these guys get called out. Walgren's done enough of misstating of the testimony to supply ten court cases. This is going to get interesting.

  7. Hi Bonnie. Or maybe Jermaine said that MJ was in a great shape in the beginning after his death to protect MJ, his dignity and integrity. I would totally understand that. So if he didn't tell the truth in the beginning it was because he loves his brother and wanted to protect him I guess. But of course I could be wrong. The skeleton comments from Jermaine was said this year. The great shape comments was a year before. It's hard to read between the lines when the lines are confusing and contradictory. Susanne

  8. Hi Bonnie. I love the song "Keep your head up". The line "I can't even breath, I can't even see" breaks my heart. And it is very telling. He struggled with health issues. You can se in photos that there is something wrong with one of his eyes. But Murray said in the police Interview that he was going to take MJ to an eye specialist. So maybe it was solvable problem. By the way I love all of MJ's songs. A while ago you mentioned a song called "One tear". May I ask you who the artist are? Susanne

  9. Bonnie,
    So, if I understand this correctly, Shafer's theory is saying that Michael would have shown signs of being in distress from around 10 am to 11:30, and then he stopped breathing. That's an hour and a half - so what WAS Murray doing during that time (apart from making 'phone calls?).
    In your list of Reminders above,the only section that I think the defense are going to jump all over is the Coroner Investigator. From their point of view, what use is evidence when it has quite possibly been compromised? How can anyone say for sure WHO was there and WHAT they touched from 25 June to 29 June, if a load of people traipsed all through the crime scene?

  10. Bonnie, you could be a medical science or any specialty you like as journalist, even working at home for official magazines/newspapers : Dr. Schafer's hearing was a hard one to transcript. Compliments. Yes, next week will also be very interesting...Grrr !

  11. Susanne said - "Or maybe Jermaine said that MJ was in a great shape in the beginning after his death to protect MJ, his dignity and integrity. I would totally understand that. "

    ........ Or . . . there could be two Michaels and one is not his brother. Or, it was the Illusion that was talked about that they were supposed to practice the "next day" everyone thinks is part of the concert? We should allow all possibilities and not be afraid to entertain the impossible.

    You said - "He struggled with health issues. You can se in photos that there is something wrong with one of his eyes. "

    ......... That remains to be seen too. I know Michael had vision problems, he wore glasses, but how many of those pictures after 2005 are really him is questionable, including the doctored photos from This Is It. I found one picture where they tried to make his face look thinner (This was TINI's doing, probably at the suggestion of Sony) and they had to do a "correction" on the eye and left it looking kind of squished and unnatural.

    "One Tear" . . . sung by Tenth Avenue North. It's a Christian group. I'll post it top of today's blog.

  12. Bonnie - i am struggling to understand that e-online article and i am hoping you can help?
    Why was Murray and his team so upset at Walgren showing an infusion set up?? Why would that cause him such emotion?
    Surely a jury would need to see it so they understand what it is and what it looks like? I found it very useful to see as its not something i have seen before.
    I just dont understand why that makes Walgren a scumbag??? Help!!! x

  13. Bonnie – Dr. Shafer said every patient stop breathing given propofol for procedure. When that happened he said, he takes over and breath for them. Did I say it right? If so, what did Dr. Murray do to breath for Michael every night when he stopped breathing since he said he gave him the Propofol for almost 3 month. Maybe Michael never died sooner because he was standing next to Michael while he put him under the influence of the Propofol without him living the room?

    How come this never mentioned in any testimony? I still wish Murray could go on the witness stand and tell us everything including what he did to keep Michael alive giving Propofol for that long. I’ve heard it is very unlikely for him to go on the witness stand. It is my wishful thinking anyway.

  14. LIne said - "you could be a medical science or any specialty you like as journalist, even working at home for official magazines/newspapers"

    Yuck! LOL! Thank you for the compliment but I don't want to be a journalist. I much prefer creative writing but I LOVE INVESTIGATING for story ideas and I have always even as a kid dug for the truth. I think "why" was my first uttered word as a baby, LOL (mom says it was "woof". We had a lot of show dogs at the time). I like finding information that fits together and putting pictures of possible happenings together like that. When I was a kid I had a lot of mean people around me (good too) and I was always trying to read faces to determine what the outcome of a situation with them was going to be. Maybe that's where it comes from.

  15. Background on Shafer - for 24 years experience you would think he would have more than one patient commenting:

    This article classifies Shafer's testimony against Dr. Murray as "personal":

    This is interesting:

    In red at top it says:
    "self reported by the licensee and has not been verified by the board".

    He's supposed to be the top in the country, writes in the medical journals, researches for the medical journals and APPROVES ARTICLES for the medical journals. There is nothing else I can find on him in regard to this.

    New York Medical Board - Very empty, no professional organizations listed, only education and hospitals he claims to have worked

    Type in Steven Shafer.

    Not even a list to any articles he's written online.

  16. BONNIE said : "I LOVE INVESTIGATING for story ideas and I have always even as a kid dug for the truth"

    Like Diane Dimond..,except she digs for LIES. Push her out & take her job so Michael will be once defended properly :o)

    Seriously now, this Dr. "White", something tells me I'm not going to like him unless he comes up with infallible evidence that would clear Murray. Next week: "Michael drug-addict" hearings's week :o((

  17. Monika said - "Why was Murray and his team so upset at Walgren showing an infusion set up?? Why would that cause him such emotion?"

    ......... Because he was already mistating the evidence and "assuming" facts not in evidence. I guess we will find that out on cross examination because I'm sure the defense is going to call out whatever it was they thought was wrong.

    Mimi said - "When that happened he said, he takes over and breath for them. Did I say it right?"

    That can't be true. I don't think he said it like that, but if he did, that would mean that every patient that ever undergoes surgery goes into respirator arrest and that's not true. I think he was just testifying how POSSIBLE it was under certain dosages used for major surgery.

    The defense will probably start their case next week and we will see some truth come out of this. it's looking like some of these doctors have an ax to grind, because they are completely embellishing and adding to Murray's taped interview with police and they are assuming that every piece of medical equipment and drug Murray bought between April and June was for Michael only which is PREPOSTEROUS! I can't believe they think people will buy that garbage.

    Anyhow, I'm not going to get emotional about any of this until I see where the defense is going to go with this. Like I said, there is another purpose for this trial underneath it all.

  18. Line said - "Like Diane Dimond..,except she digs for LIES. Push her out & take her job so Michael will be once defended properly :o)"

    ....... Yep, I think someone got a hold of that lady in her childhood. She is seriously deranged. Nothing that comes out of her mouth is the truth. Den of vipers.... I don't want her job. My husband wanted to go into Christian counciling at one time. I could see myself writing articles or stories putting the everyday problems people face into biblical perspective. It sure has helped me, all through this last two plus years. Truth has a way of healing people.

    Now why would you not like Dr. White already? He reportedly taught Dr. Shafer. When they showed him, I was watching his face as testimony was going on. He seems less "glory-seeking" then the other doctors and he didn't like how some of the evidence was handled by the prosecution and I have to agree with him on that.

  19. BONNIE : "Now why would you not like Dr. White already? He reportedly taught Dr. Shafer."

    Just a feeling, Bonnie, i.e worth nothing. Dr. White may be the most significant Defense witness next. The man is intelligent so dangerous in case he would smartly attempt to twist the truth, unless ..he becomes the one who unties the truth. And : we did not hear much yet from Defense lawyer Mr. Gurdjian, ex-associate from Mark Geragos in 2004. It may change next week.

  20. Bonnie said, Dr. white..."He seems less "glory-seeking" then the other doctors and he didn't like how some of the evidence was handled by the prosecution and I have to agree with him on that.” I cannot wait when Dr. White lay down all the refutable evidences and show us how exactly Michael is responsible for his own death since he is called to do so by the defense.

  21. Line said - "he becomes the one who unties the truth. And : we did not hear much yet from Defense lawyer Mr. Gurdjian, ex-associate from Mark Geragos in 2004. It may change next week. "

    ......... They supposedly have 15 witnesses so I doubt that Dr. White will be the end all. Yes, Gurdjian. Notice Brazil did not question these doctors much at all either.

    Chernoff has to finish cross examining Shafer. Then I'm sure Walgren will want to re-direct and Chernoff re-cross. THEN maybe will see something from the defense in presenting their case.

    @Mimi - You didn't catch the testimony today did you. Chernoff asked Shafer "Dr. White never said Michael drank the propofol, did he?" Who came up with that stupid idea? Chernoff got Shafer to admit that it was totally HIS IDEA to do testing through animals and humans in Chile, without even being asked by the prosecution. Chernoff called him on that one.

    I would really like to see what Doctor White has to say, because Chernoff put some serious holes in Shafer's testimony as ALL OF IT was based on speculation of information NOT in evidence.

    The main point being . . . He based his models on the idea that EVERYTHING Murray ordered from Seacoast between april and June was for Michael specifically, completely disregarding that Murray had clinics he also supplied.

    I want to see who this suprise witness is AND what this detective who was supposedly at the house the night of the murder says.

  22. BTW - Whoever is trying to hack into this account? Knock it off. I get every attempt to sign into this account to my email address. So your attempts do NOT go unnoticed.


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