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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Jackson has More Stamina Than I Do

God: Reconnect to Him

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Michael Jackson has More Stamina Than I Do

Day 16 Conrad Murray Michael Jackson
Who Is It?  Will We Find Out?

Colossians 3:21
Fathers, provoke not your children to anger, lest they be discouraged.

Today, I was provoked.  You'll see . . . 

I was going to post the video “Who Is It” but I could find nothing on Youtube (not even on VEVO) except karaoke lyrics and remixes of the song and since they all stink, I’m sorry but I don’t have a video for you tonight.  There must be something about it that Sony does not like.

Oddly enough, I am in the book of Jonah in my morning reading of the Bible.  Just about every American child that has ever so much as walked past a church knows the story of Jonah getting swallowed by “the big fish” for disobeying God.

Joel and Obadiah, the books before Jonah, are mostly warning about Edom and the treachery they create against Esau’s brother, Jacob.  Obadiah is only one chapter and it’s entirely about Edom.

I am reading about Edom now, and putting together a time line and this take some time.  I thought I would have the first installment of this up this weekend, but we had company sort of unexpectedly.  It was such a beautiful weekend and we didn’t expect them to bring steaks with them to grill (my husband’s reputation behind the grill must have preceded him from Maryland).  In late October in Maryland, I would not have been sitting outside in shorts and a t-shirt and sandals.  Down here, it’s WONDERFUL to be able to do that.

Boy did my day change between yesterday and today.

Chernoff Cross Examines Shafer

- Cheroff begins going over models/charts that Shafer prepared.  The one where Propofol was the lowest, Chernoff asks “at what point would Propofol pose the least amount of risk?”  And Shafer uses his lazer pointer to circle toward the right end of the graph and says “at the point where Propofol is lowest in the brain”.

- Graph 6 doses of 50mg which was the self injection simulation.  He shows the graph of Murray giving 6 injections of 50 mg (rapid bolus).  Then he reviews what Shafer said he heard from Murray giving a three to five minute injection (slow bolus) yet Shafer’s models, including Murray injecting, showed rapid bolus.

- Shafer testifies that the self injection rapid bolus were off of Dr. White’s simulations. And the 100mg self injection would never happen because apnea would occur after two or three injections

Re-establishing . . . No Fringe on Flag

 This is for Princess Glam - The Only Longshot I could find
No Visible Seal Above Judge's head

- Chernoff asks about 1st order half life (Lorazapam).  Shafer says that means every 22 minutes every amount of drug in the stomach is cut in half.  Greenblatt study 1977.

- The Lorazapam half life in the stomach Shafer’s model was at 22 minutes (with 15 minute lag time).  So 22 minutes a 2mg tablet would be 1mg left in stomach, another 22 minutes it would be a half milligram, etc…

- Chernoff is trying to do the math on 8 tablets Lorazapam (16mg) over four hours, which would leave very little Lorazapam in the stomach (my math 1/16 of a milligram).  Which would be 1/32 of a tablet.

- Chernoff gets Shafer admit that he could imagine the possibility of Michael swallowing 8 Lorazapam pills.

- Chernoff asks if Shafer had requested the coroner to run a test on the metabolite of Lorazapam in the urine.  Shafer answers no, he requested only blood and stomach contents test results.  Shafer said he looked at the urine content (yuck).  Shafer is being “cute” today, making little jokes “I’m not hiding back here” when he opens his laptop to look at what analysis he made on the amounts found in urine.

- Shafer said they did not do the urine analysis and just used the numbers in toxicology.  Oral dosing paradigm that he ran the numbers for he said he got from the defense.

- Chernoff questions Shafer on his statement about Michael’s visits to Klein’s stating that “Michael loved [Demoral]”.  Chernoff asks if he specializes in addiction or has experience in withdrawals from opiates.  Shafer admits that no, he’s not an expert but did make the statement in his report about Michael and Demoral as an observer of those who had dealt with addiction.

- Chernoff asks Shafer if he was aware of what they do for addicted patients when they put them through rapid detox.  Shafer says he knows what it is but has never seen it.  Chernoff then asks him if he was aware that a patient is sedated while antidotes to the opiates are introduced to the patient and they are sedated because of the dangers to the heart.  Shafer says yes he is.  Chernoff closes questioning.

Afternoon Break:

Talking heads discussing that Dr. White is not in the courtroom today as he was on Friday and Thursday.  The comments Dr. White made were discussed, however, I don’t believe anyone in the press box as to what it was Dr. White actually said.  White was talking to Dr. Murray.

Aside from personal things that were bothering me today, HLN decides to take the opportunity to create anxiety by offering information that Miss Katherine will be flying out again to London next week and may miss the verdict.  This was a contractual obligation (to David Guest???) for the premier of this documentary that was scheduled (again) before this trial was moved. 

I don’t understand why Miss Katherine would even be OBLIGATED for such a project that from what I understand, paints Michael as (amongst other things) a drug addict.  This is during a trial for his murder by a doctor who’s defense team is trying to paint her son as a drug addict.  So far, a tribute and a documentary have/are taking precedence over Michael Jackson and this trial.

I would think David Guest . . . as a FRIEND would have picked a MUCH BETTER TIME to OBLIGATE Michael’s mother, but I “GUEST” he didn’t make enough money off of Michael when Michael was still available.  Just how many documentaries does it take to feed the greed of these people for the Federal Reserve note?  Apparently, they’re insatiable. 

This is just a suggestion for any members of the family who feel compelled to confuse CHOICE with OBLIGATION – “NO” is also a word.  It’s only two letters, but it feels a lot better coming out of your mouth and it’s the best weapon against USERS.  “NO” was the response “FRIENDS” gave Michael repeatedly when he asked for support and they used it without shame.

It’s so nice to have to sit here day in and day out and listen to HLN (because they are my only back up when live feed sound cuts in and out), talking about how much more money the Jackson family has made over their son/sibling’s death.  I hope you caught that and were taking note!

They come back from break just in time to keep me from screaming.

Walgren redirects

- Walgren asks him about other advisory panels the great Dr. Shafer has served/advised on.  Unless something incredibly interesting comes out of this re-direct examination, I’m not taking the time to write down this drivel.  It’s BORING. Shafer should have been sent home long ago.  Why didn’t they grill the detectives this long?  They were actually AT THE SCENE!

- Still nothing interesting (drums fingers on desk, takes sip of tea).

- I have never seen such a beleaguered, drawn out witness in my life.

- Walgren asks about his simulations again and asks Shafer to confirm that the femoral blood levels support more than 25mg of Propofol was given.  However, no one but CHERNOFF has brought up the LACK OF DATA ON THE BRAIN, which is where it ACTIVIATES according to SHAFER’S own testimony. 

- Shafer is starting to sound a lot like Rogers.  Walgren is starting to sound like he’s whining.  Murray looks sleepy again.  Has anyone checked to see what happened to the Propofol IV they had set up in the court room last Thursday?  Murray’s starting to look a lot like his own patient. 

- Walgren is beating on the femoral blood levels.  We’ve been over this, both sides.

- Shafer reiterates after supporting question from Walgren, that he’s not be able to recreate any scenario of femoral blood being that high except through constant infusion (not bolus alone).

Chernoff recross

Shafer admits under Chernoff’s question that the last simulation shown by Walgren wasn’t made until 10pm last night as a result of Chernoff’s questioning on Friday (what the hell?  We’re now letting prosecution admit new models to counter defense deconstruction of Shafer on Friday???  When was this ever allowed?)

- Chernoff gets Shafer to testify regarding the 100mg simulation.  Shafer now says it not extraordinary.  Shafer has to revise his statement because Chernoff shows him the actual tubing found at the scene. Shafer now says he sees it is vented.  Chernoff shows that Shafer had not previously seen the “vented” set that was used (prosecution never showed him this?)

The People Rests
(Wonders never cease!  Finally the Neverending Witness gets to go home.  The lawyers meet at the side bar for a few minutes)

Oh God, please let something GOOD happen today.  Micheline called me and wanted me to check my email.  She sent me an article about a Pilot program that is being introduced by our sick-in-the-head, deranged, EVIL, pedophile-celebrating, Satan’s handiman PRESIDENT and sexual deviant-in-chief Obama-bin-laden, starting in New York City SCHOOLS (I guess we haven’t had enough school shootings, teenage rapes and missing children for his satisfaction?!!)!

Defense Opens It’s Case with Gordjian calls Donna Norris

- Norris is Beverly Hills Police Department for 17.5 years.  Two page document from the 911 call.

Print out of 911 Call

- Call at 12:20:50 call transferred to the L.A. Fire Department

- RLS 12:24 – call released, DUR means duration of call 0:46 seconds at police department.  Date of call June 25 2009, below a 209 () dash and 4846, the number that had called 911.

- Below that 4846, and address Sunset Blvd, Verizon Wireless. Time date and year, and the cell phone tower address, then ES number, and the Verizon wireless provider. 3105113029, this is a fictitious number. E7bzw number is BHLS. Which part of tower the call hit.  (Result for ficticious # here – Search Result)

- 909-273-4946 was first registered police department at 12:20:18

(purpose of this witness – different time for actual paramedic call.)  Call for the paramedics didn’t actually go out from the police station until 12:21 which was ten seconds more than what Norris printed out of the Beverly Hills Police Dept. computer.

No cross for this witness.

Gordjian calls Alex Supall

- LA Police Dept. as a Police surveillance specialist for 11 years.  Operate and maintain police surveillance equipment, cameras, retrieve footage, etc…

- Gordjian asks about June 25th.  Supall didn’t take the call for Carolwood but he was the one that was sent.  He needed to assist with possible retrieval of video.  The operators were not sure how to play back the video.  Supall went alone to the scene.

- Some time after 6pm.  Gordjain says “Would 7:30 be accurate”.  He said yes. Several officers were already there.  They had to wait for permission to go through the gates.

- Officer Martinez was there when he arrived.  Supall said he spoke to Martinez as they were viewing the video.  Supall said his task was to find the location of the machine that recorded the video.  DVR.  It was located in the basement in the house, two stories down behind entertainment center of the theater.  They had to get a monitor from the guard shack and hooked it up.

- They could then view footage.  Martinez with him then, and a security guard, he didn’t know his name but described him as tall African American Male that was in the security shack when he got there. 

- Gordjian asked how far back could they go on DVR. They went back to the time MJ got home.  They went back to that time as per Martinez (Supall was not sure).  They downloaded minute per minute recording.  Went back to a few minutes before he came home early morning of 25th.

Defense QQQ Disk is entered in evidence

- Recording as they are viewing, so stops, fast forwards and rewinds also appeared on footage.

- Camera looks as if it is one facing front gate.  He does not remember how many cameras.

Defense RRR 7 minutes just playing

Video on gate

No Cross here either.

Court breaks for lunch.  During videos (I was viewing and screen-shotting so I did not get to comment as I watched), you can see people I assume are guards in trench coats walking back and forth on the drive at the main/front gate.  (Trench coats . . . it’s the end of June).

You see one SUV come in and the gate close. Then before it closes all the way another SUV comes in.  You can see people in trench coats walking toward the vehicles then back and forth across the gates as they shut.

You see a glimpse of the fan groups outside the gates, and another time the gate opens and a third vehicle comes in and a guard walks outside the gate (if they are even guards) toward the fan group outside as the gate shuts.  Then you see the tape rewound, stopped and fast forwarded.

Gordjian did not have Supall explain who the face was leaning into the camera out of the SUV on the video from the gate camera (keypad camera).

Gordjian Interviews Dan Meyers Detective

- Meyers said he interviewed Alvarez and Amir Williams.  He interviewed Alvarez a couple of times.  Gordjian asked Meyers about the drawing posted below, and asked him to identify that Alvarez was the one that drew it.

Alvarez Drawing

- Meyers testifies it is a bag on an IV stand, with a bottle inside the bag.
These drawings were made on August 31, 2009, but not mentioned on the June 26th questioning of Alvarez..

Walgren declines to cross-examine.

Gordjian directs Orlando Martinez

- Interviewed Alvarez at the hospital but was only present for half of that interview. Interview was conducted with Smith.  He did not hear Alvarez talk about putting bottles away.  Martinez did not mention a detective Porche being there but it was mentioned on Murray’s taped police interview.

- Was there on the 25th in the evening to view video surveillance.

- Was present at the meeting with Walgren and Alvarez.  They brought pulse oximeter, medical bag, and saline bag. 

Gordjian shows Martinez the two different drawings that Alvarez Made, one in August and one in January of 2011 where he saw the bottle inside the saline bag.

Walgren Cross Examines

- Walgren asks him if he was aware that the drawing Alvarez made was in January of 2011.  Walgren asks why Martinez had Alvarez draw the drawing of the plain saline back and Martinez said he asked him to draw what he saw because  Alvarez said a saline bag had an additional chamber.

- Martinez testifies that Alvarez never mentioned the bottle in the bag being Propofol, never testified on June 25th about the bottle in the saline bag and he never testified to that extra chamber on the saline bag in his statement on August 21 of 2009.  Martinez agreed that Alvarez only stated this in the preliminary hearing after seeing a bag presented to him by the prosecution.

No Recross

Chernoff calls Dr. Metzger

- Met Michael Jackson 15 to 20 years ago.  Prior to 2000, prior to 1995 he said.  Treated Michael for various things.  Over the years they became closer over the birth of his children.  Mostly one of his primary physicians in L.A.  There were other doctors he had for specialists like dermatology.  Metzger says he was Michael’s internal medicine doctor.

- Michael called him in early 2008.   Testifies he has most recent records from 2002.  Conversation was about Michael’s health, sleep issues, nutrition and some skin care issues.  Prior to June 2008 he last spoke to Michael many years earlier, estimated June 23, 2003 he came into the office in L.A.  (Another past association that suddenly came back into his life in 2008/2009?)

- Metzger said Michael told him he was taking Zanex for sleep.  General health issues, under stress.  He was taking Tylenol PM.  Talked about back strain.  Metzger said he told Michael to see him and Dr. Klein when he came back to L.A.  (Him AND Dr. Klein?  What are they, partners in crime?)

- February 26 of 2009 he talked to Michael on the phone.  He knew he was here in LA rehearsing at the time.  Michael mentioned it and when Chernoff at the same time asked him if he saw it in the press, Metzger said “no” then he said Michael told him AND he saw it in the press.  This guy is stone faced and apparently has no qualms about lying to your face.  No apologies or he could remember, he just retracted his answer and contradicted it without a flinch.

- Metzger  testifies He saw Michael in April of 2009.  Grace was not there (who asked about Grace?  Nobody!), but he saw the children, Michael and some body guards he doesn’t know the names of.  Metzger said he initially saw Michael with the children, then Michael by himself after 15 minutes.  Described Michael as lucid.  Chernoff asked Metzger why he used that term and had he ever seen him NOT lucid.  Metzger said he was excited, talking about some creative things he was thinking about, spoke to him about excitement and fear about the tour.  He said Michael’s fear had to do with the concert and the huge obligation.  He was concerned about his nutritional state, hydration while performing, (I’m not believing this guy at this point.  Michael was training with Lou Ferrigno at the time).  (April 18th).

- He said Michael was concerned about his nutritional and mental state during the performance and he wanted to do a good job.  He said he was worried about sleep disorders, not being able to come back down from performing (adrenaline).

- Metzger did travel with Michael on some of these tours  (Yes, and those doctors used IV’s).  He said Michael asked about intravenous sleep medication.  He said Michael never mentioned a name of a medicine, but used the term “juice”.  He said Michael did not believe any oral medicine would be helpful.

- Metzger tried him on Tylenol PM, Zanex, on that visit Metzger said he tried Clonadine or Trazadone.  Metzger said he didn’t recall a name of a medicine but Michael said he wanted some form of an anesthetic.  He was aware of Propofol, but Michael did not use this name with his visit with Metzger.

- Randy Rosen worked with Metzger on pain management with Michael mostly back strain.  Randy Rosen’s specialty said he could be an anesthesiologist. 

- Metzger was asked if he was aware that Michael was seeing Klein when he was back in L.A.  Metzger said he assumed he was.  He said Michael did mention that he was looking for a doctor to travel to London with him but he did not give him a referral because he did not know any doctors in London.

- Metzger testified he did not provide any intravenous medication, ever.  (Bullcrap.  Then what did you do when you traveled on the tours?  Jermaine and family saw this going on ON TOUR).

- Metzger said he didn’t think he spoke to Michael again after seeing him on April 18th, 2011. 

- Metzger is asked to narrow down the time he saw Michael on the 18th of April.  He said he didn’t think it was late afternoon.  Metzger says he has 5 pages of medical records since 2002.  Metzger said he provided them to an attorney who asked for them.

Walgren crosses.

- On April 18th when Michael inquired about intravenous pain medication.  He asks Metzger if he told Michael that anesthetic at home was dangerous and not recommended and Metzger said, “yes.”  (Even though he did it with him on previous tours, according to Jermaine’s book.  Michael’s last tour was History.  Metzger said he worked with Michael before 1995, so he also could have been there for “Dangerous” tour.)

Chernoff Redirect

- Metzger is asked about his statement to Walgren how he could tell Michael it was dangerous and not recommended but Metzger claims Michael never mentioned a name of any particular medicine.  (I don’t believe him).

No re-cross, Metzger is excused.

Afternoon break.

Chernoff asks Cherilyn Lee to the stand. 
(They’re digging their grave) Nurse practitioner of Hollistic Medicine/nutrition

It looks like they are getting their possible hostile witnesses out of the way first.

- Holistic practitioner and has a clinic dealing with natural remedies.

- She’s not sure how long she’s had her clinic – 15 – 20 years.  (Geeze).

- Works with sports talent/entertainers.  She does not like modern pharmaceutical medications (I agree with her) she doesn’t like what medication does to people.  (Well some HERBS are poisonous too, Ms Lee).

- She has prescribed medications, antibiotics  in the past.  She is not allowed to prescribe anesthetic medicines.

- She did meet Michael Jackson at his home.  She got a call from the mother of Faheem Mohamed   ( I like Judge Pastor.  Lee needs water and Judge Pastor is very accommodating).

- She’s been knowing him (Faheem) for many years.  His mother is Lee’s friend.  Michael’s children had a slight cold and Michael wanted her to come to the home to see the children.  She said it was the latter part of January of 2009.  An exact date of January 31st is given after she gets her notes.

- Miss Cherilyn is very polite (thanks Chernoff for his patience as she goes through her notes on the date she was called out to the house.)

- She made an appointment then went out to the house.  It was the same day of the phone call.  She treated the children for the cold.  She said she did speak to Michael during this visit.  He asked, “What do you do”.  Cherilyn asked if he had  problems and Michael said he was “a little tired”.  She had to have Michael fast before she could do lab work so she came back the next day (Feb. 1) to do lab work and take an assessment of him.

- This included physical, drew blood and did tests.  History and physical included medications to determine reason for tiredness.  Sleep patterns, he wasn’t talking about a lot during that day.  Easily fatigued and she asked him to list the five main physical complaints:  Fatigue, tiredness and they didn’t name the third.

- He loved to drink Red Bull and she advised against that (Red Bull?  That stuff is BAD for you!  He knows better than that!)  She said it could cause his insomnia but it did not seem to be a major problem and Michael wasn’t urgent about it at the time.

- Questionnaire, he did say he had trouble falling asleep.  She said the Red Bulls did concern her because of the trouble falling asleep. She said Michael said maybe he thought he was anemic.

- She said Michael did talk to her about possible rehearsals and that he would sometimes loose five to seven pounds from sweat.

- Medically she said he was very healthy, alert, loving (Chernoff said “just medically”).

- She said Michael told her “Whatever you tell me to do, I will stop” in reference to the Red Bull.

- She saw him again on February 3rd.  She was still waiting for his lab results but she was over there on January 31st, February 1st, 2nd  and 3rd.  She said she got lab results on February 5th and then she saw Michael on March 9th after she got those back.  She went over the lab results with Michael on that date (and she double checks her notes).  She then says on February 16th she gave him a B 12 shot and drew more blood to see what the treatment was doing.

- She started nutritional IV’s on him too.  Low doses of vitamin C therapy.  (She’s a nurse practioner!  Is there anyone in the medical field that has NOT put holes in Michael?  I’m getting sick of hearing this!)

- Chernoff asks if Lee, “On March 9, did she start him on a nutritional IV?”

- She started early part of February she started nutritional IV’s on February 3rd (before blood work was back, which contradicts her statement above)  then she said amino acid not the vitamin C.  She said it was 800mg/4cc’s with Saline solution, via an IV push over ten minutes.  (No wonder Michael didn’t have any veins!)

- February 10th she provided another IV because he said he was feeling a lot better.  Meyers Coctail, vitamin C, B, Magnesium, Calcium, and a B12 shot in the morning along with his supplement drink/smoothie.

- On February 16th she was there again and provided him with the B12 shot and went over his lab results.  She said he did not at that time complain about sleep.  But Chernoff said her progress notes does say that she wrote down that he complained about sleep.  She finds it then verifies that yes he did mention it and that he was still coming off the caffeine drinks.  (it took him two weeks to come down off a Red Bull?)

- This is the first time Michael says he has trouble sleeping.  She would make some teas for him to help relax him later one when he wanted her to see that he did not sleep.

- March 9th was the next time she saw Michael after February 16th.  Chernoff asks about him after his London trip (She says she didn’t know then she saw it on T.V.)  She said one of the security called her on the 9th.  Lee said Michael was complaining about low energy and well being.  She gave him a Meyer’s cocktail IV.

- March 16th she came back and provided another Meyer’s cocktail IV and other things.

-March 26th 2009, she came out to the house at 6am.  It was scheduled the day before.  He was complaining about what he had to do that day, was lacking energy.  She gave him another Meyers infusion.  She says Michael wanted her to come to London to continue his nutritional therapies.

- March 26. Michael told her he couldn’t sleep and she suggested natural sleep products. He said they would not work with him.

April 12, 2009, Easter Sunday.  Michael had someone call her on Easter Sunday and she went.  Michael’s complaint was I have a problem sleeping and none of her natural therapies were working.  That Michael said “When I need to go to sleep I want to sleep right away.)  She wanted to do a sleep study at his house.  She said Michael told her “I have a hard time sleeping, I want you to see that I don’t sleep well.  You can be here and watch me and see I don’t sleep well.  (And then she said she didn’t know if it was the day before or Easter Sunday).

- She said went over late in the evening.  They watched a movie (as they always do), she made him tea and she went up to his room to watch him sleep.  She said until 3am.  He woke up around 3am after going up between 9:30pm – 10pm.  He did have an IV of Meyer’s cocktail and vitamin C.  He slept five hours (She gives him an energy cocktail IV with Saline while he’s trying to sleep? It was a 250 bag of saline.)

- Catheter was in his hand, she said he had very small veins, squiggly veins.  She never had a problem getting an IV in because of the way she did it.  (I’m still trying to process that Michael was getting stuck with IV’s as early as February 3rd, and by a NUTRITIONIST!)

- The date the subject of medication came up was the Easter Sunday Lee was at Carolwood.  April 12th.  Chernoff asks if she could be mixing up her dates.  Then she concurs that yes, that was April 19th, not Easter Sunday.  The judge asks if they could adjourn is it was 4:10.

Court Adjourns until 9am tomorrow.

So do all entertainers go through this?  Michael wasn’t even TOURING yet and this was a daily occurrence?
As you can probably tell, I did not have a good day . . . at all.  But you are lucky in the sense that I wrote most of this before certain issues today got me down.  (I’m not perfect, things get to me too, and there are parts of this I did have to re-write.)

The first thing that got me down was . . . my mother.  I can’t help her and that’s all I can say about that right now.  I can’t see my children who are STATES away, and the pickup, which is the one vehicle that my husband USED to take to work blew a head gasket.  I just happened to put $20 gas in that today so I could use it to haul all the aluminum cans up to the recycle center.  My husband never understood why I NEVER fill up the cars with gas.  I never do.  Because when I do, they die and somebody else gets our gas.  Never fails.  So Now I’m out $20 with no way to replace it because FIXING the truck is definitely, financially out of the question.

Try to imagine my frame of mind when during the mid-morning break in testimony, I hear about Miss Katherine and this trip to London possibly over the course of the verdict.

How could David Guest think that ANYBODY would be interested in his warped idea of who he thinks Michael is/was/ (take your pick) while THIS TRIAL is going on?

Raise your hands if you are going to beat down the doors going to this premier and ignore this trial?:  Below is the video clip of this documentary

Then I get a phone call from Micheline who read something that upset her, which when I found out what it was, upset me.  It was just an emotional pile-on today.  This is the information she sent me:

This is the article:

Sexual education classes at NYC public high schools and middle schools might feature some usually unmentioned lessons next year.

Among those lessons? Bestiality, anal sex, oral, sex, phone sex, porn and more, WSBT reports.

According to the report, the Department of Education has recommended students learn "everything there is to know about sex" in the new curriculum.  Source

The “respectable” papers in New York have played this down, stating they are trying to prepare ELEVEN YEAR OLDS for protecting themselves against HIV (a virus OUR GOVERNMENT manufactured) and pregnancy.  Of course they are going to show these sweet, innocent children which “other ways” there are to have sex that don’t involve actual intercourse.  Isn’t that nice of them?

I sat here at the desk and all I could do is cry.  We didn’t have this problem 100 years ago.  What changed? (Power to the National Education Association, unlimited tax dollars and of course a Zionist eugenicist named Margaret Sanger and her pet project that turned into the modern day Planned Parenthood (planned murderhood).  Did you know there is a SAFE WAY to have oral sex for those wearing braces?  If there is a way, bet your bottom dollar a TEACHER is going to be willing to show you how!

(“you got school teachers who don’t wanna teach, You’ve got grown people, who can’t write or read, you got strange diseases but there’s no cure, you got many doctors who aren’t so sure . . .” – Michael Jackson, Why You Wanna Trip On Me)

When are parents going to put their foot down (collectively) and just refuse to send your children to these dens of iniquity?

As Cherilyn has her testimony for the defense interrupted for the afternoon adjournment, I am getting dinner ready.  My husband comes back in and asks me what the big puddle of oil is under the truck (Lord!), my husband’s prayer at dinner time was very short  “I have nothing left, Lord.  I don’t know what else to say.”

Then as we sit down to eat, my mother calls and tells me as I TRY to eat, that she didn’t know what she was going to do (she’s in the same position I am . ..  doctorate, no work, school loans – the biggest rip off besides the federal income tax the government has ever contrived), and I had no words.  Nothing.  I had nothing I could pull up out of myself.  No words of encouragement.  I was afraid if I opened my mouth nothing but tears would come out.  I could just feel myself shutting down.  I think she could feel it too because she just quietly said, “I’ll talk to you later.” And hung up. 

I put the phone down.  I think the first tear and the phone reached the table at the same time.  It’s a terrible way to try to digest food.  I pushed my plate away and just sat there.  Usually it is me trying to encourage my husband.  Tonight he felt guilty because he felt that what he said in his prayer did this to me.

This week I have seen photos of bodies in a pit in Libya – the “humanitarian” NATO assisted take over of Libya for the good of the people?  I’ve heard enough bad things going on in this country under this ridiculous excuse of a president (like Bush was any better) to make me want to leave it.  I don’t have enough to hold on.  It’s that simple.  I don’t.  That doesn’t upset me as much as the thought that there are people in the world that care so little about human life that they can bulldoze bodies of those who used to be living for the benefit of their bank accounts. 

Teachers that for some God-unknown reason truly believe that exposing children younger and younger to sexual situations is going to result in anything but exposing children younger and younger to sexual situations.  Sex-Ed in the classroom has only managed to proliferate sexual activity . . . make it okay.  They’ve taken the fear out of consequences.  Get pregnant?  All you have to do is kill it before it’s born!  Now, you can do it without your parents consent because . . . WE are the only ones that care about you.  The STATE! 

School shooting?  It must be that not enough kids are on mind altering drugs!  Let’s fix that!  Hell, let’s give them all Ativan and Ritalin and Prosac then put a gun in each one of their hands  . . . overpopulation solved!  You don’t even NEED FEMA.  Just drug the kids!

As far as this court case is concerned, I was a little surprised that the defense was going through their witnesses like they were water.  The detectives of all people, were discarded like fall leaves after the kids get done jumping in them.  Pretty much like the bankers are discarding us.  The security video was different, but no answers. Too many guards, too much darkness and too many vampires hanging around outside the gate.

That is your future children, folks . . . brain washed, mind controlled fodder for the powers that be.  Their parents must be proud.  I can see the bumper sticker now . . .  . “My Child stalks Celebrities” . . . “My Child sleeps in the streets of famous people.”  “My child is a financed rioter”. 

I’m going to bed.  I’ve had enough for one day.  I am feeling very ugly right now and I’m getting real close to not giving a damn.  But I’m still crying, so that must mean I do.  Apathy is natural anesthesia . . . no holes required.


  1. Cathy emailed this to me . . . Klein sounds like a desperate man:

    Amy Ephrom even your own readers know you are an ignoramus! How can you comment on anything when you wanted me to supply outdated injectable collagen to Rhonda Rand your dermatologist(please note my records were illegally released and I was not in the USA all of May 2009.Demerol is a central acting pain reliever that must be given ever 6 hours for addiction. Below you can see the text I wrote on a...ddiction. I even knew Bill Wilson. Feel Stupid yet Amy?

    Alan Lukas
    Last Week
    What does "the singer’s drug use and relationships" have to do with the price of bananas? Nothing, which is why Judge Pastor disallowed such testimony and the prosecution keeps interjecting,"Objection. Irrelevant." Because such questions are, in fact, irrelevant. So is discussion about the victim's lifestyle.

    In case Ms. Ephron hasn't noticed, the victim is not on trial. Conrad Murray is the only defendnat.

    In any and every situation in which Jackson may have been—sick, robust, pressured, broke, happy, sad, frustrated, etc—it’s clear Murray (1) inappropriately administered a potentially lethal anesthesia; (2) outside a hospital setting; (3) without formal and necessary training; (4) without proper monitoring and resuscitation equipment; (5) then left his patient unattended; (6) then failed to immediately call 911; (7) then failed to competently administer CPR; (8) then failed to inform arriving paramedics about his use of propofol, as he (9) tried to hide the evidence. Murray bore sole responsibility to treat his patient according to the standard of care, which he failed to do.

    I don’t know why the defense is even trying to use the “blame the deceased victim” defense. Even a prosecuting attorney who graduated in the bottom 10% of his class can overcome that with the nine points above.

    Oh, and just because Arnie Klein billed the estate for X number of injections doesn't necessarily mean he administered X number of injections. Think about it...bill the King of Pop's estate and see if they pay. They didn't.

    3 Weeks Ago
    I'd like to know where these numbers came from...

    First, I will say it again--no Demerol in the house, none in the body. Does that not say quite a bit there? And not even daily use? Hmm...

  2. Klein's tweets, cont...

    Second, are these numbers rounded? They appear to be and even if a few mLs were used from a vial that entire vial is counted on a billing sheet since vials are typically not reused...

    When Demerol is abused it can cause seizures. Apparently, Michael never suffered from a seizure. I think someone who was really addicted to this medication would be taking more than 600 mg a day if not more--that is a far cry from the numbers above. Plus, there were not even any opioids in the house to "tie him over".

    Michael was very needle-phobic. Mark Lester has also said this, too. Both men also say Michael would never use a needle on himself, he would not even do acupuncture. Michael's skin was sensitive, he had been burned before and had multiple surgeries from that, surgeries for other reasons and let's face it--most guys do not tolerate pain like a woman.

    I noticed in the billing that Klein did charge more for "IM injections" than the other two doctors. Perhaps the problem is with Klein? I mean look at his bill, charging 5K for an office visit? That should tell you something.

    Anyway, if you divide 2,475 mg into 12 days you get an average of 200 mg per visit. The recommended dosing is 50-150 mg every 3-4 hours as needed--again, was there some rounding here?

    I cannot figure out May--Michael only went to Klein's 7 times and saw Klein only 3 of those days.

    The DEA investigated Klein and found nothing wrong. Unless I see some records myself, I will continue to say the truth is being ever so slightly stretched.

    3 Weeks Ago
    Ms. Ephron,

    First, after Michael Jackson died, the FDA investigated NINE doctors in connection with MJ. After an extensive investigation, ONLY MURRAY was charged with a crime. Dr. Arnold Klein was not charged with any crime and in fact, was given a job with the FDA. Secondly, the autopsy report states that there was NO DEMEROL in Jackson's system at the time of death. (You HAVE read the autopsy report, correct?) THIS, is the reason that Judge Pastor ruled that Dr. Klein's professional relationship with Jackson was inadmissable.

    The fact that you even brought Jason Pfeiffer into this article is simply laughable. Pfeiffer is also the same man that claimed he had a homosexual relationship with Jackson. Dr. Klein cosigned that fabrication at the time, only to rescind his version of the story when Klein sued Pfeiffer AND his accountant for embezzlement as you stated. Pfeiffer countersued, and I have a feeling that had you actually read the court documents, which are THE most bizarre I have ever seen, you would have printed the document in its entirety, including a blaring headline of the most embarassing accusation you could find.

    Additionally, your claim that Tohme was not being paid is blaringly incorrect. Had you read the contract between Michael Jackson and AEG Live, you would have known that Tohme was being paid $100.000 PER MONTH, that would have ultimately come from Jackson's profit from the This Is It tour. Tohme also sued the Estate of Michael Jackson for $2.3 million, claiming that Jackson promised him a 10% finder's fee for finding someone (Tom Barrack, Colony Capital) to buy the mortgage to Neverland, saving it from public auction. (And by the way, there is no reason to mention how irrelevant Dr. Hoefflin would be to this trial, considering he had not treated Michael Jackson in years.)

    Underscored by glib remarks and misinformation, gleefully strung together with jabs at Jackson, this article is a prime example of what is wrong with the media today. Quite frankly, it would behoove the Daily Beast to contact a Michael Jackson fan. Anynumber of them would be glad to provide facts, backed with sources from court documents, that are correct and lack the sensationalism that Ms. Ephron provides.

    Alan Lukas

  3. Bonnie,

    This is for you along with major prayers!

    Greater is He that is in you than He who is in the world. You are under attack - stand firm.
    God is with you! So are we!

  4. BINGO!!!! Thankyou Justice for stupid!

    "First, after Michael Jackson died, the FDA investigated NINE doctors in connection with MJ. After an extensive investigation, ONLY MURRAY was charged with a crime. Dr. Arnold Klein was not charged with any crime and in fact, was given a job with the FDA."

    Well now, the ONLY DOCTOR charged with a crime is Murray? Are we to assume that ALL THESE OTHER NINE DOCTORS who drugged/IV'd Michael including Klein did nothing wrong? This is coming from the same source that called Michael a drug addict so . . . how did THAT happen without a doctor's help???

    FDA huh? Bless you Justice. You just did part of my homework for me. Klein was IN ON IT which means SO WAS LIZ TAYLOR!

  5. Here is a song of encouragement from Michael, himself!

    We're Almost There!

  6. Bonnie,
    Klein doesn't sound like a desperate man, he sounds furious, and rightly so. When there is a trial in which clear evidence and facts are provided, and journalists STILL insist on writing lies, about things they clearly have no knowledge of, then I can understand Klein's reaction. Completely.
    As for Cherilynn Lee, yes I was shocked to hear that she was giving Michael vitamins via IV. What on earth for? Vitamins can be taken orally. Unless of course the person is very seriously ill, and isn't eating. I didn't know about the Red Bull, I thought his stimulant of choice was Coca Cola! Dancers can sometimes pick up bad habts like this, because they are under pressure to deliver, but this was Feb 1, before the concerts were even announced, before the rehearsal studios were being used. I know he was probably working on stuff on his own, but...
    Even Michael admitted that he got so dehydrated on tour, that he walked around with an IV pole - it COULD have been just saline, but still, was it really necessary?

    P.S. thanks for the court photo, but I still don't think it shows the correct area above the judge, NONE of them seem to.

  7. @Blake -
    Thank you for your prayers and the song. Under attack . . . yeah, we all are.

    PrincessGlam said - "Klein doesn't sound like a desperate man, he sounds furious, and rightly so. When there is a trial in which clear evidence and facts are provided, and journalists STILL insist on writing lies, about things they clearly have no knowledge of, then I can understand Klein's reaction."

    ......... Okay, well which "facts" and "clear evidence" are we talking about during this trial? Because thus far, we're about 50/50 on the contradictions. What exactly is Klein "pissed" about? The PRESS has never changed. They do what they do, but HIS RECORDS are the ones being testified to in the court room (odd they would subpena his records and not the doctor they took them from.)

    Are we entirely missing the point? How does a dermatologist get "invited" to work for the FDA? Why are he and Metzger "BUDDIES" and why on earth is one of Branca's paid bloggers defending the man? Do you see anyone from AEG posting all over facebook defending every innuedo thrown out there by the press? Nope. So what "facts" is Klein upset about?

    Another point, Metzger himself said he traveled with Michael on tours. Jermaine has wrote about walking in on Michael, shocked to find him hooked up to IV's which tells me this was not NORMAL FOR THE JACKSONS AND THE JACKSON 5 DAYS.

    You said - "Even Michael admitted that he got so dehydrated on tour, that he walked around with an IV pole..."

    ......... ON TOUR. Was Michael on tour? No. Did he ever mention needing this crap for rehearsing? NO. Michael hadn't toured in OVER TEN YEARS, so how the heck could he be dehydrated?

    Why would he need this stuff only he went solo? Last time I saw a "The Jacksons" live performance MICHAEL WAS SWEATING (so were his brothers). Funny how DEHYDRATION wasn't such an issue THEN.

    What I got out of Klein's tirade (he's actually been pretty active on his facebook page) is that he doesn't like being questioned, like MOST GUILTY PEOPLE. You know why he wasn't called into court? BECAUSE HE'S PROTECTED. They called Metzger in who saw Michael what, ONCE? Klein saw him DOZENS of times between 2008 and 2009 and he doesn't get called in to ask "how was he acting?"

    No, the IV's were NOT NECESSARY . .. EVER. Somebody told Michael he needed this for dehydration and the trusting soul that he was back then BELIEVED THEM.

    State seal - That's as high up as I could get. I've seen other pictures you were talking about. I have another picture that shows what was supposed to be those who took part in the first jury selection with a photoshopped guy added to it. But regardless the seal they showed on Lohan's trial was the CORRECT ONE and the one they show on Michael's IS NOT. The FLAG is without fringe. Most courts have the fringe.

    Do you ever get the sense that there are just people out in the medical world that just couldn't wait to stick an IV into Michael? It's sickening!

  8. @Princess -

    This is info on Ephron

    Her parents are screenwriters. She's a screenwriter and filmaker and author as well as a contributing journalist.

    This is her sister, who wrote and directed for "When Harry Met Sally"

    I can't find ONE ARTICLE that Amy Ephron wrote about Dr. Klein OR this trial. Amy's mainstay is screenwriting, and the last article she did for "HUFFINGTON" was back in Feb. of this year. She must have commented either on Twitter or her facebook page and Klein didn't like it.

  9. Klein from facebook:

    "Why has the US Government failed to react to the illegal release of My Medical Records on Michael Jackson? This is a violation of my civil rights.I was in Paris May of 2009 so everything you hear about me and demerol is a lie! I have contacted the US Attorney "Robert (USACAC) Dugdale" and please write and ask him why he has done nothing!"

    How could Klein be in Paris in May of 2009 if Michael visited his office every couple of days in May?

    I thought Klein worked for the FDA? He IS part of the government.

    Then Klein said this on his facebook page:

    This unauthorized release of Michael Jackson’s records has caused my practice untold damage and has spurned a media circus. It has given tabloids and trashy media free access to Mr Jackson’s private medical information. Mr. Jason Pfeiffer has tried to capitalize on the hype and has gone on television to publicly discuss the records and my treatments on television. It should be noted that Jason Pfeiffer, Muhammed Khilji with the assistance of Richard Chamley have embezzled over 12 millon dollars from me leaving me in bankrupty court. The have made lllegal loans, stolen my identity, written checks, taken out loans, open and closed bank accouts ,and depleted my retirement fund.

    "These individuals did this without my permission but I have reason to believe the concert promoter’s AEG is involved in this medical record release in that they have been in contact with Charmely. I am very eager to speak with your investigators on this disclosure. Please feel free to contact me as I want to see justice done."

    Yes, Like AEG would need to embezzle from him. Then he said THIS about Michael's FAMILY:

    you are all idiots. Elizabeth would still be alive if she did not fire klein.Klein saved her life 7 times. Klein was in Paris when he supposedly gave Jackson Demerol. Mocienne Petit Jackson,Manuela and barbara you have no brains at all. you are full of trash and belong in the junkyard. the family does not care about Michael only money like Branca and AEG"

    Nice guy. We should all have pushers like him.

  10. Wasn't it KLEIN who talked about Michael's private health info on T.V.??? Typical hypocrite.

  11. Klein:

    Arnold W. Klein
    This is happening everyday to women and men in Saudi Arabia. The males toys get dropped from a helicopter over the Rub Al Khali desert when the reach adolescence.

    Oh NOW he believes the press? What an idiot.

  12. Klein:

    My dear friend Natasha Kinski is a brilliant and gifted actress.In 1976, Natasha started a romantic relationship with Roman Polanski, when she was 16 and he was 43 . In 1979, their relationship ended at the completion of filming of oscar nominated Tess, in which had played the lead role. From 1992 until 1995, Kinski lived with musician Quincy Jones and gave birth to their wonderful and talented daughter, Kenya Julia Miambi Sarah Jones. The wonderful and gifted
    Kinski speaks German, French, English, Italian and Russian fluently."

    .......... Ah yes, Roman Polanski - the REAL pedophile. Let's celebrate the heroes in the world.

    .......... I'm done ranting about Klein now.

  13. It is of little comfort to you, Bonnie, but I pray that yours & your husband's prayers are heard & it will get better soon.

    BONNIE said : " The detectives of all people, were discarded like fall leaves after the kids get done jumping in them."

    Disappointing : I had thought we could learn more from the detectives' side. The Defense week only started but as expected, all may revolve around the Propofol/Murray issue solely & not on possible third parties involved. Assumption only : a corporate mob may have forced Murray to kill Michael against their "protection" & threatened to kill him if he ever disclosed their deal to the Justice ?!

    David Gest looks like a degenerated Mephisto : Liza Minelli kicked him out when she realized he was only after her money (his looks do not speak for the womanizer type anyway). Yes, if Michael were my son, HE first before Gest..the biz goes on first :o((

  14. BONNIE : " Ah yes, Roman Polanski - the REAL pedophile."

    David Walgren was the District Attorney in charge of having Polanski extraded from Switerland. But now Polanski leaves a free & rich life again between Paris & Switzerland : Establishment ?!!!

  15. BONNIE, Dr. Allan Metzger may indeed be another one covering his butts from the past. But (if true) he testified he allegedly warned Michael against the life-threatening potential of I.V. sleep medication outside hospital & refused to administrate it in spite of Michael's asking for it. As a Defense witness, I find his testimony not favorable to C. Murray's case either, if it's what the Defense is hoping for.

  16. Dear Bonnie,

    It makes me sick to see how people took advantage of MJ. 100,000 a mont...... how could he not no that was way to much. Trench coats multiple cars somethings not right. I'm really upset, I hope you feel better and things will get better.

  17. Dear Bonnie,

    I am so sorry to hear about your problems! I know your pain,as I lost my job,and now having to live on one income is HARD!Very few job openings,and it seems like I am passed over for younger people!I feel so worthless!My Bible reading for today was "In the world ye shall have tribulation,but be of good cheer,I have overcome the world' (John 16;33) But,gosh,that is so hard to do!!

    As far as Judge Pastor goes,I wish I had him as a
    judge(divorce,child custody).He seems like an awesome person!
    I don't like Chernoff,he is so disorganized.He just has a cocky attitude.
    Cherilyn Lee acted like she didn't know her own reports.She was clearly upset today,so my heart went out to her for that!

    I was also floored that Miss Katherine is going to London! I don't understand this! Wild horses couldn't pull me away!

    Someone had posted questions about E.Casanova!He had posted he was ill,and kinda droped out of sight.He had some lung problems,and I know you are going to fall out laughing but,I was kinda hopeing MJ and he had switched places! But,he was at the Michael Forever Tribute 2010!
    Much Love,

  18. Bonnie said "How could Klein be in Paris in May of 2009 if Michael visited his office every couple of days in May?"

    I can't remember who it was, maybe one of TINI, said on 25th April Michael was at Kleins for 4 and a half hours. When he left he smelt of rubbing alcohol (I think this was the day he wore Kleins green jacket). Someone else suggested maybe he was going there to sleep.
    Now that we hear Murray was giving propofol from late April, it makes even less sense that Michael was going to Klein's to sleep, but maybe he was? Maybe he was going there to escape being badgered by Randy Philips etc? Maybe that's why he went to Klein's office in May?

  19. Bonnie,Hi. Just one thought. Why would Michael be asking various doctors to provide propofol? He already had a doctor on board. All I see is a whole lot of liars!I hope that the jury is filled with a lot of critical thinkers.The talking heads are making too much of the little things(to keep everyone distracted).Not focusing on the big picture! Cherilyn's "distress"...I call fake.I'm not buying what they are selling.
    I think Michael definitely had a plan and right after the trial he was getting his "ducks in a row".Or should I say "schmucks".Peace.Linda

  20. I have not completed reading the blog. But I went to check something on a bottle. Over the counter vitamin C has 500mg per tablet and can chew 2 at a time. So why did Lee give 800mg over IV ? She could have prescribed this chewable vitamin C.

    Now I will continue reading.

  21. “NO” was the response “FRIENDS” gave Michael repeatedly when he asked for support and they used it without shame.

    The 'other' responses were silence

    "too much darkness and too many vampires hanging around outside the gate"....

    The visual imagery this line gives is powerful. Only thing though, the vampires at Michael's bedside were the real ghouls.

    Sorry to hear you are going through so much. The pressures of the world are spread out globally. Turkey, Libya, Africa, my house lol! I'm working, but the bills and unpaid 'backbills, the IRS, are slowly driving me insane. I'm sending you positive energy Bonnie.

    When I read what I can bear in your reports on the case, (I only read your personal comments;cannot read anything on the trial) and how these incredibly greedy, evil and demonic people wormed their way into Michael's life,
    I can hardly bear it. I scream inside for the injustice, the deadly horror he faced. Thank goodness the children were not harmed, as it appears that in this magnificent mansion on Carolwood, danger was all around Michael and his children. They were practically 'caged birds'. The evil that men do. My God....
    Your blog/posts are amazing, and I thank you for them. It seems like, evil wins more times than not; and, there appears to be little to no repercussion. It still boggles my mind that 'some' evil men and women, plotted against this wonderful, kind genius, and destroyed him, before our very eyes, and, profitted/are profitting yet. If I had magical powers, I would slay them all...

  22. Praying for you and your husband, and sending love. Jenny

  23. I heard somewhere that ''Who is it'' short film was banned in the US. It is available in the UK.

  24. This comment will seem completely bizarre.. but its been bugging me for months.
    I have been searching, searching, searching for Mj's officieal "Dirty Diana" video on youtube. Its been completely wiped!!! Only fan-made videos and kareoke versions exist!!
    Why are we only allowed to view certain MJ videos on youtube now?

  25. Line said - "It is of little comfort to you, Bonnie, but I pray that yours & your husband's prayers are heard & it will get better soon. "

    ..... I think you made a typo. I think you meant to type "It SHOULD BE of comfort to you" . . . and it is. Thank you Line. ♥

    You said - "Propofol/Murray issue solely & not on possible third parties involved. "

    That may not be entirely true. I am finding some connections in the name dropping they are doing. Lots of that today. Even Cherilyn and her "interview connection" They are constructing their own net for us to see. Amazing.

    Roman Polanski/Walgren. I didn't know that. How old is this guy? How do you get to be assistant DA with only one year of law school behind you? (I'm being sarcastic)

    You said - "Dr. Allan Metzger may indeed be another one covering his butts from the past. But (if true) he testified he allegedly warned Michael against the life-threatening potential of I.V. sleep medication outside hospital "

    ........ That's what he SAID, but I don't believe him. He's friends with Klein. Oh here:

    Dr. Allan Lawrence Metzger MD practices rheumatology and internal medicine in West Hollywood, California. Dr. Metzger graduated with an MD 43 years ago.” Source

    “A doctor tied to Michael Jackson, Dr. Allan Metzger, was reprimanded by a Medical Board in September 2000 for "fraudulent medical practice based on prescriptions written for an international entertainer, using a false/fictitious name."

    Dr. Metzger confirmed to TMZ that this entertainer is Janet Jackson.

    The doctor has also treated Michael Jackson, gone on tour with the star on his HIStory tour in the 1990s and videotaped his wedding to Debbie Rowe.

    He is a lupus specialist - Michael Jackson reportedly had the disease.

    In the late 90s, Metzger wrote prescriptions for Janet Jackson using the name of her chef, Ricardo Macchi, he admits, saying the prescriptions were for diuretics.

    Macchi sued Dr. Metzger over the matter but the suit was dropped.

    He also wrote a prescription for a hepatitis B injection - he says he wrote it because Janet was going on tour and wanted to guard against the disease.

    "I had done this for Janet for her anonymity," he said.
    He's establishment too, all the way.

  26. Nita said - "It makes me sick to see how people took advantage of MJ. 100,000 a mont...... how could he not no that was way to much. Trench coats multiple cars somethings not right. I'm really upset, "

    .......... 100K a month is not too much when you consider that Murray would have had to have been with Michael 24/7. He can't exactly "go home" every night from London and Murray would have had to pay others to run his clinics. The security around the house that night though, yes . . . very suspicious. Much more than the three that were interviewed. Where'd they all go?

    @Renee - Thank you Renee. I will be praying for you too then for a job, SOMETHING. It wouldn't be so bad if they'd stop jacking up the food and utilities, that's bullcrap, we know what's going on! I picked up a HALF GALLON of Milk today - almost $3. What am I drinking? Platinum? (probably after Monsanto gets done with the cow feed!)

    Judge Pastor - very likable. Chernoff - I happen to like him. He seems to be more emotionally involved in his client. The other two don't seem to have the same focus. At least Chernoff tries to get questions passed. Even Flanagan today was frustrated with the sustained objections.

    Miss Katherine and London - I don't understand that either. Guest should be more understanding.

    ECas - What tribute in 2010? I saw a video on Youtube, but I wasn't sure that was him. He's a lot different than the tribute artist video I saw of him. Bigger. But if so, Could that whole "I have to retire" announcement have also been a game?

  27. Princessglam said - "Bonnie said "How could Klein be in Paris in May of 2009 if Michael visited his office every couple of days in May?"

    ........ Well let's see - Between April and May, Michael was being stuck by Cherilyn, Michael was being stuck by Murray and possibly also being stuck by Klein. Give Michael something to drink, spin him around and you can water your lawn . . . SOMEBODY is lying. If Klein was overseas in May then who as treating Michael there?

    Phillips didn't badger him. He rarely saw him during the rehearsal period from the testimony today.

    Linda said - "All I see is a whole lot of liars!I hope that the jury is filled with a lot of critical thinkers.The talking heads are making too much of the little things(to keep everyone distracted).Not focusing on the big picture! Cherilyn's "distress"...I call fake."

    .......... I agree. Michael already had a doctor on board and Cherilyn was probably let go because Michael had her number (various interviews days after Michael died,talked to another client about Michael's treatement who got her onto CNN - TINI connections!) LOL, "schmucks in a row" Good one.

    Anonymous said - "Over the counter vitamin C has 500mg per tablet and can chew 2 at a time. So why did Lee give 800mg over IV ? She could have prescribed this chewable vitamin C."

    ........ Intravenous cocktails are not uncommon for extreme performers or sports talent BUT not as often as SHE was giving them! He wasn't even rehearsing yet! There is such a thing as an overdose of Vitamin B also and she was giving those shots every other time she was over there!

  28. Anonymous said - "The visual imagery this line gives is powerful. Only thing though, the vampires at Michael's bedside were the real ghouls."

    ...... I'm not so sure about the "bedside" people at least not all of them yet. I also have not given up on Michael. He was smarter than that. Latoya said to 'read between the lines' and that is what I am doing. Don't give up hope but take notes. Connections are being exposed here. Very important.

    Thank you very much for your positive thoughts. I know I'm not alone but I do get very tired of seeing people taken advantage of. When you know it's going on in the world it makes your own suffering that much harder because you want there to at least be a purpose for it.

    @Jenny - Thank you Jenny! Why "Who is It". It WAS AVAILABLE just a few months ago here in the states.

    and Monika - Dirty Diana too? I guess Sony realizes people are getting the messages in Michael's songs. They're a little late.

  29. BONNIE, 1 US gallon = 3.78541178 liters. So in Germany or CH for 1 liter Milk you pay between Euros 0,60 to 1.00 max. or :

    Milk max. Euro 1.00 per liter:
    1 Gallon = Euro 3.7854 or US$ 5.24
    Rate EUR/USD 1.3845

    Milch Average Euro 0.75 per liter:
    1 Gallon = Euro 2.84 or US$ 3.93 ! I always buy the lowest price in Germany nearby :o)

  30. Thanks again for all of your research. I have been a public school teacher for 28 years. I have seen the sex education and other spiritually destructive programs implemented in the schools. I have noticed that usually, outside consultants or program representatives come into the schools and do the presentations instead of the teachers. Professional development is often used as a way to train teachers to introduce students to things like yoga, meditation or homosexuality. God does have some secret weapons in public education. There are teachers who know what's going on and they find creative ways to teach children about christian standards for living. We are in the schools because God has placed us there to shine light in the darkness.
    I knew that Michael was in trouble when I first saw all of those nation of islam body guards around him in 2005. I had a bad feeling about it. Have you ever researched the history of black islam in the US? It seems like so many people were taking advantage of Michael Jackson. I wish that I could have been his friend. God bless you!

  31. @Line - I think we are just under $5 a gallon depending on what brand. The half gallon I picked up was $3.85 which is RIDICULOUS! I only use it for tea and sometimes baking which I don't do much of in the summer. Thank you for the comparison. Britain is expensive.

    @Anonymous - Thank you for contributing. It is so refreshing to hear from teachers that are fighting against what the system is doing to their profession. I have seen teachers in academic institutions get vilified and discredited because they won't "fall in line" with the agenda. They've done the same to scientists who dare question the data put out by global warming alarmists, pediatricians that admonish the easy drugging of children . . . the list goes on.

    Do what you do, but be careful and know that people are praying for you.

    On Michael's bodygaurds, I know why they THOUGHT NOI bodyguards would be more effective, but they are not infallible either. The ones that were after Michael were the Zionists in the entertainment industry (and politics and media) and they thought NOI bodygaurds would be more effective. Unfortunately some of that faith have also been infiltrated and corrupted.

  32. I have yet to register a profile for me (which I don't like), so you will not have another Anomymous, Bonnie. Wrote you a while back my first comment about Who Is It. Just so you know, here in Switzerland, especially dumb-dangerous Basel they have implemented the so-called "Sex-Box" for 5 year olds + up, covering just everything you stated in upper blog. As Basels' politicians said, sex education actually is a parents matter, but since a lot parents (according to him) are not capable to do that properly (what and who defines proper!??) Basel is thinking about making that sex-Box-education mandatory for all children. My husband and I are working on protecting our kid from such exposure which we cannot tolerate at such a young age. I don't like my home country, the swiss government is also planning on poisining our children with mandatory vaccination ... *shakes head*


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