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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Opening the Bars to Our Prison

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Michael Opening the Bars to Our Prison

October 18, 2011
The Prison We’ve Made
Seeing the Truth Our Responsibility

Isaiah 44:25
That frustrateth the tokens of the liars, and maketh diviners mad; that turneth wise men backward, and maketh their knowledge foolish;

Here is hoping that the trial (or an answer) resumes tomorrow in the Conrad Murray/Michael Jackson case.

I don’t have anything new to report obviously because no testimony has taken place since last Thursday, so I would like to concentrate on some things around Michael.

Yesterday I highlighted a transaction by AEG for the purchase of art for Michael Jackson on the Whelan Galleries website.

AEG is still in a position of suspicion (now I’m starting to sound like Johnny Cochran) as a secondary conspirator and Murray of course, is a “fall guy”.

John Branca has already been called out on the carpet about his dealings with Michael, so I wanted to put together a little score card.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, Michael Joe Jackson, Michael Joseph Jackson, Micheal Joseph Jackson . . . whichever combinations of names he has chosen to use in various legal documents, the fact remains that Michael’s LEGAL NAME is Michael Joe Jackson as per Jermaine and as per his birth certificate.  Every document relating to his death has sported either Michael Joseph Jackson or the misspelling of his first name, Micheal Joseph Jackson. 

This is how the prosecution started off this trial, with his wrong name on a projector, over top of watermark picture of him on a gurney.

Is Michael dead?  Well, if I was either of the attorney’s right now, I would raise an objection based on “assumes facts not in evidence.”

La Toya told us read between the lines as we watch this trial.  How can someone say that unless they know what is going to happen and what will be said?

The Concerts

A tool.  A mechanism in which Michael was to bridge a gap between his conspirators and himself.  See “Every Good Song Has a Bridge”.

That link above was one of the hardest weeks of my life, aside from going through the child abuse information and government protected pedophilia.  Sometimes it’s good to look back and see what pieces of information have fallen out of the wagon you are dragging behind you as you walk the road to truth.

Here is what I learned about Michael so far:

Sweet human being  (we already knew that)
Humble and took that seriously  (we already knew that)
But INSISTENT on right and wrong
Unbelievably creative
Spirit-filled prayer
Loved God intensely
Empathetic to the oppressed and abused, especially children
SEVERELY underestimated

Michael’s name means “most like God” in Hebrew.
Michael’s first and last names are seven letters each, however his middle name is three letters – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

In my dream I had the night of God opening my eyes/heart, that is what I named each puppy I pulled out of my gift. Read that Here

I have learned that nothing is an accident.

I have learned I am impatient but most of all, I have learned, thanks to Michael and God turning my head toward him that despite what we see going on before us, there is an incredible work in progress.  There are times that faith is the most important, and it is usually those times right before you get the answers that you need to depend on faith the most.  The darkest hour just before dawn.

A short recap before the trial begins (we think) again tomorrow.  (Please pray for Dr. Schaffer’s family and their loss).

AEG to Include R. Phillips, T. Lewieki, and Philip Anschutz

I did my background work on them on these blog updates: AEG and Agreements, Leonard Rowe’s Book, Sony and the Sneddon Connection , “Sony – What More Can We Take”, and others.

Then there was this comment I made on the blog spot “AEG and Agreements Michael Made . . . or Not” – Where I found a link to this story I completely forgot about:

TMZ has learned the bodyguard who says Dr. Conrad Murray asked him to help hide Propofol in Michael Jackson's house the day he died was fired from his job Friday by the Jackson family.

Alvarez had been working at the Jackson family compound in Encino since the singer died last June.

Alberto Alvarez is the bodyguard who called 911 from Jackson's house. Last week it was reported that Alvarez told LAPD detectives ... that before paramedics arrived on scene Dr. Murray asked him to put bottles of Propofol in a bag.

Alvarez -- who is sometimes referred to as Jackson's "logistics director" -- did not tell detectives about the alleged cover-up the day Jackson died, but rather two months later. The story about the alleged cover-up broke last Monday.

As for why Alvarez was fired, the Jackson family isn't talking.

So Alvarez’s testimony against Murray, which did not match with the paramedics, but did match partially with the timing of the 911 call, was FIRED from working with the Jacksons.  Alvarez testified he only worked for the Jackson’s a couple of months, but I doubt they no longer need security, so what happened?

Mesrak - Yes, I believe it was planned alright. My challenge is tying Sony into this. The responsible party on the AEG side may very well break between Phillips and Anschutz, meaning Phillips had the plan. How Sony got infiltrated into "This is It" makes no sense. AEG could have owned it and put it out for a bidding war, but they didn't.

Could they have had this planned all along to bring Sony in? Was Branca pulling Phillip's pocket strings all along? We already know from Randy Jackson's interview on CNN (on next blog update for tonight) that both the will is suspect (Branca) and those that were "threatening him . . . threatened to take his children, threatened to lose his house . . . we know who was paying for that AEG is under Randy's radar. He didn't say AEG, but we know who was paying for all of Michael's living expenses!
  that was posted at this link here - Every Good Song Has a Bridge

Since writing that in April of 2010, we’ve learned to “read between the lines”.  When Randy Jackson said the above, we ASSUMED that he was talking about AEG.  But AEG didn’t have the power to take his children?  Who was threatening him with that?  Gloria Allred during the 2005 trial!

Who actually threatened to take his house?  It wasn’t AEG.  AEG wasn’t even paying for it.  All they did was guarantee a lease.  The people threatening to take his house again happened in 2005 – The squeeze was put on by Branca, Koppelman, Geragos, Louis Farakhan’s son in law, Malnik, Green, Modabber and others that were at that 2004 meeting to try to force him into selling his catalog.

An old TMZ article on the controversy with Michael’s physicals . . .

But officials were surprised Jackson passed the medical, despite a history of health problems.

It left finance chiefs joking that the examination must have been based on, "the body of a Nasa astronaut" rather than the 50-year-old star.  Source

It wasn’t until this year that Jermaine admitted the Michael had “six pack abs” and “was ripped”.  We’ve heard conflicting testimony of the condition of whoever it is they picked up out of that house.  Were there THREE BODIES?  You would THINK, judging by the three different testimonies of Alvarez, Senneff and Blount!

On the blog I published about Leonard Rowe’s book, I had written this:

The powers that be in the entertainment industry was not AEG, it was the mob element in the entertainment industry. During the time the “Spielberg” incident happened over Dreamworks, it was Sony that Michael had his battles with and he was black-balled in everything he wanted to accomplish. This was what I believe began happening to their plans with Kingdom Entertainment. Prince Walid and Michael's big plans had doors slammed in them. The mob element did not want Michael Jackson breaking in to movies or plays or any other artistic endeavor. He was a threat. Look what he did with the music industry. A black entertainer now amassed a huge music publishing empire with enough power to keep Sony from taking it over. No way were they going to let him anywhere near motion pictures or theater or any other form of live entertainment! Michael, the black entertainer, was a multi-billion dollar man DESPITE two decades of trying to cut him down.  Source

In August of 2010, I wroteSony – What More Can We Take”. 

Koppelman, not Bandier, was mentioned in the list of conspirators published by Carol Davis. Why? Koppelman was partnered with Bandier in both “The Entertainment Company” and later their “SGK”Publishing company when they bid against the catalog. Koppelman split with Bandier when Bandier took over EMI. Koppelman went with another label. Why wasn't Bandier on that list?

It is entirely possible that the 1993 allegations were used to force Michael into this deal. Evan Chandler had people “positioned” remember? He “paid” people from some source of funds . . . where did it come from? He wasn’t a millionaire he was a dentist! This was going according to a “Plan that wasn’t just mine.” Who’s plan?

In 1995, Michael sold 50% of his stake in the ATV catalog to Sony for $90 Million. EMI still managed the catalog under contract until it’s five year contract was up in 1998. In 2001, Michael expected to get the rights to his master recordings but learned that fine print and obscure wording kept Michael’s masters under Sony control until July of 2009. Michael had the contract and Sony audited and investigated and it was learned that his lawyer, John Branca, was also representing Sony. Michael was working on “Invincible” at the time, which was released in October of 2001

But Koppelman WAS there in January of 2004, when the rest of that bunch joined in a room to try to pressure Michael into the Goldman Sach’s deal.  Thank God Michael told them to take a hike.  They weren’t expecting him to say no. 

Now think about this, Michael was in a heck of a position here.  His home had already been invaded by 70 sheriffs and ransacked, he had already turned himself in and was arrested and God knows what happened while he was getting booked, and his attorney Geragos was IN THIS MEETING when he was supposed to be representing him for this trial!  

Do you think Michael might have had a good idea what was going on and who was involved by this time?  Sure thing!

On this blog spot back in August of 2010 also, I wrote “Sony and the Sneddon Connection” .

Why would a D.A. throw someone’s rights out the window, coerce a witness, falsify evidence, change times on phone records and order a strip search on someone not even charged with a crime (as Sneddon did in the 1993 allegations), and illegally raid the offices of the opposing attorney’s hired investigator, unless something else besides justice was driving him? In this clip below, a local talk t.v. show host who sat through testimony during the case, explains what he heard about corporate conspiracy. Source William Wagener

Now who was the corporate entity involved in Michael’s life during his whole adult career?


Who was Michael’s attorney responsible for Michael’s contracts with Sony up through 2003?

John Branca, who was fired in 2003.

Why was John Branca fired?

Because Michael found out he was self-dealing and representing Sony, not Michael, in these contracts.

And further down on who was behind both the 1993 and the 2003 allegations against Michael.  Notice AEG is conspicuously absent:

We have the same corporation behind the same accusations, using different, disadvantaged children from broken families with the same prosecution team in a ten year period.

Wow . . . how do you spell conspiracy? S-O-N-Y

Someone with deep enough pockets to back a bipolar, obsessive dentist to pay off officials in 1993. Someone big enough to convince a previously unwilling mother to take part in a conspiracy with her ex husband against a man who took her family around the world and treated her and her children to exotic vacations, world tours and shopping sprees.

Chandler already had connections to Hollywood via his one co-writer credit for “Men in Tights”, and we had a kid with Cancer who hung out at the Laugh Factory who’s mother had already reached out to other celebrities using her son’s illness.

We had an organization complete with web site hosted on expensive, Sony servers and advertising through a prime-time television news show, pockets of “fan groups” around the globe complete with letters about Michael’s “physical” condition the day of Michael’s death, and a couple of hoax forums, one of which was also hosted by Sony and erroneously launched on the 23rd of June instead of the 25th.  (They quickly changed that when they were found out.)

So as we continue to watch this trial . . . read and listen very carefully.

Remember, the truth is closest to Michael.  He knew who his enemies were as far back as 1997.

We have explored a lot in this past year and a half to two years and we know probably more about what Michael and his family has been through then we ever bargained for.

We’ve learned about MK Ultra, Monarch mind control, Pedophilia in Hollywood and the music industry, the connections between Michael’s handlers and the CIA and same mind control programs, his sister Latoya and her paralleled experience with the same mind control drugs and abuse, the the connections of the networks around Michael from false friends (Blood on the Dance Floor), those trying to shut him down in the music industry (Dangerous, This Time Around, Invincible), the press and the media (Privacy, Tabloid Junkie), the government (D.S., Ghosts, Morphine, 2 Bad) and the Conspirators of the shadow government (Threatened, Is It Scary, Unbreakable) and more.

He tells you EXACTLY what they did to him

Read the lyrics to “Morphine”.
Read the lyrics to “Scream”.
Read the lyrics to “Threatened.”
Read the lyrics to “Tabloid Junkie”
Read the lyrics to “Privacy”
Read the lyrics to “This Time Around”
Read the lyrics to “Too Bad”
Ready the lyrics to “Money”

The trial is not about Murray . . . it’s about Truth.  This is probably one of the FIRST TRIALS in the last fifty years that is about truth.

From Cathy
A Conversation with Andre

One last irritating little piece of misinformation that is floating around out there.

The Gavin and Star Picture

Supposedly at the wedding of
Ron Zonen and Louise Palanker

Letter to a friend today:

“I didn't watch that interview with Charles Thomson.  I remember who Charles Thomson is, who his friends are and they are the same people the hurt Michael so I try not to give him the time of day.  I maintain my sanity that way.

So even after seeing the obvious photoshop of the Arvizo boys next to this and the taking down of the Palanker Website after that came out you believe that is real?

Show me one wedding announcement in a NORMAL paper about this guy getting married and/or a guest list of the Arvizos.

Remember Michael's song:

"I'm onto her game AND SHE'LL GET PLAYED THE SAME".

Here is the search I did on Ron Zonen gets Married and EVERY single link comes up either MJHoaxforum, RadarOnline, blogs and comments on blogs.  Not one stinking news paper carries it.”  This is my search below:

However . . . . I was wrong . . . I checked some more and found their facebook pages (if they are even real).

Look at their friend’s list and people “they admire”.  Diane Dimwit (I mean Dimond) is on Louise’s friend’s list.  The woman is not to bright, why not make an announcement?

The picture however, is fake.  I am not questioning that the Arvizos were possibly at the wedding, but the picture is fake. She has since removed it from her website.

Tom Mesereau brought this up during an interview recently and from what Micheline tells me (she saw the interview) Mesereau said the boys and Zonen got real cozy after the trial.

We know the boys are attending a private military school in Georgia, which is something most welfare fraudsters usually cannot afford.  Now if I think REEEEEEEAL hard, I might be able to find a connection to Sony and the government in all this, but even if I sqeeze every last brain cell out of my ears, I don’t think I’m going to find AEG in THAT relationship either.

Mercy me!

Hey Stranger . . .


  1. Hi Bonnie. Is that really MJ? I think he looks like a gay guy in that picture. But you should not judge the book by its cover. It doesnt matter to me if he was gay or straight. He was a great human being and that is all that matters. Susanne

  2. Hi Bonnie. In the police Interview they briefly mentioned detective Porsche. A man with a fedora hat. Is he for real? Does he exist? Is that the man we saw at the memorial? Have you done any research on detective Porsche or is it Porches? Susanne

  3. Hi again Bonnie. Maybe that's how MJ excaped from the hospital. Dressed as detective Por(s)che. Look what the movies do to us. Now I think detective Por(s)che was MJ. Susanne

  4. Susanne said - "Is that really MJ? I think he looks like a gay guy in that picture. But you should not judge the book by its cover. "

    ........ Susanne, that was a picture taken of Michael during the "One More Chance" video, RIGHT BEFORE his house was raided. He never got to finish the video because of that. He doesn't look gay. I think he looks pretty tough in that picture.

    I don't know if the Fedora detective is real or not. The only Fedora man I can say I saw is the one at the memorial and the one at the Forest Lawn Funeral and I don't think that was Michael. I think that was someone dressed in disguise to make people THINK it was Michael. I guess we'll see if a detective Porche gets called as a witness by the defense.

  5. Hi Bonnie. I mentioned in one of your posts that I saw a face on MJ's chest on the autopsy photo. I thought to myself, maybe I am starting to go insane or maybe its just my imagination. Today I found a video about the face on his chest. It felt good to know that I am not the only one who noticed it. Maybe I am not insane after all, he he. A YouTube video of course and its called "MJ Autopsy photo - RESURRECTION". I don't know how to post links but if you type in the name of the video I'm sure you will find it. Susanne

  6. "Lightning - 'bout to strike and rain only on me. Hurts so bad sometimes it's hard to breathe".
    I keep saying his songs are prophetic. To be making that video and the raid on Neverland... Now, here we are called to the stage and Michael is the creator in the audience, (cloaked)in black and obscure(face hidden until the end) urging us on quietly in song and dance as the mystery unfolds.

    God bless you!

  7. Susanne said - "I mentioned in one of your posts that I saw a face on MJ's chest on the autopsy photo. I thought to myself, maybe I am starting to go insane or maybe its just my imagination. Today I found a video about the face on his chest."

    .......... How did I miss that? I don't remember reading that from you. I must have gone right over it and didn't comment. I'm sorry. I will try and find the video and comment.

    Blake said - "Lightning - 'bout to strike and rain only on me. Hurts so bad sometimes it's hard to breathe".
    I keep saying his songs are prophetic. To be making that video and the raid on Neverland... Now, here we are called to the stage and Michael is the creator in the audience, (cloaked)in black and obscure(face hidden until the end) urging us on quietly in song and dance as the mystery unfolds."

    .......... I know. Sometimes I don't even know what to say. HLN is on and they have NAVI being interviewed. Jane's voice irritates me, LOL! Maybe it's because my stomach is in knots. Justice is such a hope anymore.

  8. Dear Michael -

    I am reading something while court is on break and I am learning more and more why they hated you. But I love you . . . and I love God and thank him for you. ♥

  9. Hey Bonnie,

    I hope you are doing well. I am still with you.

    I googled some info for you. If you type in Gavin arvizo lipstick alley you get to there site and see a lot more pics from the wedding (on page 1 of the topic) wich was not between Ron and Louise. Keep the pics in mind while you Google for the flickr account of Louise. There you find a serie of prewedding and wedding pictures. I have seen them all by how but I could not find the arvizo 's on any of them. A lot of men are wearing bleu shirts though so maybe the heads are switched?

    Love Pam

  10. @Pam,

    Thank you very much for that information. I will check that out too. I was wondering why I couldn't find anything about this in any paper online - Only message boards and forums and one Radar Online which probably got it from Twitter.

    The facebook pages could be fake, but I don't know for sure.

  11. I saw that Klein filmed a exerpt for EXTRA today or yesterday,....

  12. William Wagener took lessons on Charity from Schmuley Boteach . . . Beware. He's an ex-con and one of the few people Sneddon SHOULD have had arrested!

  13. Islandisle said - "I saw that Klein filmed a exerpt for EXTRA today or yesterday,.... "

    .......... Extra is what? A news show? Was it an interview? (I don't watch T.V. much at all so I don't know what some of these things are). Klein has been quiet for a long time.

    @Deb -

    "We have learned that people are being paid in cash to show up and hold signs in support of Conrad Murray. All of that is disconerting."

    ...If that were the case their would be a lot more of them. Wagener is borrowing this from the Wallstreet Protest reports. Then he said:

    "The best we can do is fulfill his dream to build the best Childrens Hospital in the world, and at the MJJ Innocent Forever Foundation, Inc. we would like to keep giving to the childrens hospital and things MJ did"

    ...... and

    "Send folks to donate at so they can claim to helped produce the movie that will rock the conscienciousness of the World, ... and as USA inches closer to Civil WAR... may find newlly awakened Americans in Santa Barbara County, willing to INDICT, ARREST
    and put the Prosecutors on TRIAL for the 3 felonies they committed against Michael Jackson in 2005."

    ......... And

    "My parting thought, is NO JUSTICE for Michael will happen in the Murray Trial, So focus
    on helping get the film done, by getting Fans to understand, that what I saw as PART of the Media Pool is as important as what is on the court record."

    Pardon my FRENCH but that sonofa-(delete) has a lot of freaking nerve! Forget Michael Jackson and justice . . .just send me money.

    Deb, I know you mean well but I am deleting your post with that link to that ass's twitter. He doesn't DESERVE space on this blog!

  14. @Bonnie-


    Yeah, I don't agree with his methods or that he is soliciting funds either but I was sending that link for your thoughts. Guess I got them, huh? And I guess that pushed you over the edge into "don't like him" territory. I remember reading in one of your 10/18/11 comments where you said you want to like the guy but he's making it very, very hard. Guess that's not gonna happen any time soon.

    I'm also glad to see that you've given up your, shall we say, dislike of the "One More Chance" video, even posting the video on the blog following this one. I remember telling you how I felt watching that video for the very first time on your 2/25/11 blog and you, well here, let me quote what you said:

    "BonnieL said...
    Deb said - "I've listened to his music and watched countless videos but have never felt anything like I'm sure I would feel in his physical presence UNTIL I saw the "One More Chance" video. I swear, I felt like I was in the room with him. If I were to describe what it felt like, it would be like an electrical jolt but with an aspect of peace in my heart. "

    >>>>>>>>> Deb, you know that "One More Chance" was completed by Sony AFTER he passed, don't you? The video was never completed. His ranch was raided in the middle of filming and he had to leave, never finishing the video. I don't want to upset you, but that wasn't exactly a "Michael-blessed" video. I was just curious as to why you would feel that about that song.

    My "Michael Song" was "Stranger in Moscow". That is the one that opened my heart to feel him."

    I did respond with this:

    "Yes, I know it was completed after he passed, but that's Michael in that video, shot BEFORE the ranch was raided, just from one view. I've read that more views were to be shot in subsequent days but the raid happened and those different camera angles were never completed. I don't know what Sony did to "complete" the video but that was Michael in the video. It wasn't released by him, but he shot those parts before the raid, sang/gave it his all before the raid and I don't think after the raid happened it somehow diminished the powerful performance he gave in that video. As to why I feel/felt what I feel/felt? I don't know. Maybe it's the words...him singing about one more chance...I have no idea, I'm just stating what I have experienced."

    After reading your comment, I felt like I was being told I shouldn't be feeling what I felt because 1) it wasn't a "Michael-blessed" video and 2) because you said so.

    Bonnie, you do some marvelous research and you put together a wonderful blog. I know it takes a lot of hard work and I commend you for it. But I don't agree 100% with all you say and, to tell the truth, I never call you out on any of it because that's just not who I am. The above is one of the reasons I don't comment more than I do.

    And with that said, I will go back to just reading the blog. Take care.

  15. @Deb -

    Geeze! Did my comment do all that? That was why I thought I put in there "Deb, I know you mean well . . ." Wagener's Twit-thing was what got to me, NOT YOU. Did you read his Tweetlonger? (I gotta stop commenting when someone ticks me off. I do that to poor Line all the time).

    I was not mad at you, please don't think that. Wagener's "you won't see justice out of this trial for Michael so focus on the film" (giving me money) instead. He is still harping on the "putting Sneddon in Jail" thing and I ALREADY POSTED the statute of limitations in California law on that. Wagener cannot file charges for the benefit of someone he's never met and I don't see him pictured with ANY family member.

    Now he's replaced "We'll buy Neverland" with "We'll build the children's hospital". Nobody checks this guy. How is he getting into the hearings every day while still bashing local authorities? Nobody questions this?

    "Funding for SMCTV, under current
    state franchising guidelines, would be greatly reduced at the end of the current
    franchise agreement with Comcast Cable on January 1st, 2015. He indicated that
    it would be best to seek additional sources of income in advance of that date and
    that other California public access centers are attempting to diversify their income

    Santa Maria Community Television
    SMCTV Board of Directors
    Mark van de Kamp – Chair
    Bob Morrison – Director
    David Cross – Director
    Alan Sutterfield – Clerk of the Board


    Page D-11
    Pursuant to Federal law, cable companies are required to provide funding for public access programming as part
    of franchise agreements that the cable company negotiates with local governments. In December 2002, the City
    signed a 12-year franchise agreement with Comcast Cable, which included grant funding for public access
    programming. Under a new State law, public access programming is mandated by all video service providers."

    Local Cable Company in Santa Maria is "Comcast".

    Who Owns Comcast?

    "The owner of Comcast is the Jew, Brian Roberts, whose supporting staff includes a host of Jewish media functionaries. The Executives of NBC Universal, now a division of Comcast, is also, like its parent company, predominated by a cadre of Jews.

    Roberts himself has acquired eminent “Jewish credentials” — being a graduate of the Jewish-intensive Wharton School of Business — and a winner of silver medals as a squash player at the 1981 and 1985 Maccabiah Games in Israel."
    Roberts was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A graduate of Germantown Academy, he earned his B.S. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania,

    He was the recipient of the 2004 Humanitarian Award from the Simon Wiesenthal Center[6] and was the 2002 Walter Kaitz Foundation Honoree of the Year for his commitment to diversity in the cable industry.

    Always a connection

  16. @Deb -

    I'm sorry, I ran out of room but on your comment about the "One More Chance" - I agree with you and I am still of the Opinion that it is a SONY video . . . But Michael did complete the recording of it, it is his voice and his original concept and I'm sorry if what I said made you feel your opinion was not important . . . it is.

  17. Hi Bonnie. MJ standing on a table and you only see his back through the whole video. Is that the video you are talking about? I think it is poor. I don't like it. An amateur could have done a better video. But I like the song. The video sucks bigtime. Its crap! MJ can do better than that. Its a joke to me. How could they release that video. I don't think MJ would have been pleased with it. How could he be? But if you guys love it, that's fine with me. I will just listening to the song. Susanne

  18. Deb … I have to make a comment about the "One More Chance" video as well. I think I might know exactly how you feel. I bawled the first time I saw it, and each time after it has always brought me to a state of tears and numbness…. I find myself just staring at the computer as the title “ONE MORE CHANCE” fades from the screen …. waiting for my head to tell my heart to take another beat, and move on….I can’t explain it, but Michael’s presence in this video moves me in a way that none of the other Michael’s videos do.
    Bonnie I LOVE the picture you have chosen for this blog. ♥♥♥

  19. Susanne said - "MJ standing on a table and you only see his back through the whole video. Is that the video you are talking about?"

    ......... Yes, that video and before you criticize it, know that it was Michael's concept and he did have parts of it already filmed when the 2003 raid happened. Sony "completed" the shots for the video which could very well have been mostly the audience shots. I have photos of him during this shoot. But the Music, the words/lyrics, arrangement and idea/concept for the film was Michael's. I think Sony just did what they could to finish it and put it out to make a buck off it.

    I have other theories on this too, but will hold them for now.

    Cathy said - "I bawled the first time I saw it, and each time after it has always brought me to a state of tears and numbness…. I find myself just staring at the computer as the title “ONE MORE CHANCE” fades from the screen"

    ....... The reason this song of Michael's is so polarizing to fans I think has to do with what happened in the middle of filming it and the pain it represents. Makes me feel doubly bad I said what I said to Deb back then. If Sony takes it over, I want nothing to do with it, but that doesn't diminish Michael's artistry in this in any way.

  20. It's my understanding that Michael wasn't given much in the way of budget for the "One More Chance" video and he wasn't so pleased with the set - said it reminded him of the set for "Smooth Criminal". As we all know, he likes to be more original.

    I find it interesting that at the end where the applause start, he'd jumped up on a couple tables and kicked the lamps and something else (I couldn't make out what) off of them. The feeling I got here was that they were objects of disgust. You could hear the glass breaking. Reminded me of "Jam". "It ain't too much for me - don't you - it ain't to much for ME to jam." Another song to look at. Sweet Michael taking on the fight but wanting to keep us safe.

    Bonnie, what meanings can you come up with for the word Jam? Aside from a group of musicians getting together to jam (jam session) and just play their hearts out I've also got jam like in where you cause something to quit working, like jamming something into a bunch of cogs (or clock works?) that causes the cogs to quit working or break? Just what you need - more research! LOL!!!

  21. @Blake,

    This is what I previously wrote about Jam:

    Do you know the lyrics to Jam?

    Considering the lyrics in the rest of the song, I would surmise that Michael was telling "them" that they are not too much for him to take on, he knows the truth, false prophets cry of doom, she sings the talmud song . . . It ain't too much for me to Jam, it ain't too much for me to Jam. He's telling them he's not afraid.

  22. Bonnie, I think I may have over reacted and for that I apologize. I did feel a little chastised, which, from what you say above, was not your intention. I do agree that Wagener is a bottom feeder and looking for a quick buck and from what you say above, quite slimey so I can see where you'd be a little "vocal" in your dislike of the guy. Oh heck, let's just hug and be done with it ((((hugs)))) :) and I hope you accept my apology.

    Cathy, yeah, I know. I cried the first time as well. There's just so many emotions any of us can go through watching that video: what he was going through at the time, how it all ended, and the words he's singing along with the sense, at least for me (I can't speak for anyone else), that I'm sitting in the same room as him, not five feet away from him, his presence is that palpable. And as you said, it's the same for me, Michael in that video moves me, for whatever reason, like none of his other videos do.

  23. Yes, I do have the words to the song. What caught me first with the song was "I just want you to recognize me I'm the temple. You can't hurt me I've found peace within myself - go with it." One of those "wait a minute" moments where I realized there was more to his songs-God was there! Thanks for the links :)!


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