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Michael Jackson Justice: "Perhaps There Is Truth In This Illusion"

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Perhaps There Is Truth In This Illusion"

Day 18 Conrad Murray Michael Jackson Trial
Comfort in the Arms of Truth

Romans 16:17
Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.

As HLN was commenting in the background, I had heard someone talking about a comment made by Janet Jackson as she answered a question by one journalist as she made her way into the building.  Janet said that It’s like an Illusion and suggested they watch “The Illusionist” with Edward Norton.  My favorite line from the Trailer . . .

“Perhaps there is truth in this illusion…”

The Illusionist description reads that a man uses Illusion to win the heart of a woman far above his social standing . . . but that’s not what the story is about.  The story is about using illusion to exposing the corruption of a powerful elite monarchy.  The love story is just a bonus . . . a ‘bridge’ in a song if you will, to create the link from verse to chorus or in this case, the crimes to the criminal.

Last year I published a blog, “Curtain Call for Norma Jean”, and “Every Good Song Has a Bridge”, which I shared the other day. 

Grand deception?  Strong delusion?  I’ve said it before, this trial is not about Murray.  Murray is “the love story”, the trial “the illusion” (or one of them).  In the movie Janet talked about, you see the Illusionist . . . in THIS story, you don’t.

For many, many years, for decades we have been living in an illusion, constructed and thrown over us while they rob us blind of substance and soul.

Now the shrouds are being lifted but some will still see only the shroud.

Yesterday two witnesses were of particular interest.  One being Cherilyn Lee and the other, Randy Phillips of AEG Live. 

We uncovered this information about Cherilyn Lee:

Nurse Cherilyn Lee - Founder of Nutrimed Healthcare: 

She is an "Ambassador of Peace" and a Co-Health Chair for the NAACP. Guess who started THAT outfit?  Jacob Schiff.

Jacob Schiff founds the National Advancement for the Association of the Coloured People (NAACP). (a White guy) The same guy that also sets up the Anti-Defamation League (yeah, the ones that went AFTER Michael and Mel Gibson!) Schiff was financed by NONE OTHER THAN ROTHSCHILD! - Source , Source, and Source.

Cherilyn’s Medical Director, listed on her web site is Dwight James, MD.  The only Dwight James I could find in California was this one:

He has a felony conviction: Probation Completed
The licensee's period of probation has been completed.
Felony Conviction
Licensee was convicted of a felony.

He has no board certifications.  He’s had a license probation and his felony conviction was for . . . get this – “Conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute Dilaudid (That’s synthetic morphine for those of you never going through abdominal surgery . . . great stuff!  Cures migraines instantly).

He spent 16 months in prison, then 6 months in a community correctional facility and served three years probation.  Source  And he’s had two administrative disciplinary actions for which he served probation.

Dr. Metzger has had a public disciplinary action for violation of the law.  Source and Source.

Steven Shafer is not licensed in California.

We already covered Steinberg.

Kamangar speaks Farsi – Source.  He’s clean but on the state’s payroll.

Rogers is clean - Source but also works for the state.

Dr. Klein – Source

Did I miss anyone?

Back to Cherilyn, she didn’t name the “patient” that worked for the media and got her an interview with CNN –

Cherilyn Lee Interview with CNN DAYS after Michael passes.

About 1 minute on the video, she says that Michael insists on having this medication.  When she asked Michael “who gave it to you” she said that Michael told her “My doctor”.  She doesn’t name the doctor.

Remember in testimony, she testified that Michael told her he had Diprivan in surgery . . . Murray was not giving Michael Propofol in March as she states Michael begins asking HER for it then, so what doctor is she talking about on this interview?

Also, she declines to name doctors because the only other doctors Michael had in LA. At that time was Klein and Metzger, and of course she can’t turn THEM in because they’re being protected.  She also testifies on this video interview (@1:14) that Michael couldn’t remember the name of the doctor and it was a long time ago.  (Metzger testified that he hadn’t seen Michael since 2002 until he visited Michael as his home, ONCE in early 2009).

At 6:28 minutes Lee tells the interviewer that she is sure that what killed him is this medication he kept asking for (the Propofol/Diprivan) and she said it wasn’t drugs, not the ones they were saying.  This video was uploaded on July 1, 2009, which means she probably taped it  BEFORE then, possibly by a day or two prior to it’s airing.

There was no cause of death announced yet on July 1!

That’s enough for me to discredit her right there, not to mention her affiliation as co-health chair for the NAACP, an Illuminati organization AND her felon Medical director and distributor of synthetic morphine!

She says it was April when Michael was again asking for this, yet Murray was already supposedly working there and had orders for propfol being delivered to his girlfriend's house.  Murray said he began giving Michael Propofol in April, so she’s lying.

She lies on the video below when she says that she didn’t know anything about Murray.  Now granted Murray worked at night but didn’t she say that she was there sometimes in the evenings, and didn’t she watch him sleep one night?  If Murray was already giving Michael Propofol in April why would he be asking her for it?

Liar . . . next.

Dan Rubin:
Stanford Hospital & Clinics (SHC) announced today that its Board of Directors has appointed Amir Dan Rubin as president and chief executive officer, effective Jan. 3, 2011. Currently chief operating officer at the UCLA Health System in Los Angeles, Rubin will succeed Martha Marsh, who retired from Stanford Hospital as CEO in September 2010 after serving for eight years.

His Facebook Friend’s list - Source – Izhak Rubin (dad?) Source  He’s from Israel.  He attended high school and college in Israel before getting his degree in electrical engineering at Princeton.  There are a lot of “Meyers” on that page and I did look for a “Dan Meyers” but did not find one.

One of their OTHER relatives, Eddie Rubin, is the Co-President and Director for Deep Blue Pictures - Source   And Source

Other friends – Schiff and Schiff (related to Jacob Schiff of the ADL and NAACP?)  Another friend in the business, Brandon Verdi of Penninsula Films - Source

They're just all hooked up, aren't they?  

Jacob Shiff – Banker under Rothschild. Warburg, the founder of the Federal Reserve, is Shiff’s brother in law.  Schiff's descendant Andrew Newman Schiff is married to former Vice President Al Gore′s daughter, Karenna.  Source

John Denham Schiff is another descendant.  Jacob Schiff is one of the Rothschild bankers.  He not only co-founded Kuhn, Loeb and Company but financed many of the railroads, The Bolshevik Revolution, Westinghouse Electric (my great-grandfather may have known him), Wells Fargo, Western Union as well as the funding for the start up of the Anti-Defamation League and the NAACP - Source

The testimony today was rather light.  I will get to the names Randy Phillips mentioned later. 

Oh, one more thing.  It’s one thing to connect Cherilyn to the NAACP and a felon-medical director, but how did she get to Michael?  Faheem Mohammed referred Michael to her.  He is one of the guards at Carolwood….Larry Muhammed is supposedly the man married to his mother. (Not sure if this is the one).

How did Faheem get HIS job?  From his testimony, he started out as a driver then Michael “liked him” and was asked to stay on as head of security.  (How does a driver become head of security with no security experience previously?)

Remember from Day 2 testimony that Faheem Mohammed was driving to the bank only an hour after arriving at work on June 25th, 2009 when Amir Williams called him and told him to turn around and go back to the house.   Source

Now we can look at today’s testimony.

Flanagan Still Questioning Henson

- I don’t know what happened to Henson.  Flanagan was TRYING to direct questioning to him yesterday.  Gary Causey was on the stand when I came in and turned on everything.  I have a headache today but was able to keep up with everything and learned that most of the witnesses were going to be Murray’s patients.

Chernoff Calls Mr. Gary Causey
Patient and good friend of Dr. Murray

- Chernoff asks Gary Causey how he came to be a patient of Dr. Murray’s.  Causey lived in Las Vegas and he was not paid to come down and testify.

- Causey describes Murray as a caring doctor who takes more time then he needs, as a compassionate and unusually caring doctor.  He also describes Murray as his best friend.  Murray’s face begins to get a big red, then I notice him lean down and pull up a Kleenex from somewhere.  At first I thought the Causey guy was laying it on a bit thick, but when I saw Murray’s reaction, I took a second look at the possibility that there was an actual friendship here.

-  was a bit cautious on how I wanted to grade this testimony.  It was nice to hear something good about Murray for a change.  Unfortunately I can’t do any checking into some of these witnesses because they are private people . . .

- Chernoff asks him if he has ever known Dr. Murray to be careless and Causey replies that he never had that experience and that he usually took his time with each patient, sometimes an hour.

Walgren Cross

-Walgren asks Causey if he granted any interviews about Dr. Murray.  Causey says he gave interviews to help Dr. Murray

- Causey describes Murray’s compassion and that he wanted to help his friend because he would never do what he is accused of doing.  He added, “you can ask any of his patients they’ll tell you the same thing.”

Chernoff Redirect

- Chernoff asks Causey if he got paid for his interviews and Causey replies no.

Walgren recross

- Asks if Causey would testify for Murray even if he was accused of gross negligence.  Causey, after being dismissed walks over and shakes Murray’s hand and kisses him on the forehead.

My Thoughts:

Murray gets emotional over Causey’s testimony.  I was hoping all of Murray’s patients were not going to do this and I originally thought it was over the top.  Especially when Causey got down off the stand, walked over to Murray, shook his hand and then kissed him on the forehead.  Seeing Murray well up though, I couldn’t attribute this to over-acting.  It actually made me want to get to know Mr. Causey and perhaps, Dr. Murray.  Lots of contrasts between  Causey’s description of Murray’s treatment of him and what happened to Michael.

Chernoff calls Andrew Guest
Works Mandolay Bay and Resort, Lock Smith

- Met Murray in April of 2002 through Dr. Dixon, Primary physician.  Chest pain, arm pain and headaches.  Dixon called Murray on the cell phone. Murray was out of the country at the time.  It was just a few days.

- Desert Springs Hospital he had two or three stints put in. 

- Chernoff asks if Murray is a reckless doctor or a caring doctor.  Guest says that Murray is thorough, caring, called him at home on a weekend to find out how he was.  Witness says that Murray explained everything to him, local anesthetic, went to another hospital to have a further procedure done because the necessary equipment was not available at Desert Springs.

Walgren cross

- Walgren asks if Murray ever gave him Propofol in your bedroom.  (cheap shot and a stupid question.  Smart-ass isn’t professional, but Chernoff is guilty of that too).

Chernoff redirect

- Guest explains he did the CNN interview (was not paid) and he did it because he thought Murray was not getting a fair shake.  (Is CNN the only weapon of choice for interviewing potential witnesses in high profile trials???)

Walgren recross

- Would anything change your opinion o Dr. Murray, Guest says no.

My Thoughts:

I thought this witness was a little less “affectionate” than Causey, but he sometimes tried to talk over the attorneys or the judge to get his positive statements in about Murray.  He seemed genuine but trying too hard.  I liked him.  I liked Causey too, but I wanted to hear someone a little less “cheerleader” and a little more “doctor/patient” professional.

Chernoff calls Lunette Sampson
Formerly lived in Las Vegas

- Lived in Vegas from 2002 until October 1 of this year.

- She had had three heart attacks when she was in Vegas, congestive heart failure, last one in April 2009 and several bouts with congestive heart failure

- Murray repaired arteries in her legs and performed procedures for various heart attacks.  In 2008 was seen by another doctor who missed her blockages which caused another heart attack.  Murray came back from his trip and said he didn’t like what he saw and wanted to run another test.

- Sampson said Murray is a very thorough doctor and she doesn’t understand how the other doctor could have missed what was wrong with her, but doctor Murray found it.

- Chernoff asks Sampson if she could ever see Dr. Murray as being careless or negligent.  She laughed and said she was laughing because everyone knows when they go to Murray they are going to be there for a while.  Murray helped people pro-bono and is not money hungry or greedy.

Walgren cross

- Walgren asks Sampson who contacted her about giving a statement about Murray.  She replied she didn’t know which lawyer would contact her.  It was through email requesting something brief about Dr. Murray’s care. She said she didn’t know she worked for the media. 

- Sampson said she didn’t know anything concerning that situation with Michael Jackson and that she was just trying to be helpful to Murray by making a statement supporting him.

- Walgren asks Ms. Sampson if Murray ever told her he was caring for Michael Jackson.  Sampson had no idea Murray was seeing Michael Jackson, Murray told her personally that he was taking a sabbatical but not why.  She never got an email.  Murray never told her why, just that he was taking a sabbatical and she was worried about who was going to take care of her.

- Walgren asked if Sampson was aware that Murray had a discipline letter because he didn’t’ return a patients call right away.  Sampson said no, why would she hear about that.

- Walgren tries to push further on that issue but Chernoff objects, states it was an administrative letter and that patients would not be involved in that.

Chernoff redirect

- Chernoff asks if she knew the letter was about hospital procedures and rules about calling within a time frame.  Sampson said she would not know about that, she didn’t even go to that hospital.

My thoughts:

Oddly enough instead of trying to discredit the witness, Walgren seemed to attempt to turn the witness against Murray on the stand.  I didn’t think this was a very effective way to convince a Jury to disregard the weight of the witnesses testimony.

Chernoff calls Dennis Hicks
Patient of Murray

- Met Chernoff for the first time last night.  Drove in Yesterday.  Lives in Banning, California.  Lived in Vegas before that.

- Bought a home next door to Murray’s children.  Met Murray then and learned he was a cardiologist.

- Was told by previous doctor his blockage couldn’t be fixed because veins grew around it.  Said that doctor gave him some pills.

- He called Murray about two months after he moved in.  Hicks testifies to difficulty walking up hill from his mailbox and getting occasional pains.  Murray told him he could fix that.  And he did, Hicks states.  Hicks describes how Murray walked him through the tests, showed him the tests and where he was blocked.  Hicks describes that Murray gave him six or seven stints for the first procedure, then six or seven the second procedure.  This was back around 2000 or 2001.

- Hicks says he never had a doctor give him the care that Murray did.  Murray performed procedures that he didn’t charge the Hicks for because Hicks had the type of insurance that “paid for hardly nothing”.  He referred his brother to Murray afterwards because his brother had life-long heart issues and Murray satisfactorily treated him as well.

- Murray had instructed his brother to go to the hospital.  His brother couldn’t afford it so Hicks said Murray paid for it.

Walgren cross

- Walgren asks if Hicks ever saw Murray for anything other than cardiology procedures.  Hicks states that Murray also saw him when he was sick. 

- Walgren asks if Hicks lived next door to Murray.  Hicks replied that, no Murray did not live next door, his children did.  Hicks answered Walgren that Murray’s care of him continued until 2009. 

- Walgren asks how he learned that Murray was Michael Jackson’s doctor.  He got a letter Murray was going on Sabbatical.  Hicks learned he was going with MJ when he saw it on T.V.  Murray never mentioned verbally he was seeing Michael Jackson.

- Walgren asked if Murray kept medical records on him, Hicks replies “You’ll have to ask him, that’s above my scope.”  Last stint was around 2004 or 2005.  Hicks said that was the last heart procedure but he saw Murray for other things.

My thoughts:

I liked Dennis Hicks.  I had noticed that the last two witnesses , Walgren tried to use the line of attack that Murray told his patients about his famous client, but he was unsuccessful as each witness was firm and believable that Murray never mentioned Michael Jackson, that they learned of it on T.V.

Walgren did ask two witnesses if they would have defended Murray even if they knew he was negligent to which both replied that they would testify for Murray because they didn’t know him like that, or because he was a compassionate doctor, not guilty of what they were accusing him of.

Chernoff calls Ruby Mosley
Patient of Dr. Murray in Houston

- Lives in Houston, Texas since 1949 (she’s cute).  She lives in 75% senior citizen neighborhood.  Acres Homes.  She is secretary of an Acres Homes citizen’s council for 31 years.  It’s an organization of city clubs under the council.

- Mostly low income seniors for over 30 years.  The community mostly has consistent medical care.  Met Murray in 2006.  His dad passed away in 2003 and she met Murray then.  Murray opened his clinic in 2006 in Acres Homes.

- Chernoff asks Mosely “Is Murray greedy?”  Mosely leans forward and replies “NO!” before she leans over, saying “excuse me judge”, before continuing,  “If he was he would never have come to Acres homes with 75% poor and on social security.  He did it because he made a commitment to the community to continue to care for the patients his father left behind when his father passed in 2003.”  (No name of Murray’s father is given.  Objections are raised when it seems like she is going to say the name but she doesn’t, but I could see the judge ready to pounce).

- Murray had placed stints in her arteries.  Ruby’s husband was his patient first and she very proudly announced his age and that he is still alive. 

Walgren crosses

- Walgren asks Mosely if Murray ever introduced her to a Sade Anding.  She staired blankly at him for a minute.  Walgren presses on asking if Murray ever introduced her to his lady friends.  Without blinking an eye, she replies, “it doesn’t ring a bell.”  (she’s cool!)  Walgren asks “so you never saw Murray in a social setting?  Only the clinic?”

- Mosely continues her direct gaze at Walgren.  She replies that she saw Murray at the clinic,  and didn’t know anything about personal life, that “that really was of no interest to us.”  Mosely went on to describe Murray as “an encyclopedia”, able to  recite past appointments and care and was very knowlegeable.

Chernoff redirect

- Chernoff asks Mosely to elaborate on her statement that Murray is “an encyclopedia”.  He asks her, “what do you mean by very knowledgeable?”   Mosely replies Murray is “very proactive, took time with patients.”  She said Murray had a lot of patients, most knew each other.  He took time to explain things.  She said, “You saw the doctor first, no sign to present insurance card, or “payment rendered at time of service.” 

- Mosely stated that Dr. Murray educated you about your condition and how to better take care of yourself.  No rushing patients, sometimes took an hour.

My Thoughts:  Murray is wiping his eyes during talk of his father and taking over the community for him.  We only know what certain fan groups have proliferated about Murray’s personality and just assumed that because he grew up separate from his father that there was no relationship.  It was apparent that Murray loves his father very much and additionally some of his patients.

I don’t know what to make about the contrasts of the “two perceived Murrays”.  You want to ask yourself, “how could he be such a different doctor to Michael?”

There were reportedly only two witnesses left to testify for the defense. The “surprise” witness to my knowledge, has not yet materialized and I don’t know if that was a ploy of the press to keep their viewership engaged or not. 

I know one witness is supposed to be Dr. White, the man that sat behind Murray when Shafer was testifying.  I don’t know who the other one is.

Reports were sent to me that Karen Faye, who was also allegedly going to be called by the defense to testify has disappeared and her “minions” as I was told, are not talking.  Interesting but true?  I don’t know.

Trial closes for the rest of day due to scheduling issue with witness.

God Bless you.  I will have more for you tomorrow, and I think I am finally starting to have some muscle seizing in my forearms from typing.  Man that hurts.

I will try to have some info on Randy Phillips and the names he mentioned  tomorrow as well.  Connect the dots . . . what fun!

When you get the time:

“- “On May 10th, J. Edgar Hoover is made Director of the Bureau Of Investigation (BOI) which will become the Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) in 1935. He would remain its’ Director until his death in 1972. Hoover was a homosexual and during some point in his career he was photographed engaged in homosexual acts with Associate FBI Director, Clyde Tolson, his lifelong companion for more than forty years who inherited his estate upon his death. These photos were obtained for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) through the Mafia run by Jewish Don, Meyer Lansky, for the purposes of blackmailing Hoover.  Source

I thought that sounded familiar . . . Michael’s non-friend Alvin Malnik was Meyer Lansky’s protégé:

Among Lansky's frontmen were men like Sam Cohen, Ben Siegel and Alvin Ira Malnik. Malnik had originally started working for Lansky associate Al Mones in the late 1950s. Malnik's rise in the Lansky organization was fast and by 1970, he had seemingly become the most valuable player. After Lansky's death in 1983, Alvin Malnik's power became more visible than ever. Law enforcement officials have long suspected him to be Lansky's sole "heir". Source

Just some Nice-to-Know information.


  1. Bonnie,
    I think one of the things that struck me early on, in the first days after June 25, was that everyone was talking about Michael OD'ing on drugs, saying it was probably Demerol.But when Cherilynn gave this interview, everyone stopped talking about Demerol and talked about Propofol from then on, even though the toxicology report hadn't yet been completed! I kept thinking 'how do they know its Propofol? We don't have any evidence yet'. It was as if Cherilynn was purposely trying to swing things in that direction. When the COD finally was released, I couldn't believe it. It was like a set-up.
    I don't know what it is about Randy Philips, but I don't trust the man.

  2. Princess said - "Cherilynn gave this interview, everyone stopped talking about Demerol and talked about Propofol from then on, even though the toxicology report hadn't yet been completed! I kept thinking 'how do they know its Propofol? We don't have any evidence yet'."

    ........ Yes and believe it or not, people are still not seeing/hearing this. I wasn't even sure this woman had even treated Michael until I heard Muhammad mention her name during his testimony.

    That's funny you say that about Randy Phillips. I was telling my husband yesterday about the testimony when he came in from work and he said, who's Randy Phillips? So I showed him on the live feed my computer. Ed watches him for about a minute then says, "There's something about him. He has a trusting demeanor", LOL! Direct opposite of you! When I told Ed what he said earlier about being in the entertainment business "too long" Ed laughed and said, "Think he knows some things?"

  3. PRINCESS GLAM said : "I don't know what it is about Randy Philips, but I don't trust the man."

    Nor do I completely, Princess, although I found him yesterday OK at the Court. But was the man 100% sincere or only showed his "good guy" side ? C. Murray is somehow responsible for Michael's demise (if he died). And if on top of it a conspiracy also really existed, Sony a/o Branca & accomplices would be on the first line (Sony had no interest that Michael renew with success thus get again free from them financially & on his music rights : more worth dead than alive). AEG's role in all this ? I admit I still scratch my head on them as, with the signed agreement with Michael in Jan. 2009, AEG could do nothing with his legacy nor his catalog in case Michael died. Maybe only the production costs & other topics of the contract were eventually not in Michael's best interest. Did Thome Thome decide directly with Phillips about the 50 concerts without priorily getting Michael's consent ? Possible as Thome once had full signing power over Michael's business, but nothing one may prove unfortunately so Phillips either said the truth..or not. Should AEG or Sony or else cover up to this day, none in their camp or among their employees would dare countersaying their statements to the Justice, I'm afraid. All I said above is my humble opinion only to this day. So Bonnie, please help :o)

  4. Hi Bonnie. Sometimes the one you least expect can be a bad Guy. Some people play their game very well and fool a lot of people. And I agree with Princess about Lee. It seems like they only find what they are looking for when they do blood tests. If Lee had not mentioned propofol they may not have searched for it when they were running those blood tests. Murray didnt mentioned propofol until after Lee went to the media. He must hate her guts. He gave her the "if eyes could kill stare" before she got dizzy and almost started to cry. Susanne

  5. Hi Bonnie. I agree with Cathy on your last blog. I like it when you put some personal stuff in your blog. You put some spirit in here not just facts and info. And I enjoy your sense of humour. If you can't make a joke about things now and then you can't take it serious either. You make us laugh and cry and give us interesting information. Thank you and god bless. Susanne

  6. Hi Bonnie. I think the autopsy mentioned bruising on the chest. I could be wrong. Maybe I should read it again to make sure. It would give us proof that the photo is a fake. Susanne

  7. Hi Bonnie. There was a video on you tube with an anonymous insider Interview. They are not allowed to speak so he wanted to be anonymous. Its not audio. Its a transcript of the Interview. A person who had known MJ for over 20 years. He said MJ and Phillips didn't get along. MJ didn't like Phillips. He thought he was arrogant. Who knows if its true or not? But personally I think Phillips and MJ are not from the same planet. So I wouldnt be surprised if its true. But I am not gonna judge. I can only speculate. And just because Phillips and MJ didnt get along doesnt automatically mean that Phillips is a bad guy. Susanne

  8. Hi Bonnie. What if some of the witnesses is paid in this trial? We heard about judges in LA accepting bribes. Am I being cynical here? Susanne

  9. Susanne said - "If Lee had not mentioned propofol they may not have searched for it when they were running those blood tests. Murray didnt mentioned propofol until after Lee went to the media. He must hate her guts. He gave her the "if eyes could kill stare" before she got dizzy and almost started to cry."

    ......... first of all, I think it's safe to assume that there is more to Ms. Cherilyn that meets the eye. She was giving this interview only a few days after Michael passed (allegedly) and she was admittedly treating Michael OVER THE TIME that he was already getting this stuff from Dr. Murray, through April! I fail to see how Michael would still be asking her for this stuff if he was already getting it? She also claims she saw Michael on the same day he was flying back from London. I don't know if you are familiar with how far that is from California but it's more than a couple of hours of flight time. I don't think Murray made her cry. I think she just had anxiety because her notes were disorganized and she was getting questioned about it the day before.

    The autopsy photo is really bad quality and obviously shopped and pieced together so looking for any markings is not really going to mean anything.

    On the anonoymous tape about someone claiming to have known Michael for 2o years. there is a lot of that garbage on youtube and I don't even consider it because there was a campaign against AEG ready to go even before Michael passed and I already investigated all that last year. The source of those videos was TINI and the KAREN FAYE fake fan groups.

  10. Susanne some of the witnesses are paid in the trial, they are state paid witnesses and the defense also had to pay doctors for their time to come in and offer expert opinion. I didn't post all of your comments because it looked like you posted some twice by mistake so I deleted them. Just letting you know. :o)

    Line said - "Did Thome Thome decide directly with Phillips about the 50 concerts without priorily getting Michael's consent ? Possible as Thome once had full signing power over Michael's business, but nothing one may prove unfortunately so Phillips either said the truth..or not."

    ....... Right, if you believe DiLeo, he is the one that testified on an interview that Tohme had POA to sign checks on behalf of Michael's company (not for Michael himself as is my understanding, since Michael also had to sign the AEG agreement as the artist.) Tohme only signed for the company he was allegedly in charge of.

    From Phillips testimony I believe Tohme responded that Michael said NO MORE THAN 50, so he would have had to have gotten that figure from Michael for him to mention that limit. Also Michael is the one that called back to tell Phillips what he would need for his children for him to agree to those extra shows. That doesn't sound hostile to me.

  11. WOW on Dr. Klein's records . . . 200 - 375mg's of Demoral per visit for Michael? Geeshush!

    On the other hand, how do you consume that much demoral and have it not show up? SOMEWHERE in the body?

    How many MICHAEL'S are there?

    Either the autopsy is FAKE or FALSIFIED (to protect Klein?) . . .

    Or ANOTHER MICHAEL went to Klein's office for procedures.

    (What did they do to you, Michael???)

  12. How are you so certain that the photo('s;are) is 'shopped'? Also, I appreciate the 'personal' things you share with us; For me, it helps to work as a 'commercial' of sorts between the cold, hard 'truths' about what may have happened to Micael. I believe that most of us reading here, are going through our own various, family, employment, health problems, so the information that your share is relatable. To me anyway.

    I'm not watching the trial, as I cannot look at people who, for all intents and purposes, may have been the last to see Michael walking, talking, smiling, closing his eyes.... I do'nt want to look at them. Thank you for your transcripting and analyses. Oyan

  13. Hi Bonnie. The Insider Interview I talked about earlier. I don't know how to post links so I write it down Susanne

  14. Or maybe Klein falsified records because I believe he's involved in MJ's death which is why he allowed the LIE that he is Price's father to fester. Klein is also Jewish and stated his father is a Rabbi. Mark Lester who also claimed to be a friend of MJ's claimed Paris. The Jewish Mafia work in tandem when they have an objective.

  15. I, too, am wondering how many Michaels are involved in all of this. What an illusion that would turn out to be. Would also make a great movie. I wonder where all his doubles are nowadays? K

  16. Oyan said - "How are you so certain that the photo('s;are) is 'shopped'?"

    ........ Are you able to download them onto your computer? It's obvious. You can see it with the naked eye. But I also sent it to my mother who has all the graphic art software on her computer. She can blow it up without losing too much resolution and you can see the obvious stait lines where the colors are different where they spliced the picture.

    Also, autopsy photos are not done on sheet. This is not an authentic autopsy photo. Then there is MY opinion which is, that face does not really look like Michael's. They eyes are off.

    You said - "I believe that most of us reading here, are going through our own various, family, employment, health problems, so the information that your share is relatable. "

    ..... Thank you Oyan, you're right. I don't want to discourage anyone else from sharing so we can all pray for them either.

    I understand how you feel about those possibly being the last to see Michael. But I believe also that Michael is much smarter than that. I also don't believe that he was without friends among them. Try to have faith that the bad guys don't always win. That was the hardest for me . .. my SECOND prayer for Michael. :o)

    Thank you Susanne. You can usually just copy a link and paste it to your comment and it will show up. They're not clickable in the comments though but we can copy them.

  17. MJmedia09 said - "Or maybe Klein falsified records because I believe he's involved in MJ's death which is why he allowed the LIE that he is Price's father to fester."

    ......... That I have also considered. One of the big discussions in court was that there was no recognizable signature or initials of Klein's on the treatment records. Even if an assistant did the treatments a doctor would/should sign off on it.

    As far as rumors being allowed to fester, they probably don't have any control of that. The press does what it does and I believe THAT rumor about Prince being Klein's son actually started with some of the fake fan groups which Sony was actually behind. Mark Lester same thing. I could be true but did Lester actually ever address or confirm this in an televised interview? I don't believe what the press says anymore, but I do reference them to try to match up their lies.

    K said - "I wonder where all his doubles are nowadays? K "

    ........ Probably working, LOL! Seriously I suspect he probably used these doubles off and on since he left Oman. And I'm like you, I want to know EVERYTHING of how someone pulls something like that off. Greedy for the info I am!

  18. Bonnie, those rumors of Klein as Prince father and Lester as Paris's father started WITH THEM. Klein not answering the question directly on an interview with Larry King made me realize he's involved. Lester definitely pushed the rumor of Paris as his daughter.

    Lester and Klein tried to imply MJ requested their sperm and if you really knew MJ, you would know HE WOULD NEVER ask no man for his sperm. It's ridiculous so WHY are the lying and who are they lying for? I believe this is tied to MJ'S MONEY!! Those losers were NEVER friends and I believe they could both be Mossad agents like Uri Gellar and I believe Boteach is one too.

  19. I also believe those who are pushing MJ ae alive are the same one's behind his murder and they are creating deceptions to keep the MYTH that MJ is alive to prevent his fans from figuring out he is dead. This is typical Illuminati methods, CONFUSION. Look at the murder of Tupac. Tupac's life mirrored MJ in some respects. With Tupac, you will see a pattern of pushing "he's alive" after they murder him. This is a new assassination technique to lessen the blow of their MURDER. When Tupac was alive, the had attempts on his life and then put him in prison in a FAKE rape case. When MJ was alive they destroyed his reputation with fake allegations. So they keep spreading lies about you to diminish you and discredit you and then eventually KILL YOU. View this video of Tupac and you will understand, like MJ, why he is DEAD.

  20. Not having MJ's FULL medical records available in a trial, I believe preselecting pages for court is manipulative to push MJ as a "drug addict." Here's an informative piece from 2010 about MJ and Discoid Lupus. Read>>> "Discoid Lupus causes lesions and deformities around the eyes, so injecting Restylane/Botox (which is a type of filler) is very common amongst Lupus patients who can afford it. Restylane and Botox injections are usually preceded by i.m. injection (i.e. Demerol) to reduce the pain"

  21. MJmedia said - "Bonnie, those rumors of Klein as Prince father and Lester as Paris's father started WITH THEM."

    ......... I'm not arguing that with you, I am just wary of what the press prints. I was not convinced that Pfeiffer, from THAT interview, claimed Michael was his lover because they had so badly mangled that editing job for the interview.

    Klein? I think he's running scared. The rumors about Prince and Paris have been settled, and I agree with you that they could have been STARTED by Klein himself. I'm just telling you I am wary of what the Press reports as "truth".

    Mark Lester - I remember seeing THAT in print also. Did he say this as well in an interview?

    The televised interviews are harder to ignore but they are STILL subject to editing. I'm unclear about Mark Lester, but Klein I don't trust for other reasons as well as his occasionally slurred interviews.

    I Agree with you on both Geller and Boteach. Did tons of research on both. Geller is quite heavily involved in our CIA and may have actually worked at a couple of the research institutes - one being the Scripps out in California. I noticed they studied auto-immune diseases out there. Red Flag.

    I don't agree with you that Michael is dead. They WANTED him dead, that is for sure. However, I've already done the research on this and I won't be swayed on this. If you know Michael's character and his songs and just what he KNEW, there is no way he was going to lay in wait for someone to kill him. He's known for a long time what he was going to have to do.

    I am already of the opinion that Michael was NOT a drug addict.

    Michael knew about the Mossad, the Zionists/false Jews and he knew the Bible backwards and forwards as well as more history than most of us are priviledged to find out. He's also been inside both the political circle and the entertainment industry. He knew what they were planning.

    They didn't want to kill him, at least not at first. They had bigger plans for him. When they couldn't "convert" him and realized they lost "control" of him, that is when they wanted him dead.

    A man that's been around THAT block? No doctor with a propofol filled syringe is going to put him down.

  22. Bonnie, the reason I believe MJ is dead is based on the years leading up to his death. Ever since the Sony protest in 2002, Michael knew he was a dead man walking. You want my ass DEAD OR ALIVE!! MJ was involved and knew about the Illuminati as everyone who makes that much money in the industry HAS TO KNOW. He knew about things they were doing.

    But Michael resisted and they knew it. He was dead man walking.

    Michael also knew he was a "billionaire" when the tried to make him BROKE. On paper the crooks pulled a Bernie Madoff on him. The constant press reports of MJ broke and cash strap were designed to make a play on his portion of that Sony ATV Catalog. In death, they reported in the Wallstreet Journal that it was worth over $2 BILLION. MJ knew they wanted the entire thing.

    Michael knew Tommy Motolla was conspiring against him at Sony. Michael accused John Branca of conspiring with Tommy Motolla. MJ said those he had ENTRUSTED were conspiring against him meaning he could trust NO ONE and that's why he was lonely.

    How can MJ pull off faking his death when he is surrounded by his ENEMIES when he died? Michael had to DEPEND ON THEM to make a living. See they had manipulated his finances so, he was almost living like a homeless person that's how LOW they made him go and knew he would have to come back to them. The AEG deal was MJ succumbing to them. In other words, MJ had to go back to the same one's who were his enemies in order to SURVIVE. That's why they dangled those concerts before him. It was a SETUP from day 1. They never had ANY intentions of MJ completing that tour. But AEG PAID THE BILLS of everyone around MJ and it's odd who reentered his life and gained control in the last few days.

    It's impossible for MJ to fake his death surround by the same one's who disliked him and in LA of all places where corruption is so rampant in the LAPD department. This article tells the story. I believe MJ was MURDERED FOR HIS ESTATE and there's a reason the Estate has only rationed $30 million to each of MJ's kids when they are close to 30 and how the Estate says MJ didn't trust his own kids. I feel really sorry for MJ's kids because I don't think they will ever get a dime which is one reason for manipulating their paternity. MJ wouldn't go along with that if he were alive which is how I know he is DEAD. GREED IS THE REASON MJ IS DEAD!! HE IS DEAD!!

    Here's an article written right before MJ passed and it involves another Jewish principal named Anschutz (AEG owner), Randy Philips boss. As a business person, I understand completely what they mean calling MJ an "Undervalued ASSET." This means HE'S MORE valuable DEAD then alive and I also believe MJ was controled the last few days of his life as Latoya was with Jack Gordon. What did they do to him? Some form of MIND CONTROL either drugs or hypnosis. It's strange how Uri Geller once admitted HYPNOTIZING MJ. But read this article on the "undervalued asset" and you will know there is NO WAY MJ could escape to fake his death surrounded by his enemies.

  23. MJMedia said - "The constant press reports of MJ broke and cash strap were designed to make a play on his portion of that Sony ATV Catalog. In death, they reported in the Wallstreet Journal that it was worth over $2 BILLION. MJ knew they wanted the entire thing.

    Michael knew Tommy Motolla was conspiring against him at Sony. Michael accused John Branca of conspiring with Tommy Motolla. MJ said those he had ENTRUSTED were conspiring against him meaning he could trust NO ONE and that's why he was lonely."

    .......... Have you read through any of the research I've done since last year? You have explained to me how Michael knew this, Michael knew that, Michael knew they wanted to kill him, he's known it for years, he knew what they wanted (this isn't about money, that's a cover) . . . .

    YET Michael is just going to come back to the states, plan a concert and surround himself with the SAME PEOPLE with his CHILDREN?

    You either think I'm stupid or you think MICHAEL is stupid.

    Tell me where AEG was in 2005? Where were they in 1995 when Michael signed the contract with SONY?

    Where was AEG in 1993? NON EXISTENT.

    Please, okay? I've been over this same argument before. I've done my research and I know EXACTLY who's behind the threat to Michael and it's not AEG . . . take your campaign elsewhere.

    P.S. Anschutz is PRESBYTERIAN not JEWISH. In order to get your FACTS STRAIT you have to extricate yourself from the TINI crowd.

    End of discussion and thanks for posting.

  24. Bonnie, I am NOT an TINI crowd AT ALL. I've been a fan for years researching on my own. I believe Anschutz is like Mark Lester who is Jewish by ANCESTRY but hides it. I saw Anschultz name listed here at #6.

    Maybe he's not but Randy Philips certainly is.

    My point is how can MJ escape his enemies surronded by his enemies??? How does he do that when he was literraly BROKE MONEY WISE as they had stole his money which is why he told Randy Philips he didn't want to live like that anymore. Michael had succumb.

    You've already seen the link between Randy Philips and John Branca? Correct?? Well how can MJ escape the very people who were around him who he didn't trust?? How??? AEG paid MJ rent and the salary of all his people. You do the math!!

  25. @MJmedia -

    I saw that link on the same web site and I think they just paired him with the others because he owns movie theaters, but he's not Jewish. Randy Phillips is not Jewish either, I don't know where you are getting this.

    How does Michael escape his enemies surrounded by his enemies? Because not all were his enemies. He wasn't broke either. How do you purchase an art collection when you are broke?

    He told Randy Phillips he didn't want to spend the rest of his life RUNNING from these people.

    There WAS NO LINK between Branca and Phillips. Where are you seeing this?

    AEG also DID NOT PAY FOR HIS RENT! Michael PAID FOR HIS OWN HOUSE. All AEG did was guarantee the lease.

    Now do you have any more fallacies you want to throw at me? Every bit of what you told me is strait out of the tabloids and the TINI web site. I did MY OWN RESEARCH. I would LOVE TO TELL YOU what I found, but it's not time yet. You're going to have to wait just like every body else.


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