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Michael Jackson Justice: Trying to Survive the Lab-Ratting of Michael Jackson

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Friday, October 7, 2011

Trying to Survive the Lab-Ratting of Michael Jackson

Day 7 Testimony
Michael Jackson Conrad Murray Trial

Psalm 25:5
Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.

I was Lost In a World of Strangers
You brought me back to the light

I have previously shared what I truly believe this song is about, who it is written to and how close in time to “An Angel Came to Me” it was written.  Michael’s spiritual home coming.  This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.  I imagine Jesus taking Michael’s hand and walking him back to the path after being entangled in briars in the thicket, lost in the woods for so long.

It reminds me of the dream I had as a teen, where Jesus had to put me back on the path, because I left it trying to find a short cut and got lost . . . in the woods.  His message to me then was very clear . . . “Stay on the strait and narrow” . . . “Keep your eyes on me” . . .

I am reading through Jermaine’s book.  It is a hard read.  It is also an exhilarating read.  It is the revisiting of the pain Michael went through. There are distinctive bread crumbs in that book that join pieces of various events together, but it is confusing as some information contradicts comments about the same people or events written about on previous pages.  But I’m getting there.

It doesn’t make it any easier.  No matter which way you slice it and put it back together, what happened to Michael, and what this family has been put through is just horrible.  The biggest struggle for me is trying to maintain my focus on a reason why any of this had to happen . . . God’s purpose and how he plans to use these events in the history of the Jackson Family.

Michael had a message – Nothing about THAT has changed.

*************  Start of Day 7 ***************

Chernoff is cross examining Alissa Fleet.

Alissa Fleak is continuing her testimony from yesterday.  I still have a lot more pictures I copied yesterday that were not used, and some of these were pictures taken by her.

Recapping her testimony from Walgren’s direct questioning yesterday, we get to the issue of various items in different places in the pictures taken between her visits to Carolwood from the 25th of June and June 29.  There were also pictures taken by detectives that she did not take, when they were there on the 27th. The house was never secured between those times.

IV picture with clear liquid in it, no milky liquid.

Asks about Bedroom where evidence was collected.

Asks how she knew right bedroom had a bathroom.  She said Ed winter told her but she didn’t know if Ed winter went into the bedroom.  She however did not go into the bedroom.  Ed in my ears is sounding a bit impatient and borderline rude.

Chernoff showed different angles of the chair with the container of urine on it but there were no gloves on the floor near the chair.

Chernoff then shows pictures of her standing in one of the hallways of the house but she didn’t know which date it was, the 25th or the 29th.

Chernoff asks if the house was secured after they left the house on June 25.  Chernoff shows the IV. Line in two different positions on the pole from the 25th and the 29th when the investigators went back.

Chernoff asks about the house being opened  the entire time.  They should know this if there is an investigation going on.

Police talked to Murray on the 27th. The house was still not closed or secured to keep people from messing with the crime scene.

Fleak did not describe the iv pole or the saline bag in the initial report or the syringe or tubing.  It is also not in the investigative narrative which was in the coroner’s report.  It is in her final report.

Picture of the IV pole and bag with tubing and syringe
Pic taken on Jun 25th Investigation

 Picture taken on June 29th Investigation

She admits she could have described it in initial report.  After the 29th of June she never went back to the house.

She got records from Doctors Murray, Klein and Metzger, Dr. David Adams, Mark Tadissi (sp?), David Slavick, Rosen, Cherilyn Lee, UCLA Medical Center, Dr. Copplin (sp?) and Dr. Hofflin.

Speculation was that Michael put Propofol into the juice bottle and drank it but juice bottle was never tested (we know Michael didn’t do this, ridiculous).  My opinion, this was a moot point because Propofol doesn’t do anything to you ingested.

Walgren redirects

Investigators narrative is the initial overall description of scene, not in depth.  Evidence log is different, everything is itemized.  Case notes are taken where additional information can be added.  3A form is medical evidence collected at a scene.  Walgren has Fleak describe these forms so he could differentiate the different forms.

Walgren asks again that the picture of the I.V. stand picture was taken on June 25.  She took it into coroners evidence on June 29, but wrote it up as evidence on the 27th.  Who told her to do this?  Police questioned Murray on the 27th.  This was incredibly sloppy. Anyone could have gotten into that room and messed with evidence between the 25th and the 29th, and of course security tapes are gone.

On page 296 in Latoya’s book, she writes that she, Jeffre’, Randy and a police officer go to Carolwood at about 11:30pm on the night of the 25th of June, 2009. This would be AFTER Fleat testified that that finished and left for the day.  On the next page Latoya writes that a bowl of soup and crumbs from a sandwhich were left on a dresser outside of Michael’s room.  Why did Fleat not testify to this?  Why was this not even mentioned?

Latoya also writes that four feet away from the foot of the bed stood an IV pole and a bag attached (she does not mention tubing or a syringe).  She also mentions a pajama top that had been cut from Michael so the paramedics could work on him.  This was not mentioned in the collection of evidence either.  She mentions the corner of the room next to the dresser three large, green oxygen tanks.  I only saw one in the pictures the coroner’s assistant took.

Walgren asks Fleet about testifying on Prelim that the Saline bag contained the bottle of Propofol.  She took the bottle out of the bag to see what it was, then took the picture on top of the bag.  She did not photograph it inside the bag, but she intentionally took the photo of them together.

I would like to know where the proof is that this bottle was even inside the I.V. bag. The bag below shows no signs of a milky substance (liquid drops inside the bag are clear) and the bottle of Propofol is empty.  She takes no picture of it inside the bag.  She just sets it on top of the saline back to take the picture and writes on her report that it was inside the bag.

Photo of Propofol bottle on saline bag.

Walgren asks Fleak about the meeting in March with himself and Medical coroner about that Propofol bottle and the syringes found on the table (without a needle in it) and on the floor that was not connected to anything.

Chernoff recrosses

Chernoff makes a point that Fleet took a picture of a plastic trash bag to document but she did not take a picture of the Propofol inside the IV bag before taking it out.  Fleak admitted to Chernoff that she did indeed make some mistakes.

Chernoff shows Fleak a series of photographs that Fleak says she did not take.   She does not know who took them.

This infers in the jurors minds that someone else was also investigating (the police) and taking pictures.

What was telling about this cross examination, in which I thought Chernoff did a good job, was the glaring issue of an unsecured crime scene between the 25th of June and the 29th of June  (Winters still has yet to be interviewed).  In those four days, differences in position of the IV pole and bag, and tubing were evidenced in pictures of the item taken on those two different days.

The absence of the gloves she said were on the floor near the chair with the urine bottle on it in the photograph, and absence of a photo of the Propofol bottle inside the saline bag as noted in the investigators report.

Walgren calls new witness Dan Anderson

Walgren reads a stipulation relating to finger prints.  This should be interesting.

Fingerprint analysis

- A 100 ml bottle of Propofol had left index fingerprint of Conrad Murray.

- Syringe had Fleak’s fingerprints. (another mistake by Fleak? Or deliberate?)

- Item saline bag with cut had four unidentifiable fingerprints.  This means that these did not belong to any of those fingerprinted – Murray, Fleak, either of the body guards, Kai Chase, Nicolas, Smith the detectives or either of the paramedics.

Saline bag (on pole) had one unidentified print not belonging to any of the above.

A 20 ml Propofol vial – in identification was made on prints there but was not identified on report.

Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson, Alvarez, Amir Williams Mohahmmed, Goodwin Scott Smith, Nicolas and Kai Chase. Were NOT found on those items above on which identification was NOT made.

No finger prints found – 2 midazolam, 1 lorazapam, 2 lidocaine, 1 lidocaine, eyedrops, tube bq, bottle ephedrine/caffeine, two 100ml Propofol vials, 7 20 ml Propofol vials, 2 lidocaine vials, 1 lidocaine vial, 2 lorazapam vials, 4 flumazinil vials, 3 midazolam, IV tubing, IV wide connector tubing, syinge with needle.

Stipulation on witness – qualified and capable of testifying on analysis of evidence in this case and this is agreed to by both prosecution and defense.

Dan Anderson is sworn in supervising toxicologist and criminalist for L.A. coroner (investigates evidence from death investigations).

Anderson is asked about and explains the scope of his expertise, going through the steps of extracting, logging and recording, isolating and analyzing culture evidence from fluids, blood, drugs and other medical evidence testing and recording those results.

Walgren makes a joke – “is that a scientific word?” to which the jury laughs and even Chernoff cracks a smile.

Anderson then describes processes where they test to see if a drug is “there”, and the results would either be a yes or no.  If no, they are done.  If yes, then another type of test determines what the drug is, they extract that element, how much, concentration to the blood or fluid.

Alyssa Fleak hand delivered four blood specimens to Anderson, taken at the hospital.  Anderson analyzed both that and the evidence submitted by autopsy.

June 26th the Autopsy was performed and submitted to lab that afternoon.  They then began the screening (called the Elisa Screen) which is the yes or no to series of drugs Anderson wants to test for.

He looked at benzodiazepines as a general class of drugs and pharmaceuticals.  Most of the tests take several hours to do a chemical extraction and to get them onto an instrument.

All the criminal analysts working in that lab assisted in testing fluids from the decedent.  Walgren verifies that the report bears Anderson’s signature that contain all the biological agents tested.

Lab 1

Lab 2

Lab 3

Colums on report

Secimen, Service, Drug, Level of in evidence, Units of measure (micro grams bigger per milliliter, nanograms (smaller measure) per milliliter and last colum is Analysts are the one ones who had a hand in testing for that drug or did the final test.

NOTE: They are still calling him Michael Joseph Jackson as shown on Lab 1 photo, but look at Lab 2.  At the bottom of that picture AND the bottom of picture 3, the note "Hospital Blood: Tube labeled "Trauma Gershwin" drawn 06/25/09 @ 13:30 hours."  This is 1:30 in the afternoon.  Michael was not DEAD YET or at least had not been declared dead yet.  How did the coroner draw blood at 1:30 when time of death had not even been called until 2:26???

This blood was supposedly drawn at the hospital BY ALISSA FLEAK.  She would not have been called to investigate until after time of death is called, correct?

Taking noon break before Walgren continues through this report.

Walgren continues after break.

Walgren gets Anderson to describe difference between central Blood testing (heart) and femoral blood testing (femoral artery blood).

Anderson goes down the list one by one with the items that were tested for, as per what was actually found in the blood (the items with actual units of measure showing).  Everything without a unit of measure is negative meaning they did not find it in the blood. All tests were from heart blood he said.

Demerol is Meperidime. The liver metabolizes drugs that are in the body, so the reading under that Normeperidime is the metabolite.

The three remaining bases tested are Zoloft and metabolite is next not detected.
Entrazadone = Dezerol, an anti-depressant.

The next Benzodiazepines is a large class of drugs similar to barbiturates.  Alprazolam – Zanack, Valium or diazepam, Lorazapam or Atavan at 162 mg , Midazolam or Versed 4.6 nanogram per ml.

Urine tests were two different sources.  Autopsy results were on a different test.  Diabetic test (dipstick) was negative.  The rest of the services were tests for drugs in system, Lidocaine is present in the urine.  Urine tests what’s in the system but the blood is more valuable to determine what happened recently.

Page 6 continues Urine test results:  Ephedrine and Propofol the only things found. 

Page 7 Continues Urine test results:  0.15 micrograms per mil. 

Urine in the container tests results:  450 ml collected at scene.  Lidocaine is present, Midazolam was present 2.5 ng/ml.

Last Page of report, continues with urine from the scene:  Ephedrine present, Propofol less than <0.10 ug/ml

Vitreous clear fluid behind eyeball – Propofol < 0.40 ug/ml.

Positives were assembled in a summary:

Lab Summary 1

Results of Syringe – Testing liquid in syringe 0.19grams of liquid in syringe (about 4 drops).  He detected Propofol and Lidocaine.

Results of the Saline bag and long tubing and y connector and syringe with needle and the tip that had been cut off end of tubing: 

Picture of Diagram

Top of page report 1
Lab Evidence 1

MJ 2011 Trial lab forensics evidence 2

Flanagan cross

Flanagan Asked about Ephedrine present in urine but not in the blood, so it could have been used days ago.  Propofol was in urine at the scene, measurable small and could have been from couple of days ago. 

Flanagan asks about the urine at the scene contained Propofol, could that Propofol have been from a patients system from a day or so ago.  2 Jars of urine was collected from autopsy and 200 mls were collected from decedent?  (Anderson testifies that that is a lot of urine from a typical decedent.)

Anderson corrects that there was actually 3 jars collected from the autopsy, so over 500 ml from the deceased.  The Propofol in that urine was 1.5 ug Propofol (assuming it is the same individual, Flanagan said this twice).  500 mls is approximately 16 ounces.

Lidocaine in the urine – present but not quantified (measured).

Midlazapam was less than lowest calibrator.  How much Lorazapam would have to be taken to get to the levels in the autopsy (Urine)  Anderson said he could calculate.  According to his notes, assuming volume of distribution is and considering weight of decedent, approximately 11mgs. That is what is present to create that blood level and just from one dose.

Anderson cannot tell route of administration.  Nine to sixteen hours to metabolize through the system.  It would take that long to metabolize down to .081 from .16 mg.  Flannigan asks about stomach contents and how much Lorazapam that is in pill form? Anderson A - 1/40th of a pill.  Negligible.  These contributed to his death???

Flanagan tries to find out what the half life would be for Lorazapam and there is no metabolite for Lorazapam.

Flanagan asks about distribution in the body of Propofol if patient was administered through a drip, and if the distribution would be more equal then what is presented in the lab results.  Anderson didn’t know and that he said he didn’t know how Propofol would distribute for the body or how it would get into the vitreous.

Gastric contents – Nothing for Lorazapam, Anderson said typically they only test gastric contents for medications that would constitute an overdose.

Anderson said they do find drugs in the stomach contents that are not ingested.  This is called ion trapping.  So that answers the question on drinking of Propofol.  Could be they KNEW this and could be why the juice was not tested. 

Midazolam – The levels are negligible.  Anderson cannot determine by blood levels when Midazolam was taken or how much was given originally.  Flanagan tries to find out from Anderson if there is a way to tell if the blood levels of Midazolam would have diminished between the time the urine was collected to the time of the autopsy (in the body).  I don’t get this line of questioning at all, because Anderson said the amounts were negligible.  It was not the cause of death.

Flanagan asks if there is a ratio to calculate between what would be in the urine and what would be in the blood.  Anderson answers that he was sure that there is but that was out of his area of expertise.  Flanagan asks, “So you have no way of telling from the urine when Midazolam would have been given.

Flanagan kind of trudges along, stretching time to the end of the day in minute details of what was found in the urine, how it is measured, does it relate to what was found in the blood, why was this found in the urine and not in the blood and visa versa.

Finally we recess until tomorrow.

***************  End Day 7 Prosecution Case  ****************

A couple of  news items today included some commentary about fans that were in the court room.  Justice4mj was mentioned and Erin Jacobs again and the commentators seemed a little surprised that for fans drawing from a “lottery” to get into the court room on a daily basis, the Justice4MJ group somehow always seemed to manage to get in EVERY DAY and Erin Jacobs has been in there EVERY DAY.

People, what are the odds?  Considering Erin was promoting Sony’s “Michael” album and has yet to be reined in by the estate for selling things in Michael’s name, is it conceivable that just maybe this girl is a paid “lobbyist” if you will, for Sony?  Nothing has changed since last year:

It’s still the same group, lead by the same lady that likes defacing property at Michael’s Neverland.

Who’s in charge of this lottery?  Who takes the names and gives out the numbers?  Any of you fans that wait out there day in and day out need to start complaining.  Anybody selling Albums for Sony is not there to support Michael, she’s there to “watch” Murray.

Several of the Jackson family members have already stated that they “know what happened” and that “Murray is the fall guy” . . . Jacobs is there to cover someone elses butt and whoever’s butt that is . . . is who is behind making sure she gets into that court room every day.

Tomorrow is Friday.  Things are going to get tricky when they call in the detectives and coroner Winters.

God Bless . . . Keep the Faith.  Jermaine, I’m sorry you cried yesterday.  God bless you.♥


  1. Michael Jackson Tribute Concert Broadcast Cancelled on Facebook

    October 7, 2011 12:06am EST

    The Facebook broadcast of the Michael Jackson tribute concert has been cancelled due to rights issues, technology partner Milyoni will announce Friday morning.

    "Due to legal challenges brought by the music labels that own the rights to Michael Jackson's lyrics, concert promoter Global Live Events has notified us that the live Facebook broadcast of the Michael Forever tribute concert has been cancelled. As the technology provider behind the live Facebook broadcast, Milyoni will fully refund all customers who pre-purchased access to the concert using Facebook Credits or PayPal.",2817,2394286,00.asp#fbid=JSKwWHdIroc

  2. From MIMI:

    Bonnie - the toxicology report was very well done. I am impressed. I hope you will go over these report very well to help us understand as you always do.

    Why the doctor never took any medical note from April until June 2009?

    No identification wasn’t made to some finger prints? What does it mean?

    No Demoral detected. Wow!!!! Isn’t the media saying he is hooked on Demoral. Zanax not detected and many others. Didn’t the media say he is a drug addict. All detected are what Murray gave him.

    Now my question is if we believe Michael was on tape again, under what medication was he to talk like that? Propofol don’t do that. you will be out under Propofol not being awake to be recorded. Did you notice no anti anxiety medication detected?


  3. Bonnie,
    I see Mimi's questions above, and I raise you these:

    Which IV bag was tested? It sounds like it was the same one that Alvarez took down from the IV stand, the bag with the slit and the propofol bottle in it. But, what about the one in the photos above that was still in the house on 29th June, as testified by Fleak? Is that the same one? Did someone put it back onto the IV stand? Why was it left there for 4 days and not processed on 25th? Where was this stand in the room - I thought it was by the bed, but it is not in the bedside photos, it is over by the window (not sure where the window is in relation to the bed).

    So NO PROPOFOL in the saline bag or in the tube leading from the saline bag. This implies that Propofol was not administered by dropping a vial of propofol into a saline bag. The propofol was in the syringe connected to the Y connector lower down the same tube. Propofol was also in the the smaller tube leaving the Y connector. So this implies that propofol was administered by SYRINGE. as you have said, NOT INGESTED.There was also flumazenzil in the syringe and the small tubing, which reverses the effects of the benzos.
    Then there is the syringe found on the bedside table - that had small amounts of propofol in it too, BUT no needle attached, so where was the needle? Michael couldn't have injected himself with that syringe either.

  4. Mimi's questions:

    Why the doctor never took any medical note from April until June 2009?"

    - We don't know that he didn't. We only know that these notes are what was taken from him.

    "No identification wasn’t made to some finger prints? What does it mean?"

    - I would take that to mean that those finger prints belonged to other people that were not there or known to be there that morning.

    "Now my question is if we believe Michael was on tape again, under what medication was he to talk like that?"

    - I do not know. That tape was recorded on a Sunday and according to Alvarez, one of Murray's days off was Sunday.

  5. PrincessGlam quesitons:

    "Which IV bag was tested?"

    - The IV bag that was tested was the one hanging on the stand was the one tested. There were two saline bags tested for prints. the IV bag on the pole still had liquid in it. The saline back with the cut (obviously) did not have liquid in it, just the empty bottle of propofol.

    Alvarez did not have fingerprints on ANY saline bag. Also the saline bags had neither Murray's nor Alvarez's fingerprints on them. The one on the pole was not the same saline bag with the cut in it. THAT saline bag was empty of liquid except for a few drops. Look at the itemized fingerprints analysis above on the blog. Two separate saline bags.

    Chernoff asked Fleak the same questions - why was the IV bag, tubing with syringe and the pole left there for four days?

    Why was Latoya and her small entourage allowed into the house to look around BEFORE THE INVESTIGATION WAS COMPLETED?

    Propofol WAS FOUND in the tubing and the barrel of the syringe attached to the tubing but NOT in the saline bag (this is all on the pole).

    The Flumazenil found in that same tubing and syringe WAS TO REVERSE THE PROPOFOL NOT THE BENZOS. That was testified to yesterday and I believe on day three when Dr. Cooper was giving testimony.

    The syringe on the table is the one I believe that had FLEAK'S fingerprints on it.

    One big HMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!

  6. Anonymous said - ""Due to legal challenges brought by the music labels that own the rights to Michael Jackson's lyrics, concert promoter Global Live Events has notified us that the live Facebook broadcast of the Michael Forever tribute concert has been cancelled."

    .......... Thank you for posting that and keeping us updated. I thought something like that might happen. If Sony can block content by country you KNOW this wasn't going to fly unless it had the Estate's blessings. I think it probably had more to do with the fact that it was biting into ticket sales.

    I wonder why the Estate Won't let Cardiff play Michael's songs in the internet but they will let Wagener, Jacobs and the TINI people sell there Michael stuff and collect funds in his name? (hmmmmmm)

  7. Hi Bonnie. A Tribute concert in the middle of all this! It's sick! If I was one of MJ'S siblings I would not be able to go on stage and sing in the middle of this trial. What are they thinking? I don't understand why they are doing that. Susanne

  8. Bonnie said "The Flumazenil found in that same tubing and syringe WAS TO REVERSE THE PROPOFOL NOT THE BENZOS."

    Oops sorry, I got that wrong. So was it ephedrine that reverses the effects of low blood pressure due to anaesthesia? That was not found in the heart blood, but it was in the urine.

    Hmmmm again! LOL

  9. Bonnie,Hi. Just a clarification. The blood was drawn by the hospital staff,not the coroner investigator.She only delivered it to the toxicologist. Peace.Linda

  10. @Susanne - There was an interview given by Tito, Jackie and Marlon about how the Tribute Concert date was already set before the trial kept getting moved back, but I'm not buying it, because this COMPANY did not even exist until March of 2011. The Trial only changed dates once between then and the September date it started and that was in June. If this company could book the Cardiff arena THAT FAST then they can move and get another date THAT FAST.

    Princessglam said - "So was it ephedrine that reverses the effects of low blood pressure due to anaesthesia? That was not found in the heart blood, but it was in the urine."

    ........ I believe that is correct (geeze, I sound like a witness!) And yes. It was found in the urine NOT in the heart blood. Ephendrine was found NOWHERE else. I know it's hard to see but the Summary above reflects that. That really helped.

    @Linda - I'm not clear on that, but I think you are correct on that. But be that as it may, why is only ONE VIAL MARKED BELOW THAT NOTE as "Trauma Gershwin" drawn at 13:30? What is so special about that particular vial of blood?

  11. Hi Bonnie. 40000 tickets are sold. Most of MJ's fans wanted this Tribute Concert to be cancelled. Still they almost sold out. There are 10000 tickets left. I wouldn't go even if I got a ticket for free. Everything has its time. This is not a good time for a tribute concert. All respect to Janet, Jermaine and Randy who wont attend in this spectacle. Susanne

  12. I'd like to know why Miss Katherine said that Michael was sleeping now but also stated for this concert she was sure he'd be close by. Also she kept saying that she believes in the Resurrection. All this in the same interview? Maybe I'm remembering this wrong - mixed signals if I'm not, or are they.....

    Katherine, Joe, all your family - stay strong in your faith. There are millions praying for you! This can't be an easy time. With so many watching, good people and bad people, I can't imagine the pressure you are under to watch every single word you say. God bless you!

    Because of Jermaine's mention in his book, I looked up their Torture video the other night. That was quite interesting. Definite Illuminati references. A touch from Michael's sequined glove was the saving force. Reminded me a bit of Captain Neo. I'd sure like to know. Did the Jacksons come up with the idea for this video or did the establishment handling them?

    The same night I heard Michael singing "Never Can Say Goodbye". Had me in tears - again! Another of his life's theme songs. I can't help but believe that.

    All I can pray is for God to be glorified somehow in all this! Should be an interesting weekend.

  13. Susanne said - "There are 10000 tickets left. I wouldn't go even if I got a ticket for free. Everything has its time. "

    See what happens. There's got to be a reason the Jackson's said yes. I don't like the timing or anything about it, but wait and see.

    Blake said - "I'd like to know why Miss Katherine said that Michael was sleeping now but also stated for this concert she was sure he'd be close by. Also she kept saying that she believes in the Resurrection. All this in the same interview?"

    .......... I saw that interview. It was printed though, I can't really see that she would have said that. I think someone quoted FOR her. This is a press release put out by Chris Hunt. I am watching this very carefully.

    I have seen the "Torture" video. All the guys are very cute and youngsters in that video (Yeah, the youngest one is four years older than me, hahahaha) But you are right on target with that video. There are other "clues" in some of the songs from "The Jacksons" and as far back as "The Jackson Five".

    I don't know who wrote "Ill Be There" (I haven't looked that one up yet), but They've been trying to get that "love each other" and "faith in God" message out for a long time.

  14. Hi Bonnie. The thought of MJ being alive makes me really angry at this point. If he is, how could he be so heartless and let us go through all of this. If I find out that he is alive I am going to delete all of his music and forget that he ever existed on this planet. Susanne

  15. @Susanne,Haven't you learned anything from all this? Dead or alive...this isn't about you! It's about all of us.It's about God and Jesus and love! It's about truth and honesty and compassion! It's about empathy and how we treat each other. This is not about just Michael Jackson,it's about "all of us"!Peace. Linda

  16. @Susanne - I have to echo Linda on her sentiment. You look at everything Michael went through. Michael was about God and Love, not about being heartless . . . surely you know him better than that? If you know Michael you KNOW he has a deeper reason for doing things than just SELF. You have to be able to step back and see the bigger picture.

  17. Hello Bonnie. Of course I am aware of what you and Linda are saying. I guess I am just Impatient right know. I want all the answers and the truth but its a long road and you get angry sometimes. I think I am angry at myself not MJ. I am sorry MJ, Linda and Bonnie. Susanne

  18. Hi Bonnie. I Think I am angry because he's gone too. It's so hard to accept it even if it is for a great purpose. Dead or alive, he is never coming back. Even though it has been more than two years I still not at peace with his death. Susanne


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