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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Jackson - The Call Was Answered. Will YOU Be There?

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Michael Jackson - The Call Was Answered. Will YOU Be There?

November 15, 2011
Michael Jackson – Angel Walking the Planet
There is No Other Explanation

Matthew 24:11-31
"11And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

 12And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold."

"21For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

 22And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

 23Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.

 24For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."

"29Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

 30And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.
 - The signs after the tribulation. This tells me that  Jesus comes post tribulation.  It says:

31And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.


I thought last night’s blog would draw some interesting comments and I was not disappointed.  Unfortunately, I had to delete a couple because they were not posted with the spirit of this blog (courteous) or with a very blatant agenda.  As I said in a post last year, sometimes you just post things to get a reaction, and those reactions will tell you if you are on the right trail of bread crumbs.

As I said in the blog last night about the “777”, I had a really, really hard time with this subject matter.  Because it has been so hard-sold to us that Michael’s favorite number was “777”, when I came upon the Kabbalah information on that and Aleister Crowley’s book, I was very much conflicted.

With that being understood, I still believe with all my heart and soul, where MICHAEL’S heart is.  I believe they wanted to use Michael for bad things and I believe Michael knew it.  So now if we understand what it was that they were grooming Michael for, we can understand why they went through such effort, expense and coordination to keep him under control when he broke loose.  All the persecution, suffering and torture they inflicted upon him finally begins to be brought into proportion with his purpose.

Michael did tell us a story in his songs.  He wove a carefully veiled mosaic pattern through the songs on his albums, and the images in his films to help us help him to get a message out to REMEMBER – the love of the truth. 

He didn’t veil his musical message to us to confuse us or to make it hard to figure out.  He veiled it because it was the only way to get it past the gatekeepers of the music industry.  You saw what they did to him once they figured out that he did it again – They shelved Invincible, then set out overwhelm him.  They didn’t want to destroy him, they had invested too much money, time and industries into creating their “Pied Piper” for the masses.  They couldn’t kill him until they could find a way to copy/clone him, at least physically.  They could fake everything else.  The Michael Album was just a test.

Evidence of the Facebook fan gangs, twitter stalkers and fan groups eventually dropped harassing people and bloggers like me and were told to concentrate on getting “newer” fans . . . the ones who’s “thinking” wasn’t “dangerous” to their cause.  They were told to gather the younger, newer fans, just as they have done in our schools and universities.  The older ones like me, who still know the true definition of critical thinking were too much effort that could easily be drowned out by the numbers of the younger ones who could be taught that bullying and shouting accusations was more effective then educated discussion and discovery.

Michael knew they were after the children. The youth.  He tried to get to them before they could.  He visited the children who were thrown away before they could be used for chattal.  He reached out to children within Hollywood, knowing what they were being put through and used for.

Michael, as Kenny Ortega said, was “an angel walking the earth”.  When he “stood up”, it seems all hell broke loose.

Michael is not a perfect person.  He had his struggles trying to disentangle himself from the cords of evil that persistently entwined around his limbs trying to pull him down.  There are songs of his that cry of this struggle.

But there are others of triumph and hope, of realization and surrender to his purpose.  And that is what I want to talk about tonight.

Be Not Always
Faces, did you see their faces
Did they touch you
Have you felt such pain

This is an earlier song but evident of his knowledge of what was going on.  He and Marlon wrote it and it was copyrighted in 1984 and was present on the “Victory” album.  It was during this time also that Joe Jackson made the comment in an interview that he knew people were “whispering in Michael’s ear” trying to “break up the family”.  Branca during this time also entered negotiations on Michael’s behalf for the ATV catalog.  Victory tour was the last the “Jacksons” would do together and “2300 Jackson Street” was the last album they worked on together.

“Relax, this won’t hurt you
Before I put it in, close your eyes and count to ten
Don’t cry, I wont convert you
There’s no need to dismay
Just close your eyes and drift away”

We’ve covered this song before so there’s no need to pick it to death.  It is a song that angers me every time I hear it.  There is a lot of information Michael gives us in this song, including the adlibs, the background sounds and dialog barely heard over the beat, the sounds of respirators and electrical current that sounds very much like a tazer and the evidence of coercion as Michael is portraying a character that is most DEFINITELY NOT being drugged voluntarily.

This Time Around
“Somebody’s Out to get me…
Take me, Shake me
Somebody’s gonna fake me”

This appeared on the album “History, Past, Present and Future, Book 1”  That far back, Michael knew they had plans to “fake” him. We’ve talked about this before and I will go more into this song later.  Again, the “Michael” album, a test.  But we still have “The Immortal” Tour and we have other “Tributes”  that are designed to draw fans and there is another purpose to these Estate/Sony generated attractions.

Is it Scary
“I’m gonna be exactly what you want to see…
Am I amusing you or just confusing you
Am I the beast you visualized….”

This is on the “Blood on the Dance Floor” album, fifth song.  This song is not to his fans but FOR his fans, and anyone else that cares to look into the lyrics of the song.  This song is very telling.  He’s gonna be exactly what they want to see – “ . . . and if you want to see eccentricalities, I’ll be grotesque before your eyes . . .”  

Well, since June 25th, we’ve heard that Michael was wheelchair bound, we’ve heard he could barely walk up a set of stairs, we’ve heard he was shivering, that he was a drug addict, that he had toe fungus, bedwetting problems, a condom catheter, was severly underweight (with a six pack abs mind you), and between you and me, he seems to be giving them everything with both barrels. 

While this is hard for those that love him to have to endure listening to this, we have been warned, both by Michael I his song and by Jermaine in his twitters (“it will get rough for the fans and the family…”)

“Masquerade the heart, it’s the height of hurting souls.  It’s just not what you seek of me, can a heart reveal the proof, like a mirror reveals the truth, see the evil one is you” . . . please, please pay attention to these lyrics.  I know my covering of this is redundant to some of you, but as we get further along in this, these words become increasingly important and urgent.  We are going to have to know this.  It is going to come down to a choice.  I will explain this later.

Emphasis on “am I the beast you visualized . . .”  Remember this, because I don’t think it was put in there casually.  Especially considering Michael’s faith and knowledge of the Bible.

“Speechless, that’s how you make me feel
Though I’m with you, I am far away
And nothing is for real . . .”

Michael’s love song, to God is also a message to us.  Nothing’s real, but all is possible if God is on my side.  When I’m with you I’m in the light, where I cannot be found.  It’s as though I am standing in a place called hallowed ground.  I’d go anywhere and do anything, just to touch your face.  There’s no mountain high I cannot climb, I’m humbled in your grace . . . This song is on the Invincible Album, which for me, is probably the most prophetic of his albums.  On this album, Michael shares with us to his struggle, his lamentations and his sacrifice.

You are My Life
“You suddenly appeared
It was cloudy before, but now it’s all clear
You took away the fear, and you brought me back to the light”

This song is also on the Invincible album, right after “2000 Watts”.  The words “No more tears, no more pain, ‘cause you love me . . . you helped me understand, that love is the answer, to all that I am. And I’m a better man, since you taught me by sharing you life . . .”  tells me exactly who this song is about.

Who shared his life?  Who was sent to teach us how to be better people?  Who else was brought to this earth to show us that love is what we are about?  Who proved to us how much he loved us by dying for us?  Jesus.  Who did Michael constantly talk about trying to be like?  Jesus.  “I will never stop helping and loving people the way Jesus said to”.  It was that statement in that 60 Minutes interview that opened my heart.  At that moment I knew I loved Michael Jackson with all my heart.  It was an hour after watching that video, when I heard “Stranger in Moscow” that I prayed to God on behalf of Michael, not knowing why I prayed for someone I thought was dead.  I learned the true and fulfilling presence of unconditional love that day.

I still get tripped up in my quest for the truth.  My path is never going to be perfect because if it was, I would learn and see nothing. The journey has got to be eventful for the destination to be rewarding.

Don’t Walk Away
“Tell me what I have to do so you’ll stay
Should I get down on my knees and pray…”

This song is painful for me, it breaks my heart.  I hear his pleading in this song, I hear (geeze, you should see me right now) him telling me, you, that he is giving up everything . . . EVERYTHING!  His dreams, his life of music and film and everything he wanted to do and he is telling us as he does so NOT TO LEAVE HIM.  Not to give up on him, not to forget him or his message.

You know what I hear when I listen to this song?  I hear a man who is resolved to give up everything he wanted, everything he desired to follow a call – to do what God wanted him to do.  What God will give him in return, you will witness if only you “Don’t Let Go of [His] Hand”.

This song is a witness to Michael’s faith  - “Why, all my dreams are broken, I don’t know where we’re going. When everything begins to set us free . . . Can’t you see, I don’t wanna walk away . . .”  Michael didn’t want to leave us, but he had to and he wants us to understand.

Somebody shakes when the wind blows (fear)
Someone is missing a friend (death)
Someone is lacking a hero (hopelessness)
And they have not a clue when its all gonna end (God’s plan)

This song, also on Invincible, is Michael letting us know he is answering a call.  It is also a prayer to God.  A request for assurance and a call to us for help. 

“You can change the world (call)
I can’t do it by myself (Michael’s reply)
You can touch the sky (call)
It’s gonna take somebody’s help (Michael’s reply)
You’re the chosen one (call)
I’m gonna need some kinda sign (Michael’s reply
Followed by a request)
If we all cry at the same time tonight”

Michael, going by his songs, was chosen by both sides in this spiritual battle.  Evil wanted him for one agenda, God wanted him for another.  Michael knew what they were up to because he was in their plans.  I love this song because Michael is talking to God and he is sharing his conversation with God, with us.

“You’re fearin’ me
‘cause you know I’m a beast
Watching you when you sleep
When you’re in bed I’m underneath”

Threatened is the last song on Michael’s last original album.  Michael again sings about being a beast, but the song is not directed at his fans it is directed at those that wanted him to be “what they wanted to see”, what they wanted to “convert” him too.  They will always be wondering if they won, “Your worst nightmare is me I’m everywhere, In one blink I’ll disappear, and then I’ll come back to haunt you . . .”  Yes, he is everywhere. 

You could also go a step further and relate this song to the battle between God and the Devil . . . “Half of me you’ll never be” . . . “That’s why you’ve got to be threatened by me . . .”

I’m going to leave off for tonight.  I have more I want to share but I need a break.   There are somethings going on in the news you need to know about, and thankfully, we have a book that has warned us all about it.

God Bless you, and I will leave you with this last song that today and yesterday has been “haunting” me.

Will you Be There


  1. Hi Bonnie. Have you watched the documentary, "ILLUMINATI a myth? Full improved updated Documentary". It's a 2 hour long documentary on YouTube. I haven't watched it yet, but I think I will. I am curious. Susanne

  2. Boa tarde!

    Sou do Brasil e estou acompanhando seu blog a algum tempo, realmente você é muito boa no que faz!

    Esse post me emocionou bastante, tudo faz sentido quando é bem explicado!

    Fique com Deus!

  3. Anonymous post in English:

    Good afternoon!

    I'm from Brazil and I am following your blog for a while, you really are very good at it!

    This post moved me enough, it all makes sense when it is well explained!

    Stay with God!

  4. @ Anônimo,

    Muito obrigado. Espero que você não se importa que eu traduzi o seu post para os outros em os EUA para ler. Estou tão feliz de ouvir de fiéis no Brasil! Deus os abençoe - Grandes abraços de mim!


    Thank you very much. I hope you don’t mind that I translated your post for others in the U.S. to read. I am so happy to hear from the faithful in Brazil! God Bless you – Big hugs from me!

  5. susanne said - "Have you watched the documentary, "ILLUMINATI a myth? Full improved updated Documentary". It's a 2 hour long documentary on YouTube. I haven't watched it yet, but I think I will. "

    ......... No, I don't think I have. But I have watched HOURS of other videos on the history of the Illuminati and read and researched it. Let me know what you think of the video when you watch it.

  6. BONNIE said : "Michael Jackson – Angel Walking the Planet - There is No Other Explanation"

    True ! Many of us did not know the man before, but he left his trace in our hearts. I also admire how you again relay to us Michael's message through his beautiful songs above. Each time I hear "Cry" or "Will You Be There", I feel like people connect spiritually worldwide. Another Message Song you all know that also reaches to our hearts : "What More Can I Give" :

    At 3:31 Michael sings "They think I am crazy but I am not". He suffered & knew about the deception but however assumed his faith & his kindness incessantly.

  7. @Line - Thank you for the link for "What More Can I Give". I will have to listen to it later because every teenager in my area is on the computer right now and my connection is really slow (keeps cutting the video off). But I love that song. I wonder how he got Celine to sing (I love her voice but know next to nothing about her), but her tearful comment Thanking Michael for writing "such a beautiful song" is mutual feelings from me.

    I wonder how much the world would change if every person in the world knew that they had something significant to contribute to better life on earth. Can you imagine? It reminds me of that Valedictorian's speech, about the dulling of creativity that government schools do (on purpose!) to children. Nobody knows who they are!

    That is how Michael inspires people. Recognition of God-given gifts, not wasting them or letting others dumb them down or dull them.

    Michael is the least crazy person I know (or never met, LOL) Michael is the definition of sanity.

  8. Hi Bonnie. Check out, "9/11 Ultimate Coincidence" and "Mysterious deaths of 9/11 witnesses". Ultimate coincidence is a perfect title for the first video, he he. In the second video 777 pops up in the beginning. And you go, there it is again. I haven't watched the 2 hour video yet just because it's so long. Susanne

  9. Bonnie said -

    "Michael is the least crazy person I know (or never met, LOL) Michael is the definition of sanity."

    The definition of right you are, Bonnie! Isn't is sad that those gifted with extraordinary talent and perception are often regarded as misfits of society? Like the soul and heartbeat that live in Vincent Van Gogh's paintings, Michael's art was equally intense and more magnificent because of his own suffering, and the suffering of those he witnessed first hand. If only the rest of humanity could be that sane, we would have a completely different world. Some of us are trying!

  10. Yet again a truely lovely blog here tonight Bonnie, thank you.
    How lovely also to read your translated post from that person 'Anonymous' from Brazil. Hi to you from the UK! Bonnie your blog is being read from many places across the globe where there is adequate internet access.
    How thoughtful and considerate of you also to post that video with Brazilian lyrics.
    I KNOW in my heart that Michael Jackson is no average ordinary citizen, not because of his status as an entertainer and musician, but because WHY else would one mans life leave such an imprint on my life and the lives of so many others? He HAS to be someone pretty special to have affected so many people of all races, ages and areas of the globe. I truely believe in my heart this is because there is something deeply spiritual about Michael, something far you interpret, he must be an angel, what other explaination could there be?
    Michael's 'passing' has left me 'compelled' to love him, this has meant that through your blog I have been led to discovering so much more. This is far deeper than any love I have ever felt for anyone who isnt my immediate family or close friends etc......... My family were so baffled by my sincere grief for a man I'd never even met, I fell out with 2 friends I'd known for many years as they thought I had lost the friend described me as having a 'celebrity obsession'.
    Others still dont understand, but they have accepted me the way I am, or have become as it were, I guess it's at times like this you discover who your true friends are.
    I'd like to leave you with this link if I may?
    It's a Christian song, called ''Refiners Fire''.
    I've had it on my mind for ages that our faith which is more precious than gold, goes through the 'refiners fire'.
    So you see, my 'celebrity obsession' with Michael Joe Jackson isnt such a bad thing after all.....this dear man is leading me back to God.
    I KNEW there must be a reason why I fell head over heels in love with makes sense now.
    Love Jenny

  11. Bonnie said "Michael is the least crazy person I know (or never met, LOL) Michael is the definition of sanity."
    Here's my answer to that:
    ''I tried being 'normal' once, it was the worst 5 minutes of my life!'' lol :-)
    Also @Spotlight thanks for that video link, heres to the crazy ones, the misfits.....the so called abnormal ones...... so it begs the question ''what IS normal?'
    We are all unique, each one of us is made in Gods image, we are free to express ourselves, free to BE ourselves, so long as we dont harm others, it's our own personalities that make us unique.
    I wouldnt want Michael to change I love him just as he is. If folks think he is crazy, thats their hang ups not his.
    I searched ''What is normal'' on you tube and a video came up, but I wont post the link as it had too many swear words in it! But what was said I agree with...minus the expletives! lol.
    In short, be who you are, who God made you, normal? What is that anyway?
    Love Jenny

  12. Susanne said - ""9/11 Ultimate Coincidence" and "Mysterious deaths of 9/11 witnesses". Ultimate coincidence is a perfect title for the first video, he he. In the second video 777 pops up in the beginning. "

    ............ I have seen the "Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses", but I don't recall seeing the 777. Probably because I wasn't looking for it at the time. I will go look at it again. Thanks!

    Spotlight said - "If only the rest of humanity could be that sane, we would have a completely different world. Some of us are trying! "

    .......... Well, don't try too hard, because if we try too hard to be sane, we might slip into "normal" and we can't have that! :o) (grins)

    Jenny said - "This is far deeper than any love I have ever felt for anyone who isnt my immediate family or close friends etc......... My family were so baffled by my sincere grief for a man I'd never even met, I fell out with 2 friends I'd known for many years as they thought I had lost the friend described me as having a 'celebrity obsession'."

    ........... Welcome Home! ♥ Most of us here are dealing with the very same. I lost a bunch of friends, mostly from church in MD. At first it hurt a lot. But God has a way of focusing you on what he wants you to do. And I've been very lucky to have an understanding husband who at first I had a hard time explaining this to.

    I think my husband has the hardest time with the "love" part. I don't think he quite gets that yet. But I did ask him once "What would you do if you ever got to meet Michael? Shut the door on him because he takes up all my time?" Surprising me, he said, "No, I'd probably give him a hug because of what he's done."

    That is why I love Michael and THAT is why I love my husband. Ed likes to make fun of me but he does it to make me laugh.

    I hope "anonymous" is not upset I posted their comment in English too. I just wanted them to feel included and if anyone else would like to comment to him or her. That song is beautiful - easy one to harmonize to. Now all I have to do is learn the words. :o)

  13. SENT TO ME BY CATHY: (she sent the top comment and Link, I answered below.

    have you seen this? not sure if you would want to or not! Cathy

    Hmmm . . . well, first of all, why would CNN release a letter from Dept. of Health and Human Services? Because Klein sent it to them! Also note the man is making accusations toward AEG in this letter and going public.

    The Dept. of Health and Human Services is a government agency. One of two things is going on:

    Klein is doing the bidding of some higher-ups to inflict damage or . . .

    Klein is throwing dog crap into a fan just to see if he can make something stick.

    If Klein was embezzled of $12 million dollars from his former assistant and his attorney, then why isn't he filing criminal charges against them? He just got a job with the FDA, don't tell me he can't get the government to charge these people!

    From Cathy:

    My son, home sick from school, was watching movies on the couch while I was working in the next room in my office. He was watching the kid’s movie “Megamind” … cute, with a good vs. evil theme. The evil guy was at a loss, didn't know what to do with himself without the presence of good guy. (after apparently destroying him in the beginning of the flick)

    The part that started to intrigue me was towards the end when it was discovered that the good guy hadn’t actually been destroyed, but had in fact faked his death, because he didn’t want to be the public’s super hero anymore. He had gone into hiding to pursue his own wants.

    Anyway the movie plays out… the evil guy decides he wants to be a good guy now…and ya, he gets the girl… and all is well in the world, bad guy turns good. (after all if good guy is gone, bad guy has no one to challenge him anymore) This is when the finale song gets played, the world is a happy place again and the people of the city dance with the new (evil turned good) guy to Michael Jackson’s “Bad”.

    I also noticed this is a 2010 - DreamWorks movie.


    Hope you have a nice weekend Bonnie,


    Posted in 2008 on the Maximum Jackson Board, another Sony-guided fan club forum.

    Uri Gellar's artwork in Invincible article
    The significance of Invincible

    An extraordinary and original artwork found in the Invincible album booklet, designed by Uri Geller, Michael Jackson’s best friend.

    Drawn on a napkin at 11:11pm at a hotel in New York City, this remarkable make up of elements and positive symbols are the inner core of Invincible. Depicted with fascinating dimensions, Uri Geller has captured the most precious and beautiful collections of words and signs of Love, Peace, Hope and Light.

    The drawing is encapsulated by little triangles that represent the five elements of the universe:

    EARTH, AIR, FIRE and WATER. Do you know what the fifth element is?

    Illustrated at the centre of the picture are the profiles of a man and woman looking towards each other crowned with the head of an eagle and bound between their lips by a symbol representing the tunnel of light. Light that shines for future hope and love. The word PEACE and a heart connect their third eyes representing love and calmness.

    The sign of ever lasting life and peace is INFINITY, seen as a figure 8 laid horizontally, radiating beneath the two faces. Below Infinity is a picture of a fish, which symbolises fertility. The fish emits sonar waves that convert into infinity signs.

    Shooting out of the woman’s head is a UFO representing the positive force and intelligence from the outer universe and above the man’s head a BOX that characterises the 2001 Space Odyssey black slab computer, the mind from another race in the universe. Under the box, is an indescribable gun, drawn with a mystical mind, firing bullets that melt on release. This marks the end of war. PEACE. The word URI written beneath the bullets, in English and Hebrew has major significance. In Hebrew, the word URI means ‘my light’. The letters U.R.I. are translated ‘YOU ARE I’ meaning, you are like me. That is peace and end of war, when we can see that we are all as one, alike, invincible.

    The pyramids seen blazing the picture represent the Egyptian Pharaohs who believed spirits could see the stars. Uri believes the pyramids were levitated with mind power to that provision. Pyramids also symbolise one of the Seven Wonders of the World, which is parallel to Michael Jackson as one of the most unique artists in the world.

  15. Cont. Post in MJFC Forum:

    - The Flames found over the pyramids and the mind box radiate energy and power.
    Flames were the first signal humanity had to warn themselves from cold and to be able to cook. Presented here as advancement in evolution, much like Michael’s music and humanitarianism continuously developing and evolving.

    The word, LOVE, can be found written beneath a symbol of Notidus, depicted as a spiral shell, which dates back millions of years old. This is the house, the eternal castle. Notidus is Love.

    What I believe to be the centre of this fascinating picture, is an eye that can be found on the top left known in many different cultures around the world to be the invincible evil protector.

    To the left of the magnificent eye is a symbol from an outer planet. To the right a striking and wondrous star. A pentagram depicted as an ancient symbol, the oldest star. Originally discovered by the Sumerians in ancient Syria, the star was held as a sacred object. It shines so beautifully over the entire magic of Michael Jackson.
    Michael’s daughter, Paris is written in The Milky Way of shooting stars that relives a tale of the comet. Prince is written under Paris.

    The letter SHIN in Hebrew can be found under the box symbolising God.
    On the left of the drawing appears to be a tree or an atomic blast leaping out of the picture.

    Michael’s birth date 29/08/58 appears in the picture. The number 29 has the powerful force of the number 11 (9+2), the power of your mind. And the month August is the eighth month that represents infinity.

    What Sony removed from this picture makes it all the more phenomenal. The words: GOD, USA, JER-USA-LEM (USA being part of the word) and a picture of the Star of David were all removed from the original drawing.
    The illustration has now found a connecting ground from the outer world, which explains the mystery and magic of Invincible.

    Uri Geller has also designed the star logo for the pop group, N’sync. Uri told them that the power of the star logo would make them the biggest boy band in the world. That has now come true.
    This magnificent artwork will crown Michael Jackson’s album through spirituality and mankind as well as preserving the quality and genius of the man and his music.

    By Taymoor Marmarchi
    (a dear friend of Uri Geller) Source

    So Taymoor hangs with Geller and Boteach. Well, that answers that!

  16. Bonnie, You are so lucky that your husband is on board even if he doesn't totally understand. My husband knows that I read a blog concerning Michael Jackson and that I constantly listen to his CD's in my car. He knows that I've got a collection of his concerts but just does not appreciate him. He's one that sees him as weird or eccentric. A lot of that has to do with the plastic surgery on his nose and the make up - that's not MAN stuff - it's Hollywood stupidity. He hasn't allowed his view to go beyond the surface, of what's been seen or heard on the news. I've shared with him that I hear God's message in Michael's songs but he just doesn't give him a chance. Perhaps some day he will....

    I find it interesting though that he's been drawn back to his Bible. He's always been gifted in insight there and even in today's happenings, he's not one to be fooled easily. All I can do is wait, watch and pray. The plan is coming together. We are all part of it.

    I'm thankful to be "Home" with all of you! Bless you all. Thank you, Michael, where ever you are. I too love you more than you know-or maybe you do? Someday we will all be able to just BE. Be one with God, be as He intended us to be. I can't wait but I will.

    Let us all rest in Him and just BE!

  17. Thank you Bonnie. This blog is a blessing and your work is not in vain. I am new to this blog
    and many questions are being answered. Today's
    blog with the song references is especially beautiful. I cried while reading it.You have made it so clear to me, all the pain and suffering that Michael endured. I did not realize how much I love Michael Jackson.
    I have also been deeply affected by his passing as though he were a close relative. I have never felt this way before about someone I have not met in person. I have not been able to talk to anyone about this either. Your comments are very touching and thought provoking and I;m so glad to learn about Michael's faith in God. Thank you for the scriptural references and for
    speaking the truth.
    Love to you and everyone here.

  18. Hi Bonnie. You said: "Well, don't try too hard, because if we try too hard to be sane we might slip into "normal" and we can't have that!"
    Hahahaha, that was funny! Thank you for making me laugh Bonnie! Susanne

  19. blake said - "He's one that sees him as weird or eccentric. A lot of that has to do with the plastic surgery on his nose and the make up - that's not MAN stuff - it's Hollywood stupidity. "

    ........ Well? Try this argument. Does he watch movies? Because ALL THE MEN wear makeup in Hollywood. If he's watching a movie (I don't care how MANLY it is), they are all wearing makeup. Try that approach. Michael is an artist. He tells stories using movement, sound and lighting (you don't have to go into all that).

    I had Ed watch that 1993 broadcast from Neverland. He said "That almost made me want to cry" and that was a turning point for him. I would have him watch that and the 60 Minutes interview. In that ten year space of time, after everything they had done to him he STILL says he will "never stop helping and loving people he way Jesus said to." You can't get any more manly than that.

  20. Trinia said - "I did not realize how much I love Michael Jackson."

    ............. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ How can anyone not love someone that loves God that much?

    You said - "I have also been deeply affected by his passing as though he were a close relative. I have never felt this way before about someone I have not met in person. I have not been able to talk to anyone about this either."

    ........... Me either. The only time a person ever moved me that much was when I saw a news program about the orphans in Romania and the horrid conditions some of them lived in. Some of them had not been picked up or held or rocked in months. These children never had ANYBODY and I just started crying hysterically in front of my mother in law (my ex-husband).

    With Michael it was a little different because I did not recognize at first why I felt that way, so it took me weeks of pouring through interviews trying to find out WHY I needed to pour through interviews. That's where I learned that every single one of them Michael discussed God, or Jesus, or praying or reading the Bible, the love of God, trying to be "Christ-like" or "God-like" in his heart.

    The 60 minutes interview in 2003 was the last one that and that did me in. It was the strangest, yet most beautiful revelation I had ever had, to recognize what that kind of love is and realize you had the capacity to feel it, and that God put that in your heart and wanted you to feel that for another human being.

    I didn't have anyone to talk to about it either, which is why I stayed online. Micheline I think was one of the first people to reach out to me because she was going through the same thing . . . then In January of 2010 I decided to put up the blog because I read other people going through the same thing. Everyone here, Line, Blake, PrincessGlam, Susanne, Mimi, Truthbtold, Nita, Cathy, Karen and a few others I've been able to talk to.

    Anyway there is a lot of us that feel the same things and we're happy you're here. ♥♥♥


  21. Susanne said - "Hahahaha, that was funny! Thank you for making me laugh Bonnie!"

    ........... ♥♥♥


    Anonymous said - "Michael is alive!"

    .......... Thanks for the heads up!

  22. This is very nerve wracking . . . I wish, wish WISH (Pray???) That someone would speak a little more clearly when they are trying to point me in a direction. Getting angry with me is NOT going to help ME HELP YOU.


    Slap me in the head . . . SOMETHING!

    (readers, please don't laugh. Some people are thick and today that's me).

  23. thank you god 2 - Now tell me what you want to tell me and maybe I can post your comment unless you want to remain anonymous. I'm sorry, I don't know how else to do it.

  24. Hi Bonnie. As I have mentioned before I have been confused about a lot of things when it comes to MJ. Is he dead or alive? Is he straight or gay? One day I thought to myself, It doesn't matter if he was gay or straight. I am not gonna marry him am I? No, my love for him is on a higher level.
    For him being dead or alive:
    He completed his mission and he did a great job. He affected all of us for the better. With MJ in our hearts we will make the world a better place. Step by step in "Our own small way". It's important to keep MJ's legacy alive and pass his message on to future generations.
    God will get the last laugh in the end. Evil and destruction can't win if we are united all across the world. We are God's army of L.O.V.E and TRUTH.
    God is often working in mysterious ways. God is great. Susanne

  25. barry gibb reportedly had a heart attack due to morphine during a back operation. Does anyone know anything about that? Who his doctor was?

  26. Susanne said - "Is he straight or gay? One day I thought to myself, It doesn't matter if he was gay or straight. I am not gonna marry him am I?"

    ......... What in the world would make you think he is gay? Please tell me you know him better than that?

  27. Hi Bonnie. God bless Robin Gibb. I'll hope he beat the disease. It doesn't look good though. I love Bee Gee's music. Susanne

  28. Michael, Wherever you are:

    I don't even know what to say. I'm seeing but I'm not liking what I see. I don't want to look, I don't want to open my eyes - These things must come to pass, right?

    I cover my eyes before something is revealed in the movies. Now I'm expected to keep them open. I feel like a fist has a hold of my diaphragm, it is so tight.

    How did you live through this when I can barely look to see what it was you did go through? I'd rather go through it then know someone else like you did. Lord, I need some strength please, and a good bit of focus.

  29. Hi Bonnie. Are you ok? What ever it is, don't worry God will give you all the strength that you need. God bless you♥ Susanne

  30. Hi Bonnie. I watched an Interview with Robin Gibb. He said that Bee Gee's music is being played at funerals. He got the question, which songs would you like to be played on your funeral? Robin answered, - Maybe "Tragedy" or "Staying alive". He is funny. Susanne

  31. Bonniel você pode traduzir sim! Não tem problema nenhum você traduzir! Existe muito believes aqui no Brasil que estão acompanhando isso tudo com muita fé. Fiquei muito contente que você respondeu o meu comentário.
    Estou aguardando outros posts seu!!
    Fique com Deus e que ele te proteja sempre!!
    Até mais!

    Carlos André.

  32. Olá Bonniel!

    amo seu Blog!

    sou do Brasil e estou sempre de olho em seu posts!!sou Believe também...para mim e muitos fãs brasileiros ele está vivo!

    grande beijo!


  33. Bonnie,
    I think we all need strength. The past 2 and a half years have been the most trying of my life. Even worse than when my father died, as at least he was 71 and had lived many good years, but had an incurable disease. What Michael went through was unnecessary, preventable, at times downright sadistic. It is very hard comprehending all that, and then dealing with the fact he might be alive but can never come back. It seems such a waste.
    You obviously have some idea what is going to happen next - I am lost! Clues please, cos your allegory went straight over my head lol!

  34. BONNIE said : "Lord, I need some strength please, and a good bit of focus."

    Hey Bonnie, your Blog has sympathizers from everywhere so keep the faith &..not to forget, the C. Murray verdict's post-period leaves us somewhat lost. The Justice might charge many more felons, directly or indirectly guilty for Michael's absence but fact is : alive or dead, Michael Jackson is missed even more now we got to know his admirable soul. But marvelous people here & there will always exist, unknown or working unnoticed, living their faith & acting Jesus-like for the others : we should just pay them more attention & love during their lifetime. In our modern days, Michael's life is a radiant example of the impact of genuine kindness in the world, quality too often mocked as a sign of weakness when instead it should be honored.

    My prayers also go to Robin Gibb & his family, still hoping for a healing.

  35. Susanne said - "Hi Bonnie. Are you ok? What ever it is, don't worry God will give you all the strength that you need. God bless you♥ :"

    ........... Yes, thank you. Nervous. I'm always wondering if I'm moving fast enough or moving too fast, if I'm putting at the right info at the right time. It's not always clear but I try. Praying for Robin Gibb since last night. Barry's already lost two brothers. It's not right.

  36. From Carlos -

    Bonniel but you can translate! There's no problem you translate! Believes There's a lot here in Brazil who are following all this with great faith. I was very glad that you answered my comment.
    I am waiting for your other posts!
    Stay with God and that God protect you always!
    Even more!

    Carlos André.

    Carlos, Thank you for writing. So that was you? Thank you and God Bless you! Please pray for Robing Gibb and the Gibb family. Also keep Michael's family in your prayers. Hugs! ♥

    Carlos, Obrigado por escrever. De modo que era você? Obrigado e que Deus abençoe você! Por favor, orem para Robing Gibb e da família Gibb. Também manter a família de Michael em suas orações. Abraços!

  37. Translated from Michaela,

    "Bonniel Hello!

    love your blog!

    'm from Brazil and I'm constantly looking at your posts! I Believe ... also for me and many Brazilian fans he's alive!

    big kiss!


    ............ Michaela, thank you for posting. I am really happy to hear from you. I too believe he's alive, but there are some that do not, so I try not to weigh in on that too much. I believe though, that everyone with the love of truth in their hearts will get there in their time as God communicates with each one of us individually. Because God gifted us all individually, we each have a different part to play in what our purpose is and that is something I also have to learn and not try to push people (sorry Line, PrincessGlam :o) forgive me?)

    It's really hard for me sometimes because I want everyone to see the same things I do, fearing they might miss something . . . I have to leave God "room" to "walk in the room" as Michael likes to say. If I try to "see" for others I'm not giving them much of a chance to have their own relationship with God.

    Big hugs to everyone down there in Brazil! ♥

    Michaela, obrigado pela postagem. Estou muito feliz de ouvir de você. Eu também acredito que ele está vivo, mas há alguns que não, então eu tento não pesar muito nisso. Acredito, porém, que todos com o amor de verdade em seus corações, chegaremos lá no seu tempo como Deus se comunica com cada um de nós individualmente. Porque Deus nos presenteou todos individualmente, cada um de nós tem uma parte diferente de jogar no que é nosso propósito e isso é algo que também tem que aprender e não tentar empurrar as pessoas (Linha desculpe, PrincessGlam: o)? Me perdoe)

    É realmente difícil para mim, porque às vezes eu quero que todos vejam as mesmas coisas que eu faço, temendo que pode perder alguma coisa. . . Eu tenho que deixar Deus "quarto" a "andar na sala", como Michael gosta de dizer. Se eu tentar "ver" para os outros eu não estou dando-lhes muita chance de ter seu próprio relacionamento com Deus.

    Abraços a todos lá em baixo no Brasil!

  38. Princessglam said - "I think we all need strength. The past 2 and a half years have been the most trying of my life. Even worse than when my father died, as at least he was 71 and had lived many good years, but had an incurable disease. What Michael went through was unnecessary, preventable, at times downright sadistic."

    ......... Sadistic is a good word. More than agree with that description if it's possible to do so. (I'm sorry about your dad. I lost my grandfather during that first year too but expected that coming). Please believe that this is not a waste. I think we are being given an opportunity to get our houses in order so to speak. It is the love you have for him that will get you through this. Focus on God (as much a reminder to myself too). I hope I can be better at helping people do that. ♥

    Line said - "Hey Bonnie, your Blog has sympathizers from everywhere so keep the faith &..not to forget, the C. Murray verdict's post-period leaves us somewhat lost. The Justice might charge many more felons, directly or indirectly guilty for Michael's absence but fact is : alive or dead, Michael Jackson is missed even more now we got to know his admirable soul."

    ............ I love what you said, your whole post. I can't add anything to it other than I do believe that love is rewarded and regardless of that fact that I feel I in no way deserve it, I am very, VERY fortunate to have gotten to know Michael, and I still marvel at the very knowledge that God thinks I'm eve worth talking to. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  39. BONNIE said : "Oops, even, not "eve" hehehe."

    No problem :o) Good Evening !

  40. Hi Bonnie. Where do you and Line live exactly? Don't worry you guys. I am not gonna pop up from nowhere knocking on your doors, he he. I'm just wondering about the time difference. Line keep on saying good evening all the time. I'm go like, what day is it? What time is it? Where are you? Susanne

  41. @Susanne - Well, I'll let Line answer for herself, it's up to her if she wants to divulge, but I live in the South Eastern United States.

  42. Hi Bonnie. South East? The time difference LA - Sweden is 9 hours I think. I am not sure. It's November 22 in Sweden but you are still back in November 21, hehe. Susanne

  43. It's the 22nd here. It's 2:14am. we are three hours behind LA. if that helps, so six hours for you guys. 2:14am here would be about 8:14am where you are, unless you are going the other way, LOL!

  44. Hi Bonnie. Aren't you 3 hours ahead? I'm confused. My head is spinning like a "CAROUSEL" ( She's from a world of popcorn and candy. .) It seems like you are living in "A PLACE WITH NO NAME" (Take me to a place without no name?) Ha ha, just kidding. I totally respect your privacy and Integrity. L.O.V.E. Susanne

  45. Susanne

    I love "carousel"so beautiful song!


  46. SUSANNE said : "Where do you and Line live exactly?"

    Now guess : if you can translate "Gruezi", you will know where I live.

    Also I'm 62 & have no car anymore ! I just divulged all my secrets :o)
    Bra dag Susanne(Good day / Swedish)

  47. Michaela - Yes, it's a sweet song. It's overwhelming when you think about MJ having fans all over the planet. With so much love for MJ the good forces will win over the evil. L.O.V.E. Susanne

  48. LINE - You said: I'm 62 and I have no car anymore.
    Ha ha ha ha, you are funny. Hm, you and Bonnie are just like MJ. I will have to guess, read between the lines and do a lot of research, he he. Give me some time and I will try to figure it out. Susanne

  49. Hi Bonnie. You said: It's the 22nd here and it's 2:14 am.
    But at the end of your answer it says, 21 November 11:15 pm in blue print. Susanne


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