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Michael Jackson Justice: Connecting the Cults - Freeing Michael's Babies

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Connecting the Cults - Freeing Michael's Babies

2012, January 10
The Finders, Children of God,
and Boys Town

And saith unto him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written, He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.

Matthew 13:39
The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.

Matthew 13:49
So shall it be at the end of the world: the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just,

I have to disagree with Michael, slightly, that angels respond to delight.  While I believe it makes them happy, I also believe that angels respond to anguish and despair.

They respond to the cries of the helpless.  I believe they love, they assure and they comfort.  They guide and they protect.  I also believe they feel the tears of those of us down here when we lose someone, or lose HOPE because we lose someone.

I agree with Michael’s description of the comfort they provide although sometimes I wonder why they bother with us at all.  It is a good thing God and the angels see us as individuals and not condemn the whole race, as some of this very race do.  I also believe angels empathize and although I don’t recall ever seeing one while awake, I do remember the kiss I received from one and the comfort it brought me.

Michael’s prose on Angels sounds like he is reading it out of the Book of Enoch.  I couldn’t tell you if angels are male or female, but I can tell you angels can be seen in the face of a child when they look at you and smile.  I feel that is what angels really respond to. They flock to innocence in a maternal-like protection, to preserve it as long as the will of the individual allows.

Michael Jackson With God
About God

Angels Crying in the Fermament

I didn’t get much research done today.  I have been unable to concentrate due to tears of joy, tears of thanks and tears of hope.  So the blog is a bit late again tonight.

In my mind’s eye, I am seeing a pervasive and seemingly unbeatable cancer showing signs of being destroyed by white blood cells that have been working almost undetected in the background.

No, I don’t have cancer (to my knowledge), I am talking about the cancer of evil that has infected this planet, the white blood cells being the angels working through God to dissolve the cells without hurting the ones who want to live.

Care Enough for the Living
Heal the World – The Power of
The human mind . . . and Prayer

Michael put this on every day.  Armor of God

Now, back to the subject at hand, Line posted an article in German, as news of the pervasive pedophilia in Hollywood.  Diane had sent me a link a few days ago with an article that Corey Feldman was in London preparing for “Dancing on Ice” or something like that.  I couldn’t find that article for last night’s blog (I have too many emails!  I ask for help, I get it, then I complain because I can’t keep up.  I’m sorry, I don’t mean to).

I posted the sub heading for the article in German and translated it into English, but when I read it, I just had to post the rest of the article, so here it is, in English.

Geffen & Clinton

Geffen and Michael

The pedophiles are everywhere in Hollywood

Ex-child star Corey Feldman unpacks: Sexual abuse is the norm in Hollywood, he said. After the death of his friend, Corey Haim, he now wants to come out two perpetrators.

Corey Feldman was in films like "The Goonies," "Stand By Me" and "The lost boys" in the 80s to the child star and an icon. But instead of fame and glamor, he now reports of sexual abuse at the film's sets. The "Dancing On Ice 'star says he fell during his time as a young actor to the abuse of many Hollywood moguls high prey. He now wants to publish the names of two offenders in a book and take legal action against them, as been reported.

Power protection against crime

As the 40-year-old Canadian told the men had fallen on him like vultures, when he was 14 years old. "I lay there motionless while they did their work on me." How many child stars, he fell to the drugs. He felt exploited by Hollywood. He and his friend Corey Haim play are then branded as scapegoats and their image with statements such as "drug addicts" and "Has-beens" have been destroyed.

Because he is Hollywood's complicity in Corey's death and because he is the abuse fell due to drug addiction, he had decided to recount the ravisher: "I stood up and said that there is a larger problem that I have lost Corey and that I do not even want to see more kids that are lost to these perverts. "He speaks of a large group of pedophiles who in Hollywood would have very much power. With offers of money and they attract parents and children themselves.

Already, another former child actor who wants to remain anonymous, has expressed to Feldman's confessions on the subject. He claims to have been abused sexually by talent manager Martin Weiss. While Feldman was not abused by White, he also helps the police regarding this investigation. Feldman is aware of the danger to which he exposes himself and his family with the naming the perpetrators. But after the death of his pals he wants to protect his own son.

Was, is and will always be a problem

According to Feldman, the problem is pervasive and it is by far not the first who told of sexual abuse in the dream factory. Mary McDonough, in the series "The Waltons" occurred when Erin suffered Abused by sexual and reported: "There was a staff team of the film, I had to kiss every day when I was 11." As been reported. Nick Carter shares the same fate. He is alleged to have been abused by his former manager Lou Pearlman Backstreet Boys. He himself is silent on how reported.” – Source, in German,

This news is more than I can describe as far as How I feel about it and you will have to forgive me because I am a little freaked out as well.  If you remember back in June of 2011, I had this dream:

“I was in a room listening to Corey Feldman verbally tear down Corey Haim, who was just standing there looking into Feldman’s eyes.  Feldman was telling Haim that he was a loser, that he was a waste of human flesh and that the only reason Haim was famous was because of him.

I yelled at him to stop but he didn’t hear me.  Haim turned and calmly walked from the room.

Next we were in another room.  Myself, Feldman and Feldman’s mother.  Feldman’s mother was telling Corey that he should apologize to Haim, that they used to be best friends.

“No!” Said Feldman, “It’s too late.  He let the cat out of the bag.  He wrote his story when he did that!”

I grabbed Feldman’s shoulders and made him look into my eyes.  His were cold and hard.  He was an inch or two shorter than me in the dream, but he was bulkier.  He at first tried to pull away, then he would look away.  But when I started speaking his eyes turned to me even though his head was still turned to the side.

I said to him, “You two were children!  You have a memory of caring about him Corey!  It’s in there!  Think of just one thing!  Just one time that you did something genuinely nice for him (Haim)!  What was it?  Tell me about just one time . . .”

I felt the resistance in his shoulders give way before I saw it in his eyes, but it did follow.  Then Feldman’s mother chimed in – “How about the time you two were swimming in the pool and one of the other kids pounced on him, trying to pull him under water!  You ripped that kid off of Corey and you were in his face about hurting your friend.  You defended him to other people who claimed he was gay.  When they challenged you on loyalty to them, do you remember what you said?”

I was looking at Feldman who’s eyes were now locked with mine.  I saw a softness break through.  There was also a hint of fear there.  I said to him, “Corey you knew his pain.  Try to remember that you loved him.”  I watched movement in Feldman’s eyes, he was fighting.  I held his eyes and would not let him look away.  I didn’t want it to take him too . . . “The love is there Corey, remember what it felt like . . .”  I saw his face begin to crumble with emotion just as I woke up.” – Source, Three dreams and a conversation

This dream took place three and a half months before the start of Murray’s trial.  It was during the middle of Murray’s trial (actually toward the end of it), that the initial “Nightline” interview with Corey Feldman actually took place.  So, I not only got an answer to a prayer, I got an answer to a dream.  It surprises me that Nightline could have aired that in the United States.  But it doesn’t surprise me that more specific details would have to come out in a German and Swiss newspapers and that it wouldn’t be until AFTER Feldman was out of the country because they most certainly would not get it printed here in the states.

You Are Always In My Heart

Before Line sent me that German article, I was working on connecting the abduction and pedophile rings.  The domestic ones (here in the U.S.) all seem to trail back to the CIA.  I have covered all these before, so I will just list them here with a brief paragraph to refresh you:

The Finders
The kidnapping of children for purposes of prostitution, pornography, high tech weaponry experimental abuse, mind control abuse, child slave labor for underground alien-controlled facilities, white sex slavery, and the satanic ritual murder of untold thousands of American children snatched from the streets and playgrounds of America by agents working for the CIA is the principle reason for the existence of a covert CIA operation called "The Finders". The Finders is one of the most alarming and despicable covert operations against America's children that Gunderson's investigations helped to uncover, but it's only one of many covert Gestapo-like acts committed against American citizens by government agents under directives issued, not by Congress or the President, but rather by international satanists collectively known as the Illuminati, who control the Secret or Inner government of the United States as well as every other major government in the world. The "Finders" operation began in the 1960's and continues kidnapping children to this very day.” – Source,

Ted Gunderson, retired head of the FBI in Los Angelas, was behind this investigation as well as an advocate for Bryce Taylor, Arizona Wilder and a few other CIA mind control victims. Ted Gunderson passed away on July 31 of this past year at the age of 84.  May God reward him generously in Heaven for the sacrifice he’s made and the work he’s done for children everywhere.

Boys Town/Franklin Coverup
The participation of persons of high position in satanic rituals and child prostitution in the Omaha, Nebraska was revealed in the 1992 book, The Franklin Cover-Up, by former state senator and attorney, John DeCamp. Ted Gunderson provided a substantial amount of investigative assistance to John DeCamp in uncovering the story. The Franklin Cover-Up describes the role played by the CIA's "Finders" in the drugging,  mind control, and forced coercion of kidnapped children into silent compliance to serve the pedophilic and sadistic appetites of some of the most prominent and well known people in Omaha, Nebraska and Washington, DC.” – Source, Franklincoverupexcerpt

Further down on this source, it lists the investigations that Ted Gunderson either organized or assisted in.  Of those is the “D.C. Call Boys” scandal in which one better known victim, Paul Bonacci, has tried to get his case heard for what is now going on decades.  He is one of the original abductees of the Finders, took part in abducting with the Finders and was a resident at Boys Town.  He was also involved in the D.C. Call Boys scandal at long time congressman Barney Frank’s Town House.  In one paragraph further down on this report, investigated by both Gunderson and Congressman DeCamp, it says:

In one instance detailed in The Franklin Cover- Up, Paul was taken by Larry King and others to a wooded area in California - identified after publication as the Bohemian Grove. There Paul and another boy were forced to do sex acts with and to consume parts of a child whom they had watched being murdered by the cultists. The body was to be disposed of by "the men with the hoods." A "snuff" pornography film was made of these events; it was directed by a man the party had picked up in Las Vegas whom Paul identified as "Hunter Thompson" -the same name as a well known sleaze-culture figure.

Paul Bonacci has described in detail being dragged to Washington for use as a sex toy for Larry King's clients. Bonacci told investigators he was in one of the private White House tours for young male prostitutes conducted by lobbyist Craig Spence, a close political associate of Larry King in the cloak-and-dagger Contras enterprise. Spence turned up dead in a Boston hotel room in 1989, soon after his and King's "compromising" business was exposed in a Washington Times June 29, 1989 story, headlined: "Homosexual Prostitution Inquiry Ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush." – Source, Franklincoverup exerpt

In tying two of the cults together, from yesterday’s information from River Phoenix/Joaquin and the other “Children of God” cult ex-members, I found “Children of God” and “The Finders” both were caught abducting children, and corrupting children with sex.  This report below caught a “Finder’s” cult worker with children belonging to others as they attempted to drive them in a van across the southern U.S. border into Mexico to “educate them as gifted children”. 

The 1987 incident which plagues the Finders involves the Tallahassee , Florida , Police Department investigation of two adult males found transporting six children aged two to seven years old. The Dodge van, and the condition in which the children were found, was described by officers [Walter Kreitlow and Fredric Haiduk] in their report:

"The police had received an anonymous telephone call relative to two well dressed white men wearing suits and ties in Myers Park, [Tallahassee], apparently watching six dirty and unkempt children in the playground area. A Mr. HOULIHAN and AMMERMAN were near a 1980 blue Dodge van bearing the Virginia license number XHW-557, the inside of which was later described as foul-smelling, filled with maps, books, letters, with a mattress situated to the rear of the van which appeared as if it were used as a bed. The overall appearance of the van gave the impression that all eight persons were living in it The children were covered with insect bites, were very dirty and most of the children were not wearing underwear and all the children had not been bathed in many days." (7)

There was keen interest in searching the Finders headquarters by James Bradley, a Detective for the Washington D.C. Police Department. Krietlow also had suspicions that the subjects had been involved in supplying children for kiddie porn activities south of the border. The combination of the two was enough to trigger a search of the Finders Washington D.C. headquarters on February 5, 1987 . Special agents for the Department of the Treasury, Ramon Martinez and Lynwood Rountree, reported:

"During the course of the search warrants, numerous documents were discovered which appeared to be concerned with international trafficking in children, high tech transfer to the United Kingdom and international transfer of currency.” – Source,  

This “cult” front also had operations in several countries, as did the “Children of God/The Family International”.

From yesterday’s blog:

On July 5, 1976, Phoenix's sister Libertad Mariposa Bottom was born, after the family had settled in Caracas, Venezuela, where the Children of God had stationed them to work as missionaries and fruit gatherers. Although John Bottom was later designated the cult's "Archbishop of Venezuela and the Caribbean", their family received no financial support from the group and lived in poverty.” – Source, Wiki/riverphoenix

Children of God cult, ran groups around the world in America, Europe and South America.  The group's liberal sexuality led to concerns and investigations regarding child abuse. The High Court of Justice, Family Division in the UK found there to be "widespread sexual abuse of young children and teenagers by adult members of The Family" . . . and as I reported on yesterday, an ironically high number of Hollywood actors/artists hailed from this very cult, including the Phoenix children, Rose McGowan (Scream, Charmed, Encino Man, divorced from Marilyn Manson ), Celeste Jones (Read her story), Kristina Jones (Celeste’s and Julianna’s sister) and Julianna Buhring (Tells of violent sexual abuse). – Source, Wiki/thefamilyinternational

Paul Bonacci’s testimony and statements ties the Franklin/Boys Town coverup, D.C. Call Boys and “The Finders” Cult together.  Further, with a list of a couple of the jobs he took part in for these sick people, he also ties in the disappearance of Johnny Gosch.  His statements include the parts he played in:

“. Picking up cash in exchange for drugs at various Tennessee locations. Bonacci identifies several country music personalities as contacts.

. Trips on behalf of the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), the pedophile group now given semi- official status by the United Nations. Paul cites travel to the Netherlands and Germany carrying child pornography for sub- sequent "import" to the U.S.A. to avoid prosecution. In Amsterdam, he names "Charles Hester," and the British "Tommie Carter," who had on computer a global list of child pornography users. NAMBLA is also cited for organizing auctions of children.

(This ring has been the subject of news reports throughout 2011 where two different stings produced hundreds of arrests in a dozen countries, including Amsterdam and the U.S. – BBC Source and this one earlier this year, Hague Source)

. Travel to Hawaii, New York, Washington (in connection with Craig Spence) to compromise public figures by performing homosexual pedophile sex with them.

. The trip to California where the boy was ritually murdered, accompanied by "Monarch" contact, Mark Johnson of Denver, Colorado,

. Travel to .Mexico for the transportation of drugs, guns, and children. Paul was accompanied by the gangster-figure "Emilio," who otherwise directed the kidnapping of Johnny Gosch of Des Moines, Iowa. Johnny Gosch's parents commend Paul Bonacci as an accurate witness relative to that crime.

Other cases I’ve covered before that all have the same connections to the same high-powered political and government figures:

Speaking of Johnny Gosch, while re-locating some of these resources, it found a possible hint that Corey Feldman and other child actors/artists were not the only ones considering books.  It’s a possibility that Johnny Gosch may finally be coming forward as well:

Former Los Angeles FBI Special Agent in Charge Ted Gunderson, now a private investigator and author of "How to Find Anyone," appeared on the "Mysteries of the Mind" radio program March 8 and claimed that he has "a credible, reliable source" that says "Jeff Gannon" is indeed kidnapped Des Moines Iowa paperboy Johnny Gosch, as described in the "Franklin Coverup," an expose' of high level GOP Republican pedophilia.

Gunderson claimed that "Gannon" has scar on right cheek. Johnny's mother Noreen Gosch has looked at the mark on "Gannon" in photographs and said it was the same as that as on her son.

Gunderson says that a birthmark in the "shape of South America" appears to have been removed from Gannon's chest.

"I think Jeff Gannon is Johnny Gosch, and I think he planned this to get even with them for screwing up his life from age 12 on," said Gunderson.

Gunderson suspects Gannon's planned book, as reported by the Russian press, "will be truthful and he will expose these people.” – Source, Conspiracyplanet

I never found this Russian source, and I never found a book written by Gannon, but one was written by his mother, Noreen Gosch.

In February, 1999, Noreen Gosch testified in Omaha Federal Court, during a case involving Lawrence E. King, Jr. and the Franklin Credit Union scandal, that her son had visited her in 1997.  By Noreen Gosch's account, she was awoken one night in March, 1997 by a knock at her apartment door.

Waiting outside, was Johnny Gosch, now approximately 27 years old, accompanied by a man she had never seen. The other man never identified himself, and never spoke, but seemed nervous and serious. Johnny divulged that his had been a targeted, not random, abduction, in 1982. His captors had forced him into a decade of child sex-slavery. Johnny explained that as his survival was a potential security breach for the conspiracy, he was currently, and probably permanently, in hiding, and would likely never see her again. Johnny and the unidentified man left the apartment. After this visit, Noreen Gosch finally turned off her porch light. – Source, Wikipedia and invisionfree

I imagine Gosch and Bryce Taylor, Arizona Wilder and possibly Cathy O’Brien are in hiding.  Perhaps Corey Feldman soon will be too.

They are all connected.  The international pedophile/child pornography ring based in the Netherlands, Italy and the U.S. exposed this summer, Boys Town, D.C. Call Boys, Barney Frank Prostitution Ring, The Finders, The Children of God cults and  Johnny Gosch/Jeff Gannon abduction. 

This is linked to the Hollywood Pedophilia through at least one cult (honestly, Hollywood is its own cult), River Phoenix and Rose McGowan as COG cult members, to Corey Haim and Cory Feldman who’s Mogul rapists have yet to be exposed, Jerry O’Connell, Heather O’Roark, the list goes on.  We will come back to Hollywood.

In 1989, Paul Bonacci provided his attorney, John DeCamp, with information indicating he had participated in the abduction of a Des Moines, Iowa paper boy. This paper boy was Johnny Gosch. Bonacci's testimony provided a great deal of information about Johnny and his case, however local authorities refuse to interview him, questioning his credibility.

According to numerous reports by Paul Bonacci, Michael LaVey (son of Anton LaVey), and Johnny Gosch himself, Johnny was taken by a highly organized, very corporate global pedophile/pornography ring. Evidence links this same porno/pedophile ring to the 80's 'congressional call boy scandal', money laundering, drug running, illegal arms deals and more.” – Source, Wiki/invisionfree

While I have been unable to find a book written, or planning to be written by  Johnny Gosch, his mother Noreen has written one and from what I have read from the exerpt she can go no further with the investigation without endangering either Johnny or others protecting him.

Ted Gunderson’s involvement in the McMartin Pre-School investigation is also highlighted further down on this page -

I have other destinations within this subject so I will close this for now.  My goal to keep these entries under 6 pages has long been obliterated.  Some dots are being connected.

In light of Klein’s medical board review (anyone have anything new on that?) and the supposed “selling” of Michael’s cancellation policy to the estate  (not what happened but misinformation and lies rule the group that put this out), I find it very hard to believe that none of Michael’s past lawyers or doctors knew what was going on.  I will have a rap sheet on some of these characters in the near future.

God’s little angels, please hang in there!  Your voices are getting heard!

Please pray for Corey and Michael’s families.

Don't let go of his hand . . .


  1. Hi Bonnie, please accept my apology for not having translated the article into English myself. I did not think it would raise much interest to you as I only aimed to show the Corey Feldman's report was now also largely displayed outside the US : but important details were indeed not written in the US press :o( Try & relax a bit as the Hollywood child porno ring issue you expose here is quite strenuous & painful.

  2. BONNIE : No panic, I will not go through all world press with the same C. Feldman's report, but last one below from Paris-Match on Jan. 9, 2012, the most read press in France. Basically the same so I only translated the last para :

    According to Feldman, he and Haim were labeled addicts and "has-been" and finally used as scarecrows in Hollywood. And the actor to report, in his interview to the "Sun", "People need to know why Corey and I were hidden under the carpet, like mangy dogs sent to the pound, so that no one would ever come to us later"

    Let us hope for a positive follow-up i.e. the old bastards who vilify & demolish the youth will be at last behind bars & blamed publicly ...Grrrrr!

  3. Hi Line -

    No apologies needed! Goodness, I'm glad you posted it! Thank you I will try. Every half a paragraph I would post or type I'd have to back up from the computer. I thanked God for Corey Feldman and for Michael and his family and asked for their protection about 15 times yesterday. Then last night I had a dream about the Phoenix bird (thanks River!).

    Line, We have some strange things going on.


    I wasn't going to post this because I don't know what you are trying to say, but in English, this is a mocking of someone after a blog like this.

  4. BONNIE said : "We have some strange things going on." many fields ! we can play each our own part in the society to help against abuses of all sorts but it's so huge that we are at times only powerless watchers of a big "tsunami" to come..hope it won't though & I don't want to get contaminated by the ongoing fear propaganda. So I now go out to oxygen my poor cells :o)

  5. Corey news were not big in Russia from what I remember.
    Flitted across several low-rating celeb/gossip websites maybe.
    We have our own pedophiles to bother with I suppose!
    Pedo lobby, false accusations and so on...
    Interesting [maybe] that gossipy news site for Russian Jews
    assembled all Corey news in 1 article about alimony he has to pay
    and his bad finances, Hollywood pedophilia rant and Michael Jackson,
    whom Corey "forgave" for "ruining his childhood". It's either to
    stain Michael's name again, tabloid-style, or to dismiss whatever
    Corey has to say because "look how much he lies". Probably just typical tabloid trash named "journalism".
    I mean no serious agenda, no thinking, just writing it down there for more clicks.

  6. Hi, Bonnie.

    Related to pedophilia and abduction and sexual abuse of children, please read this three articles;

    Jewish Child Sex Predators Protected by U.S. Gov’t
    In December, the Brooklyn, N.Y., District Attorney, with a long history of turning a blind eye to child sex predators in the close-knit Orthodox Jewish community, announced sweeping pedophilia charges against nearly 100 Orthodox Jews, men and women.

    A good start, for a community that “requires anyone alleging sex abuse by a fellow observant Jew to first report to its rabbis, who decide whether the case should go to secular authorities.” Trouble is, he didn’t even release one name of those accused! Writer, attorney and child sex abuse advocate Michael Lesher, an Orthodox Jew, has been following these troubling scandals since serial child rapist and self-proclaimed rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz fled to Israel in 1984, one step ahead of NYC detectives.

    As an Orthodox Jew, Lesher provides great insight into the community’s practices and history in this 39-minute interview.


    The Bone that Could Change Everything: A Time to End our Complicity in Murder, and Reinvent Canada


    Kevin Annett interviewed on ThatChannel about human remains at Brantford Residential School

    Let us hope justice will finally be served and these poor children be vindicated.


  7. Bonnie – I really admire your open mindedness to actually take a chance to read the Book of Enoch that wasn’t part of the Bible. I don’t know much about the Bible let alone the Book of Enoch, and this is my first time hearing it and learning from you. I bet most Christians who claimed they know the Bible and God would not even give the chance to consider reading and investigating the Book of Enoch since it’s not part of the Bible. But you my friend, growing and expanding your knowledge each day by opening your mind - the most important one if we want to know the truth.

    Why the Book wasn’t not included in the Bible is really amazing. My question is if they (whoever they are) excluding it from the Bible because it contains some truth, how would we know some of the writing in the Bible to be all the truth? It might be some fabricated story in there to serve their purpose. Don’t you think so?

    Also, do you know the Book of Thomas is not made part of the Bible? I believe it’s worth investigating it. What do you think? I am thinking maybe on those books that did not make part of the Bible where we find the ultimate truth.

  8. Line said - "hope it won't though & I don't want to get contaminated by the ongoing fear propaganda."

    ......... Hopefully we can become numb to that and not the horrid condition itself. Oxygen your cells. That sounds like a great idea. I wish it would stop raining here. We've been surrounded by London Soup for the last four days.

    Anonymous said - "Corey news were not big in Russia from what I remember. "

    ............ Sadly it wasn't here either and it was on Nightline (I don't watch T.V. someone sent it to me) and yes, I have some information for both Mr. Michael Jackson and Corey Feldman, but I don't know if Feldman still blames Michael for anything considering the experience HE'S had with handlers and isolation. If they haven't already talked about this they should.

    Ana said - "Let us hope justice will finally be served and these poor children be vindicated."

    ................ Thank you very much for those links. I will look into them. I remember seeing the first one a few months back and may have even borrowed from it. I'm not sure if this practice is taught throughout Judaism as "okay" but if they all read the Talmud and that's what it teaches them . . . those poor people! Hopefull God talks to some of them and brings them back home. You know, talks to their hearts. Reason would tell you that God is a God that loves and cherishes innocence.

  9. Mimi said - "I bet most Christians who claimed they know the Bible and God would not even give the chance to consider reading and investigating the Book of Enoch since it’s not part of the Bible. . . . My question is if they (whoever they are) excluding it from the Bible because it contains some truth, how would we know some of the writing in the Bible to be all the truth? It might be some fabricated story in there to serve their purpose. Don’t you think so?"

    ............. I have never labored under the delusion that the Bible was fabricated. When you read things in there that call out the very people who have tried for centuries to keep lay people from reading the Bible (the Bible was not always available outside of clergy/Rabbis and Priests), And when you see the Bible coming alive with the prophecies unfolding before us, you can't deny it's the truth.

    That doesn't mean that the Bible didn't have a book or two kept from the original writings, but if you read Enoch, and see the explanation to Enoch that this is "not for this generation but a remote one", and it calls out exactly the things that are going on today by the false Jews and backed up in the book of Jude (Enoch Prophesied), you realize that references to other verses in the Bible become validated. One that comes to mind is the constant reference that the elect will be given the truth, and that the "knowledge will increase".

    This is exactly the weapons that the deceivers try to use against you and your faith.

    I was made aware of the book of Thomas, which like the other books could have a reason why God kept it out of the Bible, using the motivation of men who's hearts were bent on deception in the first place. Interesting questions, Mimi :o)

  10. HI Anonymous (what happened to my comments, this is weird! Something changed!)

    I did see Souza's blog and I'm going to read it again because I had a rush through it today because I am compiling other things (today's been nuts). I saw my blog links posted there with Michael's Bible study notes too. Maybe between the two of us we can put this thing together.

    The person that tried to post "Michael is god" here on this blog really bothered me. That's NOT what I was getting at, at ALL here.

    Thank you for this Anonymous. Very nice. ♥

  11. Oi Boniel!!!!! Vc acha que o Michael era Maçom ? Será q essa perseguição toda sofrida por elw era pelo motivo de ele ter saido da maçonaria ? ou vc acha q é pelo fato de ele nunca ter entrado nisso, eu fico com a ultima hipotse, pra mim faz mais sentido mas e vc o q acha ?

  12. Estrella - Hi !!!!! Boniel Do you think that Michael was a Mason? Q Is all this persecution suffered by ELW was the reason he left the Freemasons? q or do you think it is because he never entered it, I get the last hipotse, it makes more sense to me but what do you think q?


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