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Michael Jackson Justice: Corey Feldman and Michael Jackson

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Corey Feldman and Michael Jackson

Reluctant Angels Step Into the Light

23For they also built them high places, and images, and groves, on every high hill, and under every green tree.

 24And there were also sodomites in the land: and they did according to all the abominations of the nations which the LORD cast out before the children of Israel.

You will read much between here the article I am placing here.  Corey Feldman and Corey Haim also knew.  We know Michael did.  Please see "At The Mouth of the Dragon". 

I will also place this link at the bottom of this article.

Corey Feldman Responding to Questions
About Michael’s Passing

I posted a blog earlier as an inspiration from what Cathy Rose had sent me earlier on the “Traveling Angels”.  You can view that here if you missed it.  It’s short but includes a short video as well on the Illusionist. -

It is a nice little escape from the subject we’ve been covering.

I’m also watching the world news, from a distance, and it looks as if things are coming to a head in Iran.  (Ignore David Icke at the back end of video, I don’t agree with his lizard/shapeshifting distractions)

Iran and WWIII

Yesterday the blog I put together thanks to some resources from contributors and those of you commenting, and some other links came out.  Tonight I wanted to search out some of those names associated to Corey, Michael and those mentioned in those articles, but first I want to address something that Micheline found and sent to me last night.

As I was finishing up the blog last night, I received this email from Micheline:

Thought you might want to see this article.  Both Coreys are interviewed from Aug. 2008, and Feldman says some not so nice things about Michael, which I found disturbing.  Nothing about molestation, but this is what he said about Michael below.  I can't imagine Michael would let down any kid this way, but the quote is worth noting.  I'm taking what Corey says with a grain of salt, knowing that Michael's people could easily have been responsible for changing his phone number.  Michael had his own problems with handlers taking control of his life.  

(Feldman) - "It wasn't Michael Jackson who molested me, but he did do real damage in my overall life. I was a 12-year-old boy who was hurt by his family and ignored by people at school. Michael would sit and talk to me for hours and he would listen. Then he would get bored. The biggest thing that Michael's done to children is befriending the ones that are in need and then abandoning them. "Hey, I love you, I'm here for you, anything you need, you call me, I will be there for you." Then the very next day, the number's been changed. As a 12-year-old kid, that's a pretty hard one to comprehend. That's the karma he's paying off now."

Notice what Feldman says about the person who molested him. 

Somebody who befriended me, who was working for me. His job basically was to be my chaperone, my adult supervision. He would come in at night when I was asleep, and I would wake up the next morning, and he would act like we were buds. At age 14, how do you digest that?

Bonnie...BILL BRAY!  He was hired to be Michael's security and chaperone also!  What was he really doing?  Remember that photo of Bray in the hotel room with Michael and Emmanuel Lewis straddling him on the bed?  Little Emmanuel was facing Bray, and Michael was sitting behind him.  Thinking back on it, that was a very compromising photo...and someone was there to snap the picture! What possible thrill could Bill Bray have had with a Michael and Emmanuel sitting on top of him! 

As for Corey Haim, he talks about being in a program to get clean and sober and really seems determined to get his life back together.  All the more reason to be suspicious of his death in March 2010.  When you listen to his mother's 911 call, it's so sad.  She was desperate to help her son and had to ask the dispatcher to repeat his instructions again and again because he mumbled like an ignoramus!  It almost sounded like 911 didn't give a damn that Corey Haim was dying in his mother's arms.  She's heard telling 911 that Corey woke up that morning with a fever.  Strange that later in the day he just dies.  Another one who let the cat out of the bag and ends up dead?”

I did not include the 9-11 call because after listening to it, I didn’t want to.  You can search for it on Youtube if you are so inclined, but I agree with Micheline in that the 9-11 Operator didn’t even sound real, he was so uncompassionate.  At first I thought I was listening to “The Terminator”.  But more importantly was this “People” interview from 2008 because there is a lot of information there. 

You see Micheline’s reaction above and I’m sure when you read that comment by Corey, you must have thought, “What an jerk!  Michael’s not like that!”

Well, I did too.  Then I went back and read it again.  I read the narrative at the beginning, then Feldman’s answers, then Haim’s answers.  Here is Feldman’s answers below.  The interviewer’s questions are in green, all caps and my comments in black parenthesis:

~~~~   Start Interview  ~~~~


I don't know if I would glorify my actions quite that much. First and foremost, it's about my family: I don't feel that he's a safe person to have around my wife and child at the moment, for a multitude of reasons.

(I commended Feldman for his honesty here.  He mentions Haim not being safe to have around his wife and child – FOR A MULTITUDE OF REASONS.  He doesn’t name the reasons but he doesn’t say it’s drugs either.  Haim was struggling to get out of his programming.  If Feldman and Haim were programmed “twins” - reference,

Twinning, Monarch Programming

 then he is absolutely right here.  It was safer for both himself and family, AND FOR HAIM for them to be separated. Cont . . .)


That's bs. I think that he needs to demonize somebody. As a 14-year-old, how could I be responsible for actions that happened between him and another person?


No. When he did, my jaw hit the table. I couldn't believe he'd do that. This stuff is very private, very personal.

(Consider that even though this was allegedly not planned or scripted, it was allowed to be broadcast. Why?  If we are to believe that Corey Feldman was truly blindsided by this and the revelation was unplanned, then we can also assume that there was an alterior motive for it being allowed to be aired.  Perhaps the “twin-betrayal” if they believed Haim was going downhill.)


He threw it out there, and it was my way to make him feel better about what he had just done. What he said was shocking, and troubling. Afterwards, off-camera, he'd pull me aside and go, "What did I just say? I can't believe I just did that!" I couldn't believe it either, but I'm proud of him because it was obviously something holding him back in life. It needs to be dealt with.

(This response was rather odd, I thought.  It was Feldman’s way of making Haim feel better about what he’d just done?  What did he do?  Confession is good for the soul, but it wasn’t Haim that committed the crimes, it was his rapist.  This is a dodge response with a truth at the end of it . . . “It needs to be dealt with”.)


Somebody who befriended me, who was working for me. His job basically was to be my chaperone, my adult supervision. He would come in at night when I was asleep, and I would wake up the next morning, and he would act like we were buds. At age 14, how do you digest that?

(I agree with Micheline about this response, totally.  Michael’s “chaperone” was Bill Bray, from the time he was young.  According to Fritz Springmeier’s book on MK-Ultra, a young child has a constant handler until they reach a certain age at which time they are frequently changed out.  We know that Bill Bray was unceremoniously fired in 1996 and no explanation was ever given as to why.  If we are to believe anything of Taraborrelli’s book, Bill Bray was present during the 1993 strip-search and photo session of Michael in his home in which Taraborrelli had reported that Michael yelled at Bray.  We have reports in from Gloria Berlin that Bray was less than friendly and borderline contentious toward her and the time she spent with Michael.  Michael reportedly told her Bray locked him frequently in his hotel room, which is a classic ‘abandonment’ conditioning described in both Springmeier’s and Bryce Taylor’s book.  Then we have photos like this springing up:

Bill Bray in Hotel Room with Michael and
Emmanuel Lewis.  Two Way Glass Photos?
They were Setting Michael Up!

Could Corey have been telling two stories here? See below)


It wasn't Michael Jackson who molested me, but he did do real damage in my overall life. I was a 12-year-old boy who was hurt by his family and ignored by people at school. Michael would sit and talk to me for hours and he would listen. Then he would get bored. The biggest thing that Michael's done to children is befriending the ones that are in need and then abandoning them. "Hey, I love you, I'm here for you, anything you need, you call me, I will be there for you." Then the very next day, the number's been changed. As a 12-year-old kid, that's a pretty hard one to comprehend. That's the karma he's paying off now.

(This is what Micheline was upset about and when I first read it, I was too.  My initial reaction was to write on this blog to Feldman to remind him that he is not the only one with handlers that isolate and lie to you.  Think about it.  If most of us here know Michael as a child advocate that would never do this, don’t you think Corey Feldman, who’s “talked for hours” with Michael, who would “listen”, would know Michael better than us?  I don’t think Corey is telling us this (even in 2008) because he believes this is the way Michael is.  Corey grew up in the same industry, with the same people the same abuse and the same handlers.  He has to know that if Michael did not call him back, it wasn’t because of Michael.  I have also entertained the possibility that perhaps in 2008, that Corey was aware that Michael was fighting this beast.  Perhaps this is yet another illusion within a larger illusion.  This protected not only Corey Feldman but Michael as well.  If they could threaten Latoya with the killings of Michael and Janet, Perhaps they threatened Michael with the death of Corey?)


Part of it, but there was a lot of pain in my life. As a child my life was hell. I had no friends because I was the geek, the outsider. I was told I was fat. I was told I was ugly. There was mental abuse and physical abuse—anything you can imagine. I was beaten with sticks, toilet seats. The beautiful thing is now as a father I get to make up for all that. That is my healing.

(This reminds me of the descriptions Michael gave of the beatings he got, describing being tied up, oiled down, whipped with an ironing cord.  Feldman does not say who abused him in this way but in the paragraph further up he assigns blame to his parents for “hurting” him.  Miss Katherine said during one interview about Michael that Michael “changed” not long after he got famous and she said she “thought the stage did that to him”.  Question is, just how much did Michael’s parents know about Bill Bray?  Michael referred to Bray as “father”.  This has been mentioned in more than one interview with more than one of Michael’s associations, including Gloria Berlin.  Feldman is describing yet another parallel with Michael.)

No. There can't be until he gets it together, period. I will not do a third season or anything else with the guy until he has done what I feel is a full course of treatment. As his friend, I can't do this anymore.


I haven't given up hope yet. There's hope as long as he's still breathing. – Source, People Magazine 2008

~~~~ Stop Interview Segment  ~~~~

That is the end of Feldman’s portion of that interview.  Haim’s portion can be read at the link above.

It could very well be that in 2008, Feldman was of the opinion that Michael shut him out.  It is common knowledge with many of the more hearty fans of Michael that there had been some sort of falling out reported, and Feldman mentioned such in a more past interview, somewhere back in 2003 or so.

Micheline, bless her heart, didn’t even want me to post this because she thought it was negative against Michael or made him look bad. But we all know better now and are well aware of the fact that if Michael’s handler’s could isolate him from his family, they most certainly had no problem separating him from those he was trying to help, to build resentment with the few friendships he tried to cultivate.  Really ticks me off sometimes, thinking about it.

I am trying to remember the lesson “All is not what it seems” but regardless of how I feel about Feldman’s vulnerability due to his “announcement” on Nightline back in November, I have to be honest in how I feel about the below:

Feldman Shares some Memories About Michael

The first thing that turned me off is Majestik and I soon learn that this event took place at the Gardiner School Auditorium, I asked myself why Feldman would agree to appear at an event with Joe Jackson’s handler.  (I don’t have any pics of Michael together with Majestik do you?)  I listen to the rest of what Feldman has to say.  He tells the story of how he met Majestik which allegedly was at Neverland back in the Goonie days. 

There were also several videos claiming Corey was infatuated with Michael, even dressing like him up through 2006

Corey Feldman Can Sing
Not too bad on the moves either!

Even though this video makes fun of Corey, I actually thought he was pretty good.  I didn’t know he could sing.  His present band (yes he has one) is “Truth Movement”.  Leaves no doubts as to what they’re music may be about.

The reason I have problems with Majestik is because of my own personal experience with him in the beginning of this whole thing and it has to do with Taaj Malik so I extricated myself from the both of them in 2010.   I don’t know if Corey knows who Majestik really is, but if he’s lying about meeting him back in the 1980’s at Michael’s house, I would like to know why, since I’m defending and supporting the little bugger.  But keep in mind that as I struggle with the associations some choose to make, that not all is as appears, and at the very least, Corey is exposing something that’s had to be exposed for a long time.

Then I found this video also, which plays a portion of Corey’s interview with Police back in 1993 during the allegations, but look at who the reporter is for the 2005 trial!  It ‘s Jane Mitchell from HLN – commentator on the Murray Trial!

Corey Feldman’s Police Interview

There are some things I have seen of Corey that I can’t place. The video of the reality show where Haim dropped the boom about the rape, I didn’t like the look in Feldman’s eyes.  During the Nightline interview, I didn’t like the look in his eyes there either.  He was acting and almost rehearsed.  However, during the part where he said, “They were all around me, like vultures”, there was this sliver of vulnerability in his eyes that creeped out for just a second.  It reminded me of this little boy that only peeked out for a second before running back into his hideaway and you see this every once in a while in Feldman.  My instinct is to want to grab that little boy’s hand when he peeks out to let him know that it’s safe to come out into the sun now.

Consider as per this interview “PreviewBad”, Michael was working with Steven Spielberg on a Peter Pan Project – Source, Michaeljacksonarchives submitted by Cathy.  (This article also says he is 5’10”, anyone bidding 5’ 11” via mug shot pic?) that ended up being the movie “Hook” with Robin Williams instead of Michael.

The times that Michael Jackson and Corey first became friends was also during the time that Feldman and Haim were very popular with the “coming of age” movies.  Spielberg was also in negotiations with Michael on a Peter Pan remake.

As we turn to Spielberg’s part in this timeline, the idea for the Peter Pan Movie was touted in Michael’s fan base as originally an Idea of Michael’s.  And according to this “Starpulse Article”, Spielberg is quoted as saying Michael turned down the role just because the Peter Pan in this film starts off as a lawyer.

Spielberg admits Jackson was keen to take on the lead role in the film but balked at the idea of playing a lawyer who forgot he was the boy who never grew up.

The director tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "Michael had always wanted to play Peter Pan, but I called Michael and I said, 'This is about a lawyer that is brought back to save his kids and discovers that he was once, when he was younger, Peter Pan.'
"Michael understood at that point it wasn't the same Peter Pan he wanted to make.”. – Source, Starpulse 2011

This amazingly was copy-pasted to various other news sources . . . all around December 5, 2011.  Is there any reason Spielberg felt compelled to defend his snubbing of Michael two years after his passing and fifteen years after stealing his idea for Dreamworks including the Logo –

The studio was officially founded on October 12, 1994 with financial backing of ... (now known as PDI/DreamWorks) in 1996, emerging as the main competitor to ... David Geffen admitted that DreamWorks had come close to bankruptcy twice. ... idea for the logo was the brainchild of company co-founder Steven Spielberg,”- Source, Wikipedia

Yeah . . . Neverland Logo TWIN never crossed his mind.  Puh-lease.

This source tells a different tale.  According to Wikipedia, Michael was cut out of the film after some shuffling of directors and producers, with no explanation of why. -  Source, Wikipedia  Spielberg dropped out, then dropped back in three years later with a whole new concept, a Title change and a main character change, just as was done with Dreamworks and the Logo.  I’m being nice when I say these people make me sick.

There was another source that said that Michael was crushed when Spielberg finally called him and told him they were going ahead with the movie, but he said, “I have bad news, they gave the role to someone else”, but I can’t find that source now.  I believe it may have been in Taraborrelli’s book, which I no longer have.

Another Quote by Corey Feldman after Michael’s passing:

I come to you today with great sadness, acknowledging the loss of the greatest entertainer in the history of mankind. For me he was more than that, he was my idol, he was a role model, he was someone to cry to when my childhood was unbearable, he was a brother, he was a dear friend. – Source, "Justin Timberlake praises Jackson's musical genius"

Between 1985 and 1994, Michael, Corey Feldman and Haim, Michael and the Spielberg/Geffen/Reiner horror story were all crossing paths.

Geffen, Spielberg and Katzenberg
Boys coming of age beware

The men who would be (Killers) King, an article about how a movie studio idea (stolen from Michael Jackson) ended up failing even with three Billionaires running it.

Photos of Geffen, Spielberg and Katzenberg with public officials

Geffen & michaelbloomberg

Geffen and Clinton.

Geffen & Madonna & Michael

Geffen & Cruise - Lakers Game

Nick Jonas another victim?

Nick Jonas rocks the bowtie as he arrives at the 2011 Pre-GRAMMY Gala and Salute To Industry Icons Honoring David Geffen at Beverly Hilton on Saturday night (February 12) in Beverly Hills. – Source,

We know what Geffen’s preferences are, which  is why I suspect him before Spielberg, but Spielberg is the one that was involved with “Goonies”, which both Corey’s were involved (Feldman got the part of “Mouth” over Haim)  Spielberg was both producer and writer.  This was released in 1985 which would have put both Corey’s at about the age of 14, when Haim said it happened to him.  Source, Goonies – Source, Feldman bday   (both Corey’s were born in 1971)

Other Movies they did together that involved either Spielberg, Geffen, Reiner or Malkovich:

Stand By Me – Rob Reiner/Stephen King, 1986
Gremlins        - Stephen Spielberg, 1984
The Lost Boys – Joel Schumacher, 1986
Lucas             - David Seltzer, 1986
                      - David Nicksay,

Other Corey Haim Movies that Feldman starred in all had the same directors and writers, give or take one person.

Corey Scott Feldman (born July 16, 1971) is an American film and television actor. He became known during the 1980s, with roles in the Hollywood films Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, The Goonies, Stand by Me, The Lost Boys, License to Drive, Dream a Little Dream, Gremlins and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Feldman is also the lead singer for the rock band Truth Movement.

In 1984, Feldman also co-starred in Friday the 13th, The  Final Chapter with Crispin Glover, who also has severe issues with the Spielberg/Geffen team.

Crisping Glover is seven years Feldman’s senior.  In 1984, that would make Glover  twenty years old.  But he had exposure to Spielberg prior to any association with Feldman.  Glover played George McFly in Spielberg’s produced “Back to the Future”. – Source, Wiki/backtothefuture

Glover also starred in “Teachers” with Nicke Nolte, which ironically was produced by Aaron Russo, who was killed after putting out interviews like these:

Russo Talks about Rockefeller’s Conversation with him
About the 9-11 Fraud

Glover also had a run in with Spielberg over stealing his “likeness”, according to the same Wikipedia article on Glover –

Zemeckis used some previously filmed footage of Glover from the first movie in Back to the Future Part II (Glover being billed as 'George McFly in footage from Back to the Future' in the closing credits) and inter-spliced new footage of Jeffrey Weissman, who was introduced using prosthetics (including a false chin, nose and cheekbones) and various obfuscating methods – background, sunglasses, rear shot, even upside down – to play the role of George McFly in the sequels. Displeased that the producers had not only put another actor in make-up to make that actor look like him, but also had used footage of him from the first film without his permission and without paying him, Glover then sued the producers (including Steven Spielberg) on the grounds that the producers did not own Glover's likeness. Because of Glover's lawsuit, there are now clauses in The Screen Actors Guild” - Source

River Phoenix and Feldman starred in “Stand By Me”.  Phoenix and Haim are dead. 

This is being talked about on other boards:

Steven Spielberg is well known for his Pedophilia. All of Hollywood is based on this type of abuse. God only knows how poor little Heathe O'Rourke suffered before her sacrifice.  Drew Barrymore was another of Mr. Spielbergs "pets". How to fight it? STOP GOING TO MOVIES!!! STOP SUPPORTING THESE B***** - Source

The problem is, some of these sites are posted by people that still believe that Michael was a perpetrator and not the victim.

Of the directors/producers who’ve worked with both Haim and Feldman during the time they were 14-15 years old, are:

·         Stephen Spielberg, Dec. 18, 1946, age 39-40
·         David Geffen, Feb. 21, 1943, age 42
·         Rob Reiner, March 6, 1947, age 38-39
·         Joel Schumacher, Aug. 29, 1939, age 45
·         David Seltzer, 1940 (no day/date given), age 44
·         David Nicksay, 1943 (no day/date given), age 42

David Nicksay is not exactly a “Hollywood Mogul”, but he is the producer of Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never”, Source, Hollywoodreporter

Joel Schumacher, while sharing a birthdate with Michael Jackson, also wrote “The Whiz” adaptation from the stage play in 1978 as St. Elmo’s Fire.

We have to remember that when Corey Feldman gave that Nightline Interview back in November of 2011, he said “ . . . and that person just happens to be a Hollywood Mogul . . .”

That is present tense.  While Reiner just may fit that bill, the ones of the list above that most fit that description are Spielberg and Geffen.  

Depending on when the filming was taking place between “The Goonies” and Haim’s other roles, the closest perpetrator is Geffen, who would have been 42 when Haim was 14 or 14 and a half.  Spielberg was just cresting 40 and Rob Reiner was still a late “30’s something”.  Joel Schumacher, while having a similar reputation to Geffen, was probably too old. But keep in mind that Feldman said “this group of older men hung around these kids”.  While one of them may have been the one responsible for Corey, that does not let the others off the hook for the numerous kids in films during that time span.

Feldman said he was surrounded by them at 14 years of age.  All of them are suspect and unfortunately, even if one of them is innocent, they still knew about and worked with the others.

This is Feldman’s Biography. – Source.  It’s also interesting to note that Corey Feldman’s older sister Mindy, was in the Mickey Mouse Club between 1974 and 1976.  I watched it when I was a kid, she was one of my favorites.  Her birthday is July 4th, where Corey’s is July 16th, but she is five years older.  This is her photo:

Mindy Feldman

1989 Deleted Scene from “Say Anything”
With John Cusak.
That’s Mindy.

This is the hardest hitting interview yet:

The Dancing On Ice star admits he was preyed on by many men and he plans to reveal the names of two Hollywood perverts in a tell all book.

The 40-year-old actor explained how at age 14 he was being leached upon and used by men like vultures.

Corey said: 'Even today people say about me, "Eighties heartthrob; hasn't done anything since." The truth is I haven't stopped. Last year I did four films.
'Corey and I were pegged as the scapegoats... People need to know the reason Corey and I were swept under the carpet like the beaten dogs that were sent to the pound so no one had to deal with us anymore.'

Feldman first spoke out about his troubled past last year and he believes that is the reason why an anonymous former child actor claimed he had been abused by talent agent Martin Weiss.”. – Source,

This I thought was heartwarming, Feldman talking about some of the things he learned from Michael:

What [Michael] taught me is that you always have to be nice to your fans and always treat them with love and respect," Feldman said. "Even if you don't remember the moment, they are always going to remember that moment. That's something that I carry with me."

Expanding upon that, he said, "Even if I'm in a terrible mood or am going through things, they walk away going, 'Wow, that really meant something to me and meant something to him, and he wasn't just blowing me off.' I learned that from Michael.” – Source, People 2009

From Drew Barrymore to Dakota Fanning, there are a lot of child actors that Spielberg has worked with that ended up screwed up and either needing of rescue or ended up dead.  I’m not blaming Spielberg specifically for anything, but he KNEW about this if nothing else.

Below I wrote this on a previous blog where I had done “the math” on the ages of the Coreys when they said they were abused, and the age of the man who abused Haim was 42 at the time:

Then of course we have Dakota Fanning, who at the age of FIFTEEN has already filmed a rape scene in “Hounddog” at age 12, and lesbian love scenes in the movie about Joan Jett.  Source and Source

Is this what you want YOUR DAUGHTER to believe is normal and okay?

I’m sorry, what was Michael on trial for again in 2005?  And it was because of what?  Because he cured a child of cancer?  Oh . . . shame on him (that’s sarcasm for those of you not familiar with the expression). – Source, Michaelsguardian

Geffen, Spielberg’s buddy is the one with the reputation between the two.  But their social lives read like, well, like a Bryce Taylor book.  The connections to power in government, power in entertainment, power in the corporate world, etc… I covered Spielberg in the previous blog above.  Here are some shots of Geffen.

What a surprise!  David Geffen and  . . . Drusilla Presley!
Priscilla Presley Arrives At Pre-grammy Gala Honor
Priscilla Presley arrives at the Pre-Grammy Gala & Salute to Industry Icons with Clive Davis honoring David Geffen in Beverly Hills, California on February 12, 2011. – Source,

Geffen and Rupert Murdock - Source

Geffen years ago with Carrie Fisher, Paul Simon,
Phil Donahue and Marlo Thomas

Source -

Zionist Genocide advocate Rahm Emmanuel
Campaign paid for by Geffen and Spielberg

Much attention has been paid to the nearly $1.5 million Emanuel's campaign got from the entertainment industry, largely a result of the influence of his Hollywood-agent brother. But beyond the glamour of big donations from the likes of Steven Spielberg and David Geffen, much more money has been donated to Emanuel from people with a more direct interest in Chicago government.”

Oh and lookie here . . . Geffen with Obama and another victim

66-year-old Hollywood mogul, David Geffen, brought his 26-year-old Justin Timberlake look alike boyfriend, Jeremy Lingvall, to the White House state dinner yesterday, held in honor of India's Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh. The look on Obama's face is priceless” – Source, aishamusic.blogspot

Yesterday we connected the cults Children of God and the Finders to the Franklin Coverup/Boys Town to D.C. Callboys scandal, to the Barney Frank Scandal to the Johnny Gosch abduction, to Bohemian Grove and back to Hollywood.

Justin Bieber

Teen pop star, Justin Bieber, 17, did an interview with V magazine that was published this week, in which he proclaimed people are out to get him and destroy his career. After Mariah Yeater told the world in paid interviews that he impregnated her during a seedy backstage encounter, a story he denies, is there any wonder he feels that way. But that is just the beginning of Bieber's problems.

This week, Bieber also complained of clones. Previously, on December 28, 2011, the Judiciary Report stated record companies are readying clones of Bieber for 2012, trying to capitalize on his fame (Record Companies Preparing Justin Bieber Clones For 2012) – source, Aishamusic

Remember, David Nicksay produced his show.  He was also connected to Geffen and Feldman/Haim.

Todd Bridges

* Todd Bridges was molested by his publicist and his father couldn’t report it why?  Was his publicist powerful?

* Corey Feldman was raped by his “assistant/chaperone”, and he couldn’t be reported why?  Is “chaperone” a position of power in Hollywood?  Maybe, if they are friends with a Hollywood Mogul?

* Michael Jackson and Bill Bray – He was Michael’s “security chief/chaperone” . . . for YEARS until Michael fired him in 1996 (reportedly). What really happened  there?  Bray was working for The Jackson 5 as far back as Motown.  He “followed” Michael into his solo career when Michael was well old enough NOT to need a chaperone.  He already had a manager, he had a publicist, He had a lawyer and he had a business manager.  NONE OF THESE PEOPLE KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON OR WERE THEY ALL IN ON IT?

Who made sure Michael did what they wanted while they had Latoya in lockdown with Jack Gordon?

What was the REAL REASON Frank Dileo was fired?

How long did it take Corey Feldman to realize he was being used to keep Haim entrapped?

Feldman has taken a lot of heat for what happened to Haim.  Many see what happened as Feldman assisting in the “intervention” to try to bring Haim back under control.  When I first saw that episode of the Two Corey’s that’s EXACTLY what I thought too.  Now after Haim is dead, Feldman is coming out, but there is one thing wrong with this picture . . . He is STILL MAKING APPEARANCES AS IF HE IS NOT IN ANY DANGER.

He is in London which is another hotbed for Pedophiles and protection of those in power.  Could it be that the threat these sickos are facing now for exposure will prevent them from hurting Corey?

And before we pass Judgment on Corey Feldman for a past he obviously had no control over, let’s look very carefully at the timing of all this:

* Michael Jackson’s press over the last thirty years has been effective cover for a lot of the garbage our government has slid in under our noses.

* During the course of Conrad Murray’s trial, another mass arrest took place internationally for the same pedophile ring that was exposed earlier in the year.

* Corey Feldman made his blockbuster revelation public on Nightline

* The Weiss and Murphy cases:

Weiss’ arrest came within weeks of a report that a man who was convicted of child molestation and abduction 15 years ago had been helping to cast young actors in major Hollywood films, using a different name than the one listed in the sex offender registry. Jason James Murphy, 35, faces felony charges of failing to file name and address changes with authorities”. – Source, Vancouver Sun

This renewed interest in the Handy Case/Nickolodean as well:

Handy was sentenced to six years in prison after pleading no contest in 2004 to two felony counts, one of lewd acts on a child and one of distributing sexually explicit material by email, and to a misdemeanor charge related to child sexual exploitation. His arrest and prosecution received scant media attention at the time but are attracting renewed interest now, after the recent arrest of a talent manager on molestation charges and reports by the Los Angeles Times that a registered sex offender was working with children as a casting associate.

The Handy case, which in part prompted Nickelodeon to toughen its background checks for all employees, is among at least a dozen child molestation and child pornography prosecutions since 2000 involving actors, managers, production assistants and others in the industry, according to court documents and published accounts.” – Source, Vancouver Sun

But these aren’t Hollywood Moguls with connection to great power.  Perhaps these are the next scapegoats for the very same?

How Much Longer?

Please see "At The Mouth of the Dragon". 


  1. Oi Boniel, em um um blog anterior perguntei a você qual era sua opinião sobre Michael e a maçonaria, procurei sua resposta mas não encontrei, se você puder me conceder seu ponto de vista fico grata
    Amo seu blog ele é muito esclarecedor vejo a luz de Deus em você ao desinrrolar toda essa historia envolvendo nosso Michael
    Bom dia

  2. Hi Boniel, one in a previous blog I asked you what was your opinion of Michael and Freemasonry, I tried but could not find your answer, if you can give me your point of view I am grateful
    I love your blog it is very enlightening to see the light of God in you the whole story involving desinrrolar our Michael
    good day

  3. Corey Feldman : As much as I admire his courage for his recent revelations, I however doubt a bit on his sincerity. OK the man got mature & has a little kid himself &...we all do mistakes in life which we regret later, i.e. too late but Corey Feldman distanced himself from the 2005 trial "when he suggested his relationship with the singer may have been inappropriate." !! We know nothing was "inappropriate" (journalistic tabloid anyway) but he & most celebs were either very sick or too busy then !

    In spite of Michael's attempts to reconcile with Corey Feldman in the late years, Feldman remained firm on his positions but regretted it soon after June 25,2009.

    On his next show "Dancing On Ice" Corey Feldman would intend to honor Michael & use some of his dance steps.

    Very nice but still, Michael Jackson's name is very handy for all uses NOW, not way past 2005 until 06.25.2009 ! & it serves the interests & publicity of so many people these days. Corey Feldman refused to speak to Michael for years but is now friend with Michael's family ?? As a teenager Corey Feldman was indeed an abused victim but he still is not my hero.

  4. Hi Estrella,

    Yes, I saw that and for some reason I forgot to get back to it so I apologize.

    No I do not believe Michael is a Freemason. I have seen Illuminati web sites alluding to this and I don't believe he is. Why would Michael sing against something he belongs to? I've also seen reference to his father Joe being a black mason. That's garbage. Where is the evidence for the last 50 years? Michael was against secret societies. I hope that helps you. God Bless you and stay safe over there.

    Oi Estrella,

    Sim, eu vi isso e por alguma razão que eu esqueci de voltar a ele por isso peço desculpa.

    Não, eu não acredito que Michael é um maçom. Tenho visto sites Illuminati aludindo a isso e eu não acredito que ele é. Por que Michael canta contra algo que ele pertence? Eu também vi referência a seu pai Joe ser um pedreiro negro. Isso é lixo. Onde está a prova nos últimos 50 anos? Michael era contra as sociedades secretas. Espero que ajude você. Deus abençoe você e ficar seguro lá.

    1. I found your article above informative until I read your comments about MJ NOT being a mason. Firstly, the whole American music industry is satanic; if you're an household name you've had some dealings with the masons. MJ has been a part of it from childhood. You can find pics & footage of him displaying a masonic logo (the three 6's) when he was a child. He sang against them because he fought against it his whole life. He even called Tommie mottola the devil & exposed the devil worshipping industry for what it is. He essentially signed his own death warrant. The masons DID kill him.
      In answer to your question. There is evidence from way back when. You should research more before you give incorrect info or are you a "double-spin doctor"? His whole family are masons & they know who killed him

    2. Anonymous,

      Thank you for your input, but before you accuse me of not doing my research maybe you should read the OTHER 620 articles I have posted since January of 2010. I DO COVER ALL THAT.

      Everything you have said I covered and more. Or are you a troll sent to discredit bloggers of the truth. Do you homework. There is a lot more to it. You read ONE PAGE of a 620 page book and accuse me based on THAT? LOL! Who do YOU work for? Siskel and Ebert?

      Jacksons are NOT Masons. The handlers infiltrated the family, separated family members from each other (Janet, Latoya, Michael) and threatened the lives of each to get them to do and say things against other family members. They did this because MICHAEL WOULDN'T PLAY BALL.

      If you want to contribute to the blog PLEASE read more before judging. Anyone will tell you that you cannot cover this whole network's history in ONE blog entry. Geesh!

  5. Hi Line,

    Sorry, had to rewrite this because it did not make sense.

    You know, I did think about that and I can see and agree with you. BUT, if he is going to help call out these filthy people and their crimes against children, I can't fault him when I myself did nothing until after 2009. Corey could have been running scared and possibly could have been trying to get over any resentment he had believing Michael did not stay in touch with him.

    I've also taken note of the people that Corey DID appear with such as Majestik and that group of fans, promoting his art/lounge act whatever it was. I would rather Corey be safe and repentant then lost and dead. I agree with you but we have to learn to forgive as well because we are not perfect either in regard to Michael and his cause.

    1. BONNIE said "..we have to learn to forgive as well because we are not perfect either in regard to Michael and his cause."

      Correct, your Honor ! :o) ...but really & suddenly friend with the family ?..Hmmm

    2. To Line - Wellllllllllllll . . . Tis true I have not seen Feldman around Michael's family. But then I didn't see Miko Brando around Michael's family either. I didn't see Macauley Culkin around Michael's family either other than at the private funeral. And no, I did not see Corey Feldman there. I think probably where Corey was, it would not have been safe for him to be there. There is more to this I am sure and Feldman had his own hurt feelings to work through as well. We just pray for him and Michael and their families.

  6. Hi Bonnie!

    Another very informative blog. I've been reading a lot about MK-Ultra but it's a difficult subject it's so disgusting and disturbing. It brings me to tears and I always say a prayer to God for the children's protection and those who have been hurt by such horrific crimes. I sometimes think that the evil people who do such horrendous acts are truly possessed by the devil himself.

    I'm still working my way through the Book of Enoch and am wondering if it was taken out of the Bible purposely because I find it interesting that the British King James Version doesn't include the Book of Enoch but I've read that it's accepted in the Ethiopian Holy Bible.

    As a Christian and a follower of Jesus Christ it really bothers me and angers me that God's holy word may have been tampered with by a bunch of non-believers.

    God bless you, Bonnie :)

  7. Todd Bridges - at 1:38 - did you catch “the judge had a triangle circle on his thing, which is AA”? Reminds me of the back of a dollar bill.

  8. @Truthbtold - No, I missed that. This is what Todd Bridges said?

  9. Yes, Todd Bridges - talking about drugs - rehab or jail.

  10. Gina I have a question for you in Email. Going there now to send it. Very interesting stuff.


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