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Michael Jackson Justice: Lies, Deceipts and Deceptions

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lies, Deceipts and Deceptions

Tired of It
Let’s Talk about the Evidence

Last night as I was getting ready to post last night’s blog (which was actually about 1am) I saw an email from Micheline.  It was short but included a link  to a news article that I posted in the comments of last night’s blog.  Her email read like this:

~~~~~~~~~  Start Email  ~~~~~~~~~

Bonnie, there are times when I honestly can't take anymore horrors like this.  Tonight after reading about this horrendous murder of a missing 7-year old Georgia girl, I ran to the bathroom and cried my eyes out, trembling to the point of thinking I might crack.  I know these crimes against the innocent will never be eradicated as long as there are sociopaths walking among us.  But when I read the following paragraph, I could barely keep my composure: 

"Brunn insisted he never had sex with the girl, and prosecutors agreed to reduce charges against him from aggravated child molestation to child molestation. He also pleaded guilty to a range of other charges, including assault and abandonment of a dead body. He had no history of a criminal past and passed a background check to work at the complex."

What is wrong with society's legal system that they can look at a heinous crime like this that ended in a brutal murder of a child, and agree with a straight face to reduce the charges to child molestation because this foul bastard claims he didn't have sex with the little girl Have we gone insane?  For God's sake, he KILLED THIS LITTLE what he did to her if you can stomach it!  Does it really matter at this point that the law allows for lessening one of the charges of this vile monster?!  So, because he admitted to the crime, did not have sex with his victim (damn it...he did something to that little angel before killing her!), and had no prior record, and told authorities where her body was, he escapes the death penalty!  Now the tax payers of Georgia get to foot the bill for this maggot's life sentence behind bars.  The scum bag is only 20 years old, which means he gets to live and breathe for at least another 50 f---ing years!  And his attorney makes this cold statement: 

"A child's life was lost and he was sentenced," said his attorney, David Cannon. "And that's the bottom line ladies and gentlemen. It's over."

Bonnie, this goes hand in hand with what you were telling me on the phone today about the legislation in Maryland regarding the classification of pedophiles to redefine the charges of assaults on children.  Deviant behavior will gradually become accepted behavior, and we will eventually be at the mercy of a lawless society where it will be every man for himself...or is that every man for achild 

When I think of what they did to Michael and how they tried to ruin him, when all he wanted was to put a stop to this! 


~~~~~~~~~~~  End Email  ~~~~~~~~~~~

So that is why I posted what I posted last night in comments out of context.  Micheline did not remember at the time she sent this, how hard that would hit me.  She knows what happened to me and I got away.  I was lucky. That little girl wasn’t.  There is a certain amount of guilt that you feel when you read stories like that and wonder, “how did I escape?  Why wasn’t that me?  Why didn’t God protect her?”  Those kinds of thoughts can scoup a big chunk out of your soul and it is not a good way to close your computer down and go to bed.

That email, and the one sent to me by Cathy below, highlights the hypocrisy of our government and its alleged concerns for our children (who believe for some reason we give birth specifically to fill their slave pool). 

CPS Called by Doctor
On Mom who Refuses to Vaccinate
Her Child

So in honor of our governments attempt to monitor and censor our opinions on the internet, I want to call them out here today.

First, President Obama, who is president in name only as has been the last presidents pretty much over my lifetime, We know you were not a “natural born” citizen neither on this continent OR in Hawaii. 

Most of us are still trying to determine whether or not you are really human, or if you were just manufactured in some MK-Ultra Lab while your surrogate parents played their different roles for the CIA and the World Bank.  Your mother is one of the pioneers of introducing citizens of third world countries to the concept of “dept” and your father is a glorified thug who assisted in infiltrating and overthrowing governments.  You have a work history that is shorter than my 23 year old son’s yet you lived in $2million dollar house in Chicago even before your one term in the senate that “qualified” you for the White House.  This pretty much tells me that our election process is nothing but entertainment for those pulling your strings, as we continually line up for the polls every four years thinking we are going to get something different.

I don’t harbor any ill will toward you because chances are that the mind you have is not your own.  I can only pray that someday either the remote control breaks or you find your soul somewhere in that dark abyss where a person used to be.  You were a child once.  Perhaps your childhood was stolen from you too.  If your handlers have heavily invested in Duracell (owned by Proctor and Gamble now), I guess that will tell us for sure if you have the chance of ever remembering it.  Perhaps you don’t even want to.

 Newt Gingrich/Rick Santorum/Mitt Romney – I am going to refer to the paragraphs above to Obama because in all reality, you have nothing else to offer.  You all drink out of the same cup, get invited to the same secret society meetings and by all evidences probably were cultured in the same MK Ultra lab.  If either of you could have resisted temptation to fornicate with anyone under the age of fourteen perhaps you wouldn’t be so eager to sacrifice your fellow citizens to the Rothschilds, but I guess your indulgences have produced their own enslavement.  Was it worth it? 

D.C. Call Boys Scandal – Yeah they knew!

Newt – How dare you lecture anyone on being lazy!  How many of YOUR CHILDREN worked as janitors?  When have YOU ever worked at a Janitor?  We don’t vote for YOUR congressional raises YOU DO!  When you can prove to us that YOU can get by on $7.75 an hour and still pay your bills THEN you can lecture us.  When CONGRESS can prove they can ‘put a little skin in the game’ by learning how to stop spending money on black budget self preservation projects, THEN you can lecture us.

Until then sit down, shut up and just thank YOUR false god that you can still waddle to your limo and make your calls to your offshore bank that you think nobody knows that you have.  The only hope for glory you have coming is from the ones you still have fooled and sorry for you, they are as mortal as you are.  It’s who you have to face AFTER THAT you should be concerned about.

Senate/Congress – Do you feel irrelevant yet?  So far the man who is supposed to be receiving the laws from YOU to sign, has circumvented you at least 106 times judging by the latest report taken on Jan. 1, 2012.  Source, current list and he isn’t even finished one term yet.

I just have one question for you . . . what are you being paid for besides prostituting yourself to the banking elite?  You’re an irrelevant body of men/women who suck up an awful lot of tax dollars just to appear before cameras and pretend to be arguing over legislation that is only going to be signed into law by executive order anyway. 

Since most of you have law degrees, it must have been pretty daunting to learn that instead of utilizing all those hours of study for LAW, you were hired to be actors instead, but don’t worry.  There is a growing number of us out there that realize this.  And to relieve you of some of the burden of responsibility (not that you haven’t already done this already) we know who’s REALLY running the country . . . and it’s not you.  So cheer up.  At the very least you have a place in one of the underground bases throughout the country when the dog doo hits the fan.  We’re just not sure why, since you will have long outlived your usefulness to them by then.  Perhaps you will be their janitors when the rest of us have perished?  I hope you got good grades in “Mopping 101”.

Can’t Confiscate? Then Assassinate!

Fed. Judge ruling against Obama is Assassinated

A Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the top US Federal Judge for the State of Arizona was assassinated barely 72-hours after he made a critical ruling against the Obama administrations plan to begin the confiscation of their citizen’s private retirement and banking accounts in order to stave off their nations imminent economic collapse, and after having the US Marshals protecting him removed.

According to this SVR report, Federal Judge John McCarthy Roll [photo 2nd left] was the Chief Judge for the United States District Court for the District of Arizona who this past Friday issued what is called a “preliminary ruling” in a case titled “United States of America v. $333,520.00 in United States Currency et al”[Case Number: 4:2010cv00703 Filed: November 30, 2010] wherein he stated he was preparing to rule against Obama’s power to seize American citizens money without clear and convincing evidence of a crime being committed.

The case being ruled on by Judge Roll, this report continues, was about bulk cash smuggling into or out of the United States that the Obama administration claimed was their right to seize under what are called Presidential Executive Orders, instead of using existing laws.  The Obama administration used as support for their claim before Judge Roll, the SVR says, the seizing of all American citizens’ gold, in 1933, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s signing of Executive Order 6102, which was ruled at the time to be constitutional.” – Source,

Rick Santorum “We’ve assassinated an American citizen we can assassinate nuclear scientists”.

Out of his own mouth

Dear God, when are we going to wake up!  (Are you listening, censors????  Make sure you get every word!)


Excuse me, but we have “opposition” over in Iran . . . NOW?  Trying to “overthrow the regime”???  Aren’t these people tired after overthrowing Egypt, Libya and Iraq and Afghanistan?

How can we AMERICAN citizens continue to wave our flags under the delusion that “God is using this country for good”?  Our heads are still firmly lodged in our anal orifices, too busy watching “Fox News”, the “other” false messiah,  to listen for five minutes to what is going on.

This episode of the Intel Hub News Brief covers the assassination of MLK and the civil trial held in 1999 that found that there was enough evidence to prove that the FBI, CIA & Army Intel conspired to and did kill Dr. King.
The Intel Hub News Brief #6 Full Podcast Archives:

The Assasination of Martin Luther King 1/2

Assassination of Martin Luther King 2/2

Assassination of JFK, RFK, Nancy Schaefer, Aaron Russo, William Cooper, Fritz Springmeier, Princess Diana, Tupac, Biggie, John Lennon, Michael Jackson(???) and more.

Pay Particularly close attention to

And please let’s take 60 seconds right now, to bow our heads and pray to God for the truth these people suffered for and whose lives were taken.

And after that, can we take another 60 seconds in remembrance of every man and every woman that put on a pair of fatigues or camoflauge and died in a war they had no idea they were fighting to enrich these sons of you-know-whats that are telling us WE NEED TO PUT MORE SKIN IN THE GAME!

And after that, I would like to take one more 60 second break, and really think about this one.

Let us remember in prayer, every child whose childhood, innocence and LIFE has been taken as pawns in the game of global enslavement.  Children like this:

U.S. Government Abducting Children

The Move to Normalize Pedophilia
I talked about this yesterday
Description on video below:


CHIKD SEXUAL SLAVERY AND PROSTITUTION IS THE WORLDS SECOND LARGEXT CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE $290 000 000 000 ANUALLY, SECOND ONLY TO HEROIN AT 300 000 000 000 ANUALLY owing to the sucess of the american invasion of Afghanistan where Canada was asked to bloody its pristine hands to prove it's vassalship tO the U.S

Dyncorp and Haliburton Rewarded with Fed. Contracts
After Participating in Child Abduction for Porn


Gosch, Bonacci, Franklin Scandal and D.C. Call Boys

Scientists working with infectious diseases
To keep them from blowing the whistle

Scientists dying

People like Michael Jackson, Nancy Schaefer and her husband, Princess Diana, John Lennon, Ted Gunderson and Bill Cooper who tried to expose this, assassinated.  Michael’s family also tried to get the message out, through music just as Michael did, only  they weren’t heard either.

One More Video
And the Description below with more hints

More Hints:

1 . Look at the position of Michael's arms and relate them to a clock face, it is almost 8:50. Now..., when did the first plane hit the tower?............. well it is 08:46, according to official story on Wikipedia.

2 . "Blood On The Dance Floor" and he is wearing a red suit and a black band on his right upper arm which to me shows symbolism of sorrow or someone's death.

3. He is standing on a checkered floor of the Masonic temples

4. Plume of smoke resembling what we saw as the towers imploded on 9-11. Michael’s legs in the place of no longer existing World Trade Center Towers.

5. There are chains around his two wrists, which seemingly means that he has broken them and is now free .

6. Notice in the phrase "HIStory In The Mix" HIS-tory.  HIS story!

This is the picture of the cover of Michael jackson's album "Blood On The Dance Floor: HIStory in The Mix" which was released on May / 20th 1997 which is telling you about happening of 9/11 incident.
The link to see a larger picture of this is :

Michael knew EXACTLY when these towers were going down. So did the artists R.E.M. as well as other artists

2011 Blood on the Dance Floor Album Cover

2011 Dangerous Album

Can these two album covers alone leave you with any doubts?

2011 Dangerous Album Explanation

In the comments on another video:


Let’s move up the food chain a bit now.  I caught a lot of information on this web site here:

On the very front page of this web site is this video:

Bush admits to destroying to reconstruct

Remember, this is the second generation (possibly third) Skull and Crossbones guy.  He’s the one that really got the “executive order” scam established.  On further glance as you scroll down, there appears this small print paragraph before you get to the meat of the site:

Officially, Freemasonry was born in 1717, when 4 Craft Lodges gathered at the Apple Tree Tavern in London, and set up a constitution for Free and Accepted Masons, written by Anderson... but they claim their roots can be traced to Egypt, Syria, Babylon... and the stonecutters of the Solomon Temple, specially "Hiram Abiff" (1R.7, 2Cr.2,4), a celebrated figure because of his death-defying refusal to reveal trade secrets to intruders... the "Jesus Christ" for many Masons... though it is "an irony", because the Temple of Solomon was not built with stones, but with wood, brought by another "Hiram", the King of Tyre (1R.5,9). - Source:

I am going to continue this tomorrow because this is going to lead into the subject of the Masons.  I found a web site that for some reason is picking horrendously on Janet Jackson (She didn’t invent the Mason’s, I don’t understand their point), but they are right on about the music industry.

Michael, I want to understand you but somehow, I am slipping here.  I don’t know where you are going with this, but it’s not what I what I know from the Bible.  Do you understand?  This is hurting me.  I can see the framework plain as day, but the detail and fixtures are not what I thought I would see and they’re constantly changing.  I hope you understand where I’m coming from.  Were you ever this confused? 

Samuel, Kings and the Chronicles.  Do you know where I am?  777. What are we supposed to do with this?

I am sticking with the Bible.  If I find that you and the Bible parted ways somewhere along the line, then I am afraid you and I are going to have to say goodbye.  You know where I am.  You know EXACTLY where I am.  You have been here before crying the same tears and wringing the same hands and calling to the same God . . . I  hope . . . Can you explain this to me? 

What on Earth is Happening
Is this Finally the Explanation of “777”?

This wouldn’t hurt so much Michael, if I hadn’t heard these words come out of your mouth in numerous speeches and interviews.  Do you have any idea how incredibly misleading this is?  I’m tired of seeing people used as pawns!

Search term that just showed up a minute ago in my stats:

what did 777 stand for on michael jackson clothes

Well?  I don’t see the number in the Bible, so what does it mean Michael?  Love is more than words, right?  Is it a number?  The cross was supposed to be enough.  Why all this?  Why put people through this?  You know, when I dreamed of Jesus, he didn’t do this to me.  He didn’t mislead people.  How could you?


  1. Anonymous said - "will you be there mj

    ........... WHERE IS THAT????

  2. JFK Jr. was also assassinated.

    It would appear that JFK Jr. knew exactly who killed his father and his brother, and was prepared to expose them in his magazine. Rumors abound that he was preparing to run for the 2000 Presidential election under an independant label.

    While watching the normalizing of pedophilia video, it reminds me of some research I did on dysphoria, after watching a documentary about children as young as 8 preparing for sex changes. They called it “gender dysphoria”, which used to be called gender identity disorder. Here though, I just want to make a point about dysphoria in general:

    "Dysphoria (from Greek δύσφορος (dysphoros), from δυσ-, difficult, and φέρειν, to bear) (semantically opposite of euphoria) is medically recognized as a mental and emotional condition in which a person experiences intense feelings of depression, discontent and indifference to the world around them.[1] Dysphoria can also be chemically induced by some commonly used psychoactive drugs, such as typical and atypical antipsychotics."

    As with most of the disorders and sickness we are seeing rage out of control, dysphoria can be chemically induced. This would include gender dysphoria in children.

  3. Please Bonnie, stay strong.
    So many sick sick things going on.
    They all make me cry, too. I'm a magnet to bad news
    about children and women and... but I don't shy away as
    it's important to stay aware. It hurts, true, but locking
    oneself in a happy nutshell is not what I fancy. Of course, it's
    up to us to live in a pink nutshell or to see the whole picture.
    Yes, where were their Angels?
    Why all this pain? So much pain. I don't know. We've had enough.
    I now pray God can change the very heart of a man, each man, all humans. So man will be
    repulsed by his crime so much he won't commit any.
    It's so great to see an American like you who takes sensible view of what's behind the government. No country is "saint" and
    most have fairly devilish governments and other monsters
    ruling the world, but now you see America got exceptionally
    well-bred ones. So high and mighty they try to rule and dictate
    other sinners behind other governments and make the world their ultimate bloody playground.
    Sad that most people either do not care or refuse to believe things. As long as it doesn't hit them in the face. Some day
    it will be too late maybe, we need God's help or else I don't
    know how we can change the way people are...

  4. TO EVERYONE: Those of you who can read comments, I sent a bunch of emails out today explaining to those that wrote me why the blog was unaccessible for a short time today. That was my fault, not Google's as I was in the settings to see if there was something I could change to address the problems some of you have with the new format (if I could change it back I would, but I guess I can't).

    I was planning to put another blog up tonight, but it's not ready and neither am I. I will leave this blog up for tonight as it is and I have something to post tomorrow explaining where I am.

    My main concern is I don't want to mislead anyone, I don't want to hurt Michael or his family and I don't want to disappoint God and I'm at a fork in the road just now. I need an answer and I have to wait. There are some things I just don't get. I thought the reach for the truth would be easier than this. But this is supposed to be for God, not for me and that is something I am wrestling with right now. It hurts to know you are so selfish. Sorry Michael. I wanted to be a better guardian than that. ♥

  5. Bonnie,Hi. Everything is working now.Earlier,I was trying to write to say "stay strong". For me,it's kind of un-explainable the Faith that I have in Michael.There is no doubt that "they" intended to use him for something.I also have no doubt that Michael did "out think" them. Just the fact that on June 25,2009,I began my journey to get closer to God. Nothing bad can come from that. I have not finished watching the video yet that has you questioning,but right after this I will watch it.

    1. Hi Linda,

      I saw your email and answered a lot of them tonight. I do have a short blog I will put up tonight, but I'm glad and I hope this issue with the comments format will be resolved soon. I can only assume that Google still has to tweak this new format or some code they put in that is not right. Hopefully . . . we'll see.

      I don't have any doubts that Michael "outthought" them either. That's not what bothered me. This will be best explained in the short thingey I wrote up tonight. My face hurts. Beginning of sorrows is everything I posted just above in this blog. Let me know what you think about that video on the "good mason-bad mason" thing. That was the last straw for me I think.

  6. Bonnie, I want to thank you so much for this blog. I found it in June of last year and have spent these last 6 months or so reading past blog entries so that I could "follow" your journey. Little did I know I would be starting my own. I have gown closer to Michael..but more importantly, God. I am continuing to struggle with all of this and haven't commented yet because of it.. but I wanted to reach out and thank you and everyone else here for all the hard work and love <3 I hope to comment more now that I'm all caught up :)

    1. Hi Sharona, thank you for reading and posting that. Sometimes I forget that there are people out there reading that haven't commented and are taking the journey to get closer to God. That was a lot of reading! You are really diligent to get all that done in six months!

      Yes, every one of these people that have commented here have actually contributed with different links and "have you seen this?" There is no way I would be able to cover all this by myself.

      In my experience, the closer I've gotten to God, the more it hurts when I run into these hurtles and have these doubts. And since God used Michael to put me on this path, this love I have for him just, I don't know. It hurts so much when I have these doubts and it leads me to question, "am I putting Michael in front of God"? I have to keep taking these breathers and pray and get my head right sometimes. But I want people to know when this happens because it might help them whenever they run into these crisis in faith or direction.

      Thank you again Sharona. ♥ God bless you

  7. Bonnie, Did you see that the killer of the little girl died today? ......suicide. I just read it.

    1. Anonymous, no I hadn't seen that. That's terrible! I hope he prayed. I hope he reached out to God. And I hope that family can heal. This is what I mean, this kind of thing has got to stop. Thank you for informing us here. I wonder if it really was suicide or if inmates took care of it. That happens alot.

    2. Micheline sent me the link to the article just now:

  8. Eh-hem . . . Uh, I am NOT going to get this blog up tonight. It will go up early tomorrow evening (around 5pm EST) and it will NOT be about the Mason's because I have more info I have to pour over. Tomorrow's blog will be one on faith, and then I will continue where I left off on Monday because you should know what happened to me today - Also, I think Janet is due a blog topic. Some of her songs need to be addressed too. I'm beat and my husband is . . . well, I'm just beat so I'm going to bed before 3am today. ♥♥♥ God bless everyone and thank you.

  9. LOL! Thank you whoever sent me this:

    www.discouragement how to fight


  10. Hey Bonnie, I hate to see you like that!

    I can’t know all of how you are feeling and why. But, I would like to offer some perspective.

    Example - 5 years ago...would you have seriously entertained the idea that 9/11 was a false flag operation, that war was manufactured for the benefit of the few?

    In some ways, I was where you are now, 5+ years ago. I was frustrated and impatient that so many could be so blind when so much seemed so obvious to me. I felt very isolated in my growing knowledge. I was forced to be patient. Now, control is becoming so bad in our everyday lives that more people are listening and seeking answers than they were 5 years ago.

    Michael had to live with his knowledge for decades. He learned that the only way to get his message out was to cloak it. We’re still learning all of why he had to do that, and the depths of his message. Even though his words were blaring through speakers into our brains for many years, we couldn’t hear it. Why? Was it because we were not ready or was the message blocked by principalities, powers and rulers of dark places?

    I believe Michael learned to access parts of his brain most of us still don’t know we have - we are all in different states of awareness of all that is. Blinders have to be patiently chipped away.

    Michael’s 777 could mean many things. Be patient. Have faith that in time, God’s time, it will be revealed.

    There are a lot of things that will not be known until such time as truth can not be denied.

    As hard as it is, try to lasso some of your emotion on the hard issues, the heart-wrenching events. Use it to propel you and this blog. ;o) Please don’t give up.

    The swell of awareness is happening. It started slow and is gaining momentum. It’s been like a penny that doubles every day. Your blog is a part of that momentum. still and know...keep the faith.

    1. "Example - 5 years ago...would you have seriously entertained the idea that 9/11 was a false flag operation, that war was manufactured for the benefit of the few? "

      >>>>>>>>> No. Wait, five years ago was 2007. Still no. But I would have believed that doctors were trying to kill you. I thought people were blind and stupid if they BELIEVED that stuff five years ago. So I can't even imagine the frustration he had trying to get through to people.

      I also believe that Michael's brain is what ours was MEANT to be but there are ways to get there without the torture he went through, I hope, and he was trying to get us to see that also. I am very aware of how our brains are affected by music, and how children retain information when accompanied by music. Most of your arts can be utilized in this way but for some reason music is much more powerful and Michael knew this too. I saw this being utilized in the Montessori school my youngest son attended. I would love to know what Michael's I.Q. is just out of curiosity.

      Someone wrote to me and said that the "Eye" on the wall in that "HIStory" video was Michael's eye, not the eye of Horeb. (made me laugh) and just what is that telling us? Michael was replacing the bad eye with the good eye? LOL! Or what he telling us what they planned to use him for, because follow that up with the statue, helicopters, crowds of people - I wonder . . .

      When I was a kid, I was quiet but hyper-kinetic. I was always moving something (just without rhythm) You don't know what you ask, LOL! Trying :o) You know I can't leave this.

    2. "But I would have believed that doctors were trying to kill you. I thought people were blind and stupid if they BELIEVED that stuff five years ago. So I can't even imagine the frustration he had trying to get through to people.”

      See, I may not have believed THAT 5 years ago. It’s not until you find out/experience enough to link it all together, to break through the compartmentalization. I imagine Michael’s frustration continues, so many still not seeing.

      That is really interesting about the “eye” being Michaels, statue, helicopters, crowds of people. Was that all Michael’s creative vision or was HIStory of history created for him? Sounds like fore-telling, he knew and was trying to warn us. We are very close to all that, the systems are in place.

      "I also believe that Michael's brain is what ours was MEANT to be but there are ways to get there without the torture he went through, I hope, and he was trying to get us to see that also.”

      I guess I still hadn’t put that together 'til now! How thick am I? You mean MK-Ultra...drugs and electroshock etc, causes the brain...I don’t even know how to say access to, unlocks “higher” parts of the brain?

      That leads me to a “taboo” subject question that has lurked in the back of my mind - keeping in mind that they take good and make it into evil or remove access. Thinking about American Indian tradition, for example, the peace pipe, Shamans and peyote etc., plants God gave us - in their raw form. Poppies, mushrooms. Why did He put them on this earth and why are the elite so intent on outlawing them when they are manufacturing, pushing and profiting from, killing with refined forms? I know one answer: Nature can not be patented. Could there be another reason?

      Likewise, vitamin B17 is banned and has been mostly wiped from the modern diet. Why? Because it prevents and cures cancer. I remember a big scandal in the 70s, a laetrile clinic that had a high 90s% success rate with curing cancer. The U.S. government (DEA & FDA?) moved in and closed that clinic, ruined the doctor’s reputation in the media. It sent a message. Then they banned laetrile/B17.

      The truth about chemo and radiation “therapy”:

      People need to wake up to this scam! I’m tired of witnessing people in my life wither and die from chemo/radiation because they have been programmed to put all their trust in and believe doctors care and act in their best interest. It’s heartbreaking when they refuse to hear truth! God put on this earth all we need to be healthy. Even christians don’t listen.

      Ok, I do wonder sometimes but am glad to know that you are just venting frustration, disappointment, stress etc. and can’t leave your mission. :o)

    3. Michael's eye - I prefer HIS then the stupid looking one on the dollar bill. Michael's eyes are kind. The one on our dollar bill looks like science fiction. Like the eyeball on one of the Jackson brother's hands in "Torture".

      The MK Ultra drugs/torture/mind splitting plays a part in that, yes. Cathy O'Brien explained how that worked in her book and so does Fritz Springmeier. They split the mind up into these different personalities and each one manages a different skill set, but each one basically becomes an expert at what they are created to do, but they are all cordoned off from each other (so they don't remember and can't pass information from one personality to the other, unless they are specifically programmed to do that.) This is how some of them can be programmed to have photographic memories, some can "hear" whole symphonies in their heads and compose and arrange music without so much as writing it down. Some can make calculations, some can find relationships to abstract pieces of information, some are programmed to be physically unaffected by exhaustion, pain or other outside stimulants, to endure torture, ect . . . Bryce taylor talks about that in her book too. But there are ways to develop your potential WITHOUT the personality splits (that is done to keep the subject from taking control of their own minds) and I think Michael figured out how to beat them at their own game. He somehow un-programmed and reprogrammed himself. All those notes he wrote I think are part of that positive reinforcement.

      Laetril . . . I have a story for you on that!!! I could do a whole blog on that. A friend of ours from our old church used to own a Pharmacy that was raided twice during the 70's. The man owns dozens of patents but the first time he was raided, he sent the Feds out of his pharmacy at gunpoint. Told them " you come behind this counter, I'm going to shoot you". They left and came back a week or so later with a warrant and cleaned him out. You darned right it's a SCAM!!!! Why are the U.S. and the European nations the highest in Cancer rates? It's medical sabotage! Take away the natural vitamin that feeds our immunities and replace the nutrients in our food with a bunch of plastics and chemicals. I bet you Tastycakes could be dropped through our atmosphere without catching fire, they are so UNnatural!

    4. I would love to see you do a whole blog on Laetril and share in full your friends experience! So many are needlessly dying from cancer. If it touches even one, who will then influence another with the truth, then it is a worthy subject to present.

      Oh God, the stuff that passes as food. Advertise it during Saturday morning cartoons and you have masses of parents trying to please or shut their kids up.

      Our capabilities are amazing! It’s no wonder we are kept in the dark and our health ruined. Evil wouldn’t even be able to get hold of us if we were whole - weren’t kept so busy trying to survive in a money-driven society, made to feel so helpless, hopeless and apathetic. The tables would turn.

      I wish Michael would share with us how he did it!

      The pineal gland is a part of the brain that is in tune with the spiritual world - intuition, visions, dreams, knowing etc. It is a built-in guidance system. Fluoride causes calcification of the pineal gland. It is being targeted on a large scale - why?

      Could Michael have discovered the power of the pineal gland and the agenda to shut it down? Could he have put the "all seeing eye" out there to awaken us to something good? If that is Michael's eye, is he trying to tell us that he has awakened his, that we all hold the key that God gave us? Could this be yet another something that the elitist agenda has groomed us over many generations to block and believe is anti-God?

      I'll do some more research and email you info. on it. See what you think.

  11. Complementary to last 2 comments above :

    Vitamin supplements : "The truth is that taking supplements dramatically increase your risk of developing cancer, heart disease, and losing bone mass, among other problems." Source :

    1. Sorry for the late reply, Line.

      BEWARE of blanket statements and scare tactics! Cancer? Not unless something sinister is intentionally added. I basically don’t trust establishment/main stream sources and citations.

      Critical thinking, Line. Don’t trust everything you hear, read and see. Pray for discernment.

      SOME vitamins, for example, vitamins A & E you can take too much. Vitamin C you can’t, it passes through and out. There is a probability that low quality supplements are laced with chemicals. As with many things in our lives today, it’s impossible to know all of what we ingest without a laboratory and trustworthy chemist to test it.

      I agree with the author that there is no substitute for natural, raw, whole foods. However, the wide varieties of foods God gave us are not found at the supermarket. What you do find is often heavily laden with pesticides and grown with lots of chemicals absorbed into the food.

      Buy organic from a trusted source. Grow your own is my best advice. Compost raw fruit, veg and fish scraps to fortify the soil - adding organic matter and helpful bugs. No chemicals necessary, naturally organic!

      Vitamin B17 has been wiped out of our modern day diets. It can still be found in all fruit seeds but citrus and in grasses. There are two cultures I know of that have never had a case of cancer. One reveres apricots, the other eats wild meat.

      Next time you eat an apple or pear etc, eat the seeds too. Apple seeds are lovely, taste like roses. Eat a peach or nectarine, crack open and eat the seed too. Sprout and grow barley or wheat grass, add it to a fruit smoothie. That’s how to prevent cancer.


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